SCP-2778 Backup
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Item #: SCP-2778

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2778 must be kept in a 4m x 4m with 1m thick lead walls. Under no circumstances may SCP-2778 be let out of its cell. Checking SCP-2778’s cell for cracks or holes is 100 percent mandatory considering SCP-2778 may cause holes and cracks by punching the walls of its cell viciously at certain times of stress. If SCP-2778 sets any part of its body outside of its cell, Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 is to be requested to terminate or contain SCP-2778 IMMIDIATELY. If SCP-2778 touches any object that might eventually go outside of SCP-2778’s cell, it is to be terminated. If SCP-2778 is to be stressed, a level 4 personal is to fill SCP-2778’s cell with laughing gas. SCP-2778 must be watched via security cameras.

Description: SCP-2778 appears to be a humanoid male figure between the ages 16 - 18. SCP-2778 has no visible eyes, and is suspected to not be able to taste. SCP-2778 has superior strength to at least seven times that of a regular human, and seems to be indestructible. It also is suspected to have the ability to light its own body on fire without being damaged in any way.

To date, SCP-2778 has the constant lust for killing humans. SCP-2778 has no known lust for killing animals or other organism’s besides humans. SCP-2778 also seems to have the ability of walking through walls, which is the reasoning behind Dr. Glass’s request to use lead walls for SCP-2778’s containment.

Audio Log from 2778-01

Interviewed: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Interviewer: Dr. Corzhak


<Begin Log>

Dr. Corzhak: It is now recording. [DATA EXPUNGED], you may speak of
what happened to you and your team.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Thank you. Should I start from the very beginning, > or-?

Dr. Corzhak: Start from the point in which you encountered SCP-2778.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Okay. Well, we were called to take care of
SCP-Douche-Nozzle-MicFarthington by the Elias team of [DATA EXPUNGED].
Now, this was before we even knew of this organization you crazy people
had been running. But anyway, we were ordered by the Elias team, but
the thing was, they never told how to handle him or what he was capable

Dr. Corzhak: Is that how half of your team was obliterated by SCP-

[DATA EXPUNGED]: Correct. Once we got near him, he shot two of our
men with a R870. It must have been a upgraded version of the original
shotgun, because he shot two rounds in only one second. We blasted him > with RPG’s, Commando’s, Cerburus’s, M32’s, and all kinds of other heavy > artillery. We’ve might as well have been shooting water guns at him,
because after all of the explosives were gone, he was still standing,
completely unharmed.

Dr. Corzhak: That’s when you requested a… [papers are heard moving] > AT-4 HEDT Launcher?

[DATA EXPUNGED]: An anti-tank gun. I’ve seen it rip tanks apart
like tissue paper.

Dr. Corzhak: Was it taking significant damage?

[DATA EXPUNGED]: It didn’t even fucking flinch. It just shrugged
the attack off and kept shooting apart my squad. Eventually, we managed
to get it to calm down by trapping it in container filled with laughing

Dr. Corzhak: How many rounds were shot at it from the AT-4 HEDT?

[DATA EXPUNGED]: At the least? Three thousand. We might as well
have been spitting at it. After we contained it, we heard of this place
and decided to send it here for you guys to deal with its bullshit.

Dr. Corzhak: Hm. Well, all right, captain. I believe we’re done

[Chairs are heard moving and footsteps are heard leaving the room.
[DATA EXPUNGED] is reported to have left the room.]

<End Log>