SCP-1955 Draft Backup
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Item #: SCP-1955

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1955 is to be held in a Class B Containment Cell on Site-19. Testing and other contact with SCP-1955 is to be approved in writing by no less than five Level 4 Personnel and is to be conducted by D-
Class and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) ONLY At no point are any weapons to be brought within 300 ft of its cell. The cell is to be locked with two reinforced steel doors 1 meter thick (per Class B containment cell).

In the event of a containment breach, all personnel are to evacuate the area and a lockdown is to be initiated until Security UCGVs can enter the area and re-contain SCP-1955. SCP-1955 must be restrained remotely before any personnel may enter its cell or a specialized testing chamber for testing with 1955.

Description: SCP-1955 is a humanoid figure who wears a ghille suit of unknown origin, originally designated SCP-1955-1. Upon closer examination and testing, it proved impossible to remove from SCP-1955 as of any means yet, thus has been considered part of the main entity.

1955 appears to be a human of advanced decomposition and disrepair, its body being burnt and mutilated on approximately 64% of its body. Although it does not have a heartbeat and, to our knowledge, functioning lungs, it appears to let out a heavy breathing sound while in a 'relaxed' state. When enraged, whether by a human coming within view of it or being attacked (refer to Addendum 1955-1, Testing Log 7.), it growls and 'yells'.

SCP-1955 shows advanced hostility towards humans, especially those in a command position of some sort. It shows an understanding of most weapons, despite it's estimated intelligence being primitive at best. If a weapon is readily available whilst it is enraged, it will use it to terminate any human it sees. (See Addendum 1955-1)

1955 is slightly stronger than the average human and has increased speed and agility, despite its apparent state of decomposition. It also appears not not feel pain, being able to take several 5.56mm rounds to various parts of the body, including the head, before collapsing into a 'resting' state, where it will heal itself and be completely passive and inoperable. It stays in this state for 2 hours to 3 days.

1955 was recovered after several dozen hikers went missing off a trail near █████████, MI. Police were sent to investigate a possible serial killer living in the woods and were attacked by SCP-1955, resulting in 3 of the 5 Officers receiving casualties. The Foundation was promptly notified and MTF Personnel were dispatched to retrieve it. Class A amnesiacs were administered to survivors and a cover story was made that there was a crazy escaped convict in the woods picking off hikers. The surviving Officers were given promotions and medals for taking down the supposed killer.

SCP-1955 does not show any hostility towards machines, dummies, or animals.
Little to no speech is known by SCP-1955, coming out as gurgles and growling. Following initial tests in attempt to communicate with SCP-1955, leading to the deaths of Dr. █████ and Research Assistant ████████, no further attempts to communicate have been made.

Addendum 1955-1: Testing Logs

Test 1

Materials: 1 combat knife, D-19408.
Date: 6/██/2010
SCP-1955 is restrained on a wall opposite the door of the test chamber and a combat knife is placed in the middle of the room. 1955 is relaxed until D-19408 enters the chamber, at which point it struggles against it's harness, snarling and growling. The harness is remotely deactivated. It runs to the center of the room, where it picks up the knife, and proceeds to attack D-19408, disemboweling him. It attacks the corpse of D-19408 for roughly a minute and a half, stabbing and slashing him, until it is restrained by UGVs and the chamber is cleaned for further testing.

Test 2

Materials: 1 FN P90 SMG, a bullet resistant glass box, D-71087
Date: 6/██/2010
The chamber is set up the same as the previous test. D-71087 is remotely wheeled into the far end of the room in the bullet resistant case. SCP-1955 is released and grabs the P90 before opening fire at D-71087, the entire magazine being emptied on the glass. SCP-1955 then uses the empty gun to beat the case until it finally gives way and 1955 begins to beat D-71087. This happens for 30 seconds before SCP-1955 is restrained and D-71087 is taken to be treated for blunt force trauma and minor lacerations.

Test 3

Materials: D-71087, another bullet resistant glass case, a table leg, and a baseball bat
Date: 6/██/2010
D-71087 is wheeled into the room again and 1955 is released. it completely bypasses the items provided and beats on the case with its fists 1955 is restrained and D-71087 is removed.
Notes: "Hmm, it seems that SCP-1955 will only use items that were designed to be weapons in the first place, rather than using anything available." ~Dr. W██████

Test 4

Materials: 1 RPG-7, D-82562
Date: 6/██/2010

"This thing wants to kill any human it finds, and you think it's a good idea to give it explosives? i want whoever came up with this demoted and given Keter duty!" ~O5-██

Test 5

Materials: 1 unloaded flintlock rifle with ammunition provided, a bayonet on the end of it, a bullet resistant glass case, D-82562
Date: 6/██/2010
D-82562 is wheeled in and 1955 is released. 1955 grabs the rifle, ignoring the ammunition on the ground, and lashes out at D-82562 with the bayonet. This goes for 6 minutes until the bayonet breaks, at which point SCp-1955 uses the rifle to club its way into the container. Due to mechanical failure with the UGVs, it was 11 minutes before SCP-1955 could be restrained. It stopped attacking D-82562 after 5 minutes of her expiration.
Notes: "Little bastard is persistent, I'll give it that…" ~Dr. W██████

Test 1

Materials: 1 combat knife, 1 monkey.
Date: 7/█/2010
The Monkey is released into the chamber and 1955 is released. No response from 1955 is seen. 1955 is restrained and the Monkey is retrieved without problem.

Test 7

Materials: 1 UCGV
Date: 7/█/2010
The UCGV is introduced to the testing area, invoking no response from 1955. the UCGV attacks SCP-1955, firing three shots. Before SCP-1955 can be shot a fourth time, it rushes the UCGV and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Test aborted.
Notes: "I'm…I'm just going to go lie down for a while…" ~Dr. W██████

Further testing pending O5 approval.