The Amazing Detective Colmes

Mar 17 21:09:37 <TroyL> Fredrickson rushes over to a man who looks rather dashing. He's walking, cane in hand, down the street, examing the world through a flickering monicle and grinning. "Ahh! Fredrickson! I see you've returning!" Fredrickson nods quickly. "Yes, Dr. Colmes. And we must hurry!"
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Mar 17 21:10:11 <Ragazzo> Colmes stares.
Mar 17 21:10:16 <TroyL> Fredrickson turns and motions to you all quickly. You're in what looks like… Victorian England. "Quickly! He can follow us!"
Mar 17 21:10:19 <Ragazzo> "!!!!!"
Mar 17 21:10:26 <Ragazzo> HE follows! Swiftly!
Mar 17 21:10:26 <Maddy> <Wat.>
Mar 17 21:10:40 <Dexanote> Myr looks at Colmes, then Colmes, then Colmes again. "… What is this?"
Mar 17 21:11:03 <TroyL> Down the street, you can hear a man's sneering words. "Psaw… Forigners…"
Mar 17 21:11:11 <Echo> Jason charges after Colmes and the doctor. He look down. Is he still him?
Mar 17 21:11:18 <TroyL> Fredrickson is following Dr. Colmes down the street quickly.
Mar 17 21:11:20 <Maddy> Alice follows.
Mar 17 21:11:30 <Ragazzo> Colmes is ashamed. He does not even have a HAT. And he is in public!
Mar 17 21:11:55 <Dexanote> Myrtle shakes her head, breaking into a run after DrColmes and Fredrickson. Just go with it Myr, this is nothing."
Mar 17 21:12:35 <TroyL> It takes you all no time to get to a stylish London flat. Dr. Colmes, brilliant detective, ascend the stairs and opens it quickly, pushing past Mrs. Havidashavaram, his housekeeper. "Mind your shoes! Paniced or not, this is still London. And I expect civility."
Mar 17 21:13:01 <Ragazzo> "Of course!" Colmes thourughly cleans his shoes outside before crossing in.
Mar 17 21:13:28 <Maddy> Alice cleans her boots, and follows a well.
Mar 17 21:13:44 <TroyL> Dr. Colmes looks at Fredrickson… "So… you've brought more strays, eh? Who is this bunch, then? More of your "Founders", floundering on the shores of England?"
Mar 17 21:13:51 <Dexanote> Myr kicks her shoes off the doorframe and follows.
Mar 17 21:13:59 <Echo> Jason tromps on through. <I need to know what's going on.>
Mar 17 21:14:12 <Ragazzo> "We are in london."
Mar 17 21:14:22 <Ragazzo> Helpful!
Mar 17 21:14:36 <TroyL> Fredrickson looks at the small group… "Well… um… Congratulations. You're all fictional, for the moment." You notice his accent is British now.
Mar 17 21:15:00 <Dexanote> "Wait, wh- nevermind."
Mar 17 21:15:06 <Echo> <… *WHY*?>
Mar 17 21:15:21 <Echo> <What? Wait, *HOW*?>
Mar 17 21:15:41 <TroyL> Dr. Colmes pushes Fredrickson aside. "I'm afraid the… doctor…" The word sounds almost scathing… "Isn't good at dealing with these things. To my study. I'll offer you a brief repast and a short explanation."
Mar 17 21:15:56 <Maddy> <Jesus.>
Mar 17 21:15:58 <Dexanote> "Fine."
Mar 17 21:16:31 <Ragazzo> Colmes looks at DrColmes. Nods in understanding.
Mar 17 21:16:42 <Ragazzo> Of what, who knows.
Mar 17 21:16:45 <TroyL> The study is down the hall, and Dr. Colmes is busying himself at a bookshelf, searching for a text. In a moment, Mrs. Havidashavaram comes in with tea, biscuits, and a small tray of watercress sandwiches.
Mar 17 21:17:06 <Ragazzo> Colmes accepts some tea, sipping it calmly.
Mar 17 21:17:15 <TroyL> "Watercress, Dearie?" she asked, looking at Alice with a smile.
Mar 17 21:17:30 <Maddy> <No thanks…>
Mar 17 21:18:31 <TroyL> Dr. Colmes is digging along the shelf… "Apparently, this bookthe one you're currently inwas written… just because of this event. My author, a Mr. Colmes, wrote me down with just enough information to attract the atteniton of your.. group." He looks annoyed.
Mar 17 21:19:00 <Ragazzo> Blink blink.
Mar 17 21:19:29 <Ragazzo> Colmes ponders this. "May I see that tome?"
Mar 17 21:19:30 <TroyL> "All copies of my book were confiscated and logged an anamalous."
Mar 17 21:19:46 <TroyL> Dr. Colmes looks at Colmes. "Sir… You are IN IT!" he declares.
Mar 17 21:19:57 <Echo> <:|>
Mar 17 21:19:57 <Ragazzo> "….!!!! Egads!"
Mar 17 21:20:09 <Dexanote> Myrtle facepalms spectacularly
Mar 17 21:20:15 <TroyL> He tosses a book, a fairly thin one, to Colmes. It's titled: "The Hanged Kings Tragedy and Other Mysteries."
Mar 17 21:20:30 <Ragazzo> "Are you trying to say that I am in a narrative of MY OWN DESIGN?!"
Mar 17 21:20:32 <Maddy> Alice shakes her head and heads to Fred's study.
Mar 17 21:20:43 <Ragazzo> He catches the book. Peruses it.
Mar 17 21:20:44 <Echo> 4df+4 Does Jason catch the title as it's handed off?
Mar 17 21:20:44 <CROM> Echo: Does Jason catch the title as it's handed off?: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
Mar 17 21:20:58 <TroyL> Jason TOTALLY catches the title.
Mar 17 21:21:05 <TroyL> It's in BIG, GLOSSY FONT.
Mar 17 21:21:46 <Echo> He points at the book, staring directly at Colmes. The fake one. He thinks. Fuck. <Where the hell did you get that?>
Mar 17 21:22:49 <TroyL> Colmes smirks. "Sir. That is one of my adventures." He points to the library. "All my advertures."
Mar 17 21:23:10 <Ragazzo> Nods slowly. "I see…I see…."
Mar 17 21:23:18 <Ragazzo> He looks at the ending of the book in his hands.
Mar 17 21:25:11 <TroyL> There is a loudatrociously loudslamming at the door.
Mar 17 21:25:20 <Echo> <Wait, you said it could fo-?>
Mar 17 21:25:24 <TroyL> Mrs. Havidashavaram bustles off to get it. "How rude… probably foreigners…"
Mar 17 21:25:34 <Maddy> Alice is still over by fred's study
Mar 17 21:25:53 <Echo> Jason looks around the study. For a window.
Mar 17 21:26:00 <Echo> There*has* to be window.
Mar 17 21:26:19 <TroyL> Jason: Unfortunatly, there's not one in the description of the room…. so….
Mar 17 21:26:42 <TroyL> Fredrickson looks at the group. "This… I think I can jump us again, but not as far… He'll find us faster."
Mar 17 21:26:57 <Ragazzo> "How curious…."
Mar 17 21:27:10 <Echo> <Can you put us BACK to where we came from?>
Mar 17 21:27:17 <TroyL> Mrs. Havidashavaram screams at the front door: "AAHH! BEGGAR! BEGON-" There a horrible, snapping crack and a gurgle of blood.
Mar 17 21:27:17 <Ragazzo> He leans out to peer through the door of the study.
Mar 17 21:27:32 <Ragazzo> "Oh dear. We likely ought leave."
Mar 17 21:27:32 <Echo> <And why were we at a castle? Can it fuck with what's really there? What *is* it?>
Mar 17 21:27:37 <TroyL> Fredrickson looks at Jason. "Not yet! You don't want to go back into The Hanged King's Tragedy!"
Mar 17 21:27:41 <Dexanote> "We should go. Now." Myr says tonelessly.
Mar 17 21:28:15 <Echo> <Fuuuuck.> Jason grabs Alice again, waiting for the VOIP.
Mar 17 21:28:19 <TroyL> Dr. Colmes. "All of you. Begone. I will handle this… beast." He looks dashing, and he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a futuristic "ray gun."
Mar 17 21:28:26 <Ragazzo> Colmes grabs myr and the man.
Mar 17 21:28:37 <Dexanote> Myr grabs the man's shoulder.
Mar 17 21:28:38 <Ragazzo> "You are a brave soul, doctor."
Mar 17 21:28:48 <Ragazzo> "I will never forget you."
Mar 17 21:28:49 <Maddy> Alice is grabbed
Mar 17 21:28:50 <TroyL> Fredrickson nods. "I'll try to buy us some time, everyone… Lets just hope that it's safe…"
Mar 17 21:28:52 <Dexanote> "Goodluck."
Mar 17 21:29:09 <TroyL> And once again, everyone moves on to… #themanfrommaplestreet