The Carnival

Aug 31 19:02:00 <Aoi> Perception.
Aug 31 19:02:08 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Aug 31 19:02:08 <Quidmore> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:02:13 * Gerald has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 19:02:14 <Nioki> 4df+4
Aug 31 19:02:14 <Quidmore> Nioki: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:02:15 <Dawny> 4df+2 Hiii
Aug 31 19:02:15 <Quidmore> Dawny: Hiii: -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
Aug 31 19:02:32 <PaulS_laptop> 4df
Aug 31 19:02:32 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: 0 (4df=-, +, 0, 0)
Aug 31 19:02:35 <Salmander> 4df+3 Ok
Aug 31 19:02:35 <Quidmore> Salmander: Ok: 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
Aug 31 19:03:04 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Aug 31 19:03:04 <Quidmore> Dexanote: 2 (4df+2=0, +, -, 0)
Aug 31 19:04:12 * Gerald (~PI.06250957.754EB832.5B4A3365|alliztahc#PI.06250957.754EB832.5B4A3365|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:06:36 <Dexanote> Shank falls off the tree and tumbles onto a crouch
Aug 31 19:07:00 <Tom90deg> "Problems climbing down Scarecrow?"
Aug 31 19:07:18 <Gerald> Charon's watching Shank with some amusement.
Aug 31 19:07:21 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Kitty sees better than the player
Aug 31 19:07:21 <Quidmore> MisterFlames: Kitty sees better than the player: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
Aug 31 19:07:26 <Dawny> Kay lights a cigarette and chuckles at Shank
Aug 31 19:07:56 <Dexanote> "I meant ta do that."
Aug 31 19:08:06 <Gerald> "Undoubtedly."
Aug 31 19:08:10 <Tom90deg> "Then it worked very well."
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Aug 31 19:10:08 * Aoi (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.DA653DA5|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.DA653DA5|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:12:06 <PaulS_laptop> John scratches at his cheek
Aug 31 19:12:23 <Gerald> 4df OH GOD SORRY LATE PER ROLL
Aug 31 19:12:23 <Quidmore> Gerald: OH GOD SORRY LATE PER ROLL: 2 (4df=0, +, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:12:23 <PaulS_laptop> it itches. could this be him finally able to grow facial hair again? maybe.
Aug 31 19:12:46 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.D0E95297-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.D0E95297-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:15:29 <Ragazzo> Dusty is around!
Aug 31 19:16:00 <Aoi> Shank, Alanoch, and Red all hear a soft buzzing sound
Aug 31 19:16:22 <Dexanote> "… Whazzat."
Aug 31 19:16:24 * Tom90deg has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 19:16:32 <Salmander> Redd swats his glove around. "Fuckin' bees."
Aug 31 19:16:39 <Dexanote> "Izzat tha fucking hell flies?"
Aug 31 19:16:43 <Dexanote> He looks around
Aug 31 19:16:54 <Nioki> Alanoch looks around the camp, releasing some extra light.
Aug 31 19:17:36 <Gerald> "Hellflies?" Charon may have heard some talk once about weaponizing them, right after the Fall.
Aug 31 19:18:16 <PaulS_laptop> john lets out an exasperates sigh and goes to grab the flamethrower
Aug 31 19:18:28 <PaulS_laptop> "fucking hellflies."
Aug 31 19:18:39 <Dexanote> Shank slinks right near John, staying directly behind him.
Aug 31 19:18:43 <Dawny> "What's a hellfly?"
Aug 31 19:18:54 <PaulS_laptop> "you don't wanna know"
Aug 31 19:19:07 <Dexanote> "A wasp tha size of a big dog."
Aug 31 19:19:22 <Salmander> Redd looks around, seeing no actual bees.
Aug 31 19:19:26 <Dawny> "Fuck that"
Aug 31 19:19:27 <Gerald> "Rather malignant beasts that have become commonplace since the Fall."
Aug 31 19:20:26 <Aoi> A cloud of fireflies are lazily approaching the camp. They appear to be the source of the sound.
Aug 31 19:20:57 <Gerald> Charon stands, stretching his legs. "Those, however, are not hellflies."
Aug 31 19:20:57 <Nioki> "What are those?"
Aug 31 19:21:06 <PaulS_laptop> "gonna burn, that's what"
Aug 31 19:21:43 <Salmander> Redd watches with mild interest.
Aug 31 19:21:45 <Dawny> "Lightning bugs" Kay giggles, almost childishly.
Aug 31 19:21:58 <Nioki> "Are they dangerous?"
Aug 31 19:22:08 <MisterFlames> "Fireflies. Looks like a swarm. And not typically."
Aug 31 19:22:29 <Dawny> "No, you…you've never….I need a mason jar"
Aug 31 19:22:38 <Nioki> He watches the fireflies. They're rather pretty, a swarm of hovering lights.
Aug 31 19:22:52 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 John lets a short spurt go from the flamethrower at the cloud
Aug 31 19:22:53 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: John lets a short spurt go from the flamethrower at the cloud: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
Aug 31 19:23:16 <Dawny> "Hey, hey, no!" Kay yells at John
Aug 31 19:23:41 <Dexanote> "Dammit John." Shank flinches huge, back from the flame
Aug 31 19:23:52 <PaulS_laptop> "like I said, gonna burn."
Aug 31 19:23:53 <Aoi> John fries flies
Aug 31 19:23:56 <Salmander> "Woah, bud, they don't need any more lightin' up."
Aug 31 19:24:09 <PaulS_laptop> John is clearly now in a good mood.
Aug 31 19:24:20 <Dawny> "I was gonna show Alanoch how to catch them you ass hat"
Aug 31 19:25:03 <Gerald> Charon raises an eyebrow at the display.
Aug 31 19:25:06 * Tom90deg (~PI.6219D1E7.025CE2A6.2C0253E1|ged09moT#PI.6219D1E7.025CE2A6.2C0253E1|ged09moT) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:25:10 <Nioki> "Why would you catch them?"
Aug 31 19:25:38 <Dawny> "It's…it's a child hood thing. You catch them, watch the lights blink, then let them go."
Aug 31 19:25:40 <Nioki> Alanoch absentmindedly absorbs what light from the flamethrower gets near him.
Aug 31 19:26:00 <PaulS_laptop> None does so, as flamethrowers don't make light when they're not burning.
Aug 31 19:26:01 <Nioki> "…No. Don't do that."
Aug 31 19:26:20 <Nioki> As in, from when the flame was flaming.
Aug 31 19:26:25 <Tom90deg> "Fireflies? Pretty…Used to catch them when i was a kid."
Aug 31 19:26:32 <Nioki> "No."
Aug 31 19:26:40 <MisterFlames> "John was that completely necessary? And where were you when we were dealing with the undead horrors last night?"
Aug 31 19:26:57 <PaulS_laptop> "You guys were dealing with undead last night?"
Aug 31 19:27:01 <PaulS_laptop> "Why didn't you tell me?"
Aug 31 19:27:14 <Aoi> A much larger cloud of fireflies approaches, on the heels of the second. "Plagues of Egypt" sized
Aug 31 19:27:34 <PaulS_laptop> "And yes. it was."
Aug 31 19:27:48 <Tom90deg> "Um…that's slightly less pretty now…"
Aug 31 19:27:55 <Gerald> "Ah, do you intend to burn those as well? Perhaps light the entire camp up, while you do so?"
Aug 31 19:28:05 * Tom90deg is now known as Zoe_Chantilli
Aug 31 19:28:19 <Dexanote> "… Oh lovely izzis that fucking rat kid?"
Aug 31 19:28:33 <PaulS_laptop> "rat kid?"
Aug 31 19:28:44 <Aoi> perception again please
Aug 31 19:28:47 <Nioki> 4df+4
Aug 31 19:28:47 <Quidmore> Nioki: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:28:52 <PaulS_laptop> 4df
Aug 31 19:28:53 <Zoe_Chantilli> 4df+2
Aug 31 19:28:53 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: -2 (4df=-, -, +, -)
Aug 31 19:28:53 <Quidmore> Zoe_Chantilli: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
Aug 31 19:28:55 <Salmander> 4df+3 Ok
Aug 31 19:28:55 <Quidmore> Salmander: Ok: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
Aug 31 19:28:55 <Gerald> 4df Eyes, he has them
Aug 31 19:28:55 <Quidmore> Gerald: Eyes, he has them: 1 (4df=+, -, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:29:00 * Aoi is now known as Aoi|GM
Aug 31 19:29:11 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Aug 31 19:29:11 <Quidmore> Dexanote: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
Aug 31 19:29:21 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Midnight
Aug 31 19:29:21 <Quidmore> MisterFlames: Midnight: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Aug 31 19:29:55 <Aoi|GM> 3 and above notice the tiny stream of darkness trailing behind each individual fly
Aug 31 19:30:15 <MisterFlames> "That's odd… there's something else. Alanoch?"
Aug 31 19:30:17 * Strifey (PI.D27C7677.26937DF1.81A871C7|tibbiM#PI.D27C7677.26937DF1.81A871C7|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:30:20 <Nioki> Alanoch concentrates, staring at them.
Aug 31 19:30:26 <Zoe_Chantilli> "There's something behind the fireflies…"
Aug 31 19:30:47 <Salmander> Redd just watches.
Aug 31 19:30:57 <Nioki> 4df+4 Luxomancy. He brightens their light.
Aug 31 19:30:58 <Quidmore> Nioki: Luxomancy. He brightens their light.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Aug 31 19:31:04 <PaulS_laptop> John just notices a great big cloud
Aug 31 19:31:07 <Gerald> Charon starts backing up. "Perhaps they are not ordinary fireflies, then."
Aug 31 19:31:15 <Dexanote> "… Nope. Alanoch they stole yor bit."
Aug 31 19:31:17 <Zoe_Chantilli> "It looks like…well, darkness trailing behind them."
Aug 31 19:31:31 <Nioki> They become more along the line of small lightbulbs than fireflies.
Aug 31 19:31:35 <PaulS_laptop> He rolls his eyes
Aug 31 19:32:23 <Aoi|GM> The darkness trails leads into Alanoch's light, and seems to infect them, turning them into what appears to be balls of shadow
Aug 31 19:32:45 <Salmander> Redd hums Me and my Shadow.
Aug 31 19:32:54 <Dexanote> "An' ya broke em."
Aug 31 19:32:55 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe gently reaches up and tries to catch one, not hurting the little bug.
Aug 31 19:33:08 <PaulS_laptop> John smiles
Aug 31 19:33:14 <Dawny> Kay takes a drag off her cigarette. "This…why can't anything be normal, ever?"
Aug 31 19:33:17 <Nioki> "Some kind of direct relation."
Aug 31 19:33:18 <Aoi|GM> The bugs haven't gotten to the camp yet!!
Aug 31 19:33:45 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I don't know, but i am slightly worried. Never seen a swarm of fireflies before."
Aug 31 19:33:45 <Nioki> "Midnight. Check for magic."
Aug 31 19:33:45 <PaulS_laptop> "why do you think I set things on fire, kay. Ain't nothing normal."
Aug 31 19:33:59 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I'm not normal, are you gonna set me on fire?"
Aug 31 19:34:10 <MisterFlames> "I'm looking at them and trying to figure them out." ((Occult check, Sabs?))
Aug 31 19:34:14 <Dexanote> "I assume he means in tha context of our parade 'ere."
Aug 31 19:34:44 <Gerald> "So many little beasts attracted to the fire. Is light so rare in this new world that everything in the outback must be attracted to us?"
Aug 31 19:34:55 <PaulS_laptop> "yes."
Aug 31 19:35:00 <PaulS_laptop> totally deadpan.
Aug 31 19:35:04 <Dexanote> "Yeh." Shank's face lights yellow.
Aug 31 19:35:05 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Well, what else would make light?"
Aug 31 19:35:06 <Gerald> Charon's making sure he has the group between him and the fireflies.
Aug 31 19:35:11 <Salmander> "It is pretty fuckin' barren."
Aug 31 19:35:29 <PaulS_laptop> "This would, Zoe."
Aug 31 19:35:43 <PaulS_laptop> he brings the flamethrower to bear, but doesn't shoot yet.
Aug 31 19:35:59 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Well, true…And careful with that thing. Splash damage…"
Aug 31 19:36:16 <PaulS_laptop> "There's other things for up close."
Aug 31 19:36:39 <Dexanote> Shank slinks back a bit further.
Aug 31 19:36:54 <Aoi|GM> The little balls of shadow appear to mass together, creating what seems to be a solid wall of #000000 approaching the camp
Aug 31 19:36:57 <Nioki> "I could hit them with rapidly flashing light, which might disrupt or overload whatever this is. But that could make things worse. And we don't know why they're here."
Aug 31 19:37:02 <PaulS_laptop> "ain't gonn burn you, shank."
Aug 31 19:37:24 <PaulS_laptop> "burning them worked once. Why not again?"
Aug 31 19:37:27 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Maybe we should get inside the trucks?"
Aug 31 19:38:09 <Nioki> "Because the last time you burned them, an exponentially larger number appeared."
Aug 31 19:38:12 <MisterFlames> "Nothing of magic from them. I don't know if they're Outsider or just Other, but…"
Aug 31 19:38:27 <Dawny> "Um…guys…" Kay points to the black.
Aug 31 19:38:38 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I see it, and I don't like it…"
Aug 31 19:38:46 <Dexanote> Shank's facelight grows brighter.
Aug 31 19:38:54 <Gerald> "As with the Hellflies, all manner of beastly things are appearing now that mankind has lost its dominance upon this planet. If you haven't realized, it was already a haven for such monstrosities."
Aug 31 19:39:01 <PaulS_laptop> "folks, get into the vehicles."
Aug 31 19:39:12 <Gerald> Charon's already at El Diablo.
Aug 31 19:39:26 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe moves inside the stryker.
Aug 31 19:39:26 <Dexanote> Shank climbs in next to Charon
Aug 31 19:39:27 <Dawny> "Right, boss" Kay heads toward the stryker.
Aug 31 19:39:29 <PaulS_laptop> "because whatever these things are, we probably don't want to be around them"
Aug 31 19:39:45 <PaulS_laptop> John steps towards El Diablo, and climbs up on top of it
Aug 31 19:39:50 <Nioki> Alanoch takes a flashlight from his pocket and shines it at the mass, brightening the beam.
Aug 31 19:40:01 <Salmander> Redd climbs into the stryker.
Aug 31 19:40:33 <PaulS_laptop> «If anyone's in Eve, hit the flashbangs.»
Aug 31 19:40:44 <Aoi|GM> The shadow travels down the flashlight beam and slowly heads back to the bulb, consuming the light.
Aug 31 19:40:48 <Dawny> Kay gets in the stryker and closes the ramp. "So…" she turns off the fire detection system and lights another cigarette.
Aug 31 19:41:02 <Zoe_Chantilli> "So indeed…never seen anything like this before."
Aug 31 19:41:18 <Nioki> "It absorbs light. So…"
Aug 31 19:41:18 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 «burning this shit. And will someone fire those damn bangs already?»
Aug 31 19:41:18 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: «burning this shit. And will someone fire those damn bangs already?»: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
Aug 31 19:41:20 <Gerald> "I wonder what our dear Corporal will think should we be forced to flee camp so swiftly…."
Aug 31 19:41:33 <Salmander> "Ah, fuck off. I just washed and now you're gettin' smoke smell in my fibers."
Aug 31 19:41:53 <Dawny> "TS"
Aug 31 19:42:22 <Nioki> 4df+4 Luxomancy. Alanoch concentrates on the space around him, absorbing light from it. Maybe it can be starved.
Aug 31 19:42:22 <Quidmore> Nioki: Luxomancy. Alanoch concentrates on the space around him, absorbing light from it. Maybe it can be starved.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
Aug 31 19:42:41 <Aoi|GM> Alanoch is outside still?
Aug 31 19:43:24 * Rights has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 19:43:26 <Nioki> Near the stryker, but yes.
Aug 31 19:44:02 <MisterFlames> Midnight watches from the top of Eve, curious more than anything else.
Aug 31 19:44:21 <Aoi|GM> Wunderbar. The wall of shadow advances on the camp, unfettered by the light or flames.
Aug 31 19:44:30 <Aoi|GM> Everything goes very dark, for everyone.
Aug 31 19:44:41 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Jenny? You still here?"
Aug 31 19:44:52 <PaulS_laptop> «Midnight, anyone on Eve, HIT THE DAMN FLASHBANGS»
Aug 31 19:45:10 <Dexanote> «Ah yeah, feed em.»
Aug 31 19:45:17 <Dexanote> His light fades
Aug 31 19:45:26 <Gerald> Charon makes damn sure there's a few inches of battle armor between him and the flies.
Aug 31 19:45:38 <Dawny> "Yeah, I'm here Zoe…Hold on" Kay tries to light her lighter.
Aug 31 19:45:43 <PaulS_laptop> John is still standing atop El Diablo.
Aug 31 19:46:15 <Aoi|GM> Inside the darkness, a few lights ignite, bright and white, very much resembling stars. They rearrange, forming a rough model of the Milky Way
Aug 31 19:46:35 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Oh bloody hell…this better not be what I think it is."
Aug 31 19:46:41 <MisterFlames> "What 'flashbangs'?" Midnight, the little housecat without thumbs, asks.
Aug 31 19:46:42 <Dexanote> "… Riiight."
Aug 31 19:46:57 <Nioki> "Oh, not again…"
Aug 31 19:47:06 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Checking for sapience (Mentalism Magic)
Aug 31 19:47:06 <Quidmore> MisterFlames: Checking for sapience (Mentalism Magic): 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Aug 31 19:47:17 <Dawny> "Commere Zoe" Kay puts an arm around the smaller girl. "Don't move, I don't want to lose track of your clumsy ass"
Aug 31 19:47:23 <PaulS_laptop> «defense system. it's a button in the driver's compartment. Big, bright flash and loud boom meant to disorient.»
Aug 31 19:47:26 * Aoi (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.0696A624|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.0696A624|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:47:30 <Salmander> Redd pokes his head out of the Stryker. "The fuck?"
Aug 31 19:47:55 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Pssh, I'm not clumsy. I just can't shoot for anything."
Aug 31 19:48:13 <Dawny> "Yeah, I remember"
Aug 31 19:49:35 <Aoi> Sapience…but not anything simple, and not from the flies. Something vast and dark, like a well at in the dark.
Aug 31 19:50:27 <MisterFlames> "Interesting." Midnight says softly. "There's a mind there, but not with the flies. Going to try to talk."
Aug 31 19:50:40 <PaulS_laptop> «go for it»
Aug 31 19:50:50 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Midnight…if this is what I think it is…be careful."
Aug 31 19:50:53 <MisterFlames> ~Good evening,~ Midnight sends telepathically.
Aug 31 19:51:07 <Dawny> "What are you thinking Zoe?"
Aug 31 19:51:25 <Nioki> "If it's them again, I -am- going to hit them with a sun."
Aug 31 19:51:31 * Aoi|GM has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 31 19:51:35 <Zoe_Chantilli> "That. It's those sisters again."
Aug 31 19:51:41 <Zoe_Chantilli> "God, I hope I'm wrong…"
Aug 31 19:51:46 <Dexanote> "Now now Al, don' be hasty."
Aug 31 19:51:47 <Dawny> "Aww…shit…I don't wanna fight you again"
Aug 31 19:51:50 <PaulS_laptop> «Sisters?»
Aug 31 19:51:58 <Gerald> "Ahahahah, those lovely little siblings I hear of?"
Aug 31 19:52:06 <Dexanote> «Demon ladies. Made me kill everyone.»
Aug 31 19:52:17 <Dexanote> interesting phrasing, shank
Aug 31 19:52:17 <Aoi> "Good evening." The floating grin above the display of the Milky Way speaks without moving its toothy mouth.
Aug 31 19:52:26 <Dawny> «Yeah, Shank, that fucking hurt by the way»
Aug 31 19:52:28 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Yes. And make? That's a good way of putting it."
Aug 31 19:52:33 <Aoi> extortion is such a cruel word
Aug 31 19:53:00 <Dexanote> He looks up at the teeth. "… Sup."
Aug 31 19:53:06 <PaulS_laptop> «so, we gonna kill these fucks or what?»
Aug 31 19:53:08 <Salmander> "Hey, look, it's a regular cheshire fly!"
Aug 31 19:53:17 <Nioki> "What is it this time?"
Aug 31 19:53:18 <PaulS_laptop> "Who the fuck're you."
Aug 31 19:53:27 <Dawny> «Last time they sent us back unharmed»
Aug 31 19:53:59 <Zoe_Chantilli> "That was last time…."
Aug 31 19:53:59 <MisterFlames> "I apologize, you startled us. May I ask why you've come to our camp, please?"
Aug 31 19:54:35 * Gerald_ (~PI.581B6665.FC5B9161.BEDF327F|alliztahc#PI.581B6665.FC5B9161.BEDF327F|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 19:55:16 <Dawny> "Don't worry, I'll let you kill me this time"
Aug 31 19:55:22 * Gerald has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 19:55:22 * Gerald_ is now known as Gerald
Aug 31 19:55:33 <Dexanote> "Eh."
Aug 31 19:55:59 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Heh…you are too kind Jenny."
Aug 31 19:56:10 <Aoi> "The circus is travelling through, and I believe I waived your fees, yes? So - enjoy." The Milky Way swirls up into the sky, and forms a proper night sky. A cool wind blows through, and you're all outside of the vehicles on a wooded path - completely away from the desert of Australia.
Aug 31 19:56:34 <Dexanote> "Aha!"
Aug 31 19:56:38 <Dawny> "Circus? Oh fuck this shit"
Aug 31 19:56:50 <Gerald> "I despise circuses."
Aug 31 19:56:58 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Oh…this is better. No demon sisters with voodoo dolls."
Aug 31 19:57:00 <Salmander> "Yo, you think they got a lion tamer?"
Aug 31 19:57:19 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Well…what should we do?"
Aug 31 19:57:20 <Dawny> "No, fuck this"
Aug 31 19:57:25 <Dexanote> "They do now." Shank kicks the door open and crawls up on the roof."
Aug 31 19:57:26 <Nioki> "Oh. Yeah."
Aug 31 19:57:38 <Aoi> Paper lanterns line the path ahead of you.
Aug 31 19:57:41 <Nioki> "Why do people keep putting us in outer space."
Aug 31 19:57:44 <PaulS_laptop> "if we see any demon children, kill them on sight."
Aug 31 19:57:55 <PaulS_laptop> "they've already started shit."
Aug 31 19:57:57 <MisterFlames> "Okay?" Midnight hops down and investigates. She sniffs the path, then starts to follow it.
Aug 31 19:58:11 <PaulS_laptop> John takes up a position behind midnight. cat's useful.
Aug 31 19:58:24 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe follows Midnight. "Come on Jenny…Stick by Midnight. That's a rule that's always served me well."
Aug 31 19:58:28 <Nioki> Alanoch follows, absorbing light.
Aug 31 19:58:41 <Gerald> Charon stays behind the group, walking at a deliberate pace.
Aug 31 19:58:47 <Aoi>
Aug 31 19:59:05 <Salmander> Redd follows along. "This is gonna be a regular wee-wa-wee."
Aug 31 19:59:05 <Dexanote> Shank wraps into a stalk, skittering in front with rootfeet
Aug 31 19:59:05 <Dawny> Kay takes a drag off her cigarette and grumbles. "I hate fucking circuses"
Aug 31 19:59:14 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Never been to one myself."
Aug 31 19:59:25 <Dawny> "Creepy as fuck"
Aug 31 19:59:41 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I know, those clowns…"
Aug 31 19:59:43 <MisterFlames> "I remember a circus." Midnight says softly.
Aug 31 20:00:21 <Nioki> "I've read about them. Usually bad things happen at them."
Aug 31 20:00:50 <Aoi> An extremely pale man and woman with clown makeup on stilts walk across the group's path, taller than the trees. A chain gate swings wide in front of front of them. A sign on top of the gate advertises "DR. DINE'S CARNIVAL OF TERROR AND EXCITEMENT!"
Aug 31 20:00:53 <PaulS_laptop> "I remember a circus. I got jumped by two utant dogs."
Aug 31 20:01:16 <PaulS_laptop> "Terror AND excitement?" John raises an eyebrow
Aug 31 20:01:18 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Oh this is going to be fun…I can just tell."
Aug 31 20:01:20 <Dexanote> Shank passes through the gate, splitting to two legs.
Aug 31 20:01:24 <Gerald> "Terror and Excitement, eh? This shall be an interesting night, to say the least.
Aug 31 20:01:37 <PaulS_laptop> John passes through the gate.
Aug 31 20:01:42 <Dawny> "The clowns, and the eerie music, and the food is crap, and the kids are all evil…" Kay shudders.
Aug 31 20:01:49 <MisterFlames> "Terror, hmmm?" Midnight purrs softly to herself. "Not sure if that sounds appealing."
Aug 31 20:02:07 <Gerald> "Terror is always appealing."
Aug 31 20:02:09 <PaulS_laptop> "depends on which side the terror's on."
Aug 31 20:02:09 <Dawny> "I don't want to be here…" Kay lights a new cigarette off the butt of the old one.
Aug 31 20:02:27 <Aoi> Inside the gate, a series of large cold iron cages surrounds the World's Biggest Big Top. Injured children in masks run rampart, yelling, giggling and screaming.
Aug 31 20:02:37 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I doubt any of us do. But we were bought here, and we gotta find a way back…"
Aug 31 20:02:39 <Salmander> "Let's have some fuckin' fun, eh?"
Aug 31 20:02:54 <Dawny> "No, fuck this place"
Aug 31 20:03:17 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I'm with Jenny. Lets figure out how to get out of here and leave."
Aug 31 20:03:25 <Nioki> Alanoch looks around. He doesn't much like this place.
Aug 31 20:03:54 <MisterFlames> Midnight walks around, tail high and straight, as she looks around her.
Aug 31 20:04:03 <Gerald> "The supreme madness of the carnival season."
Aug 31 20:04:18 <Aoi> Ahead, the Big Top stands open, it's lights on. To the left and right are the cages surrounding the tent, all eerily dark. All around them are the young children, no older than twelve.
Aug 31 20:04:32 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe sticks by midnight, looking into the cages.
Aug 31 20:04:38 <Dexanote> "…" His face grows brighter upon noticing the children.
Aug 31 20:04:55 <Salmander> Redd looks around. Somehow you can tell he's smiling.
Aug 31 20:04:55 <Dawny> "Oh god…they're just babies…"
Aug 31 20:04:55 <PaulS_laptop> John steps towards the big top. He's got the 240 out.
Aug 31 20:05:06 <Aoi> A loudspeaker on a pole shouts orders at the children in a gruff voice - "BEHAVE! BE QUIET! STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!"
Aug 31 20:05:13 <Nioki> Alanoch immediately walks towards the cages.
Aug 31 20:05:20 <Gerald> "We must find this Dr. Dine, obviously. He shall know of a way back."
Aug 31 20:05:31 <PaulS_laptop> John chuckles at tghe loudspeaker.
Aug 31 20:06:00 <Dawny> Kay takes a few steps closer to a cage. "Zoe…they're just babies…"
Aug 31 20:06:24 <PaulS_laptop> "What're just babies?"
Aug 31 20:06:43 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I know…we need to figure ot what's going on before we can stop it."
Aug 31 20:07:07 <Aoi> Which cage are they starting with? The one on the left or right? There are only 6 of them, and they surround the tent, so keep in mind, they are as large as houses.
Aug 31 20:07:14 <Salmander> "Hey, I wonder if they have cotton candy. That'd be kinda funny, eh?"
Aug 31 20:07:21 <Dawny> left
Aug 31 20:07:21 <Nioki> Left.
Aug 31 20:07:25 <Gerald> Charon peers over at the cages, seeing if he can tell what's inside the left one. "Stop it? Why?"
Aug 31 20:07:51 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe's looking in cage 1
Aug 31 20:07:57 <PaulS_laptop> "Ain't our problem. We aren't the starship Voyager, it's not our job to deal with this shit. Our job is *surviving*"
Aug 31 20:08:17 <Dawny> "I know John, but they're *babies*"
Aug 31 20:08:20 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 20:08:20 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission E4D
Aug 31 20:08:20 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to E4D
Aug 31 20:08:32 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Maybe we can get them free somehow later…"
Aug 31 20:08:48 <Aoi> Inside the cage on the left…is a woman. No, women. Sewn together, with the stitches quite visible. Their many feet dance, bloody and bare, to the sound of a music box nearby.
Aug 31 20:09:04 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Oh god…I'm going to be sick."
Aug 31 20:09:07 <Salmander> Redd looks at the cage on the *right*
Aug 31 20:09:10 <Dexanote> "Well thaz fucked up."
Aug 31 20:09:17 <PaulS_laptop> "I fucking hate babies."
Aug 31 20:09:25 <PaulS_laptop> John walks over to the case everybody's looking at.
Aug 31 20:09:25 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe looks at the music box, if it's close to the cage bars.
Aug 31 20:09:28 <Gerald> "Such pointless sentimentality. I, for one, shall find an exit, you may spend the rest of eternity solving how to rescue these…..ah, I suppose you could call them people."
Aug 31 20:09:28 <Aoi> It's both grotesque and beautiful, the way they move in unison. Next to the cage, a handful of children watch, enrapt.
Aug 31 20:09:43 <Nioki> He moves to the next cage in line.
Aug 31 20:09:48 <PaulS_laptop> "You and I're in agreement, boatman."
Aug 31 20:09:51 <Aoi> One of them throws a turkey leg at the women, pegging her in the head. They all laugh cruelly.
Aug 31 20:10:07 <Aoi> Well, one of the heads.
Aug 31 20:10:16 <Salmander> Redd looks at cage #6.
Aug 31 20:10:24 <Dawny> "Fuckthisplacefuckthisplacefuckthisplace" Kay backs out and takes a drag off her cigarette.
Aug 31 20:10:26 <Aoi> She continues to dance as they move on.
Aug 31 20:10:55 <Gerald> Charon keeps walking, peering into each cage. "However, I shall admit that this circus is far more interesting than the last I attended."
Aug 31 20:11:28 <PaulS_laptop> john's looking at the cages as well. It's certainly worth seeing.
Aug 31 20:11:32 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe moves to cage 2
Aug 31 20:11:50 <MisterFlames> "Admittedly," Midnight walks with Redd, looking at each of the cages in turn.
Aug 31 20:11:55 <Aoi> Inside #6…a teenaged with girl with impossibly long hair sits with her back to the bars. A faint sound of sobbing is heard.
Aug 31 20:12:12 <Aoi> *a teenaged girl
Aug 31 20:12:13 <Dexanote> Chainshank looks at 4
Aug 31 20:12:36 <Dawny> Kay follows the group, but keeps her eyes away from the cages.
Aug 31 20:12:37 <Salmander> Redd takes a handkerchief out of his front pocket and hands it to the girl.
Aug 31 20:12:48 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe moves over to cage 6. "Excuse me?"
Aug 31 20:13:06 <Aoi> Inside four is a young man, about 19, sitting at a wooden table with a china dish in front of him. He is bound in an straightjacket, and a pile of human limbs lays on the plate in front of him.
Aug 31 20:13:21 <Aoi> A dog's collar on his neck identifies him as 'Blue.'
Aug 31 20:13:23 <Salmander> Redd looks at Zoe and put a glove finger over where his mouth would be. "Ssshhh."
Aug 31 20:13:29 <Dexanote> "Eh."
Aug 31 20:13:30 <Aoi> Okay, let me describe all of the cages in turn.
Aug 31 20:13:35 <Aoi> Then you can react.
Aug 31 20:13:50 <Zoe_Chantilli> ((kk))
Aug 31 20:13:56 <Nioki> Alanoch walks in a line from left to right, looking at each in turn.
Aug 31 20:14:19 <Aoi> Six is the girl. Four is 'Blue'. One is the Dancers.
Aug 31 20:16:08 <Aoi> Inside two is a person in a clown's outfit. Her body is female, but the head of what could be her twin brother has been stapled right next to hers. She smiles and sits quietly at a doll-like plastic table. The male head looks away. starring at nothing.
Aug 31 20:16:33 <Aoi> Three…there's nothing in three you can see, but the walls appear to be coated with red biofilm.
Aug 31 20:16:54 <Aoi> Go.
Aug 31 20:17:16 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe moves to cage 6. "Miss?"
Aug 31 20:17:16 <Salmander> Salmander Redd takes a handkerchief out of his front pocket and hands it to the girl. (In #6)
Aug 31 20:17:21 <Dexanote> "I don' think i like it much here…"
Aug 31 20:17:27 <Salmander> Salmander Redd looks at Zoe and put a glove finger over where his mouth would be. "Ssshhh."
Aug 31 20:17:37 * Heiden (ten.htuoslleb.mem.F3B31EEB-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.mem.F3B31EEB-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 20:17:37 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Heiden
Aug 31 20:18:43 <Nioki> Alanoch steps back. He looks around the cages.
Aug 31 20:18:43 <Aoi> The girl looks up at the handkerchief and takes it, dainty, without revealing her face.. She pauses. "Thank you." It's muffled, as if coming through a thick wall.
Aug 31 20:18:51 <PaulS_laptop> john takes the sights in, watching te show.
Aug 31 20:19:10 <Zoe_Chantilli> "This may be a dumb question, but are you alright?"
Aug 31 20:19:15 <Dawny> Kay looks away from the cages, still mumbling.
Aug 31 20:19:51 <Salmander> Redd tips his hat to the girl and goes to take a peek into the big top.
Aug 31 20:20:06 <Gerald> Charon chuckles. "I wish to meet this Dr. Dine." He goes with Redd towards the Big Top.
Aug 31 20:20:23 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe tries to move around the cage, tryig to get a clear look at then girl.
Aug 31 20:20:25 <PaulS_laptop> John falls in with Charon and Redd «come on guys, let's go see the main event!»
Aug 31 20:20:44 <Dexanote> Chainshank's already going there
Aug 31 20:20:57 <Dawny> «Do I have to?»
Aug 31 20:21:25 <Aoi> The girl pauses for a second, clearly considering something. She then stands and turns, revealing the furry reverse jointed goat legs extending from under her light green dress.
Aug 31 20:21:30 <Gerald> «You wish to leave, yes? Then we must gather information on this carnival.»
Aug 31 20:21:48 <Nioki> "I imagine some of you want to be free," he says, standing at the center of the cages.
Aug 31 20:21:51 <PaulS_laptop> «Let's stick together, shall we? The last thing I want to do is tell Jason we got one of y'all lost»
Aug 31 20:21:52 <Aoi> Her face is covered with a crude iron mask, being only adorned with several large locks and eye holes.
Aug 31 20:21:53 <Salmander> Too bad Redd's already gone, goat girl
Aug 31 20:22:07 <Aoi> zoe is still there
Aug 31 20:22:22 <Salmander> Zoe would only whine
Aug 31 20:22:24 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Oh dear god…What did they do to you…."
Aug 31 20:22:43 <Dawny> Kay grumbles and grabs Zoe. "Come on"
Aug 31 20:22:48 <PaulS_laptop> «Zoe, come ON.»
Aug 31 20:22:58 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I…I can get herout though. I can pick those locks. I can get her out…."
Aug 31 20:23:08 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe lets herself be drug away by Kay.
Aug 31 20:23:12 <PaulS_laptop> "Not our problem, zoe."
Aug 31 20:23:13 <Salmander> "What, and miss the show?"
Aug 31 20:23:18 <Dawny> "Zoe, don't make me carry you"
Aug 31 20:23:23 <PaulS_laptop> "definitely not our problem."
Aug 31 20:23:23 <Aoi> Blue is the only one who responds to Alanoch's question in the slightest - he glances from the plate in front of him to the girl in Six.
Aug 31 20:23:25 <Zoe_Chantilli> ""Who's problem is it then…."
Aug 31 20:23:41 <PaulS_laptop> "Dine's, perhaps."
Aug 31 20:23:44 <Aoi> The gesture is almost lazy, as if he can't muster the effort even needed to do that.
Aug 31 20:23:52 <PaulS_laptop> "More than likely, their own and nobody else's."
Aug 31 20:24:04 <Nioki> He watches them all. A pair of corkscrewing black threads circle his head.
Aug 31 20:24:34 <Dawny> "Zoe, please…I don't want to be here, you don't want to be here…please?"
Aug 31 20:25:21 <Gerald> "Do you really think the curators of this establishment will allow it? I would not be surprised if they made you an attraction and threw you in a cage alongside these poor fools if you tried!"
Aug 31 20:25:28 <Salmander> Redd looks into the big top.
Aug 31 20:25:30 <MisterFlames> Midnight looks at the woman curiously, and tries to check this against her knowledge of folklore and the occult."
Aug 31 20:25:32 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe looks back at the girl in the iron mask as Kay drags her away.
Aug 31 20:25:44 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I can get out of any cage."
Aug 31 20:25:44 <Aoi> A young girl running around falls atop a young man, pinning him. She screams 'gotcha!' delightedly, and then withdraws a butcher knife and jams it into the boy's throat.
Aug 31 20:26:26 <Aoi> The girl in Six holds onto the bars and watches her being drawn away with green eyes staring out from the mask.
Aug 31 20:26:29 <Dexanote> "… thas differen." Might have sarcasm
Aug 31 20:26:29 <Dawny> Kay jumps. "Let's go" She takes another drag off her cigarette.
Aug 31 20:26:34 <Gerald> "Then go and be an idiot, we have been whisked away through time an space, undoubtedly they can make a cage you yourself cannot escape." Charon shakes his head, and follows Redd.
Aug 31 20:26:35 <MisterFlames> "Okay, then…"
Aug 31 20:26:43 <Aoi> Nothing, Flames
Aug 31 20:27:00 <Nioki> He turns to follow the others. A cloud of black threads stays behind, keeping the shape of his body. It slowly dissolves.
Aug 31 20:27:00 <Dawny> "Shut *up* Charon"
Aug 31 20:27:04 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe follows Kay, head down.
Aug 31 20:27:28 <PaulS_laptop> John is soundly in the middle of the group.
Aug 31 20:27:32 <MisterFlames> Midnight walks around curiously, although she's a bit wary, too.
Aug 31 20:28:16 <Aoi> Inside, the Big Top is dark…only a single spot light shines down on a sand floor. Bleachers line the walls, shrouded in shadow.
Aug 31 20:28:21 <Nioki> "Charon, you know how they don't trust you? I trust you even less than that. You won't be insulted, of course, because for you that's just common sense."
Aug 31 20:28:40 <Salmander> Redd walks in and sits down at the edge of the bleachers
Aug 31 20:28:44 <Dawny> Kay drapes an arm around Zoe. "I know, we'll talk later okay?"
Aug 31 20:29:18 <Gerald> "Oh, a spy who formerly was of the Chaos Insurgency, not trusted? Truly, a surprise."
Aug 31 20:29:21 <PaulS_laptop> john looks towards the spotlight. He's more interested in things other than the two weepy dipshits.
Aug 31 20:29:34 <MisterFlames> Midnight finds a spot with the others. She hops up on Zoe's lap."
Aug 31 20:29:39 <Dexanote> Shank pats Charon on the back, climbing up behind the others
Aug 31 20:29:43 <PaulS_laptop> "you two can fight later. Let's just enjoy the show for now."
Aug 31 20:29:44 <Aoi> There is nothing else in the big top but the light and the bleachers.
Aug 31 20:29:46 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe pets, thearpy cat time.
Aug 31 20:29:48 <Nioki> "Of course."
Aug 31 20:30:20 <Nioki> Beneath the surface, Alanoch is livid. And planning.
Aug 31 20:30:38 <Salmander> Redd watches the center spot light from his seat. "C'mon, let's get this show goin'!"
Aug 31 20:31:39 <Gerald> Charon sits down, knees banging out all kinds of angles.
Aug 31 20:32:04 <Aoi> A few more lights flick on at a diagonal level, illuminating the center further. A man in a top hat and with a cane strolls into the center of the light and grins weakly.
Aug 31 20:32:06 <Dexanote> shank puts his legs up.
Aug 31 20:32:26 <Salmander> "Yeah! Whoo!" Redd claps.
Aug 31 20:33:05 <Dawny> "Tell me when it's over…" Kay looks at her legs.
Aug 31 20:33:16 <Aoi> He grins wider at Redd's calls, and then claps his hands lightly. At once, all the noise the children make outside comes to an end. They begin to file in, two by two, girl and boy, hand in hand.
Aug 31 20:33:36 <Salmander> "'Ey, here comes the clowns!"
Aug 31 20:33:44 <Zoe_Chantilli> "That's creepy…"
Aug 31 20:34:10 <Dawny> "Notlookingnotlookingnotlooking" Kay lights another cigarette.
Aug 31 20:34:12 <Aoi> The knife girl and the murdered boy file in, last of all. The boy is spouting a massive neck wound, but still heads up to the bleachers with the others.
Aug 31 20:34:16 <Nioki> Alanoch concentrates as he stares down, pulling in light that touches him, storing it, and stretching it.
Aug 31 20:34:35 <Salmander> Redd is just watching
Aug 31 20:34:42 <Gerald> Charon holds his chin in a hand, resting the elbow on his knee. He watches.
Aug 31 20:34:43 <Dexanote> "Yor doin it wrong."
Aug 31 20:34:45 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe takes Kay's hand and puts it on Midnight. "Here…You'll feel better."
Aug 31 20:34:47 <Aoi> Most of them trail blood on the sandy floor, bleeding from wounds.
Aug 31 20:35:16 <Dawny> Kay pets Midnight lightly. "I fucking hate this place"
Aug 31 20:35:40 <Salmander> "I wonder who cleans up all that goddamn blood."
Aug 31 20:35:43 <Aoi> They calmly sit down, filling the stands. The man in the center nods jauntily, and claps again. The music starts up.
Aug 31 20:35:48 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Me too…"
Aug 31 20:36:23 <Dawny> Kay's hands tremble and she fights to control her need to fix them.
Aug 31 20:37:13 <PaulS_laptop> "Probably just soaks in"
Aug 31 20:37:29 <Dexanote> Shank wonders if he's seen ANY plant life since he's come in.
Aug 31 20:38:07 <Aoi> Pine trees, on each side of the path outside.
Aug 31 20:38:16 <Gerald> Charon makes a mental note to remember the man in the top hat.
Aug 31 20:38:47 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Don't worry Kay…we'll get them."
Aug 31 20:38:59 <Dawny> "They're going to die"
Aug 31 20:39:13 <Aoi> The man opens his mouth to speak; stops and wets his lips nervously. When he does speak, it is rather quiet and nervous. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest show in the world."
Aug 31 20:39:14 <Dexanote> "Kinda obvious."
Aug 31 20:39:21 <Aoi> There's a pregnant silence.
Aug 31 20:39:38 <Aoi> The children let loose a deafening "BOO" and pelt him with sharp objects and food.
Aug 31 20:39:41 <Dexanote> "But judgin from tha bit wit tha little girl righ' there I'm not too worried. She couldn't kill a joke."
Aug 31 20:39:59 <PaulS_laptop> John starts…clapping?
Aug 31 20:40:04 <Salmander> Redd laughs. "This is fuckin' hilarious."
Aug 31 20:40:15 <PaulS_laptop> he shrugs and continues with an attempt at applause
Aug 31 20:40:25 <Aoi> The wound on the boy is obviously fatal - he's a good push from having his head fall off.
Aug 31 20:40:50 <PaulS_laptop> "Indeed it is, Redd."
Aug 31 20:40:55 <Dexanote> "… Wait a tic thaz cheating."
Aug 31 20:41:01 <PaulS_laptop> "have I mentioned how much I despise children?"
Aug 31 20:41:03 <Gerald> Charon chuckles.
Aug 31 20:41:26 <Aoi> The man cowers as the children laugh uproariously. He grinds his teeth, waits for them to calm down, and then claps again.
Aug 31 20:41:37 <Dawny> Kay sets her jaw and pulls her hands away from Midnight, clenching her fists.
Aug 31 20:41:47 <Salmander> "You guys really wanna save these brats? I mean, come one, they're much more hilarious right here."
Aug 31 20:42:04 <Zoe_Chantilli> "I don't know about them. But the people in the cage…"
Aug 31 20:42:13 <Nioki> "I want to kill everyone who supports this."
Aug 31 20:42:19 <Dawny> "They're just babies"
Aug 31 20:42:28 <PaulS_laptop> "I support killing the children, does that count?"
Aug 31 20:42:55 <Aoi> A light shows up on the far side of the tent - it's the dancers. Another child with a missing eye and a bandage around his neck brings in the music box and sets it near her, winding it.
Aug 31 20:42:59 <Salmander> "Hey, Johnny, get ready with that flamethrower, wouldja?"
Aug 31 20:43:25 <PaulS_laptop> "it's already ready."
Aug 31 20:43:38 <Dexanote> 4df+2 random perception roll
Aug 31 20:43:38 <Quidmore> Dexanote: random perception roll: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
Aug 31 20:43:56 <Zoe_Chantilli> "Be careful…if all of these kids turn on us, we could have a real problem."
Aug 31 20:43:56 <Nioki> "That this place exists is not acceptable."
Aug 31 20:44:01 <Gerald> "I must wonder if the children around us are truly candid, or merely part of the act."
Aug 31 20:44:07 <Aoi> The circus music dims - and the music box slowly puts out a tune.
Aug 31 20:44:11 <Aoi>
Aug 31 20:44:11 <Quidmore> Aoi: Thank you for being born - length 3m 15s - rated 5.00/5.0 (11) - 2,859 views - GaiaGuy7191 on 2010.08.08
Aug 31 20:44:24 <MisterFlames> "Good question, Charon. I'm not about to test it."
Aug 31 20:44:56 <PaulS_laptop> "if these kids turn on us, I'll have quite a lot of fun."
Aug 31 20:44:58 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe looks around for the ringmaster, if he's off to the side or still in the center.
Aug 31 20:45:10 <Salmander> Redd looks around. "Aw, what's this softy crap?"
Aug 31 20:45:11 <Dawny> "Either way they're hurt, and that's not okay"
Aug 31 20:45:44 <Aoi> The woman begins a slow dance that should by all rights should be impossible, the rippling flesh of her multiple bodies moving quietly in a practiced motions. It's rather entrancing, if you can get around how gross it is.
Aug 31 20:46:29 <Salmander> Redd leans back, seeming kind of bored.
Aug 31 20:46:47 <Aoi> Her stubbed and blackened feet begin to bleed from the effert. They're barely nubs at this point.
Aug 31 20:46:49 <Dawny> Kay keeps her eyes down.
Aug 31 20:47:19 <Aoi> She continues this, all of the heads with their eyes closed in concentration.
Aug 31 20:47:20 <Gerald> Charon keeps an eye out on the top hat dude. "I wonder if that man is an actor, or the ringmaster?"
Aug 31 20:47:22 <Zoe_Chantilli> Zoe keeps looking for the ringmaster. If he's close to the walls…
Aug 31 20:47:25 <Dexanote> Shank leans in, supporting himself on chairs. His face glows a dull red.
Aug 31 20:47:31 <Aoi> The ringmaster remains in the center.
Aug 31 20:47:45 <Aoi> The center light is off, but his shadow is clearly visible.
Aug 31 20:47:57 <Aoi> * silhouette
Aug 31 20:48:27 <Aoi> The dance ends, and the women stand, all panting in a pile of their own blood. There's another pause…
Aug 31 20:48:43 <Aoi> "THAT FUCKING SUCKED!" A twelve year old throws popcorn.
Aug 31 20:48:58 <Aoi> As if on cue, the others join in, laughing.
Aug 31 20:48:59 <Salmander> "FUCKIN' RIGHT!"
Aug 31 20:49:15 <Dawny> "Language young man!"
Aug 31 20:49:48 <PaulS_laptop> John laughs his ass off, more at Kay than anything else.
Aug 31 20:50:15 * Salmander is now known as Salaway
Aug 31 20:50:25 * Zoe_Chantilli has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 20:51:23 <Gerald> "Kay, I do not believe any of this things will care, much less do I believe that they are actual children."
Aug 31 20:51:26 <Nioki> Alanoch just keeps staring, right towards the ringmaster's eyes.
Aug 31 20:51:46 <Aoi> The woman retreats to the shadows, her heads hung in disappointment. A girl sticks a wad of bubblegum in one of the head's hair. The children hiss and catcall and boo.
Aug 31 20:52:44 <MisterFlames> Midnight watches quietly, paying attention to the show and the surroundings.
Aug 31 20:53:02 <PaulS_laptop> "After the show, I wanna test something."
Aug 31 20:53:16 <Aoi> The center light turns on again, and the man from before is in the center. He looks…nervously up at the children.
Aug 31 20:53:16 <Dawny> "Did I ask your opinion?"
Aug 31 20:53:28 <Gerald> "No."
Aug 31 20:53:30 <Aoi> "What do you little brats want?"
Aug 31 20:53:34 <Dexanote> the chairs creak under Shank's grip.
Aug 31 20:53:39 <Aoi> "THE GEEK! THE GEEK! THE GEEK!"
Aug 31 20:53:40 <Dawny> "Then shut up"
Aug 31 20:53:51 <Aoi> It's a roar, simultaneous.
Aug 31 20:53:56 <Aoi> They stomp their feet.
Aug 31 20:55:01 <Dawny> "Hey! That's not nice! Use proper names!"
Aug 31 20:55:20 <PaulS_laptop> "Kay."
Aug 31 20:55:30 <Gerald> Charon's doing his best not to openly laugh at the attempts to get the children in line.
Aug 31 20:55:35 <Dawny> "Shut up John"
Aug 31 20:55:42 <MisterFlames> "Geek for sideshows is a professional title, Kay."
Aug 31 20:55:58 <Dawny> "That doesn't make it right."
Aug 31 20:56:04 * Dexanote is now known as DexAway
Aug 31 20:57:24 <Nioki> "This whole place is wrong. You've seen that by now."
Aug 31 20:57:37 <Aoi> The man grinds his teeth again. "Fine! Goddamn…" He claps once.
Aug 31 20:59:29 <Dawny> "And I'm going to do what I can to correct those young enough to learn."
Aug 31 20:59:44 <Gerald> "I must say, this ringmaster cannot be Dr. Dine. He is rather frightened of the children, something I would not expect from the owner of this establishment."
Aug 31 20:59:54 <PaulS_laptop> "Something tells me they've been around here a lot longer than you or I've been alive."
Aug 31 21:00:09 <Dawny> "They're only babies"
Aug 31 21:00:32 * DexAway is now known as Dexa
Aug 31 21:01:10 <PaulS_laptop> "So?"
Aug 31 21:01:20 <Aoi> 'Blue' appears from the shadows, stepping into the spotlight. He just looks utterly bored to be there. The children laugh with delight.
Aug 31 21:01:28 <Nioki> "They put a knife in my back."
Aug 31 21:01:44 <Aoi> The Ringmaster whispers something to him; he doesn't reply.
Aug 31 21:01:57 <Salaway> "That's the fuckin' 'Geek'?"
Aug 31 21:01:58 <MisterFlames> "Oh, yes… same here." Midnight says softly.
Aug 31 21:01:59 <Dawny> "Wait…that was…but they're just children."
Aug 31 21:02:13 <Nioki> "Stop saying that when you know it isn't true."
Aug 31 21:02:28 <MisterFlames> "Things are not always as they seem, Kayleigh. Remember the rabbit last night?"
Aug 31 21:03:28 <Dawny> Kay takes a breath and lights another cigarette. "I hate all of you"
Aug 31 21:03:52 <Gerald> "I believe that has been established at this point."
Aug 31 21:03:55 <PaulS_laptop> "And?"
Aug 31 21:03:57 <Salaway> "Shut up, I'm tryin' to watch a show here!"
Aug 31 21:03:58 <Aoi> Blue sighs wearily as two twin boys wheel in…what can only be described as a pile 6 foot long centipede of meat and organs with the head of a teenaged girl.
Aug 31 21:04:26 <Dexa> 4df+2 is it naturally like that or grafted
Aug 31 21:04:26 <Quidmore> Dexa: is it naturally like that or grafted: 1 (4df+2=+, -, 0, -)
Aug 31 21:04:33 <Aoi> Grafted. Staples.
Aug 31 21:04:33 <Dawny> "Not you John, just…the rest"
Aug 31 21:04:42 <PaulS_laptop> "And why not me?"
Aug 31 21:05:11 <Dawny> "Because you're human…and not magic in any way."
Aug 31 21:06:05 <Salaway> "Hey, I'm not magic, ok. I was made by a fuckin' scientist."
Aug 31 21:06:08 <Aoi> The children find the mere appearence of this creature hilarious, laughing until some of their throats begin to obviously wear sore. The boy with the wound literally laughs his head off - it falls to the dirt and continues to screech with laughter.
Aug 31 21:06:10 <Dexa> "… I don' like this." He squeezes the chairs before him, digging into the wood. "'es doin it wrong."
Aug 31 21:06:11 <PaulS_laptop> "That you know of" he chuckles and goes back to watching the show
Aug 31 21:06:34 <Dexa> "If yor not gonna kill em don't do anythin at all."
Aug 31 21:07:01 <Salaway> "Oh, /that's/ the geek."
Aug 31 21:07:13 <Nioki> "He."
Aug 31 21:07:41 <PaulS_laptop> "A geek's somethin' that eats things like live chickens, or human centepedes, redd."
Aug 31 21:07:50 <Aoi> Blue looks at the girl, crouches down next to her (getting some loose popcorn from the stands for his trouble) and whispers to her. She obviously gulps, pale, and then touches his face. He closes his eyes for a second, and then goes to the foot of the wheelbarrow.
Aug 31 21:08:12 <Gerald> Charon watches, reminded of some of the beasts used by the Insurgency.
Aug 31 21:08:33 <Aoi> He swallows, and opens his mouth. Dog's canines appear as his jaw seemingly comes unhinged.
Aug 31 21:09:12 <Aoi> The children go quiet in anticipation.
Aug 31 21:09:25 <Dexa> "… Whut."
Aug 31 21:09:43 <Gerald> "I believe this is to be our show, yes?"
Aug 31 21:10:30 * Tom90deg (~PI.6219D1E7.025CE2A6.2C0253E1|ged09moT#PI.6219D1E7.025CE2A6.2C0253E1|ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:10:55 <Aoi> Blue begins stuffing his face with the foot of the centipede, stuffing the viscera and organs in his mouth rapidly - his teeth reduce it into red mush incredibly quickly.
Aug 31 21:11:00 <Dawny> "Fuckthisplace" Kay smokes her cigarette, looking down.
Aug 31 21:11:29 <Aoi> The head at the top of the body screams in pain. The children laugh even harder at this spectacle.
Aug 31 21:11:31 <PaulS_laptop> John watches.
Aug 31 21:11:36 <Nioki> Alanoch stands.
Aug 31 21:11:39 <Nioki> "No."
Aug 31 21:11:57 <PaulS_laptop> "Alan, don't do something rash and fuck us all over by tipping our hand."
Aug 31 21:12:22 <Salaway> "Well that's not even fuckin' entertainin'."
Aug 31 21:12:39 <Nioki> "If you'd sit and let this happen, your death can only improve the species."
Aug 31 21:12:41 <Tom90deg> "We need to do something. We can't just sit here and watch."
Aug 31 21:12:42 <Dawny> "I'm with him, this is wrong"
Aug 31 21:13:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks for a backstage entrance.
Aug 31 21:13:23 <PaulS_laptop> "Alan, I'm sitting and letting this happen. because I don't want to end up some freak. And because it's not our problem."
Aug 31 21:13:29 <Salaway> Redd gets up from his seat. "Eh, this is a gong show."
Aug 31 21:13:46 <Dexa> "… I used ta know a kid who ate people."
Aug 31 21:13:50 <Dexa> "He hated me."
Aug 31 21:13:51 <PaulS_laptop> "It is a pretty lousy show, though."
Aug 31 21:14:02 <Dexa> "Couldn't eat me. Only meat."
Aug 31 21:14:20 <Nioki> "Your reasons are quite irrelevant."
Aug 31 21:14:31 <Aoi> He eats and eats - the teeth and mouth never stop moving. He gets to her head, and the ringmaster taps him on the shoulder.
Aug 31 21:14:41 <Salaway> "No wonder they're givin' tickets away, they should be payin' us." Redd steps out of the bleachers and makes for the exit.
Aug 31 21:14:58 <PaulS_laptop> "Regardless, don't make checks your ass can't cash, boy."
Aug 31 21:15:12 <PaulS_laptop> "I want my time back for this lousy fuckin show."
Aug 31 21:15:18 <PaulS_laptop> John too, rises.
Aug 31 21:15:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows, going outside.
Aug 31 21:15:42 <Dexa> Shank watches still, still.
Aug 31 21:15:56 <PaulS_laptop> "Shank, you coming?"
Aug 31 21:15:57 <Aoi> He stops, quite reluctantly, and raises the head. The girl is still alive, still screaming. The children pelt the head with more popcorn (where do they get it all?) some fall into her open mouth.
Aug 31 21:15:59 <Dawny> Kay stands and keeps her eyes down.
Aug 31 21:16:00 <Gerald> Charon sighs. "If you wish to destroy this place, it would be best to understand it first. Watch and see who is in control."
Aug 31 21:16:28 <Nioki> "I'm always watching."
Aug 31 21:16:29 <Aoi> The children laugh themselves into a riot, and Blue places the head back in the wheelbarrow.
Aug 31 21:16:37 <Tom90deg> "I don't want to understand it, I want to destory it."
Aug 31 21:17:11 <Gerald> "Yes, go right ahead and start a fire, see the reactions. Knowledge is power, or so the saying goes."
Aug 31 21:17:16 <Aoi> The two twins appear again, and wheel the girl and Blue back into the shadows.
Aug 31 21:17:34 <Salaway> Redd waits at the entrance, looking at the sky or stars or whatever. "What a rip."
Aug 31 21:18:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe waits in the entrance.
Aug 31 21:18:43 <Dexa> Shank comes last, glowing a dull red. He doesn't /feel/ any different.
Aug 31 21:18:43 <Dawny> Kay trembles and stands outside, still smoking.
Aug 31 21:18:47 <Dexa> face glowing
Aug 31 21:18:50 <Aoi> The man looks back up at the children nervously. They must be appeased, as they fall over themselves laughing even as they stand and move en masse out of the bleachers.
Aug 31 21:19:12 <Gerald> Charon stands. "Now is the time." He walks against the crowd, towards the ringmaster.
Aug 31 21:19:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows Charon.
Aug 31 21:19:57 <MisterFlames> Midnight isn't certain what to do here, honestly. She decides to stay with Zoe at the moment.
Aug 31 21:20:32 <Aoi> The ringmaster shakes visibly as the children exit. He pulls his hat over his eyes and race walks to the back of the tent.
Aug 31 21:20:35 <Nioki> Alanoch follows alongside, his eyes not reflecting as much light as they should.
Aug 31 21:20:35 <PaulS_laptop> John takes up a position to cover Charon "Shank, cover me."
Aug 31 21:21:04 <Salaway> Redd follows along with Charon. "How about this time you talk first, eh?"
Aug 31 21:21:20 <Dexa> Shank obediently covers John.
Aug 31 21:21:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads towards the ringmaster, staring at him.
Aug 31 21:21:40 * Nusquam (||tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:21:40 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteractionmission Nusquam
Aug 31 21:21:40 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Nusquam
Aug 31 21:22:09 <Aoi> He's quite obviously not bothering with anything in the big top, muttering to himself and not looking at anything but the ground.
Aug 31 21:22:16 <Gerald> Charon chuckles. "That may be best." He hops down towards the ring.
Aug 31 21:22:21 <Aoi> He rounds a bleacher.
Aug 31 21:23:03 <Gerald> "Ah, hello there!" Charon addresses Ringmaster!
Aug 31 21:23:05 <Dawny> Kay puts her hand on her side arm and follows, the first time her eyes have been off the ground in a while.
Aug 31 21:23:18 <Gerald> He moves after him.
Aug 31 21:23:18 * Tom90deg_ (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:23:37 <Tom90deg_> "Oi. Top hat. Wait up."
Aug 31 21:23:55 <Aoi> The ringmaster is gone - the only thing under the bleacher is a painted white door, seemingly unsupported.
Aug 31 21:23:58 <Dawny> Kay grwols lowly, knowing she needs to be in the back.
Aug 31 21:24:15 <Dawny> growls*
Aug 31 21:24:17 <Gerald> "Backstage, undoubtedly."
Aug 31 21:24:25 <Tom90deg_> Zoe heads towards the door. "Ready?"
Aug 31 21:24:33 <Nioki> "Just open it."
Aug 31 21:24:33 * Tom90deg has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 21:24:56 <PaulS_laptop> John repositions, moving up to the group, motioning to Shank to keep his ass covered.
Aug 31 21:24:56 <Dexa> Shank looks at the door. I presume everyone's in teh same spot
Aug 31 21:25:07 <Tom90deg_> Zoe opens the door.
Aug 31 21:25:09 <Dexa> He nods.
Aug 31 21:26:12 <Aoi> Beyond the frame of the door is a simple, clinic, white hallway. Anyone that worked in a Site before will recognize it as Foundation craft. At the end of the hallways lies another door.
Aug 31 21:26:21 <PaulS_laptop> Out comes the 240
Aug 31 21:26:39 <Dawny> Kay pulls her side arm out of the holster.
Aug 31 21:26:44 <Tom90deg_> "Well? down the hallway?"
Aug 31 21:26:49 <PaulS_laptop> "Why would a site corridor?"
Aug 31 21:27:02 <Dexa> Shank shifts slowly, growing a bit taller.
Aug 31 21:27:35 * Salaway is now known as Salmander
Aug 31 21:27:36 <Nioki> 4df+4 Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy, held. Alanoch has stored quite a bit of light by now.
Aug 31 21:27:36 <Quidmore> Nioki: Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy, held. Alanoch has stored quite a bit of light by now.: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Aug 31 21:27:41 <Gerald> "A Foundation site? Now, I am impressed." He walks into it.
Aug 31 21:27:45 <Nioki> Apparently not enough.
Aug 31 21:27:59 <Aoi> Those paper lanterns were pretty weak. Understandable.
Aug 31 21:28:00 <Tom90deg_> Zoe follows, keeping a careful eye. "Midnight, I don't suppose you could track him somehow?"
Aug 31 21:28:10 <PaulS_laptop> John takes up a position behind Charon and Zoe.
Aug 31 21:28:24 <Dexa> Shank behind John.
Aug 31 21:28:31 <PaulS_laptop> "Whatever's behind the next door might not be as pleased to see us. get ready to kill shit.
Aug 31 21:28:57 <Salmander> Redd stand to Charon's left and puts a glove on his magnum.
Aug 31 21:29:21 <Gerald> "We are stranded in an unknown location that contains monstrosities and uses them as a sideshow. Perhaps diplomacy is a wiser alternative."
Aug 31 21:29:51 <Salmander> "Alright, you be good cop I'll be bad cop."
Aug 31 21:29:53 <Dawny> "Fuck your diplomacy"
Aug 31 21:30:04 <Tom90deg_> "I agree. Fuck it."
Aug 31 21:30:09 <PaulS_laptop> "Fuck that. Last time I was in the middle of fuck all, I got out by killing shit."
Aug 31 21:30:14 <Gerald> Charon sighs.
Aug 31 21:30:20 <Nioki> "Let them work."
Aug 31 21:30:25 <PaulS_laptop> "killing shit and burning it down."
Aug 31 21:30:39 <PaulS_laptop> "and for the record, places like this are why I want a nuke."
Aug 31 21:30:47 <Nioki> "The more information we have, the better."
Aug 31 21:30:52 <Tom90deg_> "For once, I'm in agreement."
Aug 31 21:30:52 <PaulS_laptop> John boots the door in.
Aug 31 21:31:14 <Salmander> "No, but seriously tallman, go ask to polite- ARE YOU FUCKED?"
Aug 31 21:31:33 <Nioki> "…Why is it the people I trust the least are the only ones who behave in a sane manner."
Aug 31 21:31:48 <Aoi> it's because of your terrible judgement alanoch
Aug 31 21:31:58 <Aoi> Melee weapons John
Aug 31 21:32:05 <PaulS_laptop> 4df
Aug 31 21:32:05 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: 1 (4df=+, +, 0, -)
Aug 31 21:32:14 <Tom90deg_> "Lets move. I want to find that ringmaster and beat him."
Aug 31 21:32:16 <Aoi> 4df i'mma door
Aug 31 21:32:16 <Quidmore> Aoi: i'mma door: -4 (4df=-, -, -, -)
Aug 31 21:32:19 <Aoi> lmao
Aug 31 21:32:26 <Dexa> obviously not DOOR
Aug 31 21:32:28 <Aoi> John kicks the shit out of the door somehow.
Aug 31 21:32:44 <Dexa> Breaks off its hinges.
Aug 31 21:32:58 <Dawny> "Hey…does that mean you trust me, or you think I'm sane?"
Aug 31 21:33:09 <MisterFlames> Midnight's ears tuck up tight to her skull.
Aug 31 21:33:10 <Salmander> "That is a flimsy lookin' door by the way. I woudln't put that as the entrance to the shitter."
Aug 31 21:33:11 <Nioki> "Not now."
Aug 31 21:33:26 <PaulS_laptop> What do they see past not-DOOR?
Aug 31 21:34:08 <Dawny> "I'll ask later"
Aug 31 21:34:53 <Aoi> It goes down to reveal a Foundation Site Director's office. A set of monitors on the back walls shows the interior of the freak show cages. A man in a black leather chair sits with his back to them, a single hand with a tumbler of brown liquid visible.
Aug 31 21:35:45 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "and the answer is a gun". Machine gun fire. lots of it.
Aug 31 21:35:45 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: tagging "and the answer is a gun". Machine gun fire. lots of it.: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
Aug 31 21:36:07 <Nioki> Alanoch looks at the walls. He knows this style.
Aug 31 21:36:20 <Dexa> Shank's light glows bright, lighting the room as much as he can.
Aug 31 21:36:23 <Gerald> 4df+2 Athletics, pull the gun away from John Maneuver
Aug 31 21:36:23 <Quidmore> Gerald: Athletics, pull the gun away from John Maneuver: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, 0)
Aug 31 21:37:12 <Salmander> 4df+1 Athletics, tackle John and ask him if he's fucking insane maneuver
Aug 31 21:37:12 <Quidmore> Salmander: Athletics, tackle John and ask him if he's fucking insane maneuver: 1 (4df+1=+, -, -, +)
Aug 31 21:38:03 <Gerald> 4df+2 Gimme that!
Aug 31 21:38:03 <Quidmore> Gerald: Gimme that!: 1 (4df+2=0, +, -, -)
Aug 31 21:38:16 <Gerald> Charon makes a grab for the gun. "You idiot!"
Aug 31 21:38:30 <Dexa> 4df+3 oppose Redd : : Chainshank grabs Redd's collar and pulls him back, not looking away from the chair.
Aug 31 21:38:30 <Quidmore> Dexa: oppose Redd : : Chainshank grabs Redd's collar and pulls him back, not looking away from the chair.: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
Aug 31 21:38:36 <Aoi> Nope. The chair is ventilated, and the screens shatter.
Aug 31 21:38:56 * Dawny has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 31 21:39:15 * Tom90deg__ (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:39:50 <Salmander> Redd hangs there like… a jacket on a hanger. "YOU FUCKIN' MISERABLE PIECE OF SHIT! I OUGHTA FUCKIN' MURDER YOUR TRIGGER HAPPY ASS! LEMME AT HIM!""
Aug 31 21:40:18 * Tom90deg (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.A25A99B5-CRInys|ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:40:22 <Aoi> give dawn 5 minutes here.
Aug 31 21:40:24 * Tom90deg_ has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 21:40:28 <Salmander> Ok
Aug 31 21:41:24 * Dawny (ten.sndomt.82BAC176-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.sndomt.82BAC176-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:43:03 <Aoi> A sigh come from the chair.
Aug 31 21:43:05 <Aoi> *comes
Aug 31 21:43:37 <Salmander> Redd continues to squirm in Chainshank's grasp.
Aug 31 21:43:52 <Aoi> The tumbler comes up and the man takes a drink.
Aug 31 21:44:01 * Gerald has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 21:44:03 <MisterFlames> Not a positive sign, Midnight thinks to herself.
Aug 31 21:44:19 <Tom90deg> "Hello. I think we have something to talk about."
Aug 31 21:45:07 <Dawny> Kay sets her jaw to keep from screaming at the guy drinking when he has children to take care of.
Aug 31 21:45:15 * Tom90deg__ has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 21:45:31 * Tox has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Aug 31 21:45:42 * Tox (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.BC8AA6D8-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.BC8AA6D8-CRInys|agemO) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:45:53 <Aoi> Through the holes in the chair, a white lab coat is visible. "Yes? Shall we talk after I let you in my show for free and then you wreck my office?"
Aug 31 21:46:59 <Tom90deg> "We're a bit upset right now. Shall we start at the begining? What do you want."
Aug 31 21:47:14 <Dexa> "I don' think that was tha best idea, John."
Aug 31 21:47:35 <MisterFlames> "I know it wasn't the best idea, but then again…" Midnight says softly.
Aug 31 21:47:37 <Aoi> A smell emanates from the man…smells like a burning tire.
Aug 31 21:48:04 <PaulS_laptop> "the lack of blood leads me to the same conclusion, shank. Next time remind me to bring grenades."
Aug 31 21:48:07 * Gerald (~PI.06250957.C3AC2A01.0A6905B2|alliztahc#PI.06250957.C3AC2A01.0A6905B2|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 21:48:13 <Dawny> "Burning rubber is toxic to small children."
Aug 31 21:48:23 <Salmander> Redd stops squirming. "Listen. I'm not responsible for this idiot's actions. i just wanna get back to Australia." Redd has no nose.
Aug 31 21:48:31 <Dexa> "'ow about ya wait for erryone else ta make sure 'e doesn't have some sort of magic mollocks swingin around."
Aug 31 21:48:34 <Dexa> *bollocks
Aug 31 21:48:40 <Dexa> He drops Redd finally
Aug 31 21:49:19 <PaulS_laptop> "Which site is this?"
Aug 31 21:52:29 <Gerald> Charon pushes through the door, hands up and palms out.
Aug 31 21:52:49 <Nioki> Alanoch watches and waits, gathering light.
Aug 31 21:52:55 <Gerald> "Ah, apologies for my comrades, they are idiots. Such violence was not the intent, we are here for peaceful reasons."
Aug 31 21:53:08 <Salmander> Redd gets up and dusts himself off, then stands behind Charon.
Aug 31 21:53:14 <Dawny> "Fuck off Charon"
Aug 31 21:53:39 <Gerald> "As I said, idiots."
Aug 31 21:53:55 <Gerald> "If I may simply ask some questions? We shall be on our way afterwords."
Aug 31 21:54:13 <Aoi> The man snorts and drinks again. "Hm…" He whirls in the chair.
Aug 31 21:54:14 <Tom90deg> "I'm still waiting for my answer. What do you want with us."
Aug 31 21:55:02 <Dexa> "Answer us ya fuck."
Aug 31 21:55:03 <Aoi> A man in his early forties with glasses. He looks at Redd and says "Flat."
Aug 31 21:56:33 <Gerald> "Some questions, though. I wished to speak of your /wonderful/ circus, but it appears that this is something unexpected. Is this a Foundation site?"
Aug 31 21:56:36 <Salmander> Redd crumples.
Aug 31 21:56:53 <Dawny> "R-redd?"
Aug 31 21:56:56 <Tom90deg> "Redd?"
Aug 31 21:57:07 <Salmander> "Oof, that hurt."
Aug 31 21:57:38 <Dexa> "… The hell."
Aug 31 21:57:52 <Dawny> "You okay Redd?"
Aug 31 21:58:01 <Aoi> "Site 58 Director Bob Cael, at your service." He looks at Redd's form, amused.
Aug 31 21:58:13 <Salmander> The material he is made out of appears to change. "I… I think I just turned into linen."
Aug 31 21:58:41 <Gerald> "As I surmised. What, pray tell, is this Circus doing attached to Site 58?"
Aug 31 21:58:42 <Dawny> "You're going to wrinkle easier"
Aug 31 21:58:45 <MisterFlames> "Did it clean you?"
Aug 31 21:58:47 <Salmander> His hat turns into a beret. "Ah fuck. Do I look French?"
Aug 31 21:59:12 <Dexa> "… Ya look like laundry."
Aug 31 21:59:27 <Aoi> He rubs his head. "Wait, no. That was other guy. Dr. Dine, at your service. Fucking timey wimey ball." He sighs and takes another drink.
Aug 31 21:59:52 <Tom90deg> "Why are we here though? We were taken here for some reason, I assume."
Aug 31 21:59:54 <Salmander> His colour changes from red to mauve. "Oh, I get it. This colour is /flat/."
Aug 31 22:00:14 <Dexa> "… Ah."
Aug 31 22:01:14 <Aoi> He looks up at Shank's pumpkin and sniffs again. "Bitter."
Aug 31 22:01:35 <Salmander> "Well that ain't gonna change anythin'."
Aug 31 22:01:49 <Dawny> "No wonder the children are so rude"
Aug 31 22:02:50 <Gerald> "Ah, so you /are/ the one Dr. Dine, then. Was not the Foundation destroyed?"
Aug 31 22:03:41 <Dexa> He shudders, as the pumpkin starts turning brown. Bits of mould sprout and overtake the crevices. "Agh…"
Aug 31 22:04:06 <PaulS_laptop> John glances over "Shank?"
Aug 31 22:04:12 <Aoi> Dine watches this with interest as he swirls the tumbler in his hands. "Destroyed? Hardly."
Aug 31 22:04:26 <Dexa> He grips his head. "Agh… What the hell was that…"
Aug 31 22:04:36 <Gerald> "Ah." Charon nods. "And this circus? Dare I ask /its/ purpose?"
Aug 31 22:05:15 <Dexa> The mould sprouts from his eyes, as the pumpkin starts deflating. "Fffff-"
Aug 31 22:05:29 <Dawny> "Shank, that's gross"
Aug 31 22:05:37 <Dexa> "No shit Sherlock."
Aug 31 22:05:48 <Salmander> Redd attempts to pop back up. He appears to be much shorter. A quick glance at his pants reveals several wrinkles caused by his new linen form.
Aug 31 22:06:11 <Dawny> "Told you Redd"
Aug 31 22:06:20 <Aoi> "The circus? SCP-823?" He barely shrugs. "The children got loose in it, and, well, you know how 823 is…" He gestures with the tumbler, vaguely.
Aug 31 22:06:21 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 and turns around and aims a burst for Dine's drinking hand. The one attached to the arm with the glass. This man's pissing him off, and how casual he's acting about it all, to the point of sipping fucking whiskey, tweaks him the wrong way. Perhaps he'll take them more seriously after losing that hand?
Aug 31 22:06:21 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: and turns around and aims a burst for Dine's drinking hand. The one attached to the arm with the glass. This man's pissing him off, and how casual he's acting about it all, to the point of sipping fucking whiskey, tweaks him the wrong way. Perhaps he'll take them more seriously after losing that hand?: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
Aug 31 22:06:43 <Tom90deg> "What's 823?"
Aug 31 22:06:48 <Salmander> Redd look at her and shakes his gloves. "What? You think I chose this? You think I want to be made of fuckin' bed sheets?"
Aug 31 22:06:58 <Aoi> 4df+4 Welp
Aug 31 22:06:59 <Quidmore> Aoi: Welp: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
Aug 31 22:07:08 <Gerald> Charon sighs.
Aug 31 22:08:07 <Nioki> 4df+4 Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy. Alanoch concentrates, pulling in light. This is someone he wants dead.
Aug 31 22:08:08 <Quidmore> Nioki: Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy. Alanoch concentrates, pulling in light. This is someone he wants dead.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
Aug 31 22:08:15 <Salmander> 4df+3 shoot John in the foot with WRINKLE HANDS
Aug 31 22:08:15 <Quidmore> Salmander: shoot John in the foot with WRINKLE HANDS: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
Aug 31 22:08:25 <Aoi> The wrist shatters and the tumbler drops to the ground, shattering.
Aug 31 22:09:10 <Aoi> The liquid shudders, and moves to the left hand, where it forms a globe and rests in the palm. Dine sniffs and looks at his missing hand.
Aug 31 22:10:13 <Aoi> He brings the globe up to his mouth, sips from it, and thinks for a second.
Aug 31 22:10:36 <PaulS_laptop> I'm conceding the roll. John takes the bullet to the foot.
Aug 31 22:10:52 <Dexa> "Augh…" Shank throws the pumpkin across the room, it turning to mush in the air.
Aug 31 22:11:07 <Dawny> "Can we not fight, for once can we not fight?"
Aug 31 22:11:34 <PaulS_laptop> "Dude just crumpled Redd with a word, and rotted Shank's pumpkin"
Aug 31 22:11:47 <Dexa> He goes over and takes a clean notebook from a desk.
Aug 31 22:11:48 <Gerald> "Oh? Is this not what you wanted, dearest Kay? To kill the source of this Circus?"
Aug 31 22:12:09 <PaulS_laptop> "And you somehow don't get that unless someone *tries* something"
Aug 31 22:12:19 <PaulS_laptop> "he'll wipe out all of us"
Aug 31 22:12:20 <Tom90deg> "WE've been asking questions, and all he's been doing is siping from that glass."
Aug 31 22:13:01 <Dawny> "I want to, but don't see the point to *shooting* each other for this sick fuck to watch."
Aug 31 22:13:21 <Dexa> Tendrils and roots wind against the back cover, as the book flips to the first page. A simple triangle-and-zigzag pumpkin head draws itself.
Aug 31 22:13:43 <Aoi> He looks at John dead in the eyes and whispers with a grin - "Smokey."
Aug 31 22:13:50 <Salmander> Redd sighs and advances upon the man, getting ready to pounce.
Aug 31 22:14:25 <Gerald> "Yes, well sadly not all of us are as level headed as myself."
Aug 31 22:14:37 <Dexa> "This is new."
Aug 31 22:15:05 <Salmander> 4df+1 He jumps. Not at the fellow, but at his hand, attempting to soak up the alcohol.
Aug 31 22:15:06 <Quidmore> Salmander: He jumps. Not at the fellow, but at his hand, attempting to soak up the alcohol.: 3 (4df+1=+, 0, +, 0)
Aug 31 22:15:17 <Dawny> "God damn, remind me to yell at you later you dumb fuck"
Aug 31 22:16:52 <PaulS_laptop> John, a man who's lungsd are already pretty shitty, feel even worse
Aug 31 22:17:17 <PaulS_laptop> light coughing, like he's got a tickle in his throat. He grabs his canteen to take a sip
Aug 31 22:17:25 <PaulS_laptop> …and coughs the water back up
Aug 31 22:17:44 <PaulS_laptop> and heavier
Aug 31 22:18:08 <PaulS_laptop> Black smoke begins coming out when he coughs. Like a fucking truck burning oil.
Aug 31 22:18:24 <Tom90deg> "What did you do to him? Stop it!"
Aug 31 22:18:24 <Dawny> "John?" Kay takes out an inhaler and shakes it. "Come here John"
Aug 31 22:18:35 * Salmander is now known as Salaway
Aug 31 22:18:46 <PaulS_laptop> he doubles over briefly, catches himself and then props himself against a wall
Aug 31 22:18:58 <Aoi> "Hm. Textbook reaction." Dine considers his stump of a hand more.
Aug 31 22:19:00 <Dawny> "I…I don't know if this will help much…"
Aug 31 22:19:08 <Gerald> "Now, Dr. Dine, may we leave? I assure you, there is nothing more that we wish."
Aug 31 22:19:49 <Dawny> Kay puts the inhaler in John's mouth and squeezes. "Magicbullshit"
Aug 31 22:20:08 <Aoi> "I have not stopped you from leaving at any time. However, to escape from the Tumbler it must be filled with blood."
Aug 31 22:20:10 <PaulS_laptop> John inhales, as best as he can while coughing up a lung and gasping
Aug 31 22:20:24 <Aoi> "Someone will have to cut that young man, or I will do it when he dies."
Aug 31 22:20:33 <Gerald> "Oh? And what, pray tell, would we receive should we save you?"
Aug 31 22:20:43 <Dexa> Shank walks up.
Aug 31 22:20:51 <Dexa> 4df+4 shiv John's arm.
Aug 31 22:20:51 <Quidmore> Dexa: shiv John's arm.: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Aug 31 22:21:08 <Aoi> "Save me? Young man, I have never wanted to leave."
Aug 31 22:21:12 <Dawny> "Fuck, Shank"
Aug 31 22:21:13 <Aoi> "Why would I leave?"
Aug 31 22:21:22 <Aoi> "I have all my wonderful children all this wonderful drink."
Aug 31 22:21:23 <PaulS_laptop> 4df-4 John really can't defend himself when he's coughing up a lung.
Aug 31 22:21:23 <Quidmore> PaulS_laptop: John really can't defend himself when he's coughing up a lung.: -4 (4df-4=+, +, -, -)
Aug 31 22:21:25 <Dexa> With a splintery bit of wood.
Aug 31 22:21:27 <Dexa> yep.
Aug 31 22:21:33 <Dawny> …
Aug 31 22:21:45 <Nioki> Alanoch focuses.
Aug 31 22:22:04 <Nioki> He waits for the man to try to take another drink.
Aug 31 22:22:04 <Dexa> Where's the tumbler
Aug 31 22:22:37 <Aoi> On the floor in pieces. The man holds the globe of liquid in his remaining hand.
Aug 31 22:22:50 <MisterFlames> "You know," Midnight notes, "this is just like the children. All of the bloody wounds, even fatal ones, but they keep on going. I suspect that is a property of this place."
Aug 31 22:23:26 <Dawny> "I could have gotten blood in a much less painful way you stupid fuck"
Aug 31 22:23:29 <Tom90deg> Zoe thinks to Midnight ~What should we do?~
Aug 31 22:23:29 <Gerald> "Undoubtedly. May we leave?"
Aug 31 22:23:40 <Gerald> "There is no reason for us to stay."
Aug 31 22:23:41 <Dawny> Kay presses the inhaler again
Aug 31 22:24:01 <Dexa> "Whereza tumbler?"
Aug 31 22:24:11 * Salaway is now known as Salmander
Aug 31 22:24:12 <Tom90deg> "Broken."
Aug 31 22:24:24 <MisterFlames> ~Leave. And don't attack him, he's got some sort of ability or resonance. It's not magic as I think of it, but it's something…~
Aug 31 22:24:29 <Dawny> "Fucking shattered you shit stain"
Aug 31 22:24:31 <Dexa> He is soaking John's blood into his hand.
Aug 31 22:24:38 <Dexa> "Ah, tha cup."
Aug 31 22:24:54 <Aoi> "Oh, excuse me." He motions with the hand slightly, and the glass shoots up the side of the desk, forming into the tumbler's shape.
Aug 31 22:25:00 <PaulS_laptop> and John, of course, is bleeding like a stuck pig
Aug 31 22:25:07 <Dexa> Not TAHT bad.
Aug 31 22:25:14 <Dawny> "Now *MOVE*"
Aug 31 22:25:26 <Dexa> Shank lets go, taking the blood to the tumbler and letting it drip in.
Aug 31 22:25:36 <Dexa> "I can not let ya die yet John."
Aug 31 22:25:49 <Aoi> "Ah, excellent." The blood turns into a smoky brown liquid.
Aug 31 22:26:09 <Dawny> 4df+4 water, iodine, gauze, and tape
Aug 31 22:26:09 <Quidmore> Dawny: water, iodine, gauze, and tape: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Aug 31 22:26:46 <Salmander> Redd just watches and tries not to become stained.
Aug 31 22:26:49 <PaulS_laptop> The coughing is fading. he drops the gun on it's sling and fumbles for the canteen again
Aug 31 22:27:05 <Dawny> Kay presses the inhaler again.
Aug 31 22:27:42 <Dexa> "Fix tha rags."
Aug 31 22:27:54 <Aoi> "You should be able to leave now. Even though I really ought to put you all in the cages."
Aug 31 22:28:02 <Aoi> "I'm sure Siren would like a new friend."
Aug 31 22:28:14 <Gerald> "If I may ask, since we are here, what happened to our dear Foundation? If it is not dead, then what happened to it?"
Aug 31 22:28:15 <Nioki> "Why don't you have another drink."
Aug 31 22:30:15 <Tom90deg> "Why don't we just leave…"
Aug 31 22:30:26 <Dawny> "Fuck you, you piece of shit cum stain. There's a special place in hell for you…along with the child molesters and people who talk in the theater."
Aug 31 22:30:27 <Tom90deg> Zoe backs out of the door.
Aug 31 22:31:16 <Aoi> He sighs and swivels in the destroyed chair, looking blankly at the broken screens. "That information is above your clearance level. And I'll drink when I please, young man."
Aug 31 22:31:25 <Salmander> Redd also backs out, returning back to cotton. With a pop his beret turns back into fedora.
Aug 31 22:31:59 <Nioki> "You have to let them go."
Aug 31 22:32:19 <Dawny> "They're *children*"
Aug 31 22:32:26 <Aoi> "Let a bunch of SCPs go?" He barks with laughter.
Aug 31 22:32:32 <Dexa> "Eh. I don' mind."
Aug 31 22:32:35 <Nioki> "The people in the cages."
Aug 31 22:33:02 <Dexa> His voice is really hollow. A page flips and a new face is drawn, much mroe detailed. sinister, with teeth.
Aug 31 22:33:11 <Nioki> "You think the world still cares when something's different?"
Aug 31 22:33:36 <Gerald> Charon sighs. "I so dearly apologize for my companions. And, is it not somewhat unfair to pull us in here, in the middle of a contained Item, force us to watch the show, and this entire," He waves his hands at the group "Incident, and not tell us what the Foundation is currently up to? It is obvious that you still exist, why not just more clarification for those who wish it?"
Aug 31 22:33:38 <MisterFlames> Midnight heads out with Zoe. There's no reason to stay, and every reason to leave.
Aug 31 22:33:43 <Gerald> 4df+4 Persuasion, dude has a point
Aug 31 22:33:43 <Quidmore> Gerald: Persuasion, dude has a point: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Aug 31 22:33:52 <Dexa> nope
Aug 31 22:34:05 <Tom90deg> "Midnight what are we going to do? We can't just…leave these people in their torment…"
Aug 31 22:34:17 <Aoi> "Do you think I care what the world thinks? You're a poison on this reality. A cancer among the clean living. It is with great restraint I don't put you in irons."
Aug 31 22:34:19 <PaulS_laptop> John backs out. He looks seriously irritated.
Aug 31 22:34:26 <Aoi> 4df+6 MDEF
Aug 31 22:34:26 <Quidmore> Aoi: MDEF: 4 (4df+6=0, -, 0, -)
Aug 31 22:34:41 <Aoi> "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Aug 31 22:34:43 <Gerald> "Oh? That does not sound very much like what a Foundation Director would say?"
Aug 31 22:34:52 <Aoi> "I did not pull you in anywhere."
Aug 31 22:34:55 <Dawny> "Then fucking do it you stupid sack of shit"
Aug 31 22:34:58 <Gerald> 4df+4 C'mon, tagging Sly Bastard for a reroll.
Aug 31 22:34:58 <Quidmore> Gerald: C'mon, tagging Sly Bastard for a reroll.: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Aug 31 22:35:02 <Salmander> 4df+4 Back a brother up. "My friend here still has a point."
Aug 31 22:35:02 <Quidmore> Salmander: Back a brother up. "My friend here still has a point.": 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Aug 31 22:35:07 <Nioki> …
Aug 31 22:35:16 <Dexa> 4df+3 "Kill 'im." Intimidate
Aug 31 22:35:17 <Quidmore> Dexa: "Kill 'im." Intimidate: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
Aug 31 22:35:22 <Dexa> … holy fuck
Aug 31 22:35:35 * Tox|Laptop (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.BC8AA6D8-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.BC8AA6D8-CRInys|agemO) has joined #afteractionmission
Aug 31 22:35:40 <Aoi> He swings around and sighs again, picking up the tumbler with his still functioning hand.
Aug 31 22:35:50 <Aoi> He looks up at the group.
Aug 31 22:35:57 <Aoi> 4df+6 vs Charon
Aug 31 22:35:57 <Quidmore> Aoi: vs Charon: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
Aug 31 22:36:02 <Aoi> 4df+6 MDEF vs Redd
Aug 31 22:36:03 <Quidmore> Aoi: MDEF vs Redd: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
Aug 31 22:36:08 <Aoi> 4df+6 vs Shank
Aug 31 22:36:08 <Quidmore> Aoi: vs Shank: 4 (4df+6=+, -, -, -)
Aug 31 22:36:25 <MisterFlames> "I don't know if there *is* anything that we can do. My concern is that we get out of here before the nature of the place takes us over. The others are reacting violently, but that is what the children do. It might be the nature of the place to have people do that to each other."
Aug 31 22:36:30 <Aoi> He doesn't seem to particularly impressed! It's almost like he's a sociopath.
Aug 31 22:36:54 <Dexa> "Minnight since when didja know me ta not react violently."
Aug 31 22:37:01 <Salmander> It's the beer
Aug 31 22:37:04 <PaulS_laptop> "Or me, for that matter?"
Aug 31 22:37:15 <Tom90deg> "Why were we even brought here though…It just seemed…pointless. Eve the sisters had SOME kind of reason."
Aug 31 22:37:34 <Dexa> "E thinks its fun."
Aug 31 22:37:50 <Aoi> "…Again, I have no idea what you're blubbering about. You kicked in my door and shot me, and then started making demands."
Aug 31 22:37:54 <Aoi> He takes a drink.
Aug 31 22:37:57 <Nioki> 4df+8 Fate point. Luxomancy + Maneuver + Aspect Tag. Pause.
Aug 31 22:37:57 <Quidmore> Nioki: Fate point. Luxomancy + Maneuver + Aspect Tag. Pause.: 7 (4df+8=0, -, +, -)
Aug 31 22:38:01 <Dawny> "That's because he's a worthless piece of shit"
Aug 31 22:38:34 <Tom90deg> "What if he didn't bring us here though?"
Aug 31 22:39:24 <MisterFlames> "It's possible, which is why we need to get the hell out of here, like we were saying." Midnight sighs. "But they aren't listening."
Aug 31 22:39:34 <Gerald> Charon shakes his head. "Please excuse the behavior of my friends, they are, as I said, idiots. Now, I must admit, the Fall may be a clever ruse, although i do not know. Please, simply allow us this convenience."
Aug 31 22:39:40 <Gerald> 4df+4 Again, goddammit.
Aug 31 22:39:41 <Quidmore> Gerald: Again, goddammit.: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
Aug 31 22:39:52 <MisterFlames> Midnight attempts to find her way out with Zoe.
Aug 31 22:40:02 <Nioki> As the tumbler tips up, Alanoch strikes. A small globe of darkness surrounds it as he focuses. The inside is reflective, and he fills it with the hottest light he can. While he intended to cause a gout of scalding steam, the liquid is incapable of leaving. So what is left is dripping, molten glass and a ball of superheated alcohol, dropping towards his face.
Aug 31 22:41:07 <Dexa> "… aha…"
Aug 31 22:41:26 <Nioki> "Kill him."
Aug 31 22:41:38 <Aoi> Dine barely has time to scream as boiling alcohol goes down his throat. He chokes, and the liquid immediately begins to melt through his skin and throat.
Aug 31 22:42:06 <MisterFlames> "I've been places Outside that affect people weirdly." Midnight says as they walk. "The people in the show looked miserable, didn't they?"
Aug 31 22:42:33 <Tom90deg> "Yes. I have to get some of them out. SOme of them looked too far gone, but some…like the girl in the mask…."
Aug 31 22:42:42 <Gerald> Charon sighs. "Or not."
Aug 31 22:42:47 <Salmander> Redd watches the guy die. "So, uh, what now?"
Aug 31 22:43:03 <Aoi> He slumps on the desk as blood begins to pool around his face, mixing with the alcohol.
Aug 31 22:43:04 <MisterFlames> "I don't even know if *we* can get out, Zoe."
Aug 31 22:43:24 <Dexa> "… Alanoch yor a wonder."
Aug 31 22:43:25 <Nioki> "Shoot him to be safe."
Aug 31 22:43:35 <Tom90deg> "I can get her out of that cage at least…she'll have a better chance in the woods than locked in there."
Aug 31 22:43:39 <Dawny> 4df+3 "Gladly"
Aug 31 22:43:39 <Quidmore> Dawny: "Gladly": 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
Aug 31 22:43:45 <Gerald> "Now that you have all had your fun of being assess, I suppose we can go."
Aug 31 22:43:59 <Aoi> "Finally."
Aug 31 22:44:01 <Dexa> 4df+4 Shank darts up behind…
Aug 31 22:44:02 <Quidmore> Dexa: Shank darts up behind…: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Aug 31 22:44:10 <Dawny> "Fuck off you shit bag"
Aug 31 22:44:16 <Dexa> pulls the chair out from under him, and bashes the corpse with it.
Aug 31 22:44:47 <Aoi> A shadowy figure - the grin from before, walks through the monitor display and applauds Shank as he brutalizes the corpse.
Aug 31 22:45:22 <Nioki> Alanoch lists to the side as a trickle of blood comes from his mouth. That hurt.
Aug 31 22:45:24 <Gerald> Charon raises an eyebrow.
Aug 31 22:45:33 <Salmander> Redd watches. "Wait, where's the calppin' comin' from? Do you have hands?"
Aug 31 22:45:48 <Aoi> "You're all pretty violet, huh? Oh, well." He does not have hands.
Aug 31 22:46:19 <Nioki> "He n-needed to die. That's all."
Aug 31 22:46:56 <Aoi> "Thanks for doing exactly what I expected you to do and giving me my carnival back. Now…*GET* *OUT*." The mouth twists into a sadistic grin - and the hall and the room fades.
Aug 31 22:47:01 <Dawny> Kay holsters her gun and steps out of the room, lighting a cigarette. "I'm going the fuck home"
Aug 31 22:47:07 <Dexa> "I don' like this place." he spits.
Aug 31 22:47:13 <Tom90deg> Zoe walks out of the door, to the main tent
Aug 31 22:47:28 <Nioki> "The people in the cages."
Aug 31 22:48:19 <Aoi> "You want 'em? Take 'em. You feed the runts." The space around you rapidly becomes Australia again.
Aug 31 22:48:29 <Salmander> "So.. wait… was the grin Dr. Dine, or that director, or…" Redd pauses. "I'm confused. Did the grin makes the kids…?"
Aug 31 22:48:39 <Gerald> Charon starts laughing maniacally.
Aug 31 22:48:49 <Gerald> "You are all the biggest pack of fools and idiots I have ever seen!"
Aug 31 22:48:58 <Dexa> "'e rotted me. Thaz not cool."
Aug 31 22:49:03 <Nioki> Alanoch has the faraway look of someone trying to ignore intense pain. He slowly sits on the ground.
Aug 31 22:49:34 <Dawny> Kay raises her gun to Charon. "You want me to make a hole you can mind your damn self?"
Aug 31 22:49:40 <Salmander> Redd ignores Charon. "So, uh, if the grin was the doctor… then… wait, how did the director…" Redd looks away. "What the fuck just happened?"
Aug 31 22:50:03 <Aoi> The gang appears on hill near camp. The fireflies are all gone and all is normal.
Aug 31 22:50:09 <Aoi> For, er, lack of a better word.
Aug 31 22:49:17 <E4D> Jason returns to camp, Alice in tow.
Aug 31 22:49:37 <Maddy> Alice stretches as she ambles in.
Aug 31 22:50:29 <Tom90deg> "What happened?"
Aug 31 22:50:42 <MisterFlames> Midnight walks back to camp, "I don't know, but we're back."
Aug 31 22:50:57 <Tom90deg> "I don't like this…Those poor people."
Aug 31 22:51:08 <Nioki> Alanoch sits on the ground where they reappeared, staring straight ahead.
Aug 31 22:51:19 <Dawny> "Call me an idiot one more fucking time!" Kay's finger sits on the trigger
Aug 31 22:51:22 <Dexa> Chainshank has rooted at the edge of camp.
Aug 31 22:51:29 <MisterFlames> "That place is hell, or a hell. Not a place I wish to be again."
Aug 31 22:51:30 <Maddy> <…uhhhh.>
Aug 31 22:51:45 <E4D> «Guys… where did all those children come from?»
Aug 31 22:51:48 <Salmander> Redd wanders back still mumbling. "Wait, if teh grin made the circus, did it also make the freaks, or…. But the doctor captured the freaks? But… hold on… when he talked about SCPs, did that include the kids, or…? Wh-what? I… I don't understand."
Aug 31 22:51:49 <Tom90deg> "Me either.But still…I wish we could've gotten them out."
Aug 31 22:51:57 <Tom90deg> «What children?»
Aug 31 22:52:02 <Gerald> "Idiots! You yourselves have released the bastard Circus from Foundation control!"
Aug 31 22:52:19 <Dawny> 4df+3 in the foot
Aug 31 22:52:19 <Quidmore> Dawny: in the foot: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
Aug 31 22:52:29 <Gerald> «Corporal, I am proud to say that you are in charge of a troupe of fools!»
Aug 31 22:52:35 <E4D> About thirty yards from the camp are aboput 100 children, standing in a circle around the Freak Show guys.
Aug 31 22:52:38 <Salmander> "Oh, so it /was/ under Foundation control! Oooooooh!" Redd seems oddly pleased.
Aug 31 22:52:46 <E4D> Jason does not sound amused.
Aug 31 22:52:56 <E4D> «Charon, report?»
Aug 31 22:52:56 <Tom90deg> "Oh shit…How did all of them get here?"
Aug 31 22:53:01 <Dawny> Gerald, defense
Aug 31 22:53:06 <Dexa> Shank notices the children. He uproots.
Aug 31 22:53:13 <Gerald> 4df+4 Alrighty
Aug 31 22:53:13 <Quidmore> Gerald: Alrighty: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Aug 31 22:53:16 <Nioki> Alanoch struggles to his feet and walks slowly towards the cages.
Aug 31 22:53:19 <Dexa> He approaches Jason; note, he has a notebook head.
Aug 31 22:53:27 <Gerald> Charon turns. "Oh heavens, no."
Aug 31 22:53:30 <Tom90deg> Zoe walks towards the cages.
Aug 31 22:53:39 <Aoi> No more cages.
Aug 31 22:53:59 <Nioki> Towards the former freaks, then.
Aug 31 22:54:02 <Tom90deg> "This is gonna be a long story."
Aug 31 22:54:12 <Maddy> <I swear, w-we need to stop leaving camp. This place f-falls apart without us.>
Aug 31 22:54:13 <Gerald> 4df+6 Counter!
Aug 31 22:54:14 <Quidmore> Gerald: Counter!: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
Aug 31 22:54:21 <Gerald> Dawny, defense.
Aug 31 22:54:37 <Dexa> Shank follows Al
Aug 31 22:54:40 <Dawny> 4df+5 Corpsman up!
Aug 31 22:54:40 <Quidmore> Dawny: Corpsman up!: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
Aug 31 22:54:47 <Dawny> …
Aug 31 22:55:00 <Aoi> You bungle whatever the fuck you were doing
Aug 31 22:55:04 <Salmander> Redd walks up to the freaks. "Ok, wait, I got a few questions. Did… did the big grin make you, or was it that doctor… Or was the grin the doctor… Or.. Hold on, let me rephrase that, I'm getting confused."
Aug 31 22:55:05 <Gerald> Charon reaches out, one monstrous hand gripping her throat in a crushing grip. He picks her up off her feet.
Aug 31 22:55:10 <MisterFlames> "Zoe, head to Alice and Jason. Everyone is just acting crazy"
Aug 31 22:55:17 <Nioki> "You're free. The world might be ending but at least you're free."
Aug 31 22:55:19 <Tom90deg> "Where's Jenny?"
Aug 31 22:55:39 <Dexa> Shank is behind Al now.
Aug 31 22:55:54 <MisterFlames> "She just tried to shoot Charon, and he's expressing his irritation with that." Midnight points out.
Aug 31 22:55:56 <Dawny> 4df+2 Kay gasps for breath and kicks at his face.
Aug 31 22:55:56 <Quidmore> Dawny: Kay gasps for breath and kicks at his face.: 1 (4df+2=+, -, 0, -)
Aug 31 22:56:05 <E4D> «CHARON, LAST CALL, *REPORT*»
Aug 31 22:56:13 <Aoi> The children all seem pretty uninterested in anyone but the Freak Show. Six clutches Blue as he holds Centipede's severed head.
Aug 31 22:56:14 <Salmander> "Ok, wait, were you /made/ as freakshow attractions, or where you… uh… captured?"
Aug 31 22:56:15 <Dexa> «Devil's Carnival.»
Aug 31 22:56:17 <Gerald> "Do not even attempt such a poor display, dear Kay. This entire incident has been one foul-up after the last, no small part thanks to you. You are pathetic, and if I do not kill you now, then something will, eventually."
Aug 31 22:56:19 <Tom90deg> «We were just taken to a psychotic carnival! They kids were there, don't kow how they got here.»
Aug 31 22:56:30 <Dexa> «Some guy used magic bullshit to rot me an' smash Redd.»
Aug 31 22:56:37 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks around for Kay
Aug 31 22:56:40 <Dexa> «We killed 'im an he let tha kids out.»
Aug 31 22:56:41 <Aoi> They circle, humming underneath their breathe and withdraw knives from wherever.
Aug 31 22:56:45 <Aoi> *breath
Aug 31 22:56:46 <Dexa> «Remember tha other night?»
Aug 31 22:57:00 <E4D> «Where's charon, and what's he on about?»
Aug 31 22:57:02 <Gerald> «My report, corporal, is rather angry. We encountered a carnival, and nearly had ourselves killed, and unleashed some monster upon this world, thanks to these fools you work over.»
Aug 31 22:57:05 <Dexa> Shank wretches, hands winding into claws.
Aug 31 22:57:06 <Maddy> Alice facepalms her helmet. <Oh for fuck sake.>
Aug 31 22:57:15 <Salmander> "Are… are you even gonna answer my question or…?"
Aug 31 22:57:18 <Aoi> The Dancers keep dancing, to some unheard tune.
Aug 31 22:57:34 <Dexa> «Permission ta attack.»
Aug 31 22:57:43 <Gerald> Charon holds Kay up, inches from his face. "Are you going to try this again?"
Aug 31 22:57:50 <Nioki> Alanoch doesn't seem very collected. He gives a pained smile to the former freaks as he slides to the ground again.
Aug 31 22:58:01 <Dawny> "Fuck. Off."
Aug 31 22:58:17 <E4D> «Jesus, everyone, stand by to engage. The children are drawing weapons.»
Aug 31 22:58:17 <Tom90deg> Zoe sees Charon holding up Kay and bolts, Action point to Teleport dash, sword out.
Aug 31 22:58:20 <Aoi> Blue glances up at Redd with as much malice as he can muster - which is to say, not much. Six shudders and stays as close to Blue as possible as the children start to sway with their knives.
Aug 31 22:58:29 <Gerald> Charon tightens his grip around her throat. "Wrong answer. This is /your/ fault."
Aug 31 22:58:31 <Tom90deg> "Let her go, Now."
Aug 31 22:58:34 * Strifey has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 31 22:58:35 <Dexa> Shank steps over Alanoch, between him and the horde.
Aug 31 22:58:49 <Dexa> "Al go ya suck in a fight an' you'll get in tha way."
Aug 31 22:58:51 <Aoi> The conjoined twins lay on the ground, making a noise like a drowning victim's cough.
Aug 31 22:58:59 <E4D> «Alice, get in Eve.»
Aug 31 22:59:09 <Maddy> She nods, hopping in.
Aug 31 22:59:16 <E4D> «Prime the Bushmaster.»
Aug 31 22:59:26 <Maddy> <R-right.>
Aug 31 22:59:28 <Tom90deg> «Jason! Charon is killing Kay! Get over here!»
Aug 31 22:59:38 <Dexa> the pages flip, as a sharp, perfectly detailed sneer draws itself.
Aug 31 22:59:43 <Gerald> «I am not going to kill her, simply teach her a lesson.»
Aug 31 22:59:50 <Dawny> Kay claws at Charon's hand.
Aug 31 22:59:52 <E4D> Jason's eyes go wide behind the plate, and he sprints over.
Aug 31 22:59:59 <Dexa> «Charon you fuck we're busy.»
Aug 31 22:59:59 <Dawny> 4df+2 let go
Aug 31 23:00:00 <Quidmore> Dawny: let go: 5 (4df+2=+, 0, +, +)
Aug 31 23:00:12 <Tom90deg> "Put her down!" Zoe pulls her blade around Charon's throat. "Do it."
Aug 31 23:00:15 <E4D> 4df+6 Burning a point,
Aug 31 23:00:16 <Quidmore> E4D: Burning a point,: 5 (4df+6=-, +, 0, -)
Aug 31 23:00:22 <Salmander> Redd sighs, takes out his Magnum, and shoots it in the air amongst the children.
Aug 31 23:00:22 <E4D> roll defense, Charon
Aug 31 23:00:27 <Gerald> "This world of ours is a bastard, one you will not survive if your foolish notions get in the way. This, is a demonstration of what happens if you continue onwards." He drops her.
Aug 31 23:00:42 <E4D> Disregard
Aug 31 23:00:51 <Gerald> "Do. Not. Try so. Again. I survived the Insurgency, and I /will/ survive you."
Aug 31 23:01:00 <Nioki> Alanoch isn't moving much.
Aug 31 23:01:25 <Dexa> «Alanoch's down.»
Aug 31 23:01:33 <Dexa> «An' I'm a bit busy.»
Aug 31 23:01:41 <E4D> "Touch her again, asshole, and you won't survive me."
Aug 31 23:01:41 <Dawny> Kay coughs a few times. "Fuck off" She heads over to Alanoch and chacks him oover.
Aug 31 23:01:42 <Tom90deg> "Charon. Do you sleep?"
Aug 31 23:01:46 <Dawny> checks*
Aug 31 23:02:13 <Nioki> Nothing external, though it's clear that his gums are bleeding.
Aug 31 23:02:13 <E4D> «Jesus, Kay, get everyone that's fucked up in an armored vehicle. Shank, assist.»
Aug 31 23:02:18 <Tom90deg> "Touch her again and you will wake up on fire."
Aug 31 23:02:31 <Dawny> "I'm picking you up, boy"
Aug 31 23:02:32 <Maddy> «What the fuck is going on?»
Aug 31 23:02:37 <E4D> «Zoe, go to ALice in the LAV and ask her what you need to do.»
Aug 31 23:02:58 <Dawny> 4df+3 pick up Alanoch and book to Florence.
Aug 31 23:02:58 <Quidmore> Dawny: pick up Alanoch and book to Florence.: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
Aug 31 23:03:02 <Nioki> He doesn't respond.
Aug 31 23:03:02 <Tom90deg> Zoe glares at Charon and turns around, walking towards the LAV. "Alice, what do you need?"
Aug 31 23:03:16 <Maddy> <I need to know what the fuck is going on.>
Aug 31 23:03:30 <Tom90deg> "IT's a long story…." Zoe starts to tell her the story, or as much as she say.
Aug 31 23:03:31 <Tom90deg> saw
Aug 31 23:03:48 <E4D> «All stations, I want guns up on those kids with knives as soon as our wounded are accounted for.»
Aug 31 23:03:59 <Gerald> Charon strides to the vehicles, muttering to himself.
Aug 31 23:04:13 <Dawny> Kay hops in the back and closes the ramp behind her. «I think all we have is Alanoch»
Aug 31 23:04:29 <Dexa> Shainshank runs back and gets in Florence.
Aug 31 23:04:30 <E4D> «Copy, get him stable and get on a weapon.»
Aug 31 23:04:36 <Gerald> "Oh, I am here, as well. Why? I do not know. But i am here."
Aug 31 23:04:50 <Aoi> The children aren't focused on anything but The Freak Show, their voices murmuring.
Aug 31 23:04:59 <Dawny> «Working on it, keep that lumbering fuck wad away from the stryker»
Aug 31 23:05:03 * Aoi has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 31 23:05:19 <Dawny> 4df+4 maneuver for the vitals
Aug 31 23:05:19 <Quidmore> Dawny: maneuver for the vitals: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
Aug 31 23:05:43 <Maddy> «Can someone please explain?» Alice sounds pretty pissed.
Aug 31 23:05:44 <Salmander> Redd puts away the magnum and stomps off to the convoy. "If anyone wants to help the freaks they should probably do it know before those little bastards knife 'em."
Aug 31 23:05:55 * Aoi (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.0696A624|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.0696A624|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:05:59 <Nioki> He has an irregular heartbeat. Hard to tell what else.
Aug 31 23:06:10 <Gerald> "How may I be of assistance, dearest Corporal?"
Aug 31 23:06:11 <E4D> "Wait, what freaks?"
Aug 31 23:06:18 <Gerald> Elaborate bow.
Aug 31 23:06:30 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Aug 31 23:06:53 <E4D> <Come with me, Charon.> Jason steps off towards the children, stopping 15 meters off.
Aug 31 23:07:00 <Gerald> Charon follows.
Aug 31 23:07:09 <Salmander> Redd looks at Jason. "The freaks form the extra-dimensional carnival circus shitstorm we just came back from. Had these little kids that were fuckin' pricks and knifed each other. Also never died."
Aug 31 23:07:16 <E4D> «ALICE! Guns up, stand by to fire, copy?»
Aug 31 23:07:27 <Maddy> «Yeah, ok, whatever.»
Aug 31 23:07:40 <Aoi> One of the children lashes out with the knife at Blue, and he smacks him aside with his only free hand. He flinches slightly at the contact and keeps Six and her gross goat legs close
Aug 31 23:08:12 <E4D> «Charon, 15 words or less, what the fuck's going on here, and who are the two in the middle…»
Aug 31 23:08:18 <Nioki> Alanoch coughs, letting out more blood, and his eyes struggle open.
Aug 31 23:08:27 <Salmander> Redd walks over again, taking out his magnum. "Me and my fuckin' conscience."
Aug 31 23:08:52 <Gerald> «Evil monster circus. Two in middle are good, outside group is evil. Entire Convoy is idiot."
Aug 31 23:08:55 <Gerald> *»
Aug 31 23:09:15 <Maddy> «That was 16.»
Aug 31 23:09:17 <Gerald> «Sixteen words, my humble apologies.»
Aug 31 23:09:25 <E4D> 4df+4 Jason fires at the child that swung the knife.
Aug 31 23:09:25 <Quidmore> E4D: Jason fires at the child that swung the knife.: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
Aug 31 23:09:39 <Salmander> 4df+3 Shoot some kid
Aug 31 23:09:40 <Quidmore> Salmander: Shoot some kid: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Aug 31 23:10:18 <Dawny> Kay takes a breath and puts an IV into Alanoch, then attaches some saline to it.
Aug 31 23:10:29 <Nioki> "Ow."
Aug 31 23:10:33 <MisterFlames> "Zoe, help me with a circle, please."
Aug 31 23:10:35 <Salmander> "The fuck is John and his flamethrower?"
Aug 31 23:10:42 <Aoi> The kid is headshot'd, going down
Aug 31 23:10:53 <Aoi> A mess all over the sand.
Aug 31 23:10:57 <Gerald> Charon sighs, walks over, and attempts to snap a child's neck.
Aug 31 23:11:13 <Nioki> "Are they okay?"
Aug 31 23:11:15 <Gerald> 4df+3 Snaap
Aug 31 23:11:16 <Quidmore> Gerald: Snaap: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
Aug 31 23:11:19 <Aoi> He twitches and crawls towards Blue, and Blue stomps what remains it with his feet.
Aug 31 23:11:25 <Aoi> *remains of it
Aug 31 23:11:49 <Maddy> «Jason, give me something here.»
Aug 31 23:11:52 <Aoi> The children don't put up a defense at all, your attacks will all auto-succeed. Describe them as you well
Aug 31 23:11:55 <Dawny> "Shut up"
Aug 31 23:12:02 <E4D> <CENTER OF THE CIRCLE, GET LOW!>
Aug 31 23:12:03 <Salmander> Whooo
Aug 31 23:12:19 <Nioki> He tries to sit up, managing it the second time.
Aug 31 23:12:34 <Aoi> Blue loudly clicks his teeth, and pulls Goat Lady down with him.
Aug 31 23:12:34 <Gerald> Charon reaches out, continuously grabbing the little bastards and tearing, snapping, and smashing them together.
Aug 31 23:12:44 <Gerald> He also ducks.
Aug 31 23:12:48 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Occult Maneuvering.
Aug 31 23:12:48 <Quidmore> MisterFlames: Occult Maneuvering.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
Aug 31 23:12:48 <Salmander> Redd crumples.
Aug 31 23:12:54 <E4D> Jason takes a knee, clicking his rifle to automatic, and sweeps in a wide arc at children head level.
Aug 31 23:13:31 <Nioki> "They gave us the children too. I saw them. I need to go."
Aug 31 23:13:37 <Dexa> 4df+4 My brother suddenly needed a torrent done. Shank is slashing everything.
Aug 31 23:13:37 <Quidmore> Dexa: My brother suddenly needed a torrent done. Shank is slashing everything.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Aug 31 23:13:50 <Aoi> 23:11 Aoi The children don't put up a defense at all, your attacks will all auto-succeed. Describe them as you well
Aug 31 23:13:55 <Aoi> *will
Aug 31 23:14:00 <MisterFlames> 4df+6 Midnight concentrates, and hits the children with a wave of dread, terror, and panic, to cause them to break and run away.
Aug 31 23:14:00 <Quidmore> MisterFlames: Midnight concentrates, and hits the children with a wave of dread, terror, and panic, to cause them to break and run away.: 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
Aug 31 23:14:21 <Dawny> "Alanoch, I will knock your ass out"
Aug 31 23:14:23 <Salmander> A glove comes up from the pile and provides extra fire for children too low to hit.
Aug 31 23:14:33 * Rights (~PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|alliztahc#PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:14:57 <Gerald> Charon continues slaughtering the brats with his twisted limbs.
Aug 31 23:15:00 <Nioki> "No. I need to go. Lead them away."
Aug 31 23:15:02 * Skyelyn is now known as Break
Aug 31 23:15:27 <Dawny> "Don't make me hit you, Kid"
Aug 31 23:15:28 <Aoi> Blue flinches as most of the children are gutted, bulleted, or throw away their weapons and run off into the desert. The sand begins to pool with their blood.
Aug 31 23:15:57 <Salmander> Redd pops up before the blood has a chance to soak into his material.
Aug 31 23:15:58 <E4D> Alanoch can hear the cavalcade of weapons fire outside.
Aug 31 23:16:15 <Waxx> «This is Strelnikov, we are coming in, say again, we are coming in. Over.»
Aug 31 23:16:39 <Nioki> "You wouldn't do that. I need to make sure they're safe."
Aug 31 23:16:44 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteraction Aoi
Aug 31 23:16:44 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Aoi
Aug 31 23:16:57 <Dawny> "They're dead"
Aug 31 23:17:10 <E4D> «Be advised, a number of armed children are advancing in your direction, knives, stand by to engage any pop-up targets, Colonel.»
Aug 31 23:17:14 <Nioki> "That didn't work before."
Aug 31 23:17:29 <Gerald> Charon walks out of the remnants of the children, wiping blood off of his cuffs.
Aug 31 23:17:44 <Salmander> Redd walks up to yonder freaks. "You all good?"
Aug 31 23:17:45 * Dexa_ (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:17:48 <Waxx> «Affirmative. We are engaging now.» The clatter of automatic weapons fire rolls over your positions, and shortly after Dmitri and Misha crest a low rise.
Aug 31 23:18:08 <Dawny> "Kid, you're staying here, deal with it" Kay's voice takes a threatening edge.
Aug 31 23:18:45 <Nioki> "No. Nobody can do that to me any more."
Aug 31 23:18:50 <Dawny> Kay puts Proparnolol into the IV and then adds Demorsedan. "Lay back and relax."
Aug 31 23:19:06 <Dexa_> Chainshank is in the thick of it
Aug 31 23:19:09 * Dexa_ is now known as ProfCF
Aug 31 23:19:10 <Nioki> He sounds… off. She probably shouldn't have said that.
Aug 31 23:19:25 <Waxx> «What the hell was that? Were those the damn carnival kids?»
Aug 31 23:19:29 * Dexa has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 23:19:37 <Dawny> Kay count to thirty, he'll be out by then.
Aug 31 23:19:43 <Gerald> «Excellent observation, Colonel. Indeed, they were.»
Aug 31 23:19:58 <Waxx> «One of them bit Misha. Will he become a Gypsy?»
Aug 31 23:20:06 <Dawny> counts*
Aug 31 23:20:07 <Waxx> «I need an answer fast, he is very upset.»
Aug 31 23:20:12 <Aoi> yes
Aug 31 23:20:14 <Dawny> «No, Sir»
Aug 31 23:20:24 <E4D> «That's affirmative, Colonel. There were… issues while our recon patrol was out. And negative, negative, be advised, he will *NOT*, I asy again *NOT become a gypsy, how copy?»
Aug 31 23:20:44 <Waxx> «Copy that, Dodge Ridge.»
Aug 31 23:20:54 <Maddy> «I fucking leave for a few hours and everything falls apart.
Aug 31 23:20:57 <Maddy> »
Aug 31 23:21:03 <Gerald> «Quite.»
Aug 31 23:21:39 <Nioki> 4df+4 Mdef. Screw you, Proparnolol and Demorsedan.
Aug 31 23:21:39 <Quidmore> Nioki: Mdef. Screw you, Proparnolol and Demorsedan.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
Aug 31 23:22:05 <E4D> Negative, thgat's physical defense.
Aug 31 23:22:25 <E4D> Dawny, roll medical
Aug 31 23:22:28 <Aoi> Blue steps over to the conjoined twins spasming in the dirt, and steps on their conjoined throat.
Aug 31 23:22:50 <ProfCF> Shank steps to Blue.
Aug 31 23:22:55 <ProfCF> 4df+4 spears the twins.
Aug 31 23:22:56 <Quidmore> ProfCF: spears the twins.: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Aug 31 23:22:58 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha approach the encampment, weapons held in low ready.
Aug 31 23:23:02 <ProfCF> in the eye sockets
Aug 31 23:23:21 <Aoi> He grunts. "Thank you."
Aug 31 23:23:43 <E4D> «Wait, who are they?»
Aug 31 23:23:47 <Waxx> Misha looks around, mouth agape. […Kommandir, what the fuck happened here?] [Gypsies, Misha. Gypsies.]
Aug 31 23:23:57 <Waxx> [This is proof positive of their pestilence on this continent.]
Aug 31 23:24:40 <Dawny> 4df+4 go to sleep fucker
Aug 31 23:24:41 <Quidmore> Dawny: go to sleep fucker: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
Aug 31 23:24:43 <Nioki> 4df+2 Pdef.
Aug 31 23:24:43 <Quidmore> Nioki: Pdef.: 3 (4df+2=+, +, 0, -)
Aug 31 23:24:48 <Aoi> defender wins
Aug 31 23:24:52 <Nioki> The answer is "no."
Aug 31 23:25:04 <Nioki> Alanoch yanks the IV from his arm.
Aug 31 23:25:13 * Gerald_ (~PI.06250957.C3AC2A01.0A6905B2|alliztahc#PI.06250957.C3AC2A01.0A6905B2|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:25:21 <Dawny> «Corporal! Assistance please!»
Aug 31 23:25:26 <Nioki> "No. You can't make me stay here."
Aug 31 23:25:42 * Gerald has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 23:25:42 <Dawny> "You need to, kid you're hurt"
Aug 31 23:25:49 * Gerald_ is now known as Gerald
Aug 31 23:25:59 <ProfCF> Shank walks over to Alanoch, and estends a claw against his throat.
Aug 31 23:26:10 <Nioki> "I'm used to it. And they might die if I don't help them."
Aug 31 23:26:29 <ProfCF> 4df+5 Intimidation Maneuver, tagging Harvestman. Put "Shaken" on ALanoch. || "Stop."
Aug 31 23:26:29 <Quidmore> ProfCF: Intimidation Maneuver, tagging Harvestman. Put "Shaken" on ALanoch. || "Stop.": 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Aug 31 23:26:39 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.D0E95297-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.D0E95297-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:26:40 <ProfCF> i am not a happy panda
Aug 31 23:26:46 <Nioki> 4df+4 Mdef. Not easily shaken.
Aug 31 23:26:46 <Quidmore> Nioki: Mdef. Not easily shaken.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Aug 31 23:26:50 <Salmander> Redd walks over to Six. "If I may, can I have my handkerchief back?"
Aug 31 23:26:54 <Gerald> Charon walks over. "I see I'm not the only individual in a foul mood today."
Aug 31 23:26:59 <Nioki> "You won't do that. We both know it."
Aug 31 23:27:01 <ProfCF> Compelling Shaken to force a reroll
Aug 31 23:27:02 <Gerald> Over to Alanoch and co.
Aug 31 23:27:06 <Dawny> "You know what? Fucking go! GET THE FUCK OUT YOU WASTE OF TIME!"
Aug 31 23:27:12 <ProfCF> that's a Fate Point spent
Aug 31 23:27:16 <Nioki> "Good."
Aug 31 23:27:28 <Waxx> Misha looks at Dmitri. [It sounds like she is upset again, Kommandir.] [Yes, this does not surprise me.]
Aug 31 23:27:38 <Dawny> «Alanoch's refusing medical»
Aug 31 23:27:42 <E4D> «Copy, stand by, Kay. What's the issue?»
Aug 31 23:27:44 <Nioki> He walks slowly from the pain the pain and anesthetics, moving towards the freaks.
Aug 31 23:27:51 <E4D> «… Then let him refuse medical.»
Aug 31 23:27:56 <Nioki> -1 the pain
Aug 31 23:27:58 <Dawny> «He wants to save the kids»
Aug 31 23:28:05 <Gerald> Charon, instead, simply sits back in camp, on the hood of the Diablo. He looks like he's in a foul mood.
Aug 31 23:28:06 <Nioki> "No. Not the kids."
Aug 31 23:28:17 <Nioki> "They aren't looking to be saved."
Aug 31 23:28:23 <Nioki> "They weren't trapped."
Aug 31 23:28:33 <E4D> «Too late. I shot about half of 'em in the head. Shank, Charon, Colonel, and Misha killed the rest.»
Aug 31 23:28:43 <Salmander> And Redd
Aug 31 23:28:44 <Dawny> «Fine, the god damn freaks. I quit»
Aug 31 23:28:51 <Aoi> Blue holds Six close, and keeps the Centipede girl's head at chest level. She looks around wildly.
Aug 31 23:28:57 <Maddy> «The freaks are…uh. Well.»
Aug 31 23:29:31 <Nioki> Alanoch walks slowly towards them.
Aug 31 23:29:32 <Dawny> «Is is clear outside? I need to fucking kill something.»
Aug 31 23:29:43 <Salmander> Redd sighs and crouches down to Six. "Listen, I need the handkerchief. It's a part of me."
Aug 31 23:30:08 <Waxx> […Is this what it was like, Kommandir?] [Yes, Misha, in a way.]
Aug 31 23:30:16 <Nioki> "I killed him. So you're safe now. Safer than you were, anyway."
Aug 31 23:30:20 <Gerald> «It sounds as if you have a sore throat, dear Kay. Perhaps you should have that checked out.»
Aug 31 23:30:43 <Dawny> Kay kicks the inside of the stryker again. «Fuck off»
Aug 31 23:30:51 <Aoi> Six flinches into Blue's slender chest, burying the iron mask in it. He looks down at her. "Give it to him, Sarah, please."
Aug 31 23:30:53 <Gerald> Charon laughs.
Aug 31 23:31:19 <Salmander> 4df+4 Just a kind gentlemanly suit using his persuasion to seem nicer herpaderp.
Aug 31 23:31:20 <Quidmore> Salmander: Just a kind gentlemanly suit using his persuasion to seem nicer herpaderp.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
Aug 31 23:31:40 <ProfCF> hes friendly. like a goofy itialian uncle
Aug 31 23:31:41 <Waxx> «Dodge Ridge, how can we assist?»
Aug 31 23:31:43 <ProfCF> italian
Aug 31 23:31:44 <Nioki> "I'm Alanoch. I was trapped too. Different place. I got out."
Aug 31 23:31:57 <Salmander> Woah, some of us have had bad experiences with our uncles.
Aug 31 23:32:04 <Aoi> Sarah quickly reaches into a dress pocket and hands him the handkerchief.
Aug 31 23:32:44 <Salmander> "Uh, thanks." Redd takes the handkerchief and replaces it in his pocket. "So, uh, what's your name?"
Aug 31 23:33:01 <Dawny> Kay kicks the inside of the stryker. "STUPID FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT WHORE CUM STAIN"
Aug 31 23:33:06 <E4D> «Everything's already dead. Charon, I don't know what the damage is between you and Kay, but it stops, right goddamn now. Do you fucking copy?»
Aug 31 23:33:25 <ProfCF> «Lissen ta Jazon.»
Aug 31 23:33:27 <Maddy> Alice jumps out of the LAV and wanders over to Jason.
Aug 31 23:33:31 <Ragazzo> Dusty wakes up from his spot inside the stryker.
Aug 31 23:33:39 <Ragazzo> "What the hell…"
Aug 31 23:33:49 <E4D> «Jesus, what the hell happened while I was gone?»
Aug 31 23:34:09 <Dawny> Kay is inside kicking the shit out of the ramp screaming profanities.
Aug 31 23:34:10 <E4D> «Can someone meet me behind the LAV and explain? Alice, here's your chance.»
Aug 31 23:34:19 <ProfCF> «I don' want him gettin ya angry an' you killin me.»
Aug 31 23:34:23 <Gerald> «I copy. Her goddamned morality will kill her on its own, she needs not my help in that endeavor.»
Aug 31 23:34:30 <Aoi> Blue quickly looks from Alanoch to Goat Lady, and then lightly pushes her away. He coughs slightly, at a loss for words.
Aug 31 23:34:45 <Dawny> «Fucking touch me again you sack of shit and I'll gut you»
Aug 31 23:35:07 <Gerald> «Shoot me again, and your neck will be so much paste.»
Aug 31 23:35:19 <Nioki> Alanoch wavers. His eyes are dilated and he's still bleeding.
Aug 31 23:35:21 <Gerald> «But, regardless, this is the last any shall hear of it.»
Aug 31 23:35:32 <Ragazzo> "…the hell did I miss."
Aug 31 23:35:34 <Dawny> «Bring it on you worthless cum stain»
Aug 31 23:35:52 <E4D> «I realize this is the pot calling the kettle black, but settle down and make up or I'm gonna start kicking both your asses. Doc, Boatman… both of you, stand the fuck down.»
Aug 31 23:36:02 <Salmander> "Yo, Al, you look a bit… beaten."
Aug 31 23:36:16 <Gerald> Charon sets down the radio. "Ironic that the Chaos Insurgent is being the better man in this sense."
Aug 31 23:36:19 <Nioki> "Oh. Yeah."
Aug 31 23:36:30 <Aoi> Centipede nearly lurches out of his hands, going for Alanoch. Blue grits her teeth and pulls her hair. She stops with a yelp.
Aug 31 23:36:36 <ProfCF> «Erryone's gettin angry.»
Aug 31 23:36:52 <E4D> «I gathered. Chain, you know what went on?»
Aug 31 23:36:52 <Waxx> [Come on, Misha. Let us make soup.] [Very good, Kommandir.]
Aug 31 23:37:21 <ProfCF> «Where'r ya.»
Aug 31 23:37:26 <Dawny> Kay storms out of the stryker and heads to Little Russia, smoking.
Aug 31 23:37:52 <E4D> «Colonel, can I see you by the LAV? Urgent. Shank, you as well?»
Aug 31 23:37:57 <Ragazzo> Dusty exits the stryker puzzled.
Aug 31 23:38:01 <Ragazzo> He looks around.
Aug 31 23:38:03 <ProfCF> Shank appears.
Aug 31 23:38:06 <ProfCF> He's covered in gore.
Aug 31 23:38:13 <Ragazzo> He sniffs.
Aug 31 23:38:14 <Waxx> «Of course.» Dmitri tells Misha to wait in the camp, then heads for the LAV.
Aug 31 23:38:20 <ProfCF> His head is a notebook with a simple pumpkin face
Aug 31 23:38:24 <Nioki> "I just put everything I could into that. I think it might have dissolved me a little. Or something like that."
Aug 31 23:38:25 <ProfCF> nail over one eye
Aug 31 23:38:26 <Maddy> Alice is there.
Aug 31 23:38:29 <Waxx> "Dodge Ridge, what the hell did we miss?"
Aug 31 23:38:46 <E4D> Jason flips his faceplate up. "I'm about to find out, myself. Shank?"
Aug 31 23:38:52 <Salmander> "Oh, forgive me my manners." Redd extends a glove to Blue. "Name's Mr. Redd."
Aug 31 23:38:54 <Ragazzo> "…"
Aug 31 23:39:12 <Nioki> "I wish the kids had stayed in the circus. That would have been better."
Aug 31 23:39:13 <Ragazzo> "Why are we surrounded by the corpses of children."
Aug 31 23:39:21 <MisterFlames> Midnight settles in herself.
Aug 31 23:39:33 <E4D> "Ugh, Shank, Colonel, and I killed them."
Aug 31 23:39:41 <Salmander> And Redd
Aug 31 23:39:42 <Ragazzo> "…"
Aug 31 23:39:47 <Ragazzo> "Why."
Aug 31 23:39:48 <ProfCF> "Magic carnival kidnapped us. Went ta go an check it out. John wanted ta go an' find tha leader an' try to find a way out. 'E was drinkin some shit from a little glass cup an' magicked us or somethin."
Aug 31 23:39:54 <E4D> "Must have been a hundred of the little bastards."
Aug 31 23:39:56 <Aoi> He looks at the hand and pauses, stalled for action. After a minute, he shakes lightly. "Sorry. I forgot what that meant."
Aug 31 23:40:02 <E4D> "The CI guy said they were bad."
Aug 31 23:40:02 <Waxx> Dmitri raises a finger. "Misha also helped."
Aug 31 23:40:07 <ProfCF> "John shot at 'im."
Aug 31 23:40:16 <Aoi> misha did not help
Aug 31 23:40:19 <Aoi> he is a gypsy
Aug 31 23:40:24 <Aoi> and should be shot before he turns
Aug 31 23:40:24 <ProfCF> "So… yeh."
Aug 31 23:40:29 <Waxx> ;_;
Aug 31 23:40:40 <Salmander> The hat nods. "'Salright. You're… 'Blue', right?"
Aug 31 23:40:41 <ProfCF> "Alanoch boiled tha guy, an tha circus disappeared."
Aug 31 23:40:52 <Maddy> <Lovely.>
Aug 31 23:40:52 <Ragazzo> Dusty goes to th e nearest corpse.
Aug 31 23:40:59 <Ragazzo> Is it just a normal child?
Aug 31 23:40:59 <ProfCF> "Everythin in tha circus popped up out there." he points
Aug 31 23:41:06 <ProfCF> note he neglects to mention cannibalism
Aug 31 23:41:14 <Waxx> "We should do something about the bodies."
Aug 31 23:41:24 <Ragazzo> "I'll make a grave."
Aug 31 23:41:29 <ProfCF> mass grave
Aug 31 23:41:36 <E4D> "Just burn them."
Aug 31 23:41:48 * Rights has quit (Ping timeout)
Aug 31 23:41:49 <Waxx> "Do we want to call that much attention to this position?"
Aug 31 23:41:58 <Ragazzo> "Not unless you want to have to leave here."
Aug 31 23:42:01 <Aoi> The children are still alive.
Aug 31 23:42:03 <Gerald> Charon contemplates taking up an instrument, just to pass the damn time. At least with the Insurgency, he was busy.
Aug 31 23:42:07 <Aoi> Not moving. But hearts beating.
Aug 31 23:42:09 <Ragazzo> "…."
Aug 31 23:42:13 <Nioki> What with the bodies of the splitter zombies also rotting, this place probably smells -awful-
Aug 31 23:42:13 <Ragazzo> "You assholes!"
Aug 31 23:42:23 <Ragazzo> «These kids aren't dead!»
Aug 31 23:42:32 <E4D> "Colonel?"
Aug 31 23:42:34 <Maddy> «Make'em dead then.»
Aug 31 23:42:37 <Gerald> «Then I suggest heartily that you finish the job.»
Aug 31 23:42:38 <Aoi> "They need to be buried."
Aug 31 23:42:39 <ProfCF> «I waz thorough.»
Aug 31 23:42:47 <Waxx> Dmitri shrugs. "Do you want me to resolve it?"
Aug 31 23:42:58 <ProfCF> He glances at Jason. "… er sorry."
Aug 31 23:42:59 <E4D> Jason turns, drawing his sidearm and walking over toward the piles and piles of children.
Aug 31 23:43:10 <Waxx> That answers his question. Dmitri unholsters and does likewise.
Aug 31 23:43:12 <Heiden> «Do you require assistance? I must admit to some familiarity with unnaturally extended lifespans.»
Aug 31 23:43:20 <Ragazzo> Dusty looks over his shoulder.
Aug 31 23:43:23 <Salmander> Redd looks up and shouts at the group. "Yo, uh, Blue here says they need to be buried."
Aug 31 23:43:33 <ProfCF> «Oh hello fred where tha fuck were you when we were fightin tha kids."
Aug 31 23:43:35 <Gerald> «Perhaps I could, as well. I have some familiarity with ending most lifespans.»
Aug 31 23:43:37 <Ragazzo> "The hell are you doing, Jason. These are /children/."
Aug 31 23:43:40 <E4D> «We have a hundred children that won' die. They have knives. I shot 'em in the head but they're still kickin'.
Aug 31 23:43:52 <Heiden> «I see. Chainshank, I was indisposed.»
Aug 31 23:43:53 <Waxx> Dmitri levels his sidearm and begins firing into the bodies.
Aug 31 23:43:57 <Aoi> "Or turned into paste."
Aug 31 23:43:59 <Heiden> «Would you like my assistance, Mr. Dodridge?»
Aug 31 23:44:04 <MisterFlames> "We might, sir." Midnight says. "They're not children, Dusty. They're monsters that look like children."
Aug 31 23:44:10 <E4D> «Yes, please, Doctor.»
Aug 31 23:44:11 <Gerald> «Behead them, tear out their hearts, burn the remains, and bury the ash. Best to be sure.»
Aug 31 23:44:21 <Aoi> Either one. Six glances at the piles of children and Blue lightly turns her head away.
Aug 31 23:44:22 <ProfCF> Chainshank steps out.
Aug 31 23:44:23 <Ragazzo> Dusty rubs his temples.
Aug 31 23:44:24 <Waxx> "We should rule out the simple solution first." Dmitri's slide locks back and he begins reloading.
Aug 31 23:44:27 <E4D> «Could take off, and nuke the site from orbit.»
Aug 31 23:44:29 <Aoi> *"Either one."
Aug 31 23:44:31 <ProfCF> 4df+6 tagging harvestman
Aug 31 23:44:31 <Quidmore> ProfCF: tagging harvestman: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
Aug 31 23:44:36 <Nioki> …
Aug 31 23:44:37 <E4D> O_O
Aug 31 23:44:37 * Laito (||sirhc) has joined #afteraction
Aug 31 23:44:38 <ProfCF> Chainshank kills everything.
Aug 31 23:44:39 <Ragazzo> …
Aug 31 23:44:43 <Aoi> welp
Aug 31 23:44:44 <Waxx> dios mio
Aug 31 23:44:50 <Gerald> Charon stands, and walks over back to the bodies.
Aug 31 23:44:55 <ProfCF> "Gloria ex diabolus."
Aug 31 23:45:01 <Aoi> Do as you please, Chainshank
Aug 31 23:45:10 <Aoi> The children are incapable of defense
Aug 31 23:45:16 <Waxx> Does Dmitri's firing have any effect?
Aug 31 23:45:50 <Aoi> The shots have the natural biological effect, but their tiny gypsy hearts still beat.
Aug 31 23:45:51 <Ragazzo> Dusty leaves the psychos to their slaughter
Aug 31 23:46:12 * Laito has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Aug 31 23:46:15 <Waxx> Dmitri inspects some of the bodies. «No, Dodge Ridge, the simple solution does not work on these ones.»
Aug 31 23:46:23 <ProfCF> Everyone watches in awestruck horror as Chainshank simmers, a burning face appearing before the notebook head. It's a wonderous, terrible thing, as he's overtaken with… something else. The children, deliberately, swiftly, are each in turn destroyed.
Aug 31 23:46:43 <Waxx> It is fortunate that he steps back just in time, watching Shank work.
Aug 31 23:46:43 <ProfCF> It takes twenty one minutes.
Aug 31 23:46:53 <Salmander> "Or that. That works fine. Remind me not to piss off Shank."
Aug 31 23:47:11 <Gerald> "…."
Aug 31 23:47:12 <Nioki> Alanoch doesn't really notice. He's in his own world at this point.
Aug 31 23:47:14 <ProfCF> He eventually stops, rooting before the pile of soup that was once monsters.
Aug 31 23:47:16 <Gerald> Charon starts a slow clap.
Aug 31 23:47:19 <ProfCF> The face goes out.
Aug 31 23:47:20 <Heiden> «The Field-scourge is become Death.» "What beauty."
Aug 31 23:47:36 <Gerald> "Well done, Reaper. A truly magnificent show."
Aug 31 23:47:38 <ProfCF> The notebook flips, a new page drawing a leering, grinning face.
Aug 31 23:47:39 <E4D> «That's Cornstalker, Doc.»
Aug 31 23:48:17 <Nioki> "We'll talk later." He says to the freaks as shank dissembles children around them. He walk slowly back to Florence and lies on the cot.
Aug 31 23:48:20 <Aoi> Blue flinches as Shank goes to work. Six/Sarah tries to look up but he forcibly keeps her down.
Aug 31 23:48:41 <Aoi> (mmhm)
Aug 31 23:48:45 <Waxx> "Bah." Dmitri heads back to the Russian encampment, beginning to understand a bit of what Kay feels.
Aug 31 23:49:03 <Ragazzo> Dusty comes back out, with a cloth wrapped over his mouth.
Aug 31 23:49:15 <Heiden> Suddenly, a chill wind blows.
Aug 31 23:49:19 <Waxx> Fortunately, Misha has taken this time to prepare some soup.
Aug 31 23:49:38 <Nioki> «Okay, Kay. You can do whatever that was now. I'm going to sleep for a bit.»
Aug 31 23:49:39 <Ragazzo> «…I'll burn them if shank is done.»