The Inerrogation

(6:12:32 PM) Nusquam: There's a snicker from the bed. The woman can be heard - and seen - struggling against her restraints.
(6:12:48 PM) Nusquam: It's futile, though.
(6:12:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Miss. Don't do that. You'll hurt yourself."
(6:12:59 PM) Ragazzo: "Ah…well. Good evening Jennifer."
(6:13:14 PM) Ragazzo: Lance gets to his feet, and performs some quick tests.
(6:13:21 PM) Ragazzo: Vision, pulse, that stuff.
(6:13:25 PM) E4D: ""Please, Jill, that'd be great. Oh yeah, you got any cigarettes?"
(6:13:39 PM) MisterFlames: "I don't bite without need," Midnight says. She keeps the thought that he stinks of tobacco and vodka, and she'd rather eat a sewer rat.
(6:13:42 PM) Tom90deg: "Not to mention right now the best option is they dump you in the middle of town, if you try to escape, well…they may get inventive."
(6:13:45 PM) DawnyWorks: "Yep" Jillian hands him a pack "Anyone else?"
(6:13:46 PM) Strelnikov: "Excuse me, Direktor. I must go check on Misha. Thank you for the radio."
(6:13:49 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley slides the chair over and sits next to Samus' bed, look down at her.
(6:13:57 PM) Sabitsuki: Fate point, moving guns to Perception.
(6:14:29 PM) E4D: Jason nods. Taking a few, he passes the pack to Strelnikov.
(6:14:41 PM) MisterFlames: "What happened out there, Jason?" Midnight stretches, "I saw some people hustle out naked."
(6:15:03 PM) Nusquam: She appears to have a slight concussion, and pulse is elevated. She's visibly pissed, grinding her teeth. She says nothing, just glares.
(6:15:28 PM) DawnyWorks: "You can have it, I have more in my bag" Jillian waves and turns to Dmitri "Would you and Misha like some tea?"
(6:15:57 PM) Ragazzo: "Ok, Agent glide?"
(6:16:11 PM) Nusquam: After a few minutes, she gives up struggling against the restraints, sinking back into the bed.
(6:16:21 PM) E4D: "We had a few guys go back to the target to hit up a few more things, and the STF was apparently chilling out there. They got hit with nerve gas, and had to decon. Took a few hits as well. They'll be all right. Alice, John, and I recovered a live one and brought her back here. She's upstairs right now, under watch."
(6:17:00 PM) MisterFlames: "Any of them left aside from the live one?"
(6:17:01 PM) Maddy: *Agent Flight
(6:17:29 PM) Tom90deg: "Miss, we're going to leave at some point. When we do, your state at that point is entirely up to you. There's more than one who would rather just get to work with the rubber hose."
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(6:17:46 PM) Ragazzo: "It's for the best if you talk to us, now. Because things will be worse. I can sympathize with you. I know what it's like to be a foundation grunt in over your head. My first day in a task force, I had to amputate a man's arm, because it was turning into crystal."
(6:18:03 PM) Ragazzo: *will be worse with the others
(6:18:08 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian heads to her herself and Jason some tea, then returns "Here, I got you chai, it's closer to coffee"
(6:18:23 PM) E4D: "Oh my God, I fucking *love* chai."
(6:18:34 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley looks up with a neutral expression at Lance and Simon. "Back off for a second."
(6:18:40 PM) MisterFlames: "Jason?"
(6:18:41 PM) Nusquam: She glares between Simon and Lance, her face twisting into a sardonic grin.
(6:18:52 PM) E4D: "Yes?"
(6:18:53 PM) Tom90deg: "Don't hurt her." Simon takes a step back.
(6:18:55 PM) Ragazzo: Lance exhales, but looks at Harley.
(6:18:55 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian smiles and sips her tea "There's more in the cafe, floor two"
(6:19:00 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright."
(6:19:11 PM) E4D: "Oh, sorry."
(6:19:21 PM) MisterFlames: "Did anyone else from the STF survive?"
(6:19:43 PM) Ragazzo: Lance steps into the hall, radios jason.
(6:19:51 PM) Ragazzo: «Our friend just woke up.»
(6:19:55 PM) Sabitsuki: "Hey. I'm guessing you're really not in a talking mood." Harley's voice is quiet.
(6:20:10 PM) E4D: "Uhh, they ran over two, we got another one, and there's the female upstairs. Novikov killed one, and wounded another. He's out there some-…" he keys his radio. «Copy, stand by.»
(6:20:23 PM) E4D: «Keep a gun on her, she's a fiesty one.»
(6:20:31 PM) Nusquam: She glares at Harley, remaining silent.
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(6:20:53 PM) MisterFlames: "May I go see her? People find cats soothing, sometimes."
(6:21:15 PM) Ragazzo: «Mm.»
(6:21:28 PM) DawnyWorks: "Need a chaperone?"
(6:21:44 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stands up and walks over to the room with the strapped down agent.
(6:21:57 PM) Dr_Kens: "Hey, Lance, you tired? Need to swap-"
(6:22:27 PM) Dr_Kens: He notices the agent.
(6:22:32 PM) Sabitsuki: "Looks like it, yeah. Listen, let me shoot the shit with you here, a bit. From what these guys tell me, you're a grunt. A grunt from an conspiratorial organization. Something that shadowy probably shoots failures, or something, right? So you're sitting here thinking. 'I'm dead'."
(6:23:08 PM) E4D: "Come on up, Midnight. And thanks a ton, Jill."
(6:23:41 PM) Nusquam: She grins a little wider as she glares.
(6:23:46 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian follows Jason
(6:23:50 PM) Nusquam: It's not a friendly grin.
(6:24:02 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmm? What, kens?"
(6:24:03 PM) Sabitsuki: "Mm."
(6:24:09 PM) Sabitsuki: "Guess so."
(6:24:17 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks along with Jason, rubbing up against Jill.
(6:24:21 PM) Dr_Kens: "Uh. I was going to ask to see if you needed to swap out, but she's awake. Hrm."
(6:24:40 PM) DawnyWorks: "Come on girly" Jillian puts Midnight on her shoulder
(6:24:53 PM) Ragazzo: "Forget it, Harley. Jason is on his way."
(6:24:58 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight's got a Jilly to ride, and she don't care.
(6:25:26 PM) E4D: Jason makes his way up to the ward where she's being kept and enters. He steps up in front of her, regarding her briefly, and removing his Oakleys. "Agent Jennifer Flight… how are you feeling?"
(6:25:56 PM) Nusquam: The grin drops from her face. Just hatred now.
(6:25:59 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sits to the side, watching
(6:26:02 PM) Nusquam: "Guess."
(6:26:53 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight moves down to Jill's lap, and curls up, purring.
(6:27:07 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pets, eyes still on the two
(6:27:47 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens sighs and walks over to Lance. He whispers, "Do you think we should get the sedatives in case she goes crazy?"
(6:28:03 PM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~).
(6:28:25 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley sighs a bit when Jason enters the room, but doesn't move the chair away from her bed
(6:28:39 PM) E4D: He looks at Kens. "Negative." Back to Flight. "You're not dead yet, are you?"
(6:29:13 PM) Nusquam: And it begins creeping slowly across her face again. "A metaphysical consideration at best, Mr. Dodridge."
(6:30:37 PM) *Strelnikov checks in on Misha, who is still asleep from last night. He decides to make his way back downstairs to resume his discussions with Jason.
(6:31:02 PM) DawnyWorks: "Jason" Jillian stands with Midnight "Do you need me or is the other female chaperone enough?"
(6:31:30 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight purrs softly at the attention, her tail swishing here and there. Her golden eyes regard the woman.
(6:31:36 PM) *
Strelnikov decides to key his radio and do a mic check.
(6:31:56 PM) Strelnikov: «This is Strelnikov, do you receive?»
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(6:32:20 PM) DawnyWorks: «Jill, I got ya»
(6:32:23 PM) E4D: "Oh shit, we got another smart grunt." He looks at Jill. "Another wouldn't hurt." Back to Flight. "Have I given any indication I'm gonna kill a POW. I'm guessing you know exactly who I am." Without looking away he keys his mic. «This is Dodridge, go ahead.»
(6:32:45 PM) Strelnikov: «Present location? I will join you.»
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(6:33:40 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sits back down and observes
(6:33:49 PM) Nusquam: She does a poor imitation of Jason's voice. "/Save the leg, Geier might need it./"
(6:34:45 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley exhales.
(6:34:48 PM) E4D: Jason smiles at her. "All right, maybe I'm not the best at mind games."
(6:35:25 PM) Nusquam: She slowly shakes her head.
(6:35:28 PM) E4D: "I'll be straight with you. If I wanted you dead, I'd have shot you in the store after you tried to kill me wife. And trust me, I *strongly* considered it."
(6:35:29 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian snorts
(6:35:41 PM) E4D: «Surgical ward. Look for the voices.»
(6:36:14 PM) *Strelnikov is close by, so he just swings around a corner and down the hall, finding them pretty easily. "Good day."
(6:36:51 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian lights a cigarette "Does this bother anyone?"
(6:38:10 PM) E4D: "Colonel." He gestures with an open hand toward the restrained woman on the bed. "This is the prisoner. Agent Jennifer Flight. Level 1 Field Agent, attached to Special Task Force Alpha One."
(6:38:20 PM) E4D: "Go ahead, Jill."
(6:38:29 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight purrs, curled up on her lap. She watches, not saying anything.
(6:38:57 PM) Strelnikov: "Prisoner?" He peers inside.
(6:38:58 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a drag and watches
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(6:39:13 PM) *
Strelnikov takes a moment to light up another of his unfiltered cigarettes.
(6:39:15 PM) Nusquam: "Yes, I'm absolutely certain you spared my life out of the goodness in your heart," she says, her voice dripping venom.
(6:39:43 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian snorts again "I'm sorry…" a few light chuckles
(6:40:50 PM) *Strelnikov leans in quietly and says to Jason, "Where did you pick her up?"
(6:42:11 PM) E4D: "Target, down the street. Best I can guess is they took up refuge there after the thing you killed took out a pair of their agents. Laito ran over two more, we killed her friend… and then there was one."
(6:42:30 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight hops down off of Jill's lap, then up to the prisoner's bed. She looks the woman over, inhaling her scent.
(6:42:42 PM) Strelnikov: Dmitri nods slowly. "What are you going to do with her?"
(6:43:06 PM) Nusquam: She listens to the conversation impassively.
(6:43:56 PM) E4D: "Ask a few questions, give her a basic loadout, a radio beacon, and send her on her way."
(6:44:00 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes out a notepad and checks her watch "You know the rules Jason"
(6:44:41 PM) Strelnikov: "Once, in the first Chechen war, we took a prisoner."
(6:44:53 PM) Nusquam: "A new leg, too," she quips sarcastically. "And a working vehicle."
(6:44:54 PM) E4D: He looks at Flight. "You can keep a wound clean, right?"
(6:45:01 PM) Strelnikov: "I do not remember taking any other prisoners in that war."
(6:45:10 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks up to Jennifer's torso, then settles on her belly, purring softly.
(6:45:31 PM) Nusquam: She tries to twist and throw Midnight off.
(6:46:19 PM) Nusquam: "Does that really matter? Really?" she seethes, glaring at Jason.
(6:46:37 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley picks up Midnight and sets her on the floor. "Probably not the safest place for you right now."
(6:47:28 PM) E4D: "Your leg will be fine. Trust me. We can help you. Between our doctors and the cat you're being so mean to."
(6:47:56 PM) E4D: "We just need you to help us."
(6:47:58 PM) Nusquam: "Forgive me, I must have bled out my manners back in Target."
(6:48:38 PM) *
Strelnikov stands on his tiptoes and looks over everyone else. What exactly is wrong with this girl?
(6:48:43 PM) E4D: "Well, according to Dr. Cole's chart, yu got about a liter put back in, so I wouldn't worry about those."
(6:48:53 PM) Nusquam: "You wanna talk? How about some morphine. Then we'll talk."
(6:49:05 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian makes a note
(6:49:26 PM) MisterFlames: "Oh, shooting at Tinkerbell probably shows your manners were suspect before that, and I did suggest that you go to the airport to the south." Midnight hops back to the bed.
(6:49:52 PM) Nusquam: "I threw a gas grena- what?"
(6:49:53 PM) Sabitsuki: "Oh. Right. You're the weird talking cat. Forgot about that part."
(6:50:02 PM) Sabitsuki: "She talks, Samus."
(6:50:38 PM) MisterFlames: "And that's why I didn't approach myself. Being shot at doesn't amuse me." Midnight sniffs her leg curiously.
(6:51:16 PM) E4D: "She can cure what ails you, so… Kens? Could you hook her up with some painkiller?"
(6:52:06 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian digs through her bag "I have some candy Jason" she tosses him a pill bottle
(6:52:21 PM) Nusquam: "You really think anyone not developmentally disabled would be happy to see a fictitious fucking character hovering outside the window and not suspect they were losing their minds or something was amiss?"
(6:52:52 PM) E4D: "She's a cat. Give a break. She thought people liked Disney."
(6:53:04 PM) E4D: He gives her a quizzical look. "You don't like Tinkerbell?"
(6:53:15 PM) MisterFlames: "Well, I could have matched the voice," Midnight notes. "But I didn't think you'd appreciate Catwoman."
(6:53:26 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley closes her eyes and rubs her head a bit.
(6:54:11 PM) MisterFlames: "Besides, you were on the second floor, what was I supposed to use, the Bluebird of Happiness?"
(6:54:18 PM) Nusquam: She half-grins in spite of herself, but it fades quickly, and she's back to gritting her teeth.
(6:54:37 PM) E4D: He catches it and tosses it back. "Something a little quicker."
(6:55:16 PM) Strelnikov: Dmitri crosses his arms and leans on the door frame, watching.
(6:55:20 PM) E4D: «Alice? Hey, can you come up to the surgical suite? The lady that shot you needs a dose of morphine.»
(6:55:30 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pulls out three "Crush them, add water, inject"
(6:55:47 PM) MisterFlames: "Her bone is set, right?"
(6:56:40 PM) Maddy: «Yeah, b-be there in a sec.» Alice soon arrives with some morphine, dressed in her CADPAT uniform. "I b-brought candy.
(6:57:21 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian checks her watch again and makes another note
(6:57:48 PM) Nusquam: She doesn't acknowledge Alice.
(6:58:17 PM) Maddy: "S-shall I give her a bit, hun?"
(6:58:33 PM) Ragazzo: Lance blinks, coming out of his daze.
(6:58:45 PM) Ragazzo: "I…ah…sorry. Was in imperial china."
(6:58:53 PM) Ragazzo: "Maybe I should do that…"
(6:59:07 PM) Strelnikov: Dmitri coughs. "I am surprised you give her medical care."
(6:59:25 PM) E4D: "Hook her up, Alice."
(6:59:26 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight moves to regard the injured leg, then settles down next to it. "We aren't monsters, Colonel."
(6:59:32 PM) Maddy: She hands the syringe off. "D-don't take any f-for yourself, Lance."
(6:59:32 PM) E4D: "Be gentle."
(6:59:46 PM) DawnyWorks: "Lance, no" Jillian watches Alice
(6:59:51 PM) Ragazzo: "Ahaha. I care more about patient's first, thanks."
(6:59:54 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Maneuver to focus on healing the broken bone.
(6:59:54 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Maneuver to focus on healing the broken bone.: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
(6:59:55 PM) DawnyWorks: redact
(7:00:32 PM) E4D: You got it, Flames.
(7:00:35 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian watches Lance closely, making a few more notes
(7:01:01 PM) Ragazzo: Lance gives Jenn. he injection.
(7:01:04 PM) Ragazzo: *the
(7:01:16 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Feel Good Time
(7:01:16 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Feel Good Time: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
(7:01:48 PM) Nusquam: She struggles a bit against the restraints as Lance comes near, but it remains futile.
(7:02:02 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Kitty healing. (+2 more if Here Kitty Kitty can be tapped, due to the healing power of a cat's purr)
(7:02:02 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Kitty healing. (+2 more if Here Kitty Kitty can be tapped, due to the healing power of a cat's purr): 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
(7:02:37 PM) Nusquam: She sighs and relaxes as the morphine begins coursing through her veins.
(7:02:49 PM) Sabitsuki: "Tch."
(7:02:58 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian checks her watch, another note
(7:03:49 PM) E4D: He pain dwindles away as the morphine takes hold, and the pain in her leg seems to drift away, a tenuous ache now.
(7:04:38 PM) E4D: "That's some real Tinkerbell, never-never land, magical fairy-dust ype shit right there, huh, Agent?"
(7:05:01 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight focuses her healing magics on the woman's leg, having the shattered bone knit and mend.
(7:06:09 PM) Nusquam: She opens her mouth to speak, but closes it without a word, and doubles her right hand into a fist.
(7:06:48 PM) E4D: "Cat got your tongue?"
(7:07:06 PM) Nusquam: "What do you expect me to say?"
(7:07:38 PM) MisterFlames: "Jason, please. She's had a hard day, and she's confused and afraid." Midnight looks up to her, "'Thank you' would not be amiss."
(7:08:09 PM) Sabitsuki: "I'm not sure what's worse, the god awful puns or the talking 'magic' cat."
(7:09:18 PM) Ragazzo: "Are we done trying to get information from the grunt who knows nothing?"
(7:09:32 PM) MisterFlames: "The puns that come from the talking, magic cat."
(7:09:32 PM) Nusquam: "Pffthahaha. Thanks for getting me sent out here after your deserting asses, killing my friends, and shooting me. But I understand. It's nothing personal. Just business."
(7:09:58 PM) Sabitsuki: "If you start making puns I will punt you."
(7:10:02 PM) Sabitsuki: Dead serious.
(7:10:58 PM) Maddy: "We didn't d-desert till after you guys c-came out here…j-just saying."
(7:11:48 PM) E4D: "You *assume* she knows nothing, Cole, and she was on a different site, which means she knows something *else* from what we know, which means it's information we don't have."
(7:11:54 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian makes another note
(7:12:08 PM) MisterFlames: "You seem to be laboring under the idea that I deserted. I would fight because I don't wish to be contained, I'm sapient and free and plan to stay that way. Your co-workers have captured and tortured friends of mine… but I'm willing to heal to and offer my assistance to you, without obligation." Midnight regards the woman.
(7:12:45 PM) E4D: "Level isn't a rank. It's a clearance to handle an SCP."
(7:12:58 PM) Ragazzo: Lance sighs. "The only concern any of us have for the foundation now is avoidance. We don't need to do this."
(7:13:29 PM) E4D: He shakes his head, muttering quietly… "Dumbass…" He looks back at Cole. "Do *what*? Patch her up and ask a few questions?"
(7:14:15 PM) Maddy: "If you h-have a p-problem with us a-asking s-simple questions, you c-can leave."
(7:14:15 PM) Ragazzo: "More that we didn't need to bring her in here at all. You heard the distress signal, and went off /after/ it."
(7:14:16 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sighs and rubs her forhead at the stupidity of what's going on "Jason, you're eating time"
(7:14:38 PM) Ragazzo: "But whatever, she's here now. Doesn't matter."
(7:15:10 PM) *Strelnikov leans in close to Jason. "Is there something in particular you are trying to learn, Direktor?"
(7:15:38 PM) Maddy: "Yeah, t-the distress s-signal, from /our/ people s-saying /she/ w-was shooting at them." Alice is a little miffed. "Y-you saying w-we should have l-left Geier and c-co at Target?"
(7:16:27 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sighs again and makes yet another note
(7:16:39 PM) Nusquam: "You think I have information, think I know something you don't? Ok. Yes, yes I do. I know that the members of former Foundation Special Task Force Omega Twenty-Three have been judged to be in dereliction of duties for fleeing a site and failing to execute Omega Protocol in a timely manner, delaying to save their own asses."
(7:17:09 PM) Ragazzo: Lance shrugs. He doesn't know what the fuck anymore, and just listens.
(7:17:14 PM) Maddy: "What." Alice glares. "We fucking d-did exactly as we were told."
(7:17:27 PM) E4D: "The failsafe fucking failed. *That* is the reason they're after us?"
(7:17:40 PM) Nusquam: "As a direct result of Special Task Force Omega Twenty-Three's delay, a GOC nanoswarm weapon deployed within Site-23 was allowed to escape into the Australian outback."
(7:17:56 PM) E4D: "One of our Directors detonated the device *manually*."
(7:17:57 PM) Nusquam: "That's what I know."
(7:18:43 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian makes a few more notes and takes a sip of tea
(7:18:49 PM) Maddy: Alice just gets up. "What you know is b-bullshit. I'm s-sorry they sent you and your friends out h-here to die on f-false pretences." she leaves.
(7:19:26 PM) Nusquam: "I don't get to give a shit about the reasons I'm given my missions. *Fuck* you!" she shouts as Alice exits.
(7:19:34 PM) E4D: "Story of a task force's life."
(7:19:48 PM) Ragazzo: Lance glances at Jennifer with approval.
(7:20:05 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian makes a few more notes, checking her watch again
(7:20:24 PM) Ragazzo: "Loyalty is a wonderful thing." He mumbles.
(7:20:30 PM) E4D: Jason looks around the room. "Look where the Foundation is now. It's a good thing they came back to pick up their abandoned troops so quickly."
(7:20:37 PM) PaulS_laptop: John passes Alice in a hallway "How's the prisoner?"
(7:20:50 PM) E4D: "It's all right. We'll be gone tomorrow."
(7:20:52 PM) MisterFlames: "Better. I fixed her leg."
(7:20:54 PM) Nusquam: "You think that's lost on me?"
(7:21:17 PM) Maddy: Alice doesn't answer and just heads back to her room, shutting the door.
(7:21:42 PM) E4D: "Hear that? You got things to do, things you want to take, get 'em together and pack the shit into the bustle racks on Florence."
(7:21:48 PM) Nusquam: "Do you really think I'm so fucking stupid and naive as to think they give a /shit/ about one of their /special/ task forces they patched together out of field containment personnel?"
(7:22:06 PM) E4D: He looks back at Flight. "We're all a bunch of lost children."
(7:22:18 PM) PaulS_laptop: John continues on, towards the prisoner. Apparently midnight's in the hallway? "Oh?"
(7:23:17 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian checks her watch again "Jason, a quick word?" she makes another note
(7:23:40 PM) E4D: Jason leaves, nodding at Jill.
(7:23:50 PM) PaulS_laptop: John finds the prisoner room, nearly bumping into Jason
(7:23:57 PM) PaulS_laptop: "how's the prisoner?"
(7:24:21 PM) *
Strelnikov turns to John, arms still crossed. "She is not saying much."
(7:24:22 PM) Maddy: Alice gathers her things strewn around the room and heads down to the LAV. «Jason. I'm r-ready to go whenever. I'll be in Eve getting the animals ready,
(7:24:23 PM) E4D: "Lucid. We patched her up. Also, be ready, we're leaving tomorrow morning."
(7:24:24 PM) Maddy: »
(7:24:54 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Alright. Hey, mind if I talk to her? Won't even touch her, just want to see what I can get from her"
(7:25:06 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian steps out "I don't know what you're wanting to do, but you're inching onto protocal time, she's almost up for a break…if you want to say fuck it, fine…I just need to know what you want"
(7:25:47 PM) Nusquam: She shouts from inside the room, "No, please, I've got nothing but time!"
(7:25:59 PM) PaulS_laptop: "may I?"
(7:26:04 PM) E4D: "What?"
(7:26:24 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Ask her some questions"
(7:26:40 PM) Ragazzo: Lance sits in the room, keeping an eye on jenn.
(7:27:32 PM) Sabitsuki: "Well, you've probably got a lot of time, to be honest."
(7:28:57 PM) E4D: Jason stares at Jill, an eyebrow raised.
(7:28:57 PM) PaulS_laptop: John, not getting an answer, steps into the room.
(7:29:15 PM) Strelnikov: Dmitri decides to follow him in as well.
(7:30:09 PM) DawnyWorks: "Interrogation time…you can only go for so long before they're required a break…are you tought nothing?"
(7:31:07 PM) PaulS_laptop: "hello" John's voice is as friendly as possible. "Given that you were sent to kill us, you probably know who I am and what I do to people. But they're not letting me do that to you, as much as I'd like to repay you for those bits in me."
(7:31:07 PM) Nusquam: She immediately recognizes John. "Back for more, big guy?" She sounds more weary than anything.
(7:31:52 PM) PaulS_laptop: "I'd love to, but they're not letting me. I figured I had time to kill and may as well ask you things to pass the time."
(7:32:35 PM) Nusquam: "You know, with everyone else it was nothing personal, but I was really looking forward to killing you."
(7:32:50 PM) E4D: "She's not required shit. We literally just compltely repaired her body, she's being cared for as best as we can, and this is after she tried to kill both me *and* Alice after disarming her a couple times."
(7:33:22 PM) PaulS_laptop: "And why would that be?"
(7:33:34 PM) PaulS_laptop: Again, John is smiling.
(7:34:05 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a breath "That would be why I stated that if you wanted to say 'fuck it' to protocal, fine, I give no fucks…I just didn't want to keep eyeing the clock if I didn't have too" She takes a drag off her cigarette "Listen to everything I say god damn it"
(7:34:10 PM) Nusquam: "Guess."
(7:35:00 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Honey, there's a lot of people who want to kill me. For a lot of reasons, some of which you have no way of knowing about. Perhaps you could be more specific, so we can get the introductions out of the way"
(7:35:07 PM) E4D: Jason raises an eyebrow, taken aback a little. "My bad."
(7:36:07 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian smiles "Sorry, I hate being yelled at for someone else's mistake"
(7:36:27 PM) Nusquam: "But we haven't even shaken hands yet."
(7:37:02 PM) PaulS_laptop: "I haven't lived this long and survived this much shit to go making mistakes like that"
(7:37:19 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian heads back into the room "You need anything…?" she smiles softly at Jen
(7:37:30 PM) E4D: Jason looks past Jill at Strelnikov.
(7:37:36 PM) Nusquam: "You had me fooled, sir."
(7:37:48 PM) E4D: He nods at the entrance to the room.
(7:38:04 PM) Strelnikov: Dmitri nods. "Are you sure?"
(7:38:20 PM) PaulS_laptop: "I'm no sir. Since we can't be pleasant, perhaps I may as well start asking you things"
(7:38:41 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Which site sent you, for one."
(7:39:05 PM) E4D: Jason speaks quietly. "Don't her her." He steps in. "*Hey*! Everyone out for a bit."
(7:39:37 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian looks at Jason questioningly
(7:39:39 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Looks like this waits til later. Have fun" john steps out.
(7:39:55 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight heads out.
(7:40:35 PM) *Strelnikov adjusts his hat and steps in, putting on his best accent. "Good day."
(7:40:37 PM) DawnyWorks: "Yuo want me to go too?"
(7:40:43 PM) Maddy: Alice is in the LAV, attaching Turbo's cage to the rabbit's crate so it doesn't jostle around.
(7:40:51 PM) Sophos: Johnson walks down the hallway to the door that everybody is walking out of.
(7:41:02 PM) Nusquam: She regards the Russian impassively.
(7:41:27 PM) E4D: "You stay, Jill."
(7:41:45 PM) Strelnikov: "You are with a Foundation task force, yes?"
(7:41:50 PM) E4D: "Keep things on the level. Don't get in the Colonel's way."
(7:42:17 PM) Nusquam: "Am I still with the Foundation?"
(7:42:20 PM) DawnyWorks: "Rog" Jillian takes a seat and grabs her tea, watching
(7:42:37 PM) Strelnikov: "I am. Are you shirking your duties?"
(7:42:46 PM) Sophos: Johnson opens the door.
(7:42:56 PM) Sophos: "Am I too late to the party?"
(7:42:56 PM) Maddy: Turbo is still running on his wheel like a hammy possessed. Jesus, what does Jason feed him when Alice isn't looking.
(7:43:29 PM) PaulS_laptop: John's leaning on the wall outside the room,in the hallway.
(7:43:39 PM) Nusquam: "You are. These people were charged with dereliction of duty and ordered to stand down. My STF was dispatched to arrest them. They refused to stand down."
(7:43:45 PM) E4D: Powerbars! There's a wrapper in the seat by the cage.
(7:43:59 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes notes
(7:44:09 PM) Maddy: She shakes her head an laughs, lying down to sketch.
(7:44:23 PM) Strelnikov: "It looks like you did a piss poor job, if you are all that is left." Dmitri pulls his pack of cigarettes from a breast pocket and kneels down to offer her one. "Smoke?"
(7:44:44 PM) Sophos: "So, what'd I miss?"
(7:44:46 PM) Nusquam: "I don't smoke."
(7:44:48 PM) Sophos: (talking to John)
(7:45:00 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Not much."
(7:45:07 PM) PaulS_laptop: "They won't let me have fun with her"
(7:45:27 PM) Strelnikov: "That is a shame." stubs his current stick and lights a fresh one.
(7:45:34 PM) Strelnikov: "Tell me, how is it that -you- are the last one left standing?"
(7:45:40 PM) Nusquam: She looks him over a moment. "If you were loyal to the Foundation, you realize you are now a traitor, right?"
(7:46:10 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pours a new mug of tea, handing it to Dmitri
(7:46:12 PM) TroyL_Shooping is now known as TroyL
(7:46:25 PM) Laito [~ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc#ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc] entered the room.
(7:46:28 PM) Sophos: Johnson closes the door and leans next to John. "Well, you know as the saying goes. Too many cops in the interrogation room ruins the suspect."
(7:46:32 PM) *
Strelnikov smiles, flashing his teeth. "You know very little, then."
(7:46:52 PM) Nusquam: "Guess so."
(7:47:10 PM) Strelnikov: "It is no matter, though. My question is simple, what is the harm in answering?"
(7:47:45 PM) PaulS_laptop: john shrugs "maybe after Dimitri's through with her they'll let me repay her for the frag"
(7:47:46 PM) Nusquam: "With all due respect, sir, I do not appear to be standing at the moment and am not sure I'm capable of it."
(7:48:09 PM) Sophos: "You don't look like you took a frag." he grins.
(7:48:18 PM) Strelnikov: "Very clever, but that is not quite what I meant."
(7:48:23 PM) PaulS_laptop: "I did"
(7:48:26 PM) Strelnikov: "Why is the rest of your team dead?"
(7:48:30 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Flamethrower took the worse of it"
(7:48:32 PM) Strelnikov: "Why are you not with them?"
(7:48:46 PM) Nusquam: "Because you killed them. But not me."
(7:49:05 PM) Nusquam: "You, and those… /things/.
(7:49:07 PM) Nusquam: "*
(7:49:27 PM) *Strelnikov nods, "Ah. The things. The things that you failed to kill, as well. I had to finish your job."
(7:49:34 PM) Sophos: "Sorry to hear."
(7:49:43 PM) Strelnikov: "Very dissapointing performance, on your part. I expeckted better."
(7:50:01 PM) PaulS_laptop: "still works, though"
(7:50:09 PM) Nusquam: "I think we're all a bit disappointed here."
(7:50:25 PM) Sophos: "Nothing a trip to Target won't fix."
(7:50:29 PM) Strelnikov: "Me especially, I am only trying to help you out of a…eh, bad situation."
(7:50:31 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes another drag, making more notes
(7:51:20 PM) Nusquam: "Oh, I'm sure."
(7:51:40 PM) Nusquam: "And I bet it's out of the goodness in your heart, just like Mr. Dodridge."
(7:52:00 PM) *
Strelnikov smiles again.
(7:52:00 PM) Nusquam: "Don't /fuck/ with me."
(7:52:08 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian snorts again "Sorry…"
(7:53:07 PM) Strelnikov: "Suit yourself." Dmitri unhitches the flap of his holster. "I will break down your options, then."
(7:53:48 PM) Strelnikov: "Do your duty and answer questions asked of you by a superior, or you will leave me no choice but to execute you for dereliction of duty and incompetence."
(7:54:31 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pauses and makes a quick note, looking between the two
(7:54:43 PM) Sophos: "So, is it like a real interrogation room with a mirror?"
(7:55:11 PM) Nusquam: "You are interrogating a Foundation operative on the behalf of former Foundation task force Omega Twenty-Three, determined at this time by the Foundation to be guilty of dereliction of duty and treason."
(7:55:27 PM) Nusquam: "Please don't kid yourself… /sir/."
(7:57:00 PM) Strelnikov: "And as a ranking Foundation representative, I have jurisdiction to render that judgement null and void. Unless you have your documents stamped by the O5's themselves to say otherwise, that is."
(7:57:26 PM) Sabitsuki: Harley rubs her head at this horseshit, and gets up and leaves.
(7:58:45 PM) Strelnikov: 4df+7 Intimidation, all fate points additional
(7:58:46 PM) Quidmore: Strelnikov: Intimidation, all fate points additional: 5 (4df+7=0, -, 0, -)
(8:00:59 PM) Nusquam: 4df+3 MDef opposing intimidation.
(8:00:59 PM) Quidmore: Nusquam: MDef opposing intimidation.: 4 (4df+3=+, -, +, 0)
(8:02:37 PM) Nusquam: She seems taken aback by his assertion, but tries not to let it show. "Yeah, sure, undo these restraints and I'll give 'em a call."
(8:02:50 PM) Sophos: "Well, time to see how the Director is doing." John would notice that Johnson is wearing a cheap suit (probably scavenged from a patient room or something) and none of the usual combat gear.
(8:03:32 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Please tell me you have plate on under that suit"
(8:03:46 PM) Strelnikov: "Now you are -really- derelict of duty. I think I will start by undoing all of that fine surgical work on your leg." Dmitri draws his sidearm from the holster and checks to see that it is loaded.
(8:03:50 PM) Sophos: "Does she have a gun?"
(8:04:05 PM) PaulS_laptop: "No, but somebody else might"
(8:05:19 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian places a hand on her new sidearm, having seen this guy flip his shit before.
(8:05:19 PM) Ragazzo: Lance is listening from outside. He frowns.
(8:05:41 PM) Sophos: "Body armour's too obvious. Besides, it's not like there are any windows."
(8:06:53 PM) Nusquam: She's visibly unnerved at the prospect of being shot again, but grits her teeth. "Whatever you gotta do."
(8:07:35 PM) *Strelnikov looks at Jillian.
(8:07:47 PM) Strelnikov: "Do you think I should do it?"
(8:08:19 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian bites her lip "I….I ummm…." she swallows "If it's needed, yes"
(8:08:37 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Beats being shot without armor. Lemmie tell you"
(8:08:52 PM) Kens_Away is now known as Dr_Kens
(8:08:54 PM) Strelnikov: "Do -you- think it is needed?"
(8:09:02 PM) Strelnikov: "Be truthful, now."
(8:10:17 PM) Ragazzo: Lance holds an arm so it's in the doorway. It's holding the pentathol.
(8:10:28 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian walks over to the girl and looks her over "She's not a threat right now…"
(8:10:31 PM) Ragazzo: He waves the needle up and down.
(8:10:49 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens shakes his head. "Crazy people…every one of you."
(8:11:04 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Lance, get the fuck out of the room and let the man work"
(8:11:09 PM) *
Strelnikov sighs and holsters his sidearm. "Damn your stupid rules."
(8:11:24 PM) Ragazzo: "Shut up Vance."
(8:11:38 PM) Strelnikov: "I will see if I cannot get Direktor Dodge Ridge to change his mind and just shoot her, then. That would be best."
(8:11:45 PM) Sophos: "I'm not Vance."
(8:11:56 PM) Ragazzo: *Tim
(8:12:03 PM) Strelnikov: "Or maybe just leave her here; the abominations will probably be back for her."
(8:12:09 PM) Ragazzo: Wait, what
(8:12:14 PM) Ragazzo: *John
(8:12:16 PM) Ragazzo: Argh.
(8:12:30 PM) Sophos: Johnson frowns at Cole and shrugs. "I guess I'll change. Call me if you need anything."
(8:12:33 PM) *Strelnikov turns back to Jennifer. "I hope, for your sake, he lets me just shoot you."
(8:12:49 PM) Nusquam: "I hope, for your sake, he does as well."
(8:12:58 PM) *
Strelnikov snorts and raps on the door to be let out.
(8:13:07 PM) Strelnikov: "Very funny."
(8:13:11 PM) Ragazzo: Door's not locked?
(8:13:25 PM) Strelnikov: It should be!!!!
(8:13:51 PM) *Strelnikov steps out regardless. Next!
(8:14:17 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Any luck?"
(8:14:47 PM) Strelnikov: "Some. Very little." Dmitri begins walking away and calls back, "None at all."
(8:15:02 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens is standing by the doorway, shaking his head.
(8:15:02 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Want me to try?"
(8:15:30 PM) Ragazzo: "I think there's no reason to keep trying."
(8:15:38 PM) *
Strelnikov shrugs. "I did my best. Do what you will."
(8:15:54 PM) Strelnikov is now known as Waxx
(8:16:45 PM) PaulS_laptop: "will do"
(8:17:36 PM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(8:24:27 PM) E4D: «All personnel, be advised, we're the fuck out this bitch tomorrow. If you have shit you want to take, make sure it's loaded in packs or something you can hump around, and get it stowed in Florence. If ou need a pack, see me. We snatched a bunch out of Target. Sleeping gear, raincoat, shit like that, if you need something, now'
(8:24:33 PM) E4D: s the time to take care of it."
(8:24:47 PM) E4D: «I'll be out by the Stryker.»
(8:25:24 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens shrugs, packs his pack again, and stows everything on the stryker.
(8:25:31 PM) Maddy: Alice is still sketching in the LAV and pokes her head out. "H-hun? The animals a-are ready, and I'm p-packed. N-need me to d-do anything?"
(8:26:09 PM) PaulS_laptop: John steps into the prisoner's room again
(8:26:30 PM) Nusquam: "Hey, Scarface."
(8:26:34 PM) E4D: "Actually, yeah. The one-man tents and sleeping bags? Lay one of those out per pack. We're gonna have to leave a lot of shit."
(8:26:36 PM) PaulS_laptop: "hello"
(8:26:57 PM) Maddy: "W-will do." she sets to work.
(8:27:17 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Our friend says you weren't very cooperative"
(8:27:24 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.608A875A-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.608A875A-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(8:27:25 PM) Nusquam: "Do me a favor, go find that jarhead and send him in."
(8:27:37 PM) Nusquam: "I've got a bone to pick with him."
(8:27:42 PM) PaulS_laptop: "He's busy"
(8:27:44 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sits back in the cair, sipping her tea
(8:28:06 PM) PaulS_laptop: "you could always just spill your beef to me and I'll pass it along"
(8:28:24 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Jill, could you give us some peace?"
(8:28:25 PM) Laito: A voice crackles into the radios with clear enunciation:
(8:28:25 PM) Laito: «The Convoy sincerely regrets any inconvenience due to luggage lost on transport carriers. Personal missing luggage… that should be personnel missing luggage are asked to drop a card to Corporal Jason Dodridge. The card should be no larger than four by five inches and should describe the contents of your duffel. Corporal Dodridge requests that you do not describe your duffel as 'all duffels look alike'.»
(8:28:53 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian stands and walks up to the bed "Ma'am, would you like something to drink?
(8:28:55 PM) DawnyWorks: '
(8:29:26 PM) Maddy: Alice snickers at the radio a little
(8:29:32 PM) Nusquam: "No, but thanks. Send the jarhead back in."
(8:29:35 PM) Ragazzo: «Director Laito, I hope your purple was satisfactory. As well as the banana-orange capri-sun.»
(8:29:39 PM) PaulS_laptop: "And on your way out, tell Jason that if he loses any of my guns I'm going to gold plate all of his"
(8:30:21 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian chuckles "Coffee John?"
(8:30:28 PM) Laito: Alex radios back, his impression of Stan "The Man" Levitan" cast to the winds. «I want pudding.»
(8:30:49 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Please. And one for our prisoner, too"
(8:31:11 PM) Ragazzo: «Too bad, sir.»
(8:31:26 PM) Ragazzo: «The gypsies took the pudding.»
(8:31:48 PM) Maddy: "A-after this? W-what needs doing. Im r-running out of things t-to draw."
(8:31:51 PM) Laito: <Goddammit» Click.
(8:32:21 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian steps out and thumbs her radio «Jason, the lady requests the presence of the jarhead» gets two coffes, and returns
(8:32:44 PM) E4D: «Copy, stand by.» Jason's off, back up to the room a minute or two later.
(8:33:59 PM) E4D: He enters the room, stepping back to where he stood previously. "Yeah? Got something for me, Flight?"
(8:33:59 PM) DawnyWorks: "Here John" she places one at the bed dide table "In case you change your mind…I'm one of the nicest people you'll see here, so don't think I poisoned you"
(8:35:05 PM) Nusquam: "Dismiss them." she says, nodding to the others present in the room.
(8:35:34 PM) E4D: He looks at Williamson. "John?"
(8:36:46 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian gives Jason a look "I don't want to cause problems…"
(8:37:55 PM) E4D: He looks back at Flight. "I'd prefer to keep the chaperone."
(8:38:24 PM) Nusquam: "I'm sure we all would prefer a lot of things."
(8:40:18 PM) Nusquam: She stares expectantly.
(8:41:06 PM) E4D: Jason backs to the edge of the room. "Jill. wait outside the door, weapon at the ready, and stand by."
(8:41:40 PM) Nusquam: She seems amused by his backing up.
(8:42:08 PM) DawnyWorks: "Rog" Jillian steps out, stands at the door, and takes her handgun out of it's holster.
(8:42:17 PM) E4D: Jason ejects the magazine from his rifle, and the magazine from his handgun, leaving a round in the chamber.
(8:42:34 PM) E4D: He draws it, weapon at the index. "Go ahead."
(8:42:59 PM) Nusquam: "You say you intend to let me go?"
(8:43:32 PM) E4D: "Yes."
(8:43:52 PM) Nusquam: "You expect me to trust you?"
(8:44:06 PM) E4D: "I'm not a monster, and I have no reason to lie to you."
(8:44:38 PM) E4D: "It's a damn good thing that the people here half-listen to me, because there are a few who'd have torn you apart already."
(8:45:07 PM) Nusquam: "I'm aware."
(8:45:54 PM) Nusquam: "I don't know what you think I know."
(8:46:09 PM) E4D: "I've helped you so far, and you're not dead yet. Yes, I expect you to trust me."
(8:46:17 PM) E4D: "What happened?"
(8:46:50 PM) Nusquam: "The GOC panicked and initiated Procedure Pizzicato."
(8:47:28 PM) E4D: "They wouldn't do something like that lightly."
(8:48:20 PM) Nusquam: "No, they wouldn't, but I'm not them."
(8:48:52 PM) Nusquam: "I don't know why they saw fit to end the world, only that they did, and everyone panicked."
(8:50:50 PM) E4D: "The Foundation could make its own choice. We didn't plant that shit at every site."
(8:51:09 PM) E4D: "Hell, I didn't even *know* about the nanoswarm."
(8:51:19 PM) Nusquam: She looks a bit thrown off by his usage of "we".
(8:52:00 PM) Nusquam: "… Of course you didn't… no - you're a fuckin' plant, aren't you?"
(8:53:27 PM) E4D: "Not a plant. I was a liaison. My contact was later vetted and deemed nonthreatening by multiple O4- and O5-level orders."
(8:54:10 PM) E4D: He makes circles with his fingers. "Wheels keep going around."
(8:55:15 PM) Nusquam: "Not like it really matters any more, is it?"
(8:57:47 PM) Nusquam: "My offer is this: I want my gear back. All of it, weapons, grenades, armor, full loadout of ammunition, and a replacement trauma plate. And a radio."
(8:58:29 PM) Nusquam: "You send your merry band of misfits off somewhere, and I'll - assuming I even /can/ - walk out the back door."
(8:59:04 PM) Nusquam: "If you actually can be trusted, once I feel I'm a comfortable distance away, I'll contact you via radio. You can ask your questions then."
(8:59:28 PM) E4D: "Now what reason do I have to trust you?"
(8:59:44 PM) Nusquam: "About as much as I have to trust you."
(9:00:43 PM) E4D: "… I'm hesitant to say it… but you *could* come with us."
(9:01:07 PM) Nusquam: "… no."
(9:01:28 PM) Nusquam: "I've seen your dossiers and your after action reports."
(9:01:42 PM) Nusquam: "I'd rather take my chances on my own."
(9:01:51 PM) Nusquam: "With all due respect, sir."
(9:02:08 PM) E4D: "Come on in, Jill.
(9:02:26 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian steps in, weapon still in hand
(9:02:58 PM) E4D: "I'll let you know in the morning." He turns to Jill. "Keep an eye on 'er, huh?"
(9:03:07 PM) Nusquam: "Oh, one more condition."
(9:03:28 PM) E4D: "If you need anything, let me know, and I'll-" "What?"
(9:03:35 PM) Nusquam: She gestures for Jill to step back out into the hall.
(9:03:37 PM) DawnyWorks: "Rog" Jillian sits back down
(9:03:41 PM) DawnyWorks: redact
(9:03:54 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian steps back out
(9:05:09 PM) Nusquam: "One of your medically trained personnel will accompany me. You'll get them back in one piece, if you honor your end of the arrangement."
(9:06:13 PM) Nusquam: "I can't leave my wounded behind."
(9:06:13 PM) E4D: "I'll send two. I only know of one that could fuck you up but good, and that's my wife. I am *not* trusting you with her."
(9:06:55 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian grits her teeth, she doesn't like what she's hearing
(9:06:57 PM) E4D: "We can pick your wounded up ourselves, since you're in the mood to make a deals with the devil."
(9:07:33 PM) Nusquam: "You can, but won't. The two you send must be unarmed."
(9:08:16 PM) E4D: "We wouldn't? Why not? Here *you* are, and *you* tried killing us how many times?"
(9:08:37 PM) Nusquam: "I wasn't counting."
(9:11:10 PM) Nusquam: "If that's acceptable, then we're done here, yes?"
(9:11:20 PM) Nusquam: "I could use some rest."
(9:11:31 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian growls slightly from the door
(9:12:55 PM) E4D: "You can fuck off on them being unarmed. I'm not sending my people out like that. I already told you we'll take care of your wounded. Let them know we're coming, and we'll be happy to treat them. *YOU* are the one being unreasonable here."
(9:13:07 PM) E4D: "We leave tomorrow morning. You have until then to reconsider."
(9:13:15 PM) E4D: Jason turns and leaves.
(9:13:36 PM) Nusquam: "There's nothing to stop you seizing them for interrogation."
(9:13:53 PM) Nusquam: She grits her teeth as he leaves.