SCP-348 Backup The Second
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Item #: SCP-348

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-348 is to be contained within a 10 m x 10 m x 10 m chamber constructed of 5 cm thick stainless steel. A tank containing 40 litres of water is to be stationed at the centre of the chamber's ceiling, and a drainage pipe in the centre of the chamber's floor. If SCP-348 shows any signs of hostility towards test subjects, becoming SCP-348-2, or breaching containment, the water is to be released into the chamber until SCP-348 has become unconscious. The water is to be then drained, decontaminated and returned to the tank. SCP-348 is not to be exposed to the water for more than three (3) minutes without permission from personnel with level 4 security clearance or higher. Only one person permitted to enter the chamber at a time. At no time should SCP-348-1 be taken away from SCP-348 without permission from personnel with level 4 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-348 appears to be an ordinary human, however its appearance is completely different to each person it encounters, as well as all recording devices and thermal images that capture it. It is constantly carrying SCP-348-1, which it refers to as SoulBerg. SCP-348-1 is a 2.32 m long sword constructed of an unknown material, weighing over 3 tons. SCP-348 has never been observed without SCP-348-1 nor has it ever let it touch the ground. However, SCP-348 doesn't seem to suffer fatigue from holding such a heavy object for so long. As of now, there is no known way of separating the two for a long period of time. Upon attempting to take SCP-348-1 from SCP 348 the sword will attach itself to SCP-348's hand. SCP-348 will then become extremely hostile towards the person attempting to remove SCP-348-1. The weapon may be removed while SCP-348 is unconscious, however, when the subject awakes once more, SCP-348-1 will fly towards SCP-348 at approximately 30 km and cut through any object within its path.

When provoked or aggravated, SCP-348 will begin to enter a state of rage and will continue to transform more and more, becoming more and more hostile until it either kills whoever is causing it to rage, or it falls unconscious. SCP-348 has also been known to attack people without provocation. It is currently unknown what causes this reaction, however SCP-348 has made it very clear, during interviews, that it has motivation to do so. (See Addendum 348). Subjects targeted by SCP-348 are to be referred to as SCP-348-3. After the transformation has begun, SCP-348 is referred to as SCP-348-2. The transformation is separated into six (6) stages.

Stage 1: Retinas become neon blue.
Stage 2: A light blue aura around the subject becomes apparent.
Stage 3: Strands of hair become blue, aura thickens.
Stage 4: Hair becomes completely blue, aura becomes extremely thick.
Stage 5: Aura becomes brilliant blue fire.
Stage 6: Thick, blue, pulsating veins envelop the subject. Skin will appear to have become cracked, or worn stone.

Throughout all the stages, SCP-348 will attempt to kill SCP-348-3 with SCP-348-2. If SCP-348 achieves this, a bright, blue light will travel from the corpse of SCP-348-3 and into SCP-348. Afterwards, SCP-348 will appear to know everything about its victim. It refers to this process as “Taking their soul.” Once entering the state of rage the subject appears to acquire the positive attributes and genes of some of its victims, and continues to posses more and more of these attributes as it continues through the states. So far 267 people are known to have been killed by SCP-348 in this way and because of it, SCP-348-2 is incredibly strong, fast, resilient and intelligent. SCP-348 has been observed to be harmed by coming into contact with water. It will feel great pain and after an average of five (5) seconds, pass out. After an average of three (3) minutes, SCP-348's will become extremely weak and close to death.

SCP-348 was discovered among the ruins of [EXPUNGED], unconscious, lying in a pool of water, with SCP-348-1 in its right hand.

Addendum 348: Recorded transcript of interview with SCP-348

Interviewed: SCP-348
Interviewer: Dr. Stems
Foreword: Dr. Stems was instructed to ask the subject a small list of questions regarding its abilities and actions.
<Begin log>
Dr. Stems: So, why do you carry that sword with you, everywhere you go?
SCP-348: Without her I am nothing.
Dr. Stems: How did you find it?
SCP-348: Soulberg found me. I was dying, at the hands of a barbarian. She came to me from the sky. She told me she could help me, make me the strongest person alive. I took her in my hands and slayed the monster before me. His, was the first soul I took. It gave me power. I liked power.
Dr. Stems: Why is it that you can only use these people's “souls” when you're angry, or trying to kill someone?
SCP-348: Soulberg wishes me not to be greedy. She wants me to use your power for righteousness and honour. And so I do.
Dr. Stems: Then why do you kill people without provocation? They do nothing to harm you, yet you attack them nonetheless.
SCP-348: Their souls are impure. Soulberg can smell it.
Dr. Stems: They are innocent and good people.
SCP-348: None of you are good! (The subject enters the first state of becoming SCP-348-2, however does not show signs of hostility. Dr. Stems orders security personnel to not flood the chamber, but to be prepared to do so.)
SCP-348-2: You imprison hundreds of souls within this dungeon! You have no mercy for them, so they have none for you. (The subject enters the second stage of transformation). But you can't hold them here forever. (The subject enters the third stage of transformation). One day they will all be free. (The subject enters the fourth stage of transformation). They will be angry. They will kill you all! (The subject enters the fifth stage of transformation. Dr. Stems orders security personnel to flood the chamber). And I will be among them. (The subject enters the sixth stage of transformation and uses SCP-348-1 to decapitate Dr. Stems, then loses consciousness).
<End log>