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Item #: SCP-1690

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1690 is to be kept in 6m x 15m living quarters which is to be maintained regularly. This maintenance, as well as all other tasks requiring direct contact with SCP-1690, are not to be carried out by D-class personnel, due to the subject's strong discontent and somewhat hostile nature towards criminals. SCP-1690 is permitted to request for furnishings under certain specifications. Meaning no anomalous artifacts (apart from it's weapon).

The object most often keeps it's cell divided into two sections. One half being where it sleeps and eats and the other being a "dojo" of sorts. SCP-1690 spends most of it's day in said "dojo" half of it's living quarters, as it enjoys testing and improving it's combat and "spiritual" prowess. The training end of the cell is to be outfitted with a rack containing a number of wooden replicas of the subject's weapon as well as three bamboo staffs, wooden practice dummies to train against and an assortment of wax candles. SCP-1690 is also permitted to request a sparing partner so long as a protocol for said sparring is followed. That protocol being that the subject and it's partner use only the wooden replicas of SCP-1690's weapon or the bamboo staff, a calm demeanor is to be displayed at all times by both the subject and it's partner and finally an additional agent must be assigned to supervise the sparring session.

The sparring of which SCP-1690 partakes in with faculty agents has in fact proven useful as it has been discovered that agents who have trained with SCP-1690 gain increased CQC abilities. Whenever dealing with SCP-1690, it is to be stripped of it's 3 foot long sword-like weapon of which is normally located in a sheath made of an unidentifiable leather strapped across it's back. Subject is to be granted two hours per day to roam the outer sections of the containment facility of which it resides. It may additionally be permitted to speak with level 3 personnel or lower (apart from D-class personnel) should the subject feel a compulsive need to converse with someone. Faculty is in fact encouraged to visit SCP-1690 due to the reason that those who have conversed with the subject often describe the event as "the highlight of their day". Faculty also report feeling renewed after visiting SCP-1690. From each winter to the beginning of spring, the subject grows slightly agitated as it is believed to be the subject's equivalent of a mating season. Due to this, SCP-1690 is to be released onto a remote island located off the coast of Alaska which must remain under surveillance at all times that the subject is upon the island.

Description: SCP-1690 appears as a caucasian human male in his mid-twenties with short black hair, daring amber eyes and an athletic build. SCP-1690 stands approximately 6'5 feet in height and weighs around 185 pounds. Subject requires 8 hours of sleep per day and requires meals consisting of various meats and a glass of water twice per day. SCP-1690 also appears to be immune to aging and sickness of any nature. The subject is anatomically human with the exception of slight fur on the lower arms and legs as well as a wolf's tail approximately a foot in length. Both of said abnormalities have the same color as the subject's hair. In addition to SCP-1690's wolf like features, it also possesses hands that resemble the paws of a canine but with a more humanoid structure and instead of regular human ears, the subject possesses two canine ears located on the top portion of it's head. The subject is also known to travel on all four limbs when in need of greater speed. Despite the subject's accent resembling that of a russian's, it is seemingly fluent in the english language as well as speaks and writes with nearly no grammatical errors whatsoever.

SCP-1690 is known to behave in a friendly and simply pleasant demeanor. Although, SCP-1690 acts with a slightly rebellious and occasionally introverted demeanor when it comes to people it is unfamiliar with. When communicating with other SCP's during tests, the subject's behavior is known to differ from it's regularly friendly output to a more introverted demeanor depending on the nature of whichever SCP it may be interacting with. The subject is surprisingly intelligent, scoring above average in testing. Though it prefers not to flaunt it's intelligence as it would much rather prefer to be treated as much like an equal as possible. In fact, SCP-1690 often attempts to hide it's true intelligence from others for fear of being treated differently. The physical tests however is where the subject shows truly incredible ability. SCP-1690 is nearly 20% stronger, faster and more agile than the average field agent. The subject additionally obtains a greatly heightened sense of smell, being approximately 50% stronger than that of an average human.

Addendum 1690-A:
Circumstances of Retrieval: Originally discovered on the snowy plains outside of Upernavik, Greenland on ██-██-████. Subject was found traversing the land armed with it's sword and an AK-47m with a rather confused demeanor. After SCP-1690's retrieval and classification as "safe", it was interviewed as to where it had come from. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: SCP-1690, would you care explain where you originate from?

SCP-1690: I'm sorry? I didn't understand a word you said.

Interviewer: [Interviewer let's out a long sigh before continuing] Would you PLEASE care to explain where you originate from?

SCP-1690: Gladly. I was born near Upernavik, Greenland.

Interviewer: And your… Abnormalities?

SCP-1690: I'm a Halvde.

Interviewer: Pardon?

SCP-1690: A Halvde. It's a race of wolf-like humanoids. Except I'm only half.

Interviewer: Are there others like you?

SCP-1690: I haven't seen any since about six weeks before I was contained.

<End Log>

Note that a radius of ten miles around Upernavik was searched for any more of said "Halvde's". No signs of anything other than animal life was found.

Addendum 1690-B:
SCP-1690 often dislikes being identified by it's serial number. Instead it prefers being referred to as "Dimitri Connors", stating that that is in fact it's birth name.