Scp 2043 Backup
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SCP number: 2043
Code name: Siren
Speed: reaches up to 100 miles per hour
Height: 5' 4"
weight: 134 pounds
class: Euclid

containment procedures: All personnel is told to not make eye contact with SCP 2043 and to keep their guard up especially when SCP 2043 becomes kind or cooperative. If SCP 2043 ever becomes flirtatious with the male we insist that they do not take its advances or complements personal and if possible to sound out it’s seductive voice because it’s voice has a tendency to relax and put the subject in a hypnotic state, making them vulnerable.

Description: SCP 2043 is a blue sea creature that has a well built human female figure. It contains dark blue tendrils that spout from it's head and acts like hair. 2043 has black eyes which can help it see in extremely dark areas and has gills and find hands, feet, and tail to help it breath and swim under water. Although SCP 2043 has gills it also contains lungs to breath air. SCP 2043 has large black claws on both hand and feet that can tear through bone with no problem. It's bottom lip has a slit that starts from the lip all the way down to its chin and can spread apart up to 20 inches wide.

It has several tendrils that come out of it's mouth when its bottom jaw is split. These tendrils are used for holding live pray in place as SCP 2043 eats. Even though it contains a mouth it does not speak through it but uses telepathy to speak.

Addendum: SCP 2043 contains a deep hatred for human females and will kill with every chance it gets. Reasons for this is unknown at this time. It also contains a dislike for humans males as well but if given a choice whether to kill a male or female it will take no time in choosing the female. Although it hates humans SCP 2043 takes great pleasure in animals, playing with them, and feeding them.

SCP 2043 takes enjoyment in playing with humans minds, slowly making them go insane. It appears that it can read minds or make illusion with just eye contact with another being whether its face to face or via video cameras. At some points throughout the day SCP 2043 will be cooperative but usually leads to it planning to attack whoever it is near.

It shows fear and hatred for fire and will hiss and let out a high pitch, ear bleeding screech as it tries to either run from it or put it out with water it pulls out straight from the air.
2043 has the ability to control water, taking it out of anything that contains it. 2043 is also able to create icicles from the water. These icicles are now called SCP 2043-2. If any living being touches SCP 2043-2 they will instantly became solid ice after two days and shatter after only a mere 10 seconds of being completely made out of ice.

SCP 2043-2 is difficult to destroy. Testing shows that SCP 2043-2 is not actually ice but some other odd substance that looks and feels like Ice. When SCP 2043-2 is destroyed SCP 2043 will show pain by either flinching or giving out a loud ear bleeding screech, depending on how large SCP 2043-2 was.

SCP 2043 seems to show more cooperation towards higher ups and will either flirt or be kind, though mostly flirting will occur, it’s voice becoming much softer and more seductive. 2043 will take any opportunity to play mind games and or kill and eat the higher up. For this reason and way of hunting specifically for higher ups is unknown but well noted.

2043 will sit quietly in it's small pool with in it's cell and will sing. It's cell has been made sound proof for it's singing can hypnotize any living being and put them into a zombie like state, doing anything in its power to go near SCP 2043. Doing this will lead to the death and devouring of the victim.