The Briefing Room

(1:29:13 AM) SimonVriska: Simon arrives in the situation room.
(1:30:02 AM) Dodridge: Jason arrives a scant few seconds later, still festooned with gear bags, and a pack front and back.
(1:30:08 AM) Carr: James opens the door and steps in shortly after Jason does.
(1:30:34 AM) SimonVriska: "Jason. I assume this is not a drill?"
(1:30:56 AM) AliceD: Alice comes in, hastily shoving the pair of roses in her bag, with the rabbits in carriers in tow.
(1:30:58 AM) NusGM: In the room are four armed guards and a man who resembles a more youthful O5-6, excepting the bold black “C”s tatooed on his forehead and the backs of his hands. The C-man is seated at a round conference table. There's a seat for each director, and sitting on the table in front of the seats are a number of briefcases, each marked with a director's name.
(1:31:22 AM) AliceD: She sits at her case.
(1:31:29 AM) SimonVriska: Simon takes a seat at the labeld seat, holding his satchel carefully.
(1:31:31 AM) NusGM: "Find your case and take a seat," the man says. "There's not much time."
(1:31:42 AM) Dodridge: <Sir, this site's about to burn to the fucking ground. I don't know if we should be sitting.>
(1:31:51 AM) Dodridge: Jason moves to the table.
(1:31:52 AM) Carr: James sits down and steeples his hands in front of the briefcase marked with his name.
(1:32:18 AM) AliceD: Thank god for the helmet cause Alice is freaking the fuck out under there.
(1:32:43 AM) Carr: James' face is a carefully studied mask of perfect calm.
(1:32:47 AM) SimonVriska: Simon has a hand in his satchel, gently petting River.
(1:32:56 AM) NusGM: "A few minutes ago, Pizzicato was set in motion. A nanotech scouring package was deployed on the lower levels of the site."
(1:33:20 AM) AliceD: <Oh god.>
(1:33:25 AM) Carr: Carr's glare could /impale/ Jason.
(1:33:30 AM) NusGM: "Everything on levels B7 and lower is dead or dying. Blast doors have sealed the lower levels off, and preliminary contingency measures have been activated, but failed to neutralize the swarm."
(1:33:52 AM) NusGM: "These blast doors are currently being eroded as we speak."
(1:34:14 AM) SimonVriska: "Sir…Are you saynig we have a grey goo senario?"
(1:34:48 AM) NusGM: "Optimistically, we've got fifteen minutes until complete failure." He looks over at Vriska. "In fifteen minutes, when they've breached every level of the site and escaped outside, yes."
(1:34:59 AM) Carr: "I see."
(1:35:25 AM) NusGM: "The cases before you key the site nuclear device. This is the only means available which we can be sure will neutralize the swarm."
(1:35:33 AM) Dodridge: Jason drops a pair of bags and pops his briefcase, looking inside. <Time to turn the key, then?"
(1:35:41 AM) SimonVriska: "Well then, what're we waiting for?"
(1:35:47 AM) SimonVriska: Simon opens up his case.
(1:36:00 AM) Dodridge: "We're in the fucking site, dumbass, that's what."
(1:36:20 AM) NusGM: There's an LCD screen, a keypad, an iris scanner, a fingerprint scanner, and an ID card reader.
(1:36:31 AM) NusGM: "Please, let me explain before you do anything further."
(1:37:04 AM) NusGM: "The warhead requires fingerprint, ID, pass code, iris scan, and voice authentication. At least two directors must supply this for the warhead to be armed."
(1:37:10 AM) Carr: "Please, do."
(1:37:44 AM) NusGM: "Supposedly, you will have five minutes following authentication before the warhead detonates. I have doubts about the veracity of this. I suspect it will detonate immediately."
(1:37:52 AM) SimonVriska: Simon closes his eyes. "Please don't tell me that they would have to stay here to set it off."
(1:38:02 AM) NusGM: "My advice to you?"
(1:38:18 AM) NusGM: He reaches into his jacket, withdrawing a box of cigars and sitting it on the table in front of him, followed shortly by a box of matches. He removes a cigar from the box and lights it, taking a long drag, and holding the open box out to the rest of you. “Anyone smoke?”
(1:38:34 AM) SimonVriska: "No."
(1:38:40 AM) AliceD: <…>
(1:39:15 AM) Carr: "To celebrate, perhaps. Not now, I am afraid."
(1:39:34 AM) Dodridge: Jason reaches for two. <Might as well.> He drops them into a rigid pouch.
(1:39:44 AM) NusGM: "It'd be a shame if they went to waste." He closes the box and slides it across the table.
(1:39:47 AM) SimonVriska: "We're waisting time. If i read you right, we need two volenteres to set off the bomb, right?"
(1:40:06 AM) AliceD: <C-can it be done r-remotely?>
(1:40:13 AM) NusGM: He takes another long drag and sighs. “My advice to you? Set your watches for five minutes and grab a briefcase. Split up, gather a handful of personnel you feel are essential, and quietly evacuate. Tell no one what's happening. When the time's up, arm it. Where you are when your time is up is irrelevant. You *cannot* afford to stall any longer that.”
(1:40:38 AM) SimonVriska: "Sir, they're already all evacuateing."
(1:40:52 AM) NusGM: He grins devilishly. "Indeed they are. Enjoy the traffic."
(1:41:14 AM) SimonVriska: "You never answered Alice's question sir. what is the range of the detionators?"
(1:41:49 AM) NusGM: "Twenty miles or so."
(1:42:02 AM) AliceD: <Well l-lets go.> She starts to get up.
(1:42:06 AM) SimonVriska: "thank god."
(1:42:09 AM) *Carr says placidly, "What is the range of the Site's nuclear device?"
(1:42:17 AM) SimonVriska: Simon gets up and takes his breifcase.
(1:42:31 AM) Dodridge: <They don't get bigger than 20 megs. We buy from the best.>
(1:42:40 AM) NusGM: He turns to Carr. "It's enough."
(1:42:50 AM) NusGM: "Go, Goddamn it, go.” He casts sideways glances at the guards. “You too.”
(1:43:18 AM) Dodridge: Jason hauls the bags up aliong with the case, filing out the door, and charging down the hallway toward the motorpool. <Alice! Stay close!>
(1:43:32 AM) SimonVriska: "Alright." Simon checks the time. "Everyone remeber. 5 minutes."
(1:43:41 AM) NusGM: As you exit the room, he reclines back in his chair, lacing his fingers together behind his head and resting his feet on the table, continuing to chew on the cigar.
(1:43:53 AM) SimonVriska: "Then trigger, are we aggreed?"
(1:43:55 AM) AliceD: Alice puts the case on top of the rabbit crate, staying as close to Jason as possible.
(1:44:09 AM) Carr: "Dr. Vriska, it will be done. Please evacuate."
(1:44:45 AM) SimonVriska: Simon grabs the case, and runs out the door towards the vehicle bay.
(1:45:14 AM) Carr: James rises from his seat with a terrible calm, walking slowly out of the briefing room with the case.
(1:45:24 AM) Dodridge: <Motor Pool, Motor Pool, Motor Pool…>
(1:45:48 AM) Dodridge: Jason ticks off the hallways as he runs past, boots *thunking* on the deckplate with each step.
(1:46:21 AM) AliceD: Alice is practically using the animal crate as a skateboard.
(2:05:49 AM) Carr: James pulls into the motor pool and gets out, taking off at a run through the Site.
(2:07:18 AM) NusGM: It's entirely devoid of vehicles, and eerily silent. The ground quakes periodically, the vibrations steadily growing more powerful.
(2:08:16 AM) Carr: Cutting through as many shortcuts as he can manage, he's climbing straight down through the Site in one of the many maintenance tunnels that crisscross the massive complex.
(2:09:09 AM) NusGM: He's able to find one. The moment he enters it, his skin begins to burn and blister, dripping with blood.
(2:09:25 AM) NusGM: Tiny flecks of grey and silver are visible in the droplets that cascade to the floor.
(2:10:17 AM) *
Carr almost smiles. No going back now. <This is Carr. Nanoswarm has been encountered. Distance to device is currently unknown.>
(2:11:07 AM) NusGM: There's no response.
(2:12:09 AM) NusGM: The silence persists as he picks his way through the desolate corridors. A number of containment cell doors appear to have been torn from their hinges. The doors themselves, lying twisted on the floor, appear to seethe as if part solid, part boiling silver fluid.
(2:12:28 AM) NusGM: There are no bodies visible.
(2:12:54 AM) Carr: The blood begins to flow freely, spontaneous rips forming in his flesh as he presses down the corridor towards the nuclear device.
(2:14:11 AM) NusGM: You manage to make your to the nuclear device. As you approach within about ten feet of the device, the burning sensation fades instantly. Or at least, the tears in your flesh stop getting any larger.
(2:15:08 AM) NusGM: The nanoswarm seems to have breached the room's door, but nothing more. Everything within is curiously pristine.
(2:17:10 AM) Carr: Carr looks at the device, his shoulders slumping a little as he lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.
(2:21:37 AM) Carr: <Good night, everyone.>
(2:21:40 AM) Carr: <And good luck.>
(2:21:49 AM) *Carr presses his hand to the scanner.
(2:22:06 AM) *
Carr intones clearly into the microphone.
(2:22:49 AM) Carr: "Command override. Authority, Overseer Council, member number Five dash Seven. Initiate self destruct. Timer: fifteen seconds."
(2:23:34 AM) NusGM: An electronic voice intones: <Command override confirmed. Detonation in fifteen…>
(2:24:52 AM) ***Carr sits on the ground in front of the device and closes his eyes, his hands folded in his lap.
(2:25:23 AM) NusGM: The countdown winds down to zero. Carr is, needless to say, dead.