Site 62: Part 2

(3:50:29 PM) Flames: "Sure, sounds interesting," Midnight allows.
(3:51:03 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe teleports down from the roof of the Strkyer and walks over to Midnight.
(3:53:15 PM) E4D: "Give me a few minutes to get ready. Anyone who wants to come along, take it to the back of the LAV."
(3:53:42 PM) Tox: Vance takes it there!
(3:53:42 PM) Dexanote: Shank climbs atop the LAV.
(3:54:35 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe heads to the back, checking over her basic gear.
(3:54:44 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian's still away from everyone, oblivious.
(3:57:12 PM) Loco_Kens: Kens hops off and saddles up in the LAV.
(3:59:04 PM) Maddy: Alice changes into El-ahrairah and heads to the LAV.
(3:59:17 PM) E4D: «I say again, anyone bringing the pain to six-two, form up by the LAV.»
(3:59:40 PM) Loco_Kens: "I wonder if I can salvage any lab equipment and change the RV into a mobile lab?"
(3:59:47 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty goes over to the LAv. LEans against it.
(3:59:56 PM) Ragazzo: *LAV *Leans
(4:00:19 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian heads over, eyes down.
(4:00:42 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty glances at Jill.
(4:00:59 PM) MisterFlames [||SD] entered the room.
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(4:01:01 PM) Ragazzo: "You're awfully timid for someone who wants to be an alchemist."
(4:01:21 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian looks up at him "I'm working on it"
(4:01:30 PM) Ragazzo: "Good for you."
(4:01:50 PM) Ragazzo: "I'd wipe that chalk off, by the way. It can irritate your skin."
(4:01:55 PM) Flames left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(4:03:26 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian nods and rubs her hands on her cammies, then swipes at her neck. She turns her back to him "Gone?"
(4:04:00 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty rubs at the back of her neck with hsi sleeve.
(4:04:03 PM) Ragazzo: *his
(4:04:08 PM) Ragazzo: "Gone,:
(4:04:10 PM) Ragazzo: "
(4:04:22 PM) E4D: "Hey, Jill, I didn't mean to give off the wrong vibe earlier. Apparently, it's an ocredibly dangerous thing to get into, so I told him that if anyone's injured, he's out on his as with absolutely no support from anyone or anything."
(4:04:42 PM) Ragazzo: "It's not dangerous at all." Dusty frowns.
(4:04:56 PM) Ragazzo: "I'm still alive, and look at me."
(4:05:01 PM) DawnyWork: "Thanks" Jillian looks up at Jason "Is that you're way of saying that I can?"
(4:05:11 PM) E4D: "You were talking about things seeping into her skin, and having to teach her to diffuse the stuff that melted inside."
(4:05:23 PM) Ragazzo: "Yes, and?"
(4:05:41 PM) Maddy: <That q-qualifies as d-dangerous."
(4:05:43 PM) Maddy: >
(4:06:22 PM) Ragazzo: "…huh. I suppose it is. I've stopped thinking of it that way. Guess I've gotten used to it."
(4:06:41 PM) E4D: "Yeah, so… anyway. Who do we got?"
(4:06:42 PM) DawnyWork: "Most fluids are absorbed into your skin, to include motor oil…"
(4:06:56 PM) E4D: "You comin' Jill? Might be the perfect chance to give Samson a real field test."
(4:07:14 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian smiles "I get to play?"
(4:07:27 PM) Maddy: <Yeah b-but alchemical shit is a little m-more caustic, g-generally speaking.>
(4:08:07 PM) Ragazzo: "Oh, I wouldn't say that. Bases can be just as dangerous as acids."
(4:08:20 PM) E4D: "Alice, give her a heads up?"
(4:08:31 PM) E4D: Jason heads into the LAV, closing the ramp behind him.
(4:08:34 PM) Dexanote: Shank groans into the sky. "Come ON."
(4:08:37 PM) Maddy: <A-about? S-she was here when e-everything happened.>
(4:08:55 PM) DawnyWork: «Am I driving, or walking beside?»
(4:09:24 PM) Laito: Laito is along.
(4:09:37 PM) Tox: "I'm here," Vance says from the crew compartment.
(4:09:37 PM) E4D: There's delay, then a grunt. «Drive until we get there?»
(4:09:43 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty has boarded the LAV, I guess.
(4:09:54 PM) DawnyWork: «Rog» Jillian hops into the driver's seat.
(4:10:04 PM) Maddy: Alcie climbs into the spotter seat.
(4:10:09 PM) Maddy: Alice does.
(4:10:18 PM) E4D: Jason looks around at all the people that boarded while he was taking his clothes off.
(4:10:33 PM) E4D: "Hey, guys."
(4:10:50 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey there."
(4:10:55 PM) Tox: "Hi."
(4:11:08 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian shrugs "Seen one, seen them all"
(4:11:15 PM) DawnyWork: no, that's to ooc
(4:11:17 PM) DawnyWork: redact
(4:11:29 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian turns red and bolts out of Eve
(4:11:55 PM) Maddy: Alice shrugs.
(4:12:04 PM) E4D: Jason shrugs, still wearing underarmour, after all, and starts pulling the various pieces of Oxide on.
(4:12:06 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty just takes a seat somewhere, because he isn't five years old. He examines the scars on his palms.
(4:12:45 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian stands outside, chewing a nail.
(4:14:45 PM) Tom90deg: "Is that your armored suit?"
(4:14:49 PM) E4D: He pulls on the last few bits, locking them together, and bangs on the side. <Come on in.>
(4:15:04 PM) Tom90deg: "Seems noisy…"
(4:15:12 PM) Ragazzo: "Impressive, though."
(4:15:21 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian gets in timidly and keeps her eyes /anywhere/ but on Jason.
(4:15:21 PM) Ragazzo: "Hard to maintain?"
(4:15:27 PM) Maddy: <Nope>
(4:15:35 PM) E4D: He pulls the camouflaged uniform on over top of the black-and-tan suit, throwing on load-bearing gear over it. <Not at all.>
(4:15:38 PM) Tom90deg: "Eh…you can hear it coming, so people can prepare. I prefer them not to expect me."
(4:16:04 PM) Maddy: <N-not any n-noisier than s-shoes.>
(4:16:06 PM) E4D: <Uhhh, hear *waht* coming?>
(4:16:37 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty blinks at jason's odd phonetics.
(4:16:46 PM) Ragazzo: He shrugs, and turns to Jill.
(4:16:56 PM) E4D: *what
(4:17:14 PM) Sabitsuki: waht
(4:17:45 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian buckles in and takes a breath «Everyone ready?»
(4:18:08 PM) Tom90deg: "Yep."
(4:18:14 PM) Laito: "Aye."
(4:18:19 PM) Maddy: «Yep.»
(4:18:25 PM) Ragazzo: "So, I was thinking, as far as long term goals go, you're going to lean physics, chemistry, biology, and possibly botany. Andyeah, ready."
(4:18:32 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty buckles up.
(4:18:42 PM) Tox: Vance straps down.
(4:18:42 PM) Ragazzo: *learn
(4:19:08 PM) Tox: "If you're willing, I'd like to learn as well, Dusty." He nods, smiling briefly.
(4:19:28 PM) DawnyWork: «BFT up boss?»
(4:19:38 PM) Ragazzo: "Mhm."
(4:19:53 PM) Tom90deg: "Wait…You're learning from Dusty? Oh god…Tell me when you're teaching so I can get out of the blast radius."
(4:19:55 PM) Sabitsuki is now known as Sabitsuki|GM
(4:20:09 PM) E4D is now known as Jason
(4:20:09 PM) Ragazzo: "Ahahahaha, real funny, Zoe."
(4:20:10 PM) DawnyWork: "Say again?"
(4:20:19 PM) Loco_Kens: "You're fine. I'll patch you up if anything catches fire."
(4:20:38 PM) Tom90deg: "I think you mean 'when' not 'if."
(4:20:45 PM) Jason: <Yeah, Jill, that's what I was getting at. The guy has a reputation.>
(4:20:48 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian powers Eve up and checks the controls. «Let's go» she heads out.
(4:21:09 PM) Jason: <And I'm not keen on seeing a bunch of crazy shit melt into my peoples' bodies.>
(4:21:12 PM) Ragazzo: "I've only ever set one person on fire on fire besides myself."
(4:21:27 PM) Ragazzo: "Two, if you count the eldritch plant god."
(4:21:41 PM) You are now known as Vance
(4:21:43 PM) Ragazzo: "…maybe zero, if you don't count chainshank."
(4:21:49 PM) DawnyWork: «I think that's the nicest thing you've ever called me…»
(4:22:26 PM) Tom90deg: "but noone else was crazy enough to try and learn from you, no offence Jill."
(4:22:46 PM) Ragazzo: "No one asked." Dusty flatfaces at Zoe.
(4:23:02 PM) Ragazzo: "I'm a good alchemist." Bitch is the unspoken word.
(4:23:37 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The Site's broadcast location isn't too far. A tiny prefab hanger, ill-kept and rusty, sits on top of the entrance.
(4:23:43 PM) Tom90deg: "Pssh…how long have I known you Dusty? Need I mention the incident with the ghost? Or the curious case of the dog in the nighttime?"
(4:24:03 PM) Ragazzo: "…what dog?"
(4:24:09 PM) Tom90deg: "Exactly!"
(4:24:12 PM) Maddy: «Ok, c-cut the chatter. W-we're here.»
(4:24:14 PM) DawnyWork: "Okay, talk about this later…can we consentrate please?"
(4:24:14 PM) Ragazzo: "…"
(4:24:20 PM) Tom90deg: "Sorry, right…"
(4:24:26 PM) Laito: Alex waits patiently.
(4:24:39 PM) Jason: <Got anything up top, Alice?>
(4:25:22 PM) Maddy: 4df+6 <S-so far just a rusty h-hanger s-so far. G-giving it the once o-over.>
(4:25:22 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: <S-so far just a rusty h-hanger s-so far. G-giving it the once o-over.>: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
(4:26:09 PM) DawnyWork: "Birdsbirdsbirds" Jillian looks to be wishing.
(4:28:15 PM) Maddy: <W-well, it l-looks…w-wait.>
(4:29:21 PM) Maddy: She rubs her eyes. «Shit, it l-looks like s-some sand w-was like, removed a-and replaced w-when I blinked there…»
(4:29:57 PM) Vance: "That's not good."
(4:29:58 PM) Dexanote: 4df+2 Shank looks.
(4:29:58 PM) Quidmore: Dexanote: Shank looks.: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, +, 0)
(4:30:07 PM) Dexanote: he's on top of the LAV
(4:30:10 PM) DawnyWork: 4df+2 driver
(4:30:11 PM) Quidmore: DawnyWork: driver: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
(4:30:18 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: looks normal
(4:30:32 PM) Maddy: «W-what's the plan?»
(4:31:08 PM) Dexanote: «Waltz in?"»
(4:31:32 PM) Jason: <Well, ladies and gents, it's up to you.>
(4:31:46 PM) Tom90deg: "Is there a back door?"
(4:31:48 PM) Maddy: «I d-don't know if that's a g-great idea, s-spacial distortions a-and the like.»
(4:31:51 PM) Loco_Kens: "I say we download a map of the place!»
(4:31:55 PM) Maddy: «Shit, w-we should have brought Em.»
(4:32:23 PM) Dexanote: «Fuck I don' even care.»
(4:33:00 PM) Maddy: «K-kens, that's a g-great idea. S-see what w-we can get w-wirelessly, then enter?»
(4:33:22 PM) Loco_Kens: «Gimme a sec, I think I still have my Foundpad.» Kens digs it out, searching for wifi.
(4:33:25 PM) Jason: <Jill? Can you check the wireles for a map?>
(4:33:27 PM) Jason is now known as E4D
(4:34:03 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian checks!
(4:35:09 PM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~).
(4:35:21 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Various wireless signals show up on the list, and then quickly disappear, only to be replaced with more. This pattern repeats too fast to attempt to connect to one.
(4:36:36 PM) DawnyWork: «Um…fuck this»
(4:37:10 PM) Maddy: «W-what's up?>
(4:37:23 PM) Laito left the room.
(4:38:30 PM) DawnyWork: «I can't…this keeps tweeking»
(4:38:46 PM) E4D: <That's what she said.>
(4:39:19 PM) Dexanote: «Kinda wanna throttle ya.»
(4:39:23 PM) Maddy: «J-jesus. T-this place is- Jason, shush. T-this place is l-like…phasing i-in and out of reality o-or something.»
(4:39:50 PM) DawnyWork: «The map keeps changing, I can't get a good look»
(4:40:41 PM) Maddy: «I s-say we forget a-about it and c-continue on.»
(4:40:59 PM) DawnyWork: «But…there might be birds…»
(4:41:18 PM) Dexanote: «Fuckit I'll go in meself.»
(4:41:22 PM) E4D: <Good. That makes it easier to throw total deuces and back the fuck off.>
(4:41:29 PM) Maddy: «Y-you could also g-get like, r-removed from this reality and d-die or something.>
(4:42:11 PM) Dexanote: «Or we find anotha magic person like Emily or the cat or sommat an' put em outta sufferin.»
(4:42:19 PM) Maddy: «S-shank, g-go ahead if you w-want. B-but s-seriously, I'd s-suggest against it.»
(4:43:11 PM) DawnyWork: «Orders?»
(4:43:19 PM) E4D: <I wouldn't recommend it, Shank.>
(4:44:42 PM) Dexanote: «So we're gonna jus go an ignore it.»
(4:44:47 PM) E4D: «Shank, if you want to recon, go for it. That place is shifting in and out of… something. I ain't ordering anyone up.»
(4:45:13 PM) Dexanote: There's the sound of some scratching on the roof, as Shank frontflips off the LAV.
(4:45:43 PM) Maddy: «K-keep in radio c-contact, ok?»
(4:45:50 PM) Dexanote: «Yeh yeh.»
(4:46:00 PM) Dexanote: He takes off towards the Site.
(4:47:25 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The elevator access to access the Site proper is right there. The elevator isn't up, and it looks like something chewed its way through the metal shutter covering it at one point.
(4:47:59 PM) Dexanote: «Door looks ta be ripped open. Prolly that Shy Guy from last night.»
(4:48:12 PM) Dexanote: «… Kinda looks like bitemarks.»
(4:48:41 PM) Dexanote: You mean that the elevator's out of commission?
(4:49:09 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The panel to bring it up is right there; but otherwise it looks like the elevator is functional, simply on the bottom floor.
(4:49:15 PM) E4D: «Empty shaft, something clawed its way out, copy.»
(4:49:44 PM) Dexanote: He hits the button.
(4:50:23 PM) Dexanote: «Goin down, when the soddin elevator comes up.»
(4:50:33 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The elevator whirrs to life and makes its way to the top floor with a *clunk*
(4:50:57 PM) Dexanote: «Kay.» He steps in and hits the button down. «Goin down, seeya.»
(4:51:11 PM) E4D: «You want company?»
(4:51:43 PM) Dexanote: «If ya wanna come, but thot ya all wimped out.»
(4:51:58 PM) Maddy: <We going th-then, hun?>
(4:52:36 PM) Dexanote: He sticks his arm out of the elevator door to keep it open.
(4:52:49 PM) E4D: Jason climbs out. «He approached, and I ain't gonna leave him on his own.»
(4:53:18 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian hops out "I wanna help"
(4:53:26 PM) Maddy: Alice follows. <Let's d-do this then.>
(4:53:33 PM) E4D: <Get dressed, Jill.>
(4:53:40 PM) Ragazzo: "Mind if I tag along? It'll be interesting to get a look at the inside of a site."
(4:53:45 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty hops out.
(4:53:55 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian is all smiles as she unloads and climbs into Samson
(4:54:38 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight hops on the Samson.
(4:54:55 PM) Loco_Kens: Kens hops out, hefting his bag and strapping his pistol in the holster. "Maybe there'll be some good parts to salvage."
(4:54:59 PM) DawnyWork: She attaches her FoundPad and fires him up, talking quietly to the mechanics.
(4:56:22 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty strolls along behind and Jason.
(4:56:27 PM) Ragazzo: *alice and
(4:57:56 PM) E4D: Jason's right hand moves between the scabbards holding his shotgun and rifle, indecisive. Yeah, rifle. He draws it, charging the action, and strolling up. «Jill, you comin'?»
(4:58:30 PM) DawnyWork: «I'm moving, I'm moving» Jillian gets everything online and heads in
(4:58:43 PM) Dexanote: Shank bangs a knife on the elevator wall. CLANGCLANGCLANGCLANGCLANG
(4:59:12 PM) Maddy: Alice has her shrike out. <W-we're coming, Shank. D-don't get your nickers i-in a knot.>
(4:59:42 PM) Loco_Kens: Kens snerks, and fliips the safety off his pistol.
(5:00:06 PM) E4D: Jason steps into the elevator. "Safe that goddamn weapon. You firing it at anything?"
(5:00:22 PM) E4D: "You want to shoot somebody?" Jason shakes his head.
(5:00:36 PM) Maddy: Alice snickers a little
(5:00:36 PM) Loco_Kens: "Well…" Kens flips it back on safety again.
(5:01:00 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty a lighter open and shut lazily.
(5:01:04 PM) Ragazzo: *flicks
(5:01:05 PM) Dexanote: He flips the knife around and stabs it into his side.
(5:01:06 PM) DawnyWork: "Five minutes, fust five fucking minutes…"
(5:01:13 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The elevator descends as soon as everyone gets the hell on
(5:01:32 PM) E4D: <Five minutes?>
(5:02:58 PM) DawnyWork: "Without fighting"
(5:03:40 PM) Dexanote: "An' what makes ya think thaz eva gonna happen?"
(5:03:53 PM) Maddy: <Conflict is t-the spice of life.>
(5:04:06 PM) Ragazzo: "Mhm."
(5:04:17 PM) Loco_Kens: "I thought it was Variety"
(5:04:19 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: At the bottom level is a lobby, with a security terminal, directory, etc. The hallway splits to the left and right.
(5:04:45 PM) Maddy: <J-jill, can you check the d-directory?>
(5:04:57 PM) DawnyWork: Jillian fiddles and looks
(5:05:15 PM) Dexanote: any power?
(5:05:33 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: emergency lights are on, not much else
(5:06:15 PM) DawnyWork: anything in the directory?
(5:06:15 PM) E4D: Jason clicks his rifle and helmet lights on, and shuffles up to the threshold of the junction, pieing the right lane, then easing his rifle around the left corner. Targets?
(5:06:32 PM) Dexanote: A light appears from within Shank's police helmet. it's like a disembodied candle light.
(5:06:44 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The directory is for Site 89.
(5:06:55 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: No targets.
(5:07:05 PM) DawnyWork: "Well then…this says site 89"
(5:07:33 PM) Maddy: <Lovely.>
(5:07:37 PM) E4D: <So… Site 62 with 9's directory and the payload of *another* site.>
(5:07:39 PM) Loco_Kens: Kens grunts.
(5:07:55 PM) Maddy: <T-this should be i-interesting.>
(5:08:16 PM) Ragazzo: "Are we looking for anything in particular?"
(5:08:26 PM) DawnyWork: "Birds"
(5:08:26 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The layout past the lobby is familiar to anyone who worked in a Site before. Same floor plan, it seems.
(5:08:48 PM) Loco_Kens: "The lab…I'd like to go to the lab."
(5:08:50 PM) E4D: <Yeah, unless they got a bunch of Bio-Keters or some shit. The security office would be prime to hit up. An armory. Shit like that.>
(5:08:51 PM) Dexanote: "Jillian, have tha cat find ya a parrot or sommat."
(5:09:04 PM) Maddy: <I s-say w-we head to the a-armoury, t-then medical, t-then maybe research.>
(5:09:29 PM) Loco_Kens: "Sounds right. I need a rifle…or at least some more ammo."
(5:09:37 PM) DawnyWork: "…"
(5:09:59 PM) Loco_Kens: "{Don't remind me about the stupid nanobots thing."
(5:10:24 PM) DawnyWork left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(5:10:52 PM) Dexanote: "Kay so armoury first, then Medical."
(5:10:52 PM) Maddy: <T-to the armoury, then?>
(5:11:00 PM) E4D: <Aight, someone cover right? I'm movin' left.>
(5:11:01 PM) Dexanote: "Yeah, which way?"
(5:11:09 PM) Maddy: <G-got you covered.>
(5:11:35 PM) E4D: <Shank, stay with me?>
(5:11:46 PM) Dexanote: "Aight." He follows Jason.
(5:12:16 PM) Loco_Kens: Kens walks with them.
(5:12:59 PM) E4D: Jason tracks side to side with the rifle as he advances down the hall, checking vents, etc. Doors, markers, what does he got?
(5:13:42 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty walks along side kens.
(5:14:27 PM) MisterFlames: "Weird, but kind of like that satellite site." Midnight murmurs from Jill's Samson.
(5:14:39 PM) Dexanote is now known as Dexaway
(5:15:07 PM) E4D: <This one called Silent Night. Funny… Not seeing any bodies.>
(5:15:20 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Everything looks normal, except for the stretch in the hallway where it looks as though the tiles and vents became much older - as in thousands of years. Rust, mildew, that sort of thing. The stretch is about 4 feet long before the hallway goes back to clinical white.
(5:15:44 PM) Maddy: <S-site 62 called S-silent Night. T-this is 89.>
(5:16:17 PM) E4D: Jason racks the bolt of his rifle, catching the .338 round. He tosses it down the section of hallway, light pointed on it.
(5:16:30 PM) Maddy: <T-time s-space mischief. W-we should have b-brought Em and Joey.>
(5:16:35 PM) MisterFlames: "What is 'silent night', anyway?"
(5:16:40 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty watches the round curiously.
(5:16:42 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Nothing happens to the bullet.
(5:16:44 PM) Loco_Kens: "I hate this shit."
(5:17:09 PM) Maddy: <M-mid, it means k-keter's are loose, and the nuke failed. AKA e-everything is FUBAR.>
(5:17:42 PM) E4D: <Wih the added stipulation that 90% of the security staff were killed.>
(5:17:52 PM) Maddy: <Yeeep.>
(5:18:02 PM) Ragazzo: "Keters?"
(5:18:15 PM) Loco_Kens: "Dangerous objects or creatures. Barely containable, sometimes."
(5:18:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Ah…"
(5:18:37 PM) E4D: Jason advances slowly to the edge of tge stretch of hallway.
(5:18:41 PM) Maddy: <Shit w-what you guys a-at the hand l-likely wouldn't even want to befriend.>
(5:18:49 PM) E4D: <Ergh…>
(5:18:59 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmm."
(5:19:01 PM) MisterFlames: "I can understand that."
(5:19:21 PM) Loco_Kens: "Are we near the infirmary? I'd like to pick up some more med supplies."
(5:19:33 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Nothing bad happens to Jason as he approaches.
(5:19:52 PM) Maddy: <H-hitting med after the armoury. I b-believe I said that. T-twice.>
(5:20:04 PM) MisterFlames: "She did, I heard her."
(5:20:35 PM) Maddy: <T-thank you, Midnight. G-glad someone l-listens to me.>
(5:20:49 PM) Loco_Kens: "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the silence."
(5:20:57 PM) Ragazzo: "What sort of things would we find in research?" He looks at Alice when he asks this.
(5:21:18 PM) Loco_Kens is now known as Dr_Kens
(5:21:24 PM) Maddy: <A-all s-sorts of neat shit, p-probably. T-that's why I w-want to check it.>
(5:21:24 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(5:21:50 PM) E4D: <Shit. Derp. Jill, get me an SCP listing?>
(5:21:57 PM) Dr_Kens: "Maybe some extra servos, materials, for me to upgrade this thing."
(5:22:19 PM) DawnyWorks: "Is it alright if I log in as you again Alice?"
(5:22:26 PM) Maddy: <Of c-course.>
(5:22:51 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian logs in as Alice and checks the listing.
(5:24:31 PM) Ragazzo: "I'd like to pull some chemistry equipment from here…"
(5:24:37 PM) Ragazzo: "Would be useful."
(5:25:19 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Looks like 89 was a Safe and humanoid Euclid keeping area. 101, 073, 105, 475, 499, and 50-AE-J.
(5:25:41 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian relays the info on them.
(5:25:43 PM) E4D: Jason takes a deep breath, then turns around. <Fuck it, we ain't going this way. We can go through the other way and take a service tunnel.>
(5:27:08 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: There's a service tunnel entrance on the wall behind them, where the hallway branched.
(5:27:23 PM) Ragazzo: "Like that one?"
(5:27:46 PM) Maddy: <50-AE-J? W-what the hell is that one?>
(5:28:00 PM) Dr_Kens: "No idea. I've never head of it."
(5:28:05 PM) Dexaway: jShank shakes his head.
(5:28:07 PM) Dexaway is now known as Dexanote
(5:28:15 PM) Dexanote: «Sorry, zoned out.»
(5:28:55 PM) E4D: Jason draws his handgun. It's a Desert Eagle .50. <It's one of these that fires eagles.>
(5:29:10 PM) E4D: He holsters it, heading back down the right side.
(5:29:13 PM) Ragazzo: "…"
(5:29:13 PM) Maddy: <Fucking. Awesome.>
(5:29:21 PM) Dexanote: «… Okaaaaay…»
(5:29:22 PM) Dr_Kens: "Wait, what. I…don't even…"
(5:29:22 PM) Ragazzo: "Can we take it?"
(5:29:30 PM) Dr_Kens: "NO."
(5:29:34 PM) Maddy: <Ok, a-armoury, l-let's go!>
(5:29:35 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens coughs slightly.
(5:29:50 PM) Ragazzo: "But…eagles…."
(5:30:04 PM) Ragazzo: "That's so…patriotic."
(5:30:09 PM) Dr_Kens: "It'll claw your eyes out." Kens follows ALice and Jason.
(5:30:31 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty follows. Sadly.
(5:30:39 PM) Dexanote: «Don' think your version of patriotic an' my version are tha same, Dusty.»
(5:30:45 PM) Dexanote: Shank follows up behind.
(5:31:00 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian follows
(5:32:35 PM) Ragazzo: "You don't celebrate the fourth of july with fireworks, so yeah."
(5:33:22 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: A man in a labcoat with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk walks past the group, looks and sniffs disdainfully, and then continues into the wall as they return.
(5:33:22 PM) Dexanote: «No shit.» Should be mentioned that Shank's radio is right where his neck would be.
(5:33:39 PM) Dexanote: "… the fuck?"
(5:33:41 PM) Maddy: Alice stops…looks. <Uhhhh.>
(5:33:42 PM) DawnyWorks: "…"
(5:33:52 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey."
(5:33:53 PM) E4D: <Sir!>
(5:33:53 PM) Tox|Laptop [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.E2D5BD62-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.E2D5BD62-CRInys|agemO] entered the room.
(5:34:03 PM) Dexanote: «Did he even see me?»
(5:34:13 PM) Ragazzo: "He sniffed at us."
(5:34:27 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: A head appears out of the wall. "What?"
(5:34:27 PM) E4D: <Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 relief contingency! Identify yourself!>
(5:34:49 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: "Oh, Foundation. Haha." And then he disappears through the wall again.
(5:34:56 PM) Ragazzo: "Huh."
(5:35:08 PM) Ragazzo: "Can you fellows usually do that?"
(5:35:27 PM) Maddy: <Nope. I s-say we keep going to the armoury a-and get out of h-here.>
(5:35:29 PM) Vance: "The hell?"
(5:35:33 PM) E4D: <Midnight?>
(5:36:00 PM) DawnyWorks: "But…the birds…"
(5:36:15 PM) MisterFlames: "Yes?"
(5:36:32 PM) E4D: <Can you talk to that guy?>
(5:36:45 PM) E4D: <And what the hell are you going on about *birds* for?>
(5:36:59 PM) Ragazzo: "I think she means planes?"
(5:37:13 PM) MisterFlames: "Next time I see him, I'll try. I'm not sure I want to use much magic here."
(5:37:15 PM) DawnyWorks: "Fuck that fixed wing shit"
(5:37:29 PM) Maddy: <Jill, w-what the hell w-would we even d-do with a helo if w-we got one.>
(5:37:30 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty blinks at Jill.
(5:37:45 PM) Dexanote: «Okay, Jillian, I'm gonna nicely ask that you start calling them helicopters.»
(5:38:05 PM) DawnyWorks: "I can fly…"
(5:38:12 PM) Ragazzo: "Try o o keep up with the times, Shank. OH wait. Different head now. Damn."
(5:38:16 PM) Ragazzo: *to
(5:38:40 PM) DawnyWorks: "…"
(5:38:50 PM) Maddy: <Y-yeah, I know you c-can, b-but it j-just doesn't seem practical, w-when you're the o-only one who can.>
(5:38:53 PM) Dexanote: Dusty hears a horrid wheezing sound in his mind.
(5:38:55 PM) Dr_Kens: "So, this place is weird as hell, mixed up in timey-wimey bullshit, and filled with creepies that want to eat your eyes for jujubees. Sounds like paradise."
(5:39:08 PM) Ragazzo: "…huh."
(5:39:26 PM) MisterFlames: "Well, I don't actually want to build a summer home here…" Midnight says.
(5:39:29 PM) Dexanote: «Lez just find tha armoury.»
(5:39:38 PM) Ragazzo: "Midnight, I'm going to need you to tap into my brain for a second."
(5:39:44 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pouts a bit, but continues.
(5:39:46 PM) Dexanote: it's gone, dusty.
(5:39:57 PM) Ragazzo: "Someone is projecting wheezing into it…and it's gone."
(5:40:26 PM) Maddy: <Can we please move.> Alice sounds very unimpressed.
(5:40:36 PM) E4D: Jason keeps moving down the hallway.
(5:40:42 PM) E4D: <Wait… wheezing…>
(5:40:52 PM) Dexanote: «I growled at him fuck.»
(5:41:02 PM) Ragazzo: "…in my mind?"
(5:41:07 PM) Ragazzo: "You can do that?"
(5:41:09 PM) Maddy: <You c-can do that?>
(5:41:15 PM) E4D: <What's that goddamn thing? Oh, I thought it could have been something else.>
(5:41:17 PM) Ragazzo: "Jinx."
(5:41:41 PM) Maddy: Alice shrugs and keeps covering Jason.
(5:41:53 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian's hand reaches for her pocket instinctively, and continues down the hall.
(5:41:55 PM) Ragazzo: "If we find a soda machine…"
(5:42:19 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Anyone who looks to the left will note that the lobby is gone and is replaced with what appears to be a very old version of the Site 23 armory. Vines hang out of the ceiling and the whole place looks like it hasn't seen a good cleaning in about a million years.
(5:42:20 PM) MisterFlames: "Priorities, people, priorities."
(5:42:32 PM) Maddy: <…fuck.>
(5:42:40 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «You just want the ammo like everyone else, right? Take it and get out. I'm busy.»
(5:42:45 PM) Ragazzo: "…oh. Isss that different? It looks different."
(5:42:56 PM) Ragazzo: *Is
(5:42:57 PM) DawnyWorks: "This looks…familiar…"
(5:43:02 PM) Maddy: <W-who said that?>
(5:43:05 PM) Dexanote: «… Well shit.»
(5:43:15 PM) E4D: <*Who* *is* *this*?>
(5:43:18 PM) Dr_Kens: "Hrm. Old guns and ammo. Fun."
(5:43:20 PM) MisterFlames: "It does." Midnight looks the place over for any strange mystical energies.
(5:43:20 PM) Maddy: Alice peers searchingly.
(5:43:33 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance has a look around. Weird voices? Not good.
(5:43:37 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Occult Learnings.
(5:43:38 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Occult Learnings.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
(5:43:43 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty also peers around.
(5:43:49 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «O5-23, who the fuck is this?»
(5:43:51 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Same as midnight
(5:43:51 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Same as midnight: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
(5:44:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: "…Since when are there 23 members on the Overseers' Council….?"
(5:44:28 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Nothing strange going on but the obvious, it seems.
(5:44:45 PM) Maddy: <Time m-mischief!> Alice throws her hands up.
(5:45:09 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No kidding."
(5:45:21 PM) Dexanote: shank steps into the room. «Gonna use some of tha vines here if nothin's amiss.»
(5:45:23 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: And the voice is coming out of a PA system.
(5:45:44 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian checks the FoundPad for info on O5-23
(5:45:56 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Jill gets nutin'.
(5:46:07 PM) DawnyWorks: "Nothing on him"
(5:46:11 PM) Dexanote: He begins cutting vines and maintenance.
(5:46:23 PM) E4D: «Directorate-level Foundation personnel.»
(5:46:32 PM) Maddy: <Ok, y-you know what? He said take the ammo and g-git, so let's do that.>
(5:46:44 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Wait, is that Jason Dodridge?»
(5:46:58 PM) DawnyWorks: "Mother whore…"
(5:46:59 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance freezes.
(5:47:03 PM) Maddy: <Fuck.>
(5:47:09 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Huh. You're not dead. That's weird.»
(5:47:23 PM) Maddy: «W-why is that weird?>
(5:47:25 PM) Maddy: >
(5:47:48 PM) E4D: «Yes, this is Director Jason Dodridge.»
(5:47:54 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Jesus, this is a mess. I could've swore this was the one where you and your wife were the two headed flesh beast experiment thing. Shit.»
(5:48:06 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Hum…»
(5:48:07 PM) Tox|Laptop: "What."
(5:48:24 PM) Maddy: «Gross.»
(5:48:33 PM) Dr_Kens: "Two…headed…flesh beast…OH. A beast with two backs!"
(5:48:33 PM) Ragazzo: "Yep."
(5:48:45 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight growls.
(5:48:46 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No, Kens."
(5:48:50 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «It was very gross. Splattered all over Six's office before he shot it to death.»
(5:48:54 PM) E4D: <Kens, I will, *murder* you.>
(5:49:14 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens whistles softly to himself.
(5:49:15 PM) Maddy: «E-enough of that. C-can you explain w-what's going o-on?»
(5:50:06 PM) Dexanote: Shank's new pieces weave together as he flexes. "Thaz better…"
(5:50:24 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Just trying to fix the timelines, Mrs. Dodridge. Ever since the GOC fucked up the universe a couple years ago, yeah.»
(5:50:39 PM) Dr_Kens: "A couple…years?"
(5:51:04 PM) Tox|Laptop: "What…? It's been three weeks since everything went to hell, not a couple years!"
(5:51:09 PM) E4D: <I'm sensing some unreliable narration.>
(5:51:44 PM) Dr_Kens: "Or it could be like an inverse time-dilation effect, where time inside is faster than outside."
(5:51:47 PM) Maddy: «Y-yeah…t-that only happened like, 3 weeks ago f-from our POV.»
(5:51:51 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Weeks? …Huh. Wait. Is Site 67 still around in this place?»
(5:52:14 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No more time shit. Seriously."
(5:52:33 PM) Maddy: «W-well, c-considering a-at the moment, w-we don't s-seem to be in t-te same place w-we were 20 m-minutes ago…I d-don't know.
(5:52:48 PM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(5:53:19 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «…well. Hm. Hold on. I'll be right back. Take whatever is left of the ammo, I guess. Not much left after the looters in 3019.»
(5:53:19 PM) MisterFlames: "I still wonder about various things," Midnight says from her perch.
(5:53:35 PM) Maddy: Alice looks at Jason. <S-shall we?>
(5:54:16 PM) Dr_Kens: "I wonder if they have any functional rifles…"
(5:54:29 PM) E4D: Jason heads off toward the appropriate location on this floor for the armory.
(5:54:35 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Goddammit." Vance rubs the bridge of his nose and follows.
(5:54:53 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens follows, shifting his pack slightly.
(5:55:10 PM) E4D: <3019.>
(5:55:24 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey, er, O5-23, is the gun that shoots eagles still here?"
(5:55:36 PM) E4D: «Sir? To answer your question? 67 was gone, melted to sea of bronze 3 weeks ago.»
(5:55:44 PM) Maddy: Alice pokes around looking for ammo and what not, <Time shit.>
(5:56:03 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Okay, I'm back. The 173s got out. …It's gone? Well.»
(5:56:30 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «That's not, uh…*cough*…not good.»
(5:58:06 PM) Dexanote: "Eh."
(5:58:09 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «That alone bumps this to a…okay, looks like…jesus, these new scenarios are retarded. The O5 Council is a bunch of manchildren. Looks like a Class A ZX. Which is…» The faint sound of typing echoes through the PA system.
(5:58:50 PM) Dexanote: Shank looks at the others. You just KNOW he's flatfacing.
(5:59:00 PM) E4D: <…>
(5:59:07 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty pokes around.
(5:59:09 PM) Maddy: Alice gathers ammo!
(5:59:15 PM) MisterFlames: "You know, definitions would be useful."
(5:59:42 PM) E4D: Jason looks back at Midnight and shrugs.
(5:59:57 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Hold on, cat, jesus. It's always cats. Josie is always yelling at me to fix shit too. It doesn't help she's Dr. Bright now. Letsee. 'Universe displays symptoms consistent with the Christian, Jewish, and Hindi apocalypses.'»
(6:00:12 PM) Maddy: «Lovely.>
(6:00:32 PM) Dexanote: "I think i remember one of tha jackasses who caught me said I was 'definitely Euclid'."
(6:00:34 PM) Dr_Kens: "Oh, Josie…half-cat."
(6:00:41 PM) Heiden left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(6:00:55 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «'Removal of Lynchpins Alpha, Beta, and Gamma will result in a gradual decay of the universal standard.'»
(6:01:19 PM) E4D: «Was someone *high* when they wrote this?»
(6:01:36 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Probably. SCP-420-J was being passed around at one time.»
(6:01:36 PM) MisterFlames: "That's fine, I'm willing to be patient. Apparently the solar system has shifted as well, the constellations aren't the same."
(6:04:32 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: There' not much ammo left. Handful of grenades, a few functional rifles, ammo tins with .338, .44, .357, 5mm, and 5.56×45mm NATO are present.
(6:06:02 PM) E4D: "Kens, load 'er up. I'll get those grenades squared away up top."
(6:06:14 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Okay, so. I guess your universe pretty much went to hell when 23 got taken out. One of the black boxed SCPs and the child God were pretty much keeping everything from going to literal Hell.»
(6:06:47 PM) Dexanote: "Doin a shoddy job of it."
(6:06:49 PM) Dr_Kens: "Copy." Kens drops his pack, and starts filling it with useable materials. "Hey, Jason, think it's safe enough for me to use one of these rifles?"
(6:07:30 PM) E4D: Jason takes one, letting his hang. He performs a quick function check. Anything wrong?
(6:08:00 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Nope.
(6:08:26 PM) E4D: He passes it to Kens. "Don't go poking this one in places it shouldn't be."
(6:08:40 PM) Dr_Kens: "Copy that. I'll bring a stick for things like that."
(6:08:52 PM) E4D: <hat's what she said.>
(6:09:01 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens takes the rifle and shoulders the pack. He also flatfaces.
(6:09:34 PM) Strife left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(6:09:45 PM) Maddy: «S-so…a-anything else around h-here that m-might help us out d-during the apocalyps?»
(6:09:59 PM) Dexanote: "Any magic shit we c'n take?"
(6:10:08 PM) Dexanote: "There's always magic shit around."
(6:10:24 PM) Dr_Kens: "Maybe we can check the motor pool?"
(6:10:36 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Well, uh…hold on, lemme see if I can get you into one of the Safe vaults…I'm kinda new to this, and 017 and 029 are kinda paling around everywhere.»
(6:10:54 PM) Maddy: «What.»
(6:10:58 PM) Dexanote: «Always liked tha number seventeen. No idea why.»
(6:11:30 PM) E4D: "Fuck. Yes. Food idea, Kens."
(6:11:32 PM) E4D: *G
(6:12:12 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Motor pool, got it. Hold on, lemme shift the spacial coordinates and shit.»
(6:13:14 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: There's a *pop* and suddenly the group is in a very dark room. The smell of shit is strong, as is the rust like tinge of blood.
(6:13:29 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Ew."
(6:13:46 PM) Dexanote: Shank's face lights. "Fuck."
(6:13:46 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance blinks. "Goddamnit. Are we in the fucking sewers?!"
(6:13:48 PM) Dr_Kens: "…guys…turn on your lights…and don't blink."
(6:13:55 PM) Ragazzo: "…gross."
(6:13:56 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Oh shit. Um. No one blink.»
(6:13:57 PM) Dexanote: "I don' blink ta begin with."
(6:14:03 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty flicks on a lighter.
(6:14:04 PM) Maddy: «Fuck!>
(6:14:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: "We can't even see, how would bl—"
(6:14:21 PM) Maddy: Alice turns on her helmet lights.»
(6:14:21 PM) E4D: Jason turns on his suit lamps.
(6:14:35 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stumbles for a flashlight and pulls it out, truning it on.
(6:14:43 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: 8 sets of painted faces stare back from the opposite corner of the group.
(6:14:44 PM) Ragazzo: "Why shouldn't we blink?"
(6:14:45 PM) E4D: He pans his rifle. Targets? He can't smell anything.
(6:14:51 PM) Dexanote: Shank's face is making as much light as a candle would. "… Cute."
(6:14:59 PM) E4D: <DON'T BLINK.>
(6:15:00 PM) Tox|Laptop: "…..Oh, fuck. Is that…."
(6:15:01 PM) Maddy: «If you b-blink, it k-kills you.»
(6:15:07 PM) Dr_Kens: "It's SCP-173…it only moves if you don't look at it. If you blink…good bye."
(6:15:09 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Oh god. Hold on.»
(6:15:10 PM) Ragazzo: "…the..faces?"
(6:15:10 PM) Dexanote: "I jus fuckin said, i don' blink."
(6:15:14 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: *pop*
(6:15:16 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance's heart drops into his shoes.
(6:15:28 PM) Dr_Kens: "But the rest of us do, Sha- What was that pop."
(6:15:36 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: They're in a much wider room - the motor pool.
(6:15:53 PM) Dr_Kens: "Oh thank /god."/
(6:15:56 PM) Maddy: «T-that w-was a close one. L-let's not d-do that again.»
(6:16:03 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Agreed."
(6:16:15 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens shivers. "Alright, let's look for a working vehicle."
(6:16:20 PM) Ragazzo: "So…"
(6:16:26 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance looks about the pool.
(6:16:42 PM) Ragazzo: "What was with all the feces in that last room?"
(6:16:53 PM) E4D: <That's how they spread.>
(6:17:09 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Really? That's how they *spread.* Fuck."
(6:17:12 PM) Ragazzo: "…huh."
(6:17:24 PM) E4D: <This mixture of shit and blood fills the area they're in. You get it in you, you turn.>
(6:17:24 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty slips off his shoes.
(6:17:26 PM) Tox|Laptop: "So it's not enough they kill you if you blink, it's contagious?"
(6:17:28 PM) E4D: <We think.>
(6:17:57 PM) Dr_Kens: "Not necessarily contagious…but that wasn't my topic of research."
(6:18:02 PM) Ragazzo: He checks the soles.
(6:18:22 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Sorry. About that. This digitized bender shit is difficult.»
(6:18:23 PM) Dexanote: Shank holds one leg out, and slices the lower 6 inches off. Then the other leg.
(6:18:46 PM) Tox|Laptop: "How would you even study that? Order a D-class to eat some of it?"
(6:18:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "Did you have to do that, Shank?"
(6:19:03 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty decides to be safe, tosses the shoes away.
(6:19:09 PM) Maddy: «A-alternate future. J-joey was t-talking about it the o-other day.»
(6:19:15 PM) Dexanote: "Would YOU want yor feet covered in shit an blood?"
(6:19:22 PM) Dexanote: "I can't wash em."
(6:19:40 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Absolutely lovely."
(6:19:42 PM) Maddy: <Guys, c-can we just g-get what we c-can and leave, p-please?>
(6:19:48 PM) Maddy: <I d-don't like this>
(6:19:58 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright…"
(6:19:59 PM) Dr_Kens: "Right. Let's look for vehicles." Sabs, are there any useable vehicles?
(6:20:03 PM) E4D: Jason walks down the aisles, checking for anything left.
(6:20:10 PM) Dexanote is now known as DexaDinner
(6:20:12 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The motor pool looks old as hell as well. The whole area smells strongly of rust.
(6:20:14 PM) DexaDinner: shank tags along
(6:20:35 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: There's a couple of humvees, placed in a circle, facing each other.
(6:20:44 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Other than that…empty.
(6:20:51 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty heads over to the humvees as well.
(6:20:57 PM) Dr_Kens: "Well, might as well check out the humvees."
(6:21:01 PM) Ragazzo: "Odd way to park…"
(6:21:11 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Tell me about it, Dusty."
(6:21:22 PM) Maddy: <R-right. B-be careful, eh? W-we have no idea w-whats going on.>
(6:21:58 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Able? Where's Steve? *mumble* What do you mean, which one? They're all stupid as hell. Just get me one of them.»
(6:22:22 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Engineering (Mechanical) are any of the humvees useable?
(6:22:22 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Engineering (Mechanical) are any of the humvees useable?: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
(6:23:16 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Looks like only one is still able to run. The others have had their engine blocks removed.
(6:23:42 PM) Dr_Kens: "Alright, let's give this one a try.
(6:23:45 PM) Dr_Kens: "
(6:24:10 PM) Dr_Kens: He goes over to the humvee with the engine still in it and turns the ignition.
(6:24:56 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: It sputters, and then dies.
(6:25:12 PM) E4D: <Keep workin' at it.>
(6:25:33 PM) Dr_Kens: "Hrm." Kens tries again.
(6:25:36 PM) E4D: Jason looks around on all the parked humvvees. Any of them armed?
(6:26:45 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: .50 cal on each of them.
(6:27:13 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Ooh. Maybe the ammo's still there and we can loot it. How are these fed?"
(6:27:51 PM) DexaDinner left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723]).
(6:27:54 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Mechanical engineering why isn't it starting? >:|
(6:27:54 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Mechanical engineering why isn't it starting? >:|: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
(6:28:27 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The engine turns over.
(6:28:47 PM) Dr_Kens: "Oh, sweet. Guys, the humvee's live."
(6:29:14 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Cool!"
(6:29:30 PM) E4D: "Belt fed. 100-round cans."
(6:30:16 PM) Dr_Kens: "Check for ammo. Maybe we can take some back."
(6:30:19 PM) Maddy: <Awesome.>
(6:30:31 PM) E4D: Jason drops his rifle back in its scabbard. <Missed ya.> He climbs up on top of one of the humvees, yanking a takedown pin clean, uncoupling it from the gun mount.
(6:30:43 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Alright, yeah." Vance checks the next Humvee in the circle for ammo cans!
(6:31:08 PM) E4D: «Careful trying to haul 'em. Each gun weighs about a hundred and thrity pounds.»
(6:31:20 PM) E4D: «Cans are another 20.»
(6:31:25 PM) Tox|Laptop: "That's pretty hefty."
(6:31:26 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Look, Patrick, I don't care how *ingenious* your fucking reality bending program is. Just fix it so I can kill this timeline before it all goes to hell?»
(6:31:56 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Well, yes - okay, yes. Ugh. God dammit.»
(6:31:58 PM) Maddy: «Uh h-hey, c-can we take the c-car back t-to our timeline?»
(6:33:00 PM) E4D: Jason hops to the next humvee, grabbing nother can of ammo, and leaning the Ma Deuce over one shoulder, holding it by the baseplate's spade grip like he's walking through the woods with a shotgun.
(6:33:38 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «I think so. I mean, your timeline is pretty much doomed, Mrs. Dodridge. I don't think one more anomaly will fuck it up.»
(6:33:53 PM) Maddy: «H-how doomed, and how s-soon?»
(6:33:55 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance comes up with a couple cans of ammo from 'his' Humvee, and swarms to the top. "Well that's comforting."
(6:34:03 PM) Dr_Kens: "I like the sound of that. The taking the car back. Not the 'we're all going to die' part."
(6:35:05 PM) MisterFlames: "I prefer 'not dying', if given a chance."
(6:35:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Likewise."
(6:36:18 PM) E4D: «*Our* timeline? This is the *real* one? What do you mean, did everyone jump ship to another one?»
(6:36:31 PM) E4D: *real one!
(6:38:11 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Well…sorta. We knew the your timeline was going down this road, so we had a couple of safeguards in place. When the GOC set off Pizzicato in your timeline, we were only supposed to nuke the less important sites. I don't think 23 was ever meant to go off.»
(6:38:43 PM) Maddy: «W-we had to. The nano s-swarm got out.»
(6:38:46 PM) E4D: «What set off the Pizzicato»
(6:39:19 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Right, the nano-swarm…ugh. This is a mess.»
(6:39:45 PM) PaulS_laptop left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(6:40:38 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «We don't know, Director. We're working on figuring it out while trying to get the universe back in a functioning place. Anything the GOC deemed dangerous enough for Pizzicato go off for…well. Could've been anything.»
(6:40:56 PM) E4D: <:|>
(6:41:30 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Another God? Dimensional dickery? I don't know. I'm not GOC.»
(6:41:37 PM) Maddy: «R-right, anything else in here w-we could use? Or s-should we just go?»
(6:42:28 PM) E4D: Jason carries his .50 to the humvee and drops it and the spare can of ammo in the trunk.
(6:42:40 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Um. Let's see…I think you should go, considering the 750-types are moving towards you. Hold on, I'll place you outside.»
(6:43:01 PM) Dr_Kens: "Welp, let's get ready."
(6:43:03 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Medical supplies, Alice. We could use more if they have some."
(6:43:48 PM) Dr_Kens: "I dunno, it might be risking using old equipment. MIght not be sterile anymore, and the alcohol content might have dissipated out.
(6:43:52 PM) Dr_Kens: "
(6:44:04 PM) Maddy: <Hmmm.>
(6:44:20 PM) Tox|Laptop: "We won't know unless we ask, right? Your engine started up pretty good for something a thousand years old."
(6:44:28 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Site 19, Site 16, Site 83, Site 90, Site 62, shit…uh, there it is. Okay. Jesus. I'm just going to call this place FrankenSite.»
(6:44:39 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Alright, hold on…»
(6:44:47 PM) MisterFlames: "Good a name as any."
(6:45:07 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: *pop*
(6:45:59 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The room recedes and they're outside the prefab hanger, with the humvee running next to them.
(6:46:20 PM) Ragazzo: "Well. That was nice. Got to see several different sites."
(6:46:22 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Huh. Well, that was interesting."
(6:46:31 PM) Maddy: <New car!>
(6:46:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Could have passed on that one room with the statues."
(6:46:44 PM) Tox|Laptop: "You and me both, Dusty."
(6:46:49 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: perception please.
(6:47:02 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Perc
(6:47:02 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Perc: 2 (4df=+, +, 0, 0)
(6:47:04 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 PER
(6:47:04 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: PER: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
(6:47:05 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(6:47:05 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+2=-, +, +, 0)
(6:47:12 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Kitty.
(6:47:12 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Kitty.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
(6:47:57 PM) PaulS_laptop [~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.6990F71B-CRInys|luap#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.6990F71B-CRInys|luap] entered the room.
(6:48:57 PM) E4D: 4df+4
(6:48:58 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
(6:51:49 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: It'd be hard to miss the great obese pale…humanoid lumbering out of the hanger. It's at least 15 feet tall, lacks a head, and red, teethed maws are present in its palms, gaping open and closed slowly.
(6:52:05 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Jason and Vance see the two children riding on its shoulders.
(6:52:26 PM) MisterFlames: "Well, that's an odd thing."
(6:52:32 PM) E4D: <LAV. NOW>
(6:52:43 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Oh, what the — What?" Vance takes a step backwards. "There're two kids on its shoulders!" He takes another step, then bolts back to the LAV.
(6:52:43 PM) E4D: <Kens, Vance, Humvee. Do it.>
(6:52:49 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Humvee!"
(6:52:59 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance skids to a stop, then reverses to the Humvee.
(6:52:59 PM) Maddy: <W-what is it?> Alice jumps into the LAV.
(6:53:09 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: It stands, swaying in the wind, and then lumbers off.
(6:53:10 PM) E4D: Jason hauls ass to the LAV.
(6:53:10 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens is on the humvee, drives it out.
(6:53:12 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty boards the LAV.
(6:53:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance pulls himself into the Humvee.
(6:53:28 PM) Dr_Kens: To the LAV.
(6:53:33 PM) Ragazzo: "Looks like…a flesh golem? Hell if I know."
(6:53:44 PM) Ragazzo: "I'm only guessing."
(6:53:58 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Jesus."
(6:54:50 PM) Ragazzo: "I wonder what the deal with the kids is…"
(6:54:51 PM) E4D: <Engage?>
(6:54:58 PM) E4D: <Whaddya think, Alice?>
(6:55:10 PM) Maddy: <I d-don't know. It's leaving. W-why waste the ammo.>
(6:55:42 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: It walks very slowly to the south, it's lumbering wake leaving prints in the sad. Perception, again
(6:55:50 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Hmm
(6:55:50 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Hmm: 0 (4df=0, 0, +, -)
(6:55:51 PM) Maddy: <H-hell, we d-don't even know if it's a t-threat.>
(6:55:53 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Percep
(6:55:53 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Percep: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
(6:55:54 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(6:55:54 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=-, +, 0, -)
(6:56:03 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 PER
(6:56:03 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: PER: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
(6:56:28 PM) E4D: 4df+6
(6:56:28 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
(6:56:38 PM) Tox|Laptop: "I want to know who those kids are."
(6:57:26 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Only Jason hears the two children humming a vaguely religious hymn under their breaths. It's quiet to begin with, and then disappears as the monster ambles further into the desert.
(6:58:00 PM) Maddy: <W-why does it matter who the kids a-are?>
(6:58:24 PM) Tox|Laptop: "I'm curious. They're riding a giant headless fleshbeast from a FrankenSite."
(6:58:30 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Fuck, did one of the 750-types get out?»
(6:59:06 PM) Nusquam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(6:59:08 PM) Maddy: «You can s-still hear us? T-there was a f-flesh beast c-carrying two c-children.»
(6:59:41 PM) DawnyNaps is now known as Dawny
(6:59:43 PM) E4D: «What the hell is a 750-type? Should we engage?»
(6:59:54 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Oh, *fuck*.»
(7:00:24 PM) E4D: Jason drops down into the turret, urging Alice up top.
(7:00:32 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Okay, I'm going to lose the connection here in a minute. Do not engage that thing, fuck. If you get a chance later on, drop a fucking nuke on it. Otherwise, don't bother.»
(7:00:46 PM) Maddy: «R-right…»
(7:00:50 PM) Dr_Kens: "I don't like the sound of /that/ "
(7:01:10 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: «Two kids…which one was that…the Twins? Aaah, hell, that's *static*»
(7:01:13 PM) E4D: «What does it *do*?»
(7:01:24 PM) Maddy: «Fuck.»
(7:01:56 PM) E4D: «Jill? Just drive this bitch out.»
(7:02:24 PM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian drives!
(7:02:35 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: The monster briefly stops to lift a handful of sand to one of the children, who appears to study it for a few seconds, before the entire body moves on, fading into the distance.
(7:02:52 PM) Sabitsuki|GM: Nothing else of note happens on the way back to camp.
(7:03:04 PM) Sabitsuki|GM is now known as Sabitsuki
(7:03:31 PM) MisterFlames: "So, we looted… how many machine guns, and another Humvee."
(7:04:12 PM) Dr_Kens: "Yep."
(7:04:32 PM) Dawny: Jillian pouts slightly and grabs her tool belt.
(7:06:08 PM) E4D: <We got two heavies, and a few cans of ammo.>