SCP-1741 Backup the Second
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Item #: SCP-1741

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1741 is to be hidden underneath the desk of Andrew Dirkson, Site Director of Site █, and contained in an 8cm x 5cm x 5cm container with an envelop, containing a contract signed by him in invisible ink. Said contract declares Dr. Dirkson's ownership of SCP-1741 (the signature was allegedly to test against potential forgeries). Dr. Dirkson (hereby referred to as SCP-1741-1) is entirely unaware of SCP-1741's nature or existence.

Regular inspections of SCP-1741-1's office must be made once per week to ensure:

• SCP-1741-1's office is not fitted with any doors which may be locked.
• no information classified for Level 3 security or above is left unattended within the office, or transmitted electronically.
• SCP-1741-1 is to be advised against keeping personal belongings onsite, and encouraged to keep said belongings in a separate personal storage locker in the adjacent hallway.
• SCP-1741-1's office is to be stocked with no less than 600 paper clips, 40 staplers, 17 stacks of printer paper, and 30 pairs of dice. All aforementioned objects are to be kept in office on grounds of "safe keeping". SCP-1741-1 is at complete discretion to use said objects as he see's fit, and to bar others from using said objects at will.

Description: SCP-1741 is a pear-shaped keychain. When any subject gains ownership SCP-1741, they will lose the set of keys assigned to SCP-1741 at the first opportunity to use them. At this point, the object's anomalous effect takes hold. The subject will continue to lose their possessions over the course of several days and weeks. The speed with which a possession is lost is directly proportional to the immediacy of that object's necessity to the subject. Objects/individuals which/who fulfill short term needs will be lost first, followed by objects with longer term use such as personal vehicles, computers, beds, televisions, etc. This escalation will continue until the subject is [DATA EXPUNGED] [See Addendum 01] which have not yet been found.

SCP-1741 does not appear to affect persons in temporary possession of it, such as borrowing keys or simply delivering them to another party. Furthermore, holding SCP-1741 and/or manipulating it in the presence of the owner has no known anomalous effect. Attached documentation suggests that "ownership" of SCP-1741 may be dependent on one or more conditions:

-the exchange of money or goods for SCP-1741
-receipt of SCP-1741 as a gift or prize
-discovery of SCP-1741 in its "lost" state with the intent of future use.

SCP-1741's effects will halt once it has relocated and come into possession of another owner. The exact extent of SCP-1741's effects are not known at this time, as it is impossible to determine it's exact location prior to possession by a new owner. Further research suggests accessing such a location may not be possible at this time.