The Former Insurgent

(12:31:47 AM) Gerald: There is, in fact, a figure moving towards the hotel.
(12:32:02 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty gloves up, and lifts the red lace shame.
(12:32:15 AM) Ragazzo: He checks for a name tag.
(12:32:23 AM) DawnyWorks: um…no tag
(12:32:33 AM) Ragazzo: I was kidding. :P
(12:33:00 AM) PaulS_laptop: john takes a shot at the figure with the suppressed 240H, aiming for about three feet ahead of the figure
(12:33:10 AM) PaulS_laptop: Not really a warning so much as a "hey, fuck you"
(12:33:19 AM) Ragazzo: "…"
(12:33:26 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty looks around for the owner.
(12:33:31 AM) Ragazzo: "Hello?"
(12:33:51 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay is already in her room, humming the Navy song while folding her clothes.
(12:33:58 AM) Gerald: Figure stops, startled. It looks up. How much detail can John see of it?
(12:34:07 AM) Nioki: Alanoch's eyes snap open, and he stands. He keeps close to the vehicle, hiding.
(12:34:13 AM) PaulS_laptop: John clicks his radio on «All stations, all stations, anyone awake, we've got someone coming in. No idea what it is. Want me to shoot it?»
(12:34:22 AM) Ragazzo: 4df Does dusty hear kay
(12:34:22 AM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Does dusty hear kay: -3 (4df=-, 0, -, -)
(12:34:25 AM) Ragazzo: No.
(12:34:29 AM) Ragazzo: No he does not.
(12:34:45 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay blinks at her radio. «Um…not in charge, but I would say no»
(12:35:07 AM) Maddy: «Is it h-human?»
(12:35:18 AM) Aoi: 4df+4 ice to earth
(12:35:19 AM) Quidmore: Aoi: ice to earth: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
(12:35:31 AM) Doctor_Light left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:35:36 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Too far out to tell by eye, lemmie check with the scope. it's humanoid at least»
(12:35:51 AM) Aoi: Bel sits in the dirt and scratches a design into the hard floor with her nail.
(12:36:17 AM) Maddy: «C-cover me, I'll g-go out.» She head out of her room and out the front of the hotel, rifle at the ready.
(12:36:20 AM) PaulS_laptop: 4df John takes a look with the optics on his 240H. The battery's long since dead on the image intensifier, though.
(12:36:20 AM) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: John takes a look with the optics on his 240H. The battery's long since dead on the image intensifier, though.: -2 (4df=-, +, -, -)
(12:36:21 AM) Ragazzo: «…was anyone doing laundry just now?»
(12:36:27 AM) Nioki: 4df+4 Luxomancy maneuver -> Sneak. Alanoch pulls light around himself. Combined with the darkness, this makes him very difficult to see.
(12:36:27 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Luxomancy maneuver -> Sneak. Alanoch pulls light around himself. Combined with the darkness, this makes him very difficult to see.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
(12:36:42 AM) Nioki: 4df+6 Stealth.
(12:36:43 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Stealth.: 7 (4df+6=0, -, +, +)
(12:36:44 AM) Aoi: John's optics are worse than useless.
(12:36:50 AM) Gerald: It's humanoid, and it's wearing black, that's what he can tell.
(12:36:56 AM) Nioki: «I can take a closer look.»
(12:37:02 AM) Gerald: 4df Perception, but damn
(12:37:03 AM) Quidmore: Gerald: Perception, but damn: -3 (4df=0, -, -, -)
(12:37:13 AM) DawnyWorks: «I was» Kay cherps happily, still folding.
(12:37:29 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Rodger that. I'm up top Alice, keep in mind tracers over your head»
(12:37:30 AM) Nioki: Alanoch is pretty much invisible, and the only sound he makes is when he talks on the radio.
(12:37:47 AM) Gerald: The figure is waving at John!
(12:38:01 AM) Maddy: Charon pokes himself in the eye.
(12:38:02 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Alan, can you spot target- hold on, that bastard is waving at me!»
(12:38:03 AM) Nioki: He walks towards the figure.
(12:38:05 AM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha appear in a window. Misha hands Dmitri his binoculars, and he takes a look out.
(12:38:10 AM) Waxx: 4df+2 dmitri perception
(12:38:11 AM) Quidmore: Waxx: dmitri perception: 5 (4df+2=+, +, 0, +)
(12:38:29 AM) Maddy: Also a plastic bag on an errant breeze hits in in the face. He can't see shit.
(12:38:30 AM) Ragazzo: «…you uh…left something. Where's your room?»
(12:38:51 AM) PaulS_laptop: 4df+4 John takes a shot for the figure's kneecap
(12:38:51 AM) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: John takes a shot for the figure's kneecap: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
(12:38:53 AM) Gerald: 4df+4 Er, trying to stay relatively low here
(12:38:53 AM) Quidmore: Gerald: Er, trying to stay relatively low here: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
(12:39:22 AM) Maddy: Alice spots the figure and hears the gunshot that misses. «Jesus John! Hold fire!»
(12:39:31 AM) Waxx: «Who the fuck is shooting?»
(12:39:36 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Fucker's teasing me»
(12:39:45 AM) Maddy: «I d-don't care.»
(12:39:47 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Relax, if I was trying to kill him he'd be dead»
(12:39:49 AM) Waxx: «Shooter! Identify at once!»
(12:40:14 AM) Maddy: Alice is in clear view of the person, she waves back, rifle still ready.
(12:40:17 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay rushes out of her room hering the shot. «On my way» she breases past Dusty and out the main doors.
(12:40:20 AM) Nioki: Alanoch pauses. If people are shooting, he doesn't really want to get closer.
(12:40:25 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Dimitri, it's John. We've got an unknown humanoid down below»
(12:40:37 AM) Waxx: «You undisciplined shit, hold your fucking fire.»
(12:40:47 AM) Aoi: "Alanoch." Bel hisses. "What goesss."
(12:40:55 AM) Gerald: Both hands raised now. He's not holding something in his hands, that's for sure. He's also breaking seven feet tall, easily.
(12:40:56 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty rubs his face. He stuffs the boyshorts in a pocket, and follows kay.
(12:41:23 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Anyone got any more idea of what it is down there?»
(12:41:30 AM) Maddy: «C-cover me, I'm going to approach him.»
(12:41:42 AM) Nioki: "There's someone out there. I was getting a closer look, but now they're shooting."
(12:41:45 AM) Waxx: «Hold your fire and keep Mrs. Dodge Ridge covered.»
(12:41:45 AM) PaulS_laptop: «You're very well covered»
(12:42:01 AM) Maddy: "D-don't make sudden m-movements, I'm g-going to step t-towards you." she does so.
(12:42:07 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay get's to Alice's flank. "I'm here" she hold her rifle up, trained on the figure.
(12:42:11 AM) Aoi: "Oh." She thinks. "Can I eat him?"
(12:42:42 AM) Nioki: "Probably not. Hold on. I'm hiding."
(12:42:51 AM) Nioki: "I'll be back in a minute, okay?"
(12:43:06 AM) Nioki: He walks towards the figure alongside Alice, still invisible.
(12:43:29 AM) Gerald: "I assure you, madamoiselle, I have no intention of harm." Jesus fuck, he's tall.
(12:44:04 AM) Maddy: "T-that's…woah…big." she shakes her head. "I-identify."
(12:44:24 AM) Rights [moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.EF290F34-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.EF290F34-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:44:45 AM) Gerald: An arm sweeps down, and he executes a decidedly ornate bow, one arm under his stomach and the other at his side.
(12:45:43 AM) Maddy: Alice is about 5'3 so this guy is super mega huge to her.
(12:46:29 AM) Gerald: "You may call me Agent Charon." There's generally a certain proportion people follow, but that rule seems to have given up here.
(12:46:52 AM) Gerald: It's almost unnerving, how tall and thin this guy is.
(12:47:22 AM) Maddy: "…A-agent? A-agent of what? The s-slenderman commission?"
(12:47:23 AM) Nioki: Alanoch walks a bit further to the figure's side, waiting.
(12:48:36 AM) Gerald: A chuckle, cold and almost slimy. "Ah, sadly there appears to be a bit of…..contention there. I no longer associate myself with my former employers. I suppose 'agent' becomes a misnomer at this point."
(12:49:24 AM) Gerald: He glances behind him. "Which is the issue at hand, you see."
(12:49:40 AM) Maddy: "Oh. S-same w-with a-a lot of…what?" she looks.
(12:51:13 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Alice, any further info?»
(12:51:38 AM) Gerald: He puts his hands together. Even his fingers are twisted, stretching out way too much than they properly should. "I believe they have, for the time being, lost my trail. However the point of disagreement we had in parting was….unpleasant. Suffice to say, I will be in all likelihood be tortured for the next thirty straight years, should they find me."
(12:51:45 AM) Maddy: «S-seems amiable, t-t say the least. Stand by.»
(12:52:40 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Standing by>
(12:53:17 AM) Waxx: Dmitri rests his AEK-971 on the window sill and lights a cigarette. Misha takes over with the bincoulars.
(12:53:33 AM) Maddy: "W-who are you r-running from?"
(12:53:38 AM) Gerald: He has to bend down quite a bit in order to talk to Maddy properly.
(12:54:06 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay keeps her rifle trained on the guy.
(12:54:09 AM) Gerald: "Ah, my former employees, of course. The Insurgency is not one to forget crimes such as mine, especially from those such as myself."
(12:54:14 AM) Gerald: *employers
(12:54:29 AM) Maddy: "…as in…the Chaos Insurgency?"
(12:54:35 AM) DawnyWorks: "What the fuck is a Slinderman?"
(12:54:38 AM) Maddy: Alice's gun is up.
(12:54:38 AM) Nioki: "So. Are you going to bring us any unwanted attention? What will happen if they track you to us?" says Alanoch, quite nearby and still quite hidden.
(12:55:27 AM) Waxx: «Make ready to fire. Stand by.»
(12:56:05 AM) Bright: «Standing By»
(12:57:04 AM) PaulS_laptop: «I've been ready to fire since before you saw him. Standing by»
(12:57:32 AM) Gerald: "Oh, hello there. No more than they will undoubtedly bring to yourselves. You see, they have rather aggressive plans for expansion ever since that…well, what shall we call it? Apocalypse, yes. Ever since the Fall of Man, the Insurgency has quite stepped up in there operations. In fact!" He brightens up at this phrase, "I do so /honestly/ believe that my enjoyment of your long-term company…
(12:57:34 AM) Gerald: …will aid in masking both our groups from there eyes."
(12:58:23 AM) Gerald: He continues, unabated. "You see, I am /quite/ familiar with their modus operandi, and more than skilled on knowing how to avoid them."
(12:58:52 AM) DawnyWorks: "He talks too much"
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(1:00:41 AM) Maddy: "…I d-don't know. The b-bosses aren't keen on CI types. Especially after they let 40 939 run rampant through site 23, and g-got me b-bitten by zombies."
(1:00:52 AM) Nioki: "Alright. Now how about some proof that you're telling the truth."
(1:02:40 AM) Gerald: "Of my skilled accomplishments at avoiding them? Or that they are chasing me? Or that they are going to use the end of the world as an opportunity, because I am quite sure that last one is fairly obvious."
(1:04:18 AM) Maddy: "Hmmm. K-kay? Check him for weapons…"
(1:05:30 AM) DawnyWorks: "Can do" Kay slings her rifle. "Could you please kneel for me Sir?"
(1:06:06 AM) Nioki: "Of anything you've said being the truth. Who you are. And what you know about us, because you certainly felt comfortable explaining that like we'd know just what you meant, and who your employers were. How did you find us?"
(1:08:57 AM) Gerald: Charon kneels. Damn, /still/ taller than Alice. "Well, considering that this is the only populated building in a number of miles, that much is quite easy to decipher. Look up any file on any major Insurgent operation, and eventually the name 'Charon' will appear. And desperation will lead one to do quite a number of reckless things."
(1:10:07 AM) Doctor_Light [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:10:08 AM) DawnyWorks: "I'm going to touch you, alright?"
(1:10:27 AM) Nioki: "Most people went to the Aquarium first. It's lit up. And occupied."
(1:10:39 AM) Nioki: "Or was, at least."
(1:10:39 AM) Bright: «It's astounding. Time is fleeting.»
(1:11:06 AM) Maddy: "W-well, you're already 10x l-less shifty that the other CI j-jack ass I know. You c-can stick around, at least t-till Jason d-decides w-what to do w-with you."
(1:11:07 AM) Nioki: "And we certainly haven't been here for long."
(1:11:38 AM) Gerald: "If you must, I suppose."
(1:11:46 AM) Maddy: "F-fair warning, he's f-former Foundation Sec Director, and f-former GOC. H-he likely wont like you."
(1:12:23 AM) Waxx: «Is he clean, Mrs. Dodge Ridge?»
(1:12:44 AM) Gerald: "Undoubtedly. If you haven't noticed, I am not very popular with any of the roaming factions currently in, or out, of power at the moment."
(1:13:18 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay searches for weapons!
(1:13:52 AM) Maddy: Roll percep, unless Gerald says Charon has none, or will willingly relinquish them.
(1:14:12 AM) Gerald: No weapons! But Charon feels outright creepy. There are muscles and joints in places where they don't rightly belong, and his body as a whole feels warped.
(1:14:49 AM) DawnyWorks: "You…odd…" Kay looks back at Alice. "Clean"
(1:14:58 AM) Maddy: «H-he's clean.»
(1:15:12 AM) Waxx: «Are you bringing this one in?»
(1:15:46 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty's watching from a distance.
(1:16:29 AM) Maddy: «F-for now. He has information that c-could be extremely useful to us.»
(1:17:03 AM) Maddy: «I'm g-going to let Jason d-decide h-how long he stays, however.»
(1:17:44 AM) Waxx: «We have you covered. Feel free to withdraw when ready.»
(1:18:00 AM) Maddy: «R-right.»
(1:18:19 AM) Maddy: "I'd avoid m-mentioning the CI t-thing to anyone else."
(1:19:07 AM) Gerald: He tilts his head. "If you insist, although I feel that this may be a piece of information they will not enjoy finding by surprise."
(1:19:33 AM) PaulS_laptop: «What's the deal with him?»
(1:19:47 AM) Maddy: "W-we've got Serpent's Hand, Foundation, GOC and PL, a-along with civilians. M-many of them have history. I'd r-rather we wait for Jason before we mention you /worked/ for them."
(1:19:56 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Hearing.
(1:19:56 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Hearing.: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
(1:20:10 AM) Maddy: "A t-temporary s-safe guard to s-stop you from being shot on the spot."
(1:20:28 AM) DawnyWorks: "I don't want to clean up blood tonight"
(1:20:33 AM) Gerald: "You speak much wisdom in this case. May I stand, then?"
(1:20:39 AM) Maddy: "Yes."
(1:21:17 AM) Waxx: [I do not like the looks of this one, Kommandir.] [Neither do I, Misha.] Dmitri shrugs. [I suppose we will learn more about him shortly.]
(1:21:34 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay sighs and lights a cigarette. "I'm going back to folding my clothes." She heads to her room and shuts to door.
(1:21:53 AM) Gerald: He doesn't stand so much as unfold. Those knees themselves look like they could hurt someone. A damn redwood, Charon is.
(1:22:19 AM) Maddy: «He has i-info critical to the CI, and t-they're trying to shut him up. C-could be hella u-useful.»
(1:23:22 AM) Maddy: "I'm A-alice." she offers a hand.
(1:23:25 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty attempts to catch kay before she reaches her room. Nope.
(1:23:29 AM) Ragazzo: He sig, knocking.
(1:23:31 AM) Ragazzo: *sighs
(1:23:32 AM) Waxx: «The Insurgency? Now there is a group of people I have not heard from in a long time, and fortunately so.»
(1:23:43 AM) PaulS_laptop: «We should keep an eye on him. He might be one of them»
(1:23:51 AM) DawnyWorks: "Open" Kay sits on her bed, smoking ad folding clothes.
(1:24:01 AM) DawnyWorks: and*
(1:24:05 AM) Waxx: «Agreed.»
(1:24:13 AM) Maddy: «C-could be, b-but I w-was PL, and that worked out ok.»
(1:24:16 AM) Gerald: He extends a monstrous hand, and shakes it. Again, like a piece of wood left waaaay too long in the rain, warped and far too long.
(1:24:37 AM) Gerald: "I am Charon, my fair lady." He smiles. Again, an unsettling feeling that his face is far too off.
(1:25:02 AM) PaulS_laptop: «PL didn't shoot me twice in each lung»
(1:25:03 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty enters, and nods at Kay. He produces the shorts in hsi still gloved hand, and sets them on the edge of her bed. "You dropped this in the hall just now"
(1:25:45 AM) DawnyWorks: Kay glances at them and shrugs. "Cool, thanks…unles you wanted to keep them." she smiles wickedly.
(1:25:51 AM) DawnyWorks: unless*
(1:26:10 AM) Maddy: "I m-must ask though. J-jason, as I said is GOC, and my husband. I'd like to know how the two f-factions usually interacted, I might b-be able to…smooth things over b-before they get hairy."
(1:26:27 AM) Ragazzo: "No. Thank you." Dusty's face is as hard and cold as an ice age.
(1:26:42 AM) Ragazzo: "Good bye." He turns and starts out.
(1:27:01 AM) DawnyWorks: "Don't be so grumpy, I was teasing" Kay fold the shorts and puts them away.
(1:27:24 AM) ***Bright unfolds from the Eve, ponderign deep thoughts.
(1:28:05 AM) Nioki: Alanoch walks back camp, releasing his illusion and reappearing.
(1:28:12 AM) Nioki: *back to
(1:28:12 AM) Ragazzo: "I've known women who liked to 'tease' before."Oh god, so much /loathing/,
(1:28:25 AM) Gerald: "Oh, they had their own individual squabbles. It happens, one being a global police force, and the other attempting to destroy everything that opposes its quest for power. No doubt the GOC's expert tech, along with the Insurgency's brutal tendency to use living human civilians as test subjects, brushed against each other before."
(1:28:51 AM) DawnyWorks: "Did I piss you off, or you just hate *all* women?"
(1:29:29 AM) Nioki: "Bel?"
(1:29:33 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty rubs his face pausing. "I…no. I'm sorry. That was unfair. I've had issues." He shakes his head.
(1:29:43 AM) Maddy: "Hmm, r-right. W-well…d-do you need food?" she motions to the hotel.
(1:29:51 AM) DawnyWorks: "Wanna talk, I have training"
(1:30:00 AM) Aoi: She looks in his direction. Which doesn't accomplish much on her part, true.
(1:30:09 AM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha decide to head back to their suite, to read some old after action reports Misha dug out.
(1:30:18 AM) Ragazzo: "…I think not…" You could roll persuasion to make him more agreeable.
(1:30:28 AM) Gerald: "Quite. I have been making good my escape from the Insurgency for several straight weeks now." His legs make it easy work following Alice.