SCP-1988 Backup
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The entrance to SCP-1988, taken ██/██/20██ 12:00 PM

Item #: SCP-1988

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-1988 is to be blocked by a 4 meter (13.12 feet) high gate made of a combination of corrugated metal, wood and barbed wire, and is to be electrified, except when personnel are entering or exiting. The entrance is to be heavily guarded from the inside by MTF Zeta-3 aka "Ganti" who are to be armed with assault rifles and shotguns, and 6 FV101 Scorpions; they are to alert Site-208 about any breach of the fence or any sightings of SCP-1988-4B. It shall also be patrolled every twenty-four (24) hours at 12:00 AM by three (3) W-3 Sokółs posing as Philippine Air Force helicopters. All members of MTF Zeta-3 are to pose as members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. All trespassers that breach the fence and trespass SCP-1988 are to be met with deadly force.

If SCP-1988-4B is sighted, MTF Zeta-3 aka "Ganti" is to destroy SCP-1988-4B. If MTF Zeta-3 is unable to apprehend SCP-1988-4B, commence Procedure 331-Sumilang.

Description: SCP-1988 was discovered after an incident that occured on ██/██/2010, when a bus with 5 passengers traveled on SCP-1988 and resulted in their disappearance, save for one survivor, who described the incident, as translated from the original Filipino, "some demonic, beastly human-like thing that attacked us". He reported it to the police, where an undercover agent then reported it to the Foundation. He committed suicide the following day, before the Foundation could interview him. Before the incident, SCP-1988 was known as a local urban legend about a "ghost road", and multiple disappearances were documented by its vicinity.

SCP-1988 consists of six components:

SCP-1988-1 is a road in Batangas province in the Philippines; it heads northeast. It is partly paved. There is no way to access SCP-1988-1 other than entering through the beginning of the road, otherwise it is about only 1000 meters long, and you can reach Laguna province in its direction; likewise there seems to be no way to leave SCP-1988-1 other than leaving through the beginning of the road, following Expedition III. The road is surrounded by forest for its entire length. It is unknown if the forest leads elsewhere, following Expedition III; satellite images show the forest covers an area between the nearby towns of ██████ and ████████, both only about 1 kilometer away, but [REDACTED, see Document 1988-III]. It is unknown if SCP-1988-1 has an endpoint. Satellite images show that SCP-1998-1 apparently ends at 1000 meters, where the road and the forest terminates and becomes grassland, although expeditions into SCP-1988 have proven otherwise.

SCP-1988-2 are ghostly apparitions that appear when one traverses SCP-1988-1 beyond 1000 meters. After attempts to interact with them, it is determined they are intangible and cannot be interacted with, as they will not notice any actual travelers(except for [REDACTED, see Document 1988-V]). They have been determined to be harmless, although travelers through the road will often feel frightened in their presence. After Expedition II, it has been determined that these apparitions are the ghosts of the victims of SCP-1988-4B.

SCP-1988-3 is an old dilapidated house located 20 kilometers into SCP-1988-1. It appears to be constructed of wood, and is the home of SCP-1988-4A. After Expedition IV, it was discovered that SCP-1988-3 [REDACTED, see Document 1988-IV]

SCP-1988-4A, also known as SPO4 Julius Cervantes, claims to be a former policeman of the Philippine National Police. An attempt to interact with him during Expedition IV has shown the following characteristics of SCP-1988-4A: that he is approximately 177 cm in height, of average build, and transforms into SCP-1988-4B due to [REDACTED, see Document 1988-IV].

SCP-1988-4B manifests when SCP-1988-4A transforms. It takes the appearance of a heavily mutilated version of SCP-1988-4A, with a red aura. It is hostile, and will attempt to kill all humans it comes across. It is undetermined whether SCP-1988-4B is invulnerable or not, as it cannot be studied and all attempts to destroy it have failed. Its exact powers are unknown, it has been recorded to disappear and reappear somewhere else, but investigators are divided whether it is capable of teleportation or something else. It is capable of [REDACTED, see Document 1988-IV and Addendum #2].

SCP-1988-5 is a tree located at an undeterminable location beyond SCP-1988-3. It has only ever been seen once. It has the characteristics of [REDACTED, see Document 1988-III]. It is theorized that the [REDACTED, see Document 1988-III] from its trunk represent the victims of SCP-1988-4B.

There have been five expeditions into SCP-1988. All have ended in failure. Authorized personnel may refer to the following documents for transcripts of each expedition. The transcripts are mostly translated; translated text is in italics.