The Chainshank's Promotion

Aug 31 23:49:15 <Heiden> Suddenly, a chill wind blows.
Aug 31 23:49:19 <Waxx> Fortunately, Misha has taken this time to prepare some soup.
Aug 31 23:49:38 <Nioki> «Okay, Kay. You can do whatever that was now. I'm going to sleep for a bit.»
Aug 31 23:49:39 <Ragazzo> «…I'll burn them if shank is done.»
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Aug 31 23:50:00 <Ragazzo> «Or bury them, either way.»
Aug 31 23:51:09 <Dawny> «I already gave you the fucking drugs, go die in a ditch»
Aug 31 23:51:32 <Waxx> Dmitri gives Kay a look and sighs. "What has happened now? You were fine when Misha and I left."
Aug 31 23:51:40 <Gerald> Charon only smiles, not even picking up the radio to respond.
Aug 31 23:51:42 <Heiden> Perception checks for anyone with a Scholarship (Occult) check of 3+.
Aug 31 23:51:46 <Nioki> «Oh. Okay.»
Aug 31 23:51:52 <Ragazzo> 4df Doo dee doo
Aug 31 23:52:00 <Heiden> 4df+3 It nears.
Aug 31 23:52:02 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Midnight has a four Occult and Perception.
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Aug 31 23:52:13 <Aoi> Blue sits with his GOAT GIRLFRIEND down on the ground, a slight distance away from camp.
Aug 31 23:52:13 <Nioki> He wanders back out of Florence, ignoring the world as he heads for his tent.
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Aug 31 23:52:51 <Salmander> Redd considers Blue for a second. It is as if they are of opposite colours.
Aug 31 23:52:55 <Dawny> "I was almost choked to death less than ten minutes ago Sir, forgive me for not being rainbows and fucking kittens" Kay's voice is slightly raspy as she takes a drag.
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Aug 31 23:53:07 <Waxx> "…Oh really. Who did this?"
Aug 31 23:53:09 <Heiden> The temperature continues to drop.
Aug 31 23:53:19 <Dawny> "Charon"
Aug 31 23:53:23 <Aoi> Not quite! The only thing defining Blue as 'blue' is the dog collar on his neck identifying him as such
Aug 31 23:53:31 <MisterFlames> "Everyone… I think there's a problem." Midnight says softly.
Aug 31 23:53:40 <Gerald> "The temperature, yes."
Aug 31 23:53:41 <Waxx> "….really now."
Aug 31 23:53:48 <Ragazzo> "…oh dear."
Aug 31 23:53:57 <Salmander> "So, uh, you just gonna stay out here in the desert or join us for some dinner?"
Aug 31 23:54:07 <Gerald> "Dazzle us with your knowledge of the arcane, kitten. What is this?"
Aug 31 23:54:09 <MisterFlames> Midnight looks for someone who will listen and pay attention to her.
Aug 31 23:54:19 <Salmander> To Blue.
Aug 31 23:54:21 <Ragazzo> Dusty has already gone over to midnight.
Aug 31 23:54:30 <Ragazzo> "What do you think this is?"
Aug 31 23:54:40 <ProfCF> Shank has replaced his head with a dingo's skull he found during carnage.
Aug 31 23:54:40 <Dawny> "Yes, he lifted me off the ground, by my throat, and threatened to crush it."
Aug 31 23:54:43 <Ragazzo> "Ghosts, maybe…?"
Aug 31 23:54:51 <Waxx> Misha steps into the tent and fetches their afghanka coats, tossing one to Dmitri.
Aug 31 23:54:54 <ProfCF> And he unroots.
Aug 31 23:54:58 <Waxx> "Why did he do that?"
Aug 31 23:54:59 <ProfCF> "… What's all this then…?"
Aug 31 23:55:02 <Ragazzo> "There were just a lot of deaths…"
Aug 31 23:55:13 <Aoi> "Dinner?" He pauses, waiting, trying to see if this is a bad joke. "I…just ate, not too long ago."
Aug 31 23:55:14 <Gerald> Charon's listening.
Aug 31 23:55:20 <Heiden> The ground rumbles gently.
Aug 31 23:55:22 <MisterFlames> "I think that Shank assuming his role of the Harvester got something's attention. And last night there were the undead animals… There's something bad on the rise here."
Aug 31 23:55:41 <Ragazzo> "Tch…"
Aug 31 23:55:49 <Gerald> "There is always something bad on the rise, in my tender experience."
Aug 31 23:55:51 <ProfCF> Shank's eye sockets glow a deep red.
Aug 31 23:55:52 <Dawny> Kay takes a drag off her cigarette. "He's a fucking psycho, he kept calling us all idiots…I might have shot at him, I can't remember"
Aug 31 23:56:02 <Waxx> Dmitri holds up a hand.
Aug 31 23:56:05 <Waxx> "…one moment."
Aug 31 23:56:19 <Salmander> "Oh, right. Well, it's gettin' pretty cold out, so you should probably come in somewhere warmer."
Aug 31 23:56:32 <Ragazzo> "Jesus. It's going to be some sort of gigantic corpse monster, or something."
Aug 31 23:56:33 <MisterFlames> "That's not vague prophecy, Charon. That's an imminent warning."
Aug 31 23:56:40 <ProfCF> "Yeh."
Aug 31 23:56:42 <Ragazzo> "Probably going to pop right out the ground."
Aug 31 23:56:45 <Waxx> Misha stands up, holding a can of soup.
Aug 31 23:56:55 <Waxx> "….Kay? Get your weapon."
Aug 31 23:56:58 <Gerald> "Perhaps a quick flee, then? Somewhere not so dangerous?"
Aug 31 23:56:58 <E4D> «All personnel, stand to. Contact imminent!»
Aug 31 23:57:15 <Nioki> "Why won't people just let me sleep…"
Aug 31 23:57:16 <E4D> «Colonel! Guns up! Everyone, circle up on the armor!»
Aug 31 23:57:25 <Maddy> Alice is all of the frown under her helmet.
Aug 31 23:57:36 <Waxx> Dmitri fetches up his Rifle and fixes the bayonet, heading toward the armor.
Aug 31 23:57:40 <Ragazzo> Dusty checks under his coat for his guns. There they are.
Aug 31 23:57:44 <ProfCF> «Bad idea.»
Aug 31 23:57:48 <Gerald> Charon readies himself for whatever.
Aug 31 23:57:53 <Nioki> Alanoch sits at the door to his tent, drawing in what light he can and waiting for them to just let him rest.
Aug 31 23:57:53 <Dawny> "Mother fucker" Kay stands and brings her rifle to low ready. "Five minutes…just five fucking minutes"
Aug 31 23:58:06 <ProfCF> "Beautiful…"
Aug 31 23:58:08 <Waxx> Misha only has his pistol, so he decides to step into the LAV and wait this one out for the time being, unless he's truly needed.
Aug 31 23:58:19 <Heiden> There's a faint distortion in the air in front of Chainshank.
Aug 31 23:58:43 <E4D> If you need to roll, PM Grape.
Aug 31 23:58:45 <ProfCF> "How shall I assist you, my friend?"
Aug 31 23:58:55 <Salmander> Redd turns around at the shouting. "Oh, goddamnit."
Sep 01 00:00:10 <ProfCF> "…" he tilts his head.
Sep 01 00:00:29 <Waxx> Dmitri keeps barking out directions, trying to organize everyone into an effective firing line.
Sep 01 00:00:37 <Waxx> There is a lot of shouting and gesticulation.
Sep 01 00:00:52 <Gerald> Charon starts backing. Again, to keep the group between himself and the whateveritis.
Sep 01 00:01:20 <ProfCF> "… Huh…"
Sep 01 00:01:21 <ProfCF> It's more of a sigh.
Sep 01 00:01:30 <E4D> «Kill for a rifle platoon right now, huh Colonel?»
Sep 01 00:01:35 <Dawny> "Fucking coward!"
Sep 01 00:01:44 <MisterFlames> Midnight starts preparing a general circle, also working out what's happening.
Sep 01 00:01:56 <Waxx> «One must make do with whatever is available, Dodge Ridge.»
Sep 01 00:02:23 <Dawny> Kay steps next to Dmitri. "Imma fucking shoot him, just watch"
Sep 01 00:02:31 <Waxx> "NOT ONE STEP BACKWARD."
Sep 01 00:03:03 <Maddy> Alice sticks close to Jason. <I'm developing a headache.>
Sep 01 00:03:35 <Ragazzo> Dusty exhales.
Sep 01 00:03:44 <Aoi> Blue looks up, clicks his tongue, and grabs Six's hand and steps away off a distance with her, still cradling Centipede's head. "Thank you, but it seems like you have a habit of attracting more attention then we need at the moment."
Sep 01 00:03:46 <Dawny> "Letmedoitletmedoitletmedoit"
Sep 01 00:03:52 <Ragazzo> Get his rifle, steps up beside kay.
Sep 01 00:03:55 <Waxx> Dmitri lightly smacks Kay on the back of the head.
Sep 01 00:04:03 <Waxx> "Remember your -discipline-."
Sep 01 00:04:12 <ProfCF> Shank bows slightly.
Sep 01 00:04:20 <E4D> "Seriously, Doc, settle the hell down."
Sep 01 00:04:53 <Dawny> Kay sets her jaw and glares at Dmirti.
Sep 01 00:07:07 <ProfCF> "… Wonderful…"
Sep 01 00:07:09 <ProfCF> "Yes."
Sep 01 00:07:17 <Maddy> Alice just stares.
Sep 01 00:07:21 <E4D> "Shank! What's up?"
Sep 01 00:07:40 <Gerald> "This sounds rather….ominous, I must say."
Sep 01 00:08:35 <Ragazzo> "It's what happens when you let a monster harvest souls."
Sep 01 00:09:22 <E4D> "Wait, what?"
Sep 01 00:09:46 <Salmander> Redd looks back. "Alright. Have fun in the outback. Hope you enjoy all the sights. Lotsa shrubs."
Sep 01 00:09:52 <ProfCF> 4df+3
Sep 01 00:10:21 <E4D> "Shank, you need to respond. *Immediately*."
Sep 01 00:10:30 <E4D> "Terms of probation. I'm callin' it."
Sep 01 00:10:34 <ProfCF> "It's the Reaper…"
Sep 01 00:10:34 <Heiden> Chainshank is thrown to the ground as the sound of wood splintering and shifting fills the area.
Sep 01 00:10:43 <Waxx> Dmitri leans over to Kay. "If we are to die fighting, make sure you die standing."
Sep 01 00:10:46 <E4D> "Jesus!"
Sep 01 00:10:53 <Waxx> "MAKE READY!"
Sep 01 00:11:04 <Dawny> "Promise, Sir"
Sep 01 00:11:14 <Maddy> Alice readies her weapon. <I swear to fucking god.>
Sep 01 00:11:19 <Ragazzo> "Oh bloody hell…"
Sep 01 00:11:20 <Heiden> A blade /rips/ out of one of the wooden branches comprising his backbone, as the branch elongates and forms a handle.
Sep 01 00:12:07 <Aoi> compel last straw for alice, yeah
Sep 01 00:12:08 <Waxx> "Although I admit, this is something I have never dealt with before."
Sep 01 00:12:09 <Salmander> Redd doesn't do anything. Shoot death? Ya right.
Sep 01 00:12:11 <Gerald> "God has nothing to do with this, Alice.I am quite certain of this."
Sep 01 00:12:35 <Maddy> <I didin't mean literal- you know what, I'm not going to bother.>
Sep 01 00:13:50 <Ragazzo> "He's either being acknowledged, for good work, or punished for encroaching. I'm not optimistic enough to think it's the second."
Sep 01 00:14:18 <E4D> Jason keeps his weapon sighted in, backing up, and clambers up to the top of Eve.
Sep 01 00:14:35 <Maddy> Alice follows.
Sep 01 00:14:41 <Waxx> Can we direct Misha to get on the main gun of the LAV?
Sep 01 00:15:02 <MisterFlames> "He's a Daemon of the Harvest," Midnight says. "And it looks like he's getting a bit of an upgrade."
Sep 01 00:15:03 <Dawny> Kay keeps her rifle up, running through her training in her head.
Sep 01 00:16:00 <E4D> Waxx, you can.
Sep 01 00:16:15 <Gerald> "Oh."
Sep 01 00:16:19 <Waxx> Dmitri does so. Misha makes his way through the LAV and settles into the gunner's seat, bringing the weapons to bear.
Sep 01 00:16:26 <Gerald> Charon stands straight again. "Then that is not a problem."
Sep 01 00:16:30 <E4D> ~Midnight, he actually collects *souls*?~
Sep 01 00:16:48 <Ragazzo> "God *damn* it."
Sep 01 00:17:05 <Waxx> <[Stand by, Misha. No fear.]> <[No fear, Tovarish Kommandir.]>
Sep 01 00:17:32 <Waxx> "Dodge Ridge, I think now might be a good time to use that bomb."
Sep 01 00:18:08 * ProfCF has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.20/20110803131630])
Sep 01 00:18:15 <E4D> …
Sep 01 00:18:45 <E4D> The eery stillness that pervades the earth and heavens before a shitstorm takes places falls over the camp.
Sep 01 00:19:27 <MisterFlames> ~No, he harvests. Look at him, and how he acts. He's a Harvester. And that's how humans perceive Death. So I think that he's adding to what he harvests. In theory.~
Sep 01 00:19:44 <Gerald> "Ah, so when I referred to him as 'Reaper', that was for more correct than I originally intended. I am quite fond of dear Shank here."
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Sep 01 00:20:27 * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) has left #afteraction
Sep 01 00:20:29 <MisterFlames> ~Right now, Shank's getting a visitation by Death. In fact… a Way is opening?~
Sep 01 00:20:30 * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) has joined #afteraction
Sep 01 00:20:59 <E4D> ~So he simply sends people on their way, so to speak?~ Jason is very concerned about this.
Sep 01 00:21:00 <Heiden> Chainshank vanishes from sight.
Sep 01 00:21:21 <Ragazzo> "…."
Sep 01 00:21:34 <Waxx> "That poses a problem."
Sep 01 00:21:48 * Lilah is now known as lilahsleeps
Sep 01 00:21:50 <Ragazzo> "Midnight, did he just get taken by death?"
Sep 01 00:21:52 <Dawny> "Um…Sir?:
Sep 01 00:21:52 <Dawny> "
Sep 01 00:21:57 <MisterFlames> "Okay… Chainshank got a promotion, I think. Death came calling, and took the Chainshank with him. I think he's off to assist Death with his Harvest."
Sep 01 00:22:03 <Gerald> Charon laughs. "The Harvester of Souls, traveling with The Ferryman. Quite ironic, yes?"
Sep 01 00:22:07 <Waxx> "Remain alert."
Sep 01 00:22:11 * lilahsleeps is now known as Laito
Sep 01 00:22:12 <Maddy> <What.>
Sep 01 00:22:21 <Maddy> <WHAT?>
Sep 01 00:23:01 <Dawny> "Yes Sir"
Sep 01 00:23:02 <Nioki> With that settled, Alanoch crawls back into his tent to sleep off the drugs and the pain.
Sep 01 00:23:45 * Laito is now known as lilahsleeps
Sep 01 00:23:49 <Ragazzo> Dusty rubs his forehead.
Sep 01 00:23:54 <Ragazzo> "God damn it."
Sep 01 00:24:19 <Waxx> It seems Dmitri is lapsing into a prior time period.
Sep 01 00:24:23 <MisterFlames> "Off-hand, Shank's going to be doing some work."
Sep 01 00:24:55 <Salmander> Redd sits down. "Wow. Jeez, just as I was gettin' to know the schlub."
Sep 01 00:25:55 <Maddy> Alice keys her radio to Jason's helmet. «Seriously, what the fuck.»
Sep 01 00:26:32 <E4D> Jason hops down from the Piranha. «Dunno, hun. I'm gonna find out from Midnight. She's always got some answers.»
Sep 01 00:26:51 <Waxx> "Misha reports nothing on thermals, Dodge Ridge."
Sep 01 00:26:59 * Gerald has quit (Ping timeout)
Sep 01 00:27:10 <Ragazzo> Dusty goes back to midnight.
Sep 01 00:27:31 <Ragazzo> "Midnight, think he'll be away for a while?"
Sep 01 00:27:43 <E4D> «Copy, he ain't goin' to. Tell him to stand down.»
Sep 01 00:27:58 <MisterFlames> Midnight's cleaning up matters. "I think so, yes, Dusty. I even think he'll be happy."
Sep 01 00:28:08 <Waxx> «I do not think that is a good idea at this point.»
Sep 01 00:28:25 <Ragazzo> "Hmph…he will be, probably."