SCP-736 Backup
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Item #: SCP-736

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-736 is to be kept in a locked container requiring key and passcode to open. The passcode is to be changed on a weekly basis. The container is to be located at one of three locations; ███████ ███████, ███████ █████-██ or ██████████ █. All personnel with knowledge of the passcode or the whereabouts of the key are to be subject to monthly psychoanalysis. Any indication of suicidal tendencies or violent vengeful thoughts are to be administered Class B Amnesiacs and moved to another project. Only D-Class are permitted to use SCP-736, any other staff seen handling SCP-736 is to subject to analysis and moved to another project (amnesiacs to be dispensed where appropriate). No photographs, other than those relevant to testing, are to be permitted in the room or adjacent rooms to SCP-736, all unauthorized photos found are to be immediately destroyed. All D-Class are to be terminated regardless of result of testing.

Description: SCP-736 is a revolver believed to be manufactured to the early 1950’s with a nickel finish and a mother-of-pearl grip. This grip can be removed to reveal a compartment 2cm x 3.5 cm in size that is intended to hold a photograph. When a photograph of an individual is placed inside and the grip is replaced, the gun may be used to play the game “Russian Roulette” where by placing the gun to the head of the user and pulling the trigger will kill either the wielder or the individual photographed. If no photograph is present, the gun will not fire. The gun requires no ammunition and any placed within will still be present after the firing of the pistol. Examination of the deceased reveal no bullet, though state of wound matches those made by .38 Special hollow-point bullets. To date (██/██/████), there have been no cases of subjects surviving being shot by the gun.