Snakes and Mansions

Mar 11 21:04:07 <Maddy> And then they were driving towards town.
Mar 11 21:04:39 <E4D> «First one you find, hun. Don't want to go too deep.»
Mar 11 21:04:50 <Maddy> «Got it.»
Mar 11 21:05:13 <Maddy> She sets up a rout to a nearby gas station and starts in that direction
Mar 11 21:05:19 <Vasuki> The ride is largely uneventful. They arrive at a gas station in due time. Lights are out. But the front door is open….
Mar 11 21:06:18 <Maddy> «H-here we are.»
Mar 11 21:07:22 <Vasuki> PErception from anyone outside the vehicles
Mar 11 21:07:26 <Vasuki> Spotter positions
Mar 11 21:07:47 <Maddy> What about the driver?
Mar 11 21:08:04 <Vasuki> Yes.
Mar 11 21:08:09 <Vasuki> alice too
Mar 11 21:08:11 <Maddy> 4df+4 Eyes
Mar 11 21:08:12 <CROM> Maddy: Eyes: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
Mar 11 21:11:13 <Vasuki> 4df+3 hrm
Mar 11 21:11:14 <CROM> Vasuki: hrm: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
Mar 11 21:11:37 <Pemander> 4df Not very quiet
Mar 11 21:11:38 <CROM> Pemander: Not very quiet: 0 (4df=0, +, -, 0)
Mar 11 21:11:43 <Vasuki> There's a red haired young…person…staring agape at the convoy from the window.
Mar 11 21:11:53 <Vasuki> Lower half obscured by windowframe.
Mar 11 21:12:13 <Pemander> There is also a clanging sound coming from the inside.
Mar 11 21:13:14 <Maddy> «Got s-survivors. I'm gettingout.»
Mar 11 21:14:30 <Vasuki> Lance: «I'll go too?»
Mar 11 21:14:52 <Maddy> Alice gets out of the LAV. Ragz knows, but for Pem, Alice is about 5'3 and dressed like something out of Crysis 2, and fairly heavily armed.
Mar 11 21:14:55 <E4D> There's a loud hydraulic whine as the turret rotates, the 25mm autocannon and .50 cal pointing squarely into the store.
Mar 11 21:15:13 <Pemander> The clanging stops when the turret whines.
Mar 11 21:15:28 <E4D> «Hey, bust that glass out. IR can't see through glass.»
Mar 11 21:15:43 * Vasuki blinks. Pales terribly when the cannon is suddenly pointed at what seems like -right at her-.
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Mar 11 21:16:07 * Vasuki raises his hands slowly.
Mar 11 21:16:36 <Pemander> The front door of the station slams shut.
Mar 11 21:16:44 <Maddy> «Sure. C-come on Lance.» She readies her rifle and speaks theough her speakers. <Get a-away from the window!>
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Mar 11 21:17:19 <Vasuki> The man…woman….? She looks sideways suddenly when the door slams! Then back at the loudspeaker. Moves with an oddly smooth motion away.
Mar 11 21:17:32 <Vasuki> ….were their hands red?
Mar 11 21:17:49 <Vasuki> Lance: The doctor gets out, hoofing it to stand a slight ways behind alice.
Mar 11 21:18:28 <Dexanote> Myrtle pokes her head out of the back of the LAV, looking at the station. "You need me for anything?"
Mar 11 21:19:28 <Maddy> «Might have an anomalous humanoid.» Alice looks back at Myrtle. <S-sure, you're probably a better talker than I am.>
Mar 11 21:20:25 <Maddy> <Anyone inside, I'm b-breaking the window, s-stay back.> then she wings a rock through it.
Mar 11 21:20:35 <Vasuki> Crash! Smash!
Mar 11 21:20:44 <Vasuki> That window is busted.
Mar 11 21:20:53 <Dexanote> "Lemme check it out."
Mar 11 21:21:04 <Vasuki> Green eyes peek around the edge of the now broken window.
Mar 11 21:21:38 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Stealth. Myrtle slips out of the back of the LAV, easing herself into a relaxed stroll towards the gas station.
Mar 11 21:21:38 <CROM> Dexanote: Stealth. Myrtle slips out of the back of the LAV, easing herself into a relaxed stroll towards the gas station.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
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Mar 11 21:21:57 <Dexanote> 4df+4 tagging The Way You Move, reroll
Mar 11 21:21:57 <CROM> Dexanote: tagging The Way You Move, reroll: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
Mar 11 21:21:59 <Vasuki> 4df+2 against myr
Mar 11 21:21:59 <CROM> Vasuki: against myr: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, +, 0)
Mar 11 21:22:06 <Maddy> «What y-you seeing, Jason?»
Mar 11 21:22:10 <Pemander> 4df Against Myr
Mar 11 21:22:11 <CROM> Pemander: Against Myr: 0 (4df=0, 0, -, +)
Mar 11 21:22:42 <Vasuki> Myrtle's approach draws no reaction from anyone, it seems
Mar 11 21:23:03 <E4D> «Uh, peekin' around the glass.»
Mar 11 21:23:11 <E4D> «Looks like a normal head.»
Mar 11 21:23:19 <Maddy> «Should I go in, o-or call them out?»
Mar 11 21:23:52 <E4D> «Not unless you have to.»
Mar 11 21:24:00 <Dexanote> She approaches the window and looks through, leaaaning back a bit once she sees Vasuki. Can she see Finn through the window too?
Mar 11 21:24:13 <Pemander> Finn is nowhere to be found.
Mar 11 21:24:33 <Maddy> <How many of y-you are in there?>
Mar 11 21:25:15 <Vasuki> "Uhm…the…there was one other! But he…I don't know wher ehe went….."
Mar 11 21:25:29 <Vasuki> Speaks up hesitantly, light voice barely carrying to alice.
Mar 11 21:26:08 <Dexanote> Myrtle slips back to the LAV, coughing to announce her presence. "Anomalous humanoid. Be gentle, it looks scared."
Mar 11 21:26:30 <Vasuki> Lance nods. "What sort…?"
Mar 11 21:26:54 <Maddy> <F-figured as much…anyone injured?>
Mar 11 21:27:10 <Dexanote> "Only saw the one. Couldn't see anyone else."
Mar 11 21:27:25 <E4D> <Tell 'em top come out. It could be a trap.>
Mar 11 21:27:30 <E4D> *to
Mar 11 21:27:36 * Vasuki kicks E4D in the nuts
Mar 11 21:28:11 <Dexanote> (( YOU CAN'T! ))
Mar 11 21:28:49 <Dexanote> "Point the gun away from the building, then. Trust me, the one in the window's no threat right now."
Mar 11 21:29:11 <Maddy> <Come out w-where we can see you.>
Mar 11 21:29:34 <E4D> Jason elevates the barrel slightly, in grudging, half-assed compliance.
Mar 11 21:29:43 <E4D> He ain't stupid.
Mar 11 21:30:10 <Pemander> Finn tugs on Vasuki from inside the station, out of sight from the rest of the group.
Mar 11 21:30:54 <Maddy> <No h-harms coming to you if y-you don't fuck around.>
Mar 11 21:31:35 * Vasuki blinks, head turning in the window, to look at Finn. "Ah? O-ok…!" He moves out of sight, behind Finn.
Mar 11 21:31:47 <Pemander> A voice calls out, the source still not visible in the window. "You can't have our supplies. We need these."
Mar 11 21:32:11 <Vasuki> "W-we should go out…" Mumbles Vasuki. "They have guns…"
Mar 11 21:32:20 <Pemander> Finn hushes him/her.
Mar 11 21:32:27 <Pemander> "That's exactly why we can't trust them."
Mar 11 21:32:38 <Dexanote> "Ah.. so survivors…" She thinks for a moment. "Are we bringing them along? Or are they threats?" She looks to Jason.
Mar 11 21:32:42 <Vasuki> "They have a BIG gun…"
Mar 11 21:33:08 <Maddy> <We only n-need gas, and t-that's out here.>
Mar 11 21:33:11 <Pemander> "Dying now won't matter if they're just gonna killus later…"
Mar 11 21:33:13 <Vasuki> "It doesn't matter if we stay in here…they can shoot us anyway…."
Mar 11 21:33:40 <Pemander> Finn calls out again. "If you just need the gas, why are you pointing weapons at us and threatening us?"
Mar 11 21:33:49 * Vasuki flatfaces.
Mar 11 21:33:54 <Vasuki> "I'm going out…"
Mar 11 21:33:56 <Maddy> <I'm c-cool with finding out if t-they're a threat…and if t-they're not, hell, we got extra rooms now.>
Mar 11 21:34:06 <Maddy> <J-just lost 4.>
Mar 11 21:34:13 <Pemander> Finn facepalms. "Dammit Snake, you are going to get killed if you aren't careful."
Mar 11 21:34:24 <Pemander> "Whatever." Finn waves him/her off.
Mar 11 21:34:38 <Maddy> <The s-switch is in there, kid.>
Mar 11 21:34:43 <Vasuki> "Did you no-whatever. Fine."
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Mar 11 21:35:17 <Pemander> "Snake is coming out. Don't shoot it."
Mar 11 21:35:24 <Dexanote> Myrtle sighs.
Mar 11 21:35:27 <Maddy> <Snake? Oh boy.>
Mar 11 21:35:41 * Vasuki moves pasty the window again, briefly in view, before going to the door. It pushes open…and out comes Vasuki. He takes a good thirty seconds to get out the door, having to hold it while he slithers his entire tail out.
Mar 11 21:35:54 <Maddy> <Huh.>
Mar 11 21:36:15 <Maddy> <Jason, don't f-flip out…>
Mar 11 21:36:32 <Maddy> <But I think it's one of t-those nada things from that game you play.>
Mar 11 21:36:33 <Vasuki> Dressed in the clothes in it's profile picture, bottom half with a snuggish skirt that wraps around a third of his tail.
Mar 11 21:36:43 <E4D> The big gun on top of the LAV points higher, no longer aimed squarely at the station's front, and a figure clad in black armor like Alice's clambers out the turret to stand on top, a rifle almost half the size of the woman standing in front of them cradled in his arms.
Mar 11 21:37:50 <Vasuki> 11.5 feet long in total, from head to end of tail. Red hair, that while dirty, matches the dull scales on Vasuki's lower half, forearms, and hands.
Mar 11 21:38:04 <E4D> <Hah!>
Mar 11 21:38:12 * Vasuki stares at the convoy, lingering in the doorway, coiled up anxiously.
Mar 11 21:38:15 <Pemander> "Listen! I won't hurt you if you won't hurt me. If you want to use the switch in here, send in a couple, but leave your weapons."
Mar 11 21:38:16 <E4D> <Nice skirt. That come with Midol and cranberry juice?>
Mar 11 21:38:34 <Vasuki> "….."
Mar 11 21:39:13 <Vasuki> It is a nice skirt, actually. But that's not a nice gesture vasuki is making with his hands at Jason.
Mar 11 21:40:09 <Dexanote> Myrtle quietly nopes into the LAV.
Mar 11 21:40:38 <Maddy> <T-tell your friend he's c-crazy if he thinks w-we're going in there w-without weapon.>
Mar 11 21:40:57 <Vasuki> "He's not my friend. And fine."
Mar 11 21:41:32 <Maddy> <Y-you need medical attention? F-food?>
Mar 11 21:41:34 * Vasuki leans back into the gas station. "Did you hear them, dummy?"
Mar 11 21:42:07 <Pemander> A rather ruddy-looking young man with scraggly brown hair appears in the window, his arms crossed in front of his chest.
Mar 11 21:42:13 <Pemander> He appears to be wearing a pair of brass knuckles.
Mar 11 21:42:16 <Vasuki> "…We were looking for food here. I'm not hurt, and I don't think he is….all we could find to eat were tehse burritos called 'the bomb'."
Mar 11 21:42:26 <Vasuki> "I didn't want to try it…."
Mar 11 21:42:28 <Maddy> <…don't eat that shit.>
Mar 11 21:42:56 <Maddy> <G-got special dietary n-needs at all?>
Mar 11 21:43:07 <Dexanote> Myrtle wretches offscreen.
Mar 11 21:43:28 <Pemander> "You can keep your weapons!" He calls out. "I just want to talk with someone."
Mar 11 21:43:32 <Vasuki> "…k-kinda…not really. I'm allergic to garlic…"
Mar 11 21:43:42 <Vasuki> "…are you going to shoot us?"
Mar 11 21:44:34 <Maddy> <Alright.> She shakes her head no toVasuki. «Jason? C-can I give them some f-food? A-apparently this place is lacking there.»
Mar 11 21:45:36 <Vasuki> Vasuki slithers slowly away from the door, starting to move farther out into the open, stopping about a dozen or so feet away from hte nearest person on the ground.
Mar 11 21:45:49 <Vasuki> Lance watches curiously, but doesn't comment.
Mar 11 21:46:59 <E4D> «Urgh. Go for it. And why the hell does everyone think we're going to fuckin' shoot 'em?
Mar 11 21:47:15 <Maddy> «Cause w-we point guns a-at them»
Mar 11 21:47:28 <Dexanote> "We DO roll up in a tank."
Mar 11 21:48:34 <Maddy> Alice digs out some food, slinging her rifle and carefully aproaching Vasuki. <B-beef anf brocolli, I'm f-fairly certain I d-didn't use garlic.>
Mar 11 21:49:24 <Pemander> Finn hungrily eyes the food from the window.
Mar 11 21:49:41 <Vasuki> He/she takes it hesitantly. This close up, Alice will be able to see all sorts of enat things. Like how he has snake eyes. And a forked tongue. But only one fang. Odd. He/she starts eating immediately.
Mar 11 21:50:05 <Vasuki> "Hey dummy! They have food! You don't have to eat those cold burritos again!"
Mar 11 21:50:16 <Maddy> <…he a-ate them cold?>
Mar 11 21:50:22 <Pemander> Finn grasps his stomach and makes a pained face at the mention of the burritos.
Mar 11 21:50:32 <Maddy> «Jason, p-please tell me we have m-milk of magnesia.»
Mar 11 21:50:57 <E4D> <Uhhh… maybe in the station?>
Mar 11 21:51:31 <E4D> He goes off on a tagent. <Ya know… pointin' guns at stuff and shooting it aren't completely related.>
Mar 11 21:52:04 <E4D> He looks down at Myrtle. <I mean, think about it. People flirt without fuckin'. People jog without runnin' marathons.>
Mar 11 21:52:21 <Vasuki> Vasuki flatfaces hard.
Mar 11 21:52:39 <Pemander> "Are you going to send someone in or what?"
Mar 11 21:52:40 <Dexanote> "Yep. I know. But flirting and jogging aren't usually used as threats."
Mar 11 21:53:07 * Vasuki finishes eating quietly.
Mar 11 21:53:32 <Maddy> <Christ, f-fine. Jaosn cover me.»
Mar 11 21:53:46 <Vasuki> "Dummy use brass knuckles."
Mar 11 21:53:53 <Vasuki> *uses
Mar 11 21:54:08 * Vasuki says this to alice.
Mar 11 21:54:19 <Maddy> Alice nods to Vasuki. <Doubt t-that'd g-give me trouble if h-he decided to try something then.> she heads for the door.
Mar 11 21:54:23 <E4D> Jason hops down from the vehicle and moves in behind Alice.
Mar 11 21:54:46 <Pemander> Finn pushes open the door for Alice and Jason, brow furrowed.
Mar 11 21:54:49 <Dexanote> Myrtle sighs, and stays by the LAV.
Mar 11 21:55:12 <E4D> His rifle stays at a low alert, his posture radiating a tenseness that indicates it might end up leveled at someone at any second.
Mar 11 21:55:30 <Vasuki> Is myrtle outside the LAV?
Mar 11 21:55:32 <Maddy> <No one's going to s-shoot you.> Alice still manages to sounds semi comanding, despite bing much shorter than Finn.
Mar 11 21:55:42 <Dexanote> She moves outside the LAV, yes.
Mar 11 21:55:57 <Pemander> "Well, you can't exactly blame me, rollin' up here with those guns pointed at us."
Mar 11 21:56:07 <Pemander> "And Christ, what's with the suits? You look like a damn robot."
Mar 11 21:56:32 <Pemander> "…You…/aren't/ a robot, right?"
Mar 11 21:56:39 <Maddy> <Who's to s-say.>
Mar 11 21:56:48 <Maddy> You can almost hear her grining.
Mar 11 21:56:49 <E4D> "<I prefer the term "synthetic".>
Mar 11 21:57:09 <Pemander> Finn sighs and presses a hand to his forehead.
Mar 11 21:57:16 <Pemander> "Enkal, you take care of this. I can't talk to these jokers."
Mar 11 21:57:29 <Maddy> <I g-go by Alice. G-got some f-food for you, though…who?>
Mar 11 21:57:39 <Pemander> Jason and Alice suddenly hear a deep, echoing male voice in their heads. ~Greetings.~
Mar 11 21:57:55 <Maddy> <Uh. Hi. What?>
Mar 11 21:58:27 <Pemander> ~I hope that you are not planning on hurting that young Naga. Its kind are quite rare.~
Mar 11 21:58:31 <E4D> <Seriously th-> The battle rifle in Jason's hands comes up, leveled squarely at Finn's face. <That you?>
Mar 11 21:58:38 <Pemander> Finn thumbs his nose. "Yeah, Snake's a real whiner."
Mar 11 21:58:44 <Pemander> "Woah woah woah, what's with the gun?"
Mar 11 21:58:49 <Pemander> "I thought these were peace negotiations!"
Mar 11 21:58:56 <E4D> <Is. That. You.>
Mar 11 21:59:08 <Maddy> <Mind t-talking ain't a-always a good thing, kid.>
Mar 11 21:59:09 * Vasuki undulates from it's 'sitting postion' a coiled pile, and moves over to myrtle. "…hello."
Mar 11 21:59:17 <Pemander> "Fuck no that ain't me! That's Enkal!"
Mar 11 21:59:21 <Pemander> "Does it sound like me?"
Mar 11 21:59:23 <Maddy> <We've had…bad experiances.>
Mar 11 21:59:47 <Maddy> <Enkal, t-then. I g-go by Alice. Y-you can hear us w-when we speak normaly, yes?>
Mar 11 21:59:58 <Pemander> ~I can.~
Mar 11 22:00:08 <Pemander> "Course he can, he's right here you know!"
Mar 11 22:00:15 <Pemander> Gallus uses his left hand to point to the brass knuckle on his right.
Mar 11 22:00:20 <Dexanote> "… Hi. Nice to meet you." She looks at Vasuki's tail, then locks her eyes on his. Should be noted that she's wearing Lament's sunglasses. "I'm Myrtle."
Mar 11 22:00:22 <Pemander> "He ain't deaf."
Mar 11 22:00:32 <Maddy> <A-alright, c-care to explain your…nature?>
Mar 11 22:00:41 <Pemander> "Hungry."
Mar 11 22:01:11 <Vasuki> Wen she looks at his tail, he draws back quietly. "….I'm…p-people called me sleeps…."
Mar 11 22:01:15 <Vasuki> *when
Mar 11 22:01:18 <E4D> Jason hazards a glance around him as he lower the rifle again,.checking the aisles, but circles around, 90 degrees from Alice, still facing Finn.
Mar 11 22:01:41 <Pemander> "You never answered. Are you gonna hurt Snake?"
Mar 11 22:01:48 <Pemander> "It's fuckin' delicate."
Mar 11 22:02:11 <Dexanote> Careful nod.
Mar 11 22:02:31 <Maddy> <N-no, it's given us no r-reason, and is quite co-operative.>
Mar 11 22:02:42 <Pemander> Finn seems to relax a bit.
Mar 11 22:03:16 <Pemander> ~Do you have room for us as well?~
Mar 11 22:03:21 <Vasuki> "….are you…why do…" He looks at the Eve, and it's giant autocannon.
Mar 11 22:03:22 <Maddy> <Enkal, y-your…host? Carrier? is agitated, f-for good reason, b-but I'm g-gonna have to know m-more about you s-specifically before I let my guard down.>
Mar 11 22:03:46 <Pemander> "…'Host'….'Carrier'…"
Mar 11 22:03:50 <Pemander> Finn breaks out laughing.
Mar 11 22:03:57 <Pemander> "Enkal, they think you're a bug or something! In my head!"
Mar 11 22:03:59 <Dexanote> "Defense. Protect us from monsters and people who want to hurt us."
Mar 11 22:04:07 <E4D> Jason, for his part, slings his rifle, opting to rest his hand on the grip of a gigantic handgun in a holster on his leg, still quiet, still just watching over Alice's actions.
Mar 11 22:04:10 <Pemander> ~It's really not all that amusing, Finn.~
Mar 11 22:04:16 <Vasuki> "…how did you get it?"
Mar 11 22:04:17 <Maddy> <No, y-you said he was the knuckles, and I believe you.>
Mar 11 22:04:21 <Dexanote> She tilts her head. "Is your friend using telepathy?"
Mar 11 22:04:39 <Vasuki> "…These things are expe-I guess. Dummy isn't my friend."
Mar 11 22:04:39 <Pemander> "Enkal and I are /partners/."
Mar 11 22:04:43 <Maddy> <It's just I've had ws-everal things t-try to get in my head in my c-career, makes me jumpy.>
Mar 11 22:04:44 <Vasuki> "He's weird."
Mar 11 22:05:02 <Pemander> ~I have no intention of invading your mind, nor would I be capable of doing so if I wished.~
Mar 11 22:06:14 <Maddy> <Alright.> Alice holds out the food to Finn. <I d-don't mind picking you g-guys up if Jason d-doesn't. L-lord knows w-we got the room now…> she sounds a little sad.
Mar 11 22:06:44 <Dexanote> "Yep…" She sighs, glancing over towards Finn, Alice and Jason. "That's an excellent first impression." She glances back at Vasuki. "They had the tank when I got here. Apparently they brought it with them."
Mar 11 22:06:46 <Pemander> Finn takes the food carefully. "You sure about this Enkal? These guys seem kinda shifty."
Mar 11 22:07:13 <Maddy> <Shiftier than a naga and a boy w-with talking brass knuckles?>
Mar 11 22:07:30 <Pemander> Finn chuckles. "Comin' from the robot."
Mar 11 22:07:31 <E4D> <It's not a tank.>
Mar 11 22:07:33 <Vasuki> "…who are they?"
Mar 11 22:07:50 <E4D> <It's a MOWAG Piranha LAV-III 8 by 8.>
Mar 11 22:08:06 <Pemander> "You know what? I like you."
Mar 11 22:08:09 <Pemander> "You've got spunk."
Mar 11 22:08:20 <E4D> <That's what she said.>
Mar 11 22:08:21 <Pemander> Finn holds his hand out to shake. "Name's Finn."
Mar 11 22:08:27 * Laito is now known as Bioware
Mar 11 22:09:01 <E4D> Jason extends his left hand, right hand still resting on the handgun, casting around another shifty glance.
Mar 11 22:09:18 * Bioware is now known as Laito
Mar 11 22:09:30 <E4D> It's a semi-awkward shake, what with the twisted arm. He doesn't shake very strongly.
Mar 11 22:10:04 * Laito is now known as Scumbag_Bioware
Mar 11 22:10:09 <Pemander> Finn raises an eyebrow at Jason.
Mar 11 22:10:26 <Dexanote> "They're survivors like us. Used to be from the Foundation."
Mar 11 22:10:35 <Vasuki> Blink. Blink.
Mar 11 22:10:36 <Maddy> Alice clears her face plate so he can see her face. <I go by Alice. T-that's Jason. W-we kinda sorta lead these guys.> gesturs outside. <Shall we?>
Mar 11 22:10:39 <Vasuki> "The what?"
Mar 11 22:10:39 <Pemander> "I ain't gonna bite. Snake could, but probably won't."
Mar 11 22:10:54 <Pemander> Finn nods to Alice. "Yeah, sure."
Mar 11 22:11:19 <Maddy> She moves over to flick the pumps back on the heads out to the others.
Mar 11 22:11:41 <E4D> <Sorry. Don' want to hurt ya. It's the suit.>
Mar 11 22:11:49 * Scumbag_Bioware is now known as Laito
Mar 11 22:12:13 <Pemander> Finn grins at Jason. "Okay, big guy."
Mar 11 22:12:27 <Pemander> His fists glow a very light shade of blue for a moment, then return to normal.
Mar 11 22:12:38 <Pemander> ~Don't be rude, Finn.~
Mar 11 22:12:59 <Pemander> He calls to Vasuki as they approach. "Oy, Snake! Looks like these guys are pretty okay!"
Mar 11 22:13:28 <Vasuki> "…I guess. They have good food." A slim forked tongue flickers over Vasuki's visible fang.
Mar 11 22:14:55 <E4D> <We ain't gonna hurt anyone unless they fuck with us. It's been the last mistake a lot of people's made, but… we ain't out to cause trouble.>
Mar 11 22:15:15 <E4D> Jason heads to the door, waiting for Alice.
Mar 11 22:15:18 <Pemander> "So, you're bad cop."
Mar 11 22:15:18 <Dexanote> "We'll explain later. Now, lets just get back to shelter." She glances over to the other three.
Mar 11 22:15:25 <Pemander> He points to Alice. "I guess this is good cop."
Mar 11 22:15:25 <Maddy> <Jsut s-surviving.> Alice steps through
Mar 11 22:15:31 <Pemander> Now to Myrtle. "So who's this?"
Mar 11 22:15:36 <Vasuki> "…dummy and I are staying at a mansion."
Mar 11 22:15:50 <Pemander> "Dammit Snake, I told you to stop calling me dummy."
Mar 11 22:15:59 <Vasuki> "You guys can rest there. Shut up dummy."
Mar 11 22:16:06 <Vasuki> "Stop calling me snake."
Mar 11 22:16:14 <Pemander> "You're a damn snake!"
Mar 11 22:16:18 <Pemander> ~It's a naga, Finn.~
Mar 11 22:16:21 <Vasuki> "And you're a dummy."
Mar 11 22:16:24 <Pemander> ~I told you not to be rude.~
Mar 11 22:16:30 <E4D> Jason stops abruptly and turns on his heel.
Mar 11 22:16:36 <E4D> <Are you two 5 years old?>
Mar 11 22:16:41 <Maddy> <W-what shall we call you?>
Mar 11 22:16:41 <Dexanote> "Sounds like it."
Mar 11 22:17:06 <Vasuki> "I'm va-people call me sleeps."
Mar 11 22:17:38 <Pemander> Finn ruffles Vasuki's hair. "It's Snake!"
Mar 11 22:17:49 <Vasuki> Vasuki pulsl away sharply, hissing.
Mar 11 22:18:15 <Vasuki> "Don't. Asshole."
Mar 11 22:18:33 <Pemander> Finn grins at Vasuki.
Mar 11 22:18:48 <Dexanote> "You're bothering a person with venomous fangs. Bad move, Finn."
Mar 11 22:19:16 <Pemander> He raises an eyebrow at Myrtle. "Well, we've all got somethin' up our sleeves."
Mar 11 22:19:36 <Dexanote> 'Was that a threat?" Eyebrow.
Mar 11 22:19:52 <Vasuki> "Asshole has brass knuckles with a smart demon, or something, inside."
Mar 11 22:19:54 <Pemander> Finn holds his hands up in a placating gesture. "Not at all."
Mar 11 22:20:06 <E4D> Jason reaches up, fouble taps his visor, and it goes from a smoky gray to transparent, revealing his eyes. <Alice, talk to ya for a second over here?>
Mar 11 22:20:14 <Pemander> "Like Bad Cop said, I ain't out to hurt anyone that doesn't fuck with me."
Mar 11 22:20:31 <E4D> Jason heads over to one of the islands, and looks for a pump primer
Mar 11 22:20:33 <Pemander> "Sides, Snake wouldn't hurt me. It's my buddy!"
Mar 11 22:20:47 <Vasuki> "I am not your buddy."
Mar 11 22:21:15 <Pemander> "Partners, then. Acquaintances?"
Mar 11 22:21:25 <Maddy> Alice goes with.
Mar 11 22:21:27 <Pemander> He puts a finger to his chin. "What's another word…"
Mar 11 22:21:31 <Pemander> ~Cohorts, Finn.~
Mar 11 22:21:36 <Pemander> "Yeah, cohorts!"
Mar 11 22:21:53 <Vasuki> "You're an asshole I've met. Enkal can be my partner."
Mar 11 22:22:36 <Pemander> ~A tempting proposition, Naga, but I'm afraid I am bonded to this one.~
Mar 11 22:22:37 <E4D> <They asked to come with, right?>
Mar 11 22:23:02 <Pemander> "Hey, hey, now Enkal. That's downright mean."
Mar 11 22:23:03 <Dexanote> "So Finn, Enkal and Sleeps." She watches Alice and Jason talk in the aside. "I'm Myrtle, good to meet you."
Mar 11 22:23:21 <Pemander> Finn holds his hand out to shake. "Nice to meet you, Myrtle!"
Mar 11 22:24:48 <Maddy> <Yeah, w-wel Enkal d-did,<
Mar 11 22:24:49 <Maddy> >
Mar 11 22:24:55 <Dexanote> She shakes it back. Did you know what she looked like?
Mar 11 22:25:42 * Vasuki is now known as Ragazzo
Mar 11 22:26:24 <Ragazzo> Vasuki coils up in a heap, turning this way and that, watching the area around them, shivering a bit.
Mar 11 22:26:51 <Pemander> Finn takes off his jacket and holds it out to Vasuki. "You cold, Snake?"
Mar 11 22:26:52 <E4D> Jason flips his visor up, revealing a very human face, and steps quickly back over to the pair. "Why are you wantin' to come with us?"
Mar 11 22:27:03 <Ragazzo> "…No. I'm fine."
Mar 11 22:27:07 <Pemander> "Oh man, he's not a robot!"
Mar 11 22:27:11 <Pemander> "That's a relief."
Mar 11 22:27:23 <E4D> He gestures toward the road. "There's a settlement about a half hour's walk that direction."
Mar 11 22:27:40 <Ragazzo> "…you seem like nice people….I don' want to go there…"
Mar 11 22:28:08 <Pemander> ~I would rather avoid those who would not be accustomed to our…conditions.~
Mar 11 22:28:15 <Dexanote> "… you actually thought he wa- nevermind." She shakes her head.
Mar 11 22:28:55 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 11 22:29:50 * Nusquam has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Mar 11 22:29:50 <E4D> He takes a deep breathe and sighs, looking down at the dround for a moment, then reaching over to mash the button that starts the pumps. "Where ya'll headed?"
Mar 11 22:30:12 <Pemander> "Well, me and Snake were roomin' in this abandoned mansion over that-a-ways."
Mar 11 22:30:16 <Ragazzo> "…we were staying at a mansion…uhm…I guess you could say my home…until now."
Mar 11 22:30:18 <Pemander> Finn points down the road.
Mar 11 22:30:32 <Pemander> "I got some stuff I'd like to pick up from there, if you don't mind."
Mar 11 22:30:34 <Ragazzo> "I mean…I don't own it…but…I sorta…."
Mar 11 22:30:53 <Pemander> Finn crosses his arms. "The people that lived there ain't around anymore, if you get me."
Mar 11 22:30:56 <Ragazzo> "It's warm, and…no one bothered me. Until -this guy-."
Mar 11 22:31:20 <Pemander> Finn huffs.
Mar 11 22:32:18 <Pemander> "Sorry Snake, didn't know you felt that way."
Mar 11 22:32:23 <Pemander> "I was rather /enjoying/ your company."
Mar 11 22:33:26 <E4D> The high volume pump installed on the trailer does its job quickly and shuts off on its own with a loud clunk.
Mar 11 22:33:34 <Ragazzo> Vasuki does not seem to be in any type of mood to spar verbally now. In fact, finn's words seem to put him off, the naga shifting slightly away from finn.
Mar 11 22:34:21 <E4D> "I'll ask again. Where y'all headed?"
Mar 11 22:34:40 <Pemander> Finn points in the direction of the mansion once more.
Mar 11 22:34:44 <Ragazzo> "…nowhere? I was just…hiding."
Mar 11 22:34:54 <Ragazzo> "Yeah, back at the house…"
Mar 11 22:35:27 <Pemander> ~I would be in your debt if you would take us in.~
Mar 11 22:35:31 <Ragazzo> "We only ran out of food when *he* started eating everything."
Mar 11 22:35:42 <Pemander> Finn rolls his eyes.
Mar 11 22:36:16 <Pemander> He holds up a fist that takes on a blue tinge for a moment. "You know I use a lot of energy, Snake."
Mar 11 22:36:18 <Dexanote> Myr glances over Vasuki's scales, then at Finn's knuckles, then at Alice and Jason.
Mar 11 22:36:39 <Maddy> Alice shrugs.
Mar 11 22:36:40 <E4D> He catches the look. "What's up?"
Mar 11 22:36:49 <Ragazzo> Vasuki twitches, and turns to look at myrtle. Like he felt her eyes. "…"
Mar 11 22:37:37 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 11 22:38:17 <Dexanote> Shrug. "Nothing. Just want to get out of the open."
Mar 11 22:38:28 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteractionmission Praetor
Mar 11 22:38:28 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Praetor
Mar 11 22:38:55 <Maddy> <G-good idea. T-this mansion, it's safe? W-we could crash there t-till we move again.>
Mar 11 22:39:38 <Ragazzo> He looks away quickly though and nods at alice. "It's safe…no one but me and enkal. And dummy." Marginally in a better mood.
Mar 11 22:40:10 <Maddy> <W-what do you think, hun?> she truns to Jason
Mar 11 22:41:11 * Liebe has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Mar 11 22:41:14 <E4D> "Sounds good to me."
Mar 11 22:41:25 * Praetor is now known as Liebe
Mar 11 22:41:44 <E4D> He climbs up the back of the "tank", and hops into the turret. "One of them is gonna have to show us where to go."
Mar 11 22:42:00 <Pemander> Finn climbs up with Jason. "I'm on it."
Mar 11 22:42:22 <Pemander> Redact. He stays next to the driver's seat.
Mar 11 22:42:51 <Maddy> <Up f-front with me, F-finn.> Alice hops into the divers seat.
Mar 11 22:43:08 <Ragazzo> Vasuki blinks, looking at the lav. Slithering around it.
Mar 11 22:43:35 <Ragazzo> "….how do…I?"
Mar 11 22:43:55 <Dexanote> "Just climb in." Myr pulls out the ramp and steps inside.
Mar 11 22:43:58 <Pemander> Finn holds out a hand to Vasuki. "C'mon, I'll help ya up."
Mar 11 22:44:17 <Ragazzo> Hand is ignored, mostly because finn couldn't reach from in the front.
Mar 11 22:44:36 <Ragazzo> Vasuki gets in, coiling around a couple seats.
Mar 11 22:45:31 <Maddy> <Is it far?> Alice starts it up.
Mar 11 22:45:48 <Ragazzo> "Maybe…five miles?"
Mar 11 22:45:48 <Pemander> "Bout a mile and a half."
Mar 11 22:46:03 <Ragazzo> "Don't be dumb."
Mar 11 22:46:10 <Pemander> "You're the dumb one."
Mar 11 22:46:13 <Pemander> "It's not five miles."
Mar 11 22:46:15 <Maddy> Alice flatfaces a bit. <Just t-tell me where to go.>
Mar 11 22:46:21 <Pemander> Finn points.
Mar 11 22:46:22 <Maddy> «Everyone ready?»
Mar 11 22:46:45 <Ragazzo> "Seemed like five miles to me…" Mumble mumble.
Mar 11 22:47:25 <Maddy> She starts off towards their goal, and gets there?
Mar 11 22:47:30 <Ragazzo> YEp!
Mar 11 22:47:41 <Ragazzo> Big old mansion! Austere, and alrge, and mansiony!
Mar 11 22:47:52 <Ragazzo> Got a long driveway up to it, since it's in secluded country.