SCP-1952 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1952

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is to be given whatever he requests to avoid angering him. Should the subject reach to point of violence, it is recommended that all staff be evacuated until the subject is able to calm himself down. As there is no material to really keep him from getting loose, it is recommended that all staff attempt to make the environment at the site desirable enough to the subject that he not want to leave. This does not however, mean trying to seduce him. Doing so will quickly insight anger and rage from the subject. The Foundation is not responsible for any burns that may result from an attempt to do so.

“Do not try to trick or outsmart the subject. Odds are, with his IQ he'd outsmart most of our guards and D-class. He's brutally powerful, but he's also a genius.” - Dr. Heikkila

Description: The phoenix was discovered when reports came in regarding an entire city block being reduced to a pile of smoldering rock. The subject resembled a humanoid standing at about five foot four inches, completely engulfed in flames and boasting two large, avian wings. It's abilities are vast and dangerous. It is capable of moving at speeds in excess of 258 mph using superheated air streams produced along it's wings. The subject demonstrates the ability to not only produce massive quantities of fire, but is able to manipulate flames and any objects that the subject had lit on fire. Attempts have been made to assault the subject with conventional firearms, which resulted in a temporary increase of temperature. A fire extinguisher was used to attempt to contain the subject during initial recovery, which only seemed to agitate it, causing him to destroy the fire extinguisher, but spare the life of the agent holding it.

When a fireproof suit was used try and allow personnel to grab the subject it was discovered that he also possessed incredible strength, breaking free as well as flinging the personnel aside. After exhausting all means of containing the subject it was decided he was too dangerous to leave in containment and 05 issued the command to detonate a nuclear warhead in its immediate vicinity. However, the blast itself seemed to have no effect, with the subject simply absorbing the heat produced and weathering out the radiation with no known effect. The subject then demonstrated an even more formidable ability, melting nearby stone and forming the magma into a dragon like body around itself. This new entity proceeded to go an a rampage, as where the subject originally seemed to be trying to defend itself. The dragon was able to spew magma, which reduced its size, and was also able to melt stone to increase its size.

Eventually agents were able to coax it into expelling all of its magma, causing it to revert to its original, more birdlike form. It was at this point that the subject began to speak, asking why the foundation had attacked it. Although agents expected it to begin communication eventually, they did not know how it obtained knowledge of the foundation. When agents explained that they wished to reduce the threat to local populace, the subject offered to go to one of the foundation's containment facilities, provided the agents would show the way. When asked why he suddenly complied with the foundation's intentions, he explained that he had created the crater as a sort of safe haven where “other humans wouldn't bother me or put themselves at risk.” It was at this point that the flames around the subject began to dissipate, revealing a young Caucasian male, approximately age fifteen with blonde hair and blue eyes.

As he stated, the boy returned with agents, although flying overhead with the use of his now white, more birdlike wings. Upon arriving at containment site [REDACTED], the subject requested an anvil and some tools. Fearing another outburst or conflict, an anvil and basic smithing tools were provided. The subject thanked the personnel operating the forklift and proceeded to lift the anvil in one arm while carrying the tools in his other hand. At this point the subject arranged the objects in a fashion resembling a regular smithy without the forge. The subject then turned to the wall and melted a small chunk of the steel with a mere touch and collecting the ball of cooled metal in his hand. Using his touch, the subject has produced several works of steel, primarily swords, shields and armor. To avoid the destruction of foundation property, the subject must be given at least 100 pounds of high grade steel to work each week. If more material is requested it is recommended that it be provided.

The subject has also taken to creating objects requested by staff members such as metal roses and custom parts for firearms. The subject has a sudden tendency to breach containment at the first mention of a breach at another facility. He has always returned a variable amount of time later. So far the only measures discovered to discourage his attempts to leave have been met with increased resistance. However, it was later revealed that he had been heading off to aid in reestablishing containment at other facilities leading to 05 ordering the construction of a special hatch in the subject's containment cell to allow him to come and go at will.

One experiment to try and discover a weakness involved waiting until the subject fell asleep. At this point a D class was told to smash the subject upside the head with a stick. When he attempted to do so, the subject rolled of the bed in a fluid motion, igniting the bed and using the flames to flip it over and propel the bed along with the D-class into the ceiling. This revealed the more defensive nature of the subject seeing as the D-class was unharmed. Experiments involving emotional provocation of the subject are strictly prohibited as to avoid another massive loss of personnel. If any personnel wish to ask the subject “if you have a light”, be warned, as you may lose all clothing and facial hair. Smoking in or around the subject's room will be left to the subject to deal with. Any discipline regarding the subject will be carried out by the subject himself.

Currently, it has been found that the subject is incredibly cooperative, and will provide as much information as possible. The following is an attempt to ascertain the origin of the subject's incredible power and high temperatures.

Interviewed: SCP-1952

Interviewer: Zander Heikkila (Dr. Heikkila)

Foreword: Interview took place six hours after the subject agreed to enter containment.
<Begin Log>
Subject: So, doc, what is it you wanted to know this time?
Dr.: Well, boy, we want to know, how did you get this power of your?
Subject: I have to say, I'm not entirely sure. It just kind of happened one day. I was minding my own business, walking through the hallways at my high school when I saw this total jerk trying to rape a girl. The guy claimed he didn't even know who she was until I told him I knew her. Then he started laughing, kept on going, cramming the poor girl into a locker so he wouldn't get caught.
Dr.: I'm sorry to interrupt, but how does this relate to your flames?
Subject: Hang on, I'm getting to that. Anyways, the guy just kept trying to piss me off, and the angrier I got, the hotter I felt inside. I got so mad that I felt like my innards were on fire. So I tried to let it out, and BOOM, the guy went up in flames! After that, things just kept getting weirder and weirder, hotter and hotter. The wings just sprouted up out of nowhere. They took me almost a year to get used to.
Dr.: So, wait a minute, how long have you had these powers?
Subject: Almost a year now. I spent a lot of time learning how to use them. They got to be too much for me to use around other people without hurting them. Hey, that gives me an idea!
Dr.: And what is that son?
Subject: Why don't I help Cane and his crew? I bet I'd be a pretty good addition to the team! Maybe he and I could even spar sometimes or something?
Dr.: Well, I guess I can ask him what he thinks. So is this all you know about your powers and where they came from? Can you tell me anything else that could have caused such a change in you body?
Subject: Nope. Sorry sir, that's all I really know. I just know that it can be a bit of a burden having this much power in my hands. It was tempting at first to test my limits, attack someplace to see what I could handle. But then I realized how many people that could potentially hurt, kill even, just to test myself. Then I thought, maybe I could even take over the world, but then that would be even worse. So, I settled on finding the least populated, most dilapidated area I could and unleashing my flames to try and get your attention. Then you would try to lock me away, keeping others safe, and I could possibly be of aid to you and your quest to protect people. That's why I started to forge tools for you guys. As a matter of fact, I forged you something when I first got my stuff. Here, it's a special sword and shield I made in case of another containment breach if I can't find you in time.
Dr.: What makes it so special?
Subject:** It's a bulletproof shield and a katana, which can cut a man from collar bone to hip bone in a single stroke. It should be pretty useful since a gun can only hold so many bullets.
Dr.: Thank you. That is all I needed. You may return to your room now…if you like.
Subject: Alright, see you later Zander.
Dr.: How…wha-…how do you know my name?
Subject: My, my, you really don't remember me do you? Ah well, I guess that's a discussion for another time isn't it old friend? Goodbye for now.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: At this time it was assumed that somehow the subject knew Dr. Heikkila from high school or at sometime before either of them became part of the Foundation. Dr. Heikkila was able to eventually confirm knowing a boy who very closely resembled the subject in his more angel like form, albeit without wings.
“Am I the only one concerned by the fact that I knew this kid, forgot his name and now he's got the power to wipe us all out by playing tag? And I no one figured it out until he showed up on our doorstep, offering to help for no reason? I'm just glad he came to an old friend and not one of our enemies. Just think what might have happened if the wrong people got to this kid first!” - Dr. Heikkila.

“Do not provoke the subject to a state of anger or rage. If this happens it is possible that due to the fact that this thing is a walking sun, it could potentially cause an XK-class scenario. While he may act docile and friendly, he is incredibly dangerous, and he should be regarded as such. To keep him calm he has asked that all personnel refrain from cursing, smoking, speaking of vulgar topics, and romantic approaches while within his containment chamber.” -Dr. Heikala

Many tests and experiments have been attempted on SCP-1952. Below are some examples.