SCP-1924 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1924

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1924-2, SCP-1924 is to be contained in a standard locker measuring 1.5’x1.5x1.5’ that has been additionally modified to be sound proof. Research on requires approval of head researcher.

Description SCP-1924 is a box measuring 1’x1’x1’, it is constructed of woven bamboo. Due to the information contained in SCP-1924-1 destructive testing of this object has been forbidden. (see EVENT 1942-A for more information) The inside of the box is lined with what seems to be a gold colored silk, when found the box was secured shut by an extremely high tensile wire of unknown composition.

Further testing on the material used to bound SCP-1924 is underway.

At all times there is an individual within the box, henceforth known as SCP-1924-2. If 1924-2 is removed from the box, the subject who put forth the greatest amount of effort in removing 1924-2 will then, themselves fill the box, becoming 1924-2, This process cannot be prevented by any means.

  • SCP-1924-1 is a letter found during the retrieval of SCP-1924

When damage occurs to SCP-1924 a damage to the earths crust will occur, it is estimated that if [REDACTED] of the object is sufficiently damaged, [REDACTED].
Retrieval: SCP-1924 was found at the entrance to site-19, it was placed within two meters of [REDACTED]. Laid upon SCP-1924 was a typed letter addressed to the foundation. Letter subject contained one sentence.

“Damage to the box shall bring about the end of the world.”

All surveillance records were examined after the discovery of SCP-1924. After much deliberation it was decided SCP-1924 arrived by [REDACTED]

  • SCP-1924-2 vocalizes distress calls at random times throughout the day. These requests always relate to being removed from SCP-1924. If an individual is too big, or too inflexible to fit in the box, they will begin to “Forcibly” try to enter the box. This involves breaking their own limbs systematically to fold into the box, or attempt to “stretch” SCP-1924. To this date no known death of any SCP-1924-2 instance has died.

Event 1924-A
On Oct 5, 2005, D-class research subject of notable weight attempted to fill the box. In the process a cracking noise was heard that originated from the material composing SCP-1924. At the same time, in [REDACTED], resulting in the death of an estimated 300 people.

Addendum 1924-A
Look, the box is filled and as we can tell it's destructive properties only manifest when damage occurs. Let's just leave the current 1924-2 in there and lock it up for good. we're lucky the previous one only put a hairline fracture in the box.
-Junior Researcher CM.