Sorcerers of Death's Construction

[12:34] <Tom90deg> Zoe wanders into the hotel lobby. "Hey Dusty."
[12:35] <Ragazzo> "Hey Zoe. How goes."
[12:41] <Tom90deg> "Eh, same ol. You?"
[12:41] <Ragazzo> At some point, dusty stopped writing out occult scribblings, and strings of scientific gibberish, and began some crude chalk drawing. The outline of a plump, motherly woman, several 'scruffy' men, a mummy with a sword, a few different pale, sticklike girls, a tiny boy with fangs. All of it framed by rough shelf like things.
[12:41] <Ragazzo> "Same. Kind of bored."
[12:42] <Ragazzo> He shrugs, rubbing fingers smeared with chalk dust on his dirty, ragged coat.
[12:42] <Tom90deg> "Heh, nice drawing…Don't worry, we'll meet up with Ana soon, and I'll bet she'll have some info."
[12:44] <Ragazzo> "Mmm…whoops. Forgot todd." HE draws another, slightly larger boy with fangs.
[12:45] <Tom90deg> "Becides, not like the libary is gonna be closed forever."
[12:45] <Ragazzo> "Mmm. I hope not."
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[12:48] <Ragazzo> "Find anything interesting when you went 'shopping'?"
[12:49] <Tom90deg> "Eh, made some motovls, got some salt and wood. We'll need to sharpen em, but we apparenty got some garlic here, according to Jason. No holy water, but did get some crusifixes. Amazeing church as well."
[12:50] <Ragazzo> "Mmm. Let me take a looks at those molotovs. I'm sure you did great, but I'd like to give them that little bit more."
[12:51] <Tom90deg> "Heh, it's just gas in a bottle, but sure thing."
[12:51] <Ragazzo> "Oh, is that all? Boooring."
[12:51] <Ragazzo> He chuckles.
[12:52] <Tom90deg> "HEh, what can I say, boring but practical."
[12:53] <Ragazzo> "I've got some ideas on what we're going to need to deal with that vampire this doctor is with."
[12:53] <Ragazzo> "Need to write up a list for jason…"
[12:54] <Tom90deg> "Fire kills vampires in the stories, but if it turns to fog, we're gonna have issues."
[12:54] <Ragazzo> "Won't do it any good if we scorch the air too."
[12:55] <E4D> «Dusty, Jason.»
[12:55] <Tom90deg> "Yah, but it could escape through a hole or something. I don't know, I'm going off of Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Did Todd ever mention anything?"
[12:55] <Tom90deg> "I never really asked how i would go about killing him."
[12:56] <Ragazzo> "Todd was the mutant kind of vampire. I think he was mostly just a super tough human."
[12:56] <Tom90deg> "Right…"
[12:56] <Ragazzo> «Hey, way to go Jason. You're really getting a hang of this name thing."
[12:56] <Ragazzo> »
[12:56] <Ragazzo> «I'm assuming you need something?»
[12:57] <Tom90deg> Zoe rolls her eyes. "Be nice."
[12:57] <E4D> «Easy there, hardass. And yeah. You got anything for me? That list o' shit?»
[12:58] <E4D> «Got a nice report from Sage, we can cover the conventional end, and we've dealt with shit like this before. Just wondering if you got anything solid to add. If you head to the ICV, I can show you what he's got.»
[12:58] <Tom90deg> "Shall we?"
[13:00] <Ragazzo> «I've got a list, the important stuff I'll just say now. I'm thinking we'll need something like garlic infused teargas. I can make those on my own if you get the supplies, but we'll definitely want gas masks.»'
[13:00] <Ragazzo> He nods at Zoe.
[13:00] <Ragazzo> "Sure."
[13:00] <Ragazzo> «Be right there.»
[13:01] <Tom90deg> Zoe heads on out to the ICV
[13:01] <Ragazzo> Dusty slips off the desk, and starts for the ICV, which is…the stryker?
[13:01] <Ragazzo> He follows Zoe.
[13:01] <Tom90deg> "Hey Jason, how goes?"
[13:05] <Tom90deg> Zoe starts to take out half of the Motolvs, setting them on the ground for Dusty. "What're you planning?"
[13:08] <Ragazzo> "Well, you remember that flare you saw back when you were cooped up in that hospital? Like that, but much smaller."
[13:09] <Ragazzo> "I figure we're not going to be in a very large building…"
[13:09] <Tom90deg> "God, I hope so, I saw that from like a mile away. Heh, that's how I knew you were alright."
[13:10] <Ragazzo> He rolls his eyes. "It was a pretty close run thing."
[13:11] <Ragazzo> Dusty kneels in front of the molotovs, and looks them over.
[13:11] <Tom90deg> "I heard."
[13:11] <Ragazzo> 4df+4 Hard science maneuver, Dusty considers how best to maximize the volatility of these.
[13:11] <Glacon> Ragazzo: Hard science maneuver, Dusty considers how best to maximize the volatility of these.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
[13:13] <E4D> [Back sorry, work stuff]
[13:14] <E4D> Jason's by the rear of Eve, the ICV, holding a laptop.
[13:15] <Tom90deg> "Hey Jason."
[13:16] <E4D> "Yo."
[13:17] <E4D> Jason taps at the laptop for a moment, and clicks through a few documents, bringing up Sage's memo, and passes it to Zoe.
[13:17] <E4D>
[13:20] <Tom90deg> "Crap, is this all about how to kill a vampire?"
[13:20] <E4D> "The M202 FLASH wouldn't be hard to acquire, given what the Snake said. We got enough Raufoss in 7.62, .338, and .50 to supply our shooters already, and a host of other tailor-made anti-personnel munitions."
[13:20] <E4D> "No, this is a normal military process adapted to an unusual opponent."
[13:21] <E4D> "We just assume that normal ballistics won't be affective, and go from there."
[13:21] <Tom90deg> "Right…Is there anything in here about stakes, stakeguns, salt or holy water…."
[13:21] <E4D> "The GOC operates similarly. Normal, standardized engagement procedures tailored to determine the efficacy of different weapons before engaging them in adapted conventional methods."
[13:22] <Ragazzo> "I'll be with you fellows in a little bit, Jason, Zoe."
[13:22] <Tom90deg> "Right…well, I got some crosses from the church, but that's it, nothing else really that seems good. The building was rather amazeing though."
[13:22] <E4D> "He's fairly thorough in his work-through. Considered a few things I hadn't. The FLASH completely slipped my mind."
[13:23] <E4D> "Neat weapon system. You ever seen the Schwarzeneggar movie Commando?"
[13:23] <E4D> "80s action movie?"
[13:23] <Ragazzo> Dusty carefully inscribes a circle for each of the molotovs, arranging them in a circle equidistant from a central point, where he chalks a circle for himself. He sits down, and mumbles a complex chain of occult evocations, intermingled with strings of chemical equations for several minutes. He's reviewing the changes he intends to work on the cocktails.
[13:23] <Tom90deg> "Um…i think so. Is that the big square bazooka thing?"
[13:25] <E4D> "Well, not a bazooka, but you got the right idea. Thing's a rocket launcher at heart, but instead of firing something like an 83mm or an 84mm high-ex rocket, it's loaded with four 66mm incendiary, light anti-armor rockets. Thing actually replaced the flamethrowers in our tactical doctrine. See, flamethrowers aren't too effective against armored vehicles…"
[13:25] <E4D> "… and you have to get up close to use them on bunkers."
[13:26] <Tom90deg> "Ohh, that might be useful…A flamethrower…."
[13:26] <E4D> "This gives you four shots to hit something 750 meters away. Shit hits a vehicle or bunker, and explodes into burning metal."
[13:26] <E4D> "Fills the atmosphere, and incinerates and suffocates anything inside."
[13:26] <Tom90deg> "Handy."
[13:27] <Tom90deg> "Oh, where'd that garlic?"
[13:28] <E4D> "We got a pair of flamethrowers already. I don't know how John's doing on fuel for his, but I got a few bottles that are all topped off. Got 'em on the rifle I use when I'm in in the suit. Recoil's a little too much outside of it to be used as an assault weapon, but I got the thrower mounted underbarrel. Small unit."
[13:28] <Tom90deg> "I was just thining, you ever read 'IT'?"
[13:28] <E4D> "And you'd have to talk to Alice about the garlic. She puts a ton of the stuff in whenever she cooks."
[13:28] <E4D> "IT?"
[13:28] <E4D> "Oh, the King book?"
[13:28] <E4D> "Yeah."
[13:29] <Tom90deg> "Yah, Stephen King. Was just thinking, in that book It was some kinda space demon lobster, pretty invinsible, but it also had to take on the "rules" of whatever form it was in. So normaly a silver bullet wouldn't do anything, but if it was in werewolf form, it'd do some big damage. Just hopeing that this vampire is something like that…"
[13:30] <Tom90deg> "Then again, I've never tried to fight a vampire, and the only one I ever knew was Todd."
[13:30] <Ragazzo> 4df+6 Alchemy | Dusty sprinkles a bit of powdered silver, over a bulb of garlic he'd looted from somewhere, and folds his palms over it, pressing them flat to the brightly chalked lines. He breathes, in, the whole mess glows…and…holy hand grenades?
[13:30] <Glacon> Ragazzo: Alchemy | Dusty sprinkles a bit of powdered silver, over a bulb of garlic he'd looted from somewhere, and folds his palms over it, pressing them flat to the brightly chalked lines. He breathes, in, the whole mess glows…and…holy hand grenades?: 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
[13:32] <Tom90deg> "When are we attacking?"
[13:32] <E4D> "After we have what we need from the snake, and when we can get staged and into position."
[13:33] <Tom90deg> "Right then."
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Dexanote has joined #afteraction
[13:38] <E4D> Dusty, another roll to ensure stability of the compound. Difficulty 3.
[13:38] <E4D> You may take another maneuver if you like.
[13:38] <Ragazzo> What am I rolling?
[13:39] <Ragazzo> 4df+4 Hard science maneuver
[13:39] <Glacon> Ragazzo: Hard science maneuver: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[13:39] <Ragazzo> 4df+6 Both the relevant skills are at 4 anyway, so meh.
[13:39] <Glacon> Ragazzo: Both the relevant skills are at 4 anyway, so meh.: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
[13:40] <Tom90deg> "Hm…what's my job on the attack? Anything in paticular I should focus on?"
[13:40] * ChanServ sets mode +o Dexanote
[13:41] <Ragazzo> The glows subsides from Dusty's work, and he lifts his hands with a grunt. The garlic, and silver are blackened, to a crisp. He pokes them. They turn to dusty and and crumble.
[13:41] <Ragazzo> *dusty
[13:41] <Ragazzo> DUST
[13:45] <E4D> 5 of them survive!
[13:48] <Ragazzo> Dusty gathers his bottles, sorts out the duds, and disposes fo them properly.
[13:48] <Ragazzo> *of
[13:52] *
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[13:54] <Tom90deg> "Oy dusty, how's it going out there? Blow yourself up yet?"
[13:57] <Ragazzo> "Naw, it's all good."
[13:57] <Ragazzo> "Got five anti-vampire cocktails for you fellows."
[13:57] <Ragazzo> "The other half fizzled."
[13:58] <Tom90deg> "Nice." Zoe grabs a marker and starts to write on the suped up bottles. "Dusty Speical. Caution…"
[13:58] <Ragazzo> "Hahaha."
[13:58] <Ragazzo> "There's something else I've been meaning to discuss, actually."
[13:59] <Tom90deg> "Hmm?"
[13:59] <Ragazzo> Dusty pulls out the two bottles of soma he's made.
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[13:59] <Ragazzo> "These. They're something Iyo had me make for her mother."
[14:00] <Tom90deg> "Huh…That Skoma stuff? Well, we'll give it to her when we see her next."
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[14:02] <Ragazzo> "Soma, and no, it's for us." He hands one to Zoe. "They're kind of like that quintessence Midnight and I hunted down. Concentrated life force. If you get roughed up, really badly, I mean, about to keel over and die, these ought to keep you going until someone can patch you up."
[14:02] <Ragazzo> "I wouldn't take it as anything but a last resort though."
[14:03] <Tom90deg> "Heh, so it's a pheonix down?"
[14:04] <Ragazzo> "I wish. Hah."
[14:04] <Ragazzo> "Trust me, if I ever learn how to make something like /that/…"
[14:04] <Ragazzo> "Well, I'd never make anything else for the rest of life."
[14:04] <Tom90deg> "Heh, that would be intresting."
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[14:15] <Tom90deg> "So, any side effects from this stuff?" Zoe looks at the bottle. How big is it?
[14:16] <Ragazzo> "Honestly? Yeah, but it's hard to say what. Itll vary from person to person, most likely."
[14:16] <Ragazzo> "Beats dying though."
[14:17] <Tom90deg> "True enough. I'll be sure to keep it on me."
[14:17] <E4D> Jason returns from stowing the Dusty Specials in a sensitive materials storage box in the ICV, and returns. "What we talkin' about here?"
[14:18] <Ragazzo> "This." He tosses a bottle of soma to jason.
[14:18] <Ragazzo> "You were marines, right?"
[14:18] <Tom90deg> "Dusty made some kinda health potion."
[14:18] <E4D> Jason spins, catching it. "Yeah, why?"
[14:18] <Ragazzo> "Ever have any kind of emergency coktail to keep wounded going during a fight?"
[14:18] <E4D> "Uh, yeah."
[14:18] <@Dexanote> Shank walks by, tilts his head, and looks at the soma.
[14:18] <Ragazzo> "Sort of like that."
[14:19] <@Dexanote> "… The FUCK is that shit?"
[14:19] <Ragazzo> "It's a bit like quintessence. Concentrated life force."
[14:19] <Ragazzo> He glances at shank.
[14:19] <@Dexanote> "…"
[14:20] <Tom90deg> "Why?"
[14:20] <@Dexanote> "… I don't like you."
[14:20] <Ragazzo> "I don't like you either, but don't give me that."
[14:20] <E4D> 'That's actually top priority for a wounded individual. The longer someone's down, the longer their rifle's out of the fight, and the longer they're out of the fight, the less likely it is that you'll win so you can actually patch 'em up."
[14:20] <Ragazzo> "I'm making them with my own energy, and it's damn tiring."
[14:20] <Tom90deg> "Hey, I don't like you either shank, but that does kinda dodge the question."
[14:21] <Tom90deg> "Um…it's not gonna shorten your lifespan ot anything is it dusty?"
[14:21] <E4D> "Hey, Shank?"
[14:21] <Ragazzo> "Naw."
[14:21] <Ragazzo> "I'm fine. Just something I can only do once a day."
[14:21] <E4D> "You like defibrillators? You know, the things that shock someone's heart? Keep it from going nuts and shutting down?"
[14:22] <@Dexanote> "Well I thought I've established that no, I don't."
[14:22] <@Dexanote> "Yor all jus' makin me work harder here."
[14:22] <Tom90deg> "Yep, what about em?"
[14:23] <E4D> "Tell me, Shank. How did it feel when you came after me, and had to turn around and scrub the job?"
[14:23] <E4D> "Hell of a first day, huh?"
[14:23] <@Dexanote> "Eh. Thaz one interestin way ta put it. 'Hell' of a first day."
[14:24] <E4D> "Didn't piss anyone off, did I?"
[14:25] <@Dexanote> "Well, me, not sure who else."
[14:25] <E4D> "Well, I guess someone up there likes me."
[14:25] <Tom90deg> "Heh…"
[14:26] <E4D> "Hell, that ain't even the first time it's happened, Shank, ya know that?"
[14:26] <@Dexanote> "Yes."
[14:26] <@Dexanote> "An someone DOES like you, yeh. Can't say who, course."
[14:26] <E4D> "Damn shame."
[14:27] <@Dexanote> He's glaring at the soma.
[14:27] <Ragazzo> "Hey, Jason."
[14:27] <E4D> "Yeah, Dusty?"
[14:28] <Ragazzo> "When will we be doing this?"
[14:28] <E4D> Jason looks at the bottle again, and tosses it back.
[14:28] <Ragazzo> He catches it.
[14:28] <E4D> He glances over at Zoe. "Care to answer that?"
[14:29] <Tom90deg> "I don't know, heh, I asked you, but then you zoned out for a bit, muttering about zombies."
[14:30] <E4D> "Oh. I said before. Soon as we get everything we need listed up and staged."
[14:30] <Ragazzo> Dusty nods. "I don't blame you for not wanting this, by the way."
[14:31] <E4D> "What?"
[14:31] <Ragazzo> "I'd rather not take one myself if there was any other option."
[14:31] <Tom90deg> "I mean, I still haven't used those weird drugs the demon sisters gave me."
[14:31] <Tom90deg> "I don't trust think just stuff, I'd prefer just to not get hit."
[14:32] <E4D> "Why wouldn't we want to use it?"
[14:32] <Ragazzo> "It could go a lot of different ways."
[14:33] <Ragazzo> "Probably end up with the same side-effects as whatever it you guys use in the military."
[14:33] <Ragazzo> *it is
[14:33] <Ragazzo> "You'd be dumping a lot of energy into your body all at once. When it's gone…?"
[14:33] <Ragazzo> He shrugs.
[14:35] <E4D> "Well, the shit that you COULD do is just injecting a bunch of morphine and adrenaline into someone after you patched any obvious holes."
[14:36] <Ragazzo> "This is a /little/ different in effect…"
[14:38] <Ragazzo> "It'd be more like getting stabbed three times, drinking this, and then getting hit again. Tug the knife out and the wound would close up like it was never even there."
[14:39] <Ragazzo> "Or shot. Whatever."
[14:45] <Ragazzo> "Think of it like pre-emptive healing magic."
[14:48] <E4D> "Uh huh. So… what could be bad about that?"
[14:49] <Ragazzo> "I guess it's a little harder to comprehend if you're not…uh, familiar with inner energy, and magic, and shit."
[14:49] <Ragazzo> "It'd be like…ok."
[14:49] <Ragazzo> "Imagine your body is a battery."
[14:49] <Ragazzo> "And usually at any given time you're only 75 percent charged."
[14:50] <Ragazzo> "This would be like cramming an extra thirty percent ontop of your 75."
[14:56] <E4D> "So… 105%? That doesn't sound bad."
[14:56] <@Dexanote> "Humans aren't meant ta be like that all the time."
[14:56] <@Dexanote> "… But yeh, not so bad."
[14:57] <Tom90deg> "It'd be bad if you were a balloon, and 100% is your max capacity."
[14:58] <Ragazzo> "Zoe's got it."
[14:58] <Ragazzo> "At a certain point, the small increments are really big."
[14:58] <E4D> "Yeah, but we're not balloons, and we wouldn't be like that all the time."
[14:58] <E4D> "Right?"
[14:59] <Ragazzo> "Who says we're not balloons?"
[14:59] <Tom90deg> Well, normaly we're 75%
[14:59] <Ragazzo> "You're thinking too literally…"
[15:00] <Ragazzo> "You'd be like that until the excess energy got used up."
[15:01] <Ragazzo> "It's not like burning through stored up 'regular' energy."
[15:01] <Ragazzo> "Stuff you get form eating, drinking, whatever."
[15:15] <E4D> "Uh-huh."
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[15:19] <Ragazzo> "The point is, unless it's down to the wire, don't take it."
[15:21] <Ragazzo> "Anyway."
[15:21] <Ragazzo> "What did you want to show me?"
[15:22] <E4D> "Oh yeah."
[15:22] <E4D> He passes the laptop to Dusty.
[15:22] <E4D> This file is up
[15:23] <Ragazzo> Dusty hands over a list to jason. It's mostly reagents and compounds for alchemy. A lot fo it will be things jason wouldn't recognize. Well, he'll know the words, but it's mystical crap.
[15:24] <Ragazzo> He skims the report.
[15:25] <Ragazzo> "I'm not at all a military mind, but this makes sense."
[15:25] <Ragazzo> "If you want to go the biological route, I could work up something that's likely to at least inconvenience a vampire."
[15:26] <Ragazzo> "As for the lich? Shoot, smash and burn is all I can suggest."
[15:26] <E4D> "I dunno about biological. Shit's funny when you start workin' with bioagents."
[15:26] <Tom90deg> "Wait wait…"
[15:27] <Tom90deg> "A litch? We need to destroy his..oh damn it…Phylancract?"
[15:27] <Ragazzo> "It'd be more like lacing the air with finely ground silver."
[15:27] <Tom90deg> "Phylancary…Soul jar."
[15:27] <Ragazzo> "PHylactery, and it's not an option apparently, Zoe."
[15:27] <E4D> "Well, ain't a lich supposed to come back wherever his phylactery is?"
[15:27] <@Dexanote> "Phylactery, if thissis tah guy we knew a while ago, iz in Germany."
[15:27] <@Dexanote> "E said that once."
[15:27] <E4D> "If we take out the body, he's still dead there."
[15:27] <Tom90deg> "Um…I hate to be a downer, but then won't he just reform in germany?"
[15:28] <E4D> *here
[15:28] <Tom90deg> "And then we have a very angry litch hunting us?"
[15:28] <@Dexanote> "Yes but I think you forget we're in australia."
[15:28] <Ragazzo> "I guess we could just incapacitate him."
[15:28] <@Dexanote> "Aha, throw 'im in a box like you did me."
[15:28] <E4D> "Yeah. meaning he won't be where we are. And killing him permanently ain't or bag anyway. It's the Book he's got."
[15:28] <Tom90deg> "Ohhh, there's an idea….seal him up in concrete or something…"
[15:28] <Ragazzo> "Book?"
[15:29] <Tom90deg> "Alright, heh, just you know…Something to keep in mind. I don't think Litches are the forgive and forget type."
[15:29] <E4D> "Yeah. We have to recover a book. That's the main objective. Killing him is secondary."
[15:29] <Ragazzo> "What's special about the book?"
[15:30] <E4D> "But he ain't gonna just give it up. Hence the concern with killing him and everyone he's got protecting him."
[15:30] <E4D> "It's the…"
[15:30] <E4D> Jason searches for the word.
[15:30] <Tom90deg> "Another thought occurs. Will fire destroy the book?"
[15:30] <E4D> "Anakashizic Record?"
[15:30] <E4D> "Annakazhizhi?"
[15:30] <Ragazzo> "…Akashic Record?"
[15:30] <Ragazzo> "…."
[15:30] <E4D> "Akkashic?"
[15:30] <E4D> "Yeah, that."
[15:30] <Tom90deg> "You know what that is Dusty?"
[15:31] <Ragazzo> "…are you going to give that to the snake?"
[15:31] <Ragazzo> "Yes."
[15:31] <E4D> "No."
[15:31] <Ragazzo> "Good."
[15:31] <E4D> "All we're doing is recovering it."
[15:31] <Tom90deg> "Right, heh, it'd be a bit of a downer if we acidenly set the book on fire."
[15:32] <Ragazzo> "Ive got no doubt he'll have ti locked up somewhere safe."
[15:32] <E4D> "Well… books don't burn that well from contact exposure."
[15:32] <E4D> "And what Dusty said."
[15:32] <Ragazzo> "But yeah."
[15:32] <E4D> "Once we recover that book, though, it's a free for all."
[15:33] <Ragazzo> "When we get that thing, you're going to want to lock it up tight, and never let anyone near it."
[15:33] <Tom90deg> "What does it do Dusty?"
[15:34] <Ragazzo> "It's a record, of everything that was, is, or will be."
[15:34] <E4D> "Technically, the Snake wants something else…"
[15:34] <Tom90deg> "Oh, is that all? DIdn't the Libary have books like that? or is this one speical?"
[15:34] <Ragazzo> "What?"
[15:34] <Ragazzo> "It's like the original, Zoe."
[15:34] <E4D> "He wants me to erase date from the book."
[15:34] <Tom90deg> "…Oh…."
[15:34] <Ragazzo> "Fuck him."
[15:34] <E4D> *his date
[15:35] <E4D> "It's part of the deal, and one that I'm not convinced is really all that *bad*."
[15:35] <E4D> "I had a good long talk with him yesterday."
[15:35] <Ragazzo> "You know that's basically removing his expiration date, right?"
[15:35] <Tom90deg> "Are we sure that's his date?"
[15:35] <E4D> "Yes. I know. He told me."
[15:35] <@Dexanote> "Yeh thaz not cool."
[15:36] <E4D> "You at all familiar with the Book of Revelation?"
[15:36] <Ragazzo> "Vaguely?"
[15:37] <@Dexanote> "eh."
[15:37] <E4D> "Well…" Jason shakes his head, not wanting to get into the nuts and bolts. "You've seen Too, right?"
[15:37] <@Dexanote> shank nods. yep he knows where this is going
[15:37] <Ragazzo> "Er…the snake's partner?"
[15:37] <Ragazzo> "Not really."
[15:39] <E4D> "Regardless of how the Snake operates, and how he goes about it… I don't think their ends are all that bad."
[15:39] <E4D> "They have a purpose here. Same as we do."
[15:39] <E4D> "Do you know why the Snake wanted us to kill the Doctor in the first place?"
[15:39] <E4D> "We were going to intercept him before he could hand over the infection he pulled from me to the bugs."
[15:40] <Tom90deg> "HOw do we know that was his orginal plan though?"
[15:40] <E4D> "That damn swarm we saw? The thousands upon thousands of fucking hellflies or wasps or whatever the fuck they are?"
[15:40] <E4D> "Well…"
[15:40] <E4D> Jason considers this for a moment.
[15:40] <E4D> "He's never lied to us."
[15:40] <Tom90deg> "Could have expected that we would have refused, and then we'd have the guilt for doing whatever he said next."
[15:40] <Tom90deg> "How do we know? Not saying he hasn't, just playing devil's advocate."
[15:40] <Ragazzo> "Mmm…well…so long as we keep the book…"
[15:41] <E4D> "Crooked, and milking the hell out of the deals, yes, but there's never been a lie."
[15:41] <Ragazzo> "What else are we getting out of this?"
[15:41] <@Dexanote> "I still don' know why we din't just kill the bloke anyway, but then I remember you people seem to have remorse."
[15:41] <E4D> "We're getting something to deal with the swarm."
[15:41] <Tom90deg> "Remose is why Iriel kept rebuilding you Shank, so never you mind."
[15:42] <Tom90deg> "I just think we need to be really careful. He's a snake, literly and figertuvely. I'm worried he'll backstab us."
[15:42] <E4D> "And we get to speak to Two as well. He'll be close by during our little operation. Remember the deal we have with him? It shouldn't come to it, but… there ya go."
[15:42] <Tom90deg> "After all, the best lie is a truth that omits things."
[15:43] <E4D> "But yeah, for this, we get a Mk41-Y.
[15:43] <E4D> "And a M.U.L.E. to carry it."
[15:43] <@Dexanote> "So we're gettin another pet."
[15:43] <Ragazzo> "Hmm."
[15:43] <E4D> "No."
[15:43] <Tom90deg> "A nuke's not a pet."
[15:43] <Ragazzo> Dusty looks around for Bruce.
[15:44] <E4D> "A M.U.L.E. is a remote-operated, partially autonomous device used to carry supplies for ground troops.
[15:44] <E4D> "It's gonna carry our payload to the hive."
[15:45] <E4D> "And once it's there, we're going to ignite a device 300 times more powerful than the weapon that destroyed Hiroshima."
[15:45] <E4D> "That one scored damage 3 miles away."
[15:45] <E4D> "This one… will have a significantly larger radius."
[15:46] <E4D> "It's the only way to be sure."
[15:46] <Ragazzo> "And how far do you expect us to have to be before you can fire it?"
[15:47] <E4D> "We'll never have to leave the comfort of our home."
[15:47] <E4D> He grins.
[15:47] *
Maddy has joined #afteraction
[15:47] * ChanServ sets mode +o Maddy
[15:48] <E4D> "Don't worry Dusty, this ain't my first rodeo."
[15:48] <@Dexanote> "Aight. So you'll not see me for a while."
[15:48] <Ragazzo> "That tells me less than nothing."
[15:48] <Ragazzo> "Do we know where the swarm is? I'm assuming that's what you want to drop this on."
[15:49] <E4D> "I'm not sure if you were with us when we passed it."
[15:49] <E4D> "Back past Glendambo."
[15:49] <@Maddy> Alice is making something delicious in the kitchen
[15:49] <E4D> "Few hundred klick west-northwest."
[15:49] <Ragazzo> "And you're positive it hasn't moved?"
[15:49] <E4D> "If you'd seen the thing…"
[15:50] <E4D> "There were hive structures dozens of stories tall."
[15:50] <E4D> "Thousands of these things buzzin' around."
[15:50] <Ragazzo> "Were they flying?"
[15:50] <E4D> "They were a bunch of them carrying a big one around."
[15:50] <E4D> "yeah, they were flyin'."
[15:51] <E4D> "Bees fly, too. But they never go far from home. Otherwise, there ain't no point in building a home"
[15:54] <Ragazzo> "Alright."
[15:54] <Ragazzo> "I hope there's no one around for miles in that area."
[15:55] <E4D> "My only concern was the people we left in Port Augusta. But they're not there anymore."
[15:56] <E4D> "I ain't tryin' to be General Ripper, but… letting that thing exist it too big a hazard weighed against anyone possibly being in that area. All the places we came through were dead, abandoned, or worse."
[15:57] <Ragazzo> "There was that one town."
[15:57] <Ragazzo> "With the octopus."
[15:57] <Ragazzo> "That was pretty fucked up too though."
[15:57] *
Salmander has joined #afteraction
[15:57] <Ragazzo> "If we hadn't them, I mean."
[15:57] <Ragazzo> *hadn't found
[15:58] <E4D> "That place is outside the blast radius."
[15:58] <E4D> "I think."
[15:58] <E4D> "Stand by."
[15:59] <E4D> Jason turns and heads to the front of the LAV, climbing into the driver's compartment."
[16:00] <@Maddy> Anyone near the kitchen can smell something sweet, yet savoury floating out
[16:00] <E4D> A shout comes from up front. "Yeah, a couple hundred klicks."
[16:01] <Ragazzo> "I was more saying that not everywhere is fucked up beyond repair." Calls back dusty.
[16:04] <E4D> He returns. "Yeah, and the ones that aren't aren't gonna feel this."