Scp 9999 T Backup
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SCP-9999 with a Ford Mustang and a Jaguar XK. Not pictured: hordes of adoring women.

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Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-9999 cannot be contained by the SCP foundation because he is too big to fit in a regular containment unit and he can just smash his cars through the wall if there are walls. He can block bullets with his cars and is immune to fire and also he moves too fast and killed like ██ dudes once. Do not try to approach him, he will kill your ass dead. Just watch from afar and give him whatever he asks for, using a robot or something.

His name is Tyrone Mannheim he is a gay black bodybuilder, but he's not flamingly gay, he just likes man ass and he's always on top. He listens to heavy metal while he works out, especially Iron Maiden. He is 6'8" tall and 280 pounds, which is all man muscle. He's got a 54" chest and a 30" waist and 20" biceps. They call him SCP-9999 because his arms are cars

SCP-9999 can turn his arms into any kind of car, but if it is bigger than a pickup truck he cannot lift it because there is only so far human strength can go, but he's working on that. He likes to mix and match his cars, so you won't see him with two of the same car, although once he had a '78 Firebird and a 2002 Firebird because those are some sweet rides.

If his cars are damaged, he feels pain, and if one blows up he has to make another. Making a new car takes like an hour, but if he wants to change the car that's already there, it's just a few seconds of concentrating. This is when he is most vulnerable, but there are other reasons he cannot be contained.

There is a memetic effect on SCP-9999 where anyone (especially women) who sees him will want to squeeze his cars like they are muscles. But they cannot squeeze the cars because they are cars. Because of this, no one will shoot him when his cars are changing so he is unstoppable and also he is a really good dancer. Also, he doesn't care about the women because he is gay.