Shaggy Dog

Dec 22 14:32:09 <Ragazzo> Liang turns back to the direction he was facing before.
Dec 22 14:32:22 <Ragazzo> Covers his normal eye, and peers out at the forest.
Dec 22 14:32:30 <Ragazzo> Thne he cover shis cat's eye and does the same.
Dec 22 14:33:14 <E4D> "Stayin' warm?" Jason's bundled up, cammies over a flight suit, with balaclava and eyepro on beneath his combat helmet.
Dec 22 14:33:47 <Maddy> <Mhm.>
Dec 22 14:34:04 <Ragazzo> "Do you see anything there?" Liang points at an area slightly beyond the tree line.
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Dec 22 14:36:47 <E4D> Jaso's rifle is up in an instant. He peers through his thermal DNS, checking the woodline and dropping to a knee. "Distance and direction?"
Dec 22 14:37:55 * Ragazzo is now known as RagazzoGM
Dec 22 14:38:51 <RagazzoGM> "I…would say…fifty yards, directly ahead, a little to the left…"
Dec 22 14:38:55 <E4D> AP to declare a scene aspect: It's Fucking Cold.
Dec 22 14:39:19 <RagazzoGM> The thermal will pick up some mildly warm heat sources. Looks like people….
Dec 22 14:39:26 <E4D> 4df+6 Tagging IFC Perception: Jason keeps checking through the thermal.
Dec 22 14:39:27 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging IFC Perception: Jason keeps checking through the thermal.: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
Dec 22 14:39:32 <RagazzoGM> They're prone.
Dec 22 14:39:38 <RagazzoGM> But not moving.
Dec 22 14:39:41 <Maddy> Alice has her gun up too, looking around.
Dec 22 14:39:47 <RagazzoGM> At all.
Dec 22 14:40:15 <E4D> He keeps the rifle in his shoulder, and points in the direction he's looking. "Alice, over here."
Dec 22 14:40:30 <RagazzoGM> "…what do you see?"
Dec 22 14:40:43 <E4D> «Everyone, we got humans 50 yards into the woodline. Layin' prone. They ain't movin.»
Dec 22 14:40:51 <RagazzoGM> Liang backs up a bit, moving behind jason and alice.
Dec 22 14:41:09 <RagazzoGM> "People…you are sure?"
Dec 22 14:41:17 <E4D> Jason drops to his stomach in the snow and begins low-crawling up, keeping behind micro-terrain.
Dec 22 14:41:42 <Maddy> Alice follows suit.
Dec 22 14:42:01 <RagazzoGM> Liang stays back, waiting for them to do their thing.
Dec 22 14:42:27 <RagazzoGM> They proceed easily, and when they reach the point where they can spot the figures they'll find…
Dec 22 14:44:41 <RagazzoGM> …about a half dozen men, bundled up in civilian garb, and quite, quite dead. Underneath a crust of snow that obscures features, but their shapes are apparent.
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Dec 22 14:45:47 <Maddy> <Guh.>
Dec 22 14:46:14 <E4D> Jason pulls his gas mask from its carrier and removes the balaclava before pulling it on, the cool air stinging his skin. Shit, he totally shouldn't have shaved his head again the other day.
Dec 22 14:46:26 <RagazzoGM> You know they're dead because they have chunks missing from them. Looks like they were bitten
Dec 22 14:46:35 <E4D> <You want me to check 'em, or you, hun?>
Dec 22 14:47:26 <E4D> «Anyone, respond. Be advised, we got six bodies over here. Looks like somethin' was hungry. Took a bite out of 'em.»
Dec 22 14:47:33 <Maddy> <I'll get t-them.>
Dec 22 14:47:44 <E4D> <Covering.>
Dec 22 14:48:09 <Maddy> Alice shuffles over, checking out the bodies, seeing if she can't identify what might have eaten at them,
Dec 22 14:49:06 <RagazzoGM> Odd. Every body has a variety of different bite marks, there similarities to the bites of various wild animals, but always some slightly atypical indication.
Dec 22 14:49:07 <E4D> Jason does a quick 360, scanning around him, rifle shouldered, then circles wide around Alice, offset ninety degrees from the her.
Dec 22 14:49:19 <RagazzoGM> *there are
Dec 22 14:49:30 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 22 14:49:33 <RagazzoGM> Oh, and the bodies are entirely fileld iwth compact black ash.
Dec 22 14:49:47 <RagazzoGM> Densely packed.
Dec 22 14:50:06 <Maddy> <Oooook…th-they're like…packed with ash…>
Dec 22 14:50:34 * Bright_ (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.06F541AD-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.06F541AD-CRInys|77tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Dec 22 14:50:43 <E4D> <What?>
Dec 22 14:50:54 <Maddy> <Come see. It's w-weird.>
Dec 22 14:51:30 <E4D> He steps closer and looks over the obviously dead bodies again, checking the wounds, before taking a knee beside her, weapon pointed outboard.
Dec 22 14:51:42 <Maddy> <…wait.>
Dec 22 14:51:47 <Maddy> <Oh fuck.>
Dec 22 14:52:37 * Bright has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 22 14:52:43 <E4D> <?> *huh*?
Dec 22 14:52:46 <RagazzoGM> The forest is dead quiet. Nothing.
Dec 22 14:53:05 <RagazzoGM> Well, aside from forest sounds.
Dec 22 14:53:21 <RagazzoGM> <Is it…safe?»
Dec 22 14:53:25 <RagazzoGM> «
Dec 22 14:54:19 <Maddy> <023. B-bad fucking news if it's s-still around.>
Dec 22 14:55:16 <RagazzoGM> The ash in their bodies is still somewhat arm.
Dec 22 14:55:20 <E4D> «No. It's not safe. This is bad.»
Dec 22 14:55:20 <RagazzoGM> warm
Dec 22 14:55:30 <RagazzoGM> Hence the heat showing up on jason's thermal.
Dec 22 14:55:38 <E4D> 4df+4 Jason looks around for tracks in the snow.
Dec 22 14:55:39 <Glacon> E4D: Jason looks around for tracks in the snow.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Dec 22 14:56:08 <RagazzoGM> They're there, but old. Looks like they're at least twelve hours old.
Dec 22 14:56:23 <RagazzoGM> Oddly though, the tracks of these men seem to be gone entirely.
Dec 22 14:56:39 <RagazzoGM> They've been here for quite some time.
Dec 22 14:56:49 * Bright_ is now known as Bright
Dec 22 14:57:31 <RagazzoGM> Alice will note that none of the bites /quite/ match what you'd expect of a typical hound.
Dec 22 14:57:34 <E4D> <Fuck, Alice, this ain't right. We should have seen this last night. FGM-141 and M242D thermals'll punch out through brush about a knick. This thing was here last night.>
Dec 22 14:57:42 <E4D> *148
Dec 22 14:57:49 <E4D> *klick
Dec 22 14:58:23 <E4D> <This thing was *here*>
Dec 22 14:58:37 <Maddy> <This thing i-is nasty. Looking into its eyes'll kill you, it c-can burn t-through walls with ease, refective -surfaces near it c-cause /reallyreally/ bad shit.>
Dec 22 14:58:44 <RagazzoGM> The tracks are leading /away/
Dec 22 14:58:45 <E4D> <Fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.>
Dec 22 14:59:35 <RagazzoGM> It seems the schuck was in a real hurry, stopping at each body briefly before running off /quick/
Dec 22 15:00:15 <E4D> «Uh, hey, uh, guys? You see a shaggy-ass black dog, do NOT fucking look at it, and do *not* attempt to engage it without heavy weapons and backup, if you're hearin' this, roger up right damn now.»
Dec 22 15:00:27 <RagazzoGM> «I hear you.»
Dec 22 15:00:48 <Praetor> «Rog…er.»
Dec 22 15:01:06 <E4D> Compelling Things Were Right Once for a shift in Lance.
Dec 22 15:01:07 <RagazzoGM> «But…you two are only seeing humans out there?»
Dec 22 15:01:16 <RagazzoGM> Anything ni particular?
Dec 22 15:01:35 <RagazzoGM> Or randomly?
Dec 22 15:01:35 <Maddy> <T-though…if I r-remember, w-we never really tried killing the thing. M-maybe it's killable?>
Dec 22 15:01:43 <E4D> Random
Dec 22 15:01:56 <RagazzoGM> 1d6 bluh
Dec 22 15:01:56 <Glacon> RagazzoGM: bluh: 6 (1d6=6)
Dec 22 15:02:43 <RagazzoGM> Lance's eye sparks.
Dec 22 15:02:58 <RagazzoGM> A distinctly european, cultured accent floats over the radio.
Dec 22 15:03:05 <RagazzoGM> «What's al lthis then?»
Dec 22 15:03:20 <RagazzoGM> «The magistrate insisted I come up.»
Dec 22 15:03:42 <E4D> «Colmes?»
Dec 22 15:03:54 <RagazzoGM> «Yes. Apparently there are some bodies?»
Dec 22 15:04:19 <E4D> «Over here. You armed?»
Dec 22 15:04:30 <Praetor> «Is it…» She kisses Adhelami on the forehead and disengages, wets her lips, and makes sure Artemis is alright. «…is it the grim dog?»
Dec 22 15:04:45 <E4D> <Alice, go over and signal where we are. I'll be fine.>
Dec 22 15:05:12 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 22 15:05:21 <Maddy> Alice nods to Jason. «Yes, Tau.»
Dec 22 15:05:38 <Maddy> She heads over to collect the Detective
Dec 22 15:06:07 <RagazzoGM> «I am, but I'm hardly a fighter.»
Dec 22 15:06:25 <RagazzoGM> He's right over here, nods at alice, and stamps his feetm stil lblanketed.
Dec 22 15:06:30 <Praetor> [Oh, fuck…Artemis. There is an issue.]
Dec 22 15:06:33 <RagazzoGM> "Please lead the way dear lady…"
Dec 22 15:06:41 <Maddy> She does so, woosh!
Dec 22 15:06:54 <RagazzoGM> He follows!
Dec 22 15:07:27 <Laito> Artemis blinks awake from his nap. "Hm? Oh.. oui." He sits up and gets out of his tent, pistol in hand.
Dec 22 15:07:29 <RagazzoGM> On arriving at the scene, he peers around for several long moments. Then longer. And longer. Stooping to examine bodies, and tracks, and so on and so forth.
Dec 22 15:07:29 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Dec 22 15:07:44 <RagazzoGM> He straightens up.
Dec 22 15:08:11 <Maddy> <…wait.>
Dec 22 15:08:13 <Laito> He follows the detective.
Dec 22 15:08:22 <Maddy> <How a-are there bitemarks?>
Dec 22 15:08:28 <Praetor> Tau exhales drowsily and takes her Eagle with her out of the tent.
Dec 22 15:08:52 <Maddy> <W-we pulled it's fucking teeth out…oh god, this is not good.>
Dec 22 15:10:01 <Praetor> She parks herself in front in the tent in her folding chair, blinking at the brightness. «I will watch the camp…apologies, I do not think I am fully operational yet.»
Dec 22 15:10:41 <Maddy> «That's cool, Tau. N-not much to be done over here o-other than freak the fuck o-out anyway.>
Dec 22 15:10:52 <E4D> «Artemis? Where ya at? I need a shooter over here.»
Dec 22 15:10:54 <Lilah> Adhelami snoozes instead after some grumbling and loss of heat.
Dec 22 15:11:09 <E4D> «I'm in the treeline, just past Alice. She stepped out to mark our location.»
Dec 22 15:11:18 <Laito> Artemis trots over that way shortly. "I am here… Are zhere tracks?"
Dec 22 15:11:25 <RagazzoGM> "Hrrm…the…ah…hound is not here anymore. I believe it went on it's way quite hastily, after arriving, and doing whatever it did to these bodies…" He's talking as much to himself as everyone. "And…unless I am delusional, there is -something- else dead right there." He points. "Jason, can you kick the area to the left of that small shrub."
Dec 22 15:11:49 <E4D> Jason points at a set of tracks obviously left by an animal moving in a hurry away from the gnawed-on bodies. <Take your pick.>
Dec 22 15:12:27 <Laito> Artemis will SURVIVAL, if that matter, what with all these meer PERCEPTION people about.
Dec 22 15:12:34 <E4D> <Uh, sure.> Jason prods the spot with his rifle's muzzle, then hauls back and kicks.
Dec 22 15:12:35 <RagazzoGM> IT MAY
Dec 22 15:12:52 <RagazzoGM> There is something fleshy there, but and it's quite large.
Dec 22 15:12:58 <RagazzoGM> Weird malformed body.
Dec 22 15:13:04 <Laito> 4df+3 Artemis pokes about, instincts buzzing
Dec 22 15:13:05 <Glacon> Laito: Artemis pokes about, instincts buzzing: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
Dec 22 15:13:05 <RagazzoGM> But you can't see it.
Dec 22 15:13:21 <Laito> Actually, free reroll due to WILDERNESS SURVIVAL
Dec 22 15:13:27 <RagazzoGM> Works for me
Dec 22 15:13:32 <Laito> 4df+3 Is this result better?
Dec 22 15:13:32 <Glacon> Laito: Is this result better?: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Dec 22 15:13:36 <Laito> Proceed.
Dec 22 15:13:39 <Laito> With 3.
Dec 22 15:14:19 <RagazzoGM> Art will note that there appears to have been some sort of scuffle between a large wolf-dog, and a…bear…no…crocodile…bear-crocodile-bird?
Dec 22 15:14:19 <Maddy> <W-what are we kicking?>
Dec 22 15:15:06 <Laito> "Ah… zis is…" He stoop,s obviously baffled by what he sees.
Dec 22 15:15:13 <RagazzoGM> "I…see…something. It's a very…odd creature."
Dec 22 15:15:17 <Praetor> She reaches up and forcefully opens the mecheye with her fingers, forcing it to be active and pay attention for her. Afterwards, she focuses on the clicking noise in the back of her head to calm down.
Dec 22 15:15:40 <RagazzoGM> "Partly avian, partly amphibious reptile, and part bear…"
Dec 22 15:15:55 <Praetor> spending an ap to create temp scene aspect Mechanical Zen for Tau.
Dec 22 15:16:01 <RagazzoGM> Ok.
Dec 22 15:16:04 <Maddy> <What.>
Dec 22 15:16:09 <Dexanote> Myrtle jolts awake, and panics for several seconds before realizing she's tangled up in blankets. She fights her way out, pops her earplugs off and pulls on a touque and coat.
Dec 22 15:16:15 <Maddy> Alice goes to look closely at whatever Jason kicked.>
Dec 22 15:16:19 <Maddy> ->
Dec 22 15:16:45 <RagazzoGM> You can't see it, you can see where the snow and stuff it's lying on is disturbed.
Dec 22 15:17:39 <RagazzoGM> "It's apparently real…that is not as relieving at all."
Dec 22 15:17:46 <RagazzoGM> "You can touch it, yes?"
Dec 22 15:17:49 <Maddy> <Invisible…Anyone got ink or p-paint?>
Dec 22 15:18:49 <Dexanote> Myr climbs out of her tent and stretches, cracking her shoulder. She looks around.
Dec 22 15:19:06 <Maddy> Alice carefully feels the creature in the mean time, trying to decern features.
Dec 22 15:19:18 <RagazzoGM> She will see everyone some fifty or so yards away from camp, a bit past the treeline.
Dec 22 15:19:26 <RagazzoGM> Maybe,
Dec 22 15:19:28 <Praetor> «I have some…» Tau reaches into the chair's side pocket and comes up with two modest tins of black paint. "Myrtle, can you take these to Alice? They are…" point.
Dec 22 15:20:12 <E4D> <Duh.> Jason leans over and begins tossing handfuls of snow at where Alice is looking at.
Dec 22 15:20:23 <Dexanote> "… Alright." She takes the paint and nips off.
Dec 22 15:20:59 <Dexanote> She arrives with the Dodridges, a tin hanging from each hand. "What's going on?"
Dec 22 15:21:00 <Maddy> <…>
Dec 22 15:21:05 <RagazzoGM> The features gradually become obvious to alice, and the gorup as snow is piled on.
Dec 22 15:21:17 <Maddy> <Ggguuuuuh.>
Dec 22 15:21:42 <RagazzoGM> 8 feet tall , black and gray wings, an enourmous maw, bear claws, barrel chested body, and a crocodile tail.
Dec 22 15:22:24 <RagazzoGM> And dead.
Dec 22 15:22:29 <Maddy> <870. I think. I'm n-not a scizo, so I can;t be sure.>
Dec 22 15:22:34 <RagazzoGM> It's throat has been clawed open visciously.
Dec 22 15:22:52 <RagazzoGM> By a dog.
Dec 22 15:22:55 <Lilah> adhelami sits up from her slightly less warm cocoon. Tau makes a good heater. She Brushes her fingers through her hair before tying it up.
Dec 22 15:22:56 <RagazzoGM> wolf. Thing.
Dec 22 15:23:14 <Dexanote> "What is an 870?" She mutters, handing over the paint.
Dec 22 15:23:26 <RagazzoGM> "I can see it…"
Dec 22 15:23:35 <RagazzoGM> Colmes muses on this, staring.
Dec 22 15:23:47 <E4D> Jason gives the woods around them another look around, then turns to Alice. <870?>
Dec 22 15:23:50 <RagazzoGM> "The magistrate thought he was hallucinating."
Dec 22 15:24:39 <Dexanote> "I have no idea of any of the numbers you people used except…" She pauses. "… I think it was 217, something the Church uses."
Dec 22 15:24:52 <Lilah> Adhelami pokes her head out, and sees Tau, "Ah, Vhen, what is happening?"
Dec 22 15:25:31 <Maddy> <870, predatory c-creatures that only schizophrenics c-can percive.>
Dec 22 15:25:35 <Laito> Artemis looks briefly at Myrtle before looking back at the detective. He scans their surroundings, on the lookout.
Dec 22 15:25:41 <E4D> <What the *fuck*?>
Dec 22 15:26:15 <Dexanote> Groan. "Of course. That's not wierd at all."
Dec 22 15:26:20 <Maddy> <Feels like…yeah.> Alice touches its teeth. <This is w-what bit t-those guys.>
Dec 22 15:26:26 <Praetor> "There are some dangerous animals about. I am keeping watch while the others are tracking it."
Dec 22 15:26:33 <E4D> «All right, back to the camp. Inside the wire. Everybody. Alice, I'm gonna get my suit, and we can drag this damn thing back and inspect it there.»
Dec 22 15:26:50 <Maddy> <Then I'm guessing the Shuck killed him.>
Dec 22 15:26:54 <Maddy> <Right, hun.>
Dec 22 15:26:59 <RagazzoGM> Alice wil lfeel hints of ash in the beast's mouth.
Dec 22 15:27:03 <Lilah> "Eh?? Is someone hurt??"
Dec 22 15:27:37 <E4D> Jason stands and dusts the snow from his gear and starts back toward his tent, unpacking Oxide as soon as he arrives.
Dec 22 15:27:51 <RagazzoGM> Anyone lookiung at hte bodies, perception.
Dec 22 15:27:55 <RagazzoGM> The human bodies.
Dec 22 15:28:10 <Dexanote> Not sure where everything is. So i'll Percep anyway.
Dec 22 15:28:13 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Dec 22 15:28:13 <Glacon> Dexanote: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, -)
Dec 22 15:28:24 <Praetor> "Not anyone we know, but the Directors found some men that had been killed by a grim dog." She exhales, trying to get the fucking booze out of her system as the mecheye keeps watch for her.
Dec 22 15:28:31 <Maddy> <Oh, got ash. N-not packed though…so the shuck killed them, then 870 gnawed in them, then Shucky killed this dude.>
Dec 22 15:28:57 <Dexanote> "The black schuck?!"
Dec 22 15:29:15 <Maddy> <Heard of it, I assume? Yeah. He was here.>
Dec 22 15:29:16 <E4D> He lays a may outside and starts stripping down, pulling the suit on quickly and throwing his camouflage and gear on afterward. As an afterthought, he unloads his heavy set from his pack and picks up the assault weapon before heading back to the group,
Dec 22 15:29:16 <Laito> Artemis is looking far out all around them.
Dec 22 15:29:17 <E4D> *mat
Dec 22 15:29:55 <Maddy> <Though I almost feel better about finding this thing too. M-means the Shuck might still be t-toothless.>
Dec 22 15:30:06 <Lilah> Adhelami looks just as grim as she dons her thick long coat and fur boots and sits beside the woman's folding chair. She pats her arm.
Dec 22 15:30:58 <Maddy> <Either way, the shuck couldnt fully burn 870, m-maybe it can't see it either…I don't know, shit is fucked.>
Dec 22 15:31:08 <Dexanote> She looks at the ground. "What is with you people and deathbringers?"
Dec 22 15:31:37 <Maddy> <Wait, a-are you thinking of like, Harry Potter, black shuck?>
Dec 22 15:32:32 <E4D> Jason leans over and feels around for a leg.
Dec 22 15:32:47 <RagazzoGM> There's a leg like a bear's, two of them even.
Dec 22 15:33:01 <RagazzoGM> They're an odd and unsettling mix of fur and scales.
Dec 22 15:33:03 <Dexanote> "You see it and it kills you? Lives at crossroads?"
Dec 22 15:33:10 <Dexanote> "Not sure what it's doing outside of Britain."
Dec 22 15:33:19 <Praetor> "Ah." She returns the pat. "Good evening, for what it is worth, Vhen."
Dec 22 15:33:38 <Maddy> <Well you have to look in its eyes, and then a y-year later, you or a family member dies. W-we had it in containment.>
Dec 22 15:33:59 <Lilah> "I slept all day. I am so lazy." She chuckles a bit.
Dec 22 15:34:17 <Maddy> <Pulled out its eyes and t-teeth.>
Dec 22 15:34:36 <Dexanote> "… Of course. Of course."
Dec 22 15:35:05 <Dexanote> she rrubs her eyes. "I'm sorry, just a hell of a thing to wake up to."
Dec 22 15:35:13 <Maddy> <Stupid idea, since we were containing it j-just fine before that, and t-taking its eyes got like…a few hundred people killed.>
Dec 22 15:35:13 <RagazzoGM> If jason wants to lug the bear, I'm asking an athletics roll.
Dec 22 15:35:17 <RagazzoGM> It's large.
Dec 22 15:35:26 <E4D> <Alice, grab the other one?>
Dec 22 15:35:46 <Maddy> <Can do.> Alice feels arouns grabbing hold.
Dec 22 15:35:57 <RagazzoGM> Ath from you both then.
Dec 22 15:36:08 <RagazzoGM> DC 4
Dec 22 15:36:44 <E4D> 4df+6 Jason taps his thumb to his ring finger, powering the suit's motive systems up, and gives a solid *YANK*, testing the weight.
Dec 22 15:36:45 <Glacon> E4D: Jason taps his thumb to his ring finger, powering the suit's motive systems up, and gives a solid *YANK*, testing the weight.: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
Dec 22 15:37:01 <Maddy> 4df+6 Alice stiffens her suit joints and pulls.
Dec 22 15:37:01 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice stiffens her suit joints and pulls.: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
Dec 22 15:37:14 <Praetor> "I only woke up a few moments before you. We are sisters in laziness, it seems."
Dec 22 15:37:17 <RagazzoGM> Jason hauls easily, dragging his side forward, it's heavy as hell, but suit is credit to team
Dec 22 15:37:26 <RagazzoGM> As does alice, albeit with more difficulty.
Dec 22 15:37:51 <E4D> Gravelly voice. <If you can lift an autocannon, you can lift a bear.>
Dec 22 15:38:14 <Maddy> Alice chuckles.
Dec 22 15:38:17 <Lilah> "That is ok. Artemis rewards me with cookies even if I take a nap. It is a situation made of ahhhh…. winning. " Nod.
Dec 22 15:38:47 <RagazzoGM> Colmes follows the pair, and is writing in a journal quickly.
Dec 22 15:39:13 <RagazzoGM> "You say this is a creature from your foundation? As is the black schuck?"
Dec 22 15:39:33 <Maddy> <Yeeeep.>
Dec 22 15:40:29 <E4D> <And they were too stupid to fuckin' kill it.>
Dec 22 15:40:38 <Dexanote> Myr follows, trying to keep her eyes down. "How do you kill something like that?"
Dec 22 15:40:55 <E4D> Jason nods back at the invisible thing they're dragging along. <These damn things, though, they're supposed to be all over the place.>
Dec 22 15:41:03 <E4D> <Most people can't see 'em.>
Dec 22 15:41:18 <E4D> <Gotta be a little bit crazy in the head.>
Dec 22 15:41:22 <RagazzoGM> "I suppose it makes sense. You said schizophrenics can?"
Dec 22 15:41:30 <Maddy> <Yeah.>
Dec 22 15:41:31 <RagazzoGM> At alice.
Dec 22 15:41:36 <RagazzoGM> "Hmm."
Dec 22 15:41:40 <Maddy> <I g-guess you classify, t-temporaly.>
Dec 22 15:41:58 <RagazzoGM> "Indeed."
Dec 22 15:42:05 <Praetor> Pfft. Tau hoarsely laughs. "You are a delight, Vhen."
Dec 22 15:42:31 <RagazzoGM> "I have pieced together a timeline of what I think is likely happened…."
Dec 22 15:42:37 <Maddy> <As f-for the Shuck? I d-don't remeber us e-ever actually trying to kill it. C-could be easy a-as a well placed gunshot.>
Dec 22 15:42:49 <Maddy> <Oh, a-awesome. D-do share.>
Dec 22 15:42:57 <E4D> <Explains why we didn't see the damn thing on thermals. Can you take a look at it, hun? Maybe estimate a time of death? Ah, shit, it's fucked burned and tore to shit. Never mind.>
Dec 22 15:44:38 <Maddy> <I'd d-do a necropsy, b-but what w-with it being invisible…>
Dec 22 15:44:54 <RagazzoGM> "The men out there killed by this monster, likely days before we arrived, for whatever reason it stayed put. Then last night, the black schuck arrives, and engages this creature. It prevailed, apparently, and then performed whatever turned those men to ash, and left."
Dec 22 15:45:13 <RagazzoGM> "I am sure the doctor could do so, with your guidance…"
Dec 22 15:45:23 <RagazzoGM> "Since he can see it…"
Dec 22 15:45:29 <Maddy> <You know…that makes sense…Shuck takes a year to kill you.>
Dec 22 15:45:39 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks, not knowing what was funyny. probably cookies. She smiles brightly.
Dec 22 15:45:59 <Maddy> <T-that would be good, Colmes. Thank you.>
Dec 22 15:46:47 <Lilah> "I like you too, Vhen! You make a good sleeping friend. yYou are quite warm."
Dec 22 15:47:02 <RagazzoGM> "Mmnm. I only wonder about the why…why were those men /here/, why did the creature linger, why did the hound appear…"
Dec 22 15:47:47 <RagazzoGM> Alice and jason can have dragged the 870 to wherever they want it…
Dec 22 15:48:44 <Maddy> <M-maybe we ought to check the human b-bodies for ident, hun?>
Dec 22 15:49:39 <RagazzoGM> "I'll go and try and drag the doctor up, if I'm no longer needed…?"
Dec 22 15:49:42 <E4D> Jason drops the thing in the middle of the camp, then begins tossing snow all over it, trying to find the head.
Dec 22 15:49:50 <RagazzoGM> There's the head!
Dec 22 15:50:15 <RagazzoGM> Bear with crocodile eyes, and a toothed beak.
Dec 22 15:50:23 <E4D> Any snow melting from contact with liquid, or obvious holes?
Dec 22 15:50:24 <Praetor> "You as well. That was…some of the most sleep I've had in a long while."
Dec 22 15:50:54 <RagazzoGM> Mouth, eyes, and of course the giant gash along itt's throat.
Dec 22 15:51:06 <Maddy> <G-good idea, Colmes…Jason?>
Dec 22 15:51:29 <RagazzoGM> Wounds are cauterized shut.
Dec 22 15:51:35 <E4D> Jason walks over to the LAV and pulls a tarp from a storage bin and drapes it over the creature's head. <Everyone, back up.>
Dec 22 15:51:39 <RagazzoGM> But that'll become obvious later.
Dec 22 15:52:03 <Maddy> <Jason! Hey, I asked a question.>
Dec 22 15:52:20 <E4D> <That's a good idea, hun, sorry.>
Dec 22 15:52:39 <Maddy> She nods, helping with the tarp.
Dec 22 15:53:01 * Nioki (~ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.F4FEFC7C-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.F4FEFC7C-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 22 15:53:01 <RagazzoGM> Colmes lopes off to find quiet place.