Scp 1992 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1992

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1992 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 3m chamber made of non-magnetic metal. SCP-1992 requires no sustenance, but must be connected to a power source every three weeks. No attempt at communication with SCP-1992 may be made without prior knowledge of SCP-1992's psychological conditioning triggers, as previous attempts resulted in the loss of at least 23 researchers.

Description: SCP-1992 is an apparently artificial being, that has had organic components integrated with it. SCP-1992 stands at 2.5 meters and weighs approximately 2500 pounds. SCP-1992's skin has been replaced with a polymer mesh, and its spine coated with an unknown alloy of steel and extended 2 meters to form a prehensile "tail", capped with a short blade. A joint was added to the subjects legs, allowing them to curve backwards. Its legs are amputated at the third joint, and replaced with lower leg similar to B. jamaicensis (Red tailed hawk). Its hands are covered with super dense ceramic, and extend out into claws. SCP-1992's eyes have been subjected to unknown procedure that remove all cataracts, and vastly improved vision, and are also fitted with thermal and motion sensing devices.

How SCP-1992 gained these upgrades is unknown, however the type of metal and the style of its "upgrades" are similar to that of SCP-191. SCP-1992 came into Foundation custody during a raid of Marshal, Carter, and Dark where it had been placed in a metal storage bin marked "Prototype". SCP-1992 has been subjected to extreme psychological conditioning, and has a number of "triggers" which are activated in response to a variety of words and motions.

Many of SCP-1992's "triggers" are related to inquiries about its past, or how it acquired its upgrades.