SCP-Cuthbert Backup
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-A is to be kept sealed inside a cell with walls consisting of 2m thick reinforced concrete.

SCP-XXX-B is to be kept inside a 40m3 block of solid steel that must be continually replaced to combat the effects of its blood.

Description: SCP-XXX-A is a 2.8m tall, 197 kg humanoid organism with an exoskeleton resembling a suit of medieval plate armor. Its right arm is shaped into a 1.8m tapering blade. Chemical analysis of SCP-XXX-A's exoskeleton is inconclusive. SCP-XXX-A has proven to be highly resistant to blunt force trauma, corrosive substances, and temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius.

According to statements made by SCP-XXX-A, it has spent the last 9██ years fighting an entity (henceforth SCP-XXX-B) that it claims has "terrorized the face of Europe." Foundation personnel did not initially believe these statements due to SCP-XXX-A's accounts of its own history frequently displaying contradictions (SCP-XXX-A is somehow incapable of realizing this, even when prompted) and because SCP-XXX-B is invisible to all subjects other than SCP-XXX-A. This underestimation of SCP-XXX-B's threat lead to the deaths of ██ personnel before SCP-XXX-B was contained (see Incident Log XXX-1). With the assistance of SCP-XXX-A, SCP-XXX-B was successfully contained with minimal casualties (see Incident Log XXX-2).

SCP-XXX-B is a roughly 20m tall, 125,000kg invisible and highly dangerous organism. SCP-XXX-B's blood is composed of chlorine trifluoride and it can fire streams of this blood up to 2██m.

SCP-XXX-A had been adamant about killing SCP-XXX-B, but as of ██/██/19██ seems content to remain within containment. It has since remained motionless and does not respond to any attempts at communication.