SCP-2046 Backup
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Item #: SCP-2046

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A small room in a four (4) x four (4) size, made of titanium. Furnishings are all cotton or foam, no lethal items nor items someone could use as weaponry. Current furnishings are a small bed, a computer chair, and table. Must always be accompanied by no more than one agent, at least 10 centimeters from 2046. Four (4) security cameras must be put in all corners of the room.

Description: A man at the size of about 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, wears a black suit, a white undershirt that has a strange symbol on the chest of the shirt, and red tie, and has black hair, and blue eyes. This man at first seems like any normal person, but if any one gets too close he will kill them in mere instants (in this state, we call him 2046-1). This man apparently knows some martial arts from video footage being slowed down (see test 2046-A) but has movements that are faster than anything our research has ever seen. He hasn't made any break-out attempts, but will kill any and all personnel who get within 6 centimeters. He was found in a hotel after reports shown he was killing almost everyone at the hotel. His origin and main objective is still unknown, even after interviewing. He is currently in containment cell ██. 3 class and lower personnel are told he is keter classed, to keep them from trying to enter his cell. In order to enter the cell, you must have a 4 class key-card. 2046 doesn't appear to sleep nor eat, and is almost always sitting in his chair.

Interview with 2046:
Dr. ███: "Hello."
2046: "Hello, ma'am."
Dr. ███: "How was your day?"
2046: "Fine, but it was boring considering I'm stuck in this containment cell."
Dr. ███: "Well, right now I'd like to ask a few questions."
2046: "And I will answer MOST of them."
Dr. ███: "First, what is your name?"
2046: "I was never named."
Dr. ███: "Okay, what is the reason you kill people within a few centimeters of you?"
2046: "Self defense most of the time, my childhood went very poorly, so I don't trust many people."
Dr. ███: "I see, what is your origin?"
2046: "Not even I know."
Dr. ███: "What is your main objective? Do you even have any objectives?"
2046: "Heh, I'm not telling you my objective, but I do have one."
Dr. ███: "Okay, I think this is enough for now."
2046: "Good day."

Test 2046 A
Subject: A fully grown human male.
Part A: Subject attempts to speak normally with 2046, 2046 ignores subject.
Part B: Subject is confused, but maddened at the same time, and tries to get 2046's attention by taking a few steps closer, 2046 responds by breaking the subjects arm and throwing the subject on the ground, then control kicks subjects temple, resulting in a quick death.
Notes: "After watching the clip slowed down, it became obvious that the man is dangerously fast and knows some form of martial arts." -Agent Joe

Test 2046 B
Subject: a young kitten with weak bones
Part A: Subject mews, trying to get 2046's attention, 2046 mostly ignores it.
Part B: Subject walks near 2046, and sits next to 2046, 2046 pets the subject calmly, but never attempts to kill the subject.
Notes: "Clearly, 2046 doesn't make any attempts to kill a domestic domestic animal, and instead lets the animal come near." -Agent Joe

Test 2046 C
Subject: A fully grown male cheetah
Part A: Subject roars loudly at 2046, 2046 is alarmed by it's presence, 2046 stares deeply into the subject's eyes.
Part B: Subject whimpers in fear at 2046's stare, then goes into a corner, 2046 returns to sitting on his computer chair and calmly rests.
Notes: "2046's stare can scare a cheetah?! How is this even possible? A cheetah is a carnivorous cat that eats animals much larger and more intimidating than a human!" -Agent Joe.

There are no more tests with 2046, as he appears dangerous for many subjects.