SCP-1865 Backup
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SCP-1865, on left, standing with Agent 1867 days before he goes missing

Item #: SCP-1865

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1865 is to be kept in a padded room ten (10) meters by ten (10) meters. Nobody is to be posted inside or around the door, unless he’s in a soundproof room (not recommended). The room should, though, have security cameras in each corner of the room. The room is also to be checked for weapons once a week; SCP-1865 is to be put on a liquid diet with no spoons and forks, a picture, if deemed necessary, should be taken of the tray, to insure the same tray returns.

Description: SCP-1865 looks like a healthy 6’5” caucasian male, with hazel eyes, and brown hair. SCP-1865 use to be Agent #1865, but the agent is now a threat to humanity. He has deadly precision with a gun, due to shooting since age ten (10) and his Navy Seal training. SCP-1865 is also skilled in mixed martial arts, which he used to kill Agent #1864. SCP-1865 has quite, if I’m allowed to say, the silver tongue. He has persuade many other SCPs to come in quietly, tricked local police officers, and even other Agents. Lately we have realized he isn’t Securing, Containing, or Protecting. He sometimes lets SCPs out for his own devices (we are still trying to catch those). Instead of securing the SCPs, he meets in the field, he’ll shoot them. Agents #1867 talked to him about this; we are still searching for him. Attached is written recordings of the new Agent #1865 talking with SCP-1865.
Recording 1
Date: 3/23/█
Agent #1865: “Hello, Agent #1865, I am Lt. Andrew ████████, I’ll be the one to ask you question on why you betrayed the Foundation, and be replacing you.”
SCP-1865: “Go to Hell.”
Agent #1865: “That comes with the job, doesn't it? Anyway, why did you kill Agent #1864?”
SCP-1865: “Agent 1864? Oh, John ██████? Uh, he got mad at me for Agent 1867 running off, saying ‘You killed him, you bastard!’ and shit like that. He pulled out his service gun; I kicked it out of his hand, and then I’m in a fight, and then he’s dead. I didn’t mean to, it just happened.”
Agent#1865: “unfortunately there were no witnesses.”-chair squeaks-“That is all I have to for this week.”
Recording 2
Date: 3/30/█
Agent #1865: “Well, it looks like I’ll have to write up a Special Containment Procedure for you.”
SCP-1865: “Oh No! Nothing but that!”
Agent #1865: “Enjoy your smart mouthing while you can. Down to business, where’s Agent #1867? He’s been missing for a month now!”
SCP-1865: “Turn the tape recorder off and I’ll tell you.”
Agent #1865: “You know I can’t do that so where is he!”
SCP-1865: “In Canada, does that help you?”
Agent #1865: “No! We need to find him! So where did you take him! Listen, ██████, we know you two drove off after you shot a SCP-106! Where did you go?”
SCP-1865:“I already fucking told you! He told me the mission statement again, not to shoot people again and that shit. Then we had lunch, he told me he had a friend that lived in town that he wanted to see, and he drove us there and told me to go back to you guys! So for the last time I didn’t fucking kill the man!”
Chair falls on floor, door opens, then slams shut.
Recording 3
Date: 4/5/█
Agent #1865: “Here it is, your Special Containment Procedure.”
SCP-1865: “Hmm, looks good. What? Really, a soundproof room? That’s a waste of money, just have no guards posted outside.”
Agent #1865: “I don’t want anyone doing something stupid, because of your silver tongue.”
SCP-1865: “Wait a minute, you should have a crew come in to check for weapons, at least once a week. Are you sure you an agent?”
Agent #1865: “Sighs”-sits down-“Tell me, do you remember anything particular on the route to Agent #1867’s ‘friend’?”
SCP-1865: “Well at one moment we were in a busy section of town, there was a ██████ and a ██████ mall to our left, while old houses were on our right. His friend lived in an old brick house, like the others in the area, and I remember looking for a house number, but, alas, I did not find one.”
Agent #1865: “Did you see this friend?”
SCP-1865: “Nope, Agent 1867 walked, to the door, made a shooing motion, to me, said something to the door that I couldn’t hear, made the shooing motion again, to me, and I left after that. Hey who’s that guy that comes in here and asks me about the SCPs I let loose?”
Agent #1865: “I did not know that, my job is to get Agent #1867 back, that guys is to return the SCPs. Anything else you remember?”
SCP-1865: “Nope, that’s all of it. Well I did do a little driving around the neighborhood, because I didn’t know how to get out of it. Ha! I probably scared the hell out of all the people there, driving around in that black SUV.”
Agent #1865: “That all?”
SCP-1865: “Yes sir,”
Agent #1865: “See you next week.”