Summoning Sciences

Nov 21 01:07:53 <Artemis> Alex is in his private sanctum, with Midnight's laptop and some of her books in a section of the engine room. The floor has been drawn on - magical circles like Midnight and Dusty would make. He sits before them, cross legged, a glass vial clutched in a hand.
Nov 21 01:07:53 <Artemis> «Jason.»
Nov 21 01:08:03 <E4D> «Send it.»
Nov 21 01:08:53 <Artemis> «I'm giving you the courtesy of letting you know that I'm about to do something stupid, in case you want to watch.»
Nov 21 01:08:53 <Artemis> «Mind you, it's maybe the only way we might get Midnight back, so there's my justification.»
Nov 21 01:10:01 <E4D> «… What are you doing?» Jason releases the mic, whistles at Alice, and points at the wall locker.
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Nov 21 01:10:53 <Maddy> Alice nods and starts to suit up.
Nov 21 01:10:54 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.31ntlp.lsd.8C325433-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.31ntlp.lsd.8C325433-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 21 01:10:55 <Artemis> «I'm gonna summon a nearby daemon, hope it's Midnight, or interrogate it about Midnight if it's not. They talk, you know.»
Nov 21 01:11:33 <E4D> <…> Jason drops the mic. "Fffffffuck."
Nov 21 01:12:11 <Artemis> «Yeah, I know. I told you it was stupid, but this is our best shot, I think, short of just waiting for her to show up, which might be never.»
Nov 21 01:12:32 <E4D> Jason follows along with Alice.
Nov 21 01:12:40 <E4D> 4df+4 Athletics
Nov 21 01:12:40 <Glacon> E4D: Athletics: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
Nov 21 01:12:49 <E4D> Laito, gimme a 4df+4
Nov 21 01:12:58 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 21 01:12:59 <Glacon> Artemis: : 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Nov 21 01:13:09 <Maddy> Alice clips her helmet on. <We're going to d-die, you know, a-and then everyone will starve, and get killed b-by their own stupidity.>
Nov 21 01:13:55 <E4D> Jason gets the suit on in short order, and is out his door. He makes it to the mess before realizing something critical. «Laito, where are you?»
Nov 21 01:14:14 <Artemis> «Back of the engine room. I haven't started anything yet.»
Nov 21 01:15:23 <E4D> Jason starts for the lower aft section, with a little more composure than before.
Nov 21 01:15:40 <Maddy> <The engine room? Really? So not only are w-we going to die, the ship's going to be inoperable.> Alice is mostly talking to herself.
Nov 21 01:16:43 <E4D> Jason arrives there a few minutes later, and looks around.
Nov 21 01:16:47 <Ragazzo> Lance has hustled his way to the engine room. He gives alex a concerned eye on the way, but other then that sinks into the background.
Nov 21 01:17:09 <Tom90deg> Zoe also arrives quietly, standing near the door.
Nov 21 01:17:21 <Artemis> There's Alex, sat before a complicated diagram of magic circles, and inside several small circles himself.
Nov 21 01:17:38 <Dexanote> Myr's been there a while. She leans back against the wall, next to the door.
Nov 21 01:17:39 <Artemis> Midnight's laptop is sat beside him, glowing in the relative darkness.
Nov 21 01:18:56 <E4D> "Have you been trained to do any of this?"
Nov 21 01:18:56 <Maddy> Alice just shakes her head. Alex is smart enough to know this is a crazy bad idea. She doesn't need to tell him.
Nov 21 01:19:00 <MisterFlames> ((Alex, roll Scholarship, please))
Nov 21 01:19:09 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 21 01:19:09 <Glacon> Artemis: : 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
Nov 21 01:19:59 <MisterFlames> ((That will count as a successful maneuver for this. You get a +2 on the attempt))
Nov 21 01:20:51 <Artemis> "Trained? No. I can copy the instructions as well as I can pay attention to detail, and I can remember a few things Midnight once told Dusty. But no, I am not trained. I will not go through with this if you insist that I don't."
Nov 21 01:21:14 <Artemis> "But trust me when I say that I know all the risks, and have taken every precaution that I am able to."
Nov 21 01:21:53 <Artemis> "Trust me, I've been here for the last twenty eight hours doing research."
Nov 21 01:22:16 <E4D> "Every precaution you're able to."
Nov 21 01:22:43 <E4D> Jason pulls his helmet on. <All right, is one of the risks something coming through and killing us all?>
Nov 21 01:23:36 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 (Occult maneuver), Tapping eye for time, Lance eyes the myriad of mysticism, drawing on the wealth of experience tangled up in his memories, can he think of anything to add to the preparations that would assist, or protect Alex?
Nov 21 01:23:37 <Glacon> Ragazzo: (Occult maneuver), Tapping eye for time, Lance eyes the myriad of mysticism, drawing on the wealth of experience tangled up in his memories, can he think of anything to add to the preparations that would assist, or protect Alex?: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Nov 21 01:24:01 <E4D> No.
Nov 21 01:24:07 <Artemis> "It's… possible Jason, I'm not going to lie. Is it likely? Probably not. Maybe if I fuck up catastrophically or catch wind of the greatest stroke of bad luck ever with the Daemon I find. But I'm -pretty sure- I won't. I'm not a wizard, Harry. There are something I simply cannot do."
Nov 21 01:24:07 <Ragazzo> Ok.
Nov 21 01:24:23 <MisterFlames> Everyone roll Perception, please.
Nov 21 01:24:27 <Maddy> 4df+3
Nov 21 01:24:27 <Glacon> Maddy: 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
Nov 21 01:24:33 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Nov 21 01:24:33 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
Nov 21 01:24:42 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 21 01:24:42 <Glacon> Artemis: : 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
Nov 21 01:24:45 <E4D> 4df+4 <…> Jason sighs.
Nov 21 01:24:45 <Glacon> E4D: <…> Jason sighs.: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 21 01:24:49 <Ragazzo> 4df+1 Derp
Nov 21 01:24:50 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Derp: 1 (4df+1=+, +, -, -)
Nov 21 01:25:29 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Nov 21 01:25:29 <Glacon> Dexanote: 5 (4df+2=+, 0, +, +)
Nov 21 01:25:57 <Maddy> Alice keys her radio to Jason's.
Nov 21 01:26:11 <Maddy> She motions at Lance
Nov 21 01:26:16 <E4D> Jason nods.
Nov 21 01:26:30 <Dexanote> Myr shifts, glancing at Lance.
Nov 21 01:26:38 <E4D> <Hey, uh, Lance?>
Nov 21 01:26:39 <Dexanote> Course, from this angle he wouldn't see her, being a cyclops.
Nov 21 01:26:49 <Ragazzo> Lance doesn't give a shit, he's watching alex.
Nov 21 01:26:54 <Artemis> Alex catches the eyes of the others, putting it together.
Nov 21 01:26:56 <Ragazzo> Even if he did notice.
Nov 21 01:27:49 <E4D> Jason turns back to Laito. <Did you do anything yet??
Nov 21 01:27:55 <Tom90deg> Zoe glances at Lance.
Nov 21 01:28:19 <Artemis> Alex looks between Jason and Lance. "Not a thing. I haven't even completed the circles yet."
Nov 21 01:28:24 <Ragazzo> He's looking at alex with equal parts hope, and fervent concern.
Nov 21 01:29:26 <Artemis> Alex studies Lance, looking for whatever everyone else is catching.
Nov 21 01:29:58 <MisterFlames> Nothing, Lance's face is in shadow.
Nov 21 01:30:12 <Tom90deg> Zoe shrugs and turns back to Alex
Nov 21 01:30:26 <Ragazzo> "…huh?"
Nov 21 01:30:44 <Ragazzo> Lance doesn't really register jason, even after replying.
Nov 21 01:30:47 <E4D> <I think you should leave.>
Nov 21 01:30:57 <Ragazzo> "No."
Nov 21 01:31:08 <Maddy> <Why not?>
Nov 21 01:31:12 <Artemis> "I think that may be a good idea, Lance, especially if I am right about what happened."
Nov 21 01:31:16 <Dexanote> Permission to Stealth
Nov 21 01:31:40 <Ragazzo> "…are you sure, alex?"
Nov 21 01:32:07 <Artemis> Alex nods.
Nov 21 01:32:38 <Ragazzo> "You aren't going to vanish again, are you?"
Nov 21 01:32:40 <E4D> Jason draws his handgun.
Nov 21 01:33:09 <Tom90deg> "Lance, please…"
Nov 21 01:33:10 <E4D> <Just get the fuck out.>
Nov 21 01:33:14 <MisterFlames> Roll it, Myrtle.
Nov 21 01:33:23 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Nov 21 01:33:23 <Glacon> Dexanote: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Nov 21 01:33:38 <Dexanote> 4df+4 tagging PED
Nov 21 01:33:38 <Glacon> Dexanote: tagging PED: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Nov 21 01:33:39 <Artemis> "Don't make this a thing, Lance, you're kinda relevant here, and you may fuck up my attempt."
Nov 21 01:33:51 <Ragazzo> "Alright."
Nov 21 01:34:10 <Dexanote> Myr shifts, crossing her legs just a bit, and slides out of your attention.
Nov 21 01:34:15 <Ragazzo> He leaves, not even giving a sign of noticing jason.
Nov 21 01:35:05 <Artemis> "The fuck was that about?" He looks at Jason.
Nov 21 01:36:19 <E4D> <Looked like somethin' was goin' on with his eye. You know, the dead one? It was like… you know the thing Alanoch does? Before he fires somethin' off, how it gets dark around him?>
Nov 21 01:36:30 <E4D> <It was like that around his eye.>
Nov 21 01:36:47 <Maddy> Alice nods.
Nov 21 01:36:52 <Dexanote> "Saw it."
Nov 21 01:37:05 <Dexanote> She shifts again.
Nov 21 01:37:24 <Artemis> "Couldn't see that from down here. Huh."
Nov 21 01:37:24 <Tom90deg> "Wonderful…Shall we not waste time then, just in case?"
Nov 21 01:37:50 * Adhelami has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Nov 21 01:39:16 <E4D> <I still say we're safer without him around.>
Nov 21 01:39:50 <Artemis> Alex nods and hefts his radio. «Just… stick around Lance. I -might- need you. Go get some coffee or something.» "Okay so, you guys ready for this?"
Nov 21 01:40:02 <Artemis> "-Is this what you want?-"
Nov 21 01:40:03 <Ragazzo> «Uh huh.»
Nov 21 01:40:19 <Ragazzo> Lance is waiting outside the room.
Nov 21 01:40:36 <Tom90deg> "Ready as I'll ever be."
Nov 21 01:40:41 * Lilah (||nothsa) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 21 01:41:43 <Maddy> <I think w-we're better off not fucking w-with this, since Midnight didn't leave e-exact instructions on h-how to get her back…>
Nov 21 01:42:25 <Artemis> "I didn't find anything in her laptop either. No goodbye instructions other than 'take care of Cricket'."
Nov 21 01:42:54 <Maddy> <That's what I'm saying.>
Nov 21 01:43:42 <Maddy> <If she w-wanted to be brought back, she would have left instructions.>
Nov 21 01:44:20 <Artemis> Alex looks at Jason. "Well, Jason? I've got the strongest possible containment circle I could recreate in case of hostile entities. It's as perfect as I could create without using human blood. Thoughts?"
Nov 21 01:44:36 <Dexanote> "Why didn't you use blood?"
Nov 21 01:44:38 <Tom90deg> "Do you need some blood? How much?"
Nov 21 01:44:43 <Artemis> Alex laughs.
Nov 21 01:45:29 <Artemis> "Trust me, folks, you don't want to use your blood, unless you wan to be offered to whatever daemon I get to show up as a greeting gift."
Nov 21 01:45:42 <Dexanote> "Never said my blood."
Nov 21 01:46:05 <E4D> <I think she's right.>
Nov 21 01:46:49 <Dexanote> "… Who now?"
Nov 21 01:47:19 <Tom90deg> "I think we should try…It might give us something to go on, but that's just my opnion."
Nov 21 01:47:30 <Maddy> <Me.> Alice doesn't say "like usual." but she thinks it hard enough that Midnight would hear her if she were stil around.
Nov 21 01:48:12 <Maddy> <Something to g-go on for what? Again, how d-do we know Midnight want to b-be brought back?>
Nov 21 01:48:28 <E4D> <Okay, please, someone tell me *when* fuckin' with somethin' like this has been a good idea?>
Nov 21 01:48:50 <Artemis> Alex nods. "I can't say your reasoning is unfair. But I -did- also put a lot of work into this. I'll also be tremendously magically powerful for a short time, so that will help. But yes. Hey, at least I let you know."
Nov 21 01:48:58 <Artemis> "I could have started ten minutes ago."
Nov 21 01:49:35 <E4D> Jason holsters the handgun, and looks over at Alice.
Nov 21 01:50:25 <Artemis> "-I- have confidence in my set up here. You would think I'm stupid for the amount of time I took drawing these fucking circles."
Nov 21 01:50:43 <Maddy> <My votes on, this is stupid and we're going to regret it, b-but y'all never listen to me anyways.>
Nov 21 01:51:05 <Dexanote> "I gotta say, he's done an impressive job for someone with no experience."
Nov 21 01:51:22 <Maddy> <That's nice, untill something goes h-horribly wrong and we all die.>
Nov 21 01:51:32 <Tom90deg> "It's a big risk, but what's the reward?"
Nov 21 01:51:35 <Artemis> "Alice, seriously. Your attitude. Jesus Crhist."
Nov 21 01:51:35 <E4D> <All he's done is drawn circles. When Midnight was doing this, there was *power* behind it.>
Nov 21 01:51:39 <Dexanote> "i'm just putting my two cents in."
Nov 21 01:51:47 <Artemis> "Jason, I -will- have power."
Nov 21 01:51:55 <Artemis> "Lots of power. Maybe more than Midnight had."
Nov 21 01:52:02 <Artemis> "Has."
Nov 21 01:52:10 <Dexanote> "Yes, and apparently you had a guy who did this too. Rusty?"
Nov 21 01:52:22 <E4D> <She's right. She's on about this all the time, usually sayin' about the same thing I am. And 95% of the time, she's right. Even when *I'm* wrong.>
Nov 21 01:52:45 <Maddy> <Shit, D-dusty said he practiced for years and he s-still set himself- you know what, fine, do whatever you want.>
Nov 21 01:52:53 <E4D> <I'm with her. I think this is fuckin' stupid. IT's hard to tell what the hell could come out of this. Might end up like Alice Springs again.>
Nov 21 01:53:43 <Artemis> "The more I look at occult practice, the more I am beginning to suspect that Dusty had foregone a shit ton of safety measures in exchange for effectiveness." He shrugs. "Just saying."
Nov 21 01:53:56 <Tom90deg> "Dusty was Dusty. Alex is Alex."
Nov 21 01:54:15 <E4D> <And dangerous is dangerous.>
Nov 21 01:54:31 <Dexanote> "You gave Adhelami a gun."
Nov 21 01:54:42 <E4D> <And showed her how to handle it safely.>
Nov 21 01:54:45 <Tom90deg> "I'm not saying this isn't dangerous. Even if it works perfectly, we're summoning a daemon."
Nov 21 01:54:57 <Maddy> <I give up on every single one of you.> Alice turns to leave.
Nov 21 01:55:25 <Artemis> Alex mutters with exasperation.
Nov 21 01:55:27 <E4D> Jason heads out behind her.
Nov 21 01:55:39 <E4D> <LAV, hun.>
Nov 21 01:55:44 <Maddy> <Yeah.>
Nov 21 01:55:51 <Artemis> Alex waits….
Nov 21 01:55:51 <Dexanote> "Completely different, right? And yet you don't trust Alex with this, after he completely ignored my abilities. I think he knows what he's doing."
Nov 21 01:56:00 <E4D> <By the room first.>
Nov 21 01:56:04 <Dexanote> She spits off to the side. "I don't like them."
Nov 21 01:56:11 <Tom90deg> Zoe shakes her head. "Alex, how confident are you in your seals."
Nov 21 01:56:19 <Ragazzo> Lance watches the two leave. He glances into the room.
Nov 21 01:56:24 <Tom90deg> "Welcome to the world of not being Alice Myr."
Nov 21 01:56:38 <Tom90deg> "Lance, you stay out, alright? Do this for me?"
Nov 21 01:56:44 <E4D> Jason hefts most of their gear up. <Want to grab the animals?>
Nov 21 01:56:49 <Ragazzo> "I am."
Nov 21 01:57:12 <Artemis> "Alice is bordering on sociopathic, and Jason is as whipped as they come. Also, they didn't expressly tell me not to, they only gave me their opinion, which is not what I asked for. SO."
Nov 21 01:57:13 <Artemis> Alex begins filling in the circles. "On with the show."
Nov 21 01:57:46 * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 21 01:57:47 <Tom90deg> "I hope you're right Alex…I won't lie, I would love to rub this in their faces…"
Nov 21 01:57:52 <Dexanote> "This gives me great doubt in our leadership. Not a great impression, considering he took a solid two minutes to consider helping me when he set me on fire."
Nov 21 01:58:21 <Tom90deg> "Myr, Everyone falls into two groups. Alice, and not Alice. Guess which group he cares about."
Nov 21 01:58:35 <Artemis> "Alright, alright, shush, if you're staying in here."
Nov 21 01:59:07 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods.
Nov 21 01:59:08 <Maddy> Alice grabs the stuff.
Nov 21 01:59:13 <Dexanote> "And intends to use exclusively gifted individuals as reconaissance, no mundane human beings. Disposable, just like the stereotypical GOC meathead methods." she mutters to herself.
Nov 21 01:59:20 <Tom90deg> "Myr, shhh…"
Nov 21 01:59:51 <Dexanote> "Sorry, Alex. Go ahead."
Nov 21 02:06:45 <Artemis> Alex painstakingly connect the magic circles in the places he left them unwhole, steadying his hand and lining the fresh piece of chalk in -just- the right place, touching it to the floor only when it was -just- right, and slooooowy completing the line with an artist's precision.
Nov 21 02:07:25 <Artemis> He heaves a breath after finishing, careful not to even breath on the finished product.
Nov 21 02:09:21 <E4D> Jason unshackles the LAV, and starts it up.
Nov 21 02:09:33 <Ragazzo> Lance watches from his place safely outside the room.
Nov 21 02:09:36 <Maddy> Alice sits in it. <So what's the plan?>
Nov 21 02:09:43 <Artemis> "I am about to drink something that will likely cause me a great deal of mental stress," he tells the two women. "If I pass out or something, dump this bottle of water on the circles and fuck them up, then… I don't know. Get me to medical or something. Not much you can do, admittedly."
Nov 21 02:10:06 <Dexanote> "No problem. I'll do the circles, Zoe will get you to Medical."
Nov 21 02:10:07 <Tom90deg> "Will do."
Nov 21 02:10:12 <Dexanote> "You can teleport with someone, right?"
Nov 21 02:10:17 <Tom90deg> "Wait..which should we do first?
Nov 21 02:10:18 <Tom90deg> "
Nov 21 02:10:31 <E4D> «Everyone, be advised, Alex is summoning a daemon. LAV is prepped and ready to debark. If somethin' stupid happens, get to the top deck. Zodiacs are on standby as well.»
Nov 21 02:10:49 <Tom90deg> "Break the circles, then medical? I can port in and pull you out, if it'll still contain whatever is there."
Nov 21 02:11:01 <Artemis> "Circles first."
Nov 21 02:11:20 <Tom90deg> "Right."
Nov 21 02:11:35 <Tom90deg> Zoe gets a bottle of water and stands ready.
Nov 21 02:11:58 <Artemis> Alex reads something over again on the laptop after moving the mouse about to bring it out of hibernation. He takes a deep, breath, prepares his mind, then uncorks the vial.
Nov 21 02:12:38 <PaulS_laptop> «Already on deck, armed»
Nov 21 02:13:16 <Lilah> «Oh dear.»
Nov 21 02:13:25 * Lilah is now known as Adhelami
Nov 21 02:14:02 <Artemis> Mental Defense Shift, scholarship maneuver to Mdef? Alex has read so much about Soma at this point, he knows what to expect.
Nov 21 02:14:35 <MisterFlames> Sure.
Nov 21 02:14:50 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 21 02:14:50 <Tom90deg> "Oh fuck…I know that bottle."
Nov 21 02:14:54 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 21 02:14:54 <Glacon> Artemis: : 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
Nov 21 02:16:01 <Praetor> 4df+4
Nov 21 02:16:02 <Glacon> Praetor: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 21 02:16:27 <Artemis> "Well," Alex says, holding up the vial as if in toast, "It's just like Jim Henson said, you know?" He pauses for the punchline.
Nov 21 02:17:58 <Tom90deg> "I hope this works Alex cause you're gonna need midnight to bring you down from that."
Nov 21 02:18:59 <Artemis> "'Anybody got in aspirin? I think I have a cold….' Heh." Alex tips the vial to his lips and drinks.
Nov 21 02:22:34 <MisterFlames> Physical Defense, please.
Nov 21 02:22:48 <Artemis> 4df+1 Yeah!
Nov 21 02:22:48 <Glacon> Artemis: Yeah!: -1 (4df+1=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 21 02:22:54 <E4D> …
Nov 21 02:23:32 <MisterFlames> Doesn't kill him or hurt him, but Alex? What's the hardest drug you've been on before?
Nov 21 02:24:04 <Artemis> Harsh memetic SCPs. That's the closest thing.
Nov 21 02:24:26 <Artemis> Coffee and cigarettes.
Nov 21 02:26:22 <MisterFlames> Alex's senses seem to expand faster than light as his mind opens up to… everything.
Nov 21 02:26:46 <Artemis> "Oh…. -yessss-……."
Nov 21 02:26:56 <Ragazzo> "…."
Nov 21 02:27:26 <Dexanote> "… so what the hell did he just drink?"
Nov 21 02:27:32 <Tom90deg> "Soma."
Nov 21 02:27:52 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 Phys. Def.
Nov 21 02:27:53 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Phys. Def.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Nov 21 02:28:23 <Tom90deg> "Dusty brewed it from instructing from Iyo, a godling. Drink that and you can't be killed…for a while. It's also a ungodly powerful halloucinagen."
Nov 21 02:28:43 <Artemis> Alex curls over for the initial poisoning, then slowly… looks up… around the room….
Nov 21 02:28:47 <Tom90deg> "Just…be ready to get him out of there. Never seen anyone on Soma before."
Nov 21 02:29:00 <Dexanote> "Oh."
Nov 21 02:29:03 <MisterFlames> The air around Alex seems to radiate the eldritch… and off to the side, Lance Sees as his left eyelid Opens.
Nov 21 02:29:12 <Dexanote> 4df+4 tagging Employee Benefits, Occult
Nov 21 02:29:13 <Glacon> Dexanote: tagging Employee Benefits, Occult: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Nov 21 02:29:17 <Dexanote> "… Shit."
Nov 21 02:30:35 <Ragazzo> "Ohhh….shiiiiiiiiiiiit."
Nov 21 02:30:50 <Ragazzo> Lance touches the area around his left eye, blinking rapidly.
Nov 21 02:31:09 <Dexanote> "Stand back, Zoe." Myr shifts.
Nov 21 02:31:09 <Tom90deg> Zoe turns to the door, and looks at Lance, pulling the door shut.
Nov 21 02:31:18 <MisterFlames> There's an eye there.
Nov 21 02:31:34 <Artemis> Alex lazily gazes all around, mostly up at the ceiling. "Oh my… who is this…"
Nov 21 02:31:35 <Tom90deg> "Oh bugger…"
Nov 21 02:32:01 <Tom90deg> RAther, Zoe tries to pull the door shut..
Nov 21 02:32:36 <Ragazzo> Lance attempts to stop her, but makes no move to enter.
Nov 21 02:32:46 <Ragazzo> "Let me watch. I'm staying out here."
Nov 21 02:33:09 <Tom90deg> "No, Sorry Lance. Watch your fingers."
Nov 21 02:33:26 <MisterFlames> Zoe, Perception.
Nov 21 02:33:30 <Dexanote> Myr's keeping her eyes on Alex. "I have no idea what to do here. I've not actually seen soma in action before."
Nov 21 02:33:34 <Ragazzo> 4df+4 He holds the door open, eyes fixed on alex.
Nov 21 02:33:34 <Glacon> Ragazzo: He holds the door open, eyes fixed on alex.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
Nov 21 02:33:35 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Nov 21 02:33:35 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 21 02:33:44 <Ragazzo> That was melee.
Nov 21 02:34:15 <Artemis> Relax with the rolls.
Nov 21 02:34:38 * Artemis is now known as Laito
Nov 21 02:34:40 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks at Lance's face, and exhales slowly. "Lance, take your hand away…if you still can…"
Nov 21 02:35:09 <Tom90deg> "Myr? If I have to you come over here and seal the door behind me. Don't worry, I'll be back in, just clear me a space."
Nov 21 02:35:29 <Ragazzo> "…."
Nov 21 02:35:33 <Ragazzo> He drops his hand.
Nov 21 02:35:57 <Tom90deg> "Now carefully back away…I promice I'll explain after, but carefully take a few steps back."
Nov 21 02:36:12 <Laito> "What a lovely sky…"
Nov 21 02:36:19 <MisterFlames> Laito, you're lying there, and it's like you stepped into a surrealist painting. Everything is more real all of the time.
Nov 21 02:36:34 <Dexanote> "Let him watch. Lance, don't come in." Myr watches Laito.
Nov 21 02:36:35 <Ragazzo> Eyes never leaving alex, he slowly steps back. "Don't let anything happen to him…"
Nov 21 02:36:45 <Tom90deg> "I won't…"
Nov 21 02:36:48 <MisterFlames> Now, you may roll Mental Defense.
Nov 21 02:36:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe closes the door and locks it up as best she can.
Nov 21 02:36:59 <Laito> oh thanks
Nov 21 02:37:21 <Tom90deg> "Ok, we are now officaly on a time crunch."
Nov 21 02:39:08 <Laito> 4df+8 Preventative measures
Nov 21 02:39:09 <Glacon> Laito: Preventative measures: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 21 02:40:03 <MisterFlames> You *think* you can ride the wave and do things. Maybe. Perhaps. Who can say?
Nov 21 02:40:17 <Ragazzo> Lance is massively concerned, in part, with the return of his lost eye. But there are more pressing matters.
Nov 21 02:40:57 <Ragazzo> He's currently trying to stare through a door, futilely.
Nov 21 02:41:24 <Laito> Alex heaves a great sigh, looking about somewhat coherently now. "I appreciate that," he says to no one in particular.
Nov 21 02:41:37 * Nioki has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
Nov 21 02:41:57 <Dexanote> "You're welcome." Carefully. "Now, do you remember what we were in here to do?
Nov 21 02:42:03 <Laito> "Oh, please, try not to do that, I am very very busy right now…"
Nov 21 02:42:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe glances at Myr. "There's one bottle left, I don't think anyone knows I still have it…never ever drink it unless death is the other option."
Nov 21 02:42:20 <Laito> Alex furrows his brow, as if inconvenienced.
Nov 21 02:42:27 <Tom90deg> "And I don't think he's talking to you Myr…"
Nov 21 02:43:39 <Laito> Alex curls forward again, shutting his eyes tight.
Nov 21 02:43:56 <Laito> 4df+8 Tapping Reality Is What You Make Of It
Nov 21 02:43:56 <Glacon> Laito: Tapping Reality Is What You Make Of It: 9 (4df+8=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 21 02:44:12 <Praetor> 4df+6 Our Black Lady's Icy Fingers
Nov 21 02:44:13 <Glacon> Praetor: Our Black Lady's Icy Fingers: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 21 02:44:52 <Laito> Somewhere, at some point, Alex's imagination lust is pushed aside for the monolithic mental bulwarks deep within his mind that snap into place like huge, shifting, tetris blocks, blocking out some of the chaos that's invaded his mind. "Rain check, really, I've got to uh…. yeah."
Nov 21 02:48:19 <MisterFlames> Okay, then. At the moment, you've got a Magic skill of Two. Do your summoning, and roll 4df+4.
Nov 21 02:48:43 <Laito> Alex's hand swings back up. "Alllllllright, let's uh…. yeah, get. this. thing. doing…" He alternates pointy fingers at the circles with each of those last few words. He shifts onto his knees and places his hand onto the designated spot.
Nov 21 02:49:20 <Laito> 4df+4 !
Nov 21 02:49:21 <Glacon> Laito: !: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
Nov 21 02:49:47 <Dexanote> "Zoe get ready."
Nov 21 02:49:54 <MisterFlames> Okay, Alex, describe what you're doing.
Nov 21 02:50:16 <Tom90deg> "Ready to go."
Nov 21 02:53:34 <Laito> Alex closes his eyes, feeling the pulse of the exorbitant magical energy welled up inside of him. He steadies his breathing, attuning to it, trying to feel it naturally as an extension of himself. With his hand placed in the 'feeding node', an optional Circle accessory designed to feed it magical energy in a direct fashion without spells, he slowly and carefully pours the energy from his body
Nov 21 02:53:34 <Laito> into the node, filling the circle's painstakingly flawless lines with raw power.
Nov 21 02:56:25 <MisterFlames> The circle glows softly with eldritch light, radiating softly.
Nov 21 02:58:35 <Ragazzo> Lance flusters about, anxiously but will not be able for actual actions.
Nov 21 02:59:40 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 21 03:04:49 <Laito> The three circles, designed for summoning, containment, and the hopefully-unneeded banishing circle respectively, are all interconnected by the intricate designs. Alex tries to top off, so to speak, all three of them with equal amounts of power.
Nov 21 03:04:49 <Laito> He hums to himself quietly ans he strategically erases safety marks from the diagram, looks at the page of text open on Midnight's laptop, then touches his three foremost fingers on each hand to to triangular points in the summoner's position - the manual control points for people who (don't know what they are doing) are not spellcasters.
Nov 21 03:04:49 <Laito> With controlled bursts of energy dropping from the tips of his fingers, he commands the circle to find, summon and control and nearby daemonic spirit of magical inclination.
Nov 21 03:05:40 <MisterFlames> "Very nice." A voice says from the center of the cirle.
Nov 21 03:06:09 * Nusquam (||tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 21 03:06:09 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteractionmission Nusquam
Nov 21 03:06:09 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Nusquam
Nov 21 03:06:15 <Laito> Alex blinks his eyes open and smiles. "Thanks, I thought so."
Nov 21 03:06:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe listens carefully
Nov 21 03:07:58 <MisterFlames> There's a small figure in the center of the circle. "I like your lines, they're well chalked and everything. Not bad at all for a first time effort." The figure would be a walking violation of Walt Disney's trademark of Jiminy Cricket, but since the end of the world, no lawyers were there to notice. "So, what's up with you?"
Nov 21 03:08:30 <Dexanote> "… Uh."
Nov 21 03:08:54 <Laito> "I do apologize for bothering you. You see, I am trying to find a good friend of mine what had its physical form taken from her. Can you help me at all?" Alex reminded the others to shush before.
Nov 21 03:09:15 <MisterFlames> "I suppose I could, were it worth my while."
Nov 21 03:09:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe holds out a hand at Myr, trying to gesture for her to be quiet.
Nov 21 03:09:45 <Laito> "I could do my best of course, I see no reason why we can't be civil."
Nov 21 03:10:16 <Laito> Was that a hint of… being able to -not- be civil? Did this summoner know something this spirit did not?
Nov 21 03:10:32 <MisterFlames> "All right, I'm in for the laughs. What's the offer and what's the deal?"
Nov 21 03:10:47 <MisterFlames> 4df+5 Tum-te-tum-te-tum
Nov 21 03:10:47 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Tum-te-tum-te-tum: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 21 03:11:45 <Dexanote> Myr was just suddenly taken aback for a moment from jiminy fucking cricket. Most of the daemons she's familiar with are not quite as friendly.
Nov 21 03:14:22 * E4D has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 21 03:14:22 * Notify: E4D is offline (SCP and Related Channels).
Nov 21 03:14:48 * E4D (ten.knilneddus.nyd.wta.E2905205-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.nyd.wta.E2905205-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 21 03:15:18 <Laito> "What I'd like is a bit of information on a powerful spellcaster who, until previously, occupied the body of a black feline, specifically, her location. At best, I'd like you to give her a message if you can find her, but I wont ask for too much just yet. As for my offer, I don't want to sound pretentious. Would you mind tell me something about yourself?"
Nov 21 03:16:53 <MisterFlames> "I'm known as Foolscap by some. At your service." He bows, dofting his top hat.
Nov 21 03:17:35 <Laito> "A pleasure to meet you, Foolscap, truly. My name is Mister Sideways."
Nov 21 03:17:43 <Laito> "Tom Sideways."
Nov 21 03:19:21 <MisterFlames> Foolscap nods, "All right, Tom, so make me your pitch."
Nov 21 03:26:07 <Laito> "How about a nice joke?"
Nov 21 03:26:39 <MisterFlames> "Better than this? All right, kid, wow me."
Nov 21 03:27:37 <Laito> Alex grins. and clears his throat.
Nov 21 03:31:28 <E4D> Jason throws a piece of popcorn at Alice.
Nov 21 03:32:37 <Maddy> <This is almost boring, if I wern't scared shitless.>
Nov 21 03:32:54 <Dexanote> they're still in their suits
Nov 21 03:33:51 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Nov 21 03:36:50 <E4D> They are indeed.
Nov 21 03:37:39 <E4D> Jason's leaning against the driver's compartment, helmet sitting beside him.
Nov 21 03:38:35 <Maddy> Alice is sat next to him drumming on her knees
Nov 21 03:38:48 <MisterFlames> Pete and Henry are over on the bridge, chatting about inconsequentials.
Nov 21 03:44:50 * PaulS_laptop has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 21 03:48:58 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: goodnight)
Nov 21 03:53:13 <Laito> "A traveler is walking down a long and lonesome road, weary from his long, long journey. The sun was setting, and he was tired and hungry, so he walked into the woods to set up camp in a little copse of trees just off the path.
Nov 21 03:53:14 <Laito> Well, he set his pack down and gathered some firewood, and sometime while he was trying to get the wood to ignite, a full grown bear suddenly stepped out from behind a nearby tree, outta nowhere.Scared shitless, naturally, the traveler jumped up in shock and grabbed his gun, ready to kill the beast in an instant.
Nov 21 03:53:14 <Laito> But the bear just looked at him, dropping a pair of child-sized boots to the ground and asked, "Pardon me, sir, might these fit you?" Baffled beyond belief, the traveler said, "Well… no! No they would not!" The bear looked glum at his response, then blundered into the forest without another word.
Nov 21 03:53:15 <Laito> As the traveler set up his tent, that same bear appeared again, this time asking, "Excuse me sir, would these happen to fit you?" This time dropping a pair of tiny gloves to the ground. Well of course the traveler said that they would, and the bear wandered off. Time and time again, that bear appeared, asking the same question with a hat, a shirt, pants, a coat, all much to small for the man.
Nov 21 03:53:20 <Laito> Finally the traveler had to ask, "Hey! What's with all these clothes?" The bear finally sighed with resignation and said…" Alex leans forward to whisper quietly to Foolscap.
Nov 21 03:55:15 <Laito> 4df+5 Persuasion shift
Nov 21 03:55:16 <Glacon> Laito: Persuasion shift: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 21 03:56:53 <MisterFlames> Foolscap smiles, "Certainly an embarrassment of riches you have there, Tom Foolery." He waves his hand, "So you have my attention, and you've given it a fair try to start. But I'm more interested in the meat of the matter."
Nov 21 03:58:33 <Laito> "By all means."
Nov 21 03:59:13 * Praetor has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 21 04:01:03 <Laito> Alex is only slightly daunted by the daemon's casual response to his legendary joke, but doesn't show it. In fact, he should probably approach this spirit with more caution.
Nov 21 04:01:07 <MisterFlames> "All right, so you're looking for a powerful spellcaster that was in a little cat. Know her name, her clan, her affiliation? Her practice, her purpose, her rites and reasons? I need more information. To quote, "My Name is Legion, for We are Many."
Nov 21 04:02:52 <Laito> "Went by the name of Midnight, though that's probably not helpful. Affiliated with The Library, big L, for awhile there. Skilled in mentalism, positive energy.. familiar-type caster. Big on mind control."
Nov 21 04:03:51 <MisterFlames> "All right, she'd be a powerful one if she had been a familiar and could cast spells. All right, so what's in it for me, Uncle?"
Nov 21 04:04:51 <Laito> "What do you ~want~ Foolscap? What can I do for a witty fellow like yourself?"
Nov 21 04:08:38 <MisterFlames> Foolscap laughs, "You? Nothing, I don't think. You're an amusing little fellow, Doubter, but I don't think you know what you're getting into, or what you're doing. You're approaching this all wrong, you see, like a dilettante rather than a true student. You draw your conclusions so carefully, just like this circle…."
Nov 21 04:09:53 <MisterFlames> Foolscap strolls out of the bindings as if they weren't even there, "But you need more than pretty logic to keep things in place, lad. You need commitment and faith in more than just your wits."
Nov 21 04:11:18 <MisterFlames> "So, now you've got an unbound daemon strolling around, without anyone who can send me back. A right pretty problem, isn't it?"
Nov 21 04:12:28 <Laito> "Oh, yes, I think you are definitely right." Alex pulses at banishment circle to test if it's still a viable option. "I wouldn't call it so much a problem as something I expected from the start. As you said, I'm not a true student. I'm too -careful-." Now just what does that mean, one wonders.
Nov 21 04:12:44 <Laito> Alex smiles agreeable all the same. "So now what?"
Nov 21 04:15:22 <MisterFlames> Alas, there's no more energies flowing in the binding circles. What residual energies there were faded away when Laito leaned into the circle to talk with Foolscap, although honestly there hadn't been enough to contain a soft breeze at that point. "Now? I'm bored… Entertain me." Foolscap's eyes glimmer like stars.
Nov 21 04:18:06 <Laito> "What's the order, captain? Song? Dance? Another legendary joke?"
Nov 21 04:18:22 <Laito> "I gotta million of 'em…"
Nov 21 04:19:53 * Waxx has quit (Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice.)
Nov 21 04:23:12 <MisterFlames> "You were hoping for a daemon of magic and lore, lad. Well, then, feed me lore. Tell me about yourself, this place, these people. Talk, and I'll listen for a time. I'll let you know when my interest flags."
Nov 21 04:25:26 <Laito> Alex studies the daemon closely, without appearing to study him much at all. He tries to catch a read on this Foolscap, his intent from his tone, his motives from his words. Perception maneuver to Persuasion.
Nov 21 04:25:31 <Laito> 4df+4
Nov 21 04:25:31 <Glacon> Laito: : 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
Nov 21 04:27:36 <Laito> "Well, if that's what you want. Kinda," Alex chuckles, "Kinda caught you in a basket of crazy, actually, plenty interesting things around here. We're a smattering of paranormal folks and regular working folks trying to survive out here…" Alex begins to bullshit Foolscap.
Nov 21 04:28:52 <Laito> Telling half-lies and believable meaningless things that sound like the truth without revealing too much of it.
Nov 21 04:30:49 <Laito> Made up stories about himself, his boatmates, who they are and where they come from, what they're doing, all the while keeping it relatively engaging, tossing in questions and side-quips and branch-off stories.
Nov 21 04:32:16 <MisterFlames> 4df Telling
Nov 21 04:32:17 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Telling: 0 (4df=-, 0, +, 0)
Nov 21 04:32:47 <Laito> Persuasion?
Nov 21 04:32:57 <MisterFlames> Sure.
Nov 21 04:33:07 <Laito> 4df+7 Wheee
Nov 21 04:33:07 <Glacon> Laito: Wheee: 10 (4df+7=+, 0, +, +)
Nov 21 04:33:23 <MisterFlames> 4df Eyes.
Nov 21 04:33:23 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Eyes.: 0 (4df=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 21 04:34:33 <MisterFlames> "You are an engaging fellow, my friend, and while I hardly believe a word of it, you've entertained me for a time." Foolscap walks around, then heads out of the engine compartment just looking around.
Nov 21 04:34:57 <Laito> Alex gets up to follow.
Nov 21 04:35:39 <Laito> "Sorry again for… you know… bringing you here. Kind of a last-ditch effort to find our friend, you know."
Nov 21 04:35:58 <Laito> "While I am no master, I -do- realize it's rather bothersome."
Nov 21 04:37:43 <MisterFlames> "All right, the bad news is that I have no idea where your little friend might be. There are nigh-countless daemons out there, as endless as eternity, and all guard our business well. The worse news is that you have my attention." Foolscap smiles. "Because I do get bored at times, and I anticipate this will be a lovely thing to watch from a safe distance."
Nov 21 04:38:46 <Laito> "I do hope I have not incurred your wrath upon our humble boat," Alex says with some casual exaggeration.
Nov 21 04:40:50 <MisterFlames> "I know you still bear the Mark of Mal, for instance, which amuses me greatly. Oh, the fun we'll have… or at least I'll have fun." Foolscap smiles toothily, a very unnice grin. "I'm going to enjoy watching this ship of fools sail to its destination, Alexander. I need not do a thing, your doom already waits."
Nov 21 04:41:37 <MisterFlames> Foolscap doffs his hat to him with sardonic humour. "Enjoy." And softly, silently vanishes away.
Nov 21 04:42:04 <Laito> Alex blinks, looks around…
Nov 21 04:42:07 <Laito> "Well, shit."
Nov 21 04:43:51 <Laito> He walks back into the engine room and smears the circles to disfunction, packs up the computer and books, and goes to Midnight's room. "Goddamnit, Cat."