Scp 348 Backup
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Item #: SCP 348

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-348 must be kept in a 2x2x2.5 meter cell with a bed, a bathroom, and a shower. Object must be fed no more than 2 meals a day, each containing nutrients required for basic human survival. Photos may only be taken by level 3 personnel bi-weekly for study. Unedited photos may only be viewed by class D personnel. SCP-348 may request forms of entertainment. Requests must be approved by at least 3 level 4 personnel. Any and all cases of SCP-348-01 and SCP-348-02 must be reported to any class 4 personnel. All cases of SCP-348-01 must be edited unless being used for study.

Description: SCP-348 can be described as a Korean male, 68 inches in height, approximately ███ lbs. in weight, and claims to be ██ years of age. Pictures taken of SCP-348 are referred to as SCP-348-01. Any person who views pictures of SCP-348 seem to fall into a state of severe depression, and paranoia, eventually leading to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Editing these photos appears to negate this effect. These people are then referred to as SCP-348-02. This change happens in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Any persons exposed to SCP-348-01 will slowly become more and more depressed. This continues for approximately 2 weeks. Subjects have all complained about being lonely despite all attempts to comfort them.

Stage 2: Affected subjects then start to become more and more paranoid through a period of 2 more weeks. Depression continues to become worse during this time period. Subjects have all complained about hearing voices telling them that they are being "watched" and "hunted".

Stage 3: Subjects will start to distance themselves from any other form of life, and will attack and attempt kill anyone who approaches them.

Stage 4: Subjects will attempt to [DATA EXPUNGED]. If subject does not succeed within three days, their body will start to decompose regardless of the subjects current medical conditions.

When asked about this effect SCP-348 becomes angered and claims that these photos are linked to problems caused by SCP-348-01. If continually asked, subject will attempt to [DATA EXPUNGED] any personnel who have brought up the question.