Shaggy Dog: Redux

Dec 23 00:31:40 <Ragazzo> There's a howl from the woods. It splits the air like a jagged knife, an edge to the sound that is sharp against the ear like sudden frostbite, and fills those who hear it with bottomless dread…anyone listening, perception.
Dec 23 00:31:58 <E4D> 4df+4 ?
Dec 23 00:31:58 <Glacon> E4D: ?: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Dec 23 00:32:00 <Praetor> 4df+3 Le Fu
Dec 23 00:32:00 <Glacon> Praetor: Le Fu: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
Dec 23 00:32:12 <Nioki> 4df+5 Woop.
Dec 23 00:32:13 <Glacon> Nioki: Woop.: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
Dec 23 00:32:14 <Dr_Kens> 4df+4 Fuckthisshit
Dec 23 00:32:14 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: Fuckthisshit: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Dec 23 00:32:24 <Adhelami> "I wanted to ask-" Gasp
Dec 23 00:32:24 <Adhelami> 4df-1 D:
Dec 23 00:32:24 <Glacon> Adhelami: D:: 1 (4df-1=0, +, +, 0)
Dec 23 00:32:40 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Dec 23 00:32:41 <Glacon> Dexanote: 4 (4df+2=+, -, +, +)
Dec 23 00:32:42 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 survival
Dec 23 00:32:42 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: survival: 0 (4df+2=-, -, 0, 0)
Dec 23 00:32:44 <Maddy> 4df+4
Dec 23 00:32:45 <Glacon> Maddy: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Dec 23 00:32:48 <Dexanote> really, Glacon
Dec 23 00:32:53 <PaulS_laptop> John is still too out of it
Dec 23 00:33:12 <Dawny> Jillian's focused on John.
Dec 23 00:33:13 <Artemis> 4df+3 Artemis
Dec 23 00:33:13 <Glacon> Artemis: Artemis: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
Dec 23 00:33:39 <Ragazzo> 4df+8 Ears maneuver to hearing.
Dec 23 00:33:40 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Ears maneuver to hearing.: 10 (4df+8=+, +, -, +)
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Dec 23 00:35:57 <Dexanote> She pokes her head out of the tent. "Did anybody hear that?"
Dec 23 00:36:06 <Artemis> Artemis stands up. "Zhere is more zhan one…." He repeats this through the radio.
Dec 23 00:36:32 <Maddy> «…» Alice NOPES!
Dec 23 00:36:33 <Dexanote> "Thought I was imagining it."
Dec 23 00:36:39 <Praetor> Tau sighs. Oh. "Lovely."
Dec 23 00:36:40 <E4D> «What was that
Dec 23 00:36:56 <Dr_Kens> Kens puts down his journal and rests his head in his hands. "Fuck."
Dec 23 00:37:19 <Nioki> Alanoch is already using his power to look around the camp. Any visual perception checks?
Dec 23 00:38:10 <Artemis> Artemis trots toward the wood line, surveying the hills.
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Dec 23 00:38:20 <Ragazzo> If you want.
Dec 23 00:38:46 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 23 00:38:49 <Ragazzo> I'll compel whatever perc. related aspects alanoch has +2.
Dec 23 00:38:54 <Ragazzo> has for
Dec 23 00:39:08 <Adhelami> "Ah… Oh no." Adhelami frowns to Tau.
Dec 23 00:39:08 <E4D> Jason emerges from his tent. <Well, what the fuck was that?>
Dec 23 00:39:10 <Nioki> 4df+5 Luxomancy->Perception for watching all sides.
Dec 23 00:39:11 <Glacon> Nioki: Luxomancy->Perception for watching all sides.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
Dec 23 00:39:15 <Nioki> …
Dec 23 00:39:21 <Ragazzo> Compell to re-roll
Dec 23 00:39:26 <Artemis> 4df+3 Artemis' search
Dec 23 00:39:26 <Glacon> Artemis: Artemis' search: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Dec 23 00:39:29 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: NIGHT)
Dec 23 00:39:39 <PaulS_laptop> «the fuck?»
Dec 23 00:39:54 <E4D> Jason heads to the LAV.
Dec 23 00:40:08 <Dawny> "John, be quiet" Jillian tries to get the radio from him. «What's wrong?»
Dec 23 00:40:10 <Nioki> 4df+5 Free reroll, free AP? Sure.
Dec 23 00:40:10 <Glacon> Nioki: Free reroll, free AP? Sure.: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
Dec 23 00:40:22 <PaulS_laptop> John is in the LAV still. He nods at Jason
Dec 23 00:40:50 <Nioki> 4df+7 Perception. Alanoch watches all sides of the camp through a projection that should prevent shuck-death.
Dec 23 00:40:51 <Glacon> Nioki: Perception. Alanoch watches all sides of the camp through a projection that should prevent shuck-death.: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Dec 23 00:40:54 <Dr_Kens> Kens is in the LAV, looking at Jason. His little medical journal is on his lap.
Dec 23 00:40:55 <Nioki> :|
Dec 23 00:41:02 <Nioki> Taggin visual for a reroll.
Dec 23 00:41:06 <Ragazzo> Go ahead
Dec 23 00:41:15 <Nioki> 4df+7 There goes the free AP.
Dec 23 00:41:15 <Glacon> Nioki: There goes the free AP.: 7 (4df+7=+, -, +, -)
Dec 23 00:41:24 <Ragazzo> -good enough-
Dec 23 00:41:31 <Praetor> Tau takes the Desert Eagle from her cot and goes outside.
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Dec 23 00:42:04 <E4D> «Ok. What the fuck was that? Artemis? Report.»
Dec 23 00:42:09 <PaulS_laptop> «Tau, flamethrower…please»
Dec 23 00:42:32 <Artemis> «Zhe howling. Zhere is more zhan one source.»
Dec 23 00:42:37 <Adhelami> Adhelami stands and follows Tau… «Vhen, please stay safe, you should not be getting up.»
Dec 23 00:43:05 <Maddy> «John s-stay where you;re at. N-no ue to us dead.>
Dec 23 00:43:09 <Dawny> "John Earl. You are not leaving this bed."
Dec 23 00:43:31 <PaulS_laptop> «If someone brings me my flamethrower, I won't have to get up to get it»
Dec 23 00:43:37 <Praetor> «Even if you didn't have one foot in hell, John, it is disassembled.»
Dec 23 00:44:01 <PaulS_laptop> «God dammit.»
Dec 23 00:44:24 <PaulS_laptop> "Jill, grab the SMAW for me.»
Dec 23 00:44:48 <Ragazzo> Alanoch wil lbe able to spot…one…two…three shucks, in a triangle formation, each at poitns at the very borders of his luxovision. They're circling the camp, and staying at that distance.
Dec 23 00:44:51 <Dr_Kens> "John. Stay there with Jill. Everyone else's got you covered."
Dec 23 00:45:10 <Nioki> «Three black dogs. Return to camp /now./ »
Dec 23 00:45:19 <PaulS_laptop> "Then get me a goddamn SMAW"
Dec 23 00:45:24 <Ragazzo> They're well beyond conventional eyesight.
Dec 23 00:45:30 <PaulS_laptop> John slowly, *painfully* sits himself up
Dec 23 00:45:31 <Dr_Kens> "Fuck, fine. Where is it?"
Dec 23 00:45:37 <Ragazzo> Like, at least a mile out.
Dec 23 00:45:44 <Dawny> "John, I'm right next to you…I'll keep you safe, I promise. Kens, no."
Dec 23 00:46:00 <Dr_Kens> "It'll be fast. You two stay here."
Dec 23 00:46:01 <Nioki> «They are around a mile distant, surrounding us.»
Dec 23 00:46:04 <PaulS_laptop> John directs Kens to it, because his player doesn't remember where it got put
Dec 23 00:46:10 <Artemis> Artemis walks back over to the clicker tent, heaving a sigh.
Dec 23 00:46:14 <Maddy> «T-three?» Alice is worry! she started to gear up.
Dec 23 00:46:24 <Ragazzo> And making no attempt to get closer. Seemingly patrolling.
Dec 23 00:46:25 <Dawny> "Do not bring that gun to him."
Dec 23 00:46:39 <Adhelami> "Sehlvi..?" Adhelami frowns.
Dec 23 00:46:50 <Praetor> "This is horse shit of the highest caliber." She rubs her forehead with her free hand.
Dec 23 00:46:51 <Dr_Kens> "John can still provide cover from inside here. As long as we all wear ear plugs."
Dec 23 00:47:03 <Nioki> «They are not approaching. I suspect these are guard dogs.»
Dec 23 00:47:14 <PaulS_laptop> John makes an attempt to stand. It's slow, clumsy and pained, and he's favoring one leg pretty badly "Then I'll get it"
Dec 23 00:47:18 <Dr_Kens> Kens listens to directions good and gets it, bringing it back.
Dec 23 00:47:20 <Maddy> Alice jogs over the the LAV. «What are the guarding? We haven't moved.»
Dec 23 00:47:26 <Dawny> "I can provide cover god damn it. I'm not fucking useless."
Dec 23 00:47:44 <Dr_Kens> "Too late." He ran out and got the gun, giving it to Jill.
Dec 23 00:47:46 <PaulS_laptop> "An' no, Kens, you can't use it inside a vehicle, unless you want to fry all of us."
Dec 23 00:48:25 <Dr_Kens> "Well excuse me, princess. Ask Jill for it now."
Dec 23 00:48:38 <PaulS_laptop> "Jill."
Dec 23 00:48:44 <Dawny> "John, lay back down. I can take care of this…trust me for once."
Dec 23 00:48:48 <Artemis> "It will be okay, Sehlvi." Smile.
Dec 23 00:49:03 <Nioki> «They are maintaining a triangular formation around us. The most logical assumption, given our earlier encounter, is that they are guarding us.»
Dec 23 00:49:16 <Adhelami> Adhelami nods to him with a little frown.
Dec 23 00:49:18 <Dr_Kens> «Guarding-»
Dec 23 00:49:24 <Dr_Kens> Kens is going /what/.
Dec 23 00:50:04 <PaulS_laptop> "I ain't letting something else fuck with us. The fucking unseelie bastards want to see a herald of death, here I fuckin' am."
Dec 23 00:50:39 <Artemis> Artemis sits. "If zhe dog-bear-sing wanted to hurt us, it would have done so earlier," he rationalizes to Adhelami.
Dec 23 00:50:40 <Maddy> «…you know, e-even if the Duhallan a-are trying to make nice by d-doing this, I n-note or something would be nice. C-cause this is just freaky.»
Dec 23 00:50:57 <E4D> Jason climbs up into the gun. <Get on top, hun.>
Dec 23 00:50:58 <Dawny> "John! Lay! Back! Down! You're not getting this god damn gun, you can go fuck yourself."
Dec 23 00:51:36 <PaulS_laptop> John checks over his 40mm rounds. One left, plus the one in the chamber. And a demolition charge.
Dec 23 00:52:12 <Nioki> «Can we return to the ship?»
Dec 23 00:52:17 <Adhelami> Adhelami nods to Artemis, and then turns to look at the commotion— she blinks. She then sits by the bald clicker and shifts, "I trust you, then."
Dec 23 00:52:24 <Dawny> "John, in bed, please." Jillian grits her teeth and almost growls.
Dec 23 00:52:37 <Maddy> <Right.> She climbs up.
Dec 23 00:52:37 <PaulS_laptop> "Sorry jill, not happening."
Dec 23 00:53:13 <Praetor> "Bah. I am going back to work. Come inside and stay warm if you wish."
Dec 23 00:54:13 <Artemis> Artemis gestures at the tent, smiling at Adhelami.
Dec 23 00:54:14 <Dawny> "Why can't you ever do…you know what, never mind. Kill yourself, see if I give a fuck anymore."
Dec 23 00:54:41 <Nioki> «There is far too much risk in engaging them when we have a chance to simply leave.»
Dec 23 00:54:42 <Adhelami> Adhelami shifts, glancing once more to the commotion. She then leans over to whisper to Artemis…
Dec 23 00:55:11 <PaulS_laptop> "What else am I good for, Jill?"
Dec 23 00:55:29 <E4D> «We can't push out at night. We got .mil runnin' patrols.»
Dec 23 00:55:51 <Dr_Kens> "Being there for her, John. Just sit this one out. Please"
Dec 23 00:55:54 <Maddy> «I think w-we should just stay put. If t-they are truely g-guarding us…s'not s-so bad.» Alice doesn't sound like she buys it though.
Dec 23 00:56:23 <PaulS_laptop> «Might have a better chance with the patrols.»
Dec 23 00:56:24 <Artemis> Artemis smiles warmly and nods at Adhelami. "I cannot agree more."
Dec 23 00:56:44 <Dawny> "Fine. You're just a body. Nothing else." Jillian takes a step out of Eve and leans against the side. "Go ahead, do whatever you want."
Dec 23 00:56:51 <Adhelami> Adhelami smiles to him, patting him on the cheek, and then she goes into the clicker tent.
Dec 23 00:57:00 <Praetor> Tau crawls back into the tent, because fuckit.
Dec 23 00:57:05 <Nioki> «That was the logical conclusion. In spite of that, I do not find myself believing it. I doubt you do, either.»
Dec 23 00:57:07 <E4D> <God, do somethin', just shut the fuck up for Christ's sake.>
Dec 23 00:57:21 <Ragazzo> The howling has stopped.
Dec 23 00:57:24 <E4D> Jason closes the hatch behind Jill.
Dec 23 00:58:02 <Maddy> «Not c-completely, no. B-but I don't think we should t-try to fight several of these things, a-and I don't think we should try to haul o-of anf leave just yet.»
Dec 23 00:58:07 <PaulS_laptop> John is still in there, feeling quite underarmed
Dec 23 00:58:59 <Adhelami> Adhelami wonders if she should move her things into this tent. Hm. She smiles to Tau.
Dec 23 01:00:07 <Ragazzo> The hounds cease movement, and suddenly alanoch can no longer see them. It is exactly 1:00 PM as of this moment.
Dec 23 01:00:17 <Maddy> AM
Dec 23 01:00:22 <Ragazzo> Yes, that
Dec 23 01:00:25 <Ragazzo> Derp
Dec 23 01:00:47 <Praetor> She moves the flamethrower tanks to one side, and begins fiddling with the distribution part of the weapon, looking up occasionally, drawn into her work. "Hm?" She doesn't know the reason of the smile, but she can't help but smile back.
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Dec 23 01:02:28 <Nioki> «I will have to keep watch tonight, then. I can observe them all indirectly, without the risk of eye contact.»
Dec 23 01:02:39 <Maddy> «W-want some coffee?»
Dec 23 01:02:42 <Dawny> Jillian sits on the ground, head in her hands.
Dec 23 01:03:27 <E4D> Jason leans over the side. <You want to get a gun in your hands, or get into a fightin' hole, or somethin'?>
Dec 23 01:03:28 <Nioki> «They have vanished.»
Dec 23 01:03:38 <E4D> «Copy.»
Dec 23 01:03:48 <Maddy> «Hmm.»
Dec 23 01:04:05 <Dr_Kens> «Devil dogs…»
Dec 23 01:04:17 <E4D> «Ooh-rah.»
Dec 23 01:04:40 <Dr_Kens> «Real devil dogs, not mar- nevermind.»
Dec 23 01:04:47 <Nioki> «While I recognize the difficulty in moving out now, we should consider the possibility of invisible, supernatural omens of death that are also carnivorous predators.»
Dec 23 01:04:57 <Adhelami> "I am sorry, I don't mean to distract you. You look like me when I am sewing or weaving." She chuckles lowly.
Dec 23 01:05:12 <Dawny> "Not right now Jason. Just, leave me be for once, and don't kick me while I'm down."
Dec 23 01:06:14 <E4D> <Uh, we don't exactly have the luxury of bein' emo. This ain't a cushy-ass deployment to Japan or some shit. We're in occupied China with a bunch of things that'll kill us.>
Dec 23 01:07:21 <Maddy> <Demonic death omen dogs suplant your moping. S-seriously.>
Dec 23 01:07:37 <Dawny> "They're fucking gone. Other people are in their tents. Go fuck with them for ten minutes…or am I just your special case?"
Dec 23 01:08:10 <Praetor> "No, it is fine…it is just fixing things has always fascinated my heart. It feels…righteous, to repair." She tilts her head and looks down at the assembly, still slightly smiling. "Perhaps an odd sentiment." She runs a hand over the metal, and it smooths the weapon, returning it to new.
Dec 23 01:08:12 <E4D> Jason leans back over the side of the turret.
Dec 23 01:08:38 <E4D> The cradle rotates, turning Alice away as he pans the guncam.
Dec 23 01:08:40 <Maddy> <Uh, you know, other people arent t-trained with fire arms, or leaning on the heavily armoured vehicle. Shuck Teleports, b-by the way.>
Dec 23 01:08:53 <Maddy> <Could be on its way here.>
Dec 23 01:10:13 <Maddy> <Like right on top of your sad self.> Alice doesn't mention this is actually probably not the case, the shuck teleport for long range but she's kinda pissed.
Dec 23 01:10:18 <Dawny> "I'm *sitting* on the fucking *ground*. And if it's that big of a deal, everyone should be in Eve. I don't see you getting pissy with them."
Dec 23 01:11:07 <Adhelami> "No, I completely understand. I feel very content when people ask me to repair their clothing." She smiles warmly.
Dec 23 01:11:23 <Nioki> «Do we have any guarantee that the dogs are actually gone? Because that seems like a risky assumption to make.»
Dec 23 01:11:46 <E4D> Jason gives Alice a pat on the back and points to another avenue of approach, making a cutting gesture across his neck.
Dec 23 01:12:16 <Maddy> «The black shuck only uses teleportation as long r-range travel. Don't worry about it.»
Dec 23 01:13:28 <Nioki> «Long range travel can also come in this direction. I hope they aren't accurate with it.»
Dec 23 01:14:15 <Maddy> «I suppose they could come b-back this way, but t-they generaly only re-appear at c-crossroads. W-we should be able to see them coming.»
Dec 23 01:14:42 <Maddy> «So they'd have to jump to a cross road, then walk here.»
Dec 23 01:15:38 <Nioki> «I see. I will locate all visible crossroads within…»
Dec 23 01:15:42 <Nioki> 4df+5 Luxomancy!
Dec 23 01:15:43 <Glacon> Nioki: Luxomancy!: 5 (4df+5=0, +, 0, -)
Dec 23 01:15:54 <Nioki> «Five miles.»
Dec 23 01:16:10 <Ragazzo> Success.
Dec 23 01:16:17 <E4D> one second
Dec 23 01:16:24 <Ragazzo> No?
Dec 23 01:16:32 <Praetor> "One day, you should teach me to tailor. I need at least one homey skill." She smiles jokingly and sets the device aside.
Dec 23 01:16:45 <Ragazzo> hang on…
Dec 23 01:16:56 <Adhelami> "It is very easy, I promise."
Dec 23 01:19:25 <Nioki> High above Alanoch, there's a thin patch of blackness like a slightly convex piece of dark paper suspended in the air.
Dec 23 01:19:54 <Praetor> "I doubt it would be so easy for me." She upturns her palms, smiling faintly and looking at the white callous bumps on most of her fingers. "My hands were never very suited to precise work."
Dec 23 01:20:37 <Nioki> «The nearest crossroads are approximately two and a half miles to the north west.»
Dec 23 01:21:10 <Ragazzo> It's clear, no demon dogs.
Dec 23 01:21:15 <Ragazzo> At aor around it
Dec 23 01:21:39 <Nioki> «It is presently clear.»
Dec 23 01:22:20 <Maddy> «Hm, t-they must have gone farther.»
Dec 23 01:22:32 <Ragazzo> Wait, wait, wait, everyone, perception.
Dec 23 01:22:40 <Maddy> 4df+6 till in the spotter place
Dec 23 01:22:41 <Glacon> Maddy: till in the spotter place: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
Dec 23 01:22:45 <E4D> 4df+4 >:|
Dec 23 01:22:46 <Glacon> E4D: >:|: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Dec 23 01:22:58 <Nioki> 4df+5 Perception!
Dec 23 01:22:59 <Glacon> Nioki: Perception!: 5 (4df+5=+, +, -, -)
Dec 23 01:23:00 <Artemis> 4df+3 Lawn chair
Dec 23 01:23:00 <Glacon> Artemis: Lawn chair: 4 (4df+3=+, +, 0, -)
Dec 23 01:23:17 <Adhelami> Adhelami shows her palms to Tau. The entire palms are scarred, mostly with horizontal, across the fingers and palms scars. There are calluses in some places.
Dec 23 01:23:17 <Adhelami> 4df-1 hand showing, no focus
Dec 23 01:23:17 <Glacon> Adhelami: hand showing, no focus: 0 (4df-1=0, +, 0, 0)
Dec 23 01:23:45 <Dawny> 4df
Dec 23 01:23:45 <Glacon> Dawny: 1 (4df=0, 0, 0, +)
Dec 23 01:23:59 <Ragazzo> You will all spot the line of three dog shits at the edge of camp. They are quite old. Except adhelami.
Dec 23 01:24:10 <Praetor> 4df+3 ah drr
Dec 23 01:24:11 <Glacon> Praetor: ah drr: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
Dec 23 01:24:15 <Adhelami> oh shit
Dec 23 01:24:19 <Dr_Kens> Holy fuck.
Dec 23 01:24:29 <Ragazzo> Tau can pick out that the poo is chunky.
Dec 23 01:24:37 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 survival, identify the shit
Dec 23 01:24:37 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: survival, identify the shit: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, -, 0)
Dec 23 01:24:42 <E4D> She can see every kernal of corn.
Dec 23 01:24:55 <Ragazzo> It's dog shit.
Dec 23 01:25:01 <Praetor> i am going to ban all of you
Dec 23 01:25:02 * E4D has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Dec 23 01:25:02 * Notify: E4D is offline (SCP and Related Channels).
Dec 23 01:25:03 <Dr_Kens> Hahahaa
Dec 23 01:25:56 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 23 01:26:02 * Dr_Kens has quit (Quit: Peace and prosperity.)
Dec 23 01:26:37 <Nioki> «Hm. I have thought of another possible reason for their presence.»
Dec 23 01:26:38 <Praetor> Her eyebrows lift slightly. "I did not know it was such intense work."
Dec 23 01:26:53 <Nioki> «Enclose us in a magic circle.»
Dec 23 01:27:17 <Nioki> «It would explain their regular spacing.»
Dec 23 01:28:33 <Adhelami> "Most of these are… inflicted by previous slavery. My hands do not have much feeling anymore. Even then, I can help someone with even the most clumsy fingers." She smiles.
Dec 23 01:29:10 <Maddy> «Hmm, maybe. Though I w-wonder if it's one of protection, or nulification.»
Dec 23 01:29:40 <Maddy> «Not the latter matters, w-we don't have any mages w-with us.»
Dec 23 01:29:51 <Praetor> Her eyes downcast slightly, and grips the slightly smaller woman's hands lightly.
Dec 23 01:30:20 <Nioki> «I doubt that all circles are that nice.»
Dec 23 01:30:37 <Maddy> «I d-did hint at nulifiation.»
Dec 23 01:31:16 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks, but a small smile remains, "Vhen?"
Dec 23 01:34:57 <Maddy> «But like I s-said, w-we have not mages, a-and no way to tell if we're being magic'd. G-guess we just gotta keep an eye out.»
Dec 23 01:36:15 <PaulS_laptop> John steps out of the LAV and drags his sorry ass over to his tent and bed
Dec 23 01:36:27 <Nioki> «I still recommend moving. Even if it is impractical, there are two many unknowns with our current location.»'
Dec 23 01:36:31 <PaulS_laptop> it's really more of a makeshift, all-purpose blind
Dec 23 01:36:43 <Dawny> Jillian continues to sit by Eve.
Dec 23 01:37:30 <Praetor> "I don't know. It is not right for you to have these scars. So I simply…wanted to cover them up." She places her hand over them.
Dec 23 01:40:17 <Maddy> <What do you think, Jason? Too risky a-at night?>
Dec 23 01:41:04 <Dawny> Jillian stands, sits the SMAW by john, and shakes her head. "Have fun" She walks to her tent.
Dec 23 01:41:28 <E4D> «If we have unknowns at out present location, we're only increasing the variables if we set out into unfamiliar terrain.»
Dec 23 01:41:33 <E4D> *our
Dec 23 01:42:01 <Maddy> «Who watns f-first watch?»
Dec 23 01:42:36 <Dawny> «I'll fucking take it" Jillian walks over to Eve and looks up.
Dec 23 01:42:38 <Dawny> »
Dec 23 01:43:17 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and then looks down at their hands, and then looks back up with a smile, "It is ok. Maybe there was an important reason for them."
Dec 23 01:43:28 <Nioki> «I will keep watch tonight. If the dogs return, I can tell when and where without risking eye contact.»
Dec 23 01:43:38 <E4D> <Uh, Alice?>
Dec 23 01:43:44 <Maddy> <Hm»
Dec 23 01:43:47 <Maddy> ?>
Dec 23 01:43:58 <E4D> <Climb down here for a second.>
Dec 23 01:44:06 <E4D> Jason gestures to the IR camera.
Dec 23 01:44:07 <Maddy> She does.
Dec 23 01:44:57 <Praetor> "There is no acceptable reason to enslave someone." Steel. "Absolutely no reason."
Dec 23 01:45:31 <Maddy> <…huh.>
Dec 23 01:45:47 <Artemis> «I will take second and zhird watch.»
Dec 23 01:46:00 <Maddy> <Mayve t-they really a-are trying to protect.>