Dec 15 17:39:56 <Gara> Emma is lying down inide.
Dec 15 17:40:46 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte is making cockroaches race each other in the cafeteria.
Dec 15 17:41:00 * Echo (cisum.nikkarf|htffonrut#cisum.nikkarf|htffonrut) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 17:41:00 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteraction Echo
Dec 15 17:41:00 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Echo
Dec 15 17:42:34 <Echo> Scott's going through the contents of the Hummer and reorganizing his bandages.
Dec 15 17:43:46 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte awards the fastest roach (whom she affectionately named Speedy Gonzales) some crumbs.
Dec 15 17:44:19 <Maddy> Scoot, perception
Dec 15 17:48:10 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is somewhere or other
Dec 15 17:49:03 <Echo> 4df+2
Dec 15 17:49:04 <CROM> Echo: 6 (4df+2=+, +, +, +)
Dec 15 17:49:08 <Echo> O_o
Dec 15 17:50:38 <Maddy> Kyle, in or out?
Dec 15 17:50:51 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle in
Dec 15 17:52:38 <Maddy> Scott, you see something tall and skinny scaling the building, you also smell rotten eggs.
Dec 15 17:52:58 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is fiddling with his greasegun
Dec 15 17:53:07 <Gara> Emma is… Napping!
Dec 15 17:54:00 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte tests her limits by trying to make 3 cockroaches race simultaneously.
Dec 15 17:55:11 <Maddy> Basiccally this.
Dec 15 17:55:13 <Maddy>
Dec 15 17:56:35 <Echo> Scott stares at it for a second, trying to figure out exactly what he's looking at in the dark. Then his eyes go wide, his rifle comes up, and he starts firing.
Dec 15 17:56:52 <Gara> Emma wakes up.
Dec 15 17:56:59 <Echo> 4df+4 Yep, that's a whole mag. He's pretty sure the gunfire will do enough to spread the word.
Dec 15 17:56:59 <CROM> Echo: Yep, that's a whole mag. He's pretty sure the gunfire will do enough to spread the word.: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Dec 15 17:57:06 <MonkeyBomb> The cockroaches scurry away as she loses focus.
Dec 15 17:57:09 <Gara> «What the fuck is going on?» She sits up, pulling her pistol.
Dec 15 17:58:09 <Echo> There's a pause, about long enough for someone to reload, and then the firing resumes again. Anyone looking out can probably see Scoot jogging towards the hospital, rifle chattering away.
Dec 15 17:58:23 <PaulS_laptop> «The fuck's up?»
Dec 15 17:58:37 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is now very aware, and hastily reassembles the greasegun
Dec 15 17:58:40 <Maddy> 4df+4 Aw no
Dec 15 17:58:41 <CROM> Maddy: Aw no: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Dec 15 17:58:47 <Echo> "THERE'S SOMETHIN' ON THE BUILDING!"
Dec 15 17:59:16 <Maddy> Scott /almost/ hits it, now it skitters unnatrually fast onto the roof.
Dec 15 17:59:44 <Echo> He looks back. "What the fuck was that?"
Dec 15 17:59:48 <Gara> Emma struggles to her feet, bag on her shoulder, rifle slung across her chest. «Kyle, Charlotte, where are you»
Dec 15 17:59:54 <Echo> "Did you guys see that shit?"
Dec 15 18:00:09 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte frowns at her radio. She makes her way to the exit.
Dec 15 18:00:20 * Roget (suruas.eht|esohw#suruas.eht|esohw) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 18:00:21 <Maddy> There's a sound of metal being wrenched off of other metal from the roof. Anyone inside is starting to get a wiff of rotten eggs.
Dec 15 18:00:28 <MonkeyBomb> Pretty much useless when you can't talk into it.
Dec 15 18:00:28 <Echo> «I'm outside. There's something on the roof.»
Dec 15 18:00:41 <Gara> «On my way.»
Dec 15 18:00:59 <PaulS_laptop> «Heading to the roof now»
Dec 15 18:01:00 <Gara> She walks out, making a beeline for Eels.
Dec 15 18:01:02 <Echo> «*NO*. Don't go up there. It's like… I don't even fucking know.»
Dec 15 18:01:10 <Gara> «I'm getting on the technical.»
Dec 15 18:01:12 <Maddy> Scott. Pdef.
Dec 15 18:01:25 <PaulS_laptop> «It's opening up the roof»
Dec 15 18:01:28 <Echo> 4df+4 Oh shit.
Dec 15 18:01:29 <CROM> Echo: Oh shit.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
Dec 15 18:01:35 <PaulS_laptop> «Fuck it. On my way up.»
Dec 15 18:01:35 <Maddy> 4df+3 AP spent.
Dec 15 18:01:37 <CROM> Maddy: AP spent.: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Dec 15 18:01:40 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle takes the stairs!
Dec 15 18:02:22 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte makes it to the main entrance.
Dec 15 18:02:32 <PaulS_laptop> (he's heading /up/)
Dec 15 18:02:35 <Maddy> Before you're even aware something was there, clawed hands on the end of long skinny arms come down on either side of you. They miss. Kyle peception
Dec 15 18:02:56 <PaulS_laptop> Can he sub surv without the AP cost for situational awareness?
Dec 15 18:03:20 <Echo> From behind Scoot?
Dec 15 18:03:27 <Maddy> Charlotte, you see what can only be described as inky slenderman behind Scoot. Kyle sure.
Dec 15 18:03:47 <Maddy> Echo, yes
Dec 15 18:03:58 <Gara> Emma makes it outside.
Dec 15 18:04:03 <MonkeyBomb> Is the whole thing behind Scott?
Dec 15 18:04:09 <Maddy> Emma sees the same thing.
Dec 15 18:04:26 <Maddy> Yes, about a metre and a bit behind him, that's how far it's reach is.
Dec 15 18:04:32 * Ragazzo has quit (Broken pipe)
Dec 15 18:04:39 <MonkeyBomb> <SCOTT, BEHIND YOU.>
Dec 15 18:04:42 <Echo> As the hands come down, Scott starts hauling ass. Emma, Scott's coming RIGHT AT YOU, rifle dangling from one hand, radio mic dangling and bouncing on its cord, trailed behind him. "GET BACK INSIDE, GET BACK INSIDE!"
Dec 15 18:04:48 * Ragazzo (~ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|majmals#ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|majmals) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 18:05:00 <Maddy> The smell is everywhere now.
Dec 15 18:05:27 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte gags at the smell and backpedals back into the hospital.
Dec 15 18:05:34 <Gara> Emma turns for back inside, hobbling at top speed!
Dec 15 18:06:08 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 survival to see things around him
Dec 15 18:06:09 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: survival to see things around him: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
Dec 15 18:06:40 <Echo> He closes the hospital's front entryway doors behind him, then starts backing away, realizing the glass probably would't hold for long anyhow.
Dec 15 18:07:02 <Maddy> You can hear something scrambling around in the vents. The one outside…dissapears.
Dec 15 18:07:13 <MonkeyBomb> <What's the plan…?>
Dec 15 18:07:18 <PaulS_laptop> «It's heading into the building»
Dec 15 18:07:26 <PaulS_laptop> «Vents»
Dec 15 18:07:31 <Maddy> Kyle pdef!
Dec 15 18:07:52 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 burning an AP because paranoid. Kyle has his head on a swivel
Dec 15 18:07:53 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: burning an AP because paranoid. Kyle has his head on a swivel: 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
Dec 15 18:07:55 <Maddy> 4df+3
Dec 15 18:07:56 <CROM> Maddy: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
Dec 15 18:08:27 <Maddy> Suddenly it's RIGHT infront of you, just about a foot too far for it to reach you though, and its claws miss.
Dec 15 18:08:59 <Gara> Emma gets ready for something to come in…
Dec 15 18:09:15 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+8 second AP for the +3 to ranged from his power. He empties a mag from his greasegun at it, aiming for head and hips
Dec 15 18:09:16 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: second AP for the +3 to ranged from his power. He empties a mag from his greasegun at it, aiming for head and hips: 8 (4df+8=0, -, +, 0)
Dec 15 18:09:38 <Maddy> 4df+4 Noooo!
Dec 15 18:09:39 <CROM> Maddy: Noooo!: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
Dec 15 18:09:52 <Maddy> Its dead, and starts rotting immediately.
Dec 15 18:09:57 <Maddy> Emme pdef.
Dec 15 18:10:36 <Echo> "I don't see it." Scott presses his face against the glass of the inner doors. "Maybe it went up top, too?"
Dec 15 18:10:39 <Gara> 4df+3 Not again!
Dec 15 18:10:40 <CROM> Gara: Not again!: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
Dec 15 18:10:43 <Maddy> 4df+3
Dec 15 18:10:44 <CROM> Maddy: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
Dec 15 18:10:56 <Maddy> Spending last AP, you take 2 damage.
Dec 15 18:11:06 <Maddy> Pause for desc
Dec 15 18:12:14 <PaulS_laptop> «Got the one on the roof»
Dec 15 18:12:22 <PaulS_laptop> «Fuckin reeks»
Dec 15 18:13:23 <Maddy> You're all aware seconds too late as the thing is in the room with you. Both clawed hands jab forward, cutting into Emma's sides with surgical precision before retracting again..
Dec 15 18:13:29 <Maddy> unpause
Dec 15 18:14:00 <Gara> "EAHHAHHHHH! I FOUND IT!"
Dec 15 18:14:17 <Gara> Emma falls away from it, emptying all the bullets into it.
Dec 15 18:14:30 <PaulS_laptop> «Status?» Kyle begins heading down
Dec 15 18:14:31 <Gara> 4df+8 All of them.
Dec 15 18:14:32 <CROM> Gara: All of them.: 8 (4df+8=-, +, -, +)
Dec 15 18:14:36 <Maddy> It hisses, it's greasy, inky sliva spittling all over.
Dec 15 18:14:42 <Maddy> 4df+4 Aw man.
Dec 15 18:14:43 <CROM> Maddy: Aw man.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
Dec 15 18:14:47 <Echo> Scott dives to the floor as gunfire erupts in the room around him.
Dec 15 18:14:53 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte ducks and covers.
Dec 15 18:15:06 <Maddy> Now its dead too! Rotting already.
Dec 15 18:15:07 <MonkeyBomb> So much for a peaceful afternoon.
Dec 15 18:15:11 <Maddy> Emma is leaking.
Dec 15 18:15:46 <Gara> How bad is the bleeding?
Dec 15 18:16:45 <Maddy> Not arterial, but not great. Some one should probably look at that.
Dec 15 18:17:52 <Echo> After the shooting stops, Scott pops back up and rushes over to Emma. "Get down. On your back."
Dec 15 18:17:55 <Gara> She reloads from the ground, breathing labored. "Scott, patch this up." her eyes are /wide/ open.
Dec 15 18:18:07 <Gara> She fell when she was hit.
Dec 15 18:18:10 <Maddy> It was behind her so the injuries are more on her back
Dec 15 18:18:16 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte gets up. <Are there any more of those things?> She tries to keep a look out while Scott does his thing.
Dec 15 18:18:38 <Gara> Clarifaction on her postion. As it attacked her, she spun and fired, while falling backwards to her back.
Dec 15 18:20:16 <Echo> "Yeah, shit, hang on." He pulls a knife from his pistol rig, flicks the blade out, and makes a cut on both of her sleeves, then up the center of her shirt. "Platonic, I swear." He looks back at Charlotte. "There's a green can in the back of the Hummer. Got a big white cross painted on the side. I need you to go get it."
Dec 15 18:20:33 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle just now makes it down to their position
Dec 15 18:20:37 <MonkeyBomb> She nods and runs out to the Hummer.
Dec 15 18:21:02 <Echo> "Kyle, go with Charlotte."
Dec 15 18:21:03 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte can't help but scan the outside of the building while she goes. She returns with the can shortly.
Dec 15 18:21:09 <Gara> "That's the second time today, isn't it."
Dec 15 18:21:11 <MonkeyBomb> er, with Kyle that is.
Dec 15 18:21:22 <Maddy> Looking at the wounds, if you had to guess Scott, this thing missed her kidneys so perfectly, it couldn't have been an accident.
Dec 15 18:21:43 <Maddy> When Charlotte and Kyle go outside, they see a far off swarm of daevite birds flapping their way.
Dec 15 18:21:53 <MonkeyBomb> <Oh crap.>
Dec 15 18:22:09 <PaulS_laptop> Coming or going?
Dec 15 18:22:09 <Echo> Scott keeps his hands pressed over the wounds, silently wishing he had some gloves on.
Dec 15 18:22:38 <Maddy> Coming.
Dec 15 18:22:52 <Maddy> (thatswhatshesaid)
Dec 15 18:22:57 <PaulS_laptop> «We got incoming»
Dec 15 18:23:14 <Gara> «Incoming what? more of those things?»
Dec 15 18:23:18 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle swaps out for his rifle and scopes them to count the numbers
Dec 15 18:23:26 <Maddy> It's in the hundreds.
Dec 15 18:23:36 <PaulS_laptop> «Daevite fliers. Too many to count»
Dec 15 18:23:37 <Echo> "Hold still."
Dec 15 18:23:47 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte hastily grabs the medical supplies from the back of the Hummer.
Dec 15 18:23:48 <Gara> She shuts up.
Dec 15 18:24:02 <PaulS_laptop> «Way too many to count. Fuck.»
Dec 15 18:24:11 <PaulS_laptop> deadpan and utterly flat.
Dec 15 18:24:20 <MonkeyBomb> <I need to get this to Scott.> Charlotte doesn't want to leave him outside alone.
Dec 15 18:24:29 <PaulS_laptop> "Go."
Dec 15 18:24:33 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle heads to the LAV
Dec 15 18:24:43 <PaulS_laptop> to the turret, in sprcific
Dec 15 18:24:49 <MonkeyBomb> She hurries back inside, depositing the can next to Scott and Emma.
Dec 15 18:25:15 <Maddy> «We holding our ground or mottoring?» Says Elle.
Dec 15 18:25:52 <PaulS_laptop> «Your call. Think we can out run 'em?» Kyle has mounted up onto the minigun
Dec 15 18:26:04 <Maddy> «We did last time,»
Dec 15 18:26:11 <Echo> Scott pops the can, blood dripping from his hands. "Shit, shit, shit…" He wipes them on Emma's pants, and starts tearing open gauze. "I'M GONNA NEED A FEW MINUTES."
Dec 15 18:26:46 <PaulS_laptop> How close are the fliers?
Dec 15 18:26:59 <Maddy> "Got it, Scott." says Elle as she passes by. "Just gonna warm up the LAV." she heads out and gets ready to fucking book. Bou gets in the hummer.
Dec 15 18:27:06 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 spotter roll perc
Dec 15 18:27:07 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: spotter roll perc: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
Dec 15 18:27:15 <Maddy> About a kilometre I would say.
Dec 15 18:27:17 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte kneels down next Emma. <Tell me what to do.>
Dec 15 18:27:41 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte looks to Scott for instruction.
Dec 15 18:27:57 <PaulS_laptop> «About a grand out. Can we move the wounded yet?»
Dec 15 18:28:04 <PaulS_laptop> Kyhle still doesn't know /who/ was wounded
Dec 15 18:28:15 <Maddy> «Got drivers in the LAV and Hummer, just waiting on You guys and someone to drive EELS.»
Dec 15 18:28:45 <PaulS_laptop> Elle probably saw Kyle on the ring mount
Dec 15 18:28:46 <Echo> Scott cocks his head over at the ammo can with the medical crap in it. "Uhhhh, there's a roll of electrical tape at the bottom. Grab it, and shove it over the gauze here."
Dec 15 18:28:59 <PaulS_laptop> «I've got Eels once we can get everybody else in»
Dec 15 18:29:08 <Maddy> «Roger dodger.»
Dec 15 18:29:29 <MonkeyBomb> She grabs the tape and does as instructed.
Dec 15 18:30:22 <Echo> "Urgh, fuck, Emma, sorry, that's gonna have to hold for a minute. And sorry for this, too." He scoops her up off the floor and heads for the door. "Charlotte, grab that can and get the door here."
Dec 15 18:30:50 <PaulS_laptop> Range on the birds?
Dec 15 18:30:58 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte picks it up and shoves open the door.
Dec 15 18:31:06 <Gara> She winces.
Dec 15 18:31:45 <Echo> Scott beelines for the trailer hooked up to the LAV and deposits Emma on a bunk.
Dec 15 18:31:45 <Maddy> They're almost here.
Dec 15 18:32:06 <Maddy> You can hear the aweful papery flapping.
Dec 15 18:32:12 <MonkeyBomb> <Oh man…..>
Dec 15 18:32:45 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+8 another AP. Ranged with the minigun. Kyle opens fire
Dec 15 18:32:46 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: another AP. Ranged with the minigun. Kyle opens fire: 7 (4df+8=+, 0, -, -)
Dec 15 18:33:42 <Maddy> You take out a good chunk of them.
Dec 15 18:33:56 <PaulS_laptop> With that, he dismounts and begins sprinting for Eels
Dec 15 18:34:02 <Echo> Scott runs down the trailer's small ramp. "Charlotte, keep pressure on the gauze. Emma, I'll be back." He slams the gate up and hauls ass to his SUV. «Package secured.»
Dec 15 18:34:09 <Maddy> 4df+4 INCOMING Pdef Kyle
Dec 15 18:34:10 <CROM> Maddy: INCOMING Pdef Kyle: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Dec 15 18:34:34 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 Fuckfuckfuck "COVER ME!"
Dec 15 18:34:34 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: Fuckfuckfuck "COVER ME!": 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
Dec 15 18:34:52 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte puts her weight on Emma's bandages. <How're you holding up?> She turns to Emma.
Dec 15 18:35:20 <Gara> "I just got cored like a fucking apple. I've had a bad few days."
Dec 15 18:36:12 <MonkeyBomb> <Yeah…> She looks out of the window (assuming the trailer has windows…) as the flock takes a dive at Kyle.
Dec 15 18:36:32 <Gara> I'm pretty sure the LAV doesn't have windows.
Dec 15 18:37:08 <Maddy> Kyle takes damage as a dozen or so beaks cut into him all over.
Dec 15 18:37:16 <Echo> Scott looks in his rearview, and sees the debacle about to occur behind him, takes a few quick breaths, and opens the door up on the hummer, climbs out, and slams it behind him as he hauls ass for Kyle.
Dec 15 18:38:08 <Gara> Emma can't see out windows. "What's up?"
Dec 15 18:38:09 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 He's got his pistol out even as he falls, firing into the flock as they tear into him. "From hell's heart I stab at thee!"
Dec 15 18:38:10 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: He's got his pistol out even as he falls, firing into the flock as they tear into him. "From hell's heart I stab at thee!": 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
Dec 15 18:38:23 <Echo> 4df+7 Tagging above and Beyond. His pistol comes out, and he unloads into the air above Kyle's head. "
Dec 15 18:38:23 <CROM> Echo: Tagging above and Beyond. His pistol comes out, and he unloads into the air above Kyle's head. ": 3 (4df+7=-, -, -, -)
Dec 15 18:38:27 <Echo> …
Dec 15 18:38:34 <Echo> SPending an AP to reroll
Dec 15 18:38:39 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte watches, horrified, as the Daevite flock assaults the two men.
Dec 15 18:38:40 <Maddy> No its ok
Dec 15 18:38:40 <Echo> 4df+7
Dec 15 18:38:40 <CROM> Echo: 8 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, +)
Dec 15 18:38:42 <Maddy> :|
Dec 15 18:38:44 <Maddy> NO
Dec 15 18:38:48 <Echo> k
Dec 15 18:39:24 <Maddy> You peg the ones that were on kyle, most of them poofing into inky feathers, the rest rejoining the flook.
Dec 15 18:40:01 <Maddy> «Let's get out of here before they damage the vehicles!»
Dec 15 18:40:07 <PaulS_laptop> God. Kyle's bleeding /all the fuck over/. Dude is still trying to make it to the safety of his armored truck
Dec 15 18:40:11 <PaulS_laptop> Is he there?
Dec 15 18:40:24 <Maddy> 4df+4 Yeah he does but now theyre attacking Scott!
Dec 15 18:40:25 <Echo> "Dude, go! Go, I got ya!"
Dec 15 18:40:26 <CROM> Maddy: Yeah he does but now theyre attacking Scott!: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Dec 15 18:40:31 <Maddy> oh man scott…
Dec 15 18:40:43 <MonkeyBomb> O_O Charlotte watches……
Dec 15 18:40:56 <Gara> "Charlotte. What's happening?"
Dec 15 18:41:00 <PaulS_laptop> He makes it to the door of his truck and opens it, before swinging around to cover Scott
Dec 15 18:41:38 <MonkeyBomb> She blinks. <They, uh, Scott and Kyle are getting dive-bombed….>
Dec 15 18:41:45 <Echo> 4df+6 … But who's got Scott. Tagging Goddamnit, Not This Shit Again. He tries to scurry back to his Hummer, firing wildly into the air around him.
Dec 15 18:41:45 <CROM> Echo: … But who's got Scott. Tagging Goddamnit, Not This Shit Again. He tries to scurry back to his Hummer, firing wildly into the air around him.: 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
Dec 15 18:41:54 <PaulS_laptop> «Somebody get onto the gun!»
Dec 15 18:42:14 <Gara> "Shit."
Dec 15 18:42:30 <Maddy> They kinda hit everything around you, one slices the shit out o your sleve, but it jsut fixes itself if its your uniform so vOv
Dec 15 18:43:30 <Maddy> They're flying up again.
Dec 15 18:43:38 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+8 last AP I got Scott. Kyle provides covering fire from the truck. "I GOT YOU.". The blood in his eyes stings
Dec 15 18:43:39 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: last AP I got Scott. Kyle provides covering fire from the truck. "I GOT YOU.". The blood in his eyes stings: 10 (4df+8=0, +, 0, +)
Dec 15 18:44:03 <Maddy> You take out another good chunk of them out. There's just over half o them left.
Dec 15 18:44:21 <Echo> Scott runs headlong into the driver's side door of the SUV, braining himself for a moment before fumbling it open and climbing back inside.
Dec 15 18:44:44 <PaulS_laptop> «Everybody go! Go!»
Dec 15 18:45:05 <Maddy> «Thank god.» Elle slams on the gas!
Dec 15 18:45:10 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte grabs the bunk with one hand while keeping pressure applied on Emma's wounds with another. <Hold on…>
Dec 15 18:45:55 <Echo> He doesn't wait for someone to say it again. Scott mashes the accelerator, not-so-gently bucking the Hummer up and ahead of the LAV. He turns out onto the same route he had the others take on the fuel, but instead of cutting south, he stays east on the Trans-Canada.
Dec 15 18:46:34 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle slams the door behind him, and fires up the truck, it belching for life as the muffler baffles finally give out and blow out. He shifts up into second and rolls on, taking up the rear
Dec 15 18:47:51 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte turns her attention back to Emma's blood-soaked bandages. She presses harder.
Dec 15 18:48:59 <PaulS_laptop> The steering wheel is sticky as blood dries on the plastic, but Kyle begins recovering himself
Dec 15 18:49:43 <Maddy> They manage to get ahead of the birds, and they eventually disappear in the darkness
Dec 15 18:49:58 <Echo> After he gets the vehicle driving on the straightaway, he takes a hand off the wheel to operate his radio. «Everybody in one piece? Kyle, lemme know if/when we're clear. I need to get back on Emma.»
Dec 15 18:50:23 <Gara> "That sounded pretty horrible…"
Dec 15 18:51:05 <PaulS_laptop> «I don't see any more»
Dec 15 18:51:08 <PaulS_laptop> «I think we're good.»
Dec 15 18:54:43 <Echo> «Give it another couple klicks. I'm gonna run back to the trailer.»
Dec 15 18:57:09 * Roget is now known as Roget|Minecrafting
Dec 15 19:01:30 <Maddy> Eventually they pull to the side o the road.
Dec 15 19:01:33 <Echo> The Hummer slows down, signalling and pulling off to the right side.
Dec 15 19:02:28 <Echo> Scott piles out of the vehicle, hauling ass past the nose of the LAV, wheels around the corner of the trailer, and drops the gate/ramp. "Emma, you holding up?"
Dec 15 19:03:07 <Gara> "I'm not dead, thus far, just hurts."
Dec 15 19:03:52 <Echo> Scott makes his way over to the bunk, patting Charlotte on the back as he approaches. "Good job, Charlotte."
Dec 15 19:04:02 <Echo> Is Emma still leaking?
Dec 15 19:04:04 <MonkeyBomb> <Thanks.>
Dec 15 19:04:51 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle has dismounted Eels, and is providing security during the exchange from the flamethrower. He'll get back in and drive when they start up again
Dec 15 19:05:17 <Maddy> A little, though looking at the wounds, they're not even straight. Almost like the claws bent and weaved to miss major arteres and veins as much as possible.
Dec 15 19:07:28 <Echo> "Jesus, these went all the way through."
Dec 15 19:07:44 <Echo> "Sit up for me?"
Dec 15 19:07:50 <Gara> She sits up.
Dec 15 19:08:51 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte sets the can of medical supplies next to Scott and heads outside, pausing for a moment at the door. <I'm going to go check on Kyle.>
Dec 15 19:09:05 <Echo> Scott sets about covering the "exit" wounds. "Christ… I'm… I'm gonna go get Atropa. You got lucky as hell."
Dec 15 19:09:43 <Gara> "I don't feel particularly lucky."
Dec 15 19:10:49 <MonkeyBomb> She steps foot outside the trailer and hurries over to Kyle's truck, watching the skies as she goes.
Dec 15 19:11:52 <Maddy> Elle is checking over the LAV. "Holy shit they cut into the armour."
Dec 15 19:12:32 <Echo> "Well, you got holed, but you'd be bleeding a whole lot worse if it hit any organs." He puts a hand flat on her stomach, pressing firmly "You're not bleeding inside. Didn't get any arteries. This thing was fucking surgical."
Dec 15 19:13:22 <Gara> "… That sounds /really/ unlikely."
Dec 15 19:14:18 <Echo> Scott takes a step back, then gestures at her with both arms, as if to say "yet here you are."
Dec 15 19:14:30 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte clambers up onto the flamethrower platform (or whatever it is.) <Hey, Kyle. You alright?> She pulls some clean bandages out of her pockets.
Dec 15 19:16:02 <Maddy> Kyle is also leaking, but no more than you would from bunches of cat scratches.
Dec 15 19:16:14 <PaulS_laptop> "Most of the leaking's stopped" he takes the bandages though and uses them to try and remedy the worst of them
Dec 15 19:16:26 <MonkeyBomb> She nods. <That was close.>
Dec 15 19:16:26 <Gara> "I just can't buy that is manged to /miss/ everything. I'll take it, though."
Dec 15 19:16:29 <PaulS_laptop> "How's scott an' emma?"
Dec 15 19:17:49 <MonkeyBomb> <I think they're okay, for the most part.>
Dec 15 19:17:51 <Echo> Scott stares at her for a few seconds. "Maybe it didn't *want* to kill you."
Dec 15 19:18:56 <Gara> "That scares me. I don't know /why/ it wouldn'."
Dec 15 19:19:05 <MonkeyBomb> She checks the sky once more before hopping down from the truck. <I'm going to go see if Scott needs any help.>
Dec 15 19:19:14 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle nods
Dec 15 19:19:22 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte heads back into the trailer.
Dec 15 19:20:05 <Gara> "Hey Charlotte."
Dec 15 19:21:52 <Echo> Scott shrugs. "I got no idea."
Dec 15 19:22:08 <Gara> "Probably not goo though. In general it won't be."
Dec 15 19:23:18 <MonkeyBomb> <Hey.> Charlotte sits down on a nearby bunk. She turns to Scott. <Is she going to be okay?>
Dec 15 19:23:39 <Echo> "Yeah. Also, you got clothes in here somewhere? Sorry about the shirt. I thought you'd lost your kidneys." He gives Charlotte a thumbs up.
Dec 15 19:24:08 <MonkeyBomb> She nods in acknowledgment.
Dec 15 19:24:35 <Gara> "That would've sucked, and yeah, in my bag." She points.
Dec 15 19:27:16 <Echo> He nods, and leaves her to get dressed.
Dec 15 19:28:05 <Maddy> Elle is leaning on the LAV smoking.
Dec 15 19:28:33 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte washes Emma's blood off her hands.
Dec 15 19:29:03 <Gara> She puts a new shirt on.
Dec 15 19:31:08 <Maddy> «We wanna camp here, or keep driving?»
Dec 15 19:31:20 <MonkeyBomb> She glances at Emma and recalls Kyle's bloody face. That was too damn close. Next time, she won't hesitate.
Dec 15 19:31:25 <PaulS_laptop> «Either works for me»
Dec 15 19:31:36 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is up on the flamethrower, in the bed of eels
Dec 15 19:31:46 <PaulS_laptop> permiter security and illumination all in one
Dec 15 19:31:58 <Echo> «Uh, it might do to give people some time to recuperate. Emma lost some blood.»
Dec 15 19:32:37 <Maddy> «Righty. Only about a day or two drive for Nowrich now. So not long till we fucking inish this shit.»