SCP-858 Backup
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Item#: SCP-858

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-858 is to be kept in a four (4) room cell to be decorated with the typical setting for females of its age. SCP-858 is to given a room, a bed, bathroom and living room with one (1) television set in its bedroom. SCP-858 is allowed to watch the television or play video games at times when it is not being tested. SCP-858 has also been given a cabinet of clothes, a washing machine and a dryer. SCP-858's cell also has cameras set up within four (4) corners.

SCP-858 is able to wander freely around the facility, as well as eat at the main canteen or any lounge with any operatives on-site. SCP-858 is allowed no longer than three (3) hours outside the facility, should it request to. SCP-858 is to be fed at least three (3) times a day.

Security clearance of level 2 is required to enter SCP-858's containment cell. Any unauthorized personnel entering SCP-858's cell will immediately be punished and put back to work after two (2) hours.

Due to the nature of the object and its absolute value, any personnel caught injuring SCP-858 outside of testing will immediately be terminated. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-858 is first priority to obtain, no matter what the cost. No less than three (3) personnel are to be around SCP-858, but no less than ten (10) should be around SCP-858 during a containment breach.

SCP-858 is located at Site-19.

Description: SCP-858 appears to be a young teenage girl around the age of ██ years old, and of Caucasian descent. SCP-858 is approximately 1.9m (6'6'') tall and weighs around 86 kg (190 lbs). Its arms extend to halfway down its thighs. It also has medium-long, brown hair with moderate discoloration near the end of the hairline. SCP-858 has green/blue eyes, yet during testing with subjects, these eyes happen to turn from a very light blue to a golden yellow. SCP-858 has all of the normal human functions; an added function allows it to heal itself or any person within meters of it.

Metals such as zinc, lead, copper, iron, silver, gold, tungsten and Potassium will turn into a crystallized substance within twelve (12) hours of contact. This, however, does not affect the metals when combined with any other substance, such as food.

SCP-858's anomalous powers are both around and within SCP-858 itself. Within fifteen (15) meters of SCP-858, personnel start to feel a sense of enthusiasm, regardless of what mood they are in; this creates a better work environment on tougher days. Within five (5) meters of it, personnel start to feel as if a wound is healing. Testing has shown that any cut, stab, bullet wound or gash is healed within a twenty-second period, despite how deep or serious the wound is (see Experiment Log-858-01).

Within arm's reach of the object, SCP-858 will start to emit a light blue aura-like light from its hands, and its eyes start to turn a varied light color. Personnel are then treated by SCP-858 for any serious or lethal injury, from a cracked rib to the separation of a body limb. Any dead tissue is then replaced by virtually identical tissue; this causes the personnel to regrow any limb within twenty (20) minutes. Subjects have shown a constant sting within 3 minutes of the limb regrowing, after which the pain will subside.

It appears to be immune to all diseases, and has shown some remarkable strength, speed and dexterity. SCP-858 also shows very remarkable endurance.

SCP-858 appears to be mainly polite (see Addendum-01) and always seems to cheer up any personnel on-site. SCP-858 also has an IQ higher than that of a normal girl her age, and even has a photographic memory. It has requested that its name be used by personnel, Rosalind ██████████ (see Addendum-02).

SCP-858 was found during 10/23/20██, in ██████, █████████, by which time it was █ years old. Capt. Ferdinand (now retired) was stationed at the location when he had heard rumors of a small girl that could heal a person. When he went to investigate, [DATA EXPUNGED] and he called for reinforcements. With the parent's permission, SCP-858 was brought to Site-19. The parents were interviewed about SCP-858, to which they claimed that SCP-858 was a "miracle" after being born.

During twenty-four (24) days of being transferred to the facility, SCP-858 was crying and questioning why it was there, and why its family was not with it. After the twenty-fifth day, it was brought to an interview, to which [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-858 is to have one (1) personnel to talk to it on any day it requests. All personnel involved will always end up enthusiastic, and so will SCP-858.

SCP-858 requests to join the foundation as a medic when it's old enough; request approved.

SCP-858 has requested the following:

-One (1) Nintendo Gamecube (Granted)
-Two (2) Nintendo Gamecube Controllers (Granted)
-A various array of video games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee (Granted)
-One television set (Granted)
-A Computer (Denied)
-A female friend (Granted; SCP-134 is to be brought to SCP-858 three days a week)
-A Sony PlayStation 3 with controllers and Call of Duty: █████ ███ █ (Granted)
-A visit to SCP-049's containment cell (Granted; both will meet once a week)
-A male boyfriend upon its ██nd birthday (Pending Approval)
-Any level clearance keycard (Pending Approval)

Addendum-01: SCP-858 was very polite to Dr. ████████, addressing him as Mr. SCP-858 was interviewed.

Interviewed: SCP-858
Interviewer: Dr. ████████
Foreword: SCP-858 requested to be called Rosalind. SCP-858 started to talk about SCP-134 and SCP-049 in the interview. It > > shows some remarkable vocabulary, as well as the healing ability.

Dr. ████████: Hello, may you tell me how your day was?

SCP-858: It was good, Mr. ████████, but how was yours?

Dr. ████████: It was somewhat stressful, but now that I am near you, I feel much better.

SCP-858: Oh, well, how long have I been here? Three? Four? Five years?

Dr. ████████: About [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-858: That's right (softly laughs). May I be called by my name, please?

Dr. ████████: And what is your name?

SCP-858: Rosalind. Just call me Rosalind.

Dr. ████████: Okay, Rosalind, can you tell me about your experience here?

SCP-858: Well, I remember the first twenty-five days here. I was very depressed. However, seeing as I am much older and grew up with many people, I feel happy to help out anyone.

Dr. ████████: Any plans for the future?

SCP-858: (pauses for a moment to drink) I am thinking of joining the Foundation.

Dr. ████████: Really? Well, I have to tell you now, it may be tougher than you think.

SCP-858: I just want to be a medic. I am not really a fighter.

Dr. ████████: Okay. So, since you and SCP-134 have been introduced, how have you both been together?

SCP-858: Well, ██████ is a very nice friend. She knows how to make me laugh.

Dr. ████████: How about SCP-049?

SCP-858: You mean Dr. Bird? He's really nice. His voice is very soothing and his touch is soft. His friends, though, are really scary. He seems to not acknowledge anyone else when I am there. He doesn't mind I call him Dr. Bird.

Dr. ████████: Its touch, you said? You seem not to be affected by SCP-049's touch, then.

SCP-858: Well, I just like these two. They also sing very nice tunes.

Dr. ████████: I see, well, Rosalind, I have one request, and that is to feel your healing touch.

SCP-858: Of course.

(Dr. ████████ is seen being touched on his arm by SCP-858, and the sound of soft static is heard during the process. All scars on Dr. ████████ were healed.)

Dr. ████████: Thanks, I feel a lot better now.

SCP-858: It's no problem. I feel a bit dizzy, though.

Dr. ████████: From the healing process?

SCP-858: No, it's ju…j- (SCP-858 faints)

Closing Statement: "After this incident, SCP-858 had recovered within 3 days. The cause of the loss of consciousness was determined to be the result of a sudden extreme headache. The healing process was not a benefactor of what had happened. When SCP-858 had awakened, it said that it was feeling much better then. Requesting approval that the room SCP-858 be enlarged and SCP-049, as well as SCP-134 be transferred permanently to the cell. (Request Pending Approval)"
-Dr. ████████

Addendum-02: SCP-858 requested that it be called Rosalind rather than "858". Request Approved, name of SCP-858 shall be its former name.

Addendum C-1: On 4/26/20██, a containment breach had occurred. SCP-858 was immediately taken by ten personnel and safely brought to a safer place until power was restored to the facility. Within the duration of the breach, it was worried about SCP-049 and SCP-134. It was assured that both SCPs were both brought to safety as well. SCP-858's cell was a bit torn up, and was fixed within three (3) hours. All items replaced.

Experiment Log-858-1:

Experiment: Two D-Class Personnel were subject to lacerations to multiple locations of their bodies. Another D-Class Personnel was subject to loss of left arm and right leg.
Result: The two D-Class Personnel with lacerations were healed upon being within meters of SCP-858. Both personnel were more enthusiastic and were brought out of SCP-858's cell. SCP-858 proceeded to the last D-Class personnel. After the duration of which it touched the personnel, the D-Class was fully healed within twenty minutes. SCP-858 showed bright orange eyes by then. Test Concluded.

"SCP-858 is that certain remarkable SCP that is rarely seen around the Foundation. It wants to help the Foundation by any means it can. So far, I have wondered why SCP-858 is so special. Now, I know. SCP-858 is special because it is kind, durable and heals everyone."
-Capt. Ferdinand (Ret.)