SCP-688 Backup The Second
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The only known image of SCP-688-3, as viewed through SCP-688-2.

Item #: SCP-688

Object Class: Euclid (All confirmed parts are Safe. Agent Evan's account, if taken as the truth, classifies this as Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-688-1 is immobile and cannot be moved by any means; due to this Containment Site 15 has been build around it. No part of SCP-688 poses no direct threat to any personnel not involved in testing. SCP-688-2 exhibits no dangerous properties, and is kept in a locked box on site. The existence of SCP-688-3 is and unconfirmed and therefore cannot be contained.

Description: SCP-688-1 is a single pixel measuring approximately 0.33 mm x 0.33 mm. It floats approximately 2 m off the ground and appears to be two dimensional. Under normal circumstances it is black, but when exposed to any object it tends to change to the predominant color of whatever it is exposed to inside a space equal to the size of SCP-688-1.

SCP-688-2 is a small lens with a diameter of 4 cm. It has a silver frame which is tarnished in three spots, forming an equilateral triangle. When an object touches the pixel and enters an electronic device with a screen, the lens can be used to see (but otherwise have no contact with Contact can now be made with text editors) persons or objects which entered it.

SCP-688-3 appears to be humanoid figure devoid of any discerning figures, which [DATA EXPUNGED]. The only known image was captured using a screen cap software which a pixelated Agent Evans commandeered in Incident 688:1. He was commended for his fast actions.

People, objects or animals that come in contact with SCP-688-1 become pixelated (each pixel measuring 0.33 mm x 0.33 mm). Subjects describe this hour-long process as “a mild tingly sensation, but otherwise kinda nice”. The sensation has not been proven to be addictive. Humans or animals that have been pixelated continue to function normally, but are unable to use anything that is not also pixelated. Affected subjects return to a normal three-dimensional state after about five hours.

If a pixelated organism or object is exposed to an electronic device with a screen and some sort of cable port, they can upload themselves to the device. The screen remains in an unpowered state, but subjects are free to move about through file systems. If any sighting of SCP-688-3 is made, findings are to be reported to [REDACTED].

Addendum 688: At no time should pixelated persons be allowed to enter a computer running SCP-687, any computer-related SCP, to visit SCP-614 or any instance of SCP-335 without Level 4 security clearance and explicit approval from O5 command. Due to safety concerns, the internet is off-limits while under the effects of SCP-688-1.

Addendum 688:2 All persons using SCP-688 should evacuate the device used prior to the time running out. If the five hours end before the subject can escape, they will be trapped and will require rescue from another pixelated person, assuming [DATA EXPUNGED] has not occurred.

Addendum 688:3 It has been confirmed, prior to Agent Evans' work, that pixelated persons can operate files inside the computers, however, they require physical use of their applications. For example, when a text editor is opened internally, the person inside is provided with a pen and paper. However, the screen remains blank. Instead, corresponding keys are pressed on the keyboard. This has been used successfully as a method of communication.

“If I catch one more person using this thing to enter computers running disks 1-12 of SCP-335 I swear I will have their head on a stake before the day is out.”
~Dr. Gilad

Interview 688:1

Interviewed: Agent Evans

Interviewer: Researcher [EXPUNGED]

Foreword: The following interview was conducted after Incident 688:1.

<Begin Log>

Researcher: Hello. Please explain your experience with SCP-688-3.

Agent Evans: Well…I was fiddling around with Paint, when all of a sudden the software starts operating itself. It draws this thing-

Researcher: Please clarify.

Agent Evans: The picture I took. Once it finishes, the thing gets off the page and starts walking towards me. It's 3-D in there, mind you, but this thing…it…I don't really know how to describe it.

Researcher: Try.

Agent Evans: It was like…I guess…it just kinda skidded towards me. It didn't move any part of itself, but it just moved in increments of a few pixels each time. It wasn't exactly slow either. I think it was 2-D, even though it moved in 3-D space, kinda like me before I went into the computer. It was fucking weird, man. I know it doesn't seem like it, but…I'll be damned if I use a computer again.

Researcher: Please stay on topic, Evans.

Agent Evans: Right. Anyway, I close Paint like the whole thing was covered in acid. I decided to open up the text editor to talk about what happened. And then fucking thing starts typing itself. The pen just draws this thing in ASCII characters, and it gets up off the page, six feet tall-

Researcher: Please use metric.

Agent Evans: Dammit. Two meters-ish tall, in the same position as before, just skidding towards me again.

Researcher: And then?

Agent Evans: I had tea with it. No, I closed the damn program, asshole.

Researcher: Let's try to keep this professional.

Agent Evans: Fine. I wasn't going anywhere until I did the last thing they told me to do.

Researcher: And that was?

Agent Evans: I was going to try the internet. They didn't specify any website so I picked [REDACTED].com. Laughed at a few cats for a bit before I find this one link labelled 'The Secret Microdot'.

Researcher: Then?

Agent Evans: It was that thing again. By then I did what they told me to do and I got the fuck out of there. Thank God it's stuck in the computer.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Evans was found dead three days later in front of his work computer. A history check showed the last activity done there was going on [REDACTED].com and clicking on a link entitled 'The Secret Microdot'.

A request to upgrade to Euclid is pending.