SCP-1741 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1741

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1741 is to be kept in an empty, locked, one room building separate from any other structure at all times. A black light is to be trained on SCP-1741. Proper surveillance cameras are also to be present in SCP-1741’s containment unit at all times. Three (3) personnel are to be assigned to SCP-1741’s containment unit to keep guard.

Description: SCP-1741-1 is a grey 1969 M1911-A1 pistol. When in an open area, SCP-1741-1 behaves like a normal pistol of its kind. It can be damaged, fired, reloaded, and emptied of ammunition. SCP-1741-1 remains in good condition.

SCP-1741-2 is a smoke-like entity that currently possesses D-1741-15, who remains in a comatose state. Anyone possessed by SCP-1741-2 takes the form of SCP-1741-2 and is in complete submission to it. SCP-1741-2 has the ability to absorb or not absorb visible light, and it remains invisible until it has begun torture. Unlike SCP-126, SCP-1741-2 is visible using other methods of detection when it is in a transparent state; the easiest method of detection is by black light. When visible or when under black light, SCP-1741-2 appears to be a humanoid figure completely covered in a thin layer of pitch black smoke. SCP-1741-2 possesses short range mind control abilities, can heal and revive its host from mortal wounds and recent death, and can construct useable .45 ammunition out of a wide range of materials. Otherwise, SCP-1741-2’s limitations are that of a normal human.

SCP-1741-2 will replace the ammunition in SCP-1741-1 if its magazine is not full. SCP-1741-2 has demonstrated the ability to form bullets from many materials, including plastic, copper, and even wood. SCP-1741-2 can produce its own propellant for the bullets, which will vary depending on the materials used. SCP-1741-2 can cut through and form steel for its bullets, but will never use this ability to attempt to escape. It will always choose the easiest materials to work with, and will replace less adequate bullets if better materials are given. SCP-1741-2 will also replace the magazine of SCP-1741-1 in a similar manner if it is removed. SCP-1741-2 follows SCP-1741-1 wherever it is brought. If a person motions to obstruct SCP-1741-2, whether intentional or unintentional, from SCP-1741-1, they will feel stiff with fear and unable to move until they decide to cease the obstructing action or SCP-1741-2 has moved passed the potential obstruction.

If SCP-1741 is in a closed area with one (1) to twenty six (26) people, it will begin torture. If people are just outside of its structure, SCP-1741 waits until they have all entered until it begins. If there are too many people inside the area at once, SCP-1741 will wait until people have left the vicinity until it begins. At first, SCP-1741-2 will shut anything that leads outside, such as an open door or window. Then SCP-1741-2 will make itself visible to the naked eye. Anyone within the same closed area as SCP-1741 is affected, except for people that do not understand suicide, such as small children. These people are treated like objects by SCP-1741, and will most likely end up being killed by a victim as a form of emotional torture. Anyone affected will be fully aware of their situation, and that they cannot leave, call for help, or make any noise exceeding 53.5 dB. If they do attempt to call for help, leave, or harm or touch SCP-1741, they will feel intense fear and be unable to move until they decide to cease the action. Victims will also tend to avoid windows leading outside.

Anyone affected is only able to touch SCP-1741-1 if they fully intend to commit suicide with it. SCP-1741-2 will spend five (5) minutes and six (6) seconds on each victim at a time, and will give a break of double that time to an individual if there are only one (1) or two (2) people involved. Otherwise, it will move from one (1) victim to the next without stopping, unless it is to replace a bullet when there are over seven (7) people involved. SCP-1741-2 will never physically interact with its victims during torture. SCP-1741-2 will force the victim to cause harm to himself or herself using items within the structure. If no items are present, it will use the victim's own body to harm themselves. The victim's right arm and hand will always remain usable and SCP-1741-2 will avoid doing anything to cause the death of the victim throughout the torture. The process will be interrupted if the structure containing SCP-1741 is opened externally or a part of it is destroyed, leaving SCP-1741 in an open area, or if an external force obstructs SCP-1741 from its victim or victims. If this happens, SCP-1741-2 will become invisible and torture will cease. People in the vicinity of the structure containing SCP-1741 will feel a slight repulsion from it, and will avoid walking by the structure if possible.

If a victim does not commit suicide throughout the torture, they will become SCP-1741-2's host. This has only happened once over the course of testing. With three (3) victims, torture lasted thirty one (31) hours, six (6) minutes before stopping. When torture stops, SCP-1741 will leave its victim to die. Shortly after they die, SCP-1741-2 will move off its old host and onto the new one. Without a host, SCP-1741-2 appears to be a pitch black, smoky liquid. SCP-1741 will then become invisible and revive and start to heal its unconscious new host. The old host will be perfectly healthy, feeling and looking the age they were when they started torture.

Addendum 1741-A:

Addendum 1741-B:

Addendum 1741-C: As of ██/██/19██, Agent Lundier has requested SCP-1741 for interrogation proposes.
Request denied by O5-█, however, it is to be noted that some of the torture methods demonstrated by SCP-1741 in past testing are cleared for use.