The Column Persists

(1:59:00 AM) Waxx: Everyone outside, roll perception
(1:59:09 AM) Ragazzo: 4df Bluh
(1:59:09 AM) Glacon: Ragazzo: Bluh: 1 (4df=0, +, 0, 0)
(1:59:10 AM) Soulless: "I am sorry I cannot be of more help. If you would like I am willing to offer my services to help looking for the rules again."
(1:59:14 AM) Soulless: 4df+2 hm?
(1:59:15 AM) Glacon: Soulless: hm?: 4 (4df+2=0, +, 0, +)
(1:59:35 AM) Dexanote: 4df+ derp
(1:59:40 AM) Dexanote: 4df + derp
(1:59:41 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: + derp: 0 (4df=0, -, +, 0)
(1:59:46 AM) Salmander: 4df+3
(1:59:46 AM) Glacon: Salmander: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
(1:59:55 AM) E4D: Jason continues enjoying delicious pasta.
(2:00:06 AM) Maddy: As does Alice.
(2:00:12 AM) Waxx: Redd and AliceL hear it first, a low grumble in the distance.
(2:00:40 AM) Dexanote left the room (quit: Quit: Goodnight).
(2:00:57 AM) Soulless: Alicel stands and looks at the direction of the noise. "What is that sound?"
(2:00:58 AM) MartinSage: 4df+4
(2:00:58 AM) Glacon: MartinSage: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
(2:01:16 AM) Salmander: "It's a low grumble in the distance, obviously."
(2:01:16 AM) Ragazzo: "…sounds like…vehicles? Maybe?"
(2:01:32 AM) Waxx: Sage hears it now as well. His trained ear can identify it as multiple tracked vehicles, approaching their general position.
(2:01:36 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty stands and peers into the distance.
(2:01:42 AM) Soulless: "Should we inform Jason, sir?"
(2:01:45 AM) *MartinSage frowns and stands up, picking up his long rifle and looking in the direction of the sound with his rifle.
(2:01:50 AM) MartinSage: "Son of a fucking bitch."
(2:01:58 AM) Ragazzo: "Stop calling me sir…"
(2:01:58 AM) Soulless: "What is it, sage, sir?"
(2:02:05 AM) Soulless: "Apologies, Dusty."
(2:02:36 AM) Soulless: "Should we inform Jason?"
(2:02:45 AM) Waxx: The blazing hotel illuminates a growing dust cloud as what appears to be a major armored column arrives on the other side of town.
(2:02:59 AM) MartinSage: «Skipper, Sage, over.»
(2:03:00 AM) Ragazzo: "…oh hell."
(2:03:01 AM) Soulless: «Jason sir! We need to leave! Immediately!»
(2:03:29 AM) Waxx: Dmitri's door swings open abruptly and he hisses. "Cut the radio chatter!"
(2:03:40 AM) Salmander: «Aw fuck.»
(2:03:42 AM) MartinSage: «Sir, get the fuck up here.»
(2:03:48 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty flicks off hsi radio.
(2:03:50 AM) Soulless: "Look!" Alicel points to the dust cloud.
(2:04:03 AM) Soulless: "DMITRI SIR. LOOK."
(2:04:03 AM) Dawny: Kay snores and rolls over.
(2:04:15 AM) Waxx: "I fuckink know, shut the fuck up and get inside. Go silent."
(2:04:24 AM) Soulless: "Yes, sir."
(2:04:40 AM) Soulless: Alicel looks to Dusty once and heads inside.
(2:04:41 AM) *
MartinSage leans over the roof and clicks off his radio, looking for anyone. He runs inside then, knocking on doors and telling people to turn out any lights they have.
(2:04:53 AM) Soulless: He flicks off his radio.
(2:04:56 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty hauls alicel inside, tugging bruce's collar for him to come too.
(2:05:04 AM) Ragazzo: Redact alicel thing.
(2:05:08 AM) Waxx: The surrounding buildings don't offer direct line of sight, your only indication of their general position is the reverberations of their vehicles as they move through town.
(2:05:20 AM) E4D: Jason' up to answer the door. "Yeah, Sage?"
(2:05:24 AM) Salmander: Redd jumps onto the stryker.
(2:05:28 AM) Salmander: into, rather
(2:05:43 AM) Soulless: Alicel looks confused as he hides with Dusty in the hotel. He does not understand what is going on and why.
(2:06:04 AM) MartinSage: "Mechanized column, far side of town, burning building. Everyone's gone dark, I'm going for high ground to spot. Gonna take a runner." HE doesn't wait and runs off.
(2:06:12 AM) Maddy: Alice grits her teeth, gripping her glass so hard you might think it would break.
(2:06:25 AM) E4D: He was just told in great detail, and has been told over the past few days about why talking on the radio is bad in situations like this. If he doesn't understand, he's simply retarded.
(2:06:48 AM) Maddy: She gains point towards Simmering Rage.
(2:07:00 AM) E4D: Jason blows the candles out.
(2:07:13 AM) MartinSage: "Alicel, you're with me." He says this as he runs by him, sprinting for the roof.
(2:07:50 AM) Maddy: Alice is pretty pissed.
(2:07:56 AM) Soulless: Alicel nods and follows Sage.
(2:08:27 AM) *MartinSage sets up on the roof, looking in the direction of the building. He lays down and unfolds the rifle, wordlessly handing alicel the spotting scope. "Scan. Look for movement."
(2:08:45 AM) Waxx: The engines drop to an idle as they stop to investigate the burning hotel. Ultimately not much they can do there, so scant minutes later they rev again and the dust cloud rises once more, moving closer.
(2:09:28 AM) MartinSage: His voice drops to a hush. "Run downstairs and let them know they are coming closer. Still no direct visual. GO."
(2:09:35 AM) Soulless: Alicel scans for movement and nods.
(2:09:56 AM) Soulless: He skitters down and whispers. "They are coming closer." To Jason.
(2:10:15 AM) Flames: 4df+4 The cat prepares her mind… (Occult Maneuver)
(2:10:16 AM) Glacon: Flames: The cat prepares her mind… (Occult Maneuver): 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
(2:10:58 AM) Flames: 4df+6 This isn't the hotel you're looking for. Move along.
(2:10:58 AM) Glacon: Flames: This isn't the hotel you're looking for. Move along.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, +, -)
(2:11:27 AM) E4D: "Then don't move. Just stay quiet, stay still, and hope they keep moving."
(2:11:28 AM) Waxx: The tracks grind to a halt.
(2:11:59 AM) Soulless: Alicel nods and literally stills.
(2:12:13 AM) Waxx: Though you have no direct line of sight yet, it is possible to hear faint whispers of orders being shouted from a distance.
(2:12:46 AM) *
MartinSage slaps slowly places the IR scope on top of his rifle and begins to scan with that in the general direction.
(2:13:23 AM) E4D: "Jesus, Alice…" He shake his head. "Might want to get dressed."
(2:13:28 AM) E4D: "Hurry, hun."
(2:13:50 AM) Maddy: She does so, completely silently.
(2:13:57 AM) Waxx: The sounds have a degree of confusion to them as directions are shouted back and forth, and finally the dust cloud is kicked up again, moving down the road and past your positions. Observers on the roof catch the occasional glimpse of the peripheral elements of the accompanying infantry as they move through the outlying streets and alleyways.
(2:15:28 AM) *MartinSage follows their movement until he feels they are clear and still moving, then skulks downstairs sneaky like towards their hall, gently saying "Sage, incoming" around the corner before he turns it.
(2:16:24 AM) E4D: "Come in."
(2:16:30 AM) Flames: Midnight silently watches the group move past.
(2:16:59 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty breathes again.
(2:17:27 AM) *
MartinSage comes in at a low crouch. "Small column, seemed confused as hell. Bypassed us at a slow clip, still moving. No estimate on strength, didn't get clear visuals."
(2:17:29 AM) Waxx: And off they go, into the distance. Right in the direction you'll be moving in, how convenient.