Stressed Out, Balled Up

Nov 09 19:03:13 <Artemis> Artemis checks his equipment as they sail forth into the structure.
Nov 09 19:06:08 * E4D (PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM#PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:06:09 * Jillian (~ten.tsewq.rtsr.CBB1DBEF-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tsewq.rtsr.CBB1DBEF-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:06:19 <Jillian> Jillian follows Jason.
Nov 09 19:06:35 * Rosenthal (~PI.E7EB6265.3F9275FE.B7EFA671|criordna#PI.E7EB6265.3F9275FE.B7EFA671|criordna) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:06:46 <E4D> Jason's weapon is aimed squarely at the opened doors. <Guns on those doors people. No surprises we ain't ready for.>
Nov 09 19:07:01 <SalGMander> Now that you have a clearer view of the non-logo it appears to be made of tinfoil.
Nov 09 19:07:06 <Serafina> Sera gets her gun out, leaving the safety on for now.
Nov 09 19:07:09 <Jillian> Jillian raises her rifle and takes a deep breath. "Ready"
Nov 09 19:07:25 * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:07:38 <Rothchild> "I don't have a gun, but I'm ready."
Nov 09 19:07:50 <Tom90deg> "I'm ready as well."
Nov 09 19:07:54 <Rosenthal> "Ready."
Nov 09 19:08:08 <Rosenthal> Nick readies the SCAR.
Nov 09 19:08:08 <SalGMander> The double doors beckon.
Nov 09 19:08:22 <E4D> <… Tin fucking foil.>
Nov 09 19:08:51 <Maddy> Alice is always ready.
Nov 09 19:08:53 <Artemis> Artemis unholsters his pistol with his free hand, the other holding the lance at his side.
Nov 09 19:08:59 <Serafina> "They may have installed it post-end-of-world. Less need for concealment, now."
Nov 09 19:09:26 <Maddy> She's got the shrike out, and might be just a tad nervous.
Nov 09 19:10:47 <Dexanote> "This doesn't seem to be a legitimate setup for your Foundation, does it?|
Nov 09 19:10:58 <E4D> "It's not."
Nov 09 19:11:17 <Tom90deg> "Something they set up after the end? or some kinda…satelite outpost?"
Nov 09 19:11:19 <SalGMander> Beckon beckon
Nov 09 19:11:34 <Serafina> "If not the Foundation, it is either a rival group, or some sentient paranormal entity. Either is a threat."
Nov 09 19:11:36 <E4D> Jason sets up on one side of the doors.
Nov 09 19:11:38 <Dexanote> "Somebody kick the door down."
Nov 09 19:11:48 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, you or I?"
Nov 09 19:11:52 <E4D> <It's already open, dumbass.>
Nov 09 19:12:10 <Rothchild> Will stands off to the side, walking forward, but not entering.
Nov 09 19:12:17 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Nov 09 19:12:30 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll take point, then, I guess" John shrugs, and takes the first entry
Nov 09 19:12:36 <Rosenthal> Nick stands opposite from Jason against the door.
Nov 09 19:12:36 <SalGMander> Inside the doors is a much more professional looking red sign hanging from the ceiling. It states simply [FOUNDATION SOUTH PACIFIC CORRECTIONAL AND EVALUATION FACILITY].
Nov 09 19:12:38 <PaulS_laptop> *the first steps through the
Nov 09 19:13:22 <PaulS_laptop> John clears left
Nov 09 19:13:36 <E4D> Jason whips around into the facility, activating his helmet lights and turning on the one affixed to the rails on the SAW.
Nov 09 19:13:37 <Rothchild> "Correctional and evaluation?" Will echoes. "A…jail?"
Nov 09 19:13:49 <Maddy> <What.>
Nov 09 19:13:55 <Serafina> "Or an internment camp. Or a storage facility."
Nov 09 19:13:58 <Rosenthal> Nick follows through, watching the corners and doorways.
Nov 09 19:13:59 <SalGMander> The lighting's a bit dim. It flickers every so often.
Nov 09 19:14:04 <Serafina> "Human storage, that is."
Nov 09 19:14:12 <Maddy> <Cause that's not c-creepy at all…>
Nov 09 19:14:31 <SalGMander> At the end of the hall is a set of double wide elevators
Nov 09 19:14:31 <Rosenthal> "Wow… Not sure what to make of this.
Nov 09 19:14:34 <Rosenthal> "
Nov 09 19:14:34 <PaulS_laptop> "brainwashing. and torture" half joking
Nov 09 19:14:44 <Rothchild> "…"
Nov 09 19:14:49 <Jillian> Jillian steps in, weapon at the ready. "Let's get this over with"
Nov 09 19:15:03 <Maddy> Alice stays close to Jason.
Nov 09 19:15:13 <SalGMander> There are a few doors leading off either way down the hallway, but the knobs all seem to be damaged or they're simply locked with non-functioning key-card readers.
Nov 09 19:15:21 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Nov 09 19:15:22 <Glacon> Dexanote: 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
Nov 09 19:15:58 <E4D> Jason heads over to the first, stacking along the side. <Jillian, let Samson do its job and get this door open. Fuck a cardreader.>
Nov 09 19:15:59 <Jillian> "Great, Foundation's bad guys…exactly what we need"
Nov 09 19:16:25 <Jillian> "Brute force, or electronics?" Jillian stands next to the door.
Nov 09 19:16:49 <PaulS_laptop> "Brute force is always nice"
Nov 09 19:16:49 <SalGMander> No need
Nov 09 19:16:53 <SalGMander> The elevator dings
Nov 09 19:17:00 <Artemis> «Didn't think I'd ever see this place, guys» Alex comments casually over the radio. «Some crazy shit went on here, far as I know.»
Nov 09 19:17:12 <Jillian> Jillian turns toward the elevator.
Nov 09 19:17:19 <Jillian> rifle up
Nov 09 19:17:31 <Rosenthal> Nick trains his sights on the elevator.
Nov 09 19:17:56 <E4D> He backs up a few steps, kneeling as close to the wall and out of the center of the hallway as he can.
Nov 09 19:18:02 <Artemis> Artemis crouchs, watching the party's back.
Nov 09 19:18:04 <SalGMander> The doors open. There are two men standing inside with two AKs pointed at the group and makeshift shivs hanging from their neck. One's latino, the other has a swastika tattooed to his forehead.
Nov 09 19:18:19 <Maddy> Alice is on the other side of the hall.
Nov 09 19:18:23 <SalGMander> "…Hello."
Nov 09 19:18:29 <E4D> <*DROP* *THE* *WEAPONS*.>
Nov 09 19:18:30 <Maddy> <…>
Nov 09 19:19:04 <Dexanote> Myr's back. Stealth'd 3.
Nov 09 19:19:23 <SalGMander> They look at each other then gently place their weapons on the elevator floor.
Nov 09 19:19:41 <Jillian> "Shivs as well"
Nov 09 19:20:00 <SalGMander> They pick up the shivs from their necks and drop them on the floor
Nov 09 19:20:29 <Serafina> Sera speaks quietly so as not to be heard by the other men. "They are… D-Class, perhaps? Is that the correct term?"
Nov 09 19:20:36 * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:20:53 <E4D> <Who are you?>
Nov 09 19:21:14 * PaulS_laptop has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 09 19:21:48 * PaulS_laptop (~PI.2447D932.FF38DDE6.8889FFE9|luap#PI.2447D932.FF38DDE6.8889FFE9|luap) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:22:01 <SalGMander> "Agents Johnston and Schnieder. Formerly from Site-27." They stand at attention.
Nov 09 19:22:50 <PaulS_laptop> John nods at them
Nov 09 19:23:05 <E4D> Jason looks back at Alice, then back to them. <Why are you here?>
Nov 09 19:23:16 <E4D> He nods at the Nazi. <Nice tattoo.>
Nov 09 19:23:39 <E4D> <Get that while you were here?>
Nov 09 19:23:43 <SalGMander> "Homicide." The nazi is silent. The latino is speaking.
Nov 09 19:23:53 <Rothchild> Will stands to the side. ~Jail. I thought so.~
Nov 09 19:24:33 <E4D> <How many more of you are there? And where are the facility staff?>
Nov 09 19:25:01 <Artemis> Artemis steps forward a bit, getting a look at the former Foundation agents. He looks very much like a Broken Church follower.
Nov 09 19:25:37 <SalGMander> "Oh, I'd say about…" The latino glances at the neo-nazi, "About 60. Staff are dead."
Nov 09 19:26:23 <Maddy> <…>
Nov 09 19:26:33 <E4D> <And how might that have happened?>
Nov 09 19:26:53 <Jillian> Jillian takes a deep breath and keeps her rifle on the Nazi.
Nov 09 19:27:16 <SalGMander> "They were locked out." The latino gestures to the locked doors. "Ran out of food about a week ago."
Nov 09 19:27:26 * CondorTalon (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:27:34 <Dexanote> 4df+2 Perc Maneuver, In My Sights.
Nov 09 19:27:35 <Glacon> Dexanote: Perc Maneuver, In My Sights.: -1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, -)
Nov 09 19:27:52 <SalGMander> Whatever that was for, nope
Nov 09 19:27:57 <Dexanote> Myr fumbles a bit, before stepping to the back of the group.
Nov 09 19:28:05 <E4D> <John, Jillian, you got zipties?>
Nov 09 19:28:51 <Jillian> "Always" Jillian pats her left cargo pocket.
Nov 09 19:29:04 <CondorTalon> And Rosa was there.
Nov 09 19:29:12 <E4D> <Then put 'em to some use.>
Nov 09 19:29:28 <SalGMander> The neonazi sneers but turns around with the latino, his hand ready to be tied
Nov 09 19:29:42 <PaulS_laptop> "Okay"
Nov 09 19:29:59 <E4D> <Both of you, on your stomachs, hands spread wide, face down on the floor. These two are going to restrain you, and any resistance will be met with immediate lethal force. Do you understand?>
Nov 09 19:30:03 <PaulS_laptop> John walks over, pulling a pair of zip ties and zipping them around the beaner
Nov 09 19:30:16 <PaulS_laptop> *as soon as they lay down
Nov 09 19:30:17 <Jillian> Jillian nods and takes out a bundle of about twenty ties. She gets the Nazi.
Nov 09 19:30:36 <SalGMander> "Si." They get on their bellies.
Nov 09 19:32:07 <Maddy> Alice keeps them covered
Nov 09 19:32:18 <PaulS_laptop> Ziiip
Nov 09 19:32:28 <Jillian> Zippity do da
Nov 09 19:32:45 <Rosenthal> Nick silently watches, smiling.
Nov 09 19:33:13 <Serafina> Sera watches the other doors for signs of an ambush.
Nov 09 19:33:33 <PaulS_laptop> "This's probably where I'd've ended up if I went to get 'help' when you wanted me to, Alice. Really glad I didn't now"
Nov 09 19:33:41 <E4D> <Stand 'em up.> He looks back down to them. <Where are the rest of you?>
Nov 09 19:33:53 <PaulS_laptop> John helps the beaner up
Nov 09 19:34:12 <Jillian> Jillian stands the Nazi up.
Nov 09 19:34:34 <Maddy> <…> Alice decidely ain't saying shit.
Nov 09 19:34:48 <SalGMander> "3B." The latino nods his head to the elevator buttons.
Nov 09 19:37:30 <Dexanote> Lovely.
Nov 09 19:37:30 <Dexanote> "So… what're we going to do?"
Nov 09 19:37:39 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 7.0.1/20110928134238])
Nov 09 19:37:54 <Artemis> «Just watch yourself in there, guys. This place had a reputation for dubiousness.»
Nov 09 19:37:57 <Artemis> Thanks, Alex.
Nov 09 19:38:01 <Jillian> "Going up Dodridge?"
Nov 09 19:38:08 <E4D> <Personally? Prison facility? I say we head back to the ship and leave these assholes here.>
Nov 09 19:38:12 <Rothchild> "…We're going into the elevator?"
Nov 09 19:38:23 <Rothchild> Will sounds nervous, a little.
Nov 09 19:38:28 <PaulS_laptop> "Your call."
Nov 09 19:38:32 <E4D> <We seen what's happened, no staff to be seen, and inmates running around with AKs.>
Nov 09 19:38:59 <E4D> <We go in there, it's gonna be termites crawling into an ant's nest. Not with a team like this.>
Nov 09 19:39:00 <PaulS_laptop> "Scuse me" to the beaner "Do you know if there was a Chris, former shrink from Site 23, here for psychiatric eval?"
Nov 09 19:39:01 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 19:39:02 <E4D> <I say fuck it.>
Nov 09 19:39:08 <SalGMander> "Please sir, the boss said he wants to meet you."
Nov 09 19:39:14 <SalGMander> "Says he knows you."
Nov 09 19:39:16 <Jillian> Jillian tenses at the name.
Nov 09 19:39:16 <CondorTalon> Rosa's silently being silent in the corner. Silently.
Nov 09 19:39:33 <E4D> <The boss. Who's the fucking boss?>
Nov 09 19:39:35 <PaulS_laptop> "Name him, we might know him."
Nov 09 19:39:40 <SalGMander> The latino looks at John but says nothing.
Nov 09 19:39:49 <Dexanote> "Who's the boss?"
Nov 09 19:40:11 <Dexanote> Myr's over by Rosa.
Nov 09 19:40:15 <SalGMander> "He calls himself 'El Baller'. Er… 'The Baller'."
Nov 09 19:40:24 <Maddy> Alice STARES into their souls.
Nov 09 19:40:28 <E4D> <The Baller.>
Nov 09 19:40:42 <PaulS_laptop> John barely suppresses a snerk
Nov 09 19:41:03 <Rothchild> Will blinks, and edges back from the elevator.
Nov 09 19:41:15 <Jillian> Jillian swallows and takes a deep breath.
Nov 09 19:41:20 <E4D> <Tell you what. Why don't you get in touch with your boys and have him come up?> Jason pulls his backup radio from its vest pouch and holds it up to the Latino's face. <Go ahead.>
Nov 09 19:41:47 <Rosenthal> He eyes the two warily, watching them, then the elevator, then back to them.
Nov 09 19:42:13 <CondorTalon> "The Baller." She says flatly. "…The Ballplayer."
Nov 09 19:42:24 <SalGMander> «Boss? The locos want you to come up here.»
Nov 09 19:43:23 <E4D> Jason keys his own. «It's either that, or I back my team out, pull our vessel offshore, and shell this place with cannon fire until it comes crumbling down. Your choice.>
Nov 09 19:43:23 <Rothchild> ~Loco? You're tatted up like a Nazi, pointing a gun at Action Woman and an avatar of pain and we're the crazy ones?~
Nov 09 19:44:02 <SalGMander> A soothing voice comes on, though it's slightly distorted over the radio. «Jason we can all be friends here.»
Nov 09 19:44:07 <E4D> «I will *not* hesitate to lay waste to bunch of Neo-Nazis and murderers. I fucking *dare* you. Call my bluff.»
Nov 09 19:45:17 <E4D> He looks back at the others. <We can be friends, right? I say we be friends right here. What do you guys think?>
Nov 09 19:45:26 <Jillian> "Addo" Jillian whispers, taking a deep breath.
Nov 09 19:45:28 <Rothchild> "I'm all for that."
Nov 09 19:45:35 <Artemis> Artemis shrugs. he doesn't care.
Nov 09 19:45:45 <SalGMander> «I won't, because I know you're not bluffing. Fortunately my men are done on your ship, so do you want to call /my/ bluff?»
Nov 09 19:46:28 <Rosenthal> Nick flatfaces. Wat.
Nov 09 19:46:29 <E4D> <…>
Nov 09 19:46:30 <Rothchild> "Wh-what did he say…?"
Nov 09 19:46:40 <PaulS_laptop> "Want me to kill 'm yet?"
Nov 09 19:46:42 <Serafina> "…the water?"
Nov 09 19:46:44 <SalGMander> «Haha, just pulling your leg.»
Nov 09 19:46:56 <Rosenthal> "That's… unfortunate."
Nov 09 19:46:57 <SalGMander> «Nah, we just needed some navigation information.»
Nov 09 19:47:08 <Rothchild> "…Jason, do you want me to go back and check it out…?"
Nov 09 19:47:14 <Serafina> "This isn't very friendly. Unconditional surrender is friendly."
Nov 09 19:47:18 <E4D> «Do it. Take John.»
Nov 09 19:47:27 <SalGMander> «Here, check out that monitor near the ceiling.»
Nov 09 19:47:30 <Artemis> BOOM
Nov 09 19:47:39 <Rothchild> "Yes. John?" He looks around. "Which of you is John?"
Nov 09 19:47:45 <Artemis> «Sorry, what was that?»
Nov 09 19:47:49 <PaulS_laptop> John nods, stepping on the beaner's toe with his boot as he turns around to leave, and steps away
Nov 09 19:48:01 <Rothchild> Will heads back with Scarface to #afteraction.
Nov 09 19:48:04 <Dexanote> "That was our ship." Myr mutters.
Nov 09 19:48:10 <Serafina> "I believe he was not bluffing."
Nov 09 19:48:38 <Rosenthal> "We better hope so, but I trust John. I've seen his work."
Nov 09 19:48:44 <SalGMander> «Oh dear, I believe you've shot homicidal maniacs. A big bother on my conscience, there.»
Nov 09 19:48:54 <E4D> «Come on up. Let's talk. I am *not* walking my people into a fucking beehive.»
Nov 09 19:48:59 <Artemis> «It was pretty fun though.»
Nov 09 19:49:50 <Artemis> «Jason, I'll go in.»
Nov 09 19:49:59 <Jillian> "Jason, let me go in"
Nov 09 19:50:07 <Dexanote> "Nah, let me."
Nov 09 19:50:13 <PaulS_laptop> «I'll go, soon as I finish checking the ship»
Nov 09 19:50:15 <Rosenthal> "I'll go if need be."
Nov 09 19:50:21 <E4D> <Fuck.>
Nov 09 19:50:31 <PaulS_laptop> «I want his scalp, anyway.»
Nov 09 19:50:33 <Artemis> Artemis shrugs.
Nov 09 19:50:35 <E4D> «Three Bravo?»
Nov 09 19:50:44 <Dexanote> Myr checks her gun.
Nov 09 19:51:08 <Serafina> "While I am not eager to descend, I am less eager to return to the ship until it is confirmed safe."
Nov 09 19:51:16 <PaulS_laptop> «Engineering clear, Jason»
Nov 09 19:51:21 <SalGMander> «Three bravo.»
Nov 09 19:51:31 <Maddy> Alice doesn't know what the fuck. She just stands around.
Nov 09 19:51:42 <CondorTalon> So does Rosa.
Nov 09 19:51:52 <Jillian> Jillian stands with the Nazi, waiting.
Nov 09 19:51:57 <E4D> «Copy. John, Rothchild, come ashore. Laito, raise the gangplank.»
Nov 09 19:52:18 <Rothchild> Jason would perhaps realize Rothchild never got a radio.
Nov 09 19:52:25 <Rothchild> He could, therefore, not hear the call.
Nov 09 19:52:58 <E4D> <Everyone, onto the elevator. I want nothing but guns pointed at the elevator doors when we go up. These bastards get to kneel in front of us.>
Nov 09 19:52:59 <PaulS_laptop> John arrives
Nov 09 19:53:03 <SalGMander> Sucks for him
Nov 09 19:53:08 <Rothchild> True
Nov 09 19:53:14 <Rothchild> Oh well~
Nov 09 19:53:21 <Rosenthal> Nick steps onto the elevator.
Nov 09 19:53:22 <Maddy> Alice does that.
Nov 09 19:53:29 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, gimmie point. Ain't any of y'all want to be in front of me when I light shit up" John steps aboard
Nov 09 19:53:36 <Artemis> Artemis goes in.
Nov 09 19:53:37 <Jillian> "What about this guy?"
Nov 09 19:53:52 <Jillian> "Can hold him and my rifle"
Nov 09 19:54:00 <E4D> <They get to stand in front of us.>
Nov 09 19:54:07 <CondorTalon> Rosa walks in… "I don't have a gun…"
Nov 09 19:54:08 <Rothchild> Rothchild returns to the station.
Nov 09 19:54:10 <E4D> Jason boards the elevator.
Nov 09 19:54:12 <PaulS_laptop> "They get to walk in front of us. Shit happens, they're cover."
Nov 09 19:54:20 <Rothchild> "I don't either." He boards, heaving a sigh.
Nov 09 19:54:36 <Jillian> Jillian nods and places him in the front and center, standing to the side of him.
Nov 09 19:54:46 <Serafina> Sera stands close to the back of the elevator.
Nov 09 19:54:49 <PaulS_laptop> John looks at them with an approximate "what the fuck" look
Nov 09 19:54:55 <E4D> Jason passes the LMG to Rosa. <Want it?>
Nov 09 19:55:04 <Rothchild> Will stands solidly in the middle of the elevator, looking around.
Nov 09 19:55:22 <CondorTalon> She holds up her hand, showing the claws. "No way I could use it."
Nov 09 19:55:37 <PaulS_laptop> John checks over the flamethrower idly
Nov 09 19:55:43 <PaulS_laptop> he's standing towards the front
Nov 09 19:55:52 <Rothchild> "I could try, Jason. I haven't really shot a gun a lot, though."
Nov 09 19:56:00 <SalGMander> The latino leans forwards and presses 3B with his nose
Nov 09 19:56:03 <Dexanote> "Just stand back, okay Rosa?"
Nov 09 19:56:09 <Jillian> Jillian readjusts her rifle in her shoulder.
Nov 09 19:56:15 <CondorTalon> "Alright…"
Nov 09 19:56:20 <SalGMander> The doors close and the you can feel the elevator slowly descend
Nov 09 19:56:24 <E4D> He passes Willy the gun, drawing his rifle, and laying the barrel over John's shoulder, receiver resting by his head.
Nov 09 19:56:35 <SalGMander> Vrrr
Nov 09 19:56:35 <E4D> *lays
Nov 09 19:56:41 <Rosenthal> Nick pops his neck and reshoulders the rifle, training it on the doors.
Nov 09 19:57:00 <SalGMander> Some trendy muzak plays
Nov 09 19:57:03 <PaulS_laptop> John has the flamethrower at about hip level
Nov 09 19:57:03 <Rothchild> Will sets himself up with the rifle, settling his hands and checking the safety before seating it into his shoulder, tracking up to the door.
Nov 09 19:57:09 <Maddy> Alice grits her teeth.
Nov 09 19:57:26 <E4D> <Remember. Something stupid happens, and you gun down everyfuckingbody you see that ain't us. Lay fucking *waste* to this place.>
Nov 09 19:57:35 <Rothchild> "Got it."
Nov 09 19:57:40 <Jillian> "Rog"
Nov 09 19:57:43 <Rosenthal> "You got it, Dodridge."
Nov 09 19:57:54 <Artemis> Artemis stands in front of Rosa. Better the half-metal guy get hit than her.
Nov 09 19:57:58 <PaulS_laptop> "You know you ain't gotta tell me that"
Nov 09 19:58:20 <Serafina> Sera nods.
Nov 09 19:58:25 <Maddy> <Easy enough.>
Nov 09 19:58:43 <E4D> <And guys, keep the females back.>
Nov 09 19:58:56 <Rothchild> Will swallows. Sage advice.
Nov 09 19:58:59 * SalGMander has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 09 19:59:05 <Jillian> "Not gonna happen Jason, you know better"
Nov 09 19:59:12 <Dexanote> "No confidence?"
Nov 09 19:59:37 <Maddy> <What>
Nov 09 20:00:03 <E4D> <No. Just smart. What do you think is gonna happen if something retarded happens and a chick gets snatched up by a bunch of fucking cons that have been cooped up for God knows how long?>
Nov 09 20:00:42 <Serafina> "If it gets to the point where such is possible, it will hardly matter how many corpses they climb over to reach us."
Nov 09 20:00:46 <Rothchild> "Nothing good for either party."
Nov 09 20:00:52 <Jillian> "I don't think it matters what gender, a hole is a hole"
Nov 09 20:01:01 <Dexanote> "Yeah I'm with Jill on that."
Nov 09 20:01:15 <Rothchild> Will shudders.
Nov 09 20:01:22 <Dexanote> "I'll take one of those bigger guns though, if you have a spare."
Nov 09 20:01:48 * SalGMander (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 09 20:03:00 <SalGMander> The hallway is lined with screens that begin flickering
Nov 09 20:03:13 <SalGMander> The latino steps out, sighing
Nov 09 20:03:36 <SalGMander> "Down here."
Nov 09 20:04:10 <Rosenthal> Nick mutters under his breath, "Welcome to my trap, Batbrain. Harley, show him what he's won.
Nov 09 20:04:12 <Rosenthal> ."
Nov 09 20:04:20 <Rothchild> Will steps to Jason's side and says softly, "I checked the bridge…nothing looked touched but the nav console…"
Nov 09 20:04:30 <Jillian> Jillian shoves the Nazi out, rifle still up, and follows.
Nov 09 20:04:31 <Rothchild> "Nothing else through the rest of the ship…"
Nov 09 20:04:56 <PaulS_laptop> John steps out, taking up a position ahead of Jason and ahead and to the right of Jill
Nov 09 20:05:21 <Jillian> "I got you John" Jillian glances over at him.
Nov 09 20:05:26 <E4D> Jason follows close behind John, hand on one shoulder, rifle over the other.
Nov 09 20:05:30 <Rothchild> Will doesn't know clearing doctrine, but walks ahead, rifle up and scanning.
Nov 09 20:05:51 <Dexanote> Myr's alreadyy in there.
Nov 09 20:05:55 <Rosenthal> Nick follows with the group, wary, eyes scanning around.
Nov 09 20:05:58 <Artemis> Artemis steps out behind the front line, in front of Rosa and Sera.
Nov 09 20:06:08 <CondorTalon> Rosalyn's behind everyone else.
Nov 09 20:06:23 <Maddy> Alice is whereever Json put her
Nov 09 20:06:35 <Serafina> Sera stays in back.
Nov 09 20:06:59 <SalGMander> The elevator doors close behind them as they leave.
Nov 09 20:08:21 <SalGMander> The screens flicker and then display a rather familiar face. You can see piping behind him. If you can't tell who this is you haven't been attention at all.
Nov 09 20:08:49 <Artemis> Artemis can't tell who it is. he knows nothing about any of this.
Nov 09 20:08:56 <Rosenthal> Nick looks at the monitors.
Nov 09 20:08:59 <SalGMander> The intercom speaks. <Jason, how pleasant to see you here.>
Nov 09 20:09:02 <Jillian> "A-addo?" Jillian blinks a few times.
Nov 09 20:09:10 <Rosenthal> Again under his breath. "Joker… I should have known."
Nov 09 20:09:21 <E4D> <Yeah, nice to see you, too. What do you want?>
Nov 09 20:09:23 <Rothchild> "Who's this guy?"
Nov 09 20:09:28 <Maddy> <…> Last Goddamn Straw.
Nov 09 20:10:30 <SalGMander> <Well I already have what I want, which is your navigation information.>
Nov 09 20:10:39 <SalGMander> <Hello by the way, grasshopper.>
Nov 09 20:11:09 <E4D> <Quit with the fucking pet names.>
Nov 09 20:11:17 <E4D> <And what the hell do you need that for?>
Nov 09 20:12:42 <SalGMander> <Well now I can finally escape this dump. All the information for navigation was locked up on the upper levels.>
Nov 09 20:12:57 <SalGMander> <I'm speaking to you through remote link from a submarine, in case you couldn't tell.>
Nov 09 20:13:12 <E4D> Jason nods back toward the elevator.
Nov 09 20:13:31 <Rothchild> Will catches the nod. "To the ships?" he says softly.
Nov 09 20:13:46 <E4D> <Right fucking now.>
Nov 09 20:13:52 <Dexanote> Myr slams the button.
Nov 09 20:13:53 <Jillian> Jillian continues to stare at the monitor.
Nov 09 20:13:58 <E4D> «LAITO, STAND BY TO ENGAGE.»
Nov 09 20:14:02 <Maddy> <Well this was intersting. What a waste of time.
Nov 09 20:14:04 <SalGMander> The doors don't open.
Nov 09 20:14:05 <Dexanote> 4df+2 She shoots the monitor.
Nov 09 20:14:06 <Glacon> Dexanote: She shoots the monitor.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 09 20:14:06 <Rothchild> "On it." Will's back towards the elevators at a run.
Nov 09 20:14:15 <SalGMander> One monitor goes out
Nov 09 20:14:21 <Rosenthal> "Jill, come on!"
Nov 09 20:14:29 <Artemis> «Already on it.»
Nov 09 20:14:32 <Rosenthal> He turns and heads back to the elevator.
Nov 09 20:14:41 <SalGMander> <I've shut down the elevator so I get a bit of a head start. You'll eventually find a way out, I'm sure.>
Nov 09 20:14:47 <Serafina> "I believe his plan may have been to hold us here."
Nov 09 20:14:48 <E4D> <Jillian, get that ele…>
Nov 09 20:14:48 <Rothchild> Will snarls. "Hey! Nazi!" He stalks back towards them. "How d'you make this thing open?"
Nov 09 20:14:52 <Rosenthal> He slows and halts.
Nov 09 20:15:02 <Rosenthal> "Oh you're SHITTING me."
Nov 09 20:15:05 <SalGMander> The neo nazi remains silent
Nov 09 20:15:05 <CondorTalon> Rosa heads back, finding the doors stuck.
Nov 09 20:15:27 <Rothchild> "Answer me."
Nov 09 20:15:29 <Serafina> What exits are there from the hallway?
Nov 09 20:15:44 <Jillian> Jillian reaches to the monitor. "Addo…"
Nov 09 20:15:45 <E4D> Jason looks around, checking for doors, an exit, a ladderwell, anything.
Nov 09 20:15:55 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, would you like me to get us up through the tunnel?"
Nov 09 20:16:20 <E4D> <Quit with the fucking Addo shit, Jillian. Wake the fuck up. And yes, do it John. Jill? Samson can pop a door, right? DO IT.>
Nov 09 20:16:35 <Rothchild> "What should we do with these two, Jason?"
Nov 09 20:16:42 <SalGMander> <Good by Jillian. Parting's such sweet sorrow or whatever it is they say on these occasions.>
Nov 09 20:16:50 <PaulS_laptop> "Someone else keep an eye on the beaner. Jill, force the door. I'll get us the rest of the way"
Nov 09 20:16:55 <Dexanote> 4df+2 "Oh shut up."
Nov 09 20:16:55 <Glacon> Dexanote: "Oh shut up.": 0 (4df+2=+, -, -, -)
Nov 09 20:17:00 <Dexanote> The gun jams.
Nov 09 20:17:07 <Jillian> Jillian nods and goes to the elevator.
Nov 09 20:17:43 <Jillian> 4df+4 Why is this not working?
Nov 09 20:17:44 <Glacon> Jillian: Why is this not working?: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 09 20:18:00 <SalGMander> <I might come to visit you folks soon.> The monitors turn off.
Nov 09 20:18:20 <SalGMander> The elevator appears to be remotely deactivated. She might be able to manually override it.
Nov 09 20:18:24 <Rothchild> "What a winning individual."
Nov 09 20:18:25 <Dexanote> 4df+2 Gunshooting, to unjam the gun. This is not an assault, but a repair.
Nov 09 20:18:26 <Glacon> Dexanote: Gunshooting, to unjam the gun. This is not an assault, but a repair.: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Nov 09 20:18:35 <Rothchild> "Jason, what do you want me to do with the two prisoners?"
Nov 09 20:18:52 <E4D> <Hey, Nazi, what are you here for?>
Nov 09 20:18:54 <PaulS_laptop> "Just force the doors open, Jill"
Nov 09 20:19:17 <Jillian> 4df+8 Using Samson. Jillian goes over the wiring, getting the elevator back online. "This is easier"
Nov 09 20:19:17 <Glacon> Jillian: Using Samson. Jillian goes over the wiring, getting the elevator back online. "This is easier": 4 (4df+8=-, -, -, -)
Nov 09 20:19:33 <Artemis> «He's getting away, Jason.»
Nov 09 20:19:34 <SalGMander> "Homicide."
Nov 09 20:20:01 <SalGMander> Jill is succesful
Nov 09 20:20:22 <E4D> <We ain't takin' 'em with us.>
Nov 09 20:20:39 * SalGMander is now known as Salmander|Away
Nov 09 20:20:41 <Rothchild> "Do you want me to deal with him?"
Nov 09 20:21:05 <Rosenthal> Nick heads to the elevator.
Nov 09 20:21:19 <Rothchild> "I've always wanted to kill a Nazi." He grins.
Nov 09 20:21:36 <PaulS_laptop> "Surfer, not all surf nazis must die. Although I do admire his scalp."
Nov 09 20:21:43 <E4D> <I didn't say kill 'em, ya fuckin' jackass.>
Nov 09 20:21:48 <E4D> Jason boards.
Nov 09 20:21:48 <Artemis> «He's getting away guys.»
Nov 09 20:21:56 <PaulS_laptop> John boards the elevator
Nov 09 20:22:00 <Dexanote> Myr's on.
Nov 09 20:22:03 <Rothchild> "Oh, alright." Will reboard.s
Nov 09 20:22:09 <CondorTalon> So does Rosa.
Nov 09 20:22:14 * Artemis is now known as Laito
Nov 09 20:22:15 <Jillian> Jillian steps on the elevator, silent.
Nov 09 20:22:19 * Rothchild is now known as Tox
Nov 09 20:22:32 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "I solve practical problems" to override safety features and get this elevator up there fucking fast
Nov 09 20:22:32 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "I solve practical problems" to override safety features and get this elevator up there fucking fast: 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
Nov 09 20:22:39 <Serafina> As does Sera.
Nov 09 20:22:46 <Maddy> Alice is following
Nov 09 20:22:51 <E4D> *DING*
Nov 09 20:22:58 <E4D> The elevator reaches the top.
Nov 09 20:23:19 <Jillian> Jillian steps out, still silent, and heads for the ship.
Nov 09 20:23:49 <Tox> Will debarks. "William Rothchild, by the way," he holds out a hand to John.
Nov 09 20:23:49 <E4D> «Laito, this is an undersurface facility. Once we're all out, and I give the clear, I want you to shell the surface level until it collapses.»
Nov 09 20:23:49 <Serafina> "What information of particular worth might he have retrieved? Locations of other bases?"
Nov 09 20:23:52 <Rosenthal> Nick heads back for the ship and goes straight to his quarters.