SCP-1908 Backup
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Item#: SCP-1908

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No known containment has been available up to this date. From the first sightings of SCP-1908 in [DATA EXPUNGED] there has been no ways of stopping, containing, or even properly controlling SCP-1908, or even possible to conduct tests on the containment of SCP-1908.

Description: SCP-1908 has been described as simply a glass box, its size can varying and correlates from the time and date of the year. It has been commonly referred to as the “container” which has so far only gone as far as being an urban legend. It has the ability similar to SCP-106, however remarks no moulds similar to SCP-106, and can pass through any objects without deterring it. The rate at which SCP-1908 shrinks is still in question, however it has been recorded that SCP-1908’s speed of shrink can vary from time to time. It has been recorded that there are no ways of properly breaking SCP-1908, however gunfire has been able to crack the glass of the box.

Rumours of SCP-1908 started to arise to the Foundation in [DATA EXPUNGED] however there no solid evidence such an item existed as no recordings was ever sited. Few news reports had been listed subjecting SCP-1908 as a [DATA EXPUNGED], however it appears that no footage was ever revealed showing SCP-1908

The awareness of SCP-1908 began to rise as low level police investigations began to take place in Brazil, around the streets of [DATA EXPUNGED] and later on in New Zealand, around [DATA EXPUNGED]. Both the foundation and other groups such as [DATA EXPUNGED] searched the apartment in Brazil which SCP-1908 was reported to surround and enter a random house in the street, regardless of the law which restricts objects passing each other. The evidence was not solid that such an object existed, however one person always went missing after SCP disappeared.

In New Zealand, SCP-1908 had become even less noticeable, however the victims [DATA EXPUNGED] happened to notice a strange glass box of a red substance, without realising what it could’ve been, and at first suspected that the victim had been related to a new variety of drug smuggling. When the foundation had been sent there, the glass box had been reduced to no more than the height of a garden pea, with little red that had been described left in the box. Before there could be any photos of SCP-1908, the glass box had disappeared.

However, the most intriguing of all collisions with the investigation of SCP-1908 came from within the foundation itself, on [DATA EXPUNGED] when a Class D-923 Personnel hadn’t been able to move forward, and described that he was unable to move out of the perimeter. (See Addendum-1908-A for a written recording of SCP-1908’s killing.)

On [DATA EXPUNGED] a group of class D personnel surrounded Class D-923 who couldn’t seem to move into his office. There had been a few other suspected methods for why he couldn’t move, mainly a few suspected that an SCP had gotten loose, but then there were no alarms that had gone off, so that was ruled out.

Class D-923 began to say he felt like a goldfish in a box, many of us had laughed at the remark, but to be honest I can see what he meant, we all would’ve. The availability of movement for him was becoming more and more restricted, until it had been reduced to only about two square meters. We’d noticed Class D-923 had begun crouching all of a sudden. Many of us had suspected the worse already, but we didn’t know what that was. How many of us really knew SCP-1908? Wasn’t like there were any recordings back then.

A security force had come down to try see if they could do something about it. It was figured that if Class D-923 could see the glass box, what would stop them from trying to shoot it open. Even if it still didn’t make a difference, they’d even considered shooting the poor guy as he would be suffering his way to heaven before he’d even be dead. But it was no use. All that had happened was revealing a couple of cracks, the glass itself had become more visible due to this, but no bullets had penetrated the box. Come to think of it, none of them were still there.

So all we could do was watch really. Even some of the higher staff came along. It was like a funeral really, I just wish that we couldn’t help him. Many of us closed our eyes and prayed for him. I don’t think many of us in the foundation tend to be Theist’s, but any chance of this guy doing alright would’ve warmed us up. A few photos were taken of when SCP-1908 had turned Class D-923 into nothing more but his own crushed blood and bone, and then it was simply gone.

SCP-1908 with a victim squashed in.

Since Addendum-1908-A has taken place, all foundation staff has been given awareness of SCP-1908, and a moment of silence has been scheduled on [DATA EXPUNGED] for Class D-923. So far, research is on-going for any theories on how to destroy or even contain SCP-1908.