The Flock

Dec 05 21:34:28 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 In case Maddy still wants to do whatever it is she was going to do
Dec 05 21:34:29 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: In case Maddy still wants to do whatever it is she was going to do: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Dec 05 21:34:37 <Maddy> NO TOO LATE
Dec 05 21:34:42 <Maddy> Nah kiddint
Dec 05 21:35:01 <Maddy> Charlotte spots what looks like birds flapping around in the distance
Dec 05 21:35:34 <MonkeyBomb> She bundles herself up in her coat and squints into the darkness.
Dec 05 21:36:18 <Maddy> There's far off, but look like they could be coming your way.
Dec 05 21:37:48 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte wishes she could fly… I mean, that would be awesome. She just follows the birds' flight from her position by the fire.
Dec 05 21:38:16 <MonkeyBomb> A half-empty bag of marshmallows lays on the ground next to her.
Dec 05 21:39:26 <Maddy> As they get closer, there's a black inky mist around the flock.
Dec 05 21:40:24 <MonkeyBomb> ~Great…~
Dec 05 21:41:15 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte stands up and tries to get a better look at the birds.
Dec 05 21:41:34 <Maddy> Yeah they're definitely coming your way.
Dec 05 21:41:54 <Maddy> The smell of ink is starting to get more obvious.
Dec 05 21:43:30 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte takes a quick glance around to see if anyone else is about.
Dec 05 21:44:02 <Garaway> Emma is napping.
Dec 05 21:44:30 * Garaway is now known as Gara
Dec 05 21:44:48 <Maddy> They're at a country club btw in ontario
Dec 05 21:44:52 <Gara> Oh
Dec 05 21:44:53 <Gara> Okay
Dec 05 21:45:00 <Gara> She's napping… somewhere soft?
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Dec 05 21:47:55 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte pulls out her radio. «TAP TAP TAP»
Dec 05 21:48:07 * Tox1 (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D2C5864A-CRInys|korangaR#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D2C5864A-CRInys|korangaR) has joined #afteraction
Dec 05 21:48:11 <Gara> Emma startles awake.
Dec 05 21:48:16 <Gara> «What the fuck?»
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Dec 05 21:48:49 <MonkeyBomb> «TAPTAPTAP»
Dec 05 21:48:59 <Maddy> Birds aren't far now.
Dec 05 21:49:06 <Gara> Emma gets up.
Dec 05 21:49:12 <Gara> «/What do you want/»
Dec 05 21:50:24 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte gives up on the radio. She clips it to her belt and turns to the approaching flock.
Dec 05 21:50:34 <Gara> She looks out a window.
Dec 05 21:50:50 <Maddy> Other than the sound of papery wings, they dont seem to make any noise.
Dec 05 21:50:55 <Gara> «…Everyone awake it's time to get the fuck out.» Emma grabs her bag.
Dec 05 21:52:04 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte heads for the door.
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Dec 05 21:52:55 <Maddy> FLAP FLAP FLAP
Dec 05 21:53:10 <Maddy> They're starting to circle.
Dec 05 21:53:15 <Gara> Emma runs for the door. "Okay, time to go, we need vehicles."
Dec 05 21:54:43 <Maddy> There are hundreds of them, the sound is almost deafening.
Dec 05 21:54:47 <Dexanote> The Eve turns on. Myrtle is behind the wheel.
Dec 05 21:55:18 <Gara> Where is the Eve?
Dec 05 21:55:49 <Maddy> Who's outside or buildings or vehicles?
Dec 05 21:55:57 <Gara> Emma is inside.
Dec 05 21:56:08 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte is outside.
Dec 05 21:57:21 <Echo> Scott has taken notice of this and piled into the trailer.
Dec 05 21:57:42 <Maddy> Charlotte, pdef
Dec 05 21:58:08 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+2 Fun…
Dec 05 21:58:09 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Fun…: 4 (4df+2=-, +, +, +)
Dec 05 21:58:25 <Maddy> 4df+3 DIVE BOMB OF NIGHTMARES
Dec 05 21:58:26 <CROM> Maddy: DIVE BOMB OF NIGHTMARES: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
Dec 05 21:58:45 <Maddy> Describ how you dodge the hate train flying at you/
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Dec 05 21:59:44 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte barely manages to dive to the ground as the flying hate train whizzes by.
Dec 05 22:00:21 <Maddy> They SWOOSH back up, circling again.
Dec 05 22:00:47 <Gara> "Charlotte, up, move." She looks for a vehicle.
Dec 05 22:00:52 <MonkeyBomb> She doesn't waste any time. Charlotte makes a break for the EVE.
Dec 05 22:00:57 <Maddy> Elle is in the SUV, layin on the horn/
Dec 05 22:01:16 <Maddy> "Come get me you inky twats." She;s leaning out of the window with her gun.
Dec 05 22:01:19 <Dexanote> «Everyone get inside a vehicle. Sound off.»
Dec 05 22:01:33 <Maddy> «I'm in the SUV with Atropa.»
Dec 05 22:01:50 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte hurries inside of whichever vehicle is closest.
Dec 05 22:02:14 <Maddy> «Charlotte just got aboard Eve with you.»
Dec 05 22:02:31 <Maddy> The closet vic to the entrance of the place is EELS
Dec 05 22:02:54 <Maddy> Bou is driving.
Dec 05 22:02:54 <Gara> Emma does a runner does a runner for the truck.
Dec 05 22:03:16 <Gara> She climbs in the back, and grabs the flamethrower.
Dec 05 22:03:23 <Maddy> She makes it! The circling birds are taking Elle's challenge.
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Dec 05 22:03:40 <Maddy> Elle regrets her decisions as she rolls up the window.
Dec 05 22:03:52 * Ragazzo (~ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|majmals#ten.labolgcbs.ackorf.deepsthgil.D879C977-CRInys|majmals) has joined #afteraction
Dec 05 22:04:05 <Gara> Emma literally fires on the birds.
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Dec 05 22:04:32 <MonkeyBomb> <Hiya, Myrtle.> Charlotte finds a spot inside the LAV.
Dec 05 22:04:43 <Gara> 4df+5 "BURN IN HELL MOTHERFUCKERS!"
Dec 05 22:04:44 <CROM> Gara: "BURN IN HELL MOTHERFUCKERS!": 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
Dec 05 22:05:16 <Gara> 1d11 I read the vehicle page for info on this! One a 1, I have fun!
Dec 05 22:05:17 <CROM> Gara: I read the vehicle page for info on this! One a 1, I have fun!: 6 (1d11=6)
Dec 05 22:05:30 <Maddy> No pdef cause they are made of paper and nightmares. The smell of burning paper fills the air. You have decimated them!
Dec 05 22:05:40 <Maddy> Meaning you have killed 10%
Dec 05 22:06:04 <Maddy> «DRIVE! THE ROUT'S ON THERE»
Dec 05 22:06:19 <Maddy> «Might be able to lose them.»
Dec 05 22:07:16 <Dexanote> <Follow me.> Myr slams the gas.
Dec 05 22:08:09 <Maddy> Elle follows! Bou follows Elle. «Hold on tight, HK…or whatever I call you I forget.»
Dec 05 22:08:38 <Maddy> 1d3 Hmmmmm
Dec 05 22:08:38 <CROM> Maddy: Hmmmmm: 3 (1d3=3)
Dec 05 22:08:42 <Maddy> oh deer
Dec 05 22:08:44 <Gara> Emma looks for more death pillars to light up.
Dec 05 22:09:18 * Mere is now known as MereObserver
Dec 05 22:09:27 <Maddy> She doesnt have to look hard, they're coming right at her. Pdef to hunker down, or you can try to boin em before they get to you
Dec 05 22:09:51 <Gara> 4df+5 Emma lights them up.
Dec 05 22:09:51 <CROM> Gara: Emma lights them up.: 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
Dec 05 22:09:55 <Gara> 1d11 Oh dear!
Dec 05 22:09:55 <CROM> Gara: Oh dear!: 4 (1d11=4)
Dec 05 22:10:32 <Maddy> Emma indeed takes out another 10%. The Convoy is starting to get away, but the birds still persue.
Dec 05 22:12:34 <Maddy> 1d3 FLAP FLAP FLAP
Dec 05 22:12:34 <CROM> Maddy: FLAP FLAP FLAP: 3 (1d3=3)
Dec 05 22:12:41 <Maddy> JEEZE CROM
Dec 05 22:12:46 <Maddy> Emma they're all yours again.
Dec 05 22:12:52 <Maddy> in they come!
Dec 05 22:12:57 <Gara> 4df+5 Emma is pretty HOT isn't she?
Dec 05 22:12:58 <CROM> Gara: Emma is pretty HOT isn't she?: 6 (4df+5=+, -, 0, +)
Dec 05 22:13:06 <Maddy> The hottest
Dec 05 22:13:06 <Gara> 1d11 Not too hot though…
Dec 05 22:13:06 <CROM> Gara: Not too hot though…: 3 (1d11=3)
Dec 05 22:13:32 <Maddy> At this, the birds seem to falter, break off and end their persuit.
Dec 05 22:14:05 <Maddy> If Myr looks at the map, the next place on the list seems to be North Bay.
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Dec 05 22:16:02 <Gara> She continues to watch the skies.
Dec 05 22:16:30 <Gara> Emma, Bane of Birds, waits to burn more of her victims.
Dec 05 22:17:26 <Maddy> There are no more birds.
Dec 05 22:17:48 <Gara> She lets go of the flamethrower and sits in the bed of the truck.
Dec 05 22:19:18 <Dexanote> «… Okay. We're going to keep going till we get to North Bay. We'll stop there.»
Dec 05 22:21:22 <MonkeyBomb> <What's at North Bay?> Charlotte asks.
Dec 05 22:24:41 <Dexanote> «A town, allegedly.»
Dec 05 22:25:44 <Maddy> «Unless there's something shitty in the town, I figure it's good to sty to get more urban. I suspect we're gonna see more Daevites the closer we get, and they seem to have a dislike for citties.»
Dec 05 22:25:59 <Maddy> «We can loose them faster there I think.»
Dec 05 22:26:15 <Gara> «That's really good. I'd rather not have to sit waiting to burn more.»
Dec 05 22:28:59 <Dexanote> «Alright. We'll set up there. Find the first hospital looking place and camp.»
Dec 05 22:30:19 <Maddy> "Roger dodger."