Scp 1888 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1888

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A completely air-sealed glass box with precise humidity control. If object escapes, class may change to Keter. In event of containment breach, deploy hoses upon target.

Description: SCP-1888 resembles a dustball the size of a basket-ball, although it seems to possess sentience and can even understand basic language. However, it also possesses an extreme malevolence not found in common dustballs. Further examinations, however, show that SCP-1888 is actually composed of a fluffy, dust-like organic substance.

SCP-1888 shows an extreme level of psychopathic behavior towards personnel. It has attempted to kill, bludgeon, and disembowel personnel numerous times now, although there is no real threat posed to targeted personnel due to SCP-1888's fluffy nature. It is said to 'tickle annoyingly' when it attacks staff. It attacks by launching itself at the antagonist's face. If it misses, it will bounce off the wall pointlessly until it finds a new target.

Further testing of SCP-1888's linguistic abilities will be done soon.


It appears that SCP-1888 does actually possess the power to kill.

INTERVIEWER: You don't really want to kill anyone.

SCP-1888: 101110101100010111

INTERVIEWER: What? Is that binary?

SCP-1888: 101110101100010111!

INTERVIEWER: Now now, you don't mean that.

SCP-1888: 1011100010101111110000010111000!

INTERVIEWER: That's ridiculous.

SCP-1888: 0101011011.

INTERVIEWER: How could you possibly do that? You don't even have hands.

SCP-1888: 01010111000!

INTERVIEWER: Is that why you're so angry? Because you don't possess the power to ki-

SCP-1888 leaps out of chair and envelopes the interviewer's head. Interviewer attempts to grab watergun, but falls over
before he can pull the trigger.

It took five staff men to subdue SCP-1888. Further testing of SCP-1888's linguistic abilities have been banned.