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Item #: SCP-2000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2000 must be surrounded at all times by no less than 200 guards. Two perimeters are to be maintained; the first at 200 metres away from SCP-2000, the second at 100 metres away from SCP-2000. These perimeters are to be maintained by 100 guards armed with [REDACTED] atop a 20-metre high titanium-plated wall that circles the entire perimetre. The wall must have one entry, which measures 5 metres by 5 metres by 5 metres. This gate must have 15 guards with [REDACTED] armed and ready at all times. Any individuals who approach must halt at a mark set at 25 metres away from the gate, and from there, must state their identity and purpose. Individuals that are not 04 or higher will be instructed to leave, and failure to comply will result in the administration of amnestics. Any individuals that are not authorized or recognized by the Foundation as personnel will be detained and treated with Class A amnestics and relocated to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Any and all individuals who do not halt at the 25-metre mark are considered forfeit and all guards in the immediate vicinity must discharge their [REDACTED] with the intent of termination. One antimatter device must be stored at all times on-site, and in the event of an impending XK-class event, must be detonated regardless of present personnel.

Description: SCP-2000 manifests as a large rip measuring 22 metres wide and 84 metres tall (as of 22 November 2013 in SCP-2000-A). SCP-2000 has no gravitational pull, weight, sound, or electromagnetic signature other than light waves. In viewing the landscape inside SCP-2000^1, an observer can see an abandoned city with no signs of life. All legible signs and notices are written in American English, and recovered documents identify the city as Boston, Massachussets, USA. SCP-2000 can be traveled through without resistance or necessity of special equipment.

SCP-2000-B has been tested extensively with [DATA EXPUNGED] and determined to be another Earth in a separate timeline, at roughly 2010 AD. Time progresses in the same manner that it does outside of SCP-2000-B, and time-keeping devices that still function inside SCP-2000-B identify the date as 22 November 2013 (as of 22 November 2013 in SCP-2000-A). Timepieces brought from the current timeline^2 immediately synchronize with SCP-2000-B's time. Transponders existing in SCP-2000-B cease transmitting to receivers in SCP-2000-A after 200 metres past the point of entry.

SCP-2000-B has many theories about its origin, but the most widely accepted theory is that in the instant when clocks switched over to the new millenium, the large shift in the perception of time to the human race caused a massive psychic wave which rent the timestream into two separate halves, with cotermini at random points. These two timelines progressed very similarly to each other, except with several changes; for example, the American president was elected to be John McCain instead of Barack Obama, and world governments have developed in significantly different ways. Human beings are replicated, and two copies of one entity could exist at one time.

All native life within SCP-2000-B has been terminated, and all population centres abandoned. Attempts to contact any surviving sentient beings have met with a 100% failure rate. Corpses recovered from SCP-2000-B have been terminated for more than three years; however, all corpses appeared to have ceased living at approximately the same time, leading researchers to believe that some type of catastrophe occurred. Several studies conducted abroad in SCP-2000-B indicate that the cessation of all life was due to extreme gamma radiation waves, most likely from a distant hypernova star explosion. This is estimated to have happened during March of 2009. Most of the radiation has dissipated (reason and method unknown) and gathered at certain points along the Earth's crust. As long as care is taken to avoid the pockets, travel is possible.

Addendum 2000-1:

Objective: Gather information about SCP-2000-B and return it to Site-[REDACTED].
Timespan: One week (seven days). Surviving party members to return to SCP-2000 and be present before 7:00 AM Monday, one week from the beginning.
Party: Three 03 personnel, five Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] personnel ("Armstrong").
Results: The immediate area around SCP-2000 was barren. Conditions did not change regardless of distance traveled. Slight radiation levels still detected, but not enough to be harmful. Samples taken of soil, atmosphere, and liquids. Revealed nothing. Atmosphere was dry, with less than a 20% humidity level. Functioning clocks displayed the current time and date as 22 November 2013.

Addendum 2000-2:

Objective: Gather technology and/or documents from SCP-2000-B and return it to Site-[REDACTED].
Timespan: One week (seven days). Surviving party members to return to SCP-2000 and be present before 5:00 PM Wednesday, one week from the beginning.
Party: Five 03 personnel, seven Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] personnel ("Armstrong").
Results: Fifteen pieces of technology acquired. Three laptop computers, constructed in 2003 by Dell Computers, five digital clocks (model, time of creation unknown), and seven cellular telephones constructed by Nokia Technologies. One laptop, two clocks, and none of the telephones were operable. One clock had stopped at 6:16 PM, but one was still functioning and displayed the current time. The laptop was operational, as it had been shut off before its owner was terminated. All telephones were inoperable due to mechanical dysfunction or lack of a power source. Laptop's previous owner was a journalist for a "Boston Journal," and had extensive documents written (authenticity not verified) on world events in the decade prior to 2009. Documents copied to thumb drive.

Addendum 2000-3:

Objective: Search and capture surviving life forms and return any specimens to Site-[REDACTED].
Timespan: One week (seven days). Surviving party members to return to SCP-2000 and be present before 8:00 AM Friday, one week from the beginning.
Party: Two 03 personnel, ten Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] personnel ("Armstrong").
Results: No live specimens found. All corpses were formerly human or documented animal. No anomalous corpses found. Nothing captured and/or returned to Site-[REDACTED].

Addendum 2000-4:
Interview Log

<Begin Log>
Interviewer: Dr. █████
Subject: Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] ("Armstrong") personnel "John Smith" (Subject was instructed not to reveal his actual identity during the interview)

Dr. █████: Please state your name for the record.
John Smith: John [DATA EXPUNGED] Smith.
Dr. █████: Please explain what you saw and where you went during Study Alpha.
Smith: On Monday morning, we were going through Boston, just looking for some [EXPLETIVE]. We found a few papers, but other than that, not much else. The scary thing, though, was all the bodies. Just miles and miles of skeletons and dead things. There weren't even any vultures or anything. Just bodies, or what used to be bodies. Bones.
█████: Did you encounter anyone there?
Smith: Nah. It was quiet except for us. On Tuesday, we were outside, walking down a highway. It had these huge scorch marks across it, like it'd been burned with a giant [EXPLETIVE] blowtorch. Parts of it were collapsed. Just about every car on the road had blown itself up, which just made the whole thing even more nightmarish.
█████: Where did you sleep? What did you do at night for shelter?
Smith: I personally didn't sleep at all. Night made everything look like a [EXPLETIVE] horror flick. The scientists slept in sleeping bags they'd brought. We drank out of bottled water we had brought in a pack.
There is a prolonged silence.
█████: What else did you see?
Smith: We saw other things, like collapsed buildings and skeletons and [EXPLETIVE]. The entire place was barren and pretty much quiet except for the wind and us. Occasionally, the clouds would shift overhead and we'd get some sun, but not much. I remember one time… *laughs* I remember when half of a sky-scraper broke off and started falling, and we all ran for our [EXPLETIVE] lives, thinking that a [EXPLETIVE] nuke had gone off. We got a good kick out of that, but that was pretty much the only high point. The rest gave me chills down my back. I didn't like the place at all and I would rather not go back.
█████: Thank you. That will be all.
<End Log>

^1. Termed SCP-2000-B for the purposes of this report.
^2. Termed SCP-2000-A for the purposes of this report.