SCP-2966 Backup
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Item #: SCP-2966

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2966 becoming activated when it senses any non-Jewish members of staff and it's immense powers, all personnel interacting with SCP-2966 at Site ███ must be Jewish whether they be converted or Jewish at birth. SCP-2966 will not activate even with members who have slight traces of Jewish ancestry and therefore are allowed to communicate and test with SCP-2966. All personnel must be understanding of Jewish traditions. Under absolutely no circumstances are any staff or test subjects at Site ███ to contain any level of German ancestry. SCP-2966 must be contained in a blue and silver room that is 18 m x 18 m and lined with various religious items of Jewish origin and SCP-2966 is to be frozen unless used for testing or interviewing. The room is to contain eight locks:

  • one eye scan lock
  • one hand scan lock
  • one freeze resistant lock in the shape of the Star of David
  • one DNA scan lock
  • one insertion of Level 4 or higher keycard with passcode input (To be changed daily)
  • two electric locks
  • one voice recognition lock

The outside of the cell is to be maintained by two armed security guards in the front and no less than six heavily armed guards in total who are authorized to incapacitate or neutralize SCP-2966 to prevent his escape. SCP-2966 must be guarded by seven teams of no less than 5 people per team who are authorized to incapacitate and, if possible, neutralize SCP-2966. SCP-2966 is to be fed 3 times daily and meals must be prepared in a kosher manner and must attain to a traditional Jewish diet. Any articles of clothing requested by SCP-2966 are to be made of only one fabric. In the event of containment breach, Site ███ must initiate a full site lockdown and all available staff must escort non-Jewish staff to on sight shelters while Nine Tailed Fox attempts to capture and re-contain SCP-2966 and while the Torah is recited over the site's intercom by an ordained onsite rabbi. On Jewish holidays, especially Yom Kippur, SCP-2966 can become hostile and activated even by Jewish staff. In this case, all staff, except fully armed and trained guards and one assigned doctor, must temporarily flee Site ███ via helicopter after which Site ███ will be under complete lockdown via remote means. Armed guards are to locate and [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-2966 and return him to his cell where he is to be heavily sedated, restrained to his bed, and cryogenically frozen and locked in with assigned personnel until he has been frozen completely after which assigned doctor is to alert O5 and site command and staff may return to Site ███ and assigned personnel are allowed to leave SCP-2966's cell and are to report every detail to Dr. ███████ and Dr. █████.

Description: SCP-2966 is a ██ year old male of Polish Jewish descent who hasn't aged since he was first discovered in 19██. Subject was discovered in ███████████ concentration camp after it was liberated by the United States Army and was found left in site's Block ██, the area used for medical experiments, in a state of advanced cryogenic freeze. Subject thawed two weeks later at ███████████ General Hospital and awoke very violent and hostile to hospital staff. SCP-2966 proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] several doctors, nurses, and patients before being caught by ███████████ Police Department. SCP-2966 was almost immediately handed over to the Foundation after several officers and civilians were [DATA EXPUNGED], became comatose, or committed suicide within SCP-2966's presence.

SCP-2966 was extremely hostile upon initial containment and threatened to kill all staff at Site ███ and anyone who may be a German, claiming every single person who claimed some level of German blood was responsible for the Holocaust and his state of freeze. SCP-2966 is only docile when in the presence of Jews and will usually co-operate fully with them. However, SCP-2966's telepathy allows him to sense and detect any Gentiles within a ██ meter radius and will rant and flail for several minutes before he is given reading material in Hebrew. If SCP-2966 encounters any Gentile/non-Jew he will almost always activate and use his telepathic powers to inflict some sort of mental trauma or even physical brain damage. The effects of SCP-2966's power are not always initially present after exposure and can take as long as ██ days to manifest.

Side effects to SCP-2966's exposure include but are not limited to:

  • coma
  • persistent vegetative state
  • increased guilt
  • hoplelessness
  • social withdrawl
  • suicidal ideation
  • suicide attempts/successes
  • mania
  • symptoms akin to post-traumatic stress disorder
  • paranoid psychosis
  • self harm
  • hostility towards non-Jews
  • increased sensitivity towards cold and medical procedures
  • temporary or permanent paralysis

Victims, now known as SCP-2966-1, will be understanding of SCP-2966's thoughts during which SCP-2966 will attempt to gain control of SCP-2966-1's conscience and eventually their body. SCP-2966 will often speak from these vessels. SCP-2966 willingly uses instances of SCP-2966-1 to attack and [REDACTED] those who come into contact with him. SCP-2966 is extremely intelligent and due to his telepathic powers, knows several passwords, codes etc. including the currently under construction on site [REDACTED] dispersal system, which will be used only if SCP-2966 commits a full containment breach at Site ███. SCP-2966 shows no signs of remorse and is highly willing and capable of causing an XK type end of the world scenario by gathering all Jews to commit genocide against every Gentile, starting with Germans.

SCP-2966 shows increased sensitivity towards certain chemical compounds including Zyklon B, mustard gas, arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide. While these chemicals would usually cause death or permanent damage, SCP-2966 will freeze and remain still until he is removed from the chemical's presence before which he must be heavily sedated.

Dr. ██████ and Dr. █████ have sent a request to O5-█ to attempt to use Class Ω amnesiacs in an attempt to fully implant false memories to prevent SCP-2966 from possibly becoming active. O5-█ has approved this request and is to be enacted on [DATA EXPUNGED].

Notes: O5 has ordered SCP-2966 be administered Class X amnesiacs on a daily basis with each meal and must be told that the Holocaust never happened and for Site ███ to change passwords and passcodes on a daily basis. If not, he will become much more hostile and may breach containment.

Telling someone who survived the most horrible case of attempted genocide that what they saw and went through never happened? What kind of people are we? I know we have a duty but to deny the Holocaust? May God forgive us. -Dr. ██████