The Forest

[4:28pm] <Maddy>Inside the building, there is what looks to be a large, expansive forest.
[4:29pm] <Maddy>The floor is still the tiled floor of a bank, however.
[4:29pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty blinks, looking around.
[4:29pm] <Doctor_Light>The birdman looks up, and tries climbing a tree, to get a better view.
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[4:30pm] <Maddy>The tree seems to go forever.
[4:30pm] <Ragazzo>"…"
[4:30pm] <Maddy>up up up into the darkness.
[4:30pm] <Doctor_Light>He scrambles up about twenty feet before realizing this.
[4:30pm] <Maddy>Dusty Percep
[4:31pm] <Doctor_Light>
Then scrambles down, dropping to his feet at ten feet.
[4:31pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty bites his lip, peering around.
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[4:31pm] <Ragazzo>4df Perc
[4:31pm] <Ragazzo>Oh.
[4:32pm] <Maddy>4df-2
[4:32pm] <Maddy>oops
[4:32pm] <Maddy>
Dusty can hear the faint cries of an infant. To his left.
[4:33pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty turns sharply, but gestures at the birdman to follow, before stepping off towards the sound.
[4:33pm] <Doctor_Light>The birdman crouches and looks between the trees, oblivious of other things like children happening. How far back do they go?
[4:33pm] <Doctor_Light>He notices the gesture, and turns and follows a step or two behind Dusty.
[4:34pm] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows as well, listening.
[4:34pm] <Maddy>There's a small pale baby, crying it's pretty green eyes out.
[4:36pm] <Tom90deg>"oh no…"
[4:36pm] <Doctor_Light>Birdy pauses and crows a little, surprised. He walks forward to see i.
[4:36pm] <Doctor_Light>t.
[4:36pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty kneels, but hesitates, reaching for the child. He gingerly picks up the child. "…it's not her…"
[4:36pm] <Tom90deg>Zoe steps forward too, looking to see if there's any other odd sign.
[4:36pm] <Maddy>The baby looks up at Dusty and the birdman and giggles.
[4:37pm] <Doctor_Light>Birdy looks around, suddenly, listening for other signs of life.
[4:37pm] <Doctor_Light>"Not sure what I think. Whose forest is this?"
[4:37pm] <Ragazzo>"I know it isn't her…" Dusty cradles the baby in his arms all the same.
[4:37pm] <Tom90deg>"Her who?"
[4:38pm] <Ragazzo>Does the baby have hair?
[4:38pm] <Maddy>Yes
[4:38pm] <Maddy>Birdman, perception
[4:39pm] <Maddy>You hear the wingbeats of a large bird
[4:39pm] <Maddy>Off a little ways there's a tree that looks like it actually has a top to it
[4:40pm] <Doctor_Light>His head jerks up to the noise of the bird, then goes to the tree.
[4:40pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty softly strokes the baby's cheek, smiling. After a moment he checks the baby's gender.
[4:40pm] <Tom90deg>"Dusty? Were you expecting someone in patiular?"
[4:40pm] <Maddy>It's a girl
[4:40pm] <Ragazzo>"I wasn't expecting anyone…"
[4:41pm] <Maddy>Birdman spots, as it flies away, a truely huge bird…witht he head of a man.
[4:41pm] <Tom90deg>"You said it wasn't her though. Her who?"
[4:41pm] <Maddy>
It looks back at him, and grins.
[4:41pm] <Ragazzo>4df+4 occult, Is this a mandrake
[4:41pm] <Ragazzo>Ffs
[4:41pm] <Doctor_Light>Birdman shrieks, a big loud eagle call. He starts climbing the tree to see it better.
[4:43pm] <Maddy>Yes it's a Mandrake.
[4:44pm] <Maddy>The bird circles back, still a ways out. It scowls a little, then grins again and nods. "Soon." Then it's gone.
[4:44pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty gets up, cradling the mandrake in his arms.
[4:45pm] <Ragazzo>He looks up at Birdman.
[4:45pm] <Tom90deg>"Dusty? You never answered….Her who?"
[4:45pm] <Doctor_Light>A few seconds later, birdy is on the ground, and runs to the others.
[4:45pm] <Doctor_Light>"Let's leave?"
[4:45pm] <Ragazzo>"You never saw Andra when I first got her…"
[4:45pm] <Ragazzo>"Yes, let's leave."
[4:46pm] <Tom90deg>Zoe looks down at the baby. "That's a mandrake?"
[4:46pm] <Tom90deg>"Great…"
[4:46pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty turns to go. "Yes."
[4:46pm] <Doctor_Light>"Wrong forest. Take her if want."
[4:46pm] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows.
[4:46pm] <Ragazzo>"This is the wrong forest…I am taking her though."
[4:46pm] <Doctor_Light>He looks at the others, and starts striding towards the way they came in.
[4:46pm] <Tom90deg>"Maybe you could try raiseing her like a…normal baby. Maybe it'll work then."
[4:46pm] <Doctor_Light>"Crrrcrr,
[4:46pm] <Doctor_Light>*ahem
[4:46pm] <Ragazzo>"I'm going to do it right this time…"
[4:47pm] <Ragazzo>Dusty follows Birdman out.
[4:47pm] <Maddy>There seems to be no way out of this forest
[4:47pm] <Doctor_Light>He makes a bird sound. "Is a wrong forest. Not right." Is the door where it was?
[4:47pm] <Tom90deg>"Dusty…Just treat her like a child."
[4:47pm] <Doctor_Light>Aw hell
[4:47pm] <Maddy>Trees everywhere.
[4:47pm] <Tom90deg>"Um…I'm a city mouse, where's the way out?"
[4:47pm] <Ragazzo>"Oh…god damn it."
[4:48pm] <Doctor_Light>Birdman looks at the ground to try to find their footprints.
[4:48pm] <Doctor_Light>"Wrong, wrong, wrong," he mutters to himself.
[4:48pm] <Maddy>Pause for a moment
[4:56pm] <Maddy>The forest seems to be fading away, as is little Andra.
[4:56pm] <Maddy>Back to the other room