Taniwha in Tinwald

Jan 13 20:57:14 <Echo> The trucks wait for riders.
Jan 13 20:57:27 <Maddy> Jani calls shotgun agan
Jan 13 20:57:39 <MereObserver> Samson climbs into the driver seat.
Jan 13 20:58:18 <WalrusKing> Ilya climbs in the back.
Jan 13 20:58:49 <Tox> CANA FILLS THE TRUCK'S NEED
Jan 13 21:00:08 <Maddy> Jani tells Samson how to get there, as she waits for Brock and Ace.
Jan 13 21:00:27 <MereObserver> Samson nods along to the driving directions.
Jan 13 21:00:41 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace stroll up. The dog hops on the back, used to the routine by now. Brock hops on. "Sup, guys."
Jan 13 21:01:36 <MereObserver> "This everyone?" Samson starts up the truck.
Jan 13 21:01:43 <WalrusKing> Ilya sits next to the dog. "Hello, my dog! How is it going?"
Jan 13 21:01:48 <Maddy> "I got a flashlight this time."
Jan 13 21:02:27 <MonkeyBomb> Ace wags his tail.
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Jan 13 21:03:10 <MereObserver> "Last call. All aboard that's coming aboard." Samson yells out the window, turning the truck around to head the right way.
Jan 13 21:03:34 <Devereaux> "Wait up."
Jan 13 21:03:49 <Devereaux> Dax hops in
Jan 13 21:04:25 <MereObserver> "Alrighty then, trains leaving the station." Samson pulls away from the compound.
Jan 13 21:04:25 <Echo> woohoo
Jan 13 21:06:20 <Echo> The truck takes the now-familiar 10-minute trek up the hardball road leading to Ashburton, past the Y-intersection, and left down to the overgrown park. They can see the busted truck in their headlights.
Jan 13 21:06:35 <Tox> Cana keeps his eyes peeled for that god damn dog.
Jan 13 21:06:54 <Devereaux> Dax is excited and scared at the same time
Jan 13 21:07:24 <Maddy> Jani hops out with her flashlight and heads to the truck."
Jan 13 21:07:26 <Maddy> ->
Jan 13 21:07:57 <WalrusKing> pause?
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Jan 13 21:23:24 <Maddy> Jani opens the truck door and goes to get the map.
Jan 13 21:23:48 <MereObserver> "Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, thar she blows. Keep your eyes peeled for lizard men."
Jan 13 21:23:58 <Devereaux> Dax examines his surroundings
Jan 13 21:24:48 <Tox> "And dogs. Kill it if you see it."
Jan 13 21:25:07 <WalrusKing> "This blonde one, yes?"
Jan 13 21:25:22 <WalrusKing> "Jani! Do you need help?"
Jan 13 21:25:22 <Tox> "Yeah." Cana's looking around.
Jan 13 21:25:30 <Maddy> "Anyone here know how to fix a truck?"
Jan 13 21:25:53 <Echo> The truck they left behind is in worse shape that it was yesterday, that much you can tell from where you are.
Jan 13 21:26:11 <MonkeyBomb> "That would be a 'negative' from me, sadly."
Jan 13 21:26:25 <Echo> More of the engine's been torn out, and the smell of various engine fluids is prevalent for anyone close to it.
Jan 13 21:26:39 <MereObserver> Samson opens up the driver's side of the truck he drove and stands on the step beneath the door, keeping an eye out on the area around them.
Jan 13 21:26:40 <Echo> Something's ripped the lines, busted reservoirs, the works.
Jan 13 21:26:42 <WalrusKing> Ilya frowns and leaves the truck, heading over to Jani.
Jan 13 21:26:53 <Devereaux> Dax goes to look at the truck
Jan 13 21:27:05 <MonkeyBomb> Brock keeps his eyes peeled as best he can in the dark.
Jan 13 21:27:36 <Tox> "Somethin' doesn't like trucks."
Jan 13 21:27:36 <Maddy> "Nevermind, this is probably unfixable."
Jan 13 21:27:42 <Maddy> Is the map there?
Jan 13 21:28:41 <WalrusKing> Ilya pokes around near Jani, just taking a look around.
Jan 13 21:28:51 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Not expecting to see anything, but might as well roll. Brock's ready to shoot anything that moves in the darkness.
Jan 13 21:28:51 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Not expecting to see anything, but might as well roll. Brock's ready to shoot anything that moves in the darkness.: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
Jan 13 21:29:37 <Echo> The map's there, yes.
Jan 13 21:29:54 <Tox> 4df+3 Perception maneuver, as Cana keeps on alert.
Jan 13 21:29:55 <CROM> Tox: Perception maneuver, as Cana keeps on alert.: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
Jan 13 21:30:09 <MereObserver> 4df+3 Oh Samson wants to see things too
Jan 13 21:30:10 <CROM> MereObserver: Oh Samson wants to see things too: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
Jan 13 21:30:12 <Maddy> She takes it! She flashes her flashlight around to take a gander.
Jan 13 21:30:13 <Echo> Brock's got a big old eyeful of… the park. Creepers, ivy, and grass everywhere.
Jan 13 21:30:16 <Maddy> 4df+3
Jan 13 21:30:17 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
Jan 13 21:30:40 <Tox> That Damn Dog.
Jan 13 21:30:51 <MereObserver> "Hey, should we get the tools and stuff out of it too?"
Jan 13 21:30:58 <Echo> Jani's flashlight crosses over two shiny little spots in the warehouse lot. Not reflectors. These… these are small enough and set apart just far enough to be eyes.
Jan 13 21:31:05 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 eye
Jan 13 21:31:06 <CROM> WalrusKing: eye: 1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 13 21:31:06 <Echo> Low to the ground.
Jan 13 21:31:06 <Devereaux> "I would think so."
Jan 13 21:31:18 <Maddy> "Hmmm."
Jan 13 21:31:24 <Tox> "Sup?"
Jan 13 21:31:45 <WalrusKing> "Problems?"
Jan 13 21:31:53 <Maddy> [Taniwha. We don't want to encroach on yoru territorry, just coming to get our map and head over the rivers.] She says in Maori.
Jan 13 21:32:11 <Tox> "What're you sayin'?"
Jan 13 21:32:11 <MonkeyBomb> "…..?"
Jan 13 21:32:31 <MereObserver> Samson just looks where she's looking.
Jan 13 21:32:35 <Maddy> "Shh."
Jan 13 21:32:42 <WalrusKing> Ilya scratches his head, looks around.
Jan 13 21:32:58 <Devereaux> Dax crouches
Jan 13 21:33:39 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4 [Surv. Wilderness] Ace sniffs the air.
Jan 13 21:33:39 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: [Surv. Wilderness] Ace sniffs the air.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
Jan 13 21:33:46 <Echo> Is she still shining her flashlight on the eyes?
Jan 13 21:34:02 <Maddy> No, shes put it on the ground infront of where she saw it
Jan 13 21:34:50 <Echo> Ace's got the scent of another dog in his nose, and trots off toward the warehouse lot, toward where Jani is talking at.
Jan 13 21:35:19 <MonkeyBomb> "Ace. Get back here," Brock hisses.
Jan 13 21:35:33 <MereObserver> "Ah shit…" Samson whispers.
Jan 13 21:36:13 <Devereaux> "Damnit"
Jan 13 21:36:50 <Echo> He stops and returns to Brock, looking back in the direction of the eyes, whimpering for a moment, then sits at Brock's feet.
Jan 13 21:37:12 <Tox> Cana pull his pistol, narrowing his eyes in the direction of the dog's travel, looking at the lot.
Jan 13 21:37:34 <Echo> A few seconds later, a border collie trots out onto the paved road leading to the park.
Jan 13 21:37:42 <Maddy> "Don't shoot it."
Jan 13 21:37:49 <Echo> It sits in the middle, staring at Cana.
Jan 13 21:37:50 <MereObserver> "Okay…lets calm down. Don't look it in the eyes. Let's just get what we need an move on." Samson nods.
Jan 13 21:37:59 <Devereaux> "Ok"
Jan 13 21:38:42 <Maddy> "Tena koa." Jani nods to the dog. "We're getting out of your territory now." she moves slowly back to the working truck.
Jan 13 21:38:44 <Tox> "…I want to know what it wants."
Jan 13 21:38:58 <Maddy> "Maybe just for us to leave, so lets."
Jan 13 21:39:08 <WalrusKing> Ilya stands between Jani and the dog, gripping his staff but not looking too spooked. "I have you if it attacks."
Jan 13 21:39:11 <Devereaux> "I'm curious about it too."
Jan 13 21:39:16 <Tox> "If it wanted us to leave, why would it trash our truck?"
Jan 13 21:39:26 <Devereaux> "Ya"
Jan 13 21:39:30 <MereObserver> "A dog is territorial. That's all there is to it."
Jan 13 21:39:38 <Tox> "Can you understand me?" Cana calls to the 'dog.'
Jan 13 21:39:44 <Maddy> "Let's just go guys."
Jan 13 21:39:48 <Echo> It takes a few steps closer to the assembled group, then sits back down on its haunches.
Jan 13 21:39:49 <Maddy> Jani gets in the truck.
Jan 13 21:40:13 <Devereaux> "What do you want?" Dax calls to the dog
Jan 13 21:40:22 <MereObserver> Samson climbs back into the truck. "Unless one of you guys are about to give that dog a damn treat, get back in the truck or I'm leaving you here."
Jan 13 21:40:23 <Tox> "See, that's an intelligent action," Cana says. He mirrors the action. A few steps forward, and stopping.
Jan 13 21:40:23 <Maddy> "Get. In. The truck."
Jan 13 21:40:35 <WalrusKing> Ilya gets into the back of the truck, tries to be in a position he can get out of quickly.
Jan 13 21:40:47 <Echo> The dog stands when Cana approaches it, growling. The fur on its back bristles.
Jan 13 21:40:52 <Devereaux> Dax follows Cana
Jan 13 21:40:54 <MonkeyBomb> Brock hops on, Ace following. "Let's go, guys.
Jan 13 21:40:55 <MonkeyBomb> "
Jan 13 21:41:14 <Tox> "Also an intelligent action," Cana notes, backing off.
Jan 13 21:41:18 <MereObserver> Samson sighs. "Are you fucking kidding me."
Jan 13 21:41:34 <Maddy> [Sorry about the visitors, they don't understand.] she sighs. "Haere ra, Taniwha."
Jan 13 21:41:48 <Tox> He backs off, back to the truck.
Jan 13 21:42:03 <Devereaux> Dax goes back to the truck
Jan 13 21:42:29 <MereObserver> "Alright." Samson starts driving off. "New rule. Don't piss off things we know are dangerous."
Jan 13 21:42:59 <Echo> As Cana retreats, the dog settles down a bit, walking toward the truck and around the front to sit in the wash of the headlights.
Jan 13 21:43:08 <WalrusKing> "Approaching a wild dog is foolish thing. I would recommend against this course of action in the future."
Jan 13 21:43:38 <MereObserver> Samson stops the truck as the dog moves around to the front. "Oh you gotta be kidding…"
Jan 13 21:43:45 <Tox> "This isn't a wild dog. It's intelligent. And it wants something."
Jan 13 21:43:54 <MonkeyBomb> "Like dinner."
Jan 13 21:44:01 <Devereaux> "I agree with Cana"
Jan 13 21:44:07 <Maddy> Jani looks at the map, trying to suss out the way to Tinwald. "I told it what we're doing, if it objected, it would have made it known."
Jan 13 21:44:18 <Maddy> "Let's just get out of what it's staked as home."
Jan 13 21:44:20 <Echo> It's not really doing much of anything now, just staring at the driver, blocking him from moving forward.
Jan 13 21:44:28 <Tox> "You don't think sitting down in our headlights is making it known?"
Jan 13 21:44:30 <Echo> He could back *up*.
Jan 13 21:45:16 <MereObserver> Samson looks at Jani. "Alright Jani, you know this thing. What should I do?"
Jan 13 21:45:30 <MereObserver> "I can go backward, or we can see what it wants."
Jan 13 21:45:55 <Devereaux> 4df+4 [persuasion] Please move
Jan 13 21:45:56 <CROM> Devereaux: [persuasion] Please move: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Jan 13 21:46:20 <Maddy> "Just back up, cuz, get back to the road, then we head east a bit, then north."
Jan 13 21:46:41 <WalrusKing> "This is better course of action."
Jan 13 21:47:05 <MereObserver> Samson nods, shifting the truck into reverse. "You guys back there make sure I don't run over anything."
Jan 13 21:47:19 <WalrusKing> Ilya looks out the back of the truck.
Jan 13 21:47:20 <Maddy> "Beach road will take us all the way to East Street, which crosses the bridge."
Jan 13 21:47:29 <Tox> Cana watches the dog.
Jan 13 21:47:43 <WalrusKing> Is there anything in the way behind them?
Jan 13 21:47:50 <MereObserver> Samson nods to the direction as he backs up.
Jan 13 21:48:27 <Maddy> "He just doesnt ant us at the river here."
Jan 13 21:48:30 <Echo> Ilya, there's not much behind them but the road they took into the park.
Jan 13 21:48:33 <Echo> He's clear.
Jan 13 21:48:39 <WalrusKing> "Looks clear, my friend."
Jan 13 21:49:02 <MereObserver> Samson makes a three point turn and goes off into the other direction.
Jan 13 21:49:14 <Maddy> "First left."
Jan 13 21:49:51 <Maddy> "Hopefully there's not a whole nest of them all over the river, or this place is really right out. Could be they're just near the park though."
Jan 13 21:50:28 <MereObserver> Samson takes a left. "A whole nest of border collies." He chuckles.
Jan 13 21:50:37 <Maddy> "No, Taniwha."
Jan 13 21:51:14 <Echo> The left Jani directed carries them into the town of Ashburton.
Jan 13 21:51:18 <Maddy> Oh
Jan 13 21:51:22 <Maddy> uh
Jan 13 21:51:25 <Echo> Nope
Jan 13 21:51:29 <Echo> That's the right way.
Jan 13 21:51:37 <Echo> Only way TO Tinwald from here.
Jan 13 21:52:05 <MereObserver> Samson drives along in ignorant bliss cause, in all reality, he don't know where the hell he's going.
Jan 13 21:52:35 <Echo> REDACT THAT
Jan 13 21:52:40 <Echo> Jani, continue!
Jan 13 21:52:54 * lurkd (moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.ac.dsvr.pchd.FBA0092F-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 13 21:53:00 <Maddy> "Turn right on Leeston."
Jan 13 21:53:26 <Maddy> *left
Jan 13 21:53:48 <MereObserver> Samson keeps an eye out for Leeston, turning when appropriate. "Tijuana. Is that the lizard men?"
Jan 13 21:53:51 <MereObserver> *left
Jan 13 21:54:05 <Maddy> "Then immediately right on Suffolk, left on willow, right on South."
Jan 13 21:54:11 <Maddy> "Taniwha, and yes."
Jan 13 21:54:35 <Maddy> "And /that/ will get us to the bridge."
Jan 13 21:54:53 <Maddy> "Just noticed, the first guys out here found a barricade on Beach."
Jan 13 21:55:30 <MereObserver> Samson does this zigzag as appropriate. "You guys here that, you almost pissed off the dinosaur man."
Jan 13 21:55:42 <MereObserver> "Oh yeah the barricade, I remember that."
Jan 13 21:55:56 <Tox> Cana keeps his eyes out~
Jan 13 21:56:05 <MonkeyBomb> "Barney's always terrified me." In response to Samson's comment.
Jan 13 21:56:11 <Maddy> "Finally, left on the highway."
Jan 13 21:56:34 <Maddy> "Don't go to fast, I'd hate for us to find the bridge out a little to late to break."
Jan 13 21:57:19 <MereObserver> Samson slows hella down, turning left. "Jesus loves me this I know~" Samson sings this as he starts over the bridge.
Jan 13 21:57:47 <Echo> Perception, Samson.
Jan 13 21:57:47 <Echo> Annnnnd Jani.
Jan 13 21:58:13 <MereObserver> 4df+3 Samson Sees Sights
Jan 13 21:58:13 <CROM> MereObserver: Samson Sees Sights: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
Jan 13 21:58:26 <WalrusKing> Ilya begins to whistle to himself.
Jan 13 21:59:26 <Maddy> 4df+3
Jan 13 21:59:27 <CROM> Maddy: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Jan 13 21:59:41 <MonkeyBomb> Brock chills in the back. "At least we didn't get eaten." He pets Ace. "So far, at least."
Jan 13 22:00:30 <Devereaux> "Ya…heh."
Jan 13 22:01:21 <Echo> Jeez, Jani. She must be too busy dealing with the map. Samson, however, spots reflectors and the reflective text on what looks to be a cop car off the side of the highway as they pass over the bridge and into Tinwald. Down to the left, on Carters Terrace,
Jan 13 22:02:12 <MereObserver> "Woah woah woah, I spy with my little eyes something I used to drive." Samson slows his roll.
Jan 13 22:02:22 <Echo> There are more than a few vehicles left over in the streets. A few sedans line the road here, an SUV or two. These are fairly nice homes by all appearances.
Jan 13 22:02:59 <Echo> A few of them, like the man in Ashburton indicated, are gutted out and scrapped, but there are plenty enough left standing.
Jan 13 22:03:12 <WalrusKing> "Are we here?"
Jan 13 22:03:17 * Roget is now known as rogetashower
Jan 13 22:03:23 <Maddy> "This isnt so bad…"
Jan 13 22:03:35 <Echo> They are, in fact, in Tinwald.
Jan 13 22:03:48 <Tox> Cana looks around. "Not terrible, no."
Jan 13 22:03:52 <MereObserver> Samson points at the police car. "I have every intention of scavenging that out before we leave."
Jan 13 22:03:55 <Maddy> "Course I never told the Ashburtons how many we were. They don't know this could work for us."
Jan 13 22:04:32 <Maddy> "I wanna stop by the river though, that's the selling point here."
Jan 13 22:05:04 <Maddy> "If we can't use it for water, or for Renee, this wont do."
Jan 13 22:05:10 <WalrusKing> "Let us do so."
Jan 13 22:06:10 <Echo> Doesn't look like there's any real easy way down to the rover from the town. It's separated to the east from the hoses by open lots and some rather thick forested area.
Jan 13 22:06:30 <Echo> "It's easily several hundred meters from the closest house.
Jan 13 22:06:53 <Maddy> She marks off the houses the seem to be intact, and tries to find a way to get to the river.
Jan 13 22:07:22 <Maddy> "You guys wanna check out the houses? I'll stay in the truck and try to figure out ho to get to the river."
Jan 13 22:07:34 <Devereaux> "Heck yes"
Jan 13 22:07:41 <MereObserver> Samson nods. "I call the cop car."
Jan 13 22:07:49 <Echo> Looks like it's gonna be a little bit of a walk, Jani.
Jan 13 22:08:17 <MereObserver> Samson jumps out of the truck, going directly for the trunk of the law enforcement vehicle.
Jan 13 22:08:17 <WalrusKing> "Who feels unsafe?"
Jan 13 22:08:47 <Devereaux> "Anyone want to come to the houses with me?"
Jan 13 22:09:02 <WalrusKing> "Would anyone like the helping?"
Jan 13 22:09:39 <Maddy> "Hmmm."
Jan 13 22:09:53 <Maddy> "If no one else needs you, wanna come to the river with me?"
Jan 13 22:10:01 <Echo> Samson… it'
Jan 13 22:10:03 <Echo> s locked.
Jan 13 22:10:07 <Echo> Surprise surprise.
Jan 13 22:10:11 <Tox> "I'll go with whoever."
Jan 13 22:10:19 <Devereaux> "Cool"
Jan 13 22:10:20 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace hop down.
Jan 13 22:10:27 <Devereaux> Dax gets out
Jan 13 22:10:30 <WalrusKing> "I will go to river with you."
Jan 13 22:10:51 <MereObserver> "Well, at least that means the stuffs probably still in there." Samson goes around to the drivers side to see if the door's open.
Jan 13 22:10:58 <Maddy> "You guys get the houses. Ilya and I will check the river then." Jani hops out. "It's a bit of a walk."
Jan 13 22:10:58 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 [Perc.] Brock looks around. "Quaint," he comments on the neighborhood.
Jan 13 22:10:59 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: [Perc.] Brock looks around. "Quaint," he comments on the neighborhood.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
Jan 13 22:11:22 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4 [Surv. Wilderness] Ace is somewhere new! Better pee on everything.
Jan 13 22:11:23 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: [Surv. Wilderness] Ace is somewhere new! Better pee on everything.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
Jan 13 22:11:29 <Devereaux> Dax starts walking to the houses
Jan 13 22:11:46 <Tox> "Alright." Cana heads over to the houses with the group.
Jan 13 22:12:04 <Echo> It's not. Inside the car, though, is the figure of a dead cop, leaned over the wheel. Now that he looks closer, there's a bullethole in the driver's side window. Spiderweb cracks reach out from where the hole is.
Jan 13 22:12:13 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks with Jani. He keeps a scan going on the surroundings.
Jan 13 22:12:35 <Maddy> WalrusKing, head to #Downbytheriver
Jan 13 22:13:17 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace go with Jani and the others.
Jan 13 22:13:42 <MereObserver> "….jesus." Samson puts a hand over his mouth and shakes his head. "You poor bastard." Samson grabs him from under the arms and tries to lift him from the vehicle.
Jan 13 22:14:58 <Devereaux> Dax continues towards the houses
Jan 13 22:15:52 <MereObserver> *redact
Jan 13 22:15:55 <Echo> Apparent as he leans in is that the occupant was a female. She's easy enough to lift, having mostly, well, rotted away. Not much left but the uniform and bones.
Jan 13 22:17:31 <MereObserver> Samson lays her on the ground, then sits in the seat to find a 'trunk open' button.
Jan 13 22:17:44 <Echo> Latch, down in the floorboard.
Jan 13 22:18:00 <MereObserver> Samson pops it.
Jan 13 22:18:02 <Tox> "Christ." Cana heads back to the trunk, waiting for Samson to pop it.
Jan 13 22:18:09 <Tox> AND HE LOOKS IN
Jan 13 22:18:19 <Devereaux> Dax stops to wait for the two of them
Jan 13 22:18:43 <MereObserver> Samson goes back around to the back. "Damnit Cana, I called it." He chuckles.
Jan 13 22:19:02 <Tox> "Snooze, you lose," Cana grins.
Jan 13 22:19:13 <Echo> There's a shotgun in there.
Jan 13 22:19:30 <Echo> And a box of shells.
Jan 13 22:19:40 <Tox> "That's a good thing."
Jan 13 22:20:05 <Devereaux> "Come on you guys, we have houses to search"
Jan 13 22:20:21 <MereObserver> "Hold your horses, we got a shotty here."
Jan 13 22:20:33 <Tox> "Yours if you want it."
Jan 13 22:20:43 <Devereaux> "Dax goes over to look"
Jan 13 22:20:53 <Devereaux> "Mine?"
Jan 13 22:21:17 <MereObserver> Samson shrugs, picking it up. "I already got one, either of y'all can have it if ya want it."
Jan 13 22:21:19 <Devereaux> *redact the quotes on looking
Jan 13 22:22:00 <Devereaux> "You want it Cana?"
Jan 13 22:22:19 <Tox> "Sure, I'll hang onto it for now."
Jan 13 22:22:36 <Tox> Cana takes the shotgun, checking the tube, then takes the box of shells.
Jan 13 22:22:43 <MereObserver> "Worse comes t'worse, someone at camp can use it."
Jan 13 22:22:59 <MereObserver> "Alright, /now/ we can check the houses."
Jan 13 22:23:22 <Devereaux> Dax starts quickly walking towards the houses
Jan 13 22:24:06 <Tox> After checking, and reloading if necessary, Cana follows.
Jan 13 22:24:22 <MereObserver> "Damn he's eager." Samson follows at the rear.
Jan 13 22:24:49 <Echo> The one just down on the corner's the closest. Big single-story, with a couple wings.
Jan 13 22:25:08 <Devereaux> "wanna go into this one?"
Jan 13 22:25:10 <Echo> SUV parked out front. Big white Range Rover.
Jan 13 22:25:47 <Tox> "We should check the car, too. See if it runs."
Jan 13 22:26:05 <Devereaux> "Okay"
Jan 13 22:26:24 <Devereaux> Dax pulls on the car door
Jan 13 22:26:24 <MereObserver> "Yeah, we'll do a full sweep of the house, then come back out to the house. If that thing still works, the battery would need to work, and if the battery works, so would an alarm."
Jan 13 22:26:46 <MereObserver> "Or we can do that first."
Jan 13 22:28:01 <Tox> "Samson's got a good idea."
Jan 13 22:30:47 <Echo> The door's locked on the SUV.
Jan 13 22:31:00 <Echo> But nothing out of the ordinary really happens.
Jan 13 22:31:01 <Devereaux> "Should I pick it?"
Jan 13 22:31:44 <Tox> "Later. Let's deal with the house first — like Samson said, if the car's alarmed, it'll wake up the house."
Jan 13 22:32:15 <Devereaux> "Okay, but how do you propose we enter the house?"
Jan 13 22:32:15 <MereObserver> Samson nods toward the door. "Let's go."
Jan 13 22:32:52 <MereObserver> "If it's locked, we pick it, if it's not, we use the door. Don't make it complicated."
Jan 13 22:33:18 <Devereaux> "Sounds good."
Jan 13 22:33:20 <Tox> Cana indicates Samson with his head, then follows, pistol out, shotgun tucked under the opposite arm.
Jan 13 22:34:46 <MereObserver> Samson stands on on side of the door and twist the knob/handle/thing.
Jan 13 22:36:54 <Echo> 1d2
Jan 13 22:36:54 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d2=1)
Jan 13 22:36:56 * rogetashower is now known as Roget
Jan 13 22:37:14 <Echo> Fate smiles upon Samson, Cana, and Dax. There's an easy way into this one. It's unlocked!
Jan 13 22:37:43 <MereObserver> Samson nods. "Don't make it complicated." He opens the door and starts inside.
Jan 13 22:38:24 <Devereaux> Dax walks inside behind Samson
Jan 13 22:38:48 <Tox> Cana brings up the rear.
Jan 13 22:39:12 <MereObserver> Samson walks slowly through the house, shotgun up.
Jan 13 22:41:35 <Devereaux> "Sooo…."
Jan 13 22:41:59 <MereObserver> "I guess it's clear, look around, find anything useful: keep it to bring back."
Jan 13 22:42:10 <Tox> "We stick together, go through the house."
Jan 13 22:42:12 <MereObserver> "And if you see anything weird, call it out."
Jan 13 22:42:52 <Devereaux> "okay."
Jan 13 22:43:04 <Echo> It's dark in there. WAY dark.
Jan 13 22:43:24 <MereObserver> "…man I wish we had that flashlight."
Jan 13 22:43:31 <Devereaux> Dax pulls out his flashlight
Jan 13 22:43:33 <Echo> The ambient light from outside doesn't stretch much more than a few feet past the doorway.
Jan 13 22:43:35 <Devereaux> "I have one."
Jan 13 22:43:53 <MereObserver> "Oh. Well that's convenient."
Jan 13 22:44:26 <Devereaux> Dax turns it on and shines it around
Jan 13 22:44:49 <Maddy> They shan't be eaten by a grue.
Jan 13 22:45:44 <MereObserver> Samson looks around the house.
Jan 13 22:46:41 * lurkd has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Jan 13 22:47:36 <Echo> Dax is greeted by some linoleum on the entryway, past that is a carpeted living room, fairly lavishly furnished.
Jan 13 22:47:54 <Devereaux> Dax slowly approaches the living room
Jan 13 22:48:29 <Devereaux> He uses the flashlight to look around
Jan 13 22:48:30 <Echo> Looks like maybe a kitchen and dining room off to the left. The flashlight pans over a 50-inch plasma screen on the walk, the focal piece of an entertainment center beside and below it.
Jan 13 22:48:47 <Echo> There's a hallway past the living room, stretching down a ways, a few doors on each side.
Jan 13 22:49:03 <Devereaux> "Nice TV."
Jan 13 22:49:15 <MereObserver> "This guy's proud of his stuff."
Jan 13 22:49:27 <Tox> "Yeah. Means he probably has some other toys, too."
Jan 13 22:49:46 <Devereaux> Dax walks into the hallway
Jan 13 22:50:25 <MereObserver> Samson follows cause they're sticking together
Jan 13 22:50:26 <Tox> Cana tails the group, looking ahead and back. "Poke through the doors?"
Jan 13 22:51:03 <Devereaux> "Eh, sure."
Jan 13 22:51:04 <MereObserver> "Yerp."
Jan 13 22:51:25 <Devereaux> Dax opens the first door, and shines the flashlight in
Jan 13 22:51:55 <Echo> A bathroom! A big one, walk-in shower, lot of floorspace.
Jan 13 22:52:39 <Tox> Cana looks through, appraising. "Grab the toilet paper."
Jan 13 22:52:52 <MereObserver> "Oh jesus yes."
Jan 13 22:52:58 <Devereaux> Dax puts the toilet paper in his backpack
Jan 13 22:53:11 <MereObserver> Samson turns the faucet, hopeful.
Jan 13 22:53:31 <Echo> Nothing.
Jan 13 22:54:01 <Echo> The sink, though, is part of a countertop that runs from the door all the way to the back wall, several meters long.
Jan 13 22:54:15 <Echo> A mirror just as large runs atop it, covering the wall on that side.
Jan 13 22:54:17 <Tox> "Not a surprise," Cana remarks. Is there a medicine cabinet, or other open-able things in the room?
Jan 13 22:54:33 <Echo> Cabinet doors cover the outer face of the counter.
Jan 13 22:54:46 <Devereaux> Dax opens the cabinet
Jan 13 22:55:13 <Echo> The one he opens is completely filled with more rolls of toilet paper, and a few rolls of paper towels.
Jan 13 22:55:27 <Devereaux> "Wow"
Jan 13 22:55:38 <MereObserver> Samson pokes his head out the door, checking around.
Jan 13 22:55:57 <Tox> "Grab it, check the others."
Jan 13 22:56:15 <Devereaux> "I can't fit all of this in my pack."
Jan 13 22:56:48 <MereObserver> Samson goes over and starts shoving some in his bag. "I got it."
Jan 13 22:57:02 <Devereaux> "Thanks"
Jan 13 22:57:03 <Tox> "Take what you can, we can pull the truck up here and offload what we can't carry."
Jan 13 22:57:27 <Devereaux> "I'll get some" he puts a few rolls in his pack
Jan 13 22:57:55 <MereObserver> Samson nods.
Jan 13 22:58:05 <Devereaux> Dax moves on and opens the next door
Jan 13 22:58:26 <MereObserver> Samson follows.
Jan 13 22:58:58 <Tox> Cana as well.
Jan 13 23:00:20 <Echo> This one's a laundry room. Washer-dryer combo, a few empty clothes hangers on a rack.
Jan 13 23:00:48 <Devereaux> Dax open a third door and looks in
Jan 13 23:03:35 <Echo> Utility closet. Water heater, some cleaning supplies.
Jan 13 23:03:57 <MereObserver> Samson grabs the cleaning supplies, thinking he remembered someone wanting those.
Jan 13 23:04:00 <Echo> Mop, broom, some household chemicals and cleaning agents in jugs down on the floor.
Jan 13 23:04:24 <Devereaux> Dax opens a fourth door
Jan 13 23:04:37 <MereObserver> Samson grabs the chemicals and cleaners specifically.
Jan 13 23:04:38 <Maddy> Jani gets back to the truck.
Jan 13 23:05:03 <Echo> A short distance away is a house with an open door.
Jan 13 23:05:24 <MonkeyBomb> After making a fool of himself, Brock arrives at the truck as well. So does Ace, of course.
Jan 13 23:05:37 <Maddy> "Looks like they're in there."
Jan 13 23:05:45 <WalrusKing> Ilya also gets back to the truck, whistling thoughtfully if such a thing can be done.
Jan 13 23:06:05 <WalrusKing> "Yes. Shall we go and assist?"
Jan 13 23:06:07 <Echo> The last door is at the end of the hallway, and opens up to a gigantic bedroom. A massive waterbed sits in the middle, a nigh stand and walk-in closet on either side.
Jan 13 23:06:22 <Echo> Another 50-inch TV is mounted on the wall across from the bed.
Jan 13 23:06:24 <Tox> Cana crosses over to check the nightstand.
Jan 13 23:06:27 <Maddy> "Seems a good idea." Jani heads over. "By the way, what's a leshy?"
Jan 13 23:06:51 <Devereaux> Dax goes to the closet
Jan 13 23:06:51 <MereObserver> Samson goes into the walk in closet.
Jan 13 23:06:56 <Echo> The one closest to him has a bottle of sleeping pills.
Jan 13 23:07:18 <Echo> Couple of books. Take your pick as to what they are.
Jan 13 23:07:39 <MonkeyBomb> "I'll watch the truck. And Jani, if you see any lizards, ask 'em nicely to not destroy this one."
Jan 13 23:07:39 <Devereaux> "I'll get those books."
Jan 13 23:07:47 <Devereaux> Dax takes the books
Jan 13 23:07:51 <Maddy> "Can do."
Jan 13 23:07:51 <Echo> The closets contain some rather nice clothing, another his and hers, it appears.
Jan 13 23:08:15 <Devereaux> Dax checks the other nightstand
Jan 13 23:08:15 <Echo> Mostly suits of various stripes in each one.
Jan 13 23:08:18 <MereObserver> Samson checks behind all the clothes for anything hidden
Jan 13 23:08:20 <WalrusKing> "Eh, is a sort of protector of forest. Can be good or bad, depending on relations with people around. Is not good idea to anger him, but he can be very good friend if has good relations. Very dangerous if he is not your friend. Very."
Jan 13 23:08:22 <Maddy> She knocks on the door as she enters. "Hello hello?"
Jan 13 23:08:43 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace guard the truck from reptilian vandals.
Jan 13 23:08:46 <Maddy> "Interesting. Like a taniwha, but in trees."
Jan 13 23:08:50 <Echo> Dax's night stand has… a pair of Danielle Steel
Jan 13 23:08:50 <WalrusKing> Ilya is right behind here. "Hello!"
Jan 13 23:08:54 <Echo> "novels."
Jan 13 23:09:41 <Devereaux> "Eh, why not?"
Jan 13 23:09:49 <Devereaux> He takes those too
Jan 13 23:10:01 <MereObserver> Samson walks from the closet.
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BEGIN LOGGING AT Mon Jan 13 23:10:08 2014

Jan 13 23:11:18 <Tox> Cana grabs the sleeping pills.
Jan 13 23:11:20 <Echo> Dax's womanlike choice in novels has earned him the temp aspect "Lily-Livered." At any time, a GM can compel a -1 to a single physical defense roll Dax makes.
Jan 13 23:12:21 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks around with Jani, given that he doesn't actually have a light of his own.
Jan 13 23:13:04 <MereObserver> Samson looks under the bed.
Jan 13 23:13:18 <Devereaux> Dax steps out of the bedroom and looks into the end of hall
Jan 13 23:13:59 <Maddy> "Looks like they cleaned out here, but it's got walls, and it's further inland."
Jan 13 23:14:06 <Echo> He's standing in it. He can't get much more end of the hall than this.
Jan 13 23:14:24 <MereObserver> Does Samson see anything under the bed?
Jan 13 23:14:51 <WalrusKing> "Mmm. I will agree with you on this, it almost certainly has walls."
Jan 13 23:14:53 <MonkeyBomb> Brock, who is sitting on the hood of the truck, glances at Ace. "Can't be too careful, bud…." Ace is sniffing around the truck and nearby deemed-worthy-of-urinating-on objects.
Jan 13 23:15:18 <Echo> Samson does not! Waterbed!
Jan 13 23:15:34 <Devereaux> Dax goes to the kitchen
Jan 13 23:16:07 <Echo> It's just as well-appointed as the rest of the house, all white and chrome.
Jan 13 23:16:23 <Maddy> Jani meets Dax in the kitchen. "Kia ora."
Jan 13 23:16:23 <MereObserver> samson looks around more
Jan 13 23:16:35 <Echo> Refrigerator's absolutely gigantic.
Jan 13 23:16:35 <WalrusKing> Ilya is there also. "Hello!"
Jan 13 23:16:36 <Devereaux> "What?"
Jan 13 23:16:45 <Devereaux> Dax searches the fridge
Jan 13 23:16:53 <Devereaux> "Oh, Hi"
Jan 13 23:17:22 <Maddy> "Oh god don't open that."
Jan 13 23:17:29 <Echo> It smells… *pretty* clean in here… but several of the plastic containers inside look like they hold something incredibly foul inside.
Jan 13 23:17:44 <Devereaux> Anything edible?
Jan 13 23:18:04 <Tox> "…Yeah, don't open those," Cana says, walking into the kitchen. If there's a pantry, Cana indicates it and walks over.
Jan 13 23:18:25 <Echo> There's a couple 12-packs of beer in the bottom shelf of the fridge, and some lemon-lime soda, bottled water… and a jug of milk that looks like it's mostly solid.
Jan 13 23:19:05 <Devereaux> Dax gets a twelve pack, the water, and the soda
Jan 13 23:19:22 <Devereaux> "Anyone wanna get the other twelve pack?"
Jan 13 23:19:36 <Maddy> "Do we really need beer?"
Jan 13 23:19:39 <MonkeyBomb> Ace has long since emptied his doggy bladder, but still he insists of hiking his leg on everything. One bush at a time, he marks the perimeter of the Kingdom of Ace. Hint: He's the king.
Jan 13 23:19:45 <Echo> Cana'a greeted by several boxes of rice and ramen. Despite means, it appears that being able to pour some hot water in something and eat it in five minutes is desirable to just about everyone.
Jan 13 23:20:06 <Devereaux> "It's a drink."
Jan 13 23:20:18 <WalrusKing> Ilya picks up the second twelve pack.
Jan 13 23:20:28 <Devereaux> Dax opens the cupboards/cabinets if there are any
Jan 13 23:20:30 <Tox> Cana chuckles. "Got rice and ramen here."
Jan 13 23:20:40 <Devereaux> "Tasty"
Jan 13 23:20:48 <Tox> Cana empties it out into the main kitchen, followed by everydamnthing else in the pantry.
Jan 13 23:21:29 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
Jan 13 23:21:38 <Devereaux> Anything in the cupboards?
Jan 13 23:22:47 <Maddy> Jani rolls her eyes. "Lets head out guys, we can come back. It's getting really late."
Jan 13 23:24:02 <WalrusKing> "This is probably good idea. There is only so much to fit in one truck also."
Jan 13 23:24:19 <Maddy> "And if people are down with it, we can just move here.
Jan 13 23:24:36 <Devereaux> "Ya, sounds good."
Jan 13 23:25:09 <Maddy> "One big hang up, theseguys already know."
Jan 13 23:25:24 <Echo> Lots of cups.
Jan 13 23:25:28 <Echo> Plates.
Jan 13 23:25:31 <Echo> Pots.
Jan 13 23:25:34 <Echo> Pans.
Jan 13 23:25:39 <Maddy> "River's off limits to us humans."
Jan 13 23:25:39 <Tox> "Hangup?"
Jan 13 23:26:01 <Devereaux> "We need any pans?""
Jan 13 23:26:02 <Tox> "Huh. How do we know that?"
Jan 13 23:26:10 <MereObserver> "What?" Samson's till conscious!
Jan 13 23:26:42 <Maddy> "The Taniwha told me. They like the river human free and will keep in that way."
Jan 13 23:26:52 <Maddy> "And no, we dont need pans."
Jan 13 23:27:03 <Tox> "Is that a huge deal?"
Jan 13 23:27:16 <Devereaux> Dax grabs a cup and a plate anyway
Jan 13 23:27:23 <MereObserver> "Well Renee needs water."
Jan 13 23:27:38 <Devereaux> Dax walks back to the truck
Jan 13 23:27:43 <WalrusKing> "She is exception to rule, which may prove very important."
Jan 13 23:27:47 <Maddy> "Renee's not human. She's allowed" Jani also heads to the truck.
Jan 13 23:28:04 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is there. Ace bounds up to the newcomers.
Jan 13 23:28:19 <MonkeyBomb> He seems to be welcoming you into his tiny kingdom.
Jan 13 23:28:29 <Maddy> "Maybe there's some kinda cryptid solidarity."
Jan 13 23:28:40 <Devereaux> Dax pets Ace
Jan 13 23:28:50 <MonkeyBomb> *wagwagwag*
Jan 13 23:29:09 <MereObserver> "A paranatural peace treaty."
Jan 13 23:29:37 <Maddy> Jani gets in her seat.
Jan 13 23:29:37 <WalrusKing> "We can discuss this back at camp. Shall we get moving, my friends?"
Jan 13 23:29:43 <WalrusKing> Ilya gets in the back.
Jan 13 23:29:52 <Devereaux> "Yep."
Jan 13 23:30:11 <Tox> Cana boards with his bounty of medication and meals.
Jan 13 23:30:16 <Tox> And the shotgun.
Jan 13 23:30:26 <MonkeyBomb> Brock slides of the hood. "Find anything useful in there?" He climbs onto the bed. Ace leaps up after him.
Jan 13 23:30:33 <MereObserver> Samson piles into the driver seat.
Jan 13 23:30:53 <MereObserver> "Toilet paper."
Jan 13 23:30:57 <Maddy> "Beer, apparently." she rolls her eyes.
Jan 13 23:30:57 <Devereaux> "I got water, beer, soda, paper towels, and toilet paper."
Jan 13 23:31:09 <MonkeyBomb> "Oh good."
Jan 13 23:31:12 <MereObserver> Samson starts up the truck.
Jan 13 23:31:15 <Devereaux> "Ohh come on, it is a drink."
Jan 13 23:31:28 <MereObserver> "It dehydrates you."
Jan 13 23:31:29 <Maddy> "It's a diarhetyic."
Jan 13 23:31:40 <MereObserver> "And hangovers are a bitch."
Jan 13 23:31:50 <Maddy> "and some of use can't drink it.
Jan 13 23:31:53 <WalrusKing> "It is good for trading with, no?"
Jan 13 23:32:00 <Devereaux> "True"
Jan 13 23:32:32 <MereObserver> Samson starts back over the bridge. "We'll see."
Jan 13 23:32:41 <MonkeyBomb> Annnnnd Ilya with literally the most logical statement in the history of logical statements… Brock feels dumb. It's not cool.
Jan 13 23:32:44 <Maddy> "Maybe." Whenever they want they get home with no other issues.