Scp 2023 Backup

Item #: SCP-2023

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2023-A Is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell with soundproof walls. Even with human features, SCP-2023-A is immortal and is to be kept secured in its cell forever. SCP-2023-A is to be fed 3 times a day, and food is to be handled by 2 D-class personnel. SCP-2023-B is to be contained in a plastic pencil lead case contained in a small metal box and held in a 1m by 1m steel cell and only handled by Professor Brovo. All personnel that need to handle SCP-2023-B should inform the professor first for permission. If opened, it will surely destroy life, the universe, and all humanity, stretching the confines of space and time itself.

Description: Simply mentioning SCP-2023-A will cause severe bleeding from the eyes and ears. SCP-2023-A is the producer of music, claiming to be [DATA EXPUNGED], Listening to music produced by SCP-2023-A leads to numerous forms of cancer forming in the brain, excessive bleeding of the ears, and lucid hallucinations. SCP-2023-A is only to be handled by deaf, D-class personnel. If not deaf, it is required to wear earplugs when handling SCP-2023. SCP-2023-A is extremely dangerous, and has a high possibility to destroy all life as we know it. He is a human-like creature approximately five foot, six inches tall with a turntable seemingly morphed into his chest.

Incident log


1st incident: Before containment, SCP-2023-A was found in █████, Germany controlling a subject, before subject passed from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The subject claimed to hear voices in his head, telling him to kill those of ██████ descent. This event was also known as the Holocaust.


2nd incident: D-2023 entered cell, there was a short silence before music started playing and D-2023 collapsed to the floor, shaking violently, and screaming for help. subject clawed at the door until his fingers bled, and spontaneously combusted.


3rd incident: Two incidents of planes crashing into the world trade center in █████████ were assumed to be cases of SCP-2023-A leading hostages into their death by controlling the minds of several individuals, including █████████████ , who was claimed as the leader of the incident, and is in hiding.


4th incident: D-class was given ear plugs and entered SCP-2023-A’s cell, earplugs were ineffective, subject started to bleed from the eyes then collapsed. Examination of the body shows that his heart burst in his chest, and his brain started forming cancer cells.


5th incident: Dr.████ Bright was transporting SCP-2023-B, when he dropped it, and the lid slightly opened. ██████████ now rendered deaf.

-I had NO idea it would do that. -Dr. Bright


6th incident: A book titled, “The Unholy Bible of Drysound” was found in SCP-2023-As containment chamber. The book details [DATA EXPUNGED], and when read, the reader has a strong urge to inflict wounds upon themselves. This book is now designated SCP-2023-C


7th incident: A group of █ “Drysound worshipers” appeared to the Foundation and demanded his release, when refused, the group went on a psychotic rampage, until self terminating.


*8th incident:** SCP-2023-A is believed to have taken control of a Newtown, Connecticut citizen ██████████ and made him bring an AR-15 assault rifle; along with other assault weapons, to ██████████ Elementary School, Shoot, and kill ██ young children and █ staff members. No motive has been found.


9th Incident: Two Individuals, ███████████ and his older brother, ████████████
were possessed by SCP-2023-A. They each made Nail Bombs with Pressure Cookers and detonated them at a marathon in ██████, New York, killing █, and injuring ███. Though █████████████ was killed by law officials in a spray of gunfire. His younger brother ████████████ however, is currently being prosecuted.


10th incident: SCP-2023-A was in testing for special procedures when it hypnotised Professor █Brovo, and causing the mental breakdown of Dr.█Byars. Noted that SCP-2023-A did eat some of the cake labeled for the ████████████████ and that may have led to the events of Dr. █Byars having a break down, losing his clothes, and becoming overly aggressive towards his colleagues.


11th incident: On the morning of March 8th ███ people went missing on flight ███ ; a ████████ Airline over the █████ Ocean. SCP-2023-A was believed to have took control of the two pilots, the plane has not been found. It is believed that it sunk in the █████ Ocean though it has not been proven.


12th incident: SCP-2023-A is currently being hostile toward SCP Personnel. SCP-2023-A is constantly trying to penetrate the minds of the following Doctors: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Staff are currently being trained for further hostilities.

-Requesting immediate termination of SCP-2023-A. -Dr. ████
-Denied. It cannot be stopped. -05-█


Audio Log: There has been a breach, SCP-2023-A seems to be the only one that got out, don't trust him, me and 4 other scientists barricaded the door. I can hear him. He’s coming. I can hear it, it’s…[DATABASE CRASH, MEMORY LOST]