Scp 6770 Ex Backup
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Item #: SCP-6770-EX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6770 is to be monitored world-wide via embedded agents within the European Organization for Nuclear Research, ████ ████ and the Advanced Research Projects Agency.

When the number of linked individuals in SCP-6770 exceeds 5, active surveillance of personnel involved is to commence and Level 4 Researcher Licklider is to be notified.

Instances of SCP-6770 in excess of 10 linked individuals are to be covertly disabled and Foundation Standard Cover Story 43 ("Moth in the Machine") is to be deployed publicly to discourage further instances from being attempted.

Description: SCP-6770 is any conglomerate of computer processing units which have been connected together in a network forming an "intranet." Each new addition to the network exponentially increasing available computing power. The linked units are able to communicate directly via the network at a speed and bandwidth limited by the resources used to form the network. Current instances are limited by the quality of telecommunications cable between linked individuals, however it theoretically is possible to achieve higher communication speed as well as bandwidth using theorized materials not manufacturable at our current technological level (Fibrous Glass Optical Wire and ████-████.)


Let me be clear, SCP-6770 in itself is not dangerous. What is dangerous is the concept of rapid world-wide communication and what the common man can do when accessing a unit on the network. These "intranets" are currently confined to universities and defence installations, imagine the chaos and disorganization, the drain on the world economy, the plummeting of social productivity if SCP-6770 were to escape containment and become a truly global inter-connected network available to anyone at any time. The Foundation as we know it would never be able to keep anything secret again, and without secrets how can we Secure, Contain and Protect.

- Senior Researcher R. Taylor

We've seen this before.

Let everyone remember how important it is to keep these kinds of developments contained before they become too large to handle. World-wide distribution of amnestics and the stepping back of global technology levels is not something we wish to repeat. We don't need another Morse/Marconi Incident.

- O5-██


Gentlemen, we've been had.

Taylor and Licklider played all of us for fools, they were never working on our side.
6770 containment has failed

May God have mercy on us all.

- O5-██