Shiny Buildings

(12:44:16) Pryor: Benny's leaning out the side, surveying
(12:44:18) lurkd: "Bloody radio."
(12:44:39) MereObserver: Samson shakes his head. "You're not gonna get anything man."
(12:44:50) Echo: Nothing's really coming through. There's some static on one of the presets, though.
(12:45:05) lurkd: "I'm hopeful, mate."
(12:45:53) lurkd: Munroe is fine listening to static, he turns the volume down a bit and just basks in it. Trying to pretend it's not the apocalypse and he's just out of range.
(12:46:07) MereObserver: "What station is that?"
(12:46:10) Pryor: Benny's Just continually looking around,
(12:46:28) PaulS_laptop: MMatt's following the map
(12:46:44) lurkd: "One of the presets."
(12:46:52) Echo: As they travel the roads northwest towards Ashburton, they don't really see much in the way of any sort of housing.
(12:47:06) lurkd: "Such scenery."
(12:47:12) MereObserver: "Very pretty."
(12:47:16) Pryor: "I'm not seeing hostiles, guys, Not seeing much of anything really"
(12:47:21) Echo: Looks like… well, farmland. That, or grazing territory.
(12:47:37) Pryor: is there a scope on benny's rifle?
(12:47:52) Echo: There is not. Plain ol' slick M16A4.
(12:47:53) lurkd: "Someone look for sheep. We're not coming back empty handed."
(12:48:10) Pryor: sexy,
(12:48:10) PaulS_laptop: "looks like some damn good ranchland out here. There's probably gonna be sheep"
(12:48:27) PaulS_laptop: "hell, even before the apocalypse, sheep outnumbered people here sixteen to one"
(12:48:38) Pryor: "perception roll for sheep!
(12:48:49) Pryor: 4df+2 !!!Super fun!
(12:49:04) (notice) Echo invited Quidmore into the channel.
(12:49:06) Quidmore [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D2163868-CRInys|XtoBcriP#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D2163868-CRInys|XtoBcriP] entered the room.
(12:49:10) Echo: Do it again.
(12:49:25) Pryor: 4df+2 !!Super fun for real time!!
(12:49:25) Quidmore: Pryor: !!Super fun for real time!!: 4df+2=6 (+, +, +, +)
(12:49:33) Echo: …
(12:51:11) Echo: It's not a long ride in, a few dirt roads crossing in and linking with the hardball here and there over the 20 klicks or so into Ashburton. As they hit a few running closer, Benny can see their tracks aren't the only ones on the road. And yeah, there's a couple sheep out there in the distance. One or two. Doesn't exactly look like they're flocking.
(12:51:18) Echo: Wayyyyyyyy off the road, out in the middle of a field.
(12:51:48) Pryor: "Halt Convoy, We've got sheep!"
(12:52:11) lurkd: *screech*
(12:52:15) PaulS_laptop: "We should get 'em on the way back. It'll be hard to move 'em there and back"
(12:52:28) lurkd: "Aye."
(12:52:41) lurkd: Munroe continues on. Frank chills in the passenger seat.
(12:52:41) Echo: Wrangling sheep over 20k of winding roads on a flatbed. Ranching at its finest.
(12:53:01) Pryor: "well, we know they're out here, but there are only two of them, let's just kill them and take them back like that"
(12:53:11) Pryor: "furs and meat at the very least"
(12:53:41) PaulS_laptop: "If there's two of 'em, there's probably more elsewhere nearby. And it'd be nice to have a sustainable herd"
(12:53:59) Pryor: "we can't maintain a sustainable herd on a beach, mate"
(12:54:10) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 Matt is following the road with the map and his eyes
(12:54:10) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: Matt is following the road with the map and his eyes: 4df+3=4 (+, 0, -, +)
(12:54:22) PaulS_laptop: "you'd be surprised what sheep will eat"
(12:54:29) lurkd: "HEy I got a character for you to look at, name is Hunter Thanatos."
(12:54:39) lurkd: (whoa, wrong room)
(12:54:44) lurkd: (redact)
(12:54:58) Pryor: "yes, they'll eat us out of house and home"
(12:55:04) Pryor: "but not if we eat them first"
(12:55:25) MereObserver: "Eating them immediately isn't a great idea man."
(12:55:46) Pryor: "I can dry the meat, it'll last us for a long time, we can use that time to find more"
(12:55:47) Echo: Matt spots the tracks too as they cross off the last bit of dirt about a kilometer from Ashburton, coming on Wakanui road. He can see some of what look like some residential areas up ahead.
(12:55:59) MonkeyBomb: "How about we just get to Ashburton and worry about sheep later."
(12:56:06) Pryor: "I like it!"
(12:56:26) PaulS_laptop: "We got tracks on the road"
(12:56:40) Pryor: Benny surveys the 12
(12:57:01) PaulS_laptop: "Take a right on Wakanui road"
(12:57:07) Echo: From all appearances, it goes straight from "sheep grazing territory" to "used to be a pretty nice neighborhood" all at once at the city limit.
(12:58:02) MereObserver: "Well damn, this is a change of scenery."
(12:58:25) Pryor: "want to dismount from here? check some of the houses on foot?"
(12:58:53) Echo: The truck hits an intersection at the end of Wakanui road as they hit a 4-way intersection.
(12:59:02) MereObserver: "Well we shouldn't take the truck to far in anyway, so that might be best."
(12:59:09) Echo: -1 intersection
(12:59:17) PaulS_laptop: "take it all the way in"
(12:59:30) PaulS_laptop: "last thing we want is somebody to jack it while we're out"
(12:59:36) Echo: If they keep going straight ahead, it looks like they'll go straight into the city center. Off to the right will skirt around the outside of town.
(12:59:58) lurkd: "Probably don't want to swagger in with a working truck, mates."
(13:00:10) Pryor: "Well, lets find a staging point"
(13:00:20) Echo: Left will do much the same. Looks like a rover down that way, some trees, about a klick or two out. Hard to tell.
(13:00:26) lurkd: "Aye. Park and cover this up."
(13:00:48) PaulS_laptop: "left'll take us down to Grigg park"
(13:01:02) PaulS_laptop: "stash the truck there"
(13:01:02) lurkd: He looks at Matt. "Left then?"
(13:01:06) Pryor: "could work, especially if it's overgrown"
(13:01:12) PaulS_laptop: "Left it is"
(13:01:19) lurkd: "Aye." He makes the turn and heads that way.
(13:01:36) PaulS_laptop: "it'll give us a good view of the outskirts of town, too"
(13:01:56) Pryor: "and hey, we may find lunch"
(13:02:10) MereObserver: "In a park?"
(13:02:37) Pryor: "in an overgrown park that's been reclaimed by the wilderness, yes"
(13:02:55) MonkeyBomb: "Sounds legit."
(13:03:05) PaulS_laptop: "We could just find a gas station or summat"
(13:03:46) Pryor: "not to stage in, but yeah, we'll probably need to keep an eye out for refueling"
(13:03:59) Echo: They turn away from the residential area, crossing into the corner of a warehouse lot with the park ahead of them.
(13:04:01) lurkd: Munroe just drives.
(13:04:26) lurkd: He looks for some decent overgrowth to hide this huge truck.
(13:04:40) PaulS_laptop: "gas'll be gone over by now if it's in those tanks. I'm amazed this truck still runs"
(13:04:45) Echo: There's some dead ahead. The park IS pretty overgrown.
(13:05:00) PaulS_laptop: "warehouse coming up. Betcha we'll finds goodies there"
(13:05:03) Pryor: "still worth a look,"
(13:05:16) Echo: Looks like there's some old, disused shelters up, all grown over, the space reclaimed by nature.
(13:05:27) Echo: The lot beside them looks like a lumber yard.
(13:05:42) lurkd: Munroe finds a shelter he can park in.
(13:05:45) Echo: Not much but scraps left, though. Appears fairly well picked over.
(13:05:51) Echo: Perception.
(13:05:59) lurkd: 4df+4 looking
(13:06:00) Quidmore: lurkd: looking: 4df+4=6 (0, +, +, 0)
(13:06:02) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 eyes
(13:06:03) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: eyes: 4df+3=4 (0, 0, 0, +)
(13:06:09) Pryor: 4df+2 !!Super perception looking time!!
(13:06:10) Quidmore: Pryor: !!Super perception looking time!!: 4df+2=1 (-, -, +, 0)
(13:06:19) MereObserver: 4df+3 Sampson
(13:06:19) Quidmore: MereObserver: Sampson: 4df+3=3 (0, -, +, 0)
(13:06:24) Pryor left the room (Kicked by Echo (Echo)).
(13:06:47) Pryor [PI.10732684.7204FAE5.F7B686B2|tibbiM#PI.10732684.7204FAE5.F7B686B2|tibbiM] entered the room.
(13:07:09) Echo: Even from where they're parked in the overgrown park, they can see some rather recent-looking tracks in the dirt lot of the lumbar yard adjacent.
(13:07:44) PaulS_laptop: "More tracks. Somebody's been here pretty recent, probably building up"
(13:08:02) PaulS_laptop: "That's also prob'ly why there's not shit in the lumber yard"
(13:08:02) Pryor: "hmm," Benny says, using whatever brush is available to conceal their own tracks
(13:08:16) lurkd: "Let's park and conceal out ride.
(13:08:33) lurkd: Munroe parks in one of the sheds with overgrowth.
(13:08:44) lurkd: "Good?"
(13:08:53) PaulS_laptop: Matt nods
(13:09:13) lurkd: He pulls out the keys and locks everything up.
(13:09:23) MereObserver: "I think it'll do." Samson hops out of the back.
(13:09:28) lurkd: "Let's get to work. Losing daylight."
(13:10:03) MonkeyBomb: Brock and Ace hop down from the truck. He nods. "Right."
(13:10:23) Pryor: Benny follows but stops "Uh.. guys"
(13:10:35) Pryor: "you don't.. really think we'll be out here after dark, do ya?"
(13:10:55) PaulS_laptop: "Hopefully not"
(13:11:05) MereObserver: "Doubt it."
(13:11:12) Pryor: "yeah, let's just get this done quick"
(13:11:22) lurkd: "I ain't finding out, mate."
(13:11:46) lurkd: Munroe and Frank hop out and step into the clearing. "Who's tracking?"
(13:12:11) Pryor: "that'd be me" benny says, taking point "no firearms until absolutely neccessary"
(13:12:15) lurkd: He takes is bow off his back.
(13:12:23) lurkd: "Aye."
(13:12:24) PaulS_laptop: Matt has the map out
(13:12:36) lurkd: "Lead on."
(13:12:52) Echo: Where are they headed?
(13:12:55) PaulS_laptop: "Once we hit the road, we should prob'ly swing left onto suffolk. It's closest"
(13:13:10) Pryor: "sure thing" benny says, following said instruction
(13:13:33) Echo: They double back past the warehouse, down the road they drove in on.
(13:13:53) Echo: A dog scampers out of the lot ahead of them, hauling ass down the road.
(13:13:59) Echo: Perception
(13:14:03) MonkeyBomb: Ace sniffs the ground as they go. He looks up.
(13:14:11) Pryor: 4df+2
(13:14:12) Quidmore: Pryor: 4df+2=2 (+, 0, -, 0)
(13:14:14) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson
(13:14:14) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson: 4df+3=2 (+, -, -, 0)
(13:14:19) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 [Perc] Wat
(13:14:20) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: [Perc] Wat: 4df+3=3 (0, +, -, 0)
(13:14:34) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3
(13:14:35) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: 4df+3=5 (+, 0, 0, +)
(13:15:10) Echo: There are flyers up on a power pole nearby, just outside the warehouse lot. Looks like a warning notice.
(13:15:12) lurkd: 4df+4
(13:15:12) Quidmore: lurkd: 4df+4=3 (+, -, 0, -)
(13:15:30) Echo: Maybe an animal in the center? Hard to tell from there.
(13:15:31) lurkd: Munroe steers clear of the strange dog for obvious reason.
(13:15:50) PaulS_laptop: "What's those fliers."
(13:15:50) Pryor: Benny pulls the axe out "Frank, on me, the rest of you, cover me"
(13:16:01) MereObserver: Samson walks up to the notice. "Hey, what's this?"
(13:16:15) lurkd: "Oi, Frank and I stay together, mate."
(13:16:34) lurkd: Munroe steps towards Benny.
(13:16:38) Pryor: "then both of you," he says, advancing on where the dog bolted from
(13:17:12) MereObserver: Samson looks over the notice.
(13:17:18) MonkeyBomb: Brock has a hold on Ace's collar. He looks at the flyer along with Samson.
(13:17:35) Echo: At the top of the flyer "NOTICE: ASHBURTON POLICE"
(13:18:37) Echo: Below that is a somewhat generic illustration of what sort of resembles a bipedal reptile. A bracket beside it indicates a height of 1.7 meters, with the silhouette of a human beside it for reference.
(13:19:11) MonkeyBomb: "Umm…"
(13:19:22) MereObserver: "…is that a dinosaur?"
(13:19:38) Pryor: Benny's almost to that spot! oh shit guys!
(13:19:52) MonkeyBomb: "…Whatever it is, doesn't look good."
(13:20:53) Echo: Not really dinosaur, looking. More humanoid than anything.
(13:21:14) Pryor: Ohshitthat'stotallyforshadowingwhatbenny'sabouttobelookingat!
(13:21:14) MereObserver: "Well fuck, hey guys, keep your eyes open for….a lizard man…thing."
(13:21:35) PaulS_laptop: "Betcha it's edible"
(13:21:55) MonkeyBomb: "What he said. Let's get this over with." In response to what Samson said.
(13:22:30) MereObserver: Samson goes back to walking. "Hey, where's that guy going?" He points to Benny.
(13:23:03) Pryor left the room (Kicked by Echo (Dude, stop being a fucking asshat)).
(13:23:20) Pryor [PI.10732684.7204FAE5.F7B686B2|tibbiM#PI.10732684.7204FAE5.F7B686B2|tibbiM] entered the room.
(13:23:58) Pryor: Benny creeps up to the spot, axe in hand
(13:24:23) PaulS_laptop: "No idea"
(13:24:29) PaulS_laptop: Matt puts the map away
(13:24:35) PaulS_laptop: and draws his pistol
(13:24:47) Pryor: "Let's just see what that dog was bolting from! he calls"
(13:25:16) lurkd: Munroe approaches Benny.
(13:25:30) lurkd: "Mate… shhhhhhhh."
(13:25:39) MereObserver: "Oh yeah, let's go poke what the dog was running from. Great idea."
(13:26:10) Pryor: Benny does exactly that
(13:26:43) PaulS_laptop: Matt follows at a distance, keeping his eyes out and moving slower
(13:26:45) Echo: There's not really much of anything to poke.
(13:27:02) lurkd: "Probably these things hide out in dark places in the day time."
(13:27:03) Pryor: "Nothing I can tell, maybe just a startled dog."
(13:27:16) Echo: It was probably the noise of their approach and the sudden appearance of humans, not to mention Frank.
(13:27:32) Pryor: "well, better keep going then"
(13:27:48) MereObserver: "Good." Samson starts back.
(13:28:05) Pryor: Benny's surveying buildings
(13:28:19) Pryor: anything look in tact or recognisable?
(13:28:33) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 observate
(13:28:34) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: observate: 4df+3=1 (-, 0, 0, -)
(13:28:48) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 burning an ap with his power for a perc reroll
(13:28:49) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: burning an ap with his power for a perc reroll: 4df+3=4 (+, 0, +, -)
(13:28:56) Pryor: 4df+2 looking at signs
(13:28:58) Quidmore: Pryor: looking at signs : 4df+2=1 (+, -, -, 0)
(13:29:36) Echo: The houses are all intact more or less. Just… deserted.
(13:30:01) PaulS_laptop: "Gotta wonder if there's anything good here"
(13:30:15) Pryor: "want to just start looking?" he says, moving up to a door
(13:30:16) PaulS_laptop: GM can I get a location?
(13:31:05) Echo: They're crossing back into the residential area. Say right on the corner of Suffolk and Trevor.
(13:31:49) Pryor: Benny tries the knob
(13:31:52) MonkeyBomb: 4df+4 [Survival: Wilderness] Ace is aware. He sniffs around and listens for anything in this new place.
(13:31:53) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: [Survival: Wilderness] Ace is aware. He sniffs around and listens for anything in this new place.: 4df+4=4 (0, 0, +, -)
(13:32:23) PaulS_laptop: "House on the right, let's say?"
(13:32:33) MonkeyBomb: Brock keeps on eye out for any sign of… well, anything. He glances at Ace every now and then.
(13:33:05) Echo: Wooden slat fences around most of the lots here. Little one-story houses.
(13:33:16) Echo: More than a few cars line the streets.
(13:33:27) Pryor: Is the front locked?
(13:33:36) Echo: It is indeed.
(13:33:56) Pryor: "Guys want to bust it down or find another way?"
(13:34:01) MonkeyBomb: "Wanna knock first?" Brock says dryly.
(13:34:17) Pryor: Benny shrugs and knocks
(13:34:57) lurkd: "If we need to, I can take the door off the hinges maybe."
(13:35:11) Pryor: "I do have this," he says, indicating the axe
(13:35:31) PaulS_laptop: "I gotta boot"
(13:36:05) Pryor: "well, nobody's responding to the knock" he says "but it might take less energy to just bust a window"
(13:36:44) PaulS_laptop: "Before you go and do that shit, hang on."
(13:36:59) PaulS_laptop: Matt gestures to around back
(13:37:51) lurkd: Munroe nods.
(13:37:55) MereObserver: Samson nods and heads around.
(13:38:06) Pryor: "yeah, last thing we want is to let them know we're in here" he says, heading around
(13:38:21) PaulS_laptop: Matt heads around back
(13:38:21) lurkd: Munroe follows, Frank in tow.
(13:38:27) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 perc
(13:38:27) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: perc: 4df+3=4 (0, +, +, -)
(13:38:46) Pryor: 4df+2
(13:38:47) Quidmore: Pryor: 4df+2=5 (+, +, +, 0)
(13:38:52) Pryor: brutal
(13:40:00) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 [Perc]
(13:40:00) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: [Perc]: 4df+3=3 (+, +, -, -)
(13:40:11) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson
(13:40:11) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson: 4df+3=2 (0, -, 0, 0)
(13:41:42) Echo: The lot's empty.
(13:41:47) Echo: There's no one around.
(13:41:56) Echo: No animals. No people.
(13:42:07) Echo: And yeah, few windows.
(13:42:15) PaulS_laptop: What about the building itself?
(13:42:18) Echo: Nobody's going to notice some petty vandalism.
(13:42:18) Pryor: "alrighty, let's do this" he says, preparing to smash a window
(13:42:23) PaulS_laptop: anything in the yard? Any back door
(13:42:31) PaulS_laptop: "hold up, let's try the back door"
(13:42:33) MonkeyBomb: "Wait, smashing a window's pretty loud, man."
(13:42:45) Pryor: "quieter than busting a door"
(13:42:48) Echo: Got a little glass one, with a wooden one behind it.
(13:43:08) PaulS_laptop: "No, it's really not"
(13:43:12) MereObserver: Samson tries to open the glass door.
(13:43:29) Echo: It's unlocked. Just a little storm door.
(13:43:40) MonkeyBomb: Brock peers inside one of the house's back windows.
(13:43:46) MereObserver: Samson then goes for the wood door.
(13:45:29) Echo: This one's locked.
(13:46:09) Echo: Brock's got a nice view of a little sitting room. Bunch of knick knacks sitting around. Old-ish looking furniture.
(13:46:24) PaulS_laptop: "Door locked?"
(13:46:44) Pryor: benny just tries opening a window
(13:46:49) MonkeyBomb: Brock has his hands cupped around his face. Looks comfy in there.
(13:46:51) MereObserver: "Yeah, what's it look like inside? Anything noticable?" Samson steps away from the door.
(13:47:02) Echo: No luck, Benny.
(13:47:06) MonkeyBomb: "Just your average everyday house."
(13:47:24) MereObserver: "Does it looked like it's been gone through?"
(13:47:33) PaulS_laptop: Matt steps up. "House is undistrubed from the outside, so prolly not."
(13:47:45) MonkeyBomb: "Yeah. Looks fine in there."
(13:47:45) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 strength to put the door in. Boot to the knob.
(13:47:46) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: strength to put the door in. Boot to the knob.: 4df+3=3 (0, 0, -, +)
(13:48:47) Echo: Solid kick, but it doesn't get much traction besides shaking the door and stoving Matt's foot.
(13:49:27) lurkd: "Should I try?"
(13:49:32) Pryor: Benny smashes up a window and climbs in
(13:49:40) Pryor: "haha, no."
(13:49:45) MereObserver: "Oh god dammit!"
(13:49:47) MonkeyBomb: "Why exa-" He stops at the crashing sound the glass makes.
(13:49:51) lurkd: Munroe rattles his toolbox.
(13:50:14) lurkd: "…."
(13:50:14) Pryor: Benny unlocks the door "gentlemen"
(13:50:33) MereObserver: "You're a moron."
(13:50:34) lurkd: "Bloody dangerous."
(13:51:02) Pryor: "all three of these things" now let's have a look-see"
(13:51:05) MonkeyBomb: Brock sighs. "What's done is done. Let's just hurry up." He looks around the neighborhood.
(13:51:25) MereObserver: Samson walks inside.
(13:52:37) Echo: Looks like a stereotypical old person house.
(13:52:50) MonkeyBomb: "I'll stay out here and keep a lookout." He gets Ace's attention and gestures for the dog to sit.
(13:53:02) Pryor: Benny slowly looks around, moving into the kitchen
(13:53:35) lurkd: Munroe and Frank shuffle in.
(13:53:47) MereObserver: Samson looks around through closets, cabinets and grandfather clocks.
(13:53:49) MonkeyBomb: Brock sits on the back porch, playing sentry.
(13:54:03) lurkd: Munroe searches for tools and the like.
(13:54:07) lurkd: Scrap even.
(13:54:13) Pryor: Benny checks the pantry, knowing full well that the fridge is long gone
(13:55:19) MonkeyBomb: Outside, Brock taps his foot uncomfortably.
(13:55:28) lurkd: 4df+4 looking!
(13:55:29) Quidmore: lurkd: looking!: 4df+4=8 (+, +, +, +)
(13:55:29) PaulS_laptop: pause
(13:56:32) Pryor left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(13:57:25) PaulS_laptop: In the garage there are tools. Looks like this guy really enjoyed woodworking. Most of his tools are, unfortunately, power tools. Scrollsaw, largeish belt sander, power planer. There's also a largeish tool chest b a bench
(13:58:13) PaulS_laptop: ]unpause
(13:58:46) lurkd: Munroe looks into the tool chest and rummages through.
(14:00:03) PaulS_laptop: Yup, he liked to putter about. Boxes of chisels, brass screws, hand saws of various forms(coping saw, spare blades, japanese pull saw, hacksaw), there's a couple hand saws hanging on the side of it
(14:01:45) PaulS_laptop: other drawers show screwdrivers, boxes of screws, bolts, he's got a lot of goodies, almost all related to woodwork. Looks like a half finished guitar on the bench, too
(14:01:56) PaulS_laptop: still got clamps on it
(14:02:39) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson looks around for anything pre-weaponized that an old republican man would probably have.
(14:02:39) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson looks around for anything pre-weaponized that an old republican man would probably have.: 4df+3=3 (-, +, +, -)
(14:05:37) PaulS_laptop: There's a gun cabinet in his bedroom, but it's door hangs open
(14:05:40) PaulS_laptop: it's empty
(14:05:46) PaulS_laptop: there's a drawer under it though
(14:06:29) MereObserver: Samson crouches and opens the drawer. "C'mon, bigmoneybigmoneybigmoney."
(14:06:32) lurkd: Munroe stuffs all that shit in his box.
(14:06:44) lurkd: "Bloody jackpot!"
(14:06:59) PaulS_laptop: "Whatcha get?!" att, from the other end of the house, he's raiding te kitchen
(14:07:00) lurkd: "See Frank… today is a good day, ya nagger."
(14:07:15) lurkd: "Bloody tools! And lots!"
(14:08:10) PaulS_laptop: Samson finds a box of shotgun shells. #7 1/2 on the side "25 Rounds", and a second, much cmaller box that says #0
(14:08:21) PaulS_laptop: plus some empty boxes on the floor of both
(14:09:56) lurkd: He returns and looks at Samson. "A gun box, eh, mate?"
(14:10:27) MereObserver: Samson nods, grabbing the boxes. "Yep."
(14:11:00) PaulS_laptop: the bigger box feels lopsided, about half full
(14:11:08) PaulS_laptop: the second one is full
(14:11:47) lurkd: "Any sporting shottys in there? Me and me Dad used to shoot skeet on weekends."
(14:12:11) lurkd: "Not to knock but I was pretty good at it I was… Frank can attest."
(14:12:27) MereObserver: "All the guns are gone, but I found some shells."
(14:13:23) lurkd: "Not terrible, but good on you. Let's tap out, blokes."
(14:13:31) PaulS_laptop: Matt arrives, with a grocery bag full of box meals
(14:13:47) PaulS_laptop: "We should prob'ly head further into the town while we got time"
(14:15:28) MereObserver: "Yeah, I thought we came here to scout, not scavenge."
(14:15:32) lurkd: Munroe nods. "Let's pack up and haul out."
(14:15:49) lurkd: "Scavenge is scavenge, mate. People got to eat."
(14:16:29) lurkd: Munroe exits the house.
(14:16:56) MonkeyBomb: "Find anything useful in there?"
(14:17:14) PaulS_laptop: "We know most'a the houses got food now. Plus monrow scored something, and we got some shotshells too"
(14:17:30) lurkd: "Some tools and ammo. Matt got lunch."
(14:17:49) MereObserver: "Cool, cool."
(14:18:33) MonkeyBomb: "Nice."
(14:18:39) lurkd: "Where too now?"
(14:18:44) lurkd: Frank shrugs.
(14:18:58) PaulS_laptop: "Head further into town, see what else's here"
(14:19:18) MereObserver: "Sounds good." Samson starts out.
(14:19:59) lurkd: Munroe and Frank huff it on foot.
(14:20:16) lurkd: "How much daylight we got?"
(14:20:42) MereObserver: "Quite a bit, summer's good for daylight."
(14:21:00) PaulS_laptop: "Hours"
(14:21:13) PaulS_laptop: "We should try to be quick though. I don't like that this place's undisturbed like this"
(14:21:46) MonkeyBomb: "You're tellin' me. It's like everybody vanished." Brock realizes he's in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
(14:22:18) PaulS_laptop: Eventually the road ends and they hit an intersection. It's a T. On the left looks like another T intersection leading the way into town
(14:22:52) lurkd: "On we go then." Munroe heads into town.
(14:23:09) lurkd: "Prolly all got eaten by the night monsters, eh?"
(14:23:32) MonkeyBomb: "Something like that."
(14:23:32) PaulS_laptop: "Or fled, or somethin' worse that we can't see killed shit off"
(14:24:23) MereObserver: "Lizard men." Samson comments.
(14:24:25) PaulS_laptop: They continue onwards northwesterly up Dobson, and it lets out to what looks like the ass end of a supermarket or strip mall
(14:24:59) PaulS_laptop: they're clearly getting into the industrialish side of town
(14:25:17) lurkd: "More good scavenging territory."
(14:25:31) lurkd: Munroe's eyes are sparkling.
(14:25:38) MereObserver: "Warehouses as far as the eye can see."
(14:25:51) PaulS_laptop: These buildings are looking slightly more picked over
(14:26:07) lurkd: "Well it would be a good place to hole up 'cept for the bloody lizard peaople.
(14:26:17) PaulS_laptop: "Lookin like people"
(14:26:24) PaulS_laptop: perception
(14:26:32) lurkd: 4df+4 looking
(14:26:33) Quidmore: lurkd: looking: 4df+4=6 (0, +, 0, +)
(14:26:53) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson
(14:26:53) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson: 4df+3=3 (0, +, -, 0)
(14:27:06) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3
(14:27:07) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: 4df+3=0 (-, 0, -, -)
(14:27:33) PaulS_laptop: The road up ahead is barricaded.
(14:27:48) PaulS_laptop: Monroe can see it's barricaded /well/
(14:27:55) lurkd: "What's that knackered shite up ahead?"
(14:28:04) MereObserver: "Oh that's not good. Barricade."
(14:28:16) lurkd: "Barricaded, Frank?"
(14:28:19) PaulS_laptop: starts about the intersection of Dobson and William
(14:28:28) MonkeyBomb: "Hmmm."
(14:28:45) lurkd: "Survivors?"
(14:29:52) PaulS_laptop: "Looks like"
(14:31:14) MereObserver: "Eye's peeled."
(14:31:39) lurkd: "Who's good at talking? It'd be rude to not introduce ourselves and rummage through their territory."
(14:32:01) lurkd: "Shut it, Frank… only /you/ think that's a good idea…"
(14:32:15) PaulS_laptop: It looks like it's been run across Dobson, along William.
(14:32:38) MonkeyBomb: Any sign of people?
(14:32:58) PaulS_laptop: Looks almost empty at this section of the barricade
(14:33:20) MereObserver: "Should I call out? See if anyone's around? Maybe get shot at?"
(14:33:46) lurkd: "….Hold on."
(14:33:52) lurkd: "Frank you sure?"
(14:33:57) PaulS_laptop: "Probably should avoid poking the bear"
(14:34:26) lurkd: (Spending 2 AP to send Frank ahead to scout through the barricade as per one of his power perks)
(14:34:43) lurkd: "Frank said he'll be a bloke this time and scout through."
(14:34:58) PaulS_laptop: Matt raises his eye at Monroe
(14:35:12) MonkeyBomb: Brock shrugs.
(14:35:12) lurkd: Frank goes on ahead.
(14:35:25) lurkd: "Let's give him a minute, mates."
(14:36:02) lurkd: Frank passes through the barricades like a ghost and looks.
(14:36:43) MereObserver: "Oh this'll be good." Samson sits on the asphalt.
(14:36:47) lurkd: Munroe whistles and waits.
(14:38:05) lurkd: Frank wanders back and explains. Munroe listens.
(14:38:14) lurkd: "You sure?"
(14:38:23) lurkd: "…well then…"
(14:40:30) lurkd: "Mates, he saw someone."
(14:40:52) lurkd: "Along the highway, could have been a golf cart."
(14:41:31) lurkd: "But that's about it, pretty picked clean on the other side… and empty otherwise."
(14:41:48) MereObserver: "He saw someone on a golfcart?"
(14:42:26) lurkd: He nods. "And a… shiny house? You sure, Frank?… he says he is." Munroe shrugs.
(14:43:01) PaulS_laptop: "looks like a pretty big group then, if they've got power"
(14:43:01) MonkeyBomb: "O…kay. What's the plan?"
(14:43:48) PaulS_laptop: "Mark 'em on the map, once we get better squared away come back and try to learn more?"
(14:44:12) PaulS_laptop: "tell the people back at camp what we saw"
(14:44:13) lurkd: "Just one golf cart and a building… here." Munroe points where Frank describes.
(14:44:27) lurkd: (pointing on map)
(14:48:00) MonkeyBomb: "Yeah, sounds good."
(14:48:08) lurkd: "Aye."
(14:49:41) MereObserver: "Alright then, what now?"
(14:51:27) lurkd: "Well… it's deserted.
(14:51:48) lurkd: "And there are monsters at night plus one survivor who's sticking it out."
(14:52:19) lurkd: "I say let's see if we can wrangle one or two of them bloody sheep and head back before night."
(14:52:45) MereObserver: "Sounds like a plan."
(14:54:00) MonkeyBomb: Brock nods.
(14:54:00) lurkd: Munroe heads back for the truck.
(14:54:10) PaulS_laptop: "Sounds about right"
(14:54:25) MereObserver: Samson follows. "Glad I didn't have to shoot a lizard man today."
(14:56:43) PaulS_laptop: Their trip back to the truck is largely uneventful
(14:57:03) lurkd: Munroe hops in and starts her up.
(14:57:13) lurkd: "Sheep hunting we go."
(14:58:36) PaulS_laptop: They're heading back?
(14:58:49) MereObserver: Samson jumps in the back. "Yeehaw. Sheep hunting."
(14:59:09) MereObserver: "Don't wanna go look through more houses on the way back though?"
(14:59:27) PaulS_laptop: "We'll save it for the next trip"
(14:59:41) lurkd: "Sure, but no reason to huff it on foot if the town's deserted."
(14:59:58) lurkd: "Want to do a quick drive around? Cover more ground."
(15:00:08) PaulS_laptop: "Worth doing"
(15:00:15) MonkeyBomb: Brock grabs one of those flyers and stuffs it in his pocket before hopping onto the truck. Ace leaps up as well.
(15:00:32) MereObserver: "One quick go around, alright."
(15:00:42) lurkd: "Aye." Assuming everyone is on board he heads for the nearest main street and cruises around.
(15:00:45) PaulS_laptop: Matt resumes his spot as shotgun
(15:01:05) lurkd: Frank squeezes in between Matt and Munroe.
(15:02:43) PaulS_laptop: the nearest road is Trevors, which runs along the south side of town. They're at the far south/west end of it already, and it heads to the north and east
(15:03:10) lurkd: Munroe drives along the streets, absorbing the splendor that is post-apocalyptic Ashburton.
(15:03:11) lurkd: Munroe drives north.
(15:03:16) PaulS_laptop: it largely appears to be a residential road
(15:03:23) PaulS_laptop: lots of houses
(15:03:24) PaulS_laptop: perc
(15:03:33) lurkd: 4df+4 looking
(15:03:33) Quidmore: lurkd: looking: 4df+4=3 (0, -, -, +)
(15:03:53) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson
(15:03:53) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson: 4df+3=3 (-, +, 0, 0)
(15:04:16) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 whoops sorry
(15:04:17) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: whoops sorry: 4df+3=2 (0, -, -, +)
(15:04:34) PaulS_laptop: These houses look largely untouched. Streets and streets of them, largely untouched. Glancing up residential side streets, you can see a shocking lack of cars in driveways
(15:04:58) lurkd: Munroe stops. "Christmas anyone?"
(15:05:05) PaulS_laptop: this road eventually takes you to Wakanui road as well
(15:05:11) PaulS_laptop: "shall we?"
(15:05:21) lurkd: Munroe parks and hops out.
(15:05:37) lurkd: "Each take a house?"
(15:05:45) MereObserver: Samson jumps from the flatbed. "I hope I got a pony this year."
(15:05:55) lurkd: "Ha."
(15:05:58) PaulS_laptop: "Sounds good to me. May as well go in the front doors. Let's try not to break anything, though"
(15:06:15) lurkd: "Too right. Pillaging… but polite."
(15:06:30) MereObserver: "So no smashing mother fucking windows."
(15:06:37) PaulS_laptop: "Indeed."
(15:06:52) PaulS_laptop: Matt dismounts and takes a house
(15:06:56) lurkd: "Aye." Munroe and Frank heads for the nearest house on his left.
(15:07:10) lurkd: ~please be a shotty, please be a shotty~
(15:07:13) MonkeyBomb: "Holler if a lizard man's about to get you." Brock takes a house; Ace follows.
(15:07:16) MereObserver: Samson goes to his own house.
(15:07:29) PaulS_laptop: all of these doors are locked
(15:07:33) lurkd: Munroe walks in and rummages.
(15:07:42) PaulS_laptop: opening them isn't too difficult, however
(15:07:46) PaulS_laptop: perc
(15:07:54) lurkd: redact
(15:08:02) lurkd: 4df+4 looking
(15:08:03) Quidmore: lurkd: looking: 4df+4=3 (-, +, 0, -)
(15:08:07) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson
(15:08:07) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson: 4df+3=3 (-, +, 0, 0)
(15:08:17) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 Brock
(15:08:17) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: Brock: 4df+3=0 (0, -, -, -)
(15:08:45) MonkeyBomb: 4df+4 Ace [Survival: Wilderness] Sniff sniff
(15:08:45) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: Ace [Survival: Wilderness] Sniff sniff: 4df+4=4 (0, 0, -, +)
(15:08:53) PaulS_laptop: pause
(15:09:38) PaulS_laptop: Samson: Your house looks like a pretty average three bedroom residential affair. Everything is fairly neat, but it eels pretty sparse
(15:10:00) PaulS_laptop: the furniture's intact, the house is largely intact, but the pictures are gone off the walls
(15:10:07) ApeGrenade [~ten.knilneddus.hd.ko.kogksm.20ctmc1ksm.DF0EE7C1-CRInys|moByeknoM#ten.knilneddus.hd.ko.kogksm.20ctmc1ksm.DF0EE7C1-CRInys|moByeknoM] entered the room.
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(15:10:33) ApeGrenade is now known as MonkeyBomb
(15:10:37) PaulS_laptop: Monroe: your house has two bedrooms, you walk in and basically hit kitchen. It's nice looking. Very neat and orderly
(15:11:12) lurkd: Munroe looks for food stuffs and possibly a gun locker in the bedrooms.
(15:11:16) PaulS_laptop: Brock and Ace: Brock finds a house largely in disarray. Clothes, etc. strewn about
(15:11:28) PaulS_laptop: Ace smells something. FOOD!
(15:11:33) lurkd: *whistling*
(15:12:31) PaulS_laptop: No gun locker. There's some cans, but they're bloated outward looking. Couple bags of noodles, a bag of chips. a half empty twelve pack of coke and a full one of same
(15:12:39) PaulS_laptop: munroe^
(15:14:05) PaulS_laptop: unpause
(15:14:43) MeresBack [ten.htuoslleb.dra.518A2446-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.dra.518A2446-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(15:14:51) lurkd: "Eh, not a total waste." Munroe grabs the junk food. "Frank, find a can opener." Frank peeks in drawers.
(15:15:45) MeresBack: Samson looks around the house, mostly for food and guns/ammo, but also for things like flashlights and the like.
(15:15:49) MonkeyBomb: Brock checks each room to make sure the house is empty.
(15:16:29) MereObserver left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by MeresBack)).
(15:16:40) MeresBack is now known as MereObserver
(15:17:38) MereObserver: 4df+3 Samson lookies
(15:17:39) Quidmore: MereObserver: Samson lookies: 4df+3=1 (0, 0, -, -)
(15:17:43) MereObserver: welp
(15:17:52) PaulS_laptop: Samson's house again lacks any gun safes. There's a flashlight in a kitchen drawer. This house looks especially gutted on food. Even the fridge is neatly empty. Like it was cleaned out. One of the bedrooms was definitely a kid's bedroom. Little girl's.
(15:18:11) PaulS_laptop: Brock's house is, indeed, empty.
(15:18:16) PaulS_laptop: Ace continues to smell FOOD
(15:18:58) MonkeyBomb: Brock checks the kitchen for edible things.
(15:18:59) MereObserver: Samson grabs the flashlight, checking to see if it works as he walks into the girl's room.
(15:19:39) PaulS_laptop: brock's house is quite messy. The trash is overflowing, there's empty beer bottles all over the counters, soft drinks, etc. But there is, indeed, food in this one.
(15:20:03) MonkeyBomb: "Alriiiight." What kind of food?
(15:20:20) PaulS_laptop: more swollen cans, plus bags of chips, pork rinds, a faint odor from the closed fridge. Cans of beer.
(15:20:25) PaulS_laptop: bo9ttles of beer
(15:20:35) PaulS_laptop: all kinds of assorted munchies
(15:20:57) MereObserver: Samson remembers that there are kids at the compound, so he looks around the girl's room for toys and stuff.
(15:21:32) MonkeyBomb: Brock looks around for a bag or something to stash stuff in.
(15:21:56) PaulS_laptop: Samson's flashlight doesn't work. Batteries two years long dead. Looks like a kid left it on. The girl's room, however, clearly belonged to a pre-teen girl. the walls are loud.
(15:22:40) PaulS_laptop: no bedding, and most of the toys are absent. Somme of the drawers are open. No clothes. The bed is quite messy
(15:23:01) PaulS_laptop: Brock finds trash bags under the sink, and a backpack by the kitchen hall
(15:23:12) lurkd: Munroe carries out handfuls of junkfood as well as the cans. Did he find a can opener in the kitchen?
(15:23:17) PaulS_laptop: yes
(15:23:40) MereObserver: "Shut the fuck up walls." Samson jokes as he pokes around, hoping to find anything helpful.
(15:23:42) PaulS_laptop: brock, roll pdef
(15:24:09) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 Uh oh.
(15:24:09) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: Uh oh.: 4df+3=2 (0, -, +, -)
(15:24:23) PaulS_laptop: samson finds an alarm clock, assorted boxes in the closet along with a siilarly loudly pink dollhouse
(15:24:35) PaulS_laptop: 4df I'mmarat
(15:24:36) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: I'mmarat: 4df=-1 (0, -, -, +)
(15:24:57) PaulS_laptop: a rat drops from an open cupboard at you and misses badly.
(15:25:56) MereObserver: Samson grabs the alarm clock, is it wind up or electric?
(15:26:04) PaulS_laptop: electric
(15:26:22) PaulS_laptop: who has wind up clocks anymore?
(15:26:35) lurkd: Munroe goes back for the clean clothes.
(15:26:43) MonkeyBomb: Brock looks at the rat. Brock puts on the backpack and stuffs whatever salvageable food into a trash bag. He looks at Ace, who is currently growling at the rat. "Go on."
(15:26:46) lurkd: Jackets, socks and underwear.
(15:27:07) MereObserver: "Fucking electricity." Samson remembers that someone said parts are parts, so he throws it in a bag and goes through the boxes.
(15:27:12) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 [Melee: Unarmed] Ace attacks the rat!
(15:27:12) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: [Melee: Unarmed] Ace attacks the rat!: 4df+3=6 (+, +, +, 0)
(15:27:15) lurkd: Munroe yells out. "Oi, mates, grab the clean undies and socks."
(15:27:41) PaulS_laptop: they're mostly empty boxes for stuff
(15:27:50) PaulS_laptop: packing material, not much else
(15:27:58) PaulS_laptop: 4df I'mmadeadrat
(15:27:59) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: I'mmadeadrat: 4df=1 (+, -, 0, +)
(15:28:06) PaulS_laptop: it is, indeed, a dead raty
(15:28:15) MonkeyBomb: *pant pant*
(15:28:36) MonkeyBomb: Brock pats Ace on the head and looks for other stuff.
(15:28:45) lurkd: Munroe does one last looky loo through his house. Anything?
(15:29:23) PaulS_laptop: Munroe finds a twelve pack of D cell batteries in the kitchen, unopened
(15:29:37) lurkd: "Yesssssss."
(15:29:43) lurkd: Grabbed.
(15:29:54) PaulS_laptop: Brock steps on something that looks like it leaked out of the fridge
(15:29:59) PaulS_laptop: it smells terrible
(15:30:08) MereObserver: Samson grabs the doll house and as many clothes as he can fit in his bag.
(15:30:14) PaulS_laptop: has Ace been trained to not eat things without permission?
(15:30:18) lurkd: Munroe hauls shit back and ties it down.
(15:31:37) MonkeyBomb: Not exactly.
(15:31:44) PaulS_laptop: Ace, mdef. This stuff smells really good.
(15:32:03) Tox left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 184 seconds).
(15:32:08) Tox [teerts.pmuj.12|ytrap#teerts.pmuj.12|ytrap] entered the room.
(15:32:41) MonkeyBomb: 4df+1 [Mdef] YUMMY. Ace examines the tasty-smelling stuff.
(15:32:41) Quidmore: MonkeyBomb: [Mdef] YUMMY. Ace examines the tasty-smelling stuff.: 4df+1=1 (+, -, +, -)
(15:32:57) MonkeyBomb: Brock wrinkles his nose at the odor.
(15:32:58) PaulS_laptop: it is indeed tasty!
(15:33:21) PaulS_laptop: tastes like dead thing! YUMMY!
(15:33:39) MonkeyBomb: Dog want! Ace starts licking the stuff.
(15:34:04) MonkeyBomb: "Oh, God, Ace stop." Brock grabs the dog by his collar and pulls him away.
(15:34:45) MereObserver: Samson goes to see if the house has a garage.
(15:34:50) Maddy [tsen.yfmoc|gnipeels#tsen.yfmoc|gnipeels] entered the room.
(15:34:50) mode (+ao Maddy Maddy) by ChanServ
(15:36:40) CROM [~ac.lleb.lsd.3197DAB8-CRInys|tobeparg#ac.lleb.lsd.3197DAB8-CRInys|tobeparg] entered the room.
(15:42:14) WalrusKing [~ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW#ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW] entered the room.
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(15:54:09) PaulS_laptop: unpause
(15:54:16) PaulS_laptop: samson's house does indeed have a garage
(15:54:37) MereObserver: Samson goes to pillage through the garage, but more scavenge and less pillage.
(15:54:49) PaulS_laptop: there's four bicycles in there. Two adult size, a very small one, and larger kids' one
(15:55:12) PaulS_laptop: it also has car carriers, old furniture, a propane grill
(15:55:40) PaulS_laptop: a spare propane tank
(15:55:47) PaulS_laptop: AND a car!
(15:56:07) MereObserver: "Oh sweet jesus." Samson's jaw almost drops.
(15:56:59) MereObserver: Samson starts opens up the garage manually, then starts rolling the bikes out to the truck.
(15:57:51) MonkeyBomb: Brock opens the fridge to see what the foul-smelling ooze is from.
(15:58:02) PaulS_laptop: mdef, brock
(15:58:22) MonkeyBomb: 4df+2 Yay
(15:58:23) CROM: MonkeyBomb: Yay: 1 (4df+2=0, -, +, -)
(15:59:06) lurkd: Munroe looks through "his" garage.
(15:59:25) lurkd: "Bikes is good."
(15:59:26) PaulS_laptop: OH MY DEAR GOD THE SMELL
(15:59:40) PaulS_laptop: like, have you ever opened a two year old fridge?
(16:00:19) PaulS_laptop: the smell is musty and warm, even in the warm kitchen. It's a wet smell
(16:00:37) PaulS_laptop: enjoy your vomit
(16:00:53) MereObserver: Samson finishes loading the bikes and goes back to look at the grill.
(16:01:18) MonkeyBomb: Brock gasps at the odor, inhales some, and retches. "Jesus Christ."
(16:01:19) lurkd: Munroe looks through the garage to the nice house.
(16:01:43) MonkeyBomb: He closes the fridge.
(16:01:54) PaulS_laptop: it's too late, the smell is there now. the smell is on him
(16:02:34) PaulS_laptop: munroe's house's garage is largely empty. It has a tool chest, a washer and dryer, an ironing board
(16:02:50) PaulS_laptop: looks like people actually parked cars in this one, because it's got space where one would fit
(16:03:05) PaulS_laptop: samson's grill is a fairly small propane grill. tank's empty
(16:04:16) MereObserver: Samson removes the empty tank and hauls the grill out to the flatbed, along with the other spare, unattached tank. "Hey Munroe, c'mere and look at what's in here. See if it runs or whatever it is you do."
(16:06:25) lurkd: Munroe and Frank hustles over. "Oi you need me?" He walks in.
(16:06:48) MereObserver: "Yeah, there's a car in here."
(16:07:27) MonkeyBomb: He glares at Ace. "Why'd you let me open that fridge?" Ace *wag* *wag*
(16:07:49) lurkd: What kind of car?
(16:08:56) PaulS_laptop: it's an early 00s Ford Taurus or NZ equivalent
(16:09:09) MonkeyBomb: Brock looks for some soap or something… ANYTHING to help cover up the odor. Luckily he stuffed any food he could find in a tied-up trash bag before he opened the fridge.
(16:10:08) PaulS_laptop: he's got a goodly bunch of munchies. No soap though(there's water in the soap bottle, like he tried to reuse it a couple times). The sink is full of some pretty scuzzy dishes
(16:10:55) lurkd: "Hmmm…" He check under the hood to diagnose. Frank checks the fuel level.
(16:11:48) PaulS_laptop: does frank look inside the tank proper?
(16:12:02) PaulS_laptop: car's got a battery, fluid levels look good munroe
(16:13:23) MonkeyBomb: Brock continues throughout the house, looking for weapons and/or ammunition.
(16:13:41) MonkeyBomb: (He stops in the bathroom to look for soap.)
(16:14:18) PaulS_laptop: No weapons. There is soap in the shower in the bathroom. It's got pubic hair on it. This guy was a PIG. There's also a little pump soap bottle by the si8nk
(16:14:31) lurkd: Yes, Frank would know how to check a fuel tank properly.
(16:14:41) MereObserver: "I'm gonna let you look over it, I'll be in the back, gonna see if there's anything back there." Samson does what he said he was going to.
(16:14:49) lurkd: Shadowed Munroe on a lot of jobs.
(16:15:05) lurkd: Munroe nods and gets to assessing.
(16:17:02) MonkeyBomb: Brock squeezes some soap out of the dispenser and smears a little under his nose. *sniff* Nope. Now it just smells like flowers combined with rot.
(16:18:43) MereObserver: Samson heads around back too see if there's a tool shed or something.
(16:18:59) MonkeyBomb: He gives up and shoves whatever clothes he can find into another trash bag. He pauses on his way out and returns to the soap, taking it with him as well. He and Ace make their way into the garage.
(16:19:33) PaulS_laptop: This garage has no car. Lots of beer boxes, junk, several trash bags
(16:20:01) PaulS_laptop: pile of dirtty clothes atop the washer, with a wet, musty funk pervading the whole place
(16:20:08) PaulS_laptop: There's no tool shed
(16:20:33) PaulS_laptop: lurkd: does Munroe have a way to test the battery?
(16:21:41) MereObserver: "Well fuck." Samson does a once around of the outside of the house before heading back to the garage.
(16:22:00) lurkd: He has a voltmeter… either that he can make some sparkies with a crescent wrench on the terminals.
(16:22:13) MonkeyBomb: Brock takes about 2 minutes to determine there's nothing helpful here. He heads back to the truck with a bag full of junk food, a bag full of (relatively) clean clothes, a bar of soap, and a half-empty soap bottle.
(16:22:31) PaulS_laptop: Voltmmeter sez no juice
(16:22:53) PaulS_laptop: Samson finds a garden hose!
(16:23:37) MereObserver: Samson looks down. "Oh. Well that's a thing." Is it attached to a spigot, or just hanging out?
(16:24:24) PaulS_laptop: it's on one of those rolly dolly things, hooked up to a spigot
(16:24:55) lurkd: Is it a manual? He'll push start it then. Munroe opens the garage door.
(16:25:01) PaulS_laptop: It's an automatic
(16:25:15) lurkd: "Bloody… *sigh*"
(16:25:21) lurkd: Fuel level?
(16:25:40) PaulS_laptop: Full tank, but the gas is long gone over
(16:25:48) MereObserver: Samson grabs the end of the water hose and turns on the spigot, seeing if it has running water.
(16:26:09) lurkd: So basically undriveable?
(16:27:02) PaulS_laptop: undrivable without quite a lot of doing. Might be worth making a note of later though!
(16:27:12) PaulS_laptop: There is no water from the spigot
(16:28:16) lurkd: Any of the engine parts compatible with the trucks. Both Fords.
(16:28:50) MereObserver: "Ah well." Samson takes the hose and wraps it around his shoulder.
(16:29:47) PaulS_laptop: Quite probably an awful lot jury riggable. Certainly the fluids. Most of the engine parts themselves wouldn't be a drop in fit, but it's got a lot of stuff you could probably make work. All the consumables should carry over though(filters, etc.) except the fuel filter
(16:31:56) lurkd: "…." He mulls this over.
(16:32:04) MereObserver: Samson throws the hose in the back of the truck. "What's the diagnosis?"
(16:32:15) lurkd: "To hell with this." He ganks the keys instead.
(16:32:44) lurkd: "It's got petrol but it's all stale as shite. It aint moving without the fresh stuff."
(16:33:06) lurkd: "I got the keys so we can just make a note that it's here and maybe come back for it."
(16:35:03) MereObserver: Samson nods. "Alright, well I found quite a bit of stuff. Clothes, toys for the kids, a dead flashlight, the bikes, a grill, a propane tank, and a hose."
(16:37:58) MonkeyBomb: "I got some food and some clothes." Brock tosses his bags on the back of the truck.
(16:39:12) lurkd: "I hope you guys got plenty of socks and underwear."
(16:39:36) MereObserver: "I think I threw some in there, I just kinda went handfuls at a time."
(16:39:40) lurkd: Munroe makes sure shits tied down and not going to shift or fall out before getting in.
(16:40:34) MereObserver: "I wonder if those damn sheep are still there."
(16:42:07) lurkd: "We'll see if we can get some on the way back. The women can gut and clean." He snickers.
(16:42:27) lurkd: *honk*
(16:42:40) lurkd: "Leaving the bloody station, ya tossers!"
(16:43:27) MonkeyBomb: Brock and Ace hop on. "Let's roll."
(16:43:43) lurkd: *vroom*
(16:43:47) MereObserver: Samson jumps in the back. "Yeehaw."
(16:44:40) lurkd: Munroe drives off but not the way he came, he figures he should cover as much of the town as possible by making a large circle before getting back on the main road out.
(16:45:05) lurkd: Also assuming Matt is with them as well.
(16:46:06) PaulS_laptop: he is
(16:46:09) PaulS_laptop: he's got shotgun as usual
(16:46:15) MonkeyBomb: Brock lays back against the cabin and keeps an eye out as they drive. Ace enjoys the wind in his face, and his ears flop around.
(16:47:55) MonkeyBomb: This is a lot better than scavenging around on foot.
(16:48:07) lurkd: Frank harumphs about being squished between Matt and Munroe. "Quit you're belly achin ya wank."
(16:48:29) lurkd: Munroe drives.
(16:48:45) MereObserver is now known as MereShops
(16:53:25) PaulS_laptop: Roll perc
(16:54:19) MereShops: 4df+6 -1AP Sixth Sense
(16:54:19) CROM: MereShops: -1AP Sixth Sense: 7 (4df+6=+, -, +, 0)
(16:54:29) lurkd: 4df+4 Cruisin down the street in my 6 4…
(16:54:29) CROM: lurkd: Cruisin down the street in my 6 4…: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
(16:54:34) MereShops is now known as MereObserver
(16:54:43) MonkeyBomb: 4df+3 Not gonna be near as good as the other rolls…
(16:54:44) CROM: MonkeyBomb: Not gonna be near as good as the other rolls…: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
(16:54:45) lurkd: (no AP)
(16:56:53) PaulS_laptop: The sheep are there!
(16:57:55) MereObserver: "Sheep ho!"
(16:58:23) MonkeyBomb: "Hmmm…" Brock looks. "What do you want to do with 'em?"
(16:58:49) PaulS_laptop: "Bring 'em back"
(16:59:05) PaulS_laptop: "if we can"
(16:59:16) MereObserver: "We could grab 'em by the legs, haul 'em back to camp and find a fenced off area to put them in."
(16:59:16) PaulS_laptop: "We can pro9bably build up a herd."
(16:59:28) PaulS_laptop: "hell, we can tie 'em up even, in the short term"
(16:59:47) MonkeyBomb: "Worth a shot, I suppose."
(16:59:55) lurkd: "Aye." Munroe drives toward sheep.
(17:00:06) lurkd: "Frank try not to spook them off."
(17:00:14) lurkd: He stops short of the herd.
(17:00:25) PaulS_laptop: there's two sheep there
(17:00:25) MereObserver: "Let's have you and Frank…stay here…yeah?"
(17:00:31) PaulS_laptop: being, well, sheep
(17:00:40) lurkd: "Aye, that's best."
(17:00:55) lurkd: Munroe and Frank chill to the oldies… of radio static.
(17:01:16) PaulS_laptop: Matt dismounts
(17:01:34) MereObserver: Samson jumps out.
(17:01:54) MonkeyBomb: Ace finally notices the two animals. He cocks his head, ears perked. To dog sits up. Brock tells him to stay and Ace remains laying on the truck, slightly disappointed. "Don't scare 'em away, bud."
(17:01:57) PaulS_laptop: "You nabbed a hose, right?"
(17:01:59) MonkeyBomb: *The
(17:02:55) PaulS_laptop: "Take that hose, tie up a great big slip knot in it. Think lasso"
(17:02:58) PaulS_laptop: to Samson
(17:03:47) MereObserver: Samson nods, grabbing the hose and starts tying.
(17:03:58) MonkeyBomb: This is going to be good, Brock thinks. He hops off the truck.
(17:04:03) PaulS_laptop: Matt attempts to stalk around the other side of them
(17:04:49) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 burning an AP for Cows Around. Sneak up around the other side of the sheep]
(17:04:50) CROM: PaulS_laptop: burning an AP for Cows Around. Sneak up around the other side of the sheep]: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
(17:05:05) Echo: The sheep stare at Brock.
(17:05:27) MonkeyBomb: "…" He gives them a 'what?' expression.
(17:05:33) PaulS_laptop: Matt begins approaching from the other side
(17:05:57) MereObserver: Samson finishes his knot and flanks around the back of the sheep.
(17:07:52) Echo: One of them edges closer to Brock.
(17:07:59) Echo: Then it FLIPS THE FUCK OUT.
(17:08:03) Echo: And runs…
(17:08:06) MonkeyBomb: "Shit."
(17:08:08) Echo: Toward Matt.
(17:08:22) Echo: 4df+1 Sheep perception
(17:08:22) CROM: Echo: Sheep perception: 0 (4df+1=+, -, 0, -)
(17:08:38) Echo: It fails to notice Matt at all, barreling straight toward him.
(17:09:04) Echo: Matt, you can roll what you like to try to keep up, tackle it, or… anything.
(17:11:53) MonkeyBomb: 4df+4 [Tagging Hunter - He's used to sneaking up on animals.] Brock heads into the fray stealthily, trying not to spook the other sheep.
(17:11:53) CROM: MonkeyBomb: [Tagging Hunter - He's used to sneaking up on animals.] Brock heads into the fray stealthily, trying not to spook the other sheep.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
(17:12:06) lurkd: Munroe and Frank point and chuckle from the truck.
(17:19:12) Echo: The other sheep is watching all of this, frozen in abject horror.
(17:19:20) Echo: 4df+1 Sheep perc
(17:19:20) CROM: Echo: Sheep perc: 2 (4df+1=-, +, 0, +)
(17:19:27) Echo: It doesn't notice Brock.
(17:20:45) MonkeyBomb: He tries to get Samson's attention.
(17:20:59) lurkd: "Oi, would you jolly tossers just give her a ruddy bout and hurry garb!"
(17:21:29) lurkd: "I sear Frank… it's just sheep."
(17:21:39) MereObserver: Samson looks over to Brock, tossing him the lasso.
(17:22:12) MonkeyBomb: He catches it, and nods towards the motionless sheep.
(17:22:51) Rogotoclass is now known as Roget
(17:23:06) MereObserver: Samson crouches and starts to the still sheep. "…"
(17:23:29) MonkeyBomb: There're a lot of different things on Brock's resume, but sheep wrangler isn't one. Not yet at least. He gets ready with the impromptu lasso.
(17:23:34) Echo: He closes to within Samson-assault range.
(17:24:36) MereObserver: Samson lunges on the sheep, trying to wrestle him to submission.
(17:25:15) Echo: Roll melee! Or Strength!
(17:25:38) lurkd: Frank rolls his eyes, wondering if he should get out an help.
(17:25:39) PaulS_laptop: 4df+5 strength plus Cows Around. Grab it
(17:25:40) CROM: PaulS_laptop: strength plus Cows Around. Grab it: 4 (4df+5=-, +, -, 0)
(17:26:00) Echo: 4df+3 Oh dear.
(17:26:01) CROM: Echo: Oh dear.: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
(17:26:03) PaulS_laptop: He dives for the legs, trying to grab a rear one
(17:26:07) MereObserver: 4df+6 tag aspect Samson Str
(17:26:07) CROM: MereObserver: tag aspect Samson Str: 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
(17:26:15) Echo: PaulS_laptop: Call it!
(17:26:29) Echo: 4df+3 Oh dear again.
(17:26:30) CROM: Echo: Oh dear again.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
(17:26:33) Echo: …
(17:26:40) Echo: Samson's sheep is at his mercy as well.
(17:27:09) Echo: Both struggle, bah-ing loudly in distress.
(17:27:24) PaulS_laptop: Left rear leg in his hand. NAB. The sheep is quickly subdued by Matt, who goes from a leg hold to having it around the body]
(17:27:45) PaulS_laptop: He moves to pick it up, behind the rear legs and ahead of the front one
(17:27:47) PaulS_laptop: *ones
(17:27:50) Echo: Matt's kicks in futility, no sign of tiring out quickly.
(17:28:15) MereObserver: "Stahp squirming ya ninny!" Samson wraps the sheep around him shoulders, each set of legs on either side of his head.
(17:28:37) PaulS_laptop: "I gotcha girl"
(17:28:41) PaulS_laptop: assuming it's a girl
(17:28:47) Echo: It settles down a few moment later, giving up.
(17:28:57) PaulS_laptop: he talks to it calmly as he carries it back to the truck
(17:29:25) MonkeyBomb: "Huh. Not bad." Brock twirls the hose as he heads back to the truck.
(17:29:33) PaulS_laptop: "Gonna prob'ly wanna use the hose like a leash to hold it on the back. Hobble it with the hose, leash it and hang onto it
(17:29:43) MonkeyBomb: "Yep."
(17:29:43) PaulS_laptop: I'll take this one in the cab, and hopefully she doesn't piss on me"
(17:30:21) MonkeyBomb: Ace stands up and nearly goes bonkers at the sheep. Brock hushes the dog and he eventually stops barking.
(17:30:32) MereObserver: "Alright, lemme leash this guy then."
(17:32:13) Echo: As they get closer to Frank…
(17:32:17) Echo: Both of them flip out again.
(17:32:26) Echo: Strength to keep hold!
(17:33:02) PaulS_laptop: 4df+5 last AP. Matt is used to struggling animals, and pulls it closer to his chest
(17:33:02) CROM: PaulS_laptop: last AP. Matt is used to struggling animals, and pulls it closer to his chest: 4 (4df+5=0, -, +, -)
(17:33:05) MereObserver: 4df+6 Tagged Stop Squirming Samson
(17:33:05) CROM: MereObserver: Tagged Stop Squirming Samson: 7 (4df+6=+, +, -, 0)
(17:35:24) Roget is now known as Roglaunders
(17:38:51) Roglaunders is now known as Roget
(17:39:17) Echo: 4df+3
(17:39:17) CROM: Echo: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
(17:39:19) Echo: 4df+3
(17:39:20) CROM: Echo: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
(17:39:23) Echo: …
(17:39:27) Echo: The sheep are tired.
(17:39:32) Echo: And firmly in hand.
(17:40:16) MereObserver: Samson ties up the sheep and moves it in the flatbed. "C'mon you."
(17:41:14) MonkeyBomb: "That went well." Brock climbs onto the truck for like, the millionth time that day.
(17:41:16) lurkd: "Bout time!"
(17:42:08) PaulS_laptop: Matt climbs into the truck and settles down in shotgun, with a sheep folded up on his lap
(17:43:34) MonkeyBomb: "Alriiiiiight. Let's hit the road." He raps his knuckles on the cabin window.
(17:44:47) lurkd: *vroom* With everyone in, they drive back.