SCP-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Backup
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-XXX is to be stored within an isolation cell no smaller than 15m x 15m x 20m, with an exclusion zone of 10m around the center. Cell is to be constructed of Graded-Z shielding sheets to minimize the reach of residual radiation. In case of emergency, lead shielding is a viable alternative. Chamber is to be kept locked and sealed with no less than two (2) guards at all times. Entry is to be denied unless written level 4 authorisation is provided. Guards are to be rotated in six hour shifts, with both guards under-going a twenty minute psych evaluation at the conclusion of their shift. Any staff operating within 30 meters of the cell are to be evaluated weekly for signs of stress. Any personnel within this 30m area reporting head-aches and or voices are to be removed and placed in observation. At no time is entry inside the 10m exclusion zone permitted. Any operational personnel found entering this zone are to be terminated immediately.

Description: Item SCP-XXX appears to be a monolith, measuring 5m x 5m x 15m and constructed of re-inforced concrete. Its construction appears to resemble a small obelisk with a fattened base. It is covered in what appears to be Archaic Russian Characters; the meaning of which remain unknown. All attempts to decipher these characters remain futile. What is known is that these characters change in accordance to historical events. When SCP-XXX containment chamber is darkened, SCP-XXX is seen to be fluoroscent. SCP-XXX is known to be radioactive. It is this radioactivity that is believed to be the source of it's anomalous actions. Subjects exposed to this radiation fall victim to severe hallucinations, resulting in the death of the subject in most cases. It is still as of yet unknown whether SCP-XXX is sentient or simply a by-product of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Studies into SCP-XXX have revealed that subjects exposed to the affects of SCP-XXX believe the obelisk to be able to grant any wish they may have.

APPENDIX 1: Circumstances of Acquisition: SCP-XXX first came to the Foundation's attention due to reports of a mass cult operating in the confines of a radioactive zone around the ruined Nuclear Power Plant at ██████, Ukraine. Members of this cult were reported to have gone mad, worshipping an object they refered to as the 'master'. Several members Mobile Task Force Beta-7 were dispatched to investigate. Upon infiltration of the cult area, operatives report [DATA EXPUNGED]. None of the cultists were found alive. Agent ██████ discovered the artifact within the ruins of the NPP. His radio communications are recorded in appendix two. Shortly after his last communication, the other members of agent ██████'s team arrived on-site to find that the agent had removed his own eyes.

APPENDIX 2: Agent ██████'s radio draft:

<Begin Log, 07/14/19██>

Agent ██████: "Actual, be advised, I have eyes on item. Item matches description gained from investigation. Proceeding."

Beta-7 Actual: "Confirmed. We are moving to you."

Agent ██████: "Confirmed."

Recorded break of three (3) minutes

Agent ██████: "Did you say something, Actual?"

Beta-7 Actual: "Negative. ETA five minutes."

Agent ██████: "…Interesting. Understood, waiting."

Recorded break of two (2) minutes

Agent ██████: Whispered: "I would wish for the world to be peaceful, Actual.."

Beta-7 Actual: "What was that?"

Recorded screaming lasting exactly 5.4 seconds. Swearing recorded from team members, leading into a silence of 15 seconds.

Beta-7 Actual: "Agent, what is your status?"

Agent ██████: Whispered, breathy voice: "The world is at peace now.."

<End Log, 07/14/19██>

APPENDIX 3: Preliminary investigation: Preliminary investigations into the artifact returned no new data. The artifact appears to be generating various radioactive isotopes; most of which are to be expected. However, investigations into one such isotope have turned up blank, indicating the presence of a previously unknown structure.

APPENDIX 4: Case study, Class-D subject: Subject brought in on 02/14/1993. Subject was male, Caucasian, 6'1 in height. 103kg total weight. Subject had tribal tattoo on right arm. Birthmark on right knee. Golden crown on Upper right first, second and third molars. Chipped upper left central and lower right lateral. Fillings present in upper right lateral, lower left cuspid, first and second bicuspid. Psych evaluation found the subject to be mentally sound. Higher levels of stress were indicated, however researcher overseeing his evaluation associated this with subject's extended stay in high security isolation.

Subject was escorted to the housing chamber by Professor █. ████████ and two level 3 security agents. Upon arrival at the chamber, the two guards on duty accompanied all members inside.

Transcript of conversation, 02/15/1993.

Professor █. ████████ shall be referred to as Alias: "Doctor" for duration of transcript.

Doctor: D-XXXX-12. You will approach the monolith. You will tell us of anything that you hear. Stop when you are two meters from the object.

Subject: Frowns at the Doctor, opening his mouth to say something. Interrupted.

Doctor: Remember our agreement. The death sentence will be revoked at the conclusion of your co-operation with this Foundation.

Recorded twenty (20) seconds of silence, before the subject sighs and nods. He proceeds towards the monolith.

Subject: I hear a whispering voice in my ear. It's asking me closer, always closer. It sounds like Russian, but I can understand it clearly.

Doctor: Do you know Russian?

Subject: Do I look like I kn—Hold on. It's speaking again. It is asking me if I could have anything in the world, what would it be.

Doctor: Do not respond. Proceed to one meter. Is it speaking again?

Subject: Just more promises. More whispered words about a wish coming true..

Recorded silence of thirty-four (34) seconds. Doctor writes onto clipboard.

Doctor: You may now respond, D-XXXX-12.

Subject: I.. I wish to be free.

Recorded silence for one (1) minute. Suddenly, a burst of light eminates from SCP-XXX. Radiation detectors burst into life for barely a second before the room returns to silence. Class D subject appears to have disappeared.

Doctor: Hmm. Interesting..

Recorded silence of twenty-five (25) seconds. The monolith flashes again, depositing a deformed, mangled corpse in Subject's original position.

<End Log, 02/15/1993>

Autopsy of the corpse revealed same unique identifiers as Class-D subject chosen for experimentation. Investigation revealed symptoms of sudden, dramatic change in temperature and a very sudden loss of pressure contributed to Subject's death; as if subject had been exposed to a vacuum.