The Event: July 17th, 2011

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(12:44:04 AM) E4D: Jason's down in his private bay of the armory, down at the end, finishing the upload of the TRAVIS 2.0's targeting software.
(12:45:54 AM) Maddy: Alice is in her office, sitting with her rabbits and reading like the giant hippy she is.
(12:46:07 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance is chilling, dinking around on his FoundPad in the caf.
(12:46:20 AM) Tom90deg: Simon is in the medical bay, reading some reports and files.
(12:46:25 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens is in his lab, typing on his laptop and finalizing some designs.
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(12:50:12 AM) Sabitsuki: Far away, in Alice Springs, Tau sits on a milk crate and watches a handful of men in suits lift and sit crates with a large "The Factory" logo on them. She glances down at her open pocket watch, noting the advancement of the spear-like hands.
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(12:50:37 AM) Sabitsuki: "Hm." She holds the watch up to the light.
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(12:50:44 AM) Sabitsuki: "It's midnight."
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(12:52:17 AM) Dodridge: «Hey, Alice, can you make it down to the armory? I just finished up the DSR-1.»
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(12:52:56 AM) AliceD: «On my way.» She gets up, petting Dancer and Cupid's ears and heading to the armoury.
(12:52:57 AM) *DrCole is just busying about medical, and reflecting on how happy he is to be back at 23, even though he's been there for a few weeks now.
(12:53:48 AM) Jillian: Jillian sits in the cafe working on paperwork
(12:54:04 AM) AliceD: She pokes her head into the bay. "Hellloo?"
(12:54:12 AM) Dodridge: "Come on in!"
(12:54:22 AM) Vance: "Hey, Jill." He smiles.
(12:54:42 AM) AliceD: She saunters in, looking around. "S-so, what we got?"
(12:54:43 AM) Dodridge: He hefts a large bullpup bolt-action sniper rifle, cradling it in his arms. "What do you think?"
(12:54:44 AM) Jillian: "Hey…Can you get me a black Earl Grey please?"
(12:55:02 AM) AliceD: "…awesome." she grins.
(12:55:09 AM) Dodridge: "DSR-1. Fires the same round as that up-bored SCAR I pack."
(12:55:39 AM) AliceD: "Niiiice." she takes a closer look.
(12:55:40 AM) Dodridge: ".338 Lapua Magnum. Can punch through just about anything. Heavy-recoil. You shouldn't have any problem with it, though, especially in the suit."
(12:55:42 AM) Vance: "Yeah!" He gets up and gets the requested drink, then has a seat by Jill.
(12:56:06 AM) AliceD: "W-wait, me? I though t-this was y-yours."
(12:56:22 AM) Jillian: "Thanks" Jillian smiles "Nick's doing good work"
(12:56:42 AM) Dodridge: He holds it out in one hand, Oxide taking up some of the weight. "She's all yours. Feel the weight. It's not as light as it looks, so careful."
(12:56:47 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens sighs. The last few weeks have been exhausting. Maybe he could take a break, go somewhere.
(12:57:02 AM) Vance: "That's good to hear."
(12:57:35 AM) AliceD: Alice nods, taking the weapon carefully. As she does, a devilish grin crosses her face.
(12:57:55 AM) Dodridge: "That thing'll hole a humvee from a thousand yards."
(12:58:02 AM) AliceD: "Y-you spoil me."
(12:59:37 AM) Dodridge: "Least I could do. I've got a few other things put down into your bag."
(1:00:48 AM) AliceD: "It's n-not even my birthday." she chuckles.
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(1:01:49 AM) Dodridge: He reaches out for the rifle, breaking it down and dropping it into a gun case nestled amongst an array of ready bags, withdrawing another weapon, superficially resembling an M4.
(1:02:43 AM) SimonVriska: Simon heads down to the cafe, slightly bored.
(1:03:13 AM) Vance: "Hey, Doc."
(1:03:24 AM) SimonVriska: "Hey Vance, how's it going?"
(1:03:30 AM) Jillian: "Done" Jillian sighs "Another day, another dollar"
(1:03:35 AM) Vance: "Not bad, not bad."
(1:03:41 AM) Vance: He grins. "Chilling."
(1:03:59 AM) SimonVriska: "Heh, always nice."
(1:04:16 AM) AliceD: Alice is still grinning.
(1:04:20 AM) Vance: "When I can, I chill."
(1:05:53 AM) Jillian: "How are you Simon?"
(1:06:13 AM) SimonVriska: "Hey Jillian, I'm doin alright. SLow day in medical."
(1:06:24 AM) Dodridge: He passes it off to her.
(1:06:30 AM) Dodridge: "This one's not so heavy."
(1:06:37 AM) Jillian: "That's good, right?" Jillian takes a sip of tea
(1:06:52 AM) Vance: "Better'n being busy."
(1:07:03 AM) AliceD: She takes it, nodding and looking it over.
(1:07:30 AM) Dodridge: "All it is is a short, belt-fed M16. You can throw any damn thing on it you want, just like a 16. Belts are one or two hundred rounds. Fully-automatic and single-shot."
(1:07:48 AM) SimonVriska: "Heh, it's good, but eh. dull."
(1:07:59 AM) AliceD: "Hehehe…"
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(1:10:54 AM) Dodridge: "You like?"
(1:12:59 AM) AliceD: "I l-like."
(1:13:16 AM) Vance: Vance yawns, kicking back.
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(1:14:23 AM) Dodridge: "It's called the Shrike. Not too much different than anything you had before. Fires a smaller round than the rifle I had for you before, but… it gets out about a thousand rounds per minute and like I said, can sling up to 200 without stopping for shit."
(1:15:17 AM) SimonVriska: "So….Anything intresting happening with you Jillian?"
(1:15:27 AM) AliceD: "This is a-awesome, hun. T-though it's not likely to s-see much use, is it?"
(1:15:35 AM) Jillian: "Nope, more paperwork"
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(1:15:49 AM) Dodridge: "It's a damn sight better than that handgun I gave you.
(1:15:53 AM) SimonVriska: "Eh, i hate paperwork. Worst thing about being a director."
(1:15:57 AM) Dodridge: "Oh! That reminds me!"
(1:16:12 AM) AliceD: "The XD h-has it purposes. S-saved my life a couple times."
(1:16:31 AM) Dodridge: Jason takes the rifle and drops it back into the case, withdrawing the XD he gave Alice on his first night on-site.
(1:16:42 AM) Dodridge: "This baby… I tuned her up for you."
(1:16:50 AM) Johnson: Johnson is hanging out at the shooting range, cleaning his guns
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(1:16:57 AM) SimonVriska: "Just mountians of paperwork…Heh, if you can never be a director Jillian."
(1:17:16 AM) AliceD: She peers at it searchingly.
(1:17:30 AM) NusGM: Jason's phone rings.
(1:17:31 AM) Jillian: "Don't even think that, I like to work" Jillian smiles
(1:17:33 AM) Dodridge: ".45ACP's a nice round, but… It slings .50 caliber now. .50GI, to be specific. It's a little shorter than the round my Eagle fires, but it's got a lot more punch than the .45."
(1:18:35 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick head heads into the cafeteria for some company.
(1:18:45 AM) SimonVriska: "HEy Nick."
(1:19:17 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick smiles. "Hi… do I know you? You don't look familiar, I don't think we've met yet." He walks over and extends a hand.
(1:19:31 AM) AliceD: "Your phone is r-ringing."
(1:19:34 AM) NusGM: Jason's phone continues ringing.
(1:19:42 AM) SimonVriska: "Oh, Dr. Simon Vriska. MEdical Director."
(1:20:06 AM) Dodridge: He answers.
(1:20:14 AM) Dodridge: «Security Director Didridge, go.»
(1:20:22 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Nick Rosenthal. Nice to meet you, Simon."
(1:20:29 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He pulls up a chair and sits down.
(1:21:31 AM) Dodridge: *Dodridge
(1:21:43 AM) Jillian: "Oh, Nick…you do good work" Jillian takes a sip of tea
(1:21:51 AM) Dodridge: Jason swallows.
(1:21:53 AM) Vance: "You do."
(1:22:02 AM) AliceD: "…"
(1:22:08 AM) Dodridge: He eases away from the phone a bit, as if it were a poisonous snake.
(1:22:15 AM) Vance: Vance yaaaaaaawns and tilts back in his chair.
(1:22:15 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: A puzzled expression crosses his face. "What…?"
(1:22:20 AM) AliceD: "Jason…"
(1:22:31 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I do good work on what?"
(1:22:37 AM) Vance: "I unno."
(1:22:41 AM) Dodridge: He looks at it for a moment longer, then folds it back closed. "Alice, get your shit. *NOW*."
(1:22:44 AM) Jillian: "What do you work on?"
(1:23:09 AM) AliceD: "What shit? Wait, what's going on?"
(1:23:16 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Helicopters? Smoking? Helping my friends out?"
(1:23:19 AM) Dodridge: He withdraws his radio from a belt pouch and keys it to the all-call, site-wide dispatch.
(1:23:28 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens finishes typing a report, and rubs his eyes
(1:23:28 AM) Johnson: Johnson finishes his cleaning and packs up, guns slung over his shoulders
(1:23:31 AM) SimonVriska: "Ahh, choppers? Hehe, talk to Jillian about that."
(1:23:46 AM) Jillian: Jillian rubs her head "I'm in charge of birds, you work on birds…what do you think I'm talking about?"
(1:23:48 AM) Carr: James is sitting in his office.
(1:23:50 AM) Vance: Vance stretches, then looks up as the intercom squawks.
(1:24:07 AM) AliceD: She doesn't wait for a response and starts grabbing the ready bags Jason has set up for her.
(1:24:16 AM) Jillian: Jillian sighs "Let's go"
(1:24:19 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "What, were you checking my work earlier or-" He is interrupted by the intercom.
(1:24:42 AM) SimonVriska: Simon looks up at the intercom.
(1:24:43 AM) NusGM: The lights flicker and fail. Emergency power activates a moment later.
(1:24:56 AM) Dr_Kens: "Fuuuuuck my life…"
(1:24:57 AM) Vance: "Welp."
(1:25:03 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick jumps up. "Well shit."
(1:25:03 AM) SimonVriska: Simon looks up. "Fuck."
(1:25:07 AM) Vance: Vance&apos;s chair slams to the ground. "Let&apos;s rock."
(1:25:20 AM) Johnson: "What the bloody hell…"
(1:25:27 AM) Johnson: Johnson bolts for his bunk
(1:25:29 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens jumps up and packs his pack with his tools, laptop, and medical packs. "Shit shit shiiiit."
(1:25:32 AM) Vance: Vance springs out of his seat. "Come on. Grab your shit, meet at the motor pool!"
(1:25:40 AM) AliceD: "…" Alice decides El-Ahrairah is waht she wants to be wearing. <How much time do I have?>
(1:25:41 AM) Jillian: Jillian grabs Vance&apos;s hand in the dark "Let&apos;s go"
(1:25:55 AM) Jillian: "I need to get Samson"
(1:25:55 AM) Dodridge: Jason grabs the go-bags arrayed on the floor. "Be fast, hun, please, be fast."
(1:25:59 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: A serious expression crosses Nick&apos;s face, perhaps the first time he&apos;s had one since he&apos;s been here. "I carry my shit with me, let&apos;s get over there."
(1:26:02 AM) Dr_Kens: He runs to the entrance of the lab, and stops. He keys in a code in the keypad.
(1:26:09 AM) SimonVriska: Simon jumps up and runs to his office, picking up his satchel and going to the medical bay, picking up river and gently putting her into his satchel, then running to the motor pool.
(1:26:10 AM) Dodridge: He secures his helmet and grabs Alice&apos;s bags, prepared to pass them off.
(1:26:18 AM) Vance: Vance runs with Jillian to their respective rooms. He quickly assembles his bugout gear, shrugs into his vest, grabs his weapon and then powers out the door with Jill.
(1:26:19 AM) Dr_Kens: The lab starts to flicker and the ceiling opens up to reveal wavering heat.
(1:26:35 AM) Johnson: Johnson stuffs everything he owns into a large duffel bag and runs down to the shooting range again to grab weapon supplies
(1:26:37 AM) Vance: "Harding, gear secure! Cunningham, let&apos;s go!"
(1:26:38 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens runs with his pack.
(1:26:54 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He follows after Jill and Vance, pops into his room on the way to make sure he&apos;s got everything, then rushes to the Motor Pool.
(1:26:58 AM) AliceD: She grabs them. <Two minutes. I j-just…there&apos;s s-something I&apos;m not leaving here.> she nods and bolts out of the armoury.
(1:27:08 AM) NusGM: Keter klaxons begin sounding. A deep rumbling is heard from the bowels of the site, and the ground can be felt quaking slightly.
(1:27:19 AM) Vance: "Jillian! Let&apos;s move!"
(1:27:20 AM) Dr_Kens: He sprints towards the motor pool, coffee mug in hand.
(1:27:20 AM) SimonVriska: Simon arrives at the evac area, looking around.
(1:27:22 AM) Johnson: "Fuuuuuuuuck, it&apos;s one of those days!"
(1:27:28 AM) *
Carr rises from his seat smoothly, heading down to the Espionage offices. He looks at the gathered personnel, scrambling to clean up.
(1:27:28 AM) Dodridge: Jason follows after her, quick as a flash.
(1:27:33 AM) Dodridge: <Your bags!>
(1:27:55 AM) Dr_Kens: "Simon! You ready to run?"
(1:27:57 AM) Johnson: Johnson arrives at the evac garage
(1:28:04 AM) Carr: "Ladies, gentlemen. It /has/ been a pleasure. Please leave. The helipad will likely be overcrowded, but the motor pool will be a viable escape route if you move now."
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(1:28:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick reaches the Motor Pool. "Simon, do you know what the hell&apos;s going on?"
(1:28:16 AM) SimonVriska: "Yes. PAtients are evaced, I&apos;ve got river, Ready to go."
(1:28:21 AM) AliceD: <R-right…sorry.> she grabs them. <W-what about…Dancer and Cupid?>
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(1:28:27 AM) Jillian: "I have to get Midnight!" Jillian pulls back and runs to Mac&apos;s office, collecting the cat, then running back to the motor pool
(1:28:32 AM) SimonVriska: "No idea, but when the Keter alarm sounds, we run."
(1:28:37 AM) Vance: "Did you get Samson?!"
(1:29:07 AM) Jillian: "He&apos;s kept in here" Jillian powers it up
(1:29:19 AM) Johnson: "There room for one more?"
(1:29:22 AM) Carr: As James&apos; personnel flee, he waits for the last to exit. Turning to one of the higher-ranking personnel&apos;s computers, he swipes his badge on a nearby card reader and taps in a few commands. The destruction of all Espionage data commences.
(1:29:24 AM) Vance: "Alright. Orders are to stand the fuck by!"
(1:29:25 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Vance, Jill, what are we taking?"
(1:29:26 AM) Dodridge: <GET &apos;EM AND GET TO THE ROOM>
(1:29:45 AM) *Carr heads down to the briefing room.
(1:29:47 AM) Vance: "Whatever you can fuckin&apos; carry with you, Nick!"
(1:29:53 AM) Vance: Vance clambers on top of Samson.
(1:30:03 AM) AliceD: She grimaces at the second announcement, bolting to her office, grabbing the pair and the flowers in her desk and heading to the room.
(1:30:10 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "No, no, I got that. What are we taking? What vehicle?"
(1:30:22 AM) Vance: "Fucked if I know. I&apos;m riding Samson."
(1:30:23 AM) Jillian: "Here" Jillian hands him a length of 550 cord "Strap in as best you can"
(1:30:31 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Thanks, Jill."
(1:30:39 AM) TauV: Akane is down in the motor pool, directing people in vehicles.
(1:30:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick proceeds to strap himself to Samson&apos;s back.
(1:31:09 AM) Vance: Vance tosses a salute to Akane. "We&apos;re good, Akane! Samson doubles as a people carrier!"
(1:31:10 AM) Dr_Kens: "Akane! Akane! Where&apos;s the medical stryker?"
(1:31:18 AM) Johnson: Johnson stops in front of Akane
(1:31:21 AM) Johnson: "Where do I go?"
(1:31:50 AM) TauV: "Over here. Vance, Johnson, get the MTF members into Eve."
(1:32:03 AM) Jillian: "Don&apos;t knock anything off!" Jillian checks the system and smiles "Here, Vance, hold Midnight" she hands him the cat
(1:32:40 AM) Vance: Vance scoops up the cat. "Akane, what about Jill? She&apos;s in a loader." He slides down and starts directing foot traffic. "Go, go, go! This is NOT a drill! MOVE your asses!"
(1:32:40 AM) Dr_Kens: "Thanks." Kens sprints to the stryker, and preps it, checking for the medical supplies. Satisfied, he gets into the cockpit and starts getting it ready for evac.
(1:33:01 AM) TauV: "Jill, get in Eve."
(1:33:19 AM) Vance: "She can&apos;t, she&apos;s in a loader, dammit."
(1:33:25 AM) Jillian: "I can&apos;t leave Samson" Jillian shakes her head
(1:33:40 AM) *
Johnson throws his three duffel bags into wherever Akane pointed him to
(1:34:23 AM) Vance: "Goddammit, Akane. She can&apos;t! It&apos;s a — can&apos;t you see how big this thing is?!"
(1:34:46 AM) TauV: She facepalms.
(1:34:51 AM) TauV: And turns.
(1:35:07 AM) Vance: "She&apos;s plenty safe in here. We can run alongside Eve."
(1:35:08 AM) TauV: And keeps directing personnel into their vehicles.
(1:35:20 AM) Vance: "Get in your god damn vehicles! Go, go!"
(1:35:29 AM) *Johnson hops in whatever it is
(1:35:40 AM) Jillian: "Fuck" Jillian sighs and starts Samson moving
(1:35:59 AM) Vance: Vance makes a running leap, snags its structure, and secures himself.
(1:36:01 AM) Dr_Kens: "Johnson, you&apos;re here in the Stryker with me. Get your ass in here."
(1:36:12 AM) *
Johnson hopped into the Stryker then
(1:36:39 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I trust you, Jill. We&apos;ll make it out of here okay."
(1:36:53 AM) Dr_Kens: "Johnson, check the bags and crates in the back. They contain our medical equipment and supplies. Make sure they /don&apos;t/ get fucked up"
(1:37:27 AM) Vance: He slaps the structure of the Samson. "I&apos;m up, Jill! Ready to move!"
(1:37:51 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens guns the stryker.
(1:37:57 AM) Jillian: "Let&apos;s rock" Jillian steps alongside Eve
(1:37:59 AM) Dr_Kens: "All set here!"
(1:38:05 AM) Jillian: "We&apos;re good"
(1:38:10 AM) Johnson: "Roger"
(1:38:20 AM) Johnson: Johnson checks the bags and inventory
(1:39:08 AM) TauV: "Eve, standby to receive the Directors! Stryker, stand by! Everyone else, move!"
(1:39:15 AM) Vance: "Go!"
(1:39:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian heads out "Hold tight guys"
(1:39:29 AM) Dr_Kens: "Copy that." Kens turns to Johnson. "Close the door and get yourself strapped in. We&apos;re moving soon."
(1:40:32 AM) Johnson: "Equipment is green."
(1:40:50 AM) Johnson: He climbs back to the front and straps himself in
(1:41:03 AM) TauV: "Eve, check guns!"
(1:41:29 AM) Dr_Kens: "Sweet." Kens pulls out some gum. "I chew when I&apos;m nervous." Kens puts, like, twenty in his mouth. "Would you like one?"
(1:41:32 AM) Jillian: "You guys got your weapons out, right?" Jillian calls to Vance and Nick
(1:41:42 AM) Vance: "Copy!"
(1:41:46 AM) Johnson: "I already have one."
(1:41:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick shoulders his M16. "Affirmative."
(1:41:54 AM) Jillian: "Light me a smoke, babe…please
(1:41:56 AM) Jillian: "
(1:42:01 AM) Johnson: "I&apos;m just clenching my teeth too hard to chew." :|
(1:42:16 AM) Dr_Kens: "Sounds good." Kens is chomping away…ugh…
(1:42:39 AM) Vance: Vance scurries on top of the moving loader. He manages to light a cig and pass it through.
(1:42:50 AM) Jillian: Jillian takes a dag "Thanks"
(1:42:53 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "That sounds pretty good." Nick pops out a smoke from his shirt pocket and lights up.
(1:42:54 AM) Jillian: drag*
(1:43:06 AM) Johnson: "If you chew too many at once, you&apos;ll gag on them if we hit a speedbump."
(1:43:36 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Then he looks from Jill to Vance, then back to Jill, smiles slightly, then goes back to serious face.
(1:43:53 AM) Dr_Kens: "It&apos;s a risk I&apos;ll take." Kens taps his foot on the accelerator. "Where the hell are the Directors…we gotta get going."
(1:43:57 AM) Vance: Vance is sort of on top of the loader.
(1:43:59 AM) Jillian: "What&apos;s up Nick" Jillian runs through systems checks again
(1:44:06 AM) TauV: "Confirming evacuation of Command personnel! Confirming evacuation of Senior Staff personnel! Confirming evacuation of Overseer personnel!" You can all hear Akane yelling outside of the vehicle.
(1:44:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Nothing, Jill. Focus on evacuation, we can talk later."
(1:45:20 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "If there&apos;s anything you need me to do other than cover you from back here, let me know, otherwise we can chat afterwards."
(1:45:35 AM) Jillian: "Just, don&apos;t touch anything"
(1:45:51 AM) SimonVriska: Simon runs into the motor pool, looking for Jillian, and checking his watch.
(1:45:52 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "You got it."
(1:46:12 AM) TauV: "Simon! Get in Ev - the big LAV! Go, go, go!"
(1:46:27 AM) Dodridge: Jason flies in right behind him, burdened by a fuckton of packs. And a briefcase.
(1:46:29 AM) SimonVriska: Simon climbs on board.
(1:46:36 AM) Dr_Kens: "Oh there they are. /Thank god./ "
(1:46:38 AM) *Carr sends a message to all O-23 Espionage personnel. «If you are not out of the Site by now, you are -wrong-. Leave.»
(1:46:42 AM) AliceD: And then Alice, and bunnies!
(1:47:10 AM) Dodridge: He drops the shit inside, with the exception of the case, keeping it in hand as he steps up to the front. <who&apos;s in the cockpit?>
(1:47:11 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens guns the engine again. "Comeoncomeoncomeon…."
(1:47:25 AM) TauV: "Confirming evacuation of Director personnel…not like anyone is left to hear me, fuckshits." Akane walks over and gets in Eve.
(1:47:37 AM) Dodridge: Jason grabs Kens by the collar and throws him into the crew compartment.
(1:47:46 AM) SimonVriska: "Jason, we got the directors?"
(1:47:54 AM) Dr_Kens: Jason, Kens is ini the stryker
(1:48:08 AM) Vance: "Hey, Jill! How&apos;s Samson holding up?"
(1:48:22 AM) Dodridge: <MOVE. DRIVE THIS BITCH.>
(1:48:25 AM) SimonVriska: "Akane, no time to explain. Drive, and drive fast.
(1:48:30 AM) AliceD: Alice crouches next to the rabbit crate, clutching the briefcase and cooing to Dance and Cupid, trying to reassure them.
(1:48:42 AM) Jillian: "He&apos;s doing great, everything&apos;s running perfect…just remember, I have no weapon"
(1:48:44 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens guns the stryker again and gets going.
(1:48:57 AM) Vance: "I&apos;m your weapon! Drive this sumbitch!"
(1:48:59 AM) Dr_Kens: "I am NO dying today…"
(1:48:59 AM) SimonVriska: Simon pulls out the radio, messaging the other dirctors. "Time check."
(1:49:12 AM) Dodridge: <2 mikes>
(1:49:24 AM) AliceD: <Let&apos;s /go/>
(1:49:25 AM) SimonVriska: <Rodger>
(1:49:52 AM) SimonVriska: "Akane, come on…go offroad, through fences if you have to. We need to move Now."
(1:50:23 AM) Dodridge: Jason scrabbles to the turret, rotating it behind him and bringing the cameras online.
(1:50:24 AM) Dr_Kens: The stryker moves over the bumps and road, and roars across the sand.
(1:50:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian falls back a bit to keep pace with Eve
(1:50:50 AM) Dr_Kens: The stryker is to the back right of Eve, keeping pace.
(1:50:53 AM) TauV: Akane /drives/, fuckers. She peels out.
(1:50:54 AM) Dodridge: <Who&apos;s in the cockpit? Who&apos;s driving?"
(1:51:04 AM) Vance: "Jill! Don&apos;t lose the EVE! Keep pace!"
(1:51:17 AM) SimonVriska: Simon holds on tight, keeping a death grip on the case, checking his watch. "Almost time…."
(1:51:23 AM) Jillian: "Vance, you yeall at me one more time and I will fucking drop you"
(1:51:27 AM) Jillian: yell*
(1:51:45 AM) SimonVriska: "How fast can this thing go Akane?"
(1:51:46 AM) NusGM: The LAV tears through the motor pool shutter, presumably followed close behind by the medical stryker.
(1:51:50 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick keeps quiet, keeping a tight grip on his rifle.
(1:51:52 AM) Vance: "I&apos;m not yelling, hun, just stressed."
(1:52:05 AM) Johnson: "DRIVE FASTER DAMNIT, KENS"
(1:52:08 AM) TauV: "JESUS."
(1:52:17 AM) AliceD: <Thank you Akane.>
(1:52:18 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Don&apos;t stress, Vance. Jill will get us out of this."
(1:52:22 AM) NusGM: In the distance, you can see dust trails rising up from the desert as other people scramble to get as far away as possible.
(1:52:49 AM) Dr_Kens: "Jason, how far until we&apos;re clear?"
(1:52:52 AM) Jillian: Jillian keeps pace with Eve
(1:52:54 AM) Johnson: "What&apos;s the rendezvous point?"
(1:53:00 AM) Dodridge: Jason flips the briefcase open again, pulling off Oxide&apos;s right glove, and pressing his thumb to the reader.
(1:53:10 AM) TauV: Akane laughs madly at &apos;rendezvous point&apos;.
(1:53:12 AM) SimonVriska: Simon puts the case on his lap and opens it up, and pulls out the radio. <Jason. Say when>
(1:53:19 AM) Dodridge: After the screen goes green, he enters his pin.
(1:53:25 AM) AliceD: Alice follows suit.
(1:53:30 AM) Dodridge: <Find a rock and park this fucker behind it.>
(1:53:52 AM) Dr_Kens: "You&apos;re the boss." Kens floors it for the nearest cover.
(1:53:52 AM) Johnson: "Holy toledo, is that the on-site nuke?"
(1:54:12 AM) NusGM: There&apos;s very little cover. Just wide open desert.
(1:54:18 AM) Dr_Kens: "Johnson, if it is, double check those seals."
(1:54:27 AM) Johnson: "What seals?"
(1:54:31 AM) Dodridge: He leans down, shouting back into the cockpit. <Shit. Just park the thing! Kill the engine!>
(1:54:36 AM) Dodridge: <Fucking hurry!>
(1:54:46 AM) TauV: "FUCKING!" Akane shuts the LAV down.
(1:54:48 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens hits the brakes and shuts it down.
(1:54:57 AM) AliceD: <Why a-are we stopping?>
(1:55:04 AM) Jillian: Jillian stops Samson "Get off and find cover"
(1:55:09 AM) Johnson: "I don&apos;t think this is how taking cover from a nuclear blast works, sir!"
(1:55:24 AM) Dodridge: Jason closes a lockdown clamp on the turret, drops into the crew compartment, and scrabbles to the rear hatch, securing. he nose-downs the weapon and locks the gimbals.
(1:55:28 AM) Dodridge: And turns his key.
(1:55:38 AM) Vance: Vance catapults off of the loader and flatbacks against EVE.
(1:55:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick follows suit.
(1:55:57 AM) AliceD: Alice nods, turning her key. It&apos;s time.
(1:55:58 AM) Dr_Kens: "Cover your eyes, Johnson."
(1:56:08 AM) Dr_Kens: "It&apos;s going to be one hell of a blast."
(1:56:17 AM) SimonVriska: Simon climbs out of Eve and takes over, holding River tight. "Now we see…."
(1:56:30 AM) Dodridge: <You&apos;re in a goddamned LAV. You&apos;re not gonna *see a blast.>
(1:56:57 AM) Jillian left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:57:04 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens waves his hand ridiculously, and checks to see if the hatches are sealed tight.
(1:57:19 AM) SimonVriska: Simon climbs back in and slamd the door, sealing it tight.
(1:57:27 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Vance! Is this gonna be enough cover?!"
(1:57:33 AM) Vance: "Fuck no!"
(1:57:39 AM) Vance: Vance scrambles into the closest vehicle.
(1:57:52 AM) Vance: "Get the fuck in"!
(1:57:55 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Then let&apos;s get the fuck inside!" Nick jumps in with Vance.
(1:58:41 AM) NusGM: Suddenly… nothing happens, save for the directors&apos; radios crackling to life.
(1:58:56 AM) Dodridge: <Dodridge! Go!>
(1:58:57 AM) AliceD: <Shhh, shhh, it&apos;s ok you two…> Alice reaches a hand inside the crate and pets the bunnies. <…now what?>
(1:59:05 AM) Vance: Vance is breathing hard.
(1:59:05 AM) SimonVriska: Simon picks it up. <Vriska.>
(1:59:11 AM) Dodridge: <Station calling, identify yourself!>
(1:59:40 AM) Carr: <This is Carr.>
(1:59:48 AM) Carr: James is /not/ with the Eve convoy.
(1:59:58 AM) NusGM: «O5-6. Site warhead has failed to detonate.»
(1:59:59 AM) AliceD: <W-where the fuck are you?>
(2:00:10 AM) AliceD: <Oh…oh god…>
(2:00:17 AM) SimonVriska: <How long untill the nanobots breach?>
(2:00:19 AM) Carr: <Turning around. I am en route.>
(2:00:21 AM) Vance: "What? Failed?!"
(2:00:26 AM) Vance: derp
(2:00:27 AM) NusGM: «Five minutes until Silent Night.»
(2:00:30 AM) Johnson: "Nanobots?"
(2:00:36 AM) SimonVriska: "Shut up."
(2:00:48 AM) Dodridge: «Jesus, *FUCK*.»
(2:00:58 AM) NusGM: «Godspeed, Director Carr.»
(2:01:19 AM) Carr: <Please forward a Command-level override for the manual detonation sequence to my PDA.>
(2:01:35 AM) AliceD: «C-carr…»
(2:01:39 AM) SimonVriska: <Good luck Carr….>
(2:01:57 AM) NusGM: «Please hold… Done. Congratulations on the promotion, O5-7. Shame it wasn&apos;t meant to last.»
(2:02:13 AM) TauV: "Jesus christ."
(2:02:27 AM) SimonVriska: <Jason, we need to keep moving.>
(2:02:48 AM) Dodridge: Jason bangs on the hatch to the driver&apos;s compartment. <Get this goddamn thing started up and moving!>
(2:02:57 AM) Dr_Kens: "Aye, rollin&apos;"
(2:02:58 AM) AliceD: Alice swallows, saying a quite prayer under her helmet.
(2:03:01 AM) SimonVriska: "Akane, Go. Go as fast as you can."
(2:03:02 AM) Carr: <Rather a shame. Ladies, gentlemen. Service with all of you has been an honor.>
(2:03:04 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens starts it back up and guns it.
(2:03:13 AM) TauV: Akane gets movin&apos;.
(2:03:16 AM) SimonVriska: <Same to you Carr.>
(2:03:18 AM) Dodridge: «Give &apos;em hell, Carr.»
(2:05:07 AM) SimonVriska: Simon checks his watch. "This is going to be close."
(2:05:30 AM) AliceD: Alice goes back to her rabbits.
(2:05:37 AM) Johnson: "Shouldn&apos;t we be going farther away from the site?"
(2:05:42 AM) Dr_Kens: "We are, ya idiot."
(2:05:49 AM) Vance: "Fuck…why is it quiet, Nick…?"
(2:06:00 AM) Dr_Kens: "Just not fast enough…MAN I wish we had more turbochargers." Kens grins.
(2:06:12 AM) SimonVriska: "Akane, we&apos;re redlined?"
(2:06:26 AM) Johnson: Johnson quietly offers Dodridge some gum
(2:06:36 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I don&apos;t know."
(2:06:37 AM) Dodridge: FIAT: Assume they&apos;re on radios.
(2:07:31 AM) Vance: «Guys, why is it so quiet…?»
(2:07:49 AM) SimonVriska: «Nanobots don&apos;t make much noise.»
(2:07:52 AM) Dr_Kens: «Because we&apos;re too busy driving for our lives? Give him a few minutes…he&apos;s Carr. He&apos;ll do it.»
(2:07:59 AM) Dodridge: Jason checks his watch. <Shut her down, Akane. I don&apos;t want these damn things running if that nuke detonates.> He does a quick figure in his head. <We&apos;re outside of the blast radius. Stop moving and shut this bitch down.>
(2:08:16 AM) Dr_Kens: <Copy.>
(2:08:18 AM) TauV: "Yeah, yeah! Jesus."
(2:08:24 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens hits the brakes and shuts down.
(2:08:25 AM) AliceD: «A moment of silence f-for those who wont b-be making it o-out…» she bows her head.
(2:08:46 AM) Dr_Kens: «…»
(2:09:07 AM) Vance: Vance bows his head.
(2:09:20 AM) Johnson: :|
(2:09:31 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick lowers his head.
(2:09:56 AM) SimonVriska: Simon sits in Eve, gently petting River with one hand, watching his watch with the other. "Hope that estimate was short."
(2:09:57 AM) Johnson: Johnson turns off his smartphone
(2:10:00 AM) Vance: «Godspeed, Director.»
(2:10:34 AM) Carr: <This is Carr. Nanoswarm has been encountered. Distance to device is currently unknown.>
(2:10:52 AM) SimonVriska: «Good luck Carr…give em hell.»
(2:10:55 AM) Dr_Kens: «Give those bugs hell.»
(2:11:02 AM) Vance: «You can do it!»
(2:11:18 AM) Dodridge: <Alice, hold still for a second. He leans over, working at the collar of her suit. <These things have a faraday mesh, but I don&apos;t want to take any chances.> He taps for a few seconds, and she suddenly feels a lot heavier.
(2:11:47 AM) Dodridge: Jason reaches up, working at his own, powering down Oxide.
(2:12:43 AM) AliceD: She sits still, cross legged on the floor next to Dancer and Cupid.
(2:14:48 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens chews his bubblegum.
(2:15:19 AM) Vance: "Come on, Carr…"
(2:17:40 AM) SimonVriska: Simon glances over at Akane. "Not much longer now."
(2:17:53 AM) Dr_Kens: "What&apos;s the ETA before the end of the world, Dodridge?
(2:17:55 AM) Dr_Kens: "
(2:18:04 AM) TauV: "Jesus christ. Jesus fucking christ."
(2:18:07 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "This waiting is killing me."
(2:18:08 AM) AliceD: <Shhhhh.>
(2:19:02 AM) Johnson: "It&apos;s just one site nuke. Is this happening elsewhere or something?"
(2:19:13 AM) SimonVriska: "If he was right, the swarm&apos;s escaped….If those get out of range of the nuke…."
(2:19:17 AM) AliceD: <Shhhhhh!>
(2:19:35 AM) Dr_Kens: "I&apos;ll punch the nanobots to death."
(2:19:59 AM) TauV: "Shut up. Christ, just shut up. My head is killing me."
(2:20:10 AM) Dodridge: Jason shakes his head, flipping up the visor. "Things are worse than you think…"
(2:20:29 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick looks at Jason. "What do you mean?"
(2:20:30 AM) AliceD: <Explain.>
(2:20:42 AM) SimonVriska: <How much worse.>
(2:21:36 AM) Dodridge: <We&apos;re under the Pizzicato contingency.»
(2:21:43 AM) SimonVriska: "What does that mean?"
(2:21:52 AM) Dr_Kens: "The /what?"/
(2:22:02 AM) Vance: «Huh?»
(2:22:15 AM) Dodridge: He takes a deep breath. "It means my contacts have decided we need to end the world in order to save it."
(2:22:33 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "We WHAT?"
(2:22:39 AM) Vance: «What.»
(2:22:44 AM) AliceD: <…oh god.>
(2:22:47 AM) SimonVriska: "Your contacts. Deceided we need to end the world."
(2:22:48 AM) Dr_Kens: "Oh what the fuck kind of idea is that."
(2:23:08 AM) Carr: <Good night, everyone.>
(2:23:09 AM) SimonVriska: "How will one nuke do that?"
(2:23:11 AM) Carr: <And good luck.>
(2:23:17 AM) AliceD: <This is really it, i-isn&apos;t it?>
(2:23:23 AM) Dr_Kens: "Oh god, Carr…"
(2:23:34 AM) Dodridge: «See you on the side, Carr.»
(2:23:37 AM) Vance: «Godspeed, Carr. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.»
(2:23:42 AM) Dr_Kens: «It was a pleasure.»
(2:23:47 AM) Dodridge: Jason locks his faceplate closed, saying nothing else.
(2:24:01 AM) TauV: «You&apos;re an asshole, Carr. Good night.»
(2:24:17 AM) SimonVriska: «Take care Carr»
(2:24:21 AM) AliceD: Alice clenches her eyes shut and waits.
(2:25:26 AM) NusGM: Physical defense.
(2:25:49 AM) Vance: 4df+3 PDef
(2:25:49 AM) Quidmore: Vance: PDef: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
(2:25:58 AM) TauV: 3df+3 Akane&apos;s PDEF
(2:25:58 AM) Quidmore: TauV: Akane&apos;s PDEF: 1 (3df+3=0, -, -)
(2:26:01 AM) TauV: asoapof
(2:26:05 AM) Dr_Kens: 4df+2
(2:26:06 AM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
(2:26:07 AM) Johnson: 4df+3
(2:26:07 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
(2:26:09 AM) NusGM: Vehicle drivers only.
(2:26:09 AM) TauV: 4df+3 Akane&apos;s ACTUAL Pdef
(2:26:10 AM) Quidmore: TauV: Akane&apos;s ACTUAL Pdef: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
(2:26:10 AM) Dodridge: 4df+6 Jason curls down, suit locked.
(2:26:11 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Jason curls down, suit locked.: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
(2:26:23 AM) Dodridge: Fate point expended.
(2:26:43 AM) AliceD: 4df+6 /Charge Point/ Alice ain&apos;t taking chances.
(2:26:43 AM) Quidmore: AliceD: /Charge Point/ Alice ain&apos;t taking chances.: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
(2:27:06 AM) SimonVriska: 4df+2 defence
(2:27:06 AM) Quidmore: SimonVriska: defence: -1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, -)
(2:28:10 AM) NusGM: 4df+5 Blast wave.
(2:28:11 AM) Quidmore: NusGM: Blast wave.: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
(2:28:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: 4df+2 defense
(2:28:14 AM) Quidmore: Nick_Rosenthal: defense: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, 0)
(2:29:24 AM) NusGM: Both vehicles are rocked by a violent explosion, and a deafening roar fills your ears. You&apos;re jostled about within the vehicles, but largely unharmed.
(2:29:48 AM) TauV: Akane laughs.
(2:29:58 AM) SimonVriska: Simon takes a long slow breath. "Was that it?"
(2:29:59 AM) Vance: "FFfffuuu—!:
(2:30:00 AM) Vance: "
(2:30:03 AM) TauV: Uncontrollably.
(2:30:08 AM) Dr_Kens: "….I need a cigarette."
(2:30:53 AM) AliceD: <Now what?>
(2:30:58 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "You and me both, Kens."
(2:31:08 AM) SimonVriska: <No idea…Jason, what happens now?>
(2:31:11 AM) Dr_Kens: "Funny shit? I don&apos;t smoke at all."
(2:31:19 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Want one?"
(2:31:29 AM) Dr_Kens: "Yeah."
(2:31:47 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens smokes.
(2:32:07 AM) Dodridge: Jason bangs on the hatch to the front. <Power this thing up. Drive. Don&apos;t stop.>
(2:32:13 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick pulls out two cigs, one for himself, one for Kens.
(2:32:24 AM) SimonVriska: "You heard him Akane…"
(2:32:49 AM) Dodridge: Keep in mind they&apos;re smoking in a vehicle that&apos;s not taking in any air, and is hermetically sealed to keep them from dying of radiation poisoning.
(2:32:58 AM) Johnson: "Where are we headin&apos;, sir?"
(2:33:02 AM) TauV: Akane snorts, chuckles, and keeps driving.
(2:33:07 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens starts it up and guns it again.
(2:33:14 AM) TauV: "Sir? We heading towards the House?"
(2:33:14 AM) Dr_Kens: "Don&apos;t worry, sir, it&apos;s not lit. Yet."
(2:33:27 AM) SimonVriska: "No idea. JAson seems to know what&apos;s going on, just…follow him."
(2:33:31 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks back in the turret. «GODDAMNIT! WHO&apos;S FUCKING DRIVING THAT STRYKER!»
(2:33:45 AM) Dr_Kens: ?
(2:34:01 AM) SimonVriska: "I&apos;ve never even heard about that pizzacato thing."
(2:34:39 AM) Dr_Kens: [[Redact the gunning thing.]]
(2:35:05 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens just drives it behind the LAV.
(2:35:12 AM) TauV: Akane nods. "Site 67 it is."
(2:35:27 AM) SimonVriska: "Sorry I can&apos;t tell you more, wish i knew. Think the radio got blown from the blast."
(2:35:28 AM) AliceD: <…oh god…>
(2:35:35 AM) AliceD: <Jason…>
(2:36:00 AM) *
Johnson sighs
(2:36:08 AM) Johnson: "This is one of those days…"
(2:36:14 AM) Vance left the room.
(2:36:14 AM) Vance [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.1711708C-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.1711708C-CRInys|agemO] entered the room.
(2:36:17 AM) Dodridge: «Ladies, and gentlemen, this is Jason Dodridge.»
(2:36:27 AM) Dodridge: «O-23, roger, up.»
(2:36:34 AM) Vance: «Roger!»
(2:36:37 AM) AliceD: <…roger.>
(2:36:39 AM) Dr_Kens: «Roger.»
(2:36:58 AM) SimonVriska: «Vriska, Rodger»
(2:37:06 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: «Roger.»
(2:37:09 AM) TauV: «Jesus. Akane, roger.»
(2:37:24 AM) NusGM left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:37:24 AM) TauV is now known as Sabitsuki|GM
(2:37:42 AM) Johnson: «Roger»
(2:38:00 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks back through the turret, trying to pick out any other vehicle trails aside from the mushroom cloud rising behind them.
(2:38:16 AM) Carr is now known as Heiden
(2:38:35 AM) Dodridge: «Akane, stop the LAV. Drivers, form it up on Eve. Park with your nose toward 23.»
(2:38:57 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: Akane does so, turning.
(2:39:01 AM) Dr_Kens: «Copy that.» Kens does a turn around to park by EVE.
(2:39:08 AM) Dr_Kens: *Facing 23
(2:40:12 AM) Dodridge: Jason pushes past those inside, shoving all the gear to one side of the LAV, and mashes the emergency release, unsealing the hatch and stepping outside.
(2:40:53 AM) Dr_Kens: "Johnson, stay put until we get orders from Jason."
(2:41:21 AM) Dr_Kens: "In the mean time…" Kens takes a sip of water.
(2:41:23 AM) Johnson: "Whatever."
(2:42:10 AM) Dodridge: Jason walks up behind the other vehicle, banging on the rear hatch of the Stryker.
(2:42:21 AM) Dodridge: <Come on out. Fallout won&apos;t touch down for hours.>
(2:42:33 AM) Dr_Kens: "One sec"
(2:42:41 AM) AliceD: Alice turns her suit back on and gets up.
(2:42:42 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens motions for Johnson to follow, and opens up the doors.
(2:42:53 AM) Vance: Vance pops out.
(2:43:07 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick steps out of the vehicle.
(2:43:10 AM) Dr_Kens: "Yes sir?"
(2:43:19 AM) SimonVriska: Simon climbs out. "Hey JAson. One big question."
(2:43:19 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens is looking from inside the main cabin.
(2:44:11 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Now I can have this." Nick prepares to light up.
(2:44:14 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks over at Simon. <If you&apos;re not gonna explain to everyone what happened, then it can wait.>
(2:44:31 AM) SimonVriska: "Right…go ahead then."
(2:44:58 AM) Dodridge: Jason circles a finger, *bring it in*.
(2:45:10 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens hops onto the sand, and walks over.
(2:45:11 AM) Vance: Vance assembles closer.
(2:45:12 AM) Jillian [ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(2:45:19 AM) *Johnson hops out of the Stryker, takes one big look at the mushroom cloud and sighs. Then he gathers close
(2:45:28 AM) AliceD: Alice shuffles over.
(2:45:40 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick joins the group, smoke in hand.
(2:45:43 AM) SimonVriska: Simon walks on over.
(2:46:02 AM) Jillian: Jillian hustles to Jason
(2:46:09 AM) Dodridge: The group can hear a modulated breath come over his suit helmet&apos;s speakers. <The Global Occult Coalition declared Pizzicato.>
(2:46:15 AM) Vance: Vance puts an arm around Jill.
(2:46:34 AM) Johnson: Johnson gives Jason a blank stare
(2:46:57 AM) SimonVriska: "As you said."
(2:47:02 AM) Vance: he doesn&apos;t
(2:47:47 AM) Dodridge: <That means we just blew up damn near everything.>
(2:48:12 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Everything, sir? As in nukes elsewhere as well?"
(2:48:15 AM) Dr_Kens: "Wait, you&apos;re GOC?" Kens backs up a bit.
(2:48:31 AM) Dodridge: <If the Foundation didn&apos;t activate it, we did.>
(2:48:31 AM) Vance: "Does it even matter anymore, Kens?"
(2:48:41 AM) SimonVriska: "Yes, and I&apos;m UIU. Does it matter?"
(2:48:45 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens stops. "I…I suppose not…"
(2:48:50 AM) AliceD: <W-we getting the out off the w-way then? I&apos;m Prom Labs.>
(2:48:58 AM) *
Johnson gives Simon a look. He thought he was the only UIU agent around here
(2:49:01 AM) AliceD: <N-not that they exist a-anymore.>
(2:49:04 AM) Jillian: "I don&apos;t give a fuck /what/ he is…he can still save our ass" Jillian shrugs
(2:49:24 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens throws his hands up in the air.
(2:49:33 AM) Dr_Kens: "Ignore my out burt, sir. Continue."
(2:49:34 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "Big fucking whoop! I killed people for money and sex before I came to O-23! Like GOC or Whatever Labs mean a goddamn thing anymore."
(2:49:37 AM) Dr_Kens: *outburst
(2:49:49 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: You hear Akane pound her fist on something in the LAV.
(2:50:15 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick takes a drag. "Can we please calm down and figure out what&apos;s going on? Behaving like this is going to get us nowhere. The fallout&apos;s not gonna stay up there forever."
(2:50:26 AM) Dodridge: <Jason removes a FoundPad from his suit. He taps at it for a few moments. <Looks like we still have satellites.> He drags his finger across the screen. <And we still have 67.>
(2:50:27 AM) SimonVriska: "Agreed. Go on Jason."
(2:50:39 AM) AliceD: <…Travis…>
(2:50:50 AM) *Johnson wonders who Travis is
(2:51:04 AM) Dodridge: <67 doesn&apos;t have a nuke. And there are sites around here that don&apos;t. Mostly Safe-class containment.>
(2:51:24 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "How far away is it, sir?"
(2:51:30 AM) SimonVriska: "Did every nuke we have go off at every site?"
(2:51:34 AM) AliceD: <Ayer&apos;s Rock.>
(2:51:43 AM) Dodridge: He takes another breath. <We&apos;re not staying here for pick up with the rest.> He nods at Alice.
(2:51:57 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens tilts his head, and lights up.
(2:52:06 AM) Vance: "Then what are we doing, Jason?"
(2:52:12 AM) AliceD: <This is it t-then? We&apos;re breaking away?>
(2:52:18 AM) Dodridge: Jason shrugs at Vriska. <I&apos;d assume. At the ones that have them, or successfully detonated.>
(2:52:26 AM) SimonVriska: "Just checking…."
(2:52:34 AM) Jillian: Jillian casts an odd look to Kens and lights her own cigarette
(2:52:44 AM) Dodridge: He glances at Alice, then Vance. <We&apos;re going to 67.>
(2:52:55 AM) Vance: Vance nods.
(2:53:01 AM) SimonVriska: "Lets go then."
(2:53:09 AM) AliceD: <Then l-let&apos;s go.> Alice heads back to the LAV.
(2:53:10 AM) Dr_Kens: "Pardon my asking, sir, but is it safe? Will there be the same thing there?"
(2:53:23 AM) Dodridge: <Stand by, we&apos;re gonna get this shit squared… huh?>
(2:53:25 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Agreed. Finish up, Kens, we can&apos;t smoke in there."
(2:53:31 AM) SimonVriska: Simon climbs back into EVE.
(2:53:41 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "Let&apos;s hurry, then. I don&apos;t want to be close to the fallout." Akane sounds…defeated.
(2:53:56 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick hurries up to kill his cigarette, then climbs into EVE.
(2:54:01 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens wavesa away the question. "Nevermind, Jason. I&apos;ll follow you in the back."
(2:54:11 AM) *
Johnson sighs and climbs back into the Stryker
(2:54:16 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens extinguishes his cigarette and stores it. It&apos;s only half done.
(2:54:25 AM) Jillian: Jillian squashes her&apos;s "Done as I&apos;m going to get"
(2:54:31 AM) Dr_Kens: He climbs back in to the strker and seals it up.
(2:54:50 AM) Dodridge: <Stand by!>
(2:55:07 AM) Vance: Vance remounts his vehicle.
(2:55:07 AM) Dr_Kens: «Copy.»
(2:55:27 AM) Dodridge: <Kens, you&apos;re not getting anywhere *near* the damn controls for that vehicle again. If you haven&apos;t noticed, we just nuked the closest maintenance facility.>
(2:55:57 AM) Dr_Kens: "I promise I won&apos;t gun it. Ever. If I do, you can shoot me yourself."
(2:56:01 AM) Dodridge: <And we don&apos;t need a fucking roboticist trying to drive an 8-ton armored vehicle.
(2:56:07 AM) Dodridge: <Jillian?>
(2:56:11 AM) Dr_Kens: "Besides, I did train in mechanical engineering, Jason."
(2:56:12 AM) Jillian: "Sir?"
(2:56:19 AM) Dodridge: <Can you handle the Stryker?>
(2:56:38 AM) Johnson: "I can drive stick." Johnson pipes up from inside the Stryker
(2:56:45 AM) Jillian: "Yeah…What about Samson, you want me to do him by remote?"
(2:57:00 AM) Vance: "I can ty Samson if you give m
(2:57:08 AM) Dodridge: <Tie the fucker off on top.>
(2:57:08 AM) Vance: "I can ty Samson if you give me a crash course."
(2:57:25 AM) Dodridge: <The suits are fitted for their users, Vance…>
(2:57:40 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "I…goddamn. Priscilla is dead. Berk is dead." She pauses. "Smascher."
(2:57:44 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens opens the hatch again and sits on a fold-down seat.
(2:57:44 AM) Vance: "Oh. Whoops."
(2:57:48 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: Akane is mumbling to herself.
(2:57:49 AM) Jillian: "Not going to happen, Vance" Jillian shakes her head "Help me tie him up"
(2:58:04 AM) Vance: Vance gets out and assists as directed,
(2:58:06 AM) Vance: .
(2:58:08 AM) AliceD: <W-we&apos;re alive, though…>
(2:58:15 AM) Dr_Kens: "Controls are yours, Jillian. I&apos;ll just be in the back taking medical inventory."
(2:58:25 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "…Goddamn, Alice…goddamn…"
(2:58:38 AM) Jillian: "Rog, Kens" Jillian hops into the driver&apos;s seat
(2:58:51 AM) AliceD: <W-what do you want me to say?>
(2:58:54 AM) Vance: "We&apos;re alive. That&apos;s something."
(2:58:54 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens seals it back up once Jill is up front.
(2:59:22 AM) AliceD: She continues cooing to the rabbits, who are no longer in distress, but still rattled.
(2:59:23 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "I don&apos;t know. I don&apos;t know. Sorry."
(3:00:13 AM) Dodridge: Jason climbs into Eve, heading to the front. <Outta the way, Tau.>
(3:00:19 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: tau isn&apos;t there
(3:00:26 AM) Dodridge: *Akane*
(3:00:30 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: :3
(3:00:32 AM) Nusquam [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(3:00:45 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: Akane gets in the shotgun seat.
(3:01:01 AM) SimonVriska: Simon shifts to the back.
(3:01:05 AM) mode (+o Nusquam) by ChanServ
(3:01:15 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Hell of a first week on the job," Nick laughs bitterly.
(3:01:24 AM) SimonVriska: "Could be worse."
(3:01:30 AM) Dodridge: There is no shotgun.
(3:01:30 AM) Vance: Vance laughs.
(3:01:34 AM) Jillian: "Could be dead"
(3:01:39 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: sit on my shotgun
(3:01:40 AM) SimonVriska: "Indeed."
(3:01:44 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "That&apos;s true. Very true."
(3:02:09 AM) Dodridge: Jason punches the vehicle up, craking the turnkey and idling up the diesel, waiting for the air system to pressurize.
(3:02:36 AM) Jillian: Jillian fires up the Stryker "Come on baby"
(3:02:44 AM) SimonVriska: "Jason, you got time for that question now?"
(3:02:49 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "Well. Maybe Tamlin can…help."
(3:02:51 AM) Dr_Kens: "Oh, /sweet!/ There&apos;s a ton of supplies in these extra crates."
(3:02:53 AM) Dodridge: Once the small bank of green lights on his right side light up sequentially, he flicks a switch, releasing the air brakes, and gasses the vehicle, surging ahead.
(3:03:04 AM) Jillian: Jillian follows
(3:03:09 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "That smoke help, Kens?"
(3:03:12 AM) Dodridge: «Fire away, Vriska.»
(3:03:12 AM) AliceD: <God, e-even if he can&apos;t, I j-just want to know h-he&apos;s ok.>
(3:03:16 AM) Dr_Kens: "Oh god yes."
(3:03:24 AM) Johnson: "Probably melted down by the Pizzicato thingy."
(3:03:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Well, if you need more, just ask. I&apos;ve only got about half a pack left, but I&apos;m not gonna deny a friend a smoke when they need one."
(3:03:56 AM) SimonVriska: "What is the fatility count? How many people are dead now?"
(3:04:00 AM) Vance: "That&apos;s a hell of a thing to say, Johnson."
(3:04:12 AM) Dodridge: Jason pauses.
(3:04:23 AM) Jillian: "My ready bag has two cartons…grab a pack if you want"
(3:04:37 AM) Dr_Kens: "Nick, I&apos;ve never smoked before, probably wont ever again. Still, good to know."
(3:04:41 AM) Dodridge: «Pizzicato demands that no more 90% of the population taken out in an attempt to mitigate.»
(3:04:49 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "He&apos;ll be fine, Alice. Vance threw a nuke at him once, and all it did was irritate him."
(3:05:06 AM) AliceD: <That&apos;s my fucking son you&apos;re talking about, you ass!>
(3:05:11 AM) AliceD: To Johnson
(3:05:13 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Hey…" He smiles at Kens. "What are friends for?"
(3:05:33 AM) Dr_Kens: "True words." Kens just leans back and closes the last of the crates.
(3:05:46 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He lets out another pained chuckle. "After all… friends are pretty much all we&apos;ve got left now." He closes his eyes and lower his head.
(3:05:59 AM) SimonVriska: "No more than 90%….But…the nukes in the sites…that wouldn&apos;t kill that many, right? I mean…I don&apos;t know the yeild, but that seems high."
(3:06:03 AM) Jillian: "Don&apos;t start that right now Nick"
(3:06:28 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick looks up to say something, then takes a breath.
(3:06:34 AM) Dodridge: «For the Foundation, no… the Foundation was a fucking child in a playpen…»
(3:06:47 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "You&apos;re right, Jillian, I&apos;m sorry. This is just a lot to take in right now."
(3:07:16 AM) SimonVriska: "Great…And now…SCPs have undoubtly escaped. The really bad ones."
(3:07:39 AM) PaulS_laptop [~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.CB29BA5C-CRInys|luap#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.CB29BA5C-CRInys|luap] entered the room.
(3:07:43 AM) Dodridge: «Like what? Can you think of anything that can survive the surface of the sun?»
(3:07:45 AM) Dr_Kens: "I&apos;m just happy we&apos;re with the Dodridges. Their power armor, man…"
(3:07:46 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Wait, does that mean HE&apos;S out there somewhere? 682?"
(3:07:52 AM) Jillian: "Stay off the radio, but give me idle chatter guys…don&apos;t get quiet…please" the last word is almost a whisper.
(3:08:07 AM) Dr_Kens: "Unless he can save himself from a 2 megaton nuke? Nope."
(3:08:29 AM) Dodridge: Jason cuts in over the radio. «20.»
(3:08:36 AM) Johnson: "What? What did I do now?"
(3:08:38 AM) SimonVriska: "Not off the top of my head, but I&apos;ve no doubt there&apos;s something. That stuff was Keter for a reason. But ther&apos;s no point worrying about that. WHat&apos;s the plan when we get to the site?"
(3:08:41 AM) Dr_Kens: «20 megaton? really?»
(3:09:12 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "It was never tried on him, Kens, but 682&apos;s pretty resilient. Haven&apos;t you read any of the files?"
(3:09:20 AM) Dodridge: «We see what happened to my son. After that, you can whatever you want.»
(3:09:26 AM) Dodridge: *do
(3:09:28 AM) Dr_Kens: "I have, but still. A nuke right up any organism, 682 or not."
(3:09:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "For all our sakes, I hope you&apos;re right."
(3:09:49 AM) Vance: "Understood. Let&apos;s roll."
(3:09:54 AM) AliceD: Alice sits quietly in the LAV, deep in thought.
(3:10:01 AM) SimonVriska: "I think we should stick together. But that&apos;s just me."
(3:10:21 AM) Jillian: "Idle fucking chatter includes anything that has nothing to do with what happened!" Jillian slams the wheel "Please guys?!"
(3:10:29 AM) Dr_Kens: «Oh, Jason, when you guys get a chance, help me transfer some medical kits over to Eve. We have a ton here, but I don&apos;t want them getting lost if something happens.»
(3:11:12 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Anyone mind if I gun?"
(3:11:35 AM) Dodridge: «Get up there, John, for now.»
(3:12:07 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Jillian, I know you don&apos;t want to talk about it, but it needs to be thought about, discussed. If we&apos;re going to get through this we need to consider what we may find ourselves up against. You know that. If you really need me to, I&apos;ll change the subject, but this needs to be talked about, and soon."
(3:12:12 AM) PaulS_laptop: John clambers up into Eve&apos;s turret, whistling as he goes.
(3:12:15 AM) SimonVriska: "Does the GOC have a plan for the aftermath of this?"
(3:12:27 AM) SimonVriska: "Heh, cause the UIU sure has hell didn&apos;t."
(3:12:41 AM) Dodridge: «We do…>
(3:12:59 AM) Dodridge: «That&apos;s because the UIU isn&apos;t a player in anything. They&apos;re a goddamned FBI field office.»
(3:13:17 AM) Jillian: "Nick, I know that you don&apos;t know anything about me, but I /just/ got off suicide watch from seeing a good friend die…we just lost a shit ton more. Not. Now."
(3:13:31 AM) SimonVriska: "Really? Good! Glad you think that. Anywho, are you gonna make me guess?"
(3:14:00 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I&apos;m sorry, Jillian, I didn&apos;t know. I&apos;ll change the subject."
(3:14:00 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Sure wish I knew if the Ways are still open" John mutters to himself "That&apos;d make this a shit ton easier"
(3:14:14 AM) Jillian: "Thank you" Jillian sighs
(3:14:19 AM) Dodridge: «Then just shut the fuck up, new guy.»
(3:14:41 AM) Dodridge: «Goddamnit…, someone else drive this fucking thing.» Eve grinds to a halt.
(3:15:05 AM) Vance: "Ways?"
(3:15:27 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick holds his tongue.
(3:15:35 AM) PaulS_laptop: "How the Hand gets round sometimes. I&apos;ll explain later."
(3:15:40 AM) Vance: "Aight."
(3:15:57 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "I&apos;ll do it. Switch me, Jason."
(3:16:23 AM) Dodridge: Jason climbs back. <Go for it.>
(3:16:59 AM) AliceD: Alice scoops Dancer into her lap, checking him over for signs of stress.
(3:17:28 AM) Jillian: Jillian idles, waiting for Eve to move again
(3:18:37 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: Akane slumps down and grabs the controls, heading towards Site 67.
(3:19:07 AM) Heiden: The scent strikes long before anything interesting comes into view. An acrid tang, even filtered through the armored vehicle&apos;s considerable protective systems, is quite noticeable.
(3:19:08 AM) Dodridge: «We need to stop and check the vehicles some time. Get all the shit we tossed inside straightened out. Take inventory.»
(3:19:11 AM) Jillian: Jillian follows
(3:19:26 AM) Vance: "Whoa. Anyone else getting that?"
(3:19:26 AM) Dr_Kens: "What&apos;s that smell…"
(3:19:39 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Ugh… what is that?"
(3:19:41 AM) AliceD: <…>
(3:19:46 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Who shat themselves?"
(3:19:48 AM) Vance: "Eugh."
(3:19:50 AM) Heiden: Perception check for the drivers, please.
(3:21:15 AM) Jillian: 4df+0
(3:21:16 AM) Quidmore: Jillian: 0 (4df+0=-, -, +, +)
(3:21:17 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: 4df+2 Akane&apos;s Perception
(3:21:18 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki|GM: Akane&apos;s Perception: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, +, -)
(3:22:32 AM) Heiden: You&apos;re both aware enough to notice the temperature gauge steadily rising. It was a warm day out when you fled - about 80 Fahrenheit. Now it&apos;s reaching the mid-nineties.
(3:22:51 AM) Heiden: Akane notices heat shimmers in the air, far distant.
(3:22:51 AM) Jillian: "Fuck" Jillian mutters "Come on baby…"
(3:23:19 AM) SimonVriska: "Anything wrong Akane?"
(3:23:20 AM) *Vance looks around. "Seriously, what IS that smell."
(3:23:37 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "…Shit, it&apos;s hot around the House. More timey wimey bullshit. Get ready to fan yourselves, folks."
(3:23:50 AM) Dr_Kens: "Ugh."
(3:23:54 AM) Sabitsuki|GM: "We got 95 F and rising."
(3:23:57 AM) Johnson: "Just great."
(3:24:12 AM) Jillian: "IT&apos;s gonna be a hot one…"
(3:24:16 AM) AliceD: Alice is trying desperately not to freak out, but be damned is that negativity filter of hers hasn&apos;t kicked back in.
(3:24:23 AM) SimonVriska: "Great."
(3:24:34 AM) Dr_Kens: "Well, could be worse. It could be lava."
(3:24:41 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Jason, did we ever get AC in this thing?"
(3:24:42 AM) Jillian: "Hope you all put on deodorant."
(3:24:51 AM) Sabitsuki|GM is now known as Sabitsuki
(3:24:55 AM) PaulS_laptop: "What&apos;s deodorant?"
(3:25:05 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens chuckles
(3:25:10 AM) Dodridge: «Akane, hit it. Looks like the AC controls in a car.»
(3:25:31 AM) Heiden: As Ayers Rock comes into view, Akane spots something strange. The Rock seems to be glittering, almost, and those glittering trails are… flowing. A good ways out, too.
(3:25:34 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick wipes the growing sweat off his brow.
(3:25:44 AM) Heiden: 100 degrees Fahrenheit out.
(3:26:22 AM) AliceD: <…no…no no.> she buries the face of her helmet into Dancer&apos;s fur.
(3:26:51 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane flicks the AC on. "Jesus christ. Ayer&apos;s, is uh.."
(3:27:07 AM) Dodridge: Jason sits in the seat next to hers, pulling her to him. «Ayers is *what*?»
(3:27:15 AM) Vance: "What?"
(3:27:18 AM) SimonVriska: "Never seen aything like that…do we have any high-heat gear?"
(3:27:34 AM) Sabitsuki: "Glowing. Glowing with heat. And…moving."
(3:27:44 AM) Dodridge: «Not unless anyone brought a kiln suit.»
(3:27:46 AM) Heiden: Are you continuing your approach?
(3:28:22 AM) Sabitsuki: "Jason, how high a temp can these things take?"
(3:28:28 AM) Jillian: "Mother whore" Jillian sighs
(3:28:32 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Jesus christ, what is with this heat?"
(3:28:57 AM) Dodridge: <Ugh, what&apos;s the melting point of steel?>
(3:29:17 AM) SimonVriska: "A lot higer than your skin can take."
(3:29:22 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Way hotter than this thing can take in general"
(3:29:31 AM) Sabitsuki: "Depends on the alloy, I think…but we&apos;d be pressure cooked before that point."
(3:29:54 AM) SimonVriska: "I think we need to stop."
(3:29:57 AM) Johnson: "So how much closer are we going to play chicken with the heat?"
(3:30:00 AM) Johnson: Johnson mops his head
(3:30:05 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane stops the Eve.
(3:30:19 AM) Jillian: Jillian stops the stryker
(3:30:55 AM) Heiden: One more Perception check for anyone looking out of the vehicle.
(3:31:05 AM) Dodridge: <John! what do you see in the turret? Gimme thermals!>
(3:31:11 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+2
(3:31:13 AM) Jillian: 4df+0
(3:31:14 AM) Quidmore: Jillian: 0 (4df+0=-, 0, +, 0)
(3:31:15 AM) Vance: 4df+3 lookin&apos;
(3:31:16 AM) Quidmore: Vance: lookin&apos;: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
(3:31:19 AM) AliceD: Alice has turned off the external speakers on her helmet, but her shoulders occasionally shudder, telling of her silent sobs.
(3:31:22 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+2 Perception
(3:31:23 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: Perception: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
(3:31:26 AM) SimonVriska: 4df+2
(3:31:26 AM) Quidmore: SimonVriska: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
(3:31:32 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: 4df+3 Perception
(3:31:32 AM) Quidmore: Nick_Rosenthal: Perception: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
(3:32:22 AM) Heiden: Rosenthal. That&apos;s molten bronze coming out of Ayers Rock, flowing down the sides in rivulets and joining into rivers at the base.
(3:32:47 AM) Johnson: 4df+3 Side window
(3:32:47 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Side window: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
(3:33:50 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Holy shit, guys… is that… is that molten metal?"
(3:34:13 AM) Johnson: "…I can&apos;t tell."
(3:34:52 AM) Sabitsuki: "Looks like…uh." Akane snaps her fingers, looking for the metal name.
(3:34:55 AM) Jillian: "I don&apos;t want to deal with this right now…" Jillian sighs "But I have no choice"
(3:35:19 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Bronze?"
(3:35:22 AM) PaulS_laptop: John takes a peek out the gunsight "Ayep, it is. Bronze maybe? We might want to consider going somewhere else. Our tires are rubber, guys"
(3:35:24 AM) Heiden: A human figure is staggering towards you, just as…
(3:35:27 AM) Heiden: Vehicle PDEF checks, please.
(3:35:41 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7 EVE
(3:35:42 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: EVE: 10 (4df+7=0, +, +, +)
(3:36:00 AM) Heiden: 4df+5 Earthquake.
(3:36:01 AM) Quidmore: Heiden: Earthquake.: 4 (4df+5=0, +, -, -)
(3:36:31 AM) Jillian: 4df+6 stryker
(3:36:32 AM) Quidmore: Jillian: stryker: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
(3:37:16 AM) PaulS_laptop is now known as JohnWilliamson
(3:37:43 AM) Heiden: Tremors shake the area, sending the individual approaching you to the ground. The Stryker and Eve are both fine, but you&apos;re a bit tossed about. The drivers and gunners can see one thing dominating their field of vision.
(3:37:49 AM) Heiden: Ayers Rock imploding.
(3:38:06 AM) Johnson: "Whoah Nelly."
(3:38:16 AM) SimonVriska: "What was that?
(3:38:17 AM) SimonVriska: "
(3:38:19 AM) Dr_Kens: "What&apos;s going on"
(3:38:22 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Un guys?"
(3:38:30 AM) Vance: "What the hell is that?"
(3:38:38 AM) Johnson: "What&apos;s going on?"
(3:38:40 AM) Jillian: "Mother FUCK!"
(3:38:44 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "What&apos;s that sound?"
(3:38:45 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Ayer&apos;s Rock."
(3:38:48 AM) Sabitsuki: "Just exploded."
(3:38:51 AM) AliceD: Alice looks up, turning her speakers back on. <What?>
(3:38:54 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Ayer&apos;s rock is… imploding"
(3:38:54 AM) Vance: "Exploded?!"
(3:38:59 AM) Dodridge: «REPORT.»
(3:39:00 AM) JohnWilliamson: "It&apos;s falling into itself"
(3:39:03 AM) AliceD: <WHAT?>
(3:39:08 AM) Dr_Kens: "What the hell. This world is crazy."
(3:39:21 AM) Sabitsuki: "It&apos;s…yeah. It&apos;s falling…wow. Jesus."
(3:39:26 AM) Vance: "I can&apos;t see shit back here, what did you say Ayers&apos; Rock just did."
(3:39:44 AM) Heiden: The center of the mountain falls in on itself, sending a few final gouts of molten bronze into the air for hundreds of feet around.
(3:39:44 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Fall into itself"
(3:39:46 AM) Jillian: "It imploded"
(3:39:49 AM) AliceD: Dancer and Cupid are flipping out in their crate! Mommy is mad!
(3:39:54 AM) Dodridge: «I&apos;m not sure if we should be here.»
(3:39:57 AM) Vance: "God damn."
(3:40:01 AM) Dodridge: «What about Jager?»
(3:40:10 AM) JohnWilliamson: "SHIT"
(3:40:20 AM) Sabitsuki: "There&apos;s a dude walking towards us, uh…"
(3:40:22 AM) Heiden: The man a hundred feet distant slowly pushes himself to his feet and continues to advance on Eve.
(3:40:26 AM) SimonVriska: "Did you see the guy walking? What is the temperature outside?"
(3:40:32 AM) Sabitsuki: "He&apos;s…he&apos;s…holy fuck."
(3:40:34 AM) Jillian: "This…this is bad…"
(3:40:38 AM) Heiden: It&apos;s one hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit.
(3:40:45 AM) AliceD: <Who is it?> Alice almost sounds hopeful.
(3:41:07 AM) SimonVriska: "It&apos;s not death hot, lets bring him inside…"
(3:41:21 AM) Sabitsuki: Is the man close enough to the vehicles to get any features on the man?
(3:41:30 AM) JohnWilliamson: John swings the turret around to get a look at him
(3:41:47 AM) SimonVriska: Simon puts his hand on the door handle. "Jason, permission to exit? I may need help."
(3:41:55 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I&apos;ll help you, SImon."
(3:41:59 AM) Dodridge: Jason mashes the hatch exit button, stepping out.
(3:42:10 AM) AliceD: Alice rushes out with him.
(3:42:13 AM) Sabitsuki: "Jesus, you guys, it&apos;s lik - fuck."
(3:42:14 AM) Heiden: Thick, ropy scars crisscross the man&apos;s body, and the glint of bronze is quite visible, embedded in each. He&apos;s… vaguely familiar, to those of you who have ever met Dr. Frederick Heiden.
(3:42:16 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick hops out of the Stryker.
(3:42:23 AM) Dodridge: He hits the prone, sighting in with his rifle.
(3:42:32 AM) SimonVriska: Simon stays back in EVE
(3:42:36 AM) AliceD: Alice just stares. <Where is he.>
(3:42:36 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Holy shit it&apos;s hot."
(3:42:48 AM) Johnson: "Get back in here you idiot!"
(3:43:00 AM) JohnWilliamson: John kicks the radio on, he sure as fuck ain&apos;t going outside «It&apos;s that guy. Not Tamlin, the other one from the House»
(3:43:04 AM) Dodridge: He dials up his external. «FREEZE! DO *NOT* MOVE!»
(3:43:04 AM) Heiden: The man stops as the turret faces him, and a few soldiers pile out with guns drawn.
(3:43:52 AM) Johnson: "Why the fucking hell would you open the goddamn door?"
(3:44:11 AM) Johnson: Johnson is yelling at Nick for the record
(3:44:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Because they needed help."
(3:44:24 AM) Jillian: "Yes, because what we need today is more death"
(3:44:25 AM) Heiden: The man stops, and slowly raises his hands.
(3:45:02 AM) AliceD: Alice doesn&apos;t even move for her gun, she just stares, clenching and unclenching her fists. <Where is he?> bordering on hysterical.
(3:45:30 AM) Dodridge: Jason stands, advancing slowly. "Foundation troops!"
(3:45:31 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick shakes his head, then climbs back in - he can&apos;t take the heat.
(3:45:41 AM) Heiden: The man&apos;s head bows slightly.
(3:45:52 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens seals the door again of the stryker.
(3:45:53 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Fuck, well, there goes that idea."
(3:45:58 AM) Heiden: "SCP-1312-067. I am not resisting."
(3:46:09 AM) *
Johnson mutters angrily in Nick&apos;s general direction
(3:46:11 AM) Heiden: "My containment unit has failed."
(3:46:14 AM) AliceD: <Answer my question you fuck!>
(3:46:42 AM) Jillian: "Nick…I know he needs help…please don&apos;t do that again" Jillian voice is shaky
(3:47:31 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks back at Alice for a moment, then back to Heiden, then back at any support. Does he have any?
(3:47:52 AM) Heiden: "The entity known alternately as &apos;Jager&apos;, &apos;The Huntsman&apos;, &apos;the Lord of Djinn&apos; is no longer in this branch of reality."
(3:48:00 AM) Vance: Vance clambered out of the vehicle and immediately started sweating bullets to find out what took so gd long.
(3:48:01 AM) Heiden: "Does that address your question, miss?"
(3:48:05 AM) Vance: He sidles up.
(3:48:11 AM) AliceD: <Not him, my fucking son. Where&apos;s Travis?>
(3:48:25 AM) Dodridge: «Not *HIM*. Ye…» He&apos;s late.
(3:48:35 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane mumbles something about coyotes and card games when she hears the word &apos;Jager&apos;.
(3:48:41 AM) Johnson: Johnson looks at Kens and whispers "Who&apos;s Travis?"
(3:48:43 AM) Jillian: "Fuck" Jillian mutters under her breath "Old man…talk to me…"
(3:48:48 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Why not? If we don&apos;t at least try to help each other out when it&apos;s needed, what&apos;s the point of us having survived? I don&apos;t want to sit back here on my ass when someone needs help." He eyes Johnson.
(3:48:58 AM) SimonVriska: "Akane…what&apos;s the melting point of the tires?"
(3:49:28 AM) Sabitsuki: "Yeah. I don&apos;t know, Simon. But we can&apos;t leave Jason and Alice here."
(3:49:28 AM) Heiden: "I… don&apos;t know anyone by the name of Travis."
(3:49:37 AM) Heiden: "May I put my hands down?"
(3:49:40 AM) Dodridge: «TAMLIN, GODDAMNIT!»
(3:49:45 AM) Dodridge: <Yes!>
(3:49:55 AM) AliceD: <Tamlin, O5-13, whatever you want to c-call him.>
(3:49:59 AM) Heiden: "… Joeseph bin Tamlin? He&apos;s been dead for centuries."
(3:50:11 AM) SimonVriska: "Then lets bring that guy onboard and get out of here. The more we wait…It&apos;s getting hotter.
(3:50:21 AM) Heiden: SCP-1312-067 lowers his hands.
(3:50:27 AM) Doctor_Light left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(3:50:30 AM) Dodridge: Jason throws the rifle to the ground. <BULLSHIT!>
(3:50:45 AM) Vance: It is super hot. Vance returns to the interior of his vehicle.
(3:50:50 AM) Sabitsuki: «Jason, I…we need to get out of here. Bring the scip onboard.»
(3:50:52 AM) Dodridge: He starts advancing towards 1312-067.
(3:51:05 AM) Jillian: Jillian grabs Vance&apos;s hand
(3:51:05 AM) AliceD: <No…no time is fucking up in the house. It&apos;s 2011, and h-he was only born in June…> Oh god she&apos;s getting hysterical.
(3:51:13 AM) Dr_Kens: "Where do you want him, Jason."
(3:51:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick looks at Vance. "I know, right?"
(3:51:17 AM) Heiden: The scip meets the security director&apos;s eyes levelly.
(3:51:25 AM) Vance: "Goddammit it is hot out there."
(3:51:27 AM) Dodridge: «Not fucking now Kens.»
(3:52:03 AM) Heiden: Compelling Condition One on you, Dodridge.
(3:52:05 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Also, why is it I get bitched out for hopping out and trying to help, but it&apos;s all good for you to do so, huh Vance?" Nick says with a grin.
(3:52:14 AM) Dodridge: He&apos;ll take it.
(3:52:36 AM) Jillian: Jillian lets out a small growl "Nick…last chance right now…"
(3:52:50 AM) Vance: Vance leans back. "Guh."
(3:52:52 AM) Dodridge: 4df+6 Jason charges his suit, swinging a fist at Heiden.
(3:52:53 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Jason charges his suit, swinging a fist at Heiden.: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
(3:53:05 AM) Heiden: 4df+3 Thin possibility of defense!
(3:53:06 AM) Quidmore: Heiden: Thin possibility of defense!: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
(3:53:11 AM) Heiden: *crunch*
(3:53:30 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Nothing we can do, now. I&apos;m going to wait here. Everyone that doesn&apos;t feel comfortable with that, get in the Stryker and pull back."
(3:53:32 AM) Heiden: The scip is sent sprawling, a loud snapping noise heard as Jason neatly shatters his jaw.
(3:53:40 AM) Heiden: Wait, did I say neatly?
(3:53:41 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick shakes his head and shrugs. "Fine, fine. I try to consider the future, chewed. I try to help, chewed. I try to lighten the mood by joking around, chewed. Whatever."
(3:53:46 AM) Heiden: That&apos;s a lie. Neat is about the last thing that was.
(3:53:50 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He leans back and relaxes.
(3:53:50 AM) AliceD: <Y-you&apos;re telling me, a-after all this, after e-everything we g-gave up, the world isn&apos;t s-saved and he&apos;s dead?> Completely hysterical.
(3:54:20 AM) Heiden: SCP-1312-067 begins to attempt to climb to his feet.
(3:54:25 AM) Dodridge: Jason stands over him, «THAT&apos;S BULLSHIT! HE WAS *JUST* *BORN* AND YOU SENT THE GODDAMN FATES AFTER HIM.»
(3:54:43 AM) Dodridge: «*WHERE* *THE* *FUCK* *IS* *HE*»
(3:54:56 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Simon?"
(3:55:07 AM) SimonVriska: "I know…"
(3:55:18 AM) Sabitsuki: "Take the others, please."
(3:55:30 AM) Sabitsuki: "Before we *can&apos;t* leave."
(3:55:50 AM) SimonVriska: «Jason, the tires are going to melt, and we are all going to die. Bring it on board and do whatever the hell you want, but get on board!»
(3:55:53 AM) Heiden: Sickening crunches and the grind of bone on bone is heard as Heiden&apos;s jaw works itself back into position, the bone splinters poking of of the flesh as he speaks.
(3:56:14 AM) Dodridge: He looks back at the vehicles «THEN BACK THE FUCK UP.»
(3:56:17 AM) Heiden: "I sent the Fates after /no/ one."
(3:56:38 AM) Sabitsuki: "Jesus, christ."
(3:56:43 AM) Heiden: SCP-1312-067 reaches into his pocket and begins to pull something out.
(3:56:57 AM) SimonVriska: Simon turns to Akane, speaking japanese <He&apos;s not listening, and he&apos;s not going to.>
(3:56:57 AM) Dodridge: He looks back, drawing his side arm.
(3:57:14 AM) AliceD: Alice collapses to her knees, holding her head. <SHUT UP SIMON!> Alice yells in Japanese
(3:57:46 AM) Sabitsuki: <I dearly wish I didn&apos;t love them, so I could just run them all over. Fuck it.> She throws the Eve in reverse. «Jill, turn the hell around.»
(3:57:46 AM) Heiden: A pair of shears are what come out, marked with sigils and runes across their entire surface. They look impossibly ancient.
(3:58:16 AM) JohnWilliamson: John kicks the radio on again «You alright Alice?»
(3:58:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian backs up
(3:58:49 AM) Sabitsuki: As does Akane and the Eve crew, retreating to a safe distance.
(3:58:57 AM) SimonVriska: "Forgot she speaks japanese…."
(3:59:01 AM) AliceD: «N-not- even- c-c-clo….» she turns her speakers off again.
(3:59:42 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Akane, what the FUCK are we doing"
(3:59:50 AM) Dodridge: Jason stares at the former doctor, the barrel of his sidearm shaking. «Tell us… please… what happened?»
(3:59:50 AM) Sabitsuki: "I taught her."
(4:00:22 AM) Heiden: «Something broke. I don&apos;t know. It happened… ages ago. Centuries. Seven hundred years, now?»
(4:00:25 AM) Heiden: «Eight?»
(4:00:34 AM) Dodridge: <TO HIM!>
(4:00:47 AM) Sabitsuki: "The Dodridges are in no mood for reason, right now, John. We…just sit here and wait."
(4:01:05 AM) Sabitsuki: "If they don&apos;t come out in an hour…we…should probably leave."
(4:01:21 AM) SimonVriska: "In this heat, with the armor they have on….yes."
(4:01:43 AM) Heiden: "I&apos;m getting to that. It broke when he died. Shortly before, I think."
(4:01:53 AM) AliceD: Back in the LAV Dancer and Cupid are still flipping out.
(4:02:21 AM) Heiden: "He was lost in the House. One of the rooms had a catastrophic containment failure and the Djinn was able to express its full power for a brief time."
(4:02:22 AM) Dr_Kens left the room (quit: Quit: sleep holy hell shleep).
(4:02:27 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Keep me in range at the very least"
(4:03:04 AM) Sabitsuki: "For what? There&apos;s no point being that close." Akane sounds very, very defeated.
(4:03:17 AM) Jillian: Jillian shifts in her seat watches
(4:03:39 AM) *Heiden is continuing to talk with an obviously shattered jaw, the bones shifting around in ways they really shouldn&apos;t as he works his jaw.
(4:04:28 AM) Heiden: "The Fates were furious. They&apos;d lost control of the situation."
(4:04:32 AM) Heiden: "I dealt with them."
(4:05:04 AM) JohnWilliamson: "In case I have to light up whoever that is."
(4:05:10 AM) AliceD: <D-d-did he…s-s-suffer?>
(4:05:54 AM) Sabitsuki: "No point. Not a single goddamn point. Fuck." Akane turns the AC up as far as it goes.
(4:06:10 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick pulls out his notebook and begins to write, seeing as how there&apos;s not much to do right now.
(4:06:19 AM) Heiden: 1312-067 opens his mouth, then closes it. After a moment, he replies. "I do not believe so."
(4:06:23 AM) *
Johnson continues mopping his head wondering how long they&apos;re just gonna sit here in the heat
(4:06:43 AM) Jillian: Jillian cranks the AC "I&apos;m sorry Nick"
(4:06:57 AM) AliceD: Alice makes a motion like she&apos;s wiping her eyes, but, you know, helmet.
(4:07:47 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "About what?" He doesn&apos;t look up. "I&apos;m not sure what I did, but I&apos;m sure I did something to warrant that from you. Shouldn&apos;t that be my line?"
(4:08:15 AM) Dodridge: «Then let&apos;s get out of here, Docto0r…>
(4:08:19 AM) JohnWilliamson: John takes a drink
(4:08:23 AM) Jillian: Jillian sighs "Please…just accept the apology…"
(4:08:42 AM) AliceD: Alice tries, shaky as she is, to get back to her feet.
(4:08:44 AM) Dodridge: Jason turns and heads back toward to the LAV, picking up his rifle, and resting a arm around Alice. <Nothing else to worry about…>
(4:08:59 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He looks up. "There room up there for one more…?"
(4:09:21 AM) Heiden: "Doctor Heiden. Frederick Heiden."
(4:09:31 AM) AliceD: <W-we h-h-have nothing l-l-left…>
(4:10:01 AM) Sabitsuki: "Open the doors and let the Dodridges in."
(4:10:32 AM) JohnWilliamson: John climbs down and hits the door open button, then back up to the gun
(4:10:39 AM) JohnWilliamson: "jesus fuck it&apos;s hot"
(4:11:19 AM) Heiden: A flicker of light flits up the bronze threading leading up his left arm as Dr. Heiden climbs into the vehicle. He lets out a short sigh of relief as he looks back at the collapsed Ayers Rock.
(4:11:47 AM) Sabitsuki: «Let&apos;s roll, Jill.»
(4:12:06 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Hell with it, I&apos;ll wait until we get to… wherever it is we&apos;re going." He goes back to writing.
(4:12:15 AM) Jillian: "Rog" Jillian sighs and follows Eve
(4:12:39 AM) AliceD: Alice slumps into a seat, taking two deep pink roses, coated in some kind of polymer.
(4:12:47 AM) AliceD: *out of a pouch
(4:13:07 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane pulls back out into the forlorn desert, driving out for a short while, going in no particular direction.
(4:13:18 AM) Jillian: Jillian follows
(4:13:29 AM) SimonVriska: Simon looks at Heiden. "I&apos;m a doctor…You&apos;re gonna need some attention for that jaw…"
(4:13:57 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Who&apos;s the scip?"
(4:14:21 AM) AliceD: <Heiden. Or it w-was, at one point.>
(4:14:48 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane finds the closet spot with even a bit of shade, and pulls the Eve under it, stopping.
(4:14:50 AM) Heiden: "I will be fine. And I am a he, miss. If the situation is as bad as this, I&apos;ll not be treated like an object again."
(4:15:03 AM) Heiden: The jaw works - it shouldn&apos;t, but it does.
(4:15:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian pulls next to Eve "Plan?"
(4:15:29 AM) SimonVriska: "If you say so…not like I could wire a jaw in the back of this thing anyway…"
(4:15:43 AM) AliceD: <Whatever. N-n-not like it fucking m-matters.>
(4:16:12 AM) Johnson: "What was the Foundation&apos;s protocol for something like this?"
(4:16:17 AM) Jillian: Jillian chews her lip
(4:16:18 AM) Johnson: "Any rendezvous points?"
(4:16:21 AM) Sabitsuki: «We need to take an inventory of what we have…fuel, supplies, shit like that…then, we need to try and see if we can find any one who got out of that.»
(4:16:23 AM) JohnWilliamson: "No fucking clue"
(4:16:35 AM) AliceD: <Who cares, w-we&apos;re not Foundation a-anymore.>
(4:16:45 AM) SimonVriska: "Everything matters Alice…"
(4:17:00 AM) Jillian: "I need to make sure the hoses aren&apos;t melting" Jillian sighs
(4:17:11 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Ain&apos;t nobody got out of 23 but us and maybe people up top. And they got glassed"
(4:17:18 AM) AliceD: <My son is dead, most of my family is dead. What the hell matters?>
(4:17:30 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "How&apos;s the external temp, Jillian?"
(4:17:49 AM) JohnWilliamson: "You still have us, Alice. For what little that counts for, anyway"
(4:17:54 AM) Sabitsuki: "There were a few people on assignment, John. That girl with Simon&apos;s last name, for one. Probably a few others."
(4:18:04 AM) Sabitsuki: "We should hit Alice Springs."
(4:18:11 AM) SimonVriska: "Jason&apos;s alive."
(4:18:17 AM) ***Johnson sighs. Where&apos;s a counselour when you need one?
(4:18:40 AM) Dodridge: Jason&apos;s boarded Eve, not saying a word.
(4:18:44 AM) AliceD: She turns her speakers off and pulls her knees up to her chest.
(4:18:45 AM) Jillian: "130is Nick"
(4:19:07 AM) SimonVriska: Simon turns back to the front.
(4:20:10 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane leans back in the seat and doesn&apos;t say anything. A defeated silence falls over the Eve&apos;s interior.
(4:20:59 AM) Jillian: "Are we resting here then?" Jillian sighs "I need to check for heat damage"
(4:21:14 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Need some help, or should I stay in here?"
(4:21:22 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He doesn&apos;t look up from his writing.
(4:21:36 AM) Jillian: "Waiting for clearance…"
(4:21:37 AM) SimonVriska: "Don&apos;t know….We need to get away from fallout…."
(4:21:53 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "If you get that clearance, I mean."
(4:22:02 AM) Dodridge: «DRIVE. Just get out of here…»
(4:22:16 AM) Jillian: Jillian fires up the Stryker
(4:22:24 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Guess we&apos;re moving.
(4:22:25 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "
(4:22:35 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Probably want to get upwind"
(4:23:18 AM) Jillian: Jillian sighs "What did you want to talk about Nick?"
(4:23:19 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane fires the engine. "Yeah…let&apos;s head towards Alice Springs, find a place upwind, and camp there for the night. We&apos;ll stay in the vehicles for tonight, I guess."
(4:23:51 AM) Johnson: "I&apos;ll take the first guard shift."
(4:25:03 AM) Johnson: "We should eventually find a boat or plane if there&apos;s any left and head to the mainlands."
(4:25:08 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "You sure you&apos;re in the mood to talk?"
(4:25:28 AM) Jillian: "Yeah, what&apos;s up?" Jillian sighs
(4:25:30 AM) Johnson: "Nothing left for us in Australia I reckon."
(4:25:35 AM) SimonVriska left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(4:25:37 AM) Heiden: A faint rippling of light shimmers along the bronze cords embedded in Heiden&apos;s body. A brief stutter in his movements is seen, and when anyone looks back, his jaw is fine.
(4:26:02 AM) Johnson: Johnson gives Heiden a funny look
(4:26:15 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane drives in the direction of the town, stopping within viewing distance of it, and parking under the nearest available shade.
(4:26:36 AM) Jillian: Jillian pulls up alongside
(4:26:40 AM) JohnWilliamson: John&apos;s up in the turret, minding himself and looking over what they&apos;ve got stockpiled for ammo. He&apos;s whistling.
(4:26:52 AM) Nusquam: Smoke is rising from the town. Several large fires appear to be raging.
(4:27:08 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Well, I know you were apologizing, but I still want to say I&apos;m sorry. I didn&apos;t know about… what you went through recently. But then that&apos;s because nobody tells me anything, I&apos;m out of the loop here. I didn&apos;t mean to… to stress you out, or upset you, or anything."
(4:27:40 AM) Heiden is now known as Hoodon_away
(4:27:54 AM) Dodridge: «Wait, wait, wait… Where are we stopped?»
(4:27:59 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "I probably should just keep my mouth shut for a while, honestly. Seems like any time I open it the wrong thing comes out."
(4:28:58 AM) Sabitsuki: "Handful of miles outside Alice Springs, on the far side. Too close to the Site?"
(4:29:49 AM) Jillian: "Nick, that&apos;s not it. If I didn&apos;t like you, I wouldn&apos;t have let you on Samson. I get stressed, ask Vance…I&apos;m not exactly nice when I&apos;m stressed"
(4:30:36 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Hey, I understand. Shit&apos;s been stressful, I don&apos;t hold it against you, really, I don&apos;t. But I still feel the need to apologize."
(4:30:36 AM) Dodridge: «Negative, negative… before we go anywhere, though, we need to inspect these vehicles, get our shit on straight, and… we need to re-orient ourselves…»
(4:30:56 AM) JohnWilliamson: "And probably figure out where we want to go from here"
(4:30:59 AM) Sabitsuki: "Alright. We&apos;ll take a supply check, and then you and Alice need to hit the bunk."
(4:31:13 AM) Vance: "It&apos;s true, Nick…"
(4:31:27 AM) AliceD: Alice hasn&apos;t moved since she crunched up in the corner.
(4:31:28 AM) Jillian: Pop the hatch for me, I need to do an inspection" Jillian unbuckles
(4:31:42 AM) Vance: Vance slaps the manual release for Jillian.
(4:31:47 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick nods.
(4:32:19 AM) Jillian: Jillian steps out and does a point by point inspection
(4:32:28 AM) Vance left the room.
(4:32:32 AM) Vance [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.1711708C-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.1711708C-CRInys|agemO] entered the room.
(4:32:47 AM) Jillian: 4df+4 stryker
(4:32:48 AM) Quidmore: Jillian: stryker: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
(4:33:09 AM) Dodridge: «Everyone… just… shit… get some sleep… I&apos;ll have a plan tomorrow.»
(4:33:25 AM) Jillian: 4df+4 Eve
(4:33:25 AM) JohnWilliamson: John climbs out the turret and begins looking over his gunsights. May as well be sure, right? "Want me to take first watch, Jason?"
(4:33:25 AM) Quidmore: Jillian: Eve: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
(4:34:38 AM) Jillian: Jillian hops back in, dripping in sweat…
(4:35:09 AM) Sabitsuki: It&apos;s early in the morning…around 3 AM. It&apos;s cool out.
(4:35:14 AM) Johnson: "You can join me up here John."
(4:35:33 AM) Johnson: Johnson is already sitting on top of the Stryker.
(4:35:41 AM) JohnWilliamson: "May as well"
(4:36:12 AM) JohnWilliamson: He makes himself comfortable atop Eve
(4:36:21 AM) Sabitsuki: "Alright, you guys take first. Wake me up…when the sun starts to come up."
(4:36:42 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick steps out of the Stryker and looks around for somewhere to sit.
(4:37:04 AM) Dodridge: Jason steps out the back. <You get thirsty or hungry, check the bustle racks. MREs and cases of water bottles galore…>
(4:37:25 AM) Jillian: Jillian curls up as best as she can in the driver&apos;s seat, and tries to sleep
(4:37:39 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane does likewise.
(4:37:47 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He decides on a nearby rock, and lights up.
(4:38:05 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Don&apos;t mind if I do" john grabs himself some water "We bring any coffee?"
(4:38:06 AM) AliceD: Alice clutches the flowers, stock still.
(4:38:10 AM) Vance: Vance lays awake for a while, then succumbs as well.
(4:39:59 AM) Dodridge: <Shit&apos;s in the MREs. Instant. Shit, you can use the stuff like snuff.>
(4:40:10 AM) Jillian: Jillian lies there, still awake…cigarette…she climbs out and walks to a random spot in the sand
(4:40:35 AM) JohnWilliamson: "That&apos;s one of the first things I&apos;m going to have to hunt down, then. Real coffee"
(4:40:49 AM) Johnson: "I got a packet of expresso powder."
(4:41:20 AM) AliceD: Dancer and Cupid, exhausted from the excitement, pass out too.
(4:41:42 AM) Dodridge: <We&apos;re not gonna be out here forever. We&apos;re going to attempt to make retrieval. They&apos;re not gonna just *leave* us on our own.>
(4:41:51 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick takes a long drag on his cigarette, and lets it out with a sigh.
(4:41:59 AM) JohnWilliamson: "Don&apos;t taunt murphy"
(4:42:27 AM) Jillian: "Sure Jason, whatever you say" Jillian nods and a tear slips as she takes a drag
(4:42:32 AM) JohnWilliamson: John rummages out some instant, muttering to himself the whole time about not having good coffee, and makes himself a cup of super strong
(4:42:59 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick keeps his mouth shut.
(4:44:49 AM) Jillian: Jillian stretches out in the sand, small whimpers being heard every now and then
(4:45:04 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: He looks over.
(4:45:29 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "You okay over there?"
(4:45:39 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Stupid question. Nevermind."
(4:46:06 AM) Jillian: "I&apos;m fine" totally not…
(4:46:25 AM) JohnWilliamson: John yawns and stretches himself out, getting comfortable for a long night.
(4:46:29 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Liar." He takes another drag.
(4:47:58 AM) Vance left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(4:48:04 AM) Jillian: Jillian sighs "Sue me"
(4:48:27 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick smiles and laughs. "Under what legal system?"
(4:49:08 AM) Jillian: Jillian shrugs and finishes her cigarette "It&apos;s only us now…whatever one we got"
(4:50:04 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "So none then? I guess the suing is out. I can offer a sympathetic ear though."
(4:50:48 AM) JohnWilliamson: John sips his coffee
(4:50:49 AM) Jillian: "Not tonight…I think I just need to sleep…"
(4:50:53 AM) JohnWilliamson: well "coffee"
(4:51:02 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: "Okay. I&apos;ll let you get to sleep then."
(4:51:19 AM) JohnWilliamson: He&apos;s taking the end of the world pretty darn well, it looks like.
(4:51:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian curls back up in the driver&apos;s seat and nods off slowly
(4:51:49 AM) Nick_Rosenthal: Nick hops back into the Stryker and sits down, trying to get to sleep.
(4:53:38 AM) Johnson: Johnson just stares blankly out into the desert
(4:53:50 AM) Johnson: He doesn&apos;t know if he&apos;s taking this whole thing well yet
(4:54:02 AM) AliceD: Alice is, well…yeah.
(4:54:06 AM) Johnson: Maybe he&apos;s just too old for all this end-of-the-world nonsense
(4:55:39 AM) Jillian is now known as DawnySleeps
(4:55:46 AM) Johnson: Damnit, he doesn&apos;t recognize any of the constellations
(4:56:26 AM) JohnWilliamson: "What. A. Day"
(4:56:58 AM) Sabitsuki: Yeah, these are all weird. Stars have completely shifted positions. There are constellations here you&apos;ve never even seen before.
(4:57:48 AM) Nick_Rosenthal is now known as SpaceMaoSlumbers
(4:58:22 AM) Dodridge left the room.
(5:00:59 AM) JohnWilliamson: And John&apos;s started singing at this point, albeit lowly enough to not wake people. He&apos;s actually not half bad at singing.
(5:01:12 AM) JohnWilliamson: A fitting song, "Ashes to Ashes"