The Hellfly

(1:25:41 PM) Ragazzo: "Well, I guess we need the gel still?"
(1:25:43 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight goes back to downloading relevant information from the Net.
(1:25:45 PM) Maddy: Alice blinks at Jill. "T-this about the B-birdman?"
(1:25:51 PM) Ragazzo: "Never ultrasounded a tree arm."
(1:26:01 PM) Tox: "Uh." Vance doesn't even. How do you ultrasound a tree.
(1:26:12 PM) Rights: "I have no idea. Get the gel on just in case." Geier shrugs.
(1:26:16 PM) Rights: I DONT EVEN WHAT THE FUCK
(1:26:26 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods "I'm going to let Lance tell the story, I want to know what he was thinking"
(1:26:31 PM) *Ragazzo slathers vance arm with that clear viscous gel.
(1:26:36 PM) E4D: "What, what?"
(1:26:51 PM) Ragazzo: Lance does, it is not at all sensual, geier you perv.
(1:27:07 PM) Rights: Geier gets the ultrasound doodad ready. What do you call that thing? It's a little handheld thing. Whatever.
(1:27:12 PM) Tox: Transducer.
(1:27:19 PM) Maddy: "P-people have b-been seeing this half b-bird half man around. S-seems skittish and always runs off."
(1:27:27 PM) Rights: She flips on the screen, and gets the /transducer/ ready.
(1:27:46 PM) Maddy: "I h-heard Lance s-spotted him last night w-while I was getting s-shut eye for a couple hours."
(1:28:27 PM) Rights: "We ready?" She nods to Vance.
(1:28:36 PM) Tox: Vance holds his arm out and steady. "Ultrasound me, baby."
(1:29:31 PM) Rights: "Aw yeeeaaah." Geier tries to sound erotic. Instead she rasps like a dying woman, and starts.
(1:29:33 PM) Rights: 4df+4 ULTRASOUNDIN
(1:29:33 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes another drag "Yeah, spotted him, walked up to him, bitched at me for having my rifle up, offered him food, and asked if her wanted to come inside…oh, and took off after him when the thing ran"
(1:29:33 PM) Quidmore: Rights: ULTRASOUNDIN: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
(1:29:44 PM) PaulS_laptop left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(1:29:44 PM) Ragazzo: "…"
(1:29:48 PM) Ragazzo: Lance clears his throat.
(1:29:58 PM) Ragazzo: "We're doing his arm, Geier."
(1:30:01 PM) Rights: "In retrospect, I'm not an ultrasound technician."
(1:30:05 PM) DawnyWorks: he, rather
(1:30:10 PM) Rights: Geier flips Cole the bird. :|
(1:30:26 PM) Tox: "Uh, wanna try again? I can see if I can work with the machine a little."
(1:30:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Why don't you let me…" Lance takes it tactfully.
(1:30:33 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stretches and scratches his butt as he walks out of Florence. "Morning folks."
(1:30:35 PM) Maddy: Alice sighs. "Ok, s-so, he tried to c-chase down a f-frightened paranormal?"
(1:30:45 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 MY TURN
(1:30:45 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: MY TURN: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
(1:30:49 PM) Rights: "I'll let Cole do it."
(1:30:52 PM) Ragazzo: Well balls
(1:31:02 PM) Rights: "God damn it we need a nurse."
(1:31:02 PM) Sabitsuki: Cole, it's the /arm/
(1:31:06 PM) Rights: "Where is a nurse when you need one."
(1:31:07 PM) Tox: "Here, let me see if I can work at it a bit, improve your chances."
(1:31:18 PM) Ragazzo: "This is nurse stuff." He mumbles.
(1:31:19 PM) Maddy: "Shit, if the thing is f-friendly, great, but…"
(1:32:04 PM) Rights: "Just let me use the radio." She grumbles. «This is Geier. Anybody know how to use an ultrasound machine?»
(1:32:17 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stretches. «Right-o. Be right there.»
(1:32:33 PM) E4D: Jason's been thinking about this for a second.
(1:32:34 PM) DawnyWorks: "We had no idea, I know nothing about that thing" Jillian's getting a bit flustered again "And he bitches at /me/ for having my gun up and 'scaring' it"
(1:32:41 PM) Tox: 4df+7 FATE | Vance examines the transducer and machine, relying half on knowledge and half on instinct to make the little machine work.
(1:32:42 PM) Quidmore: Tox: FATE | Vance examines the transducer and machine, relying half on knowledge and half on instinct to make the little machine work.: 8 (4df+7=0, +, +, -)
(1:32:47 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens walks into the room with Geier.
(1:32:58 PM) E4D: "Ok, no idea of whether or not it was safe and headed off on his own?"
(1:33:14 PM) DawnyWorks: "Yep"
(1:33:18 PM) Maddy: "W-well, if it's f-friendly, it'll come back."
(1:33:28 PM) Sabitsuki: success
(1:33:32 PM) E4D: "Yeah, dude's a fuckin' moron. This is, by the way, the guy whose idea of a good time is completely shitting himself on morphine."
(1:33:36 PM) Sabitsuki: +2 to Medical checks with the ultrasound machine.
(1:33:40 PM) Sabitsuki: huzzah.
(1:33:53 PM) Rights: "Kens." Geier nods.
(1:33:53 PM) Maddy: "B-breakfast anyone?"
(1:33:55 PM) Rights: "Your turn."
(1:34:08 PM) Dr_Kens: "It's been a while, but it should be like riding a bike."
(1:34:09 PM) Ragazzo: Lance holds out the machine.
(1:34:12 PM) Tox: "I need you to ultrasound my arm. I've worked on it a bit, so it should function a little better."
(1:34:15 PM) Ragazzo: Transducer, whatever
(1:34:17 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+6 Usin' dat ultrasound.
(1:34:17 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Usin' dat ultrasound.: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
(1:35:25 PM) Ragazzo: «Hey, any of you guys like kangaroo?»
(1:35:40 PM) Dr_Kens: «Haven't had roo in ages. I love their balls, though.»
(1:35:48 PM) Ragazzo: "…."
(1:35:50 PM) Tox: «Bet you do, Kens.»
(1:35:53 PM) DawnyWorks: "Jason, I'm not kidding, I won't to shifts with him if he's going to be like this. Oh, and to top it off, he half mumbles into his god damned radio, I respond with 'say again', he bitches to me for responding because he 'trying to talk to a bird man'"
(1:35:54 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens thinks about it. «Wait, no, meatballs made of roo meat. God damn, man.»
(1:36:09 PM) Sabitsuki: There is what appears to be a large fly in Vance's arm. And by large, I meant it takes up most of the arm's visible space. It remains still except for the occasional agitated flick of its two sets of wings.
(1:36:21 PM) Sabitsuki: A stinger is visible.
(1:36:24 PM) Dr_Kens: "Ooh /god/ that's disturbing."
(1:36:24 PM) Rights: Geier stares at the screen. "Guys stop talking about fucking kangaroo meat."
(1:36:30 PM) Tox: "Uh. That's disconcerting."
(1:36:36 PM) Ragazzo: "…jesus fucking christ."
(1:36:37 PM) Rights: "Kangaroo is delicious, nobody is denying that. It's like spicy venison."
(1:36:43 PM) Rights: "But jesus christ LOOK AT IT'S STINGER."
(1:36:44 PM) Tox: "Huh."
(1:36:45 PM) Rights: "Holy shit!"
(1:36:46 PM) Ragazzo: "We need to get that out of you."
(1:36:55 PM) Tox: "Yeah….kill the fuck out of it."
(1:37:00 PM) Ragazzo: "Right now."
(1:37:05 PM) Dr_Kens: "I'd rather not face a stinging giant insect."
(1:37:06 PM) Sabitsuki: The stinger is easily the size of Geier's arm.
(1:37:16 PM) Tox: Vnace is shuddering. "How does that even fucking fit in my arm??"
(1:37:31 PM) Ragazzo: "Ok…anyone got a bone saw?"
(1:37:33 PM) Dr_Kens: "Pan-dimensional…portal…shit…probably."
(1:37:38 PM) Tox: "Jesus."
(1:37:43 PM) Rights: "I am not killing it."
(1:37:48 PM) Rights: "We will probably make it angry."
(1:37:55 PM) Rights: "And it will sting us in our faces."
(1:38:06 PM) E4D: "He's another one of those guys from Site 23 before we got there. Only decent one I've ran into yet is Strelnikov. I think that chick Geier said something about being there before to. She'll all right. Cole is… goddamn, he's a fucking moron. Laito's a pussy. Hell, he sorta redeemed himself yesterday. Reacted right."
(1:38:13 PM) Tox: "Yeah, there are saws all over the place. Aw, c'mon, Geier, just take the arm off." Vance gestures to his shoulder. "Right about here. It stays sealed."
(1:38:27 PM) Ragazzo: "Oh for go-look, vance can you feel this?" He taps vance's arm.
(1:38:45 PM) Rights: «…Dodridge, whenever you've got a moment…uh…we'd like you to see this.» She has the ultrasound print the screen a few times.
(1:38:50 PM) Tox: "Yes, I can."
(1:38:54 PM) Rights: «Seriously. We might need somebody here who can shoot things into little bits.»
(1:38:55 PM) Dr_Kens: "Do you guys have a kevlar vest? I've got a shitload of duct tape and zipties, so maybe we can tie it around his arm to cut it off."
(1:39:02 PM) Ragazzo: "Ok…"
(1:39:06 PM) Tox: "And I don't fucking care how the fuck much it hurts."
(1:39:26 PM) E4D: "Gimme a second" Jason looks up at Alice. I'll be back down in a minute. He steps off. «This is Dodridge, what's going on?»
(1:39:30 PM) Tox: "This is a hospital, there are /anaesthetics/ here, knock me out and cut this fucking arm off."
(1:39:30 PM) Ragazzo: "Judging by the fact that your arm is basically a nest for this…thing…you're going ot loose it anyway."
(1:39:38 PM) Tox: "Goddammit."
(1:39:46 PM) Tox: Vance pulls a hand through his hair.
(1:39:47 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian follows Jason
(1:39:47 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright, let's do it." He sighs.
(1:39:50 PM) Maddy: She nods. "I'm g-going to make breakfast, ok?" she calls over.
(1:39:52 PM) Rights: «Uhm…We decided to ultrasound Vance's arm.»
(1:39:57 PM) Ragazzo: "We'll need someone who can shoot though."
(1:40:01 PM) E4D: «Continue.»
(1:40:01 PM) Ragazzo: «My idea.»
(1:40:02 PM) Rights: «It's not bees.»
(1:40:04 PM) Tox: "I did not need to know my fucking arm had a…a….giant fucking fly in it."
(1:40:05 PM) Rights: «…It's a bee.»
(1:40:14 PM) Rights: «It's stinger looks like it could punch through a skull.»
(1:40:23 PM) E4D: «That's good, righ… wait, what?»
(1:40:27 PM) Sabitsuki: it's a fly with a stinger p. much
(1:40:31 PM) Tox: «It's not a bee. It's a giant goddamn fly with a stinger the size of Geier's arm.» He sounds frustrated.
(1:40:40 PM) Maddy: Alice is listening in on her radio. «What.»
(1:40:40 PM) Tox: «We're…going to operate.»
(1:40:45 PM) Rights: «Vance wants us to cut it off but I'm not entirely certain that will do anything but make it angry.»
(1:40:48 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian stops "I'm going to let you take this one boss man"
(1:40:55 PM) E4D: «Stand by…»
(1:40:58 PM) Rights: Geier is also perversely grinning, it's worth noting. This is FASCINATING from a biology standpoint.
(1:41:09 PM) Tox: «Emergency bronchectomy. Right the fuck now.» Vance starts pacing.
(1:41:10 PM) Maddy: Alice runs up. "S-should I come along?"
(1:41:12 PM) Ragazzo: "We should call this thing. It looks like it's…incubating."
(1:41:19 PM) Ragazzo: *kill
(1:41:30 PM) Dr_Kens: "Well, look on the bright side, Vance. If we manage to get this out, I can build you a new arm…in a few weeks."
(1:42:10 PM) E4D: Jason turns around, heading back to the LAV, dressing up in his Sunday best before heading back up. «I'm coming up. I don't want anybody *around* that goddamn thing unless you're in anti-contamination gear.»
(1:42:32 PM) Tox: "Fuck it, I'll ask Tau."
(1:42:41 PM) DawnyWorks: "I'm going to go make a cup of tea" Jillian pads to the cafe
(1:42:43 PM) Tox: "Tau carries all kinds of shit around, and she speaks machine."
(1:42:43 PM) Ragazzo: «It's still trapped in his arm, Jason.»
(1:42:44 PM) Rights: "Oh, awesome."
(1:43:02 PM) Rights: "..I wonder if we can keep samples."
(1:43:11 PM) Rights: "I mean, it's so huge, I wonder what sort of family it belongs to."
(1:43:15 PM) Tox: "/AFTER/ you kill it, please."
(1:43:25 PM) Tox: Vance continues pacing, looking at his arm with distaste.
(1:43:31 PM) Dr_Kens: "Vance, sit down."
(1:44:00 PM) E4D: «Yeah, I copy that Lance, and I'm trying to prevent contamination once it pops. We don't *know*, so we treat the shit like it's plutonium. You remind me of this dumbass from 23… Never *wanted* to be prepared for shit. Thought it was better to let shit bite you in the ass. It might turn out we don't need them… Break»
(1:44:00 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmmm. Maybe we could just shoot in the head while it's still in his arm?"
(1:44:14 PM) E4D: «But if we do, you're gonna wish to fucking Christ you had it when you didn't.»
(1:44:23 PM) Rights: "Please, Vance." Geier offers him a chair. "…I know this is absolutely horrific, but you're gonna need to calm down."
(1:44:27 PM) Tox: "Hell with that, Cole. Just take the whole stupid thing out."
(1:44:37 PM) Rights: "You've got the best doctors in the world, after all."
(1:44:38 PM) Dr_Kens: "I will strap you down and duct tape your mouth."
(1:44:42 PM) Rights: "And an anesthesiologist so, eh."
(1:44:44 PM) Maddy: «I'm c-coming too. I'm a fucking biologist.»
(1:44:49 PM) Tox: Vance sinks into the chair offered by Geier. "You shut up, Kens."
(1:44:54 PM) Maddy: Alice suits up and sprints after Jason.
(1:44:56 PM) Ragazzo: «You realize we've all been letting vance just walk around with us, right? It's a bit late for isolation."
(1:44:58 PM) Ragazzo: »
(1:45:05 PM) Tox: «Don't remind me.»
(1:45:07 PM) TroyL_ZZZZ is now known as TroyL
(1:45:37 PM) E4D: «Not FROM THE ARM.»Jason releases the mic and screams inarticulately at the lack of any kind of anti-contamination protocol from a supposed doctor.
(1:45:51 PM) E4D: «From the arm once you *crack the seal*.»
(1:46:10 PM) Ragazzo: «That's fucking different, isn't it?»
(1:46:26 PM) Rights: "Lance, stop tempting Dodridge."
(1:46:30 PM) Maddy: Alice jogs alongside Jason with her science kit!
(1:46:33 PM) Tox: "No, you idiot. We're concerned now with what happens when you pop my arm off.
(1:46:38 PM) Tox: "
(1:46:54 PM) Rights: "Actually, better idea. Everybody take five minutes to /shut up/ and stop getting all bitchy at each other."
(1:46:54 PM) E4D: The radio makes an odd sound, perhaps the sound of a man about to have an aneurysm.
(1:47:01 PM) Rights: "No sense in doing surgery if we're going to rage during it."
(1:47:11 PM) Rights: "Ready? Quiet time, starting now."
(1:47:19 PM) Ragazzo: Lance sets aside his radio. Quiet time.
(1:47:38 PM) Dr_Kens: "So…does anyone have any coffee?"
(1:48:03 PM) Tox: "Coffee. Yeah, I could use some." Vance is still staring at — and through — his arm.
(1:48:41 PM) Rights: "…Alright, are we okay? Vance…I'm sorry, but no coffee. Caffine could fuck with sedatives, if we put you out. Or just interact badly with painkillers."
(1:48:55 PM) Tox: Vance takes a deep, shaky breath, regarding the ultrasound machine with an odd expression on his face. "Right, right. My bad."
(1:49:00 PM) Rights: "Guys, we're going to have to do this in one of the operating suites. THe rooms there are sealed, and much better prepared.
(1:49:01 PM) Rights: "
(1:49:02 PM) DawnyWorks: «I'm in the cafe, anyone want anything?» Jillian bobs her head to the music in her mind
(1:49:07 PM) Tox: "Do we have anything at all?"
(1:49:23 PM) Tox: «Jill, something non-caffeinated but relaxing. Please.»
(1:49:55 PM) Rights: «Try chamomile tea. Noncaf.»
(1:49:55 PM) DawnyWorks: «Camomile?»
(1:50:19 PM) Tox: «Please and thank you.»
(1:50:53 PM) Rights: "Vance, do you want something else to wear? We're probably going to wrap you up in a hazmat suit either way, so if you want to change into scrubs, now's the time."
(1:51:01 PM) DawnyWorks: «Anyone else?»
(1:51:04 PM) TroyL is now known as MechaTroy
(1:51:11 PM) E4D: Jason reaches the room in a few minutes, stepping through the door in Oxide. «No thanks, Jill.»
(1:51:33 PM) Tox: "Uh…nah, I'm fine with these clothes. Unless there's a reason I should change?"
(1:51:48 PM) Ragazzo: "This ought to happen in an operating room."
(1:51:48 PM) Rights: «No, thank you.» Geier nods to Dodridge. "Jason, you said that you found protection suits. Where are they?"
(1:51:54 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight sets up the file transfers, then hops down to look around at the various folk. No, not going to deal with the doctors. How about Alex?
(1:52:30 PM) Rights: "We're performing surgery, Vance…it could get bloody, or open, and we need a sterile environment."
(1:52:30 PM) Ragazzo: Vance, mind rolling up your sleeve. I want to see where we should cut from."
(1:52:43 PM) Rights: Geier baps Cole lightly, as well. SHE JUST SAID OPERATING ROOM, DAMN IT.
(1:52:54 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian makes Vance's tea, and adds a coffee for Kens because she /knows/ he always wants coffee. «Can someone come out and get these, I'm not going in there» she heads over
(1:53:00 PM) Ragazzo: Lance said it first. D:<
(1:53:03 PM) E4D: <Got a couple down in the LAV. I've got a spare, and Alice has a spare. I don't know about anyone else. I don't know if anyone checked the trauma ward. A lot of larger hospitals are equipped with NBC suits for treating NBC-critical cases.>
(1:53:15 PM) Ragazzo: "I'm just looking, jesus Geier."
(1:53:15 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens walks over to the door. "Got it." He takes the cups. "Thanks, mate.."
(1:53:29 PM) Tox: Vance simply removes his shirt. What does the tree arm look like when it reaches the shoulder?
(1:53:31 PM) Rights: "Right. Who wants to go check for more suits?"
(1:53:34 PM) Dr_Kens: "Hey, Geier, why don't the two of us grab one."
(1:53:50 PM) Rights is now known as Geier
(1:53:58 PM) You are now known as Vance
(1:54:02 PM) *
Geier nods to Kens. "If you could run and get them, I can start helping to prep Vance."
(1:54:06 PM) Sabitsuki is now known as Cazador
(1:54:09 PM) DawnyWorks: "No worries" Jillian heads outside
(1:54:11 PM) Dr_Kens: "I'll be back in a tiffy."
(1:54:15 PM) Ragazzo is now known as DrCole
(1:54:16 PM) Maddy: Alice stands there, staring at the ultrasound printout. "Ho-ly shit."
(1:54:22 PM) Vance: "I know."
(1:54:37 PM) Dr_Kens: "Jason, where do you guys keep your suits?"
(1:54:42 PM) Vance: "That worries the shit out of me. I've been carrying that damn thing inside my arm for a day or two now."
(1:54:43 PM) *Geier looks at Alice. "…I know."
(1:54:46 PM) Geier: "It's it amazing?"
(1:54:50 PM) *
Geier inappropriate.
(1:55:05 PM) Maddy: She puts her helmet on. <Jason. Look at th-this. I c-cannot w-wait to dissect it.>
(1:55:11 PM) *DrCole is examining vance's arm, feeling for where the veins start being normal again.
(1:55:12 PM) Vance: "If it weren't capable of punching a hole through any of us, sure."
(1:55:41 PM) Geier: "Lots of things can punch holes in our skulls. This time, we just have the advantage."
(1:55:45 PM) DrCole: "If we could just bisect the thing during hte surgery, I'd feel alot better about this."
(1:56:12 PM) DrCole: "Not sure how tough it's exoskeleton is though."
(1:56:40 PM) Geier: "If it's that tough, I'm sure we can dig out some power tools."
(1:56:45 PM) Vance: "Just take the saw to it. Right through the….well, where the elbow would be. Cut the fucker in half if you wanna."
(1:56:55 PM) Vance: "I'd say just take the entire arm off, leave it sealed up."
(1:57:21 PM) DrCole: "Yes, but we're only going to get one chance to kill it before it's onto us."
(1:57:31 PM) Cazador is now known as Sabitsuki
(1:57:37 PM) DrCole: "It could crawl out the stump. You are hollow now."
(1:57:48 PM) Geier: "Also, many bugs can survive for quite some time, even if cut in half."
(1:57:51 PM) *
(1:58:02 PM) DrCole: "It won't be able to sting us, is the point."
(1:58:07 PM) E4D: <Well, being cut in half sort of fucks up anything's day.>
(1:58:08 PM) Geier: "Wasp stingers sting even long after wasps are dead, Vance."
(1:58:13 PM) DrCole: "Because the stinger will be detached."
(1:58:13 PM) E4D: <A lot harder to move around.>
(1:58:48 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sits outside, because fuck being inside with that…thing, smoking a cigarette
(1:59:14 PM) Geier: "…I have a gross and possibly dangerous suggestion."
(1:59:14 PM) Vance: Vance is somewhat put off by the discussion.
(1:59:21 PM) DrCole: "Ugh. This is going to be worse than when I had to deal with 409…"
(1:59:23 PM) Vance: "Let's hear it, Geier. I'm in that sort of mood."
(1:59:27 PM) E4D: He looks up at Kens, then shakes his head. <Shit, I didn't even think… you won't be able to wear the goddamn Lanx and Draegers…>
(1:59:29 PM) DrCole: "What is it?"
(1:59:32 PM) Geier: "Has anybody checked any of the storage cupboards for things like Raid or aerosol insect-killers?"
(1:59:39 PM) DrCole: "No."
(1:59:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "Why not, Jason?"
(1:59:52 PM) Sabitsuki: *bzzzz*
(1:59:58 PM) Geier: "We coudl always open up a small hole, and fill the hollow space inside with poisons. Even if it's immune, those things can strip off skin if left to si- AH JESUS."
(2:00:01 PM) DrCole: "That is…that is just a ba-o fuck."
(2:00:07 PM) Vance: "Ohjesusfuckwhatfuuuuck."
(2:00:07 PM) Geier: Geier was touching the arm. She stops and jumps away.
(2:00:17 PM) Vance: Vance smacks his arm against the wall.
(2:00:20 PM) Geier: "New plan. Wrap his arm in a damn kevlar vest to keep it in."
(2:00:27 PM) Geier: "VANCE DON'T MAKE IT ANGRIER."
(2:00:40 PM) DrCole: "I think we should hurry before it gets out on it's own…"
(2:00:56 PM) Sabitsuki: *bzzzz*
(2:00:59 PM) Sabitsuki: *bzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
(2:01:00 PM) DrCole: "Come on, to the operating room. The suits here?"
(2:01:02 PM) E4D: Jason shoulders his rifle. <Vance down on the ground. Arm out. Non-essential personnel, OUT.»
(2:01:04 PM) Vance: Vance snarls down at the arm. "Why are we dicking around, when what we need to be thinking about is how to CUT OFF MY ARM."
(2:01:06 PM) Dr_Kens: "Oh god buzzing."
(2:01:24 PM) *Vance complies, holding his right arm away from his body as he lowers himself to his front.
(2:01:24 PM) Geier: "Kens, you get those suits?!"
(2:01:35 PM) Maddy: Alice shoulders her rifle too. <Everyone out. Now.>
(2:01:44 PM) Dr_Kens: "Not yet. Got a problem with the suit sizes."
(2:01:57 PM) Geier: Geier grabs her medical kit and opens it. "Cole, numb Vance up."
(2:02:01 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a drag off her cigarette, oblivious
(2:02:09 PM) *
Vance is sort of…breathing a little hard. He turns his head a little. "Ohjesus you aren't going to shoot me, are you!?"
(2:02:15 PM) *DrCole nods kneeling, and grabs the sedatives.
(2:02:18 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens kneels down opposite of Geier.
(2:02:18 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight's looking in on Alex to see how he's doing.
(2:02:21 PM) Maddy: <No.>
(2:02:21 PM) E4D: <No, we are not going to shoot you.>
(2:02:22 PM) Geier: "I don't want him thrashing around in reflexive pain while I'm trying to cut that off."
(2:02:39 PM) Geier: "Just calm down, Vance…deep breaths."
(2:02:41 PM) DrCole: 4df+7, Fate point, numbing you out
(2:02:49 PM) DrCole: 4df+7, Fate point, numbing you out
(2:02:53 PM) Sabitsuki: no comma
(2:02:55 PM) DrCole: |:
(2:03:03 PM) DrCole: 4df+7 Fate point, numbing you out
(2:03:03 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Fate point, numbing you out: 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
(2:03:06 PM) *
Vance takes deep breaths, long slow inhales and exhales.
(2:03:18 PM) Dr_Kens: "Better give me the saw, Geier. My arm should be able to do a better job."
(2:03:21 PM) *Vance jerks a little as the needle sinks in.
(2:03:28 PM) Sabitsuki: Success
(2:03:41 PM) Geier: Geier hands him the saw. This is gonna be gross. She snaps on glovs.
(2:03:51 PM) Geier: "Are we taking it off in pieces, or all at once?"
(2:03:54 PM) DrCole: Vance doesn't feel shit from the arm down.
(2:03:55 PM) Sabitsuki: *thump*
(2:04:00 PM) Dr_Kens: "Christ."
(2:04:01 PM) Sabitsuki: *thump* *thump* *bzzzzzt*
(2:04:05 PM) Vance: "FUCK!"
(2:04:09 PM) DrCole: "Cut at the elbow."
(2:04:17 PM) Vance: Breathing heavy again. "Oh fuck fuck….fuck me…."
(2:04:20 PM) Dr_Kens: "Alright. Jason, ALice, get your guns up."
(2:04:21 PM) DrCole: "We'll get the wings that way too."
(2:04:27 PM) *
Vance deepbreath.
(2:04:30 PM) E4D: Jason's rifle has *been* up.
(2:04:32 PM) Maddy: <Calm down. I t-think you're panic is making it f-freak out worse.>
(2:04:38 PM) Maddy: So has Alices
(2:04:46 PM) Vance: "I'm….trying…."
(2:04:49 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+7 Charge point for medical, cutting with right arm.
(2:04:50 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Charge point for medical, cutting with right arm.: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, 0)
(2:05:08 PM) Geier: "Alright. I'll be ready to seal up anything." She gets ready to stitch and dodge like a motherfucker.
(2:05:13 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Maneuver to get that arm In His Sights.
(2:05:13 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Maneuver to get that arm In His Sights.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
(2:05:21 PM) Sabitsuki: success echo
(2:05:26 PM) *Vance flinches as he distantly feels saw contact arm, and hears the scream of the saw. Remarkably, he doesn't scream.
(2:05:38 PM) Vance: His body does tense up, though.
(2:06:02 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 Manoeuvre, I'm a biologist I know how to kill bugs?
(2:06:02 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Manoeuvre, I'm a biologist I know how to kill bugs?: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
(2:06:05 PM) Geier: Geier touches Vance's shoulder. "Breath deep."
(2:06:36 PM) *
Vance releases a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, shifting to look up at Geier. Awkward, 'cause he's facedown on the floor.
(2:07:11 PM) Sabitsuki: As soon as the saw cuts into Vance's arm, there's a thump, and it's visible as the bug tries to move up into Vance's chest, only impeded by the saw
(2:07:12 PM) Geier: "Close your eyes. You're going to pull your neck, like that."
(2:07:29 PM) DrCole: "Oh…to hell with that."
(2:07:37 PM) DrCole: "Saw faster, Kens."
(2:07:43 PM) Dr_Kens: "Ffs.
(2:07:45 PM) Sabitsuki: It's hard going
(2:07:49 PM) Geier: "Oh fuck-" Geier moves over Vance to be next to kens. "Kens, keep cutting."
(2:07:49 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+7 Charge point for medical, cutting with right arm again.
(2:07:49 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Charge point for medical, cutting with right arm again.: 10 (4df+7=+, 0, +, +)
(2:07:50 PM) Sabitsuki: The barkmaterial is hard
(2:07:56 PM) DrCole: *Yes*
(2:07:57 PM) *Vance barely doesn't flinch as he feels the bug try to take up residence in his chest. His breathing accelerates again.
(2:08:20 PM) Geier: She studies the skin of his shoulder. "…Vance, I'm going to apologize for this." She tries to figure out where the bug would be, and draws a scalpel. "I'm going to try and make it move back into the arm."
(2:08:35 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7
(2:08:35 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 7 (4df+7=0, +, -, 0)
(2:08:39 PM) Vance: "Wh-what're you doing." Fast and breathy.
(2:08:43 PM) DrCole: "No, no, no."
(2:08:47 PM) DrCole: "Wait."
(2:09:20 PM) DrCole: Lance is staring at the image from the ultrasound.
(2:09:20 PM) laito left the room.
(2:09:32 PM) Sabitsuki: Kens gets about halfway through it. Vance's arm is hanging. A set of compound eyes is visible just near the cut. They stare accusingly at Kens
(2:09:34 PM) E4D: <That thing got a head, right?>
(2:09:49 PM) Dr_Kens: "CHRIST."
(2:10:00 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+7 Last charge point for medical, cutting with right arm again. KILL THAT BITCH.
(2:10:01 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Last charge point for medical, cutting with right arm again. KILL THAT BITCH.: 6 (4df+7=0, -, +, -)
(2:10:01 PM) Sabitsuki: Agitated buzzing fills the room
(2:10:10 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7
(2:10:11 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, 0)
(2:10:12 PM) Vance: Anyone near enough to Vance's head will hear him whispering "Jesusfuckkillitkillitkillitkillit….."
(2:10:25 PM) E4D: <Stand *by*.>
(2:10:28 PM) Maddy: <G-get ready,,,>
(2:11:07 PM) Geier: "Oh jesus."
(2:11:41 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7
(2:11:41 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 7 (4df+7=+, +, -, -)
(2:11:44 PM) Sabitsuki: oh shit.
(2:13:49 PM) Sabitsuki: The arm comes cleanly off, but the bug darts out between the movements of the saw, near impossibly fast. It quickly scales Vance's face, resting on the back of his head. The only thing visible of it unless Vance turns his head is two sets of leathery yellow insect wings and a split second of black carapace.
(2:14:03 PM) E4D: 4df+8 Sighting in and burning a Point for a suit function, Jason opens fire at the emerging insect, dumping an enormous anti-materiel round well and away from Vance and the others as he tracks up and lateral.
(2:14:03 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Sighting in and burning a Point for a suit function, Jason opens fire at the emerging insect, dumping an enormous anti-materiel round well and away from Vance and the others as he tracks up and lateral.: 10 (4df+8=0, 0, +, +)
(2:14:08 PM) Vance: "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!"
(2:14:13 PM) Maddy: 4df+6 Alice knows right where to shoot.
(2:14:14 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Alice knows right where to shoot.: 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
(2:14:27 PM) Geier: "oh my."
(2:15:07 PM) Sabitsuki: Redact, it's on his face.
(2:15:20 PM) Maddy: Alice doesn't shoot then
(2:15:35 PM) *
Vance screams as the thing scales his face!
(2:15:48 PM) Maddy: <Fuck!>
(2:15:56 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7 vs Jason
(2:15:57 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: vs Jason: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
(2:16:03 PM) Dr_Kens: "Oh god /DAMN/ that thing's fast." Kens falls backwards, away from the body.
(2:16:06 PM) Geier: Geier sits back, staring, amazed.
(2:16:22 PM) Vance: "GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GETITOFF!" Vance's heart is racing a mile a minute as his breath hisses through his teeth, pupils mere pinpoints as his eyes dart.
(2:16:24 PM) DrCole: "…shitshitshit…"
(2:17:20 PM) Sabitsuki: The thing screams somewhat as the AT round slams into the bug, knocking it cleanly off Vance's face and blowing a big sized hole in it. It recovers and darts back up to its perch on his face, though, unmoving. The caparace and stinger drip some kind of bile looking yellow fluid onto Vance's face.
(2:17:23 PM) Sabitsuki: Vance mdef
(2:17:27 PM) Vance: Vance flips over, onto his back, but the fucking thing's on his face! He grabs it in his good hand and throws it the fuck off before skittering backwards.
(2:17:33 PM) Vance: 4df+3 MD
(2:17:34 PM) Quidmore: Vance: MD: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
(2:17:42 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+5
(2:17:42 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 3 (4df+5=+, -, -, -)
(2:18:10 PM) Sabitsuki: That's simple weapons to throw it off, its got some sort of hooks on the bottom of its feet
(2:18:22 PM) Vance: 4df+2 SWep
(2:18:23 PM) Quidmore: Vance: SWep: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, -)
(2:18:35 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+6
(2:18:35 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
(2:18:56 PM) Sabitsuki: The thing digs in tighter as Vance tries to throw it off, to no avail. The fluid keeps dripping.
(2:19:07 PM) Sabitsuki: MDEF again
(2:19:10 PM) Vance: "GET IT OFF!" he screams, almost inarticulately.
(2:19:12 PM) Vance: 4df+3 MD
(2:19:13 PM) Quidmore: Vance: MD: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
(2:19:18 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+5
(2:19:19 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 6 (4df+5=0, +, -, +)
(2:19:19 PM) Maddy: <S-someone do something!>
(2:19:25 PM) E4D: 4df+6 Jason rushes forward, launching a kick and burnign another.
(2:19:25 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason rushes forward, launching a kick and burnign another.: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
(2:20:17 PM) Geier: Geier scoots back to watch, amazed! Does Vance's failed Mdef roll have any notable effects on his body chemistry?
(2:20:27 PM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:20:27 PM) Sabitsuki: His panic stops
(2:20:30 PM) *Vance screams again, although…'s hard to tell at what.
(2:20:35 PM) DrCole: "We should get anti-toxins. I have no idea what that yellow stuff is but it looks bad." Says Cole to Geier, scrambling back, and looking through what they have in the room.
(2:20:46 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+7
(2:20:47 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 5 (4df+7=-, -, +, -)
(2:21:18 PM) Sabitsuki: Jason's kick hits Vancebug + Vance. The caparace dents somewhat but the bug otherwise doesn't move.
(2:21:26 PM) Geier: "Huh."
(2:21:33 PM) E4D: <Jesus.>
(2:21:42 PM) Vance: His heartbeat is still elevated, and his left arm fumbles for his SCAR. Shakily, he draws it, maneuvering the barrel.
(2:21:57 PM) E4D: <Uh… someone, pass me a IV stand.>
(2:22:06 PM) E4D: He looks back.
(2:22:07 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+2 Life Science, look for critical weak points.
(2:22:07 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Life Science, look for critical weak points.: 1 (4df+2=0, -, +, -)
(2:22:10 PM) Geier: Geier reaches for one,and rolls it to Jason.
(2:22:18 PM) Sabitsuki: Kens can tell it's an insect.
(2:22:22 PM) DrCole: 4df+4 Same as kens
(2:22:22 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Same as kens: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
(2:22:24 PM) Sabitsuki: (failure)
(2:22:41 PM) Geier: 4df+3 Geier just wants to know a bit about it, from her observations.
(2:22:41 PM) Quidmore: Geier: Geier just wants to know a bit about it, from her observations.: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
(2:22:43 PM) E4D: Jason stops it, flipping it and shaking anything loose, pushing and end under the thing and flipping up.
(2:22:45 PM) Vance: He's screaming fitfully, body jerking as he braces the weapon across his chest. "Nnnnghhhhoooo!!!!"
(2:22:45 PM) Geier: Life sciences!
(2:23:10 PM) Sabitsuki: Geier ALSO can tell it's an insect. Go team life sciences.
(2:23:30 PM) Geier: "I wonder where it's spiracles are? It would have to have a lot, to support such a large crapce." Geier is absolutely fucking useless.
(2:23:30 PM) Sabitsuki: DrCole, though, will note the stinger looks pretty brittle.
(2:23:33 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 LIFE SCIENCE TOO
(2:23:33 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: LIFE SCIENCE TOO: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
(2:23:46 PM) DrCole: "Snap the damn stinger."
(2:24:00 PM) Sabitsuki: Alice also sees the brittleness of the stinger. Speaking of the stinger, that bile never kept coming
(2:24:06 PM) Sabitsuki: *stopped coming
(2:24:13 PM) DrCole: Hawt.
(2:24:54 PM) Sabitsuki: mdef again vance
(2:25:00 PM) E4D: 4df+6 Jason makes a grab for the thing, trying to break it, burning his last point.
(2:25:00 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason makes a grab for the thing, trying to break it, burning his last point.: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
(2:25:02 PM) Vance: 4df+3 MDef
(2:25:03 PM) Quidmore: Vance: MDef: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
(2:25:15 PM) Maddy: <Hit the s-stinger!>
(2:25:15 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+5 @ Vance
(2:25:15 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: @ Vance: 8 (4df+5=+, +, 0, +)
(2:25:34 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+4 Weakened @ Jason
(2:25:34 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: Weakened @ Jason: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
(2:25:52 PM) Dr_Kens: "Fuck bugs. Fuck 'em."
(2:26:26 PM) Sabitsuki: Jason successfully tears the thing off Vance's face, but not before a ton of the bile goes down his mouth
(2:26:35 PM) DrCole: "Fuckfuckfuck"
(2:26:55 PM) *
Vance chokes and screams, spinning away and to one knee, SCAR balanced across it.
(2:26:56 PM) Maddy: <Jason! The s-stinger!>
(2:27:16 PM) DrCole: "Vance! Get over here, now!"
(2:27:20 PM) E4D: [[That *was* at its stinger]]
(2:27:39 PM) Sabitsuki: Jason snaps the stinger as well as throwing it off
(2:27:42 PM) Vance: Even as he hucks and vomits, he lets rip with the SCAR-H.
(2:27:50 PM) Sabitsuki: it flies off
(2:27:52 PM) Sabitsuki: towards
(2:27:53 PM) DrCole: "You have to thro-oh, ok."
(2:27:56 PM) Sabitsuki: Geier.
(2:27:59 PM) Sabitsuki: Physical Defense.
(2:28:08 PM) Vance: 4df+6 FATE | Resolve pretty damned heightened, he tracks and fires in mid-air.
(2:28:09 PM) Quidmore: Vance: FATE | Resolve pretty damned heightened, he tracks and fires in mid-air.: 8 (4df+6=+, -, +, +)
(2:28:35 PM) Geier: 4df+2 oh balls
(2:28:36 PM) Quidmore: Geier: oh balls: 0 (4df+2=-, -, 0, 0)
(2:28:49 PM) Geier: "oh fu-"
(2:28:52 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+5 whee
(2:28:53 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: whee: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
(2:29:05 PM) Sabitsuki: wow geier look at the big insect stinger in your left shoulder
(2:29:24 PM) Geier: "…" Is there still bile on it?
(2:29:29 PM) Sabitsuki: On the end
(2:29:35 PM) Sabitsuki: It's pretty much impaling her shoulder
(2:29:38 PM) Geier: Which is probably in my damn shoulder.
(2:29:46 PM) Geier: "…Oh, for fuck's sake, Jason."
(2:29:47 PM) Sabitsuki: Yep
(2:29:54 PM) Sabitsuki: MDEF Geier
(2:29:56 PM) DrCole: "Fuck, really."
(2:29:57 PM) Maddy: 4df Yanking the stinger out
(2:29:57 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Yanking the stinger out: 0 (4df=0, -, 0, +)
(2:30:01 PM) E4D: "Sorry, I didn't know I threw it."
(2:30:01 PM) DrCole: "God damn it Jason."
(2:30:05 PM) Geier: 4df+1
(2:30:06 PM) Quidmore: Geier: 0 (4df+1=-, -, 0, +)
(2:31:15 PM) Vance: After he's fired, he returns to vomiting profusely, body rejecting (with his help) the vile bile.
(2:31:18 PM) Sabitsuki: Vance's gunfire rips through his bugbabby, and it falls to the operating room floor, twitching.
(2:31:41 PM) DrCole: "Shit, shit…" Lance scrambles over to Vance, and check pulse while her vomits.
(2:31:46 PM) DrCole: *he
(2:31:46 PM) Geier: "Alice don't just roip that out I could bleed out-!"
(2:31:57 PM) E4D: Jason runs over, putting a foot to its abdomen, pressing down on its "neck" with the butt of his rifle.
(2:32:00 PM) Dr_Kens: "Ffuck, Geier…" Kens scrambles over to Geier.
(2:32:08 PM) *Vance is trembling on the floor as he just does. not. stop. vomiting onto the operating room floor.
(2:32:10 PM) Sabitsuki: Alice rips it out
(2:32:19 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Medical roll stop bleedin'.
(2:32:19 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Medical roll stop bleedin'.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
(2:32:28 PM) Maddy: <J-jason! Leave enough for m-me to dissect!>
(2:32:29 PM) Geier: "er…" Geier trails off, after a moment…before suddenly she's on her feet, and lunges at Jason, leaving the stinger behind in Alice's hand and pushing everybody away from her. "NO."
(2:32:31 PM) Dr_Kens: *for geier
(2:32:46 PM) Geier: 4df+3 Melee futily agains Jason.
(2:32:46 PM) Quidmore: Geier: Melee futily agains Jason.: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
(2:32:53 PM) E4D: <I'm not doin' nuthin'.>
(2:33:01 PM) DrCole: "Oh, for fuck's sa-" Lance looks over at jason who's about to swat geier.
(2:33:07 PM) E4D: 4df+4 <Bitch, please.>
(2:33:07 PM) Geier: "Don't touch-" She pushes at him. "-it!"
(2:33:07 PM) Quidmore: E4D: <Bitch, please.>: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
(2:33:21 PM) Sabitsuki: Jason wins, play it however you want
(2:33:27 PM) Maddy: <Someone r-restrain her.>
(2:33:33 PM) E4D: Oh, GEIER is attacking him O_O
(2:33:37 PM) Sabitsuki: Yes
(2:33:41 PM) Geier: Jason, you have a, like, 98 pound tiny woman trying to shove you off a dead bug.
(2:33:45 PM) Geier: Go wild.
(2:33:51 PM) E4D: Jason swats her away, deflecting her run, lkeeping his hold on the bug.
(2:34:24 PM) DrCole: LAnce lifts Vance up, putting his head over a sink, and waits fro him to stop vomiting.
(2:34:30 PM) Maddy: <LANCE, KENS, ANYONE.>
(2:34:45 PM) Maddy: 4df Fuck it, Alice is restraining her.
(2:34:46 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Fuck it, Alice is restraining her.: 0 (4df=0, 0, 0, 0)
(2:34:52 PM) Dr_Kens: "Shit, sorry." Kens tackles Geier and holds her down.
(2:34:58 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df
(2:34:59 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: -2 (4df=0, 0, -, -)
(2:35:08 PM) *
Vance , having finally thrown up everything in his stomach, stands up from the sink, ragged breaths leaving his chest as he looks dumbly at Cole.
(2:35:19 PM) Geier: 4df+3 WIGGLE LET ME GO
(2:35:19 PM) Quidmore: Geier: WIGGLE LET ME GO: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
(2:35:24 PM) Geier: "Let me…let…"
(2:35:31 PM) Sabitsuki: Geier wins both
(2:35:36 PM) *DrCole heaves vance onto a bed.
(2:35:40 PM) Sabitsuki: Again, play it however you want etc
(2:35:42 PM) Maddy: Alice loses her grip. <Fuck.>
(2:35:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "Gah, OW." Kens got slapped in the face.
(2:35:54 PM) Geier: Geier elbows Kens in the face, and escapes from Alice, diving for the bug on the floor.
(2:35:54 PM) Sabitsuki: Also the bug under Jason's boot/grip stops twitching.
(2:35:55 PM) DrCole: He turns to Geier.
(2:36:02 PM) Geier: "Give it-"
(2:36:03 PM) DrCole: 4df Tackle
(2:36:04 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Tackle: -1 (4df=0, +, -, -)
(2:36:08 PM) E4D: <Geier, I'm warning you… I *will* roll your ass. Stand the fuck down.>
(2:36:20 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df Goddamnit Geier. Tackle /again/
(2:36:21 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Goddamnit Geier. Tackle /again/: -1 (4df=0, -, 0, 0)
(2:36:43 PM) *
Vance has nothing really to say about getting thrown onto the bed.
(2:36:51 PM) E4D: Jason doesn't move from the bug.
(2:37:16 PM) Maddy: Alice stands and runs over to Jason/Geier/bug AH
(2:37:17 PM) Vance: He hits the bed, rolls over onto his stomach, and simply observes the room, too weak to move.
(2:37:58 PM) DrCole: "God damn it Geier! We need to take care of vance first!"
(2:38:13 PM) Geier: Can't-"
(2:38:15 PM) Vance: His breath is steady, if a little shallow.
(2:38:23 PM) Dr_Kens: "Cole, you get her."
(2:38:33 PM) DrCole: 4df Restraining Geier?
(2:38:33 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Restraining Geier?: 1 (4df=-, 0, +, +)
(2:38:36 PM) Geier: SHe's scrabbling for the bug, but is tackled by kens. No resistence because I gotta brb quickly.
(2:38:37 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens scrambles over to Vance instead.
(2:38:43 PM) Maddy: <I t-think she's u-under s-some kind of c-compulsion.>
(2:38:57 PM) Dr_Kens: "Use some sedative, Cole!"
(2:38:57 PM) Vance: Do his eyes track Kens. Yes, yes they do.
(2:39:03 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason reaches out, swinging the butt of hiss rifle at Geier's leg.
(2:39:03 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason reaches out, swinging the butt of hiss rifle at Geier's leg.: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
(2:39:16 PM) DrCole: "What the fu-*no*"
(2:39:20 PM) DrCole: Lance takes the hit.
(2:39:28 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Medical diagnosis on Vance.
(2:39:28 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Medical diagnosis on Vance.: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
(2:39:35 PM) Sabitsuki: physical defense cole
(2:39:36 PM) DrCole: "Jesus *fuck*! The hell are you doing!"
(2:39:41 PM) Vance: He's, uh. In shock.
(2:39:43 PM) DrCole: 4df+2 Crazy bitch
(2:39:44 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Crazy bitch: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
(2:39:57 PM) E4D: <Knocking her down, you fucking retard.>
(2:39:58 PM) Sabitsuki: Kens, looks like he's sick and missing an arm, probably in shock (captain obvious)
(2:40:06 PM) DrCole: "She' already down, dumbass!"
(2:40:20 PM) Vance: His breathing is slow, steady, and a little shallow. Heartbeat rapid.
(2:40:22 PM) E4D: Oh, redact, missed that.
(2:40:37 PM) Maddy: <Everyone shut up. Cole, fix Vance. Jason, l-let me see that bug.>
(2:40:52 PM) DrCole: "Kens is taking care of Vance, Alice."
(2:40:53 PM) Vance: Non-responsive to stimuli.
(2:40:58 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens puts Vance on a gurney, sideways.
(2:41:08 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.F97808E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.F97808E5-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(2:41:11 PM) *DrCole sedates Geier.
(2:41:15 PM) Maddy: <Kens s-should be building him a n-new arm.>
(2:41:18 PM) Dr_Kens: "Fuck, Vance, can you hear me?"
(2:41:19 PM) DrCole: 4df+4 Bed time
(2:41:19 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Bed time: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
(2:41:28 PM) Dr_Kens: "I'll build him one when he's stable, Alice!"
(2:41:29 PM) E4D: Jason nods down at the thing. <Look all you want, hun.>
(2:41:36 PM) Vance: 4df+3 PDef
(2:41:36 PM) Quidmore: Vance: PDef: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
(2:41:39 PM) Maddy: Alice takes out her kit.
(2:41:45 PM) DrCole: "Really, fucking seriously? The arm is not important. The fuck is wrong with you."
(2:41:50 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 hehehe…
(2:41:51 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: hehehe…: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
(2:41:54 PM) DrCole: *important right now
(2:41:58 PM) Vance: The shock in his system fights the sedatives. His eyes track Kens.
(2:42:04 PM) Vance: He blinks, slowly.
(2:42:18 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens takes out a small flashlight. "Follow the light."
(2:42:19 PM) DrCole: I was sedating geier
(2:42:40 PM) Maddy: 4df+6 HORSE DOCTOR
(2:42:40 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: HORSE DOCTOR: 7 (4df+6=0, -, +, +)
(2:43:02 PM) Vance: His eyes successfully track the light.
(2:43:12 PM) Sabitsuki: Geier is sedate'd
(2:43:23 PM) Dr_Kens: "Alright, at least your eyes are good…"
(2:43:25 PM) *
DrCole sits Geier in a corner, and starts checking vitals.
(2:43:59 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens slaps Vance's cheek. "You'll be fine, but don't lay back. Stay on your side, in case you vomit more."
(2:44:24 PM) DrCole: "We need to see what that shit did to his internals, Kens. And scan his brain, in case alice is right about that compulsion."
(2:44:27 PM) Vance: His head is jerked to the side by Kens' slap, but otherwise he doesn't react.
(2:44:59 PM) Maddy: Alice's eyes light up as she disassembles the bug. Well not that you can tell, she's wearing a helmet. Her hands work with amazing speed and accuracy as she goes.
(2:45:02 PM) DrCole: "Get the rest of that arm off too, and clean him up."
(2:45:05 PM) Dr_Kens: "Well shit. Cole, his responses are pretty poor. Help me to the MRI machine?"
(2:45:30 PM) Maddy: <W-wow…this…this thing is….wow.>
(2:45:34 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian walks up to the door and knocks "Is it safe yet?"
(2:45:39 PM) Vance: I mean, there was a breath of air in response
(2:45:46 PM) Vance: but he didn't say anything
(2:46:10 PM) Dr_Kens: "Actually, Cole, stay here." Kens moves the gurney to the door. He opens it. "Jill, can you help me move Vance to the MRI room?"
(2:46:10 PM) Maddy: <T-the carapace is crazy hard, a-and the bile s-seems to be used to f-foster mothering ins-stincts.>
(2:46:31 PM) DrCole: "Hey, Alice, Jason, if you two are doing shooting things bring the bug over here. We'll need to analyze that bile."
(2:46:38 PM) Maddy: <It's j-just a baby too. I'd h-hate to see a fully g-grown one.>
(2:46:56 PM) E4D: <What? How can you tell?>
(2:47:02 PM) Maddy: She turns her head to DrCole. <Did you not hear what I just fucking said?>
(2:47:22 PM) DrCole: "I did, adn I want to know how to fucking reverse it, and if ti does anything else."
(2:47:36 PM) DrCole: "Excuse me for not trusting a god damn vet."
(2:47:43 PM) Dr_Kens: "Can someone ignore the stupid bug here and help me get Vance to the MRI room?"
(2:47:58 PM) *DrCole grumbles and goes to help kens.
(2:48:06 PM) Dr_Kens: "Thank you."
(2:48:22 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens leads to the MRI room and slides the gurney next to the bed. "On the count of 3."
(2:48:24 PM) E4D: Dr. Cole receives his first strike.
(2:48:36 PM) Maddy: <Oh if you don't trust me Cole, you can go fuck yourself.> she leaves.
(2:49:17 PM) Dr_Kens: "1…2…3" Kens lifts Vance.
(2:49:19 PM) Maddy: <Don't trust the BIOLOGIST to know about /biology/.>
(2:49:20 PM) Vance: Along the way to the MRI room, Vance's color improves. His breathing has returned to a more normal rhythm.
(2:49:22 PM) *
DrCole lifts
(2:49:58 PM) Dr_Kens: Vance is now on th e MRI bed.
(2:50:03 PM) Dr_Kens: "COme on, let's get some scans."
(2:50:13 PM) DrCole: «When you're done with the temper tantrum, and feel like /helping/ go actually /analyze/ the damn bile, and tell me if it's poisonous."
(2:50:18 PM) DrCole: » To alice.
(2:50:49 PM) DrCole: «Unless you can tell that just by looking.»
(2:50:55 PM) DrCole: Sarcasm, heavily.
(2:51:19 PM) E4D: Jason looks down at the array of chemical test kits pulled from Alice's bag.
(2:51:20 PM) Maddy: «It's not. It causes the person to feel like mommy to baby bug. Like I fucking said. Once it's out of his system he'll be fine. Please, eat your gun.» she turns her radio off.
(2:51:57 PM) E4D: Dr. Cole receives strike two.
(2:52:05 PM) Maddy: <Jason. G-get some charcoal for Geier and Vance. Im going to take a shower.>
(2:52:17 PM) E4D: <On it.>
(2:52:31 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian knocks a bit harder "Hello?"
(2:52:36 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Medical MRI scans. Anything weird?
(2:52:36 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Medical MRI scans. Anything weird?: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
(2:52:48 PM) Maddy: Jill would have seen Kens and Cole take Vance to the MRI
(2:52:51 PM) Sabitsuki: Vance is normal except for the arm bit
(2:52:54 PM) DrCole: "I'm going to check on Geier, can you handle it from here?"
(2:53:10 PM) DawnyWorks: redact, Jillian goes to the MRI room
(2:53:11 PM) E4D: Jason walks out of the room past Jillian carrying the
(2:53:14 PM) E4D: Jason walks out of the room past Jillian carrying the
(2:53:40 PM) Vance: Vance is just coming out of the MRI tube, and looks…well. He's missing an arm, and is a little pale.
(2:53:44 PM) Maddy: She keys her private radio to Jason. «My regular radio is off, I'll be in the LAV if you need me.»
(2:53:50 PM) Vance: But he's conscious, and responsive.
(2:53:55 PM) DrCole: "Kens?"
(2:54:00 PM) DawnyWorks: "How is he?" Jillian looks to Kens
(2:54:04 PM) Dr_Kens: "Go ahead, Cole."
(2:54:21 PM) DrCole: "Alright." Lance heads back to Geier, glancing at Jill.
(2:54:29 PM) E4D: He heads down to trauma room, rummaging through crap for activated charcoal.
(2:54:31 PM) Dr_Kens: "He seems stable…ish…"
(2:54:33 PM) Vance: "I'm awake, Jill." He flashes a brief grin.
(2:54:38 PM) Maddy: Alice rinses off her suit, showers and goes to hang out with the rabbits and hamster.
(2:54:49 PM) Sabitsuki: He finds a box of it, 3 or 4 tubes left
(2:54:53 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian smiles to Vance "Tea?"
(2:55:24 PM) *DrCole looks over Geier, checking vitals again, and grumbles examining her shoulder.
(2:55:25 PM) Vance: "Please." He pushes himself off the gurney, stumbling for a second. Missing an arm really does throw off your balance.
(2:55:28 PM) Sabitsuki: let's say 4
(2:55:31 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stands there for a moment, before realizing he's covered in shit.
(2:55:37 PM) DrCole: He cleans and examines hte sttinger punctures.
(2:55:42 PM) DrCole: *the stinger
(2:55:45 PM) E4D: <Bingo.> He sets off back up to the upper floor, two under each arm, whistling, the sound coming out modulated.
(2:56:13 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods and looks to Kens "Coffee?" she's a bit pale
(2:56:24 PM) Dr_Kens: "No, thank you."
(2:56:30 PM) E4D: <Guys. Charcoal. Alice said to feed it to 'em.>
(2:56:55 PM) DrCole: «Vance is down in the MRI room, I'm in the same room with geier.»
(2:56:55 PM) Vance: "I-Is that activated charcoal?" He seems almost eager.
(2:57:00 PM) Vance: oh righ
(2:57:02 PM) Vance: not in the same place
(2:57:11 PM) Dr_Kens: "Jill, contact me if anything happens. I'm going to check on Cole and Geier."
(2:57:15 PM) Vance: Vance is walking out of the MRI room, sans his right arm.'
(2:57:17 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens walks over to the bugshit rom.
(2:57:35 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian gets tea to fix it all
(2:57:38 PM) Dr_Kens: "Hey, Cole, how's Geier doing?"
(2:57:55 PM) E4D: <Yeah it is, but you need a doctor present.>
(2:58:07 PM) Dr_Kens: Wait, where's Jason?
(2:58:11 PM) Vance: «Vance to all stations,» he says as he puts his radio back on. «Condition green, save for the arm and a weird compulsion about bugs.»
(2:58:13 PM) DrCole: "Alright, I guess. I hate when things go wrong like this."
(2:58:20 PM) Maddy: With Vance
(2:58:32 PM) Dr_Kens: "Sounds good, Cole. Be back in a jiffy."
(2:58:45 PM) DrCole: "Bring some of that charcoal back will you?"
(2:58:51 PM) Vance: "Speaking of which." «Tau, Vance, come back?»
(2:58:53 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens goes back to Vance. "Hey, how's the cripple do- Oh, uh, hello Jason!"
(2:59:10 PM) E4D: Jason holds out the charcoal.
(2:59:27 PM) Dr_Kens: "Thanks." Kens takes it, and walks over to Vance.
(2:59:27 PM) *
Vance takes the charcoal and looks at Kens.
(2:59:28 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian returs with three teas, a chai for Jason "It's soy…"
(2:59:35 PM) DrCole: 4df+4 Medical check to see if anything is up with geier
(2:59:36 PM) Quidmore: DrCole: Medical check to see if anything is up with geier: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
(3:00:11 PM) Dr_Kens: "Alright, take some of this, Vance."
(3:00:19 PM) Dr_Kens: He gives him some of the charcoal.
(3:00:20 PM) Sabitsuki: Geier is okay, besides the wound in her shoulder. It should probably be cleaned and the arm put in a stint, though.
(3:00:24 PM) Vance: "Can do." Vance downs it.
(3:00:42 PM) DrCole: Lance does those things.
(3:01:10 PM) Vance: «Vance calling Tau. Come back.»
(3:01:10 PM) Dr_Kens: "Next step is for me to make you a prosthetic…but it'll be tough. I don't have the same equipment I used to have. Are you fine with a shitty one from here?"
(3:01:21 PM) Vance: "Already on it, Kens."
(3:01:41 PM) Dr_Kens: "You're not going to ask Tau to give you a clockwork arm, are you?"