SCP-2055 Backup
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Item #: SCP-2055

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2055 is to be kept in a 45cm cubic lock box held at Site- ██. Access is restricted to those who hold level 2 Security clearance or above. Usage of SCP-2055 is to be monitored by a Level 4 security officer. Misuse of SCP-2055 will result in disciplinary action and may result in termination. SCP-2055 is required to be placed on its side when not in use.

Description: SCP-2055 appears to be a pair of scissors with 10 blades instead of the normal 2 at first glance. Microscopic examination shows that the very edge of each of the blades are ~0.000000068 nanometers in thickness. The blades are made of an unknown metal that resembles that of stainless steel. The blades and the plastic handle are completely resistant to all forms of damage, including deterioration, high pressure, splitting, dents, etc. We are currently unsure how SCP-2055 is able to resist heavy damage despite the fact that the materials resemble everyday materials.

SCP-2055 has been proven to be able to cut through anything, even superheated diamonds. The blades remain sharp and show no signs of impairment. The tip of the blades do not seem to exhibit these properties.

SCP-2055 was recovered from [REDACTED], High school when reports of a pair of scissors slicing through an entire table were filed. Field Agents were dispatched and recovery of SCP-2055 was successful without injury or conflict. Interrogation of school staff and students was unsuccessful in determining the origin of SCP-2055, as it has no apparent markings. Students and staff were administered Class-C amnesiacs and left alive.