Shopping Trip

(2:07:10 PM) Ragazzo: Lance is roaming around the inside of the hospital's ICU ward, reading patient charts.
(2:08:08 PM) E4D: Jason walks back and forth along the rooftop of the hospital, looking down at the emptiness delineated by the circumference of the Circle several hundred yards away. "Jesus fucking Christ… He keys his mic. «Any station, this is Jason. Radio check.»
(2:08:33 PM) Ragazzo: «Dr. Cole here.»
(2:08:46 PM) E4D: «Solid copy. Out.»
(2:08:49 PM) Maddy_AFK: Alice perks up. «Alice here.»
(2:09:04 PM) PaulS_laptop: «John here. Something up, Fearless Leader?"
(2:09:06 PM) E4D: «Copy. Checking signal.»
(2:09:08 PM) PaulS_laptop: *»
(2:09:31 PM) E4D: Jason flatfaces up on the roof, holding the now-chattering mic at arms-legnth.
(2:09:53 PM) Ragazzo: He holds his radio in one hand, musing over the symptoms of a of a patient with huntington's.
(2:10:01 PM) Maddy_AFK: «R-right…» she goes back to looking at a map of the area, planning to hit a Target at some point.
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(2:11:10 PM) PaulS_laptop: John is whistling and killing time. He found a box of old fashioned spring mouse traps, and is thoroughly enjoying himself placing them in cupboards and drawers he's already looted
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(2:20:25 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight is checking out the vicinity of the hospital, while her tablet charges.
(2:24:40 PM) Tom90deg: Simon is wandering the hospital, looking for any medicanal drugs, and looking for any reccords or logs.
(2:35:29 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight returns, "We really should head out to do some more looting." Why put a nice face on it, that's what this is, after all.
(2:36:18 PM) Maddy: "W-working on a p-plan, Midnight."
(2:37:02 PM) MisterFlames: "A plan?" She asks.
(2:37:33 PM) Maddy: "D-don't want to just wander off. W-want to make sure w-we get as much as we c-can without t-too many trips."
(2:38:10 PM) Tom90deg: Simon returns and greets Alice and Midnight. "Hey guys."
(2:38:37 PM) Maddy: "A-and if we can avoid the Foundation guys c-completely, e-even better."
(2:39:32 PM) Maddy: "Hey Simon."
(2:40:13 PM) Tom90deg: "How goes it?"
(2:40:37 PM) Maddy: "A-all things c-considered? I d-don't know if I c-can answer that."
(2:41:50 PM) Tom90deg: 'Heh…well, what's the short term plan?"
(2:41:51 PM) MisterFlames: "The reason I bring this up is that if the Foundation guys are thinking at all, they're doing the same thing."
(2:42:19 PM) Maddy: "All the m-more reason to t-think of a p-plan, fast."
(2:42:43 PM) Tom90deg: "We ran into the Foundation? I guess this was last night?"
(2:42:57 PM) Maddy: She hits her radio. «Jason, we're thinking of going to Target, you w-wanna come?»
(2:43:31 PM) Tom90deg: "Ahh, target. I'll get some cat food."
(2:44:16 PM) MisterFlames: "It's a supermarket as well. We might be able to get produce. Might even have some good meat from the frozen section."
(2:44:17 PM) E4D: He keys the radio with his left hand, rifle laid across the threshold, sighting in on the circle, sweeping the scope slowly across. «Target? How far away?»
(2:44:54 PM) MisterFlames: "The Target's in a plaza, and it's across the street from the police station. I'd say less than a mile."
(2:45:03 PM) Maddy: «L-less than a Mile.»
(2:46:25 PM) E4D: «You're not walking, are you?»
(2:46:46 PM) Maddy: «W-wasn't planning on it.»
(2:47:11 PM) Maddy: «It's a-across from the police s-station, so w-we can hit that t-too.>
(2:47:12 PM) Maddy: >
(2:47:46 PM) Tom90deg: "Get some kevlar for those of us without robot armor suits."
(2:48:15 PM) E4D: «Yeah, I'll be down. Send someone up to take my spot?»
(2:48:34 PM) Maddy: «R-right.»
(2:49:29 PM) Maddy: Alice looks around. "W-we need someone to t-take Jason's place on the r-roof."
(2:50:02 PM) MisterFlames: "Can Akane do it?"
(2:50:41 PM) Maddy: «Akane? Y-you around?»
(2:52:18 PM) Sabitsuki: Akane goes up and does whatever needs to be done
(2:52:36 PM) Maddy: «J-jason, Akane's on her way up.»
(2:54:00 PM) Maddy: Alice suits up, just in case.
(2:54:32 PM) Ragazzo: Lance exhales, and rubs his temples, sitting on one of the empty bed in the hospital.
(2:58:15 PM) E4D: Jason briefs Akane, and jogs down the stairs to meet the rest of the group, following through some double doors to, presumably, the second floor.
(2:58:46 PM) MisterFlames: "Okay, we go north on Gap Road, which turns to Todd Street, then turn left on Gregory Terrace." Midnight looks at the map she printed out. "There's also a steakhouse and a hotel in the general area, so more opportunities."
(2:59:49 PM) Maddy: "Ooooh, r-restaurants would h-have huuuuge s-stores of canned shit. A-and they're walk-ins s-stay cool for a couple days if y-you don't open them"
(3:00:16 PM) MisterFlames: "There are also clothiers, so you might want to get a few changes of outfits, for wash day at least." Midnight says.
(3:00:24 PM) E4D: «We need a trailer.>
(3:00:43 PM) Maddy: «W-well, let's find one then.»
(3:00:53 PM) E4D: <Like, a big one, or a vehicle with a lot of cargo space.>
(3:01:15 PM) Tom90deg: "Maybe a bit ambulance? Those have quite a bit of space
(3:01:22 PM) Tom90deg: *big*
(3:01:28 PM) Maddy: «Could work.»
(3:01:51 PM) MisterFlames: "Got a couple of places where you can rent a trailer. Also has power tools and the like."
(3:02:09 PM) E4D: Jason pulls off his helmet. "Cuz think, we're gonna have limited crew in the LAV or it's gonna get completely inefficient to fight out of, and you can't work on people in the ICV if there's crap everywhere. We don't need a doctor tripping on a can of ravioli while he's taking a bullet out of somebody.>
(3:02:39 PM) Tom90deg: "Probaly a bunch of them somewhere in the hospital, and we could modify it to be a totaly dedicated hospital on wheels."
(3:02:51 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight is prepared!
(3:03:24 PM) Maddy: <Well, lets g-get moving then!>
(3:03:34 PM) Maddy: <M-maybe we can f-find an RV.>
(3:03:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Lets head down to the basement garage then? Last hospital I worked at, that's were they were stored."
(3:03:57 PM) E4D: <I thought the circle ate all the vehicles here.>
(3:04:16 PM) Tom90deg: "Worth a shot, maybe the doors were locked or something."
(3:04:56 PM) MisterFlames: "Oh… what's a 'flying doctor service'?" Midnight looks up.
(3:05:48 PM) E4D: "Medics on helicopters. For critically injured civilians that need treatment fast or can't get to a hospital by ground vehicle."
(3:05:51 PM) Maddy: Alice bounces from foot to foot a bit. <Well, in any case, a t-trailer is not a v-vehicle. M-might beable to f-find one in the residential a-area."
(3:06:42 PM) Maddy: <I m-mean assuming you g-guys are up f-for a little B&E.>
(3:06:43 PM) E4D: Jason nods, heading for the stairs leading for the lower level.
(3:06:52 PM) Maddy: Alice follows.
(3:07:04 PM) Tom90deg: Simon heads on down, looking for any signs that point to a lower garage.
(3:07:07 PM) Ragazzo: Lance wanders out of the hospital rather grim-faced.
(3:07:42 PM) MisterFlames: "They have one of those here as well. Looks like fixed wing?"(3:09:14 PM) E4D: He looks down, talking as he walks. "That won't do much more for us than supplies and fuel. We don't have any pilots."
(3:09:43 PM) Maddy: <R-right.>
(3:09:51 PM) MisterFlames: "Supplies and fuel are fine. And aircraft would also mean there would have something to move fuel around, maybe?"
(3:10:23 PM) Tom90deg: "A fuel tanker would be very useful…"
(3:10:54 PM) Maddy: <S-so, w-well check out d-down here, hit the T-target and surrounding area and t-then find a t-trailer?>
(3:10:55 PM) E4D: "Refueling stations for craft in facilities like that are stationary. You got a pump network that takes it to the roof."
(3:11:05 PM) E4D: <Wait, fixed wing?>
(3:11:30 PM) MisterFlames: "Yeah, Pilatus PC-12."
(3:13:03 PM) MisterFlames: "Looks like they have four of them here for air ambulances in the outback."
(3:13:21 PM) E4D: "All that on your tablet, huh?"
(3:13:34 PM) E4D: Jason stops… "Actually…"
(3:13:53 PM) Maddy: <F-felines are r-resourceful, feline m-mages double so, it s-seems.>
(3:14:08 PM) MisterFlames: "No, I can get the internet, which means that some servers are operational. Looks like is up, so I can get Google Caches."
(3:16:27 PM) E4D: "Shit, I know what they *would* have. They're not *big*, but they *might* have a couple of 500-gallon tanks for on-spot or bush refueling… I didn't even think about ground support teams."
(3:18:57 PM) Tom90deg: "Check it out on the way back or before we go?"
(3:19:38 PM) E4D: "Hell, we might as well check it now. We haven't checked the lower level yet, anyway, right?"
(3:19:50 PM) Maddy: <L-lead the way, love.>
(3:21:23 PM) E4D: Jason gets to the bottom of the stairs, stepping through a door into the parking garage.
(3:29:18 PM) Maddy: Alice follows behind looking around
(3:29:55 PM) Tom90deg: Simon flicks on his flashlight and shines it around.
(3:31:37 PM) E4D: "Probably gonna be looking for a caged-off area. Look for explosive warning signs and shits."
(3:31:59 PM) Tom90deg: "Right…."
(3:35:05 PM) E4D: Jason puts his helmet on, turning on the light and panning it around. "Guess the E-gennies don't power the lower level. That, or a line's broken…"
(3:37:56 PM) Maddy: Alice hits the light on her helmet too, scanning around a little farther off from Jason.
(3:45:04 PM) E4D: 1d2
(3:45:05 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 1 (1d2=1)
(3:45:57 PM) E4D: Jason spots a wire mesh fence off to one side of the garage, with a ramp leading up out of the hospital visible past it, apparently closed off from the outside by a shutter.
(3:47:45 PM) Tom90deg: Simon looks around for any vehicles that may have escaped the thing that was calling them.
(3:48:29 PM) Maddy: <S-so, what have we got?>
(3:49:57 PM) E4D: Jason's intuition was correct. Off in one corner by the end are a trio of 500-gallon fuel tanks on wheels.
(3:50:25 PM) Tom90deg: "Spotted any ambulances?"
(3:52:38 PM) E4D: Jason's wandered off down by the other end, away from the cage. "Nothing over here."
(3:53:23 PM) Maddy: <Niiiice.> She grins at the fuel tanks.
(3:53:25 PM) E4D: "I say… we find like… a sporting goods store and get a bunch of equipment racks and bolt the fuckers on top of the Stryker. Use it as a supply vehicle. Up top anyway. Keep the inside clear."
(3:54:13 PM) Maddy: <G-good plan. There's p-probably a s-sporting section in the T-target.>
(3:57:05 PM) Tom90deg: "Sounds good."
(4:01:43 PM) Maddy: <S-so…what are we waiting for?>
(4:02:45 PM) E4D: <Well, we can hook 'em up when we get back. Drain the generator. Hit up some gas stations on the way outta town… As nice as it is to have a roof over our heads, I don't want to stay much more than another couple nights.>
(4:03:12 PM) E4D: <To the Stryker? We can load up as much as we can, and sort it all when we get back, and toss what we really don't need.>
(4:03:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Agreed."
(4:03:46 PM) Tom90deg: "To Target then?"
(4:03:56 PM) Maddy: <R-right.> she smiles under her helmet, heading back to the stryker.
(4:04:06 PM) E4D: Jason nods, following Alice.
(4:04:20 PM) E4D: <Hey, hun, this would be the perfect time…>
(4:05:49 PM) Maddy: <For?>
(4:10:21 PM) E4D: <You want to drive an armored vehicle?>
(4:11:10 PM) Maddy: Oh man, if you could see the grin on her face. <Yes.>
(4:17:13 PM) E4D: He climb up on top of the Stryker, opening the driver's hatch. <Go on.>
(4:17:41 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight was already ready to go, sitting in the Stryker grooming.
(4:17:46 PM) Maddy: She's practically bouncing in excitement and climbs in!
(4:18:08 PM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs into the Stryker
(4:20:23 PM) E4D: Jason points out the brake and gas pedals, left and right. <The one on the left makes it stop if it's moving, the one on the right makes it move if it's stopped. The harder you press either one, the faster it happens.>
(4:20:43 PM) Maddy: <Easy e-enough.>
(4:22:13 PM) Maddy: <E-Everyone ready?>
(4:22:13 PM) E4D: He points at an electronics display with up and down arrows, an R, an N, and a P. <This? This is your transmission. All it does is decide whether you're going in forward or reverse, or park. When it's in park, the engine can spin up, but the wheels are locked and don't get power. >
(4:22:40 PM) Maddy: She nods. <R-right, ok. I t-think I c-can do this.>
(4:23:07 PM) E4D: <Neutral means the engine's disengaged, but the wheels can spin. Reverse is self-explanatory. We'll just go with forward for now.> He points at a small lever. <Flip that up and hold it until the engine starts.>
(4:23:36 PM) Maddy: She does so, still grinning.
(4:25:35 PM) E4D: <All right. LAVs have power steering, but the column's loose as fuck. That means you really have to wheel them around. Gonna be doing circles with this thing. Just go straight ahead until it's on the road and opens up, then turn the wheel a bit to feel what it does.>
(4:26:04 PM) Maddy: <We r-ready then?>
(4:26:33 PM) E4D: <Just don't push the gas too hard.>
(4:26:40 PM) MisterFlames: "I thought this was the Stryker?"
(4:26:54 PM) Maddy: <It's a LAV v-variant…right?>
(4:27:39 PM) MisterFlames: "I'm only a cat, what do I know about driving?"
(4:28:04 PM) E4D: <Yeah. They're all LAVs. This one's an earlier iteration of Eve's model.>
(4:28:24 PM) Maddy: <A-about as much as me, I'd gather.> Still grinning. <Ok! W-we're going!> she puts it in drive a goes! Slowly at first.
(4:28:38 PM) E4D: <The LAV-25 the Marine Corps and Australia use? LAV-I. Stryker? LAV-II. Eve's a III.>
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(4:30:29 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, you're doing a lot better than I did when I tried to learn to drive stick."
(4:31:17 PM) Maddy: <Dad w-wouldn't let me learn to d-drive, and o-once I was in c-college, I didn't have a need to.>
(4:33:08 PM) MisterFlames: "Only thing I've ever driven was a shopping cart."
(4:34:31 PM) MisterFlames: "Maybe Dawn can make me an electric cart." Midnight seems happy with that idea.
(4:35:24 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm sure she could, heh, she'd probaly like the challenge."
(4:35:48 PM) Maddy: <W-we'll see.> Alice feeling a little more comfortable goes a little faster, turning when the road opens up.
(4:36:05 PM) E4D: Jason checks the GPS. <Ok, good.>
(4:36:18 PM) Maddy: <J-just tell me w-where to go.>
(4:36:33 PM) MisterFlames: "Too bad I can't see anything." Midnight picks up the printout and hands it to Jason.
(4:37:31 PM) E4D: <Thanks, Midnight.> Jason turns it until its recognizable. <You remember which way you're heading, Alice?>
(4:37:57 PM) E4D: Jason pops the hatch above him, grabbing the kitty and lifting her up.
(4:38:20 PM) MisterFlames: "She ought to be heading north, I think." Midnight looks around. "Okay, this works. All I need is a basket."
(4:38:41 PM) Maddy: <N-north on Gap…turn l-left on Gregory…O think.>
(4:38:44 PM) Maddy: *I
(4:38:52 PM) E4D: <Looks right.>
(4:39:09 PM) Maddy: <G-gap t-turns into…Todd.>
(4:39:25 PM) Maddy: <W-what a w-weird name for a road.>
(4:39:26 PM) MisterFlames: "That's right. The Plaza will be at the right. There will also be the Steakhouse there."
(4:39:35 PM) E4D: Jason points at the drop pouch on his cartridge belt. <You can ride in here until I need to drop a magazine.>
(4:40:21 PM) MisterFlames: "Best to let you keep yourself free. I can move better, and so can you." Midnight's tail twitches, "I'm small, but I can keep up."
(4:40:48 PM) Tom90deg: "True enough….I know River's hard to catch if she dosn't want to be."
(4:42:13 PM) MisterFlames: "And just think how good it is to be a smart cat. People look at me and just see a kitty, and by then it's too late."
(4:42:34 PM) Maddy: Alice keeps going, quite pleased with this whole driving thing. <A-and my dad w-was worried.>
(4:43:25 PM) E4D: <I gotta say, Midnight, you're a lot better than the last talking cat we ran into.>
(4:43:55 PM) Maddy: <The l-last talking cat w-we ran into w-was like…part d-demon or something.>
(4:44:14 PM) E4D: <Took care of that *real* quick.>
(4:44:44 PM) Maddy: <Fuck, I g-get a headache j-just thinking about…well…never mind.>
(4:46:20 PM) Maddy: Gap turns into Todd and Alice keeps an eye out for Greg.
(4:46:31 PM) MisterFlames: "Poor thing. Now technically, I'm a sort of daemon, but the meaning is *not* the same."
(4:47:21 PM) Maddy: <Yeah, I get that, M-midnight, but this th-thing…f-felt like I w-was g-getting torn to p-peices.>
(4:47:54 PM) E4D: <So I turned it into tomato soup.>
(4:47:58 PM) MisterFlames: "Poor thing, and poor you. Wish I could have met her, I could possibly have helped. I have a soft spot for sapients."
(4:48:54 PM) Maddy: <Maybe. I d-don't like hurting t-things that c-can think unless t-they ask for it…then I enjoy it q-quite a bit.>
(4:49:18 PM) E4D: <I felt bad later… another bender was… well, killing it and raising it, killing it and raising it.>
(4:50:05 PM) MisterFlames: "Reality benders? Those are trouble. The Hand tends to avoid the godlings."
(4:50:24 PM) Tom90deg: "Good plan there."
(4:50:55 PM) E4D: <Guys I worked for *hated* 'em. But… I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.>
(4:51:31 PM) MisterFlames: "They are just people, but that's the trouble, they *are* people. And people can be trouble."
(4:52:01 PM) Maddy: <L-left on Gregory?>
(4:52:24 PM) Tom90deg: "Power corrupts, and ablsoute power corrupts absloutly/"
(4:52:47 PM) Maddy: Alice goes left cause no one is answering her!
(4:53:20 PM) E4D: <Yeah, left.>
(4:53:43 PM) Maddy: <R-right, how far n-now?>
(4:54:00 PM) MisterFlames: "Next block, you should see it now."
(4:54:43 PM) Maddy: And she does! <Ok!> she hits the break, they kinda stop like a bus cause she still sucks at this.
(4:55:12 PM) E4D: <All right, now hit the P button.>
(4:55:27 PM) Maddy: She pokes said button.
(4:55:35 PM) E4D: The vehicles shifts as the engine disengages and the wheels lock.
(4:55:52 PM) E4D: <All right, now pull tis plunger.> He points.
(4:56:11 PM) Maddy: She does that too. <S-soooo, how'd I do?>
(4:56:13 PM) E4D: There's a hiss of air as the brakes lock.
(4:56:24 PM) E4D: <Not bad at all for your first time.>
(4:56:54 PM) Maddy: She grins. <A-awesome. I d-don't know what m-my dad's trouble was.>
(4:57:13 PM) MisterFlames: "You did fine." Midnight says. "Okay, let's go shopping."
(4:57:30 PM) Maddy: She hops out, assuming theres not more she has to do with the stryker.
(4:58:42 PM) E4D: Jason follows. "Need help down, Midnight?"
(4:59:06 PM) Maddy: <She's a c-cat, hun. They're agile and shit.>
(4:59:27 PM) E4D: Jason shrugs. <Just askin'.>
(4:59:29 PM) MisterFlames: "I'm good, but thanks." Midnight is clever, and gets down without a problem. "Agile, yes, but not strong."
(5:00:29 PM) Maddy: <S-such a g-gentleman.> she nudges Jason. <Ok, l-lets go.>
(5:00:36 PM) E4D: Jason unlimbers his rifle, holding it up to his shoulder, looking in the front door, offset against the wall. He taps the glass.
(5:01:14 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight watches the area, just in case.
(5:02:23 PM) Maddy: Alice is just behind, looking around. <You think t-they got hay?>
(5:02:41 PM) MisterFlames: "I don't know."
(5:02:52 PM) Rights:
(5:05:20 PM) Maddy: <W-well, we'll see. Good to g-go?>
(5:05:29 PM) E4D: Jason pushes the door open holding it open a bit. <Guess nobody's home.>
(5:06:08 PM) Maddy: Alice follows along, watching out for…well anything.
(5:06:56 PM) MisterFlames: "Let's see." Midnight walks in, and sniff the air.
(5:07:07 PM) E4D: Perception.
(5:07:55 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(5:07:55 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
(5:08:22 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Kitty!
(5:08:22 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Kitty!: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
(5:09:30 PM) E4D: Midnight catches the faintest whiff of… what might have been something dead. Carrion.
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(5:10:42 PM) MisterFlames: "Huh… something's dead in here. Might be just the meat section, or might be something else."
(5:11:02 PM) Maddy: <Lovely.>
(5:12:35 PM) MisterFlames: "At least the lights are on, so there's power. Produce might still be good." Midnight walks around, sniffing the air and listening.
(5:13:06 PM) Maddy: <A-anything in the f-freezers m-might be thawed, b-but still good.>
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(5:13:56 PM) MisterFlames: "There might also be ice."
(5:14:18 PM) Maddy: Alice keeps looking around. <S-sporting g-goods f-first? S-so we can carry this shit?>
(5:15:23 PM) E4D: <Shit! Charcoal! Lots and lots of charcoal! The wood chips, starter fluid, too!>
(5:15:47 PM) Maddy: <Yes! D-definitely!>
(5:16:22 PM) MisterFlames: "Grab shopping carts and fill them up."
(5:16:33 PM) Maddy: <If a-any of the m-meat here is s-still good, we c-can smoke it t-to keep it longer. And jerky!> She grabs a cart.
(5:16:59 PM) E4D: Jason follows suit, opening the swivel in back. "Want a ride?"
(5:18:56 PM) Maddy: Alice puts one foot up on her cart, pushing with the other. She is having way too much fun.
(5:18:59 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight hops up to the basket. "Onward!"
(5:20:24 PM) E4D: <I wonder…>
(5:20:33 PM) MisterFlames: "About what?"
(5:21:04 PM) E4D: <Thinkin' aloud. A harness for small animals wouldn't be able to carry much anyway…>
(5:21:34 PM) Maddy: <C-could w-work to attach something w-with wheels to.>
(5:21:47 PM) Maddy: <L-like a s-sled dog harness.>
(5:23:27 PM) Maddy: Alice heads down the pet aisle. <G-got a p-preferred c-cat food brand, Midnight?>
(5:23:53 PM) E4D: Jason snickers at the thought of a little cat yanking around a little cart with little wheels.
(5:24:14 PM) Maddy: <Oooh, they g-got the 100% meat s-stuff, f-fancy!>
(5:24:53 PM) MisterFlames: "Make sure it's got the by-products." Midnight says, "And I'm not that particular with cat food."
(5:24:59 PM) E4D: <Hey, Midnight, no more funny lizards.>
(5:25:56 PM) MisterFlames: "That lizard was entirely serious, I'll have you know." Midnight's tail resembles a flagpole at that.
(5:26:39 PM) Maddy: She grabs the high end super good for you cat food, seeing as money is no object at the moment. She tosses a couple cat toys in for River and the rabbits.
(5:27:07 PM) E4D: <Just sayin'. You can eat with a little bit of style now. Hell, you like steak? If the meat's good, we can fond you some ribeye.>
(5:27:36 PM) E4D: <Grab some food for Turbo?>
(5:27:50 PM) E4D: <I'm headin' off to sports.>
(5:28:11 PM) Maddy: <Y-yep, j-just looking out f-for some hay f-for the bunny boys.> she nods, tossing the hamster food in.
(5:29:06 PM) MisterFlames: "I'll have you know I supped on otoro, and it was divine. But that doesn't stop me from eating a mouse when it's mealtime."
(5:29:30 PM) Maddy: <Fuck…> she frowns grabbing rabbit pellets, not even sure if Dancer and Cupid will eat them.
(5:29:59 PM) MisterFlames: "See anything in sporting goods for water purification?"
(5:30:29 PM) Maddy: She finishes up in the pet section and heads to the food section. <Heading to produce, hun.>
(5:31:36 PM) E4D: <You know my channel. Need anything, just say the word.> He walks off, towards sporting goods and electronics, whistling a jaunty tune.>
(5:32:36 PM) Maddy: Alice gets to the veg, bypassing the salad, no way in hell that shit's any good anymore, looking instead at carrots, potatoes onions, etc.
(5:34:36 PM) Maddy: She starts to pile her cart with anything she's sure is still safe to eat.
(5:36:08 PM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(5:36:57 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight gets to exploring, looking around to see what smells… off.
(5:37:38 PM) E4D: MisterFlames: Perception!
(5:39:14 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Nose
(5:39:15 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Nose: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
(5:39:47 PM) DawnyWalks is now known as Dawny
(5:42:10 PM) E4D: Misnight is led off through to a corner of the clothing section.
(5:42:37 PM) E4D: And discovers the terrifying source of the foul odor!
(5:42:40 PM) E4D: A DEAD MOUSE!
(5:43:04 PM) Maddy: Alice, still pushing her cart around like a scooter, heads to the meat and frozen section, eyes peeled for anything that's still good.
(5:43:44 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 find me good food!
(5:43:45 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: find me good food!: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
(5:44:23 PM) MisterFlames: "Heh, okay." Midnight leaves it be, having eaten earlier, and goes to track down more things.
(5:46:28 PM) E4D: The refrigeration units are, thankfully, still working.
(5:46:33 PM) Dawny is now known as DawnyGetsPopped
(5:46:37 PM) E4D: She has a fairly good selection.
(5:49:31 PM) Maddy: «Shit yea, w-we got some good meat here!» Alice takes what she can. «How are you guys d-doing?»
(5:49:50 PM) MisterFlames: "Found the dead smell. It was a mouse."
(5:50:36 PM) E4D: <We're good. Midnight found a mouse.>
(5:50:55 PM) Maddy: «Heading to t-the non-parishable s-stuff and the s-spices, t-then I'll m-meet you in sporting?»
(5:51:27 PM) E4D: <I'm snatching up some packs. Got one cart filled with charcoal and a few tents. Sure thing. Sounds good.>
(5:54:22 PM) Tom90deg: Simon heads over to sporting goods, looking for any ammo, sorage racks or anything else useful.
(5:55:11 PM) E4D: It's a target, so yeah, he probably finds everything he's looking for besides ammo.
(5:55:30 PM) MisterFlames: Considering this is Australia, guns are heavily regulated.
(5:55:53 PM) Maddy: Alice grabs a second cart, packing it with rice, pasta tins of just about anything and soup. So much soup. <Skating away, skating away, skating away on the thin ice of a new day…> She wheels around, ending up back in the sporting section with her two carts. The girl myst be good at tetris.
(5:56:18 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Alice, think we need anything else from here?"
(5:56:37 PM) MisterFlames: "I hope you got water purification." Midnight says.
(5:57:13 PM) Maddy: <I don't know. G-got food, J-jason's got camping s-stuff.> she nods to Midnight. <G-good idea.>
(5:57:29 PM) Tom90deg: "That'd be over in camping I'd bet."
(5:57:57 PM) Maddy: «Jason, y-you got water purification s-stuff?>
(5:57:58 PM) Maddy: >
(5:58:03 PM) MisterFlames: "Might not hurt to get water here, for that. We are in the middle of some arid country, and while I can get my water from my kills, you can't."
(5:58:03 PM) E4D: Jason pulls out a pair of boxes from the cart to his left. <Right here!>
(5:58:19 PM) Tom90deg: "Good plan. That'd be over in food?"
(5:58:38 PM) E4D: He removes a smaller box. <Filters, too.>
(5:58:52 PM) MisterFlames: "Good plan."
(5:59:00 PM) Maddy: <Oh shit, there y-you are.> she grins under her mask. <Ok, f-food, water, camping shit…w-what else?>
(5:59:27 PM) MisterFlames: "Got medical supplies. Tools?"
(5:59:49 PM) MisterFlames: "How about batteries?"
(6:00:10 PM) E4D: <We lifted enough to stock the Stryker at the hospital. And yeah, we could use batteries.>
(6:00:59 PM) Maddy: <R-right! I'll b-be right back.> she leaves her carts of food and sprints off to find batteries, lanterns, flashlights…rope!
(6:01:10 PM) Heiden is now known as Heiden_afk
(6:01:18 PM) Tom90deg: "Hm…I'll grab a few boxes of candy as well on the way out. MAy as well, always good for keeping up spirits."
(6:02:13 PM) MisterFlames: "Get toothpaste and brushes. Hell, toiletries of all sort."
(6:02:58 PM) Tom90deg: "Right."
(6:03:46 PM) MisterFlames: "You apes can at least clean yourselves without your tongues." Midnight allows.
(6:04:41 PM) Maddy: Alice comes back with a third cart sometime later. <Batteries, a-all of them, flashlights, rope, s-soap yatta yatta.>
(6:04:55 PM) MisterFlames: If that's not a suggestion for them to get tissue paper, then Midnight figures they can work it out for themselves.
(6:05:38 PM) Tom90deg: Simon heads off and comes back with another cart stocked with various tolietries and whatnot. "Here we go…Heh, hope we don't run out of room in the stryker."
(6:06:23 PM) Maddy: <It'll f-fit, my 3d s-spacial reasoning is e-excellent.>
(6:07:55 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, alright."
(6:08:13 PM) Maddy: <S-so…now what? C-can anyone think o-of something we might have m-missed?>
(6:08:44 PM) MisterFlames: "Can opener?"
(6:09:02 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, I hope we have one of those?"
(6:09:11 PM) Maddy: Alice grins. <O-one step ahead of you!> she pulls one out of a pouch.
(6:09:25 PM) E4D: <We set?>
(6:09:37 PM) Maddy: <Think s-so.>
(6:09:39 PM) Tom90deg: "Think so."
(6:10:06 PM) E4D: Jason looks at Midnight, the Wondercat.
(6:11:27 PM) MisterFlames: "Yes?"
(6:11:58 PM) Maddy: <P-police s-station then? And s-see if we can't find a t-trailer?>
(6:12:13 PM) MisterFlames: "We're probably going to be back, once we get a trailer, and go to town on the canned goods. And yes, the police station."
(6:13:23 PM) Maddy: Alice lines up a few carts so she can push them all together. <R-ready to go w-when you are.>
(6:13:54 PM) MisterFlames: "I'm ready. The Police Station's on the other side of the plaza."
(6:14:28 PM) E4D: <Simon, get the door, would ya?>
(6:14:47 PM) Maddy: She starts pushing her carts back to the Stryker, waiting for Simon to hold the doors.
(6:14:51 PM) Tom90deg: Simon pushes it open. "Gotya"
(6:15:17 PM) E4D: The Stryker sits, lonely, in the parking lot.
(6:16:06 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight checks the area for other minds.
(6:17:35 PM) E4D: Midnight! Do your Mind Perception Detection Roll Thing!
(6:17:58 PM) Maddy: Alice starts to pack up the Stryker. Go team Alice!
(6:18:23 PM) Tom90deg: Simon assists in the lifting.
(6:18:33 PM) E4D: <We can get it organized and get all the storage racks bolted on when we get back.>
(6:18:42 PM) Maddy: <R-right!>
(6:18:46 PM) E4D: Jason simply wheels the shopping carts up the ramp.
(6:18:50 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Sight beyond sight
(6:18:51 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Sight beyond sight: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
(6:20:47 PM) E4D: Midnight can feel the barest twinges of a half-dozen humans… uneasy, no…. panicked.
(6:21:16 PM) E4D: West.
(6:22:05 PM) MisterFlames: "There's about six panicked people to the West… about…" How far?
(6:22:29 PM) Maddy: <Think it's our f-friends from the Found?>
(6:23:44 PM) MisterFlames: "Might be. There's about a kilometer or so. That's more toward the Circle, isn't it?"
(6:24:16 PM) Maddy: <W-what's the p-plan there, hun? W-we could just a-avoid them.>
(6:25:08 PM) E4D: <Opposite direction. The circle was just north north-east of the hospital, and they got dropped off on smith. From what you're sayin…> Jason checks the BFT. <They haven't moved.>
(6:25:28 PM) Tom90deg: "I say we avoid them."
(6:25:40 PM) Maddy: <I a-agree, no reason t-to engage.>
(6:25:41 PM) MisterFlames: "Easily avoidable, but yeah." Midnight twitches, "I don't like leaving people in trouble, but that might be for the best."
(6:26:15 PM) Tom90deg: "Same here Midnight."
(6:26:18 PM) Maddy: <N-neither do I, Midnight, b-but not everyone from the F-foundation is as…easy to g-get along with as us.>
(6:26:24 PM) E4D: <I don't see any reason to leave loose ends… but we can leave them. For now.>
(6:26:34 PM) laito [~ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc#ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc] entered the room.
(6:26:50 PM) Maddy: <W-who's driving?>
(6:27:05 PM) E4D: <There are some people in our *own* group who would be a little… less than tolerant of you.>
(6:27:27 PM) E4D: He looks up from Midnight to Alice. <She's yours if you want it.>
(6:27:42 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh….yah, I suppose there are…"
(6:27:50 PM) MisterFlames: "All right, then the Police Station." Midnight twirls their tail, "Well, that's their problem, isn't it? I'm not going to start anything, but I can well finish it."
(6:28:06 PM) Maddy: <T-they'll learn. If w-we're going to survive, w-we can't pick and c-choose our allies.> she gets into the drives seat. <E-everyone ready?>
(6:29:14 PM) MisterFlames: "Yes."
(6:29:22 PM) Tom90deg: 'Ready"
(6:30:05 PM) Maddy: Once everyone's ready she heads to the station, not like it's far.
(6:30:11 PM) Maddy: Vroom!
(6:35:02 PM) MisterFlames: "Not sure what we'll find here, but Alice Springs is a good sized town here." Midnight says.
(6:35:46 PM) Maddy: She puts the Stryker back in park, turns it off and hops out. <W-worth c-checking out anyways.>
(6:37:18 PM) Tom90deg: "Hopefully some SWAT gear or something."
(6:37:52 PM) Maddy: <Indeed.> she carefully approaches the door.
(6:38:40 PM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs out and follows
(6:38:58 PM) E4D: Jason follows up behind. <Careful, huh. Don't take any chances.>
(6:39:05 PM) E4D: He watches behind.
(6:39:31 PM) Maddy: <I'm a-always careful.> she pushes to door open, just a crack and peeks in.
(6:40:03 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight takes to the top of the Stryker, keeping alert.
(6:41:58 PM) E4D: There's nothing inside. A reception desk to the right, a long hallway with several offices dead ahead, and to the left a few chairs.
(6:42:07 PM) E4D: It's still, quiet.
(6:42:40 PM) Maddy: Say too quiet, I dare you. <W-well…looks empty s-so far.>
(6:43:36 PM) Tom90deg: "Yep…."
(6:43:38 PM) E4D: Too quiet.
(6:44:23 PM) E4D: Jason backs in, leaving the door cracked, so little cats can run inside.
(6:45:43 PM) Tom90deg: "So…any idea where they kept the heavy gear?"
(6:45:54 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight concentrates. ~I'm not going to be any good in there,~ she thinks to Alice. ~So I'll keep a look out.~
(6:46:32 PM) Maddy: Alice heads down to the desk. <M-midnight s-says she isn't going to b-be help here, s-she'll be on look out…>
(6:47:01 PM) Maddy: <A cat j-just spoke into m-my mind and this d-doesn't bother me at all…> she chuckles.
(6:47:40 PM) E4D: Jason shakes his head. <Not all precinct houses have that shit. Sometimes the individual officers keep it in their cars. Might find some vests.> Jason walks ahead, looking for a locker room.
(6:48:22 PM) Maddy: She checks the the desk for anything that might help them out.
(6:48:36 PM) Tom90deg: "Maybe the basement…I'm sure there's storage at least, should have ammo if nothing else."
(6:48:36 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 eyeballs!
(6:48:36 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: eyeballs!: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
(6:48:44 PM) E4D: <Usually got a ready room from there…>
(6:49:26 PM) E4D: She finds a lot of incident reports, receipts of custody, and some payroll documents. Nothing terribly helpful.
(6:49:32 PM) Maddy: <R-right…> she joins back with Jason, having not found anything interesting.
(6:49:58 PM) Tom90deg: Simon follows along.
(6:50:06 PM) E4D: Bingo.
(6:50:42 PM) E4D: They pass through a shower room, leading back to another hallway. At the end is a visible cage.
(6:51:14 PM) Maddy: <Oh hello…>
(6:51:25 PM) Tom90deg: "There we go…"
(6:52:07 PM) E4D: There's a lock on it. Inside are several kevlar vests, helmets, and masks similar to the ones seen on Samil. On a rack next to it are arrayed several handguns on pegs a pair of Remington 870 shotguns, and a single AR-15.
(6:52:30 PM) Tom90deg: "Cha-ching."
(6:53:01 PM) Maddy: <A-anyone got a lock pick?>
(6:53:11 PM) Maddy: <Or a h-hammer?>
(6:53:16 PM) Tom90deg: "I got some. You want the honors?"
(6:53:27 PM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(6:53:31 PM) Tom90deg: Simon digs around in his satchel and hold up some picks."
(6:54:13 PM) Maddy: <N-nah, y-you do it, I'd b-be more likely to break it.>
(6:55:20 PM) E4D: <Why don't we just pull the door off?>
(6:55:35 PM) Tom90deg: 4df+2 Lockpickin!
(6:55:35 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: Lockpickin!: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, +, -)
(6:56:15 PM) Maddy: <W-well if he d-doesn't pick it, th-then you can pull off t-the door.>
(6:56:31 PM) Tom90deg: "Indeed. Rubber hose cryptography."
(6:57:00 PM) E4D: The tumblers fall into place with an audible series of *clicks* and the hasp pops open.
(6:57:16 PM) Tom90deg: "Tada! I knew my wasted youth would come in handy one day."
(6:57:23 PM) Maddy: <You c-can still pull off the d-door if you want.>
(6:57:41 PM) Maddy: You can almost hear the big goofy grin.
(6:58:13 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, indeed."
(6:59:14 PM) E4D: Jason shrugs, grips the wire mesh, and yanks, pulling it off the hinges. <Ah, that's better.>
(6:59:37 PM) E4D: He drops it. <You know? That's the *first* time I've had a chance to do that?>
(6:59:52 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, How long you been waiting to do that?"
(6:59:54 PM) Maddy: Alice descends into giggle for a moment.
(6:59:55 PM) E4D: <I kinda feel bad. Like I wasted it.>
(7:00:09 PM) E4D: <I mean, you know, the lock was already open…>
(7:00:10 PM) Tom90deg: "Well, I was impressed."
(7:00:31 PM) Maddy: <Ok, ok…lets move. I p-promise the n-next one is all yours.>
(7:01:07 PM) Tom90deg: Simon grabs some kevlar vests and starts walking back out to the stryker, then treturning to grab guns and whatever else is in there.
(7:01:39 PM) Maddy: Alice just grabs anything, they can sort it later.
(7:01:44 PM) E4D: <Ammo's a big thing. They got nine mil, 12-gauge… five-five-six… that shit's good just about anywhere.>
(7:01:59 PM) Tom90deg: "Is there anything we should leave behind?"
(7:02:07 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, if not, lets just take everything."
(7:02:49 PM) E4D: <We can sort it all out when we get back to the hospital. I wouldn't mind staying there another night. I mean, it's not like we have anywhere else to be.>
(7:03:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Do we have a final destination?"
(7:03:48 PM) E4D: <Gotta have a plan to have a destination. And you need information to make a plan. Way I see it? I think we need to hit up those guys they dropped off yesterday. See what they know.>
(7:04:11 PM) E4D: He glances over at Alice. <What do you think, hun?
(7:04:40 PM) Maddy: <….shit you're right…> she sighs. <T-though, if t-they're panicked, and s-scared m-maybe they'll be r-resonable..>
(7:05:52 PM) Tom90deg: "Or more likely to shoot first…scared armed people are always bad."
(7:06:08 PM) E4D: <Might be more… pliable.>
(7:06:45 PM) Maddy: <W-we'll see. W-we also have an a-ally who can speak into minds. M-maybe she can calm them.>
(7:06:55 PM) E4D: He shoulder a canvas bag packed with ammunition, and tosses a few gas masks and filters in. He looks back, snatches a pair of helmets, then another before walking away.
(7:07:19 PM) Maddy: Alice grabs whatever she can and heads back aswell.
(7:08:28 PM) Tom90deg: Simon takes whatever's left and carries it outside.
(7:09:32 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight's the queen of the realm on her own LAV.
(7:11:06 PM) Maddy: <H-hey Midnight? I w-was wondering…>
(7:12:10 PM) MisterFlames: "What, Alice?"
(7:12:28 PM) E4D: Jason hefts the gear into the back, packing it down. <We got a good fucking haul today… we hook up those trailers, and fill *those* up? *AND* the vehicles? We'll be set for a bit.>
(7:12:48 PM) Maddy: <That mind talking t-trick, does it w-work both ways?>
(7:14:26 PM) MisterFlames: "It can, yes. Depends on the person and if they're willing."
(7:16:24 PM) Maddy: <Neat! I'll k-keep that in mind.> She gets into the Stryker again. <S-so where to now?>
(7:16:55 PM) E4D: <Back to the hospital?>
(7:17:11 PM) E4D: <Shower'd be nice.>
(7:17:19 PM) Maddy: <Ok!> she starts it up, shifting into drive and heading home
(7:18:24 PM) Flames [||SD] entered the room.
(7:18:24 PM) mode (+o Flames) by ChanServ
(7:18:42 PM) Flames: "Right, that sounds good… Oh, Alice, did you get art supplies?"
(7:19:00 PM) MisterFlames left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(7:19:22 PM) Maddy: <…no, shit.>
(7:19:40 PM) Tom90deg: "We're still next to the Target."
(7:19:48 PM) Maddy: She slams on the breaks. <Be right back!> She hops out and sprints off.
(7:20:42 PM) Tom90deg: Simon takes off his labcoat and pulls on one of the kevlar vests, putting the labcoat on over it. "Ah well..Jason, for someone who dosn't know guns, which would be good for me to have? I mean, this scalpel is nice, but might eventually want something with more range."
(7:20:52 PM) Maddy: She's back a short time later with a basket of art shit. <Ok, n-now we're good.> and then they went back to the LAV.
(7:21:10 PM) E4D: <Can't beat a handgun and a rifle.>
(7:21:23 PM) E4D: <I pack the shotgun, too, but that's a specialized tool.>
(7:21:45 PM) Tom90deg: "HEh, I can't shoot for shit though. Shotgun is good for close range, right?"
(7:21:45 PM) Flames: Midnight picked up candles and a lighter, for that.
(7:21:48 PM) E4D: <See, the rifle lets you reach out and touch someone. Good for CQB, long-range fighting, doesn't matter.>
(7:22:06 PM) E4D: <And *shotguns*… well, there's a lot more to shotguns than people think.>
(7:22:31 PM) Tom90deg: "Naturally."
(7:22:36 PM) E4D: <They don't spread to give you a better chance of hitting in the first place; it just gives you a better chancing of striking something vital when you *do* hit your target.>
(7:23:22 PM) Tom90deg: "Hm…well, I'm leaning towards the shotgun, Heh, if I'm going to be fireing a gun things have gone really bad."
(7:23:27 PM) E4D: <The rifle and pistol… those are what you need. The pistol never leaves your side. Your rifle might be out of arms reach, or unavailable, or unloaded, or empty, and you might have to fight… that's what the pistol's for.>
(7:23:56 PM) Maddy: Alice parks the Stryker back next to the LAV and shuts her down.
(7:24:22 PM) Ragazzo: Lance looks up. He waves.
(7:24:50 PM) Flames: "All right, then, what now?" Midnight says as she hops out of the Stryker.
(7:24:51 PM) Maddy: <W-we brought /stuff/> she pulls her helmet off, goofy grin still on her face.
(7:25:10 PM) Ragazzo: He thinks to himself. God damn dirty traitors. And a cat. "Good to hear."
(7:25:24 PM) E4D: <We get the 7 shopping carts and everything we took from the cop shop unloaded and organized.>
(7:25:25 PM) Ragazzo: "What'd you get?"
(7:25:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Oh."
(7:25:38 PM) Ragazzo: "Good."
(7:26:12 PM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs out and starts getting things organized
(7:26:12 PM) Maddy: "Ok, s-so let's s-sort this shit, t-then I'm going to t-take a shower."
(7:26:14 PM) E4D: <We raided Target for camping stuff, outdoors supplies, food, toiletries… ugh, took a bunch of ammo and personal protective equipment from the precinct house.>
(7:26:44 PM) E4D: <Grabbed a few Glocks, got a pair of pumpguns, and an AR-15 rifle.>
(7:27:45 PM) E4D: Jason pops the seal and removes his helmet, setting it on a seat inside the Stryker, and wheeling out shopping cart after shopping cart.
(7:27:51 PM) Maddy: Alice squirrels off a bottle of cucumber green tea body wash. She likes to smell nice.
(7:28:40 PM) Ragazzo: "Got something lightweight to spare for me? Just in case I'm clinging to the side of one of these again, and more helicopters show up. I'd like to be able to shoot back next time."
(7:29:20 PM) E4D: "Thought you wanted to roll over and hook back up?"
(7:29:40 PM) Maddy: Alice snickers, still sorting.
(7:29:42 PM) Flames: "That's probably what the pistol is for, although shooting a helicopter down is a bit much." Midnight says.
(7:30:24 PM) Ragazzo: "Not much of a choice any more, is there?"
(7:30:36 PM) Ragazzo: "We're all traitors, whether we like it or not."
(7:30:39 PM) Ragazzo: He shrugs.
(7:30:52 PM) Ragazzo: "Well, not all of us."
(7:31:13 PM) Ragazzo: "The ones from 23 to begin with, I mean."
(7:31:35 PM) Maddy: Alice keeps sorting along, setting her art supplies to the side.
(7:32:27 PM) E4D: Jason starts unloading a few canvas bags, looking for a place to secure them in cargo boxes along the sides of the Stryker and the LAV.
(7:32:39 PM) Flames: "I'm not a traitor, but that's different." Midnight allows.
(7:33:15 PM) E4D: "Got some one-man tents for each of us. Take up a little less space than the ones I ahd in the LAV, so we can replace those. Hell, we can keep 'em if we got the room."
(7:33:25 PM) Ragazzo: "Naturally. You weren't part of the foundation to begin with."
(7:33:38 PM) Sabitsuki: Tau walks up to the camp, holding…something in a over-the-shoulder carry.
(7:33:44 PM) E4D: "You want one for yourself, Midnight?"
(7:33:49 PM) Ragazzo: Lance glances at the something.
(7:34:16 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+2 What's thaaat
(7:34:16 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: What's thaaat: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, 0)
(7:34:23 PM) E4D: It earns a quick glance from Jason. "Whatcha got?"
(7:35:12 PM) Sabitsuki: "A -hng- mechanical man." She crouches and lays him/it gently down on the ground.
(7:35:29 PM) Maddy: "…interesting."
(7:36:29 PM) E4D: "Where, uh… where did you find it?"
(7:36:32 PM) Heiden_afk is now known as Heiden
(7:36:39 PM) Flames: "No, but thanks. A tent would be too much… a what?"
(7:36:55 PM) Ragazzo: "Huh."
(7:36:56 PM) E4D: He walks up to it, poking it gingerly with his boot. "Is it alive?"
(7:37:10 PM) Flames: Midnight walks over to look at the man, sniffing around it curiously.
(7:37:40 PM) Sabitsuki: "On a junkpile a handful of meters from the center of town. And no, I do not think so."
(7:38:00 PM) Tom90deg: "Huh…Well…intresting."
(7:39:01 PM) Sabitsuki: "There appear to be occult works manufactured onto his body…an attempt to create an AI with sorcery, perhaps."
(7:39:33 PM) Flames: "Really, now?" Midnight looks the man over carefully.
(7:41:10 PM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(7:41:51 PM) Sabitsuki: She flips a chest panel open and looks inside. "Yes. Though I've never seen this metal before. It's similar to bladewood in flexibility, but is extremely durable and rust resistant." Midnight might recognize some of the spells on the body as cloaking and illusion spells.
(7:44:04 PM) Sabitsuki: "Oddly enough, I didn't see the poor thing until I was right on top of it…even though this white metal is so bright…"
(7:44:29 PM) Flames: "It's got illusory magic. Huh…" Midnight purrs thoughtfully, letting her eyes shift to that of the Sight.
(7:45:04 PM) Tom90deg: "Huh…rather impressive work whoever made it."
(7:45:06 PM) Flames: 4df+4 Sight beyond Sight…
(7:45:06 PM) Quidmore: Flames: Sight beyond Sight…: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
(7:47:22 PM) E4D: Jason gestures toward the Stryker at Lance.
(7:47:23 PM) Sabitsuki: The spells seem to be designed to work in tandem with an optic camouflage system installed into the body. Under Midnight's sight, they glow a dull purple, radiating passivity.
(7:48:55 PM) Flames: "Interesting… Tau, is he physically intact, or do you know?"
(7:50:56 PM) Sabitsuki: "There's some issues with his circuitry here…looks like the heat has fused a bit of his mechanics together, and I'll have to take a look at his brain to make sure he isn't a killbot…given enough time though, I could repair him, oui."
(7:53:06 PM) Flames: "Okay, something to consider." Midnight looks up to Tau, "I hate leaving sapients. I'm still concerned about those Foundation men abandoned by the copter. They're tired and scared."
(7:53:59 PM) E4D: "Good, let 'em be scared. They were trying to mow us down with a minigun yesterday. You too."
(7:54:00 PM) Tom90deg: "I suppose we should help…at least get them out of here…."
(7:54:00 PM) Sabitsuki: "So? Are we suddenly in the habit of saving people who want to kill us?"
(7:54:10 PM) E4D: Jason nods at Tau.
(7:54:33 PM) E4D: "Like the lady said."
(7:54:41 PM) E4D: "They didn't drop them off unarmed."
(7:54:44 PM) Maddy: "L-like I said, w-we can get some info f-from them, then after that…" she shrugs.
(7:54:58 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm with midnight. We shouldn't just abandon them."
(7:55:10 PM) E4D: "After that, I say we take their shit and bounce."
(7:55:23 PM) Flames: "I see your logic, Jason, and even agree with it. I just don't *like* it."
(7:55:28 PM) Sabitsuki: Tau carefully hauls the robot onto her shoulders. "Can I store this fellow in the Stryker, Director?"
(7:55:49 PM) Tom90deg: "Why not just shoot them in that case? If we're going to leave them without any supplies, weapons or anything, it'd be faster."
(7:55:56 PM) E4D: "Neither do I. It's a fucked-up decision to make. And it's a goddamn shame someone has to make it.
(7:56:26 PM) Flames: "We aren't taking everything in the town, Simon. They're are still things they can get."
(7:56:40 PM) E4D: Jason casts a glance at Tau. "Tie him on top and throw a tarp over. I want to keep the interior clear for medical purposes, and nothing can go on top of the LAV cuz of the turret's gotta rotate."
(7:56:58 PM) Tom90deg: "But we have gear to get it. Would we really have all this gear if we didn't have anyhting else?"
(7:57:12 PM) Flames: "We still need to get a trailer."
(7:57:14 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm not saying we let them come with us."
(7:57:36 PM) Sabitsuki: "Oui. Gently, my love…" She takes the robot over to the Stryker.
(7:57:39 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm just saying we get some info, and then leave. MAybe even help, that'll mean that there's someone out there who owes us big."
(7:58:55 PM) E4D: "Need help getting it up there?"
(7:59:29 PM) E4D: Jason stops, looking incredulously at Simon. "Really? Are your glasses that fuckin' rose-colored that you can't see through the damn things?"
(7:59:52 PM) E4D: "Someone will owe us big? WHO? The *six* fuckin' random guys that were abandoned here?"
(8:00:06 PM) Tom90deg: "Are yours so jaded that you can't?"
(8:00:15 PM) E4D: "WHO? The Foundation? They already have a goddamn *task* *force* after us."
(8:00:26 PM) Maddy: "Guys. C-calm down!"
(8:00:34 PM) E4D: "I'm not asking for a witty comback. I want a serious answer. Not some stale fuckin' platitude."
(8:01:05 PM) Maddy: "I s-see where you're coming from, Simon, b-but these s-six shmucks a-aren't going to be in the position to p-pay back a favour."
(8:01:20 PM) Maddy: "B-but it's something t-to keep in mind f-for the future."
(8:02:46 PM) Tom90deg: "You're probaly right Alice, but still…Every person who likes us is one fewer person who is going to try to kill us."
(8:03:35 PM) Flames: Midnight quietly walks off, heading away to check on those lost guys.
(8:04:00 PM) E4D: "Unless they're dead or incapable of otherwise fucking with us."
(8:04:01 PM) Sabitsuki: "Come help me with this, Director, before we all say something we regret."
(8:04:19 PM) Sabitsuki: "S'il vous plaƮt."
(8:04:40 PM) Flames: Let the humans argue. She'll be back once she investigates.
(8:04:41 PM) E4D: Jason nods, and turns on his heel, hefting the man up over his shoulder and grappling up the side of the Stryker.
(8:05:37 PM) Sabitsuki: She climbs up and gently, carefully takes the man from Jason, laying him down on top and then hopping off to get some rope and a tarp.
(8:11:51 PM) Flames: Midnight gets to where the minds should be, and starts looking around.
(8:13:22 PM) Flames: 4df+4 Looking for the peeps.
(8:13:22 PM) Quidmore: Flames: Looking for the peeps.: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
(8:15:19 PM) E4D: There's nothing they can do to mask their scent, and it's rather obvious after a bit of clever catsearching that they're holed up on the top floor of a two-story building down the street from where they were dropped off.
(8:17:36 PM) Flames: Midnight considers, then starts setting up a circle, somewhere that she can see them, but not be bothered. Helps to be a housecat here.
(8:17:52 PM) Flames: 4df+4 Maneuvering for a circle.
(8:17:52 PM) Quidmore: Flames: Maneuvering for a circle.: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
(8:18:53 PM) Flames: The plan is this. Midnight will project an illusion to the team, a winged being…. let's go with Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, the Disney Movie.
(8:21:16 PM) Flames: She'll be able to see via the illusion, and talk through it as well. She doesn't need to give them intelligence, but just poke them in the right direction so they can survive.
(8:22:11 PM) Flames: 4df+6 Casting at the Darkness.
(8:22:12 PM) Quidmore: Flames: Casting at the Darkness.: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
(8:23:40 PM) Flames: Midnight has the illusion of Tinkerbell pop into existance right outside their window, and speak to them. "Hello, in there?"
(8:24:17 PM) E4D: A voice shouts back "STF-A-1!!! BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!"
(8:24:41 PM) Flames: "I wasn't planning on getting closer."
(8:26:12 PM) Flames: "Calm down, please. Shooting me will only waste ammunition, and you don't have a lot of that to spare."
(8:28:28 PM) E4D: A volley of gunfire erupts out of the window.
(8:30:21 PM) Flames: "And that did nothing, just like I said." The illusion continues, "Now, are you wanting to survive, or what? If you'd rather not, you could probably be an heroes." Yes, Midnight does read 4chan, why do you ask?
(8:32:05 PM) E4D: The personnel she can see break for the door, hauling ass down the stairs.
(8:33:37 PM) Flames: "Rather sad." She uses her illusion to flutter to the building's exit to wait for them to come out.
(8:34:22 PM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(8:35:21 PM) Dr_Kens [~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|sneK_ehT#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|sneK_ehT] entered the room.
(8:35:34 PM) E4D: They see the fictitious cartoon character and halt, doubling back inside to another room.
(8:40:27 PM) Ragazzo: Lance is in the stryker, sorting through the looted medical supplies.
(8:44:01 PM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(8:46:15 PM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(8:49:46 PM) Sabitsuki left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(8:50:35 PM) Heiden is now known as heiden_zzzz
(8:52:29 PM) Flames: "All right, if you're going to be like that, then I cannot help you. I was going to suggest that you take Stuart Highway and go south." Tink points obligingly. "Keep going south until the road turns east, and that will get you to the airport. It's likely there are some cars there from the rental agencies, or if you can pilot a plane you can find one there."
(8:53:32 PM) Flames: "You also might want to check the houses around here for canned goods, and there are some stores to the west as well as restaurants. Food that was frozen should also still be safe if it's cold. Anyway, good luck to you and God bless."
(8:53:52 PM) E4D: *tink*
(8:54:38 PM) E4D: A small cylinder the size of a soda can pops out of the door, past the illusion. "GAS! GAS! GAS!"
(8:55:01 PM) E4D: It erupts with a popfffff, and a pale gray smoke begins spewing out.
(8:56:13 PM) Flames: "You people are really clueless, aren't you?" Midnight drops the illusion and gets out of the area, going back to the Hospital by a circuitous route. She cloaks herself with an thought that she's only a kitty cat, nothing important, don't bother thinking about it.
(9:01:14 PM) Flames: Midnight returns to the hospital, tail twisting with irritation.
(9:01:43 PM) Ragazzo: Lance waves, spotting the bacl cat as she approached.
(9:02:11 PM) Ragazzo: He's exited the stryker, and is leaning against it.
(9:02:33 PM) Tom90deg: Simon glances over at Midnight. "Go hunting again?"
(9:03:09 PM) Flames: "Your former co-workers are hiding in a building and shooting at shadows." Midnight says. "I tried to point them to the airport."
(9:03:50 PM) Tom90deg: "They shot at you?"
(9:04:25 PM) Flames: "I didn't go myself because I figured they'd be trigger happy, I could smell their fear stench from the other side of the road. I projected an illusion, but I guess they don't like Tinkerbell."
(9:04:31 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmmm. I hope they gather their wits soon and get otu of here. I feel like those other two are going to try and hunt them down."
(9:04:36 PM) Ragazzo: *out
(9:04:45 PM) TroyL [~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT] entered the room.
(9:05:06 PM) Flames: "They actually tried to shoot tear gas at the illusion, when bullets didn't work."
(9:06:34 PM) Maddy: Alice comes out of the Hospital, freshly showered and smelling like cucumber and green tea.
(9:06:44 PM) Tom90deg: "Tinkerbell? Heh…MAybe if you used Jessica Rabbit instead…"
(9:06:46 PM) Tox: Vance exits the main door of the hospital. "Oh, hey, Alice. Didn't see you."
(9:06:59 PM) Tom90deg: "Well, you told them, maybe they'll go that way. Or the opposite way…"
(9:07:09 PM) Tom90deg: "But effort was made I suppose…"
(9:07:10 PM) Maddy: "H-hey." she smiles shaking the water out of her hair.
(9:07:28 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Alice."
(9:07:30 PM) Tox: "Just finished a walkabout of the interior. We're *alone.*"
(9:07:34 PM) Flames: "Hi, Alice. I tried to talk to those guys, but apparently they don't like Disney movies."
(9:07:54 PM) Tox: "Whadja get up to, Midnight?"
(9:07:56 PM) Maddy: "Huh. W-well, I g-guess we'll have to d-do it the old f-fashioned way?"
(9:08:11 PM) Maddy: "Un f-fortunate, b-but we n-need to know what they know.
(9:08:20 PM) Tox: "Oh, the guys they dropped off? How're /they/ holding up?" Vance grins sardonically.
(9:08:21 PM) Flames: "They actually shot a gas grenade at Tinkerbell."
(9:08:34 PM) E4D: Jason comes out a few minutes later, smelling oddly of cucumbers and green tea.
(9:08:34 PM) Ragazzo: "Do you really? What makes you think they know anything."
(9:08:43 PM) Tox: "Schmucks."
(9:08:59 PM) Flames: "They're shooting at shadows, and they stink of panic.":
(9:09:03 PM) Maddy: "T-they probably know w-why the Foundation thinks w-we b-broke some protocol.
(9:09:19 PM) Ragazzo: "Because task force members are /always/ told the whole story."
(9:09:30 PM) Tom90deg: "Alice, I think we need to ignore them. Panicing people with guns? Theyre going to shoot first and not bother with questions."
(9:10:01 PM) Tox: "If we shoot them, we take their stuff."
(9:10:23 PM) Ragazzo: "I agree with Dr. Vriska. We have nothing to gain. We're already better supplied than they are."
(9:10:25 PM) E4D: "Well, think about it. Of *course* they're panicked. They were literally *abandoned* by their parent command, and the last friendly radio transmission they got was of one of their helos being sucked into negative space wedgie."
(9:10:27 PM) Tox: "Or, we convince them to tell us what they know, /then/ we take their stuff. Harsh, but they shot first."
(9:10:41 PM) Tox: Vance laughs at "negative space wedgie."
(9:10:55 PM) Tom90deg: "Or just ignore them. What could they know that would really matter, in all honesty?"
(9:11:15 PM) Maddy: "Look we don't know w-what we stand to g-gain or l-lose, b-but I'd like to know w-what we're running from here."
(9:11:25 PM) E4D: "I dunno, the condition of anywhere that's *not* Alice Springs?"
(9:11:27 PM) Maddy: "If t-there's a chance w-we can find out, I s-say we take it."
(9:11:52 PM) Ragazzo: "What we're running from, really? You can't figure that out on your own."
(9:11:53 PM) Flames: "Well, other places have to be intact, or else I couldn't use the Internet."
(9:12:06 PM) Tom90deg: "Alright…how are we gonna open up conversation? Heh, they tried to blow away Tinkerbell."
(9:12:30 PM) Maddy: "Don't get coy with me, Cole, they were obviously chasing us before we told them to get stuffed."
(9:12:48 PM) Ragazzo: "And they told us who they were."
(9:13:03 PM) Ragazzo: "So. There is that."
(9:13:20 PM) Maddy: "Sorry if I want to know more than "my old boss decided to fucking kill me"
(9:13:23 PM) Tox: "Midnight convinced the chopper pilot to fly away from us. Maybe she can make the guy in charge friendly? Friendlier, anyway?"
(9:13:44 PM) Maddy: "You can stay here, Jason, Vance and I are more than capable in a fire fight."
(9:14:03 PM) Maddy: "J-john too."
(9:14:20 PM) Tox: "Let's do it."
(9:14:22 PM) Tom90deg: "I'll come as well if you want. Just in case someone's hurt. People hesistate to shoot doctors and priests."
(9:14:23 PM) Tox: Vance grins.
(9:14:27 PM) Doctor_Light left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(9:14:33 PM) Ragazzo: "I don't think there is more to know than that. But do you want. Worst case scenario you get into a fight, and we have to patch you up after wards."
(9:14:34 PM) Flames: "Oh, they said something about… 'STF-A-1'. Does that mean anything to you?"
(9:15:01 PM) Tox: "Task Force Alpha One. They were the helicopters that pursued us, remember?"
(9:15:02 PM) Ragazzo: "Special Task Force Alpha 1."
(9:15:09 PM) E4D: "People hesitate to shoot doctors and priests… that's a fucking riot… And yeah, Midnight. Special Task Force Alpha One.
(9:15:43 PM) Flames: "Okay, I don't get a lot of things like that. I've got enough trouble keeping track of the six million names of God."
(9:15:55 PM) Maddy: "D-doesn't sound like the people the s-send to b-bring back someone a-alive…"
(9:16:31 PM) Maddy: Alice shakes her head. "In anycase, e-even if we just get info and then leave them, fine. I'm not e-even saying will kill them"
(9:17:07 PM) Tox: "Works for me. I'm not actually intent on killing them, although I am annoyed I got shot at." Vance grins.
(9:17:50 PM) Tom90deg: "You want me to come with?"
(9:18:01 PM) TroyL left the room.
(9:18:29 PM) Maddy: "U-up to Jason, really."
(9:18:45 PM) E4D: "Pays to have a medic."
(9:19:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Right then. Just gimme a call when we head off."
(9:19:13 PM) Flames: "I'll stay here, I think. I don't have a protection against whatever they were shooting, except by being far away."
(9:19:35 PM) Maddy: Alice nods, and goes back to sorting whatever hasn't been sorted.
(9:21:01 PM) Tox: Vance checks over his SCAR-H. Wouldn't do to have it break on him. He can't exactly field-strip it, but he can give it a visual check.
(9:21:04 PM) Tox: Which he does.