The Navy Corpsman

(11:41:17 PM) Nioki: «If there's power, that's- hold it.»
(11:41:42 PM) Nioki: «There's a vehicle going towards where we just left. Fast.»
(11:42:00 PM) Maddy: «W-well, maybe s-someone had the s-same idea as u-us. W-water f-filtr-what?»
(11:42:05 PM) Nioki: «Look South.»
(11:42:13 PM) Ragazzo: "…towards Jill and the others?»
(11:42:16 PM) Ragazzo: «
(11:42:25 PM) Nioki: «Yes.»
(11:42:28 PM) Tom90deg_: «That's bad…»
(11:42:52 PM) E4D: Jason sights in with his rifle.
(11:43:11 PM) Maddy: Alice spins up the mini gun. «O-orders?»
(11:43:36 PM) Tom90deg_: «Do they have a radio or anything? Maybe we can try to contact them?»
(11:44:10 PM) E4D: «Hot engine block. Running blackout.»
(11:44:37 PM) E4D: He flips the IR filter over his rifle's taclight, flashing it three times in the direction of the vehicle.
(11:45:04 PM) Tom90deg_: «…So they're trying to be hidden? Sounds like trouble. CAn we intercept them or anything?»
(11:45:22 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Luxomancy maneuver. The light in front of Alanoch distorts as he uses his powers to zoom in on the vehicle.
(11:45:22 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Luxomancy maneuver. The light in front of Alanoch distorts as he uses his powers to zoom in on the vehicle.: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
(11:45:45 PM) Nioki: 4df+8 Spotter perception. Alanoch takes a closer look at the speedster.
(11:45:45 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Spotter perception. Alanoch takes a closer look at the speedster.: 10 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, +)
(11:45:50 PM) Maddy: «C-could just be s-someone t-trying to hide f-from the same shit w-we'd hide from.»
(11:46:10 PM) Tom90deg_: «Good point»
(11:47:03 PM) Nioki: «It stopped when you flashed it.»
(11:48:01 PM) Tom90deg_: «Maybe they're frendly, or at least neutral?»
(11:48:29 PM) Nioki: «There's one person inside. It's a car They have a rifle and it's been used quite recently.»
(11:48:34 PM) Maddy: «W-we can only hope.»
(11:48:54 PM) Nioki: *car. With that period.
(11:49:17 PM) Ragazzo: «Can you tell what they look like? Anything weird about them?»
(11:50:03 PM) Tom90deg [||ged09moT] entered the room.
(11:50:09 PM) Nioki: Alanoch focuses on the person, trying to determine their features.
(11:50:25 PM) Tom90deg: «What should we do?»
(11:50:33 PM) Nioki: «No heat coming off them.»
(11:50:55 PM) Maddy: «N-no body heat?»
(11:51:03 PM) Tom90deg_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(11:51:12 PM) Maddy: «That's…disconcerting.»
(11:51:29 PM) E4D: «That, or they're wearing armor.»
(11:51:33 PM) Tom90deg: «Maybe it's on cruse controll or something?»
(11:51:40 PM) Nioki: «We should probably go say hello. They were heading for the others, after all.»
(11:51:41 PM) Maddy: «Unless their- yeah I w-was about to say that.»
(11:51:56 PM) E4D: «It stopped, Zoe.»
(11:52:02 PM) Nioki: «I can see a person in there. They aren't putting off heat.»
(11:52:32 PM) Maddy: «I s-say a couple of us go s-see what's up.»
(11:53:00 PM) Tom90deg: «Sounds good»
(11:53:03 PM) MisterFlames: "What's going on, Jason, what do you see?"
(11:53:10 PM) Nioki: «We could just drive over to them. Right now.»
(11:53:26 PM) E4D: <… All right.»
(11:53:46 PM) E4D: Wait.>
(11:53:48 PM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha wait inside, listening patiently to the radio chatter.
(11:54:18 PM) E4D: Jason climbs completely out of the driver's hatch and flashes twice.
(11:54:30 PM) Tom90deg: «I could probaly sneak up to it if you want.»
(11:54:54 PM) Waxx: [Misha, binoculars.] Misha expends a fate point and provides Dmitri with a pair of field glasses. He pops up and peeks out of a hatch.
(11:55:28 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight climbs up on Eve to see what everyone's on about.
(11:56:17 PM) E4D: Strelnikov's glorious iviet field glasses can pick up a pair faint IR flashes, and a figure stepping slowly toward the vehicle from an SUV, carrying a rifle.
(11:56:19 PM) E4D: *Soviet
(11:56:28 PM) E4D: Jason flashes one more time.
(11:57:53 PM) E4D: "Hey, Alice? Roll the radio to channel 100.00, key the mic three times, and hold the 'fill' key."
(11:58:15 PM) Maddy: "R-right…" she does.
(11:58:52 PM) Waxx: 4df+2 Dmitri perception
(11:58:53 PM) Quidmore: Waxx: Dmitri perception: 0 (4df+2=0, 0, -, -)
(11:59:32 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Kitty vision
(11:59:32 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Kitty vision: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
(11:59:38 PM) E4D: Jason picks up the LAV's radio handset. «Advancing personnel, halt. Identify yourself.» Dmitri can make out that the individual is wearing Western military equipment.
(12:01:02 AM) Dawny: «This is HM3 Donnachaidh, I was left at Potts Point during the emergency evac»
(12:01:55 AM) Waxx: [Misha, hand me my rifle.] Awkward fumbling ensues, and shortly thereafter Dmitri's new AEK-971 gets fed up through the hatch.
(12:02:23 AM) E4D: «… Unit?»
(12:02:27 AM) MisterFlames: ~Jason, she smells of guns and dingos.~ Midnight sends telepathically.
(12:03:10 AM) Nioki: Alanoch draws in light, ready to blind her should she try anything.
(12:03:17 AM) Dawny: «26th MEU»
(12:03:26 AM) E4D: ~Gunsanddingosmakessenseifyousawwhathappenedatthegasstationgoddamndingosaroundthisplacearefuckingcrazytheycouldnthitthethingsatallreallyfastjeez.~
(12:04:19 AM) MisterFlames: ~One of these days, Jason, I'll have to show you how to clarify your thoughts.~ Midnight sends with a sense of amusement.
(12:04:52 AM) E4D: "My thoughts are clarific as hell." ~My thoughts are clarific as hell."
(12:04:55 AM) E4D: *~
(12:05:17 AM) E4D: «Copy, Doc, advance to be recognized.»
(12:05:28 AM) MisterFlames: ~They tend to arrive all together. It's all right, I just have to take a moment to translate.~
(12:05:43 AM) E4D: "Alice? Colonel?"
(12:05:57 AM) E4D: "Verify the individual's identify?"
(12:06:18 AM) Dawny: The figure advances, stopping at about 50ft.
(12:08:05 AM) Maddy: Alice looks over. "Uuhhh."
(12:08:57 AM) Dawny: She stands there in Marine uniform, but with Navy rank. She's got a rifle in a three point slings and full body armor on.
(12:09:17 AM) Maddy: "S-she's certainly dressed the p-part.»
(12:09:18 AM) Maddy: "
(12:09:51 AM) Waxx: «She looks Amerikansky.»
(12:10:21 AM) Dawny: "I have my ID still on me, but it's in a pocket"
(12:11:01 AM) Waxx: «I can cover here from here, Dodge Ridge.»
(12:11:04 AM) Waxx: *her
(12:11:52 AM) E4D: «Copy, Colonel.»
(12:12:51 AM) Waxx: Dmitri shoulders his 971, sighting in as best he can in the darkness. The view down her sights, while slightly foreign, is very reassuring. It has been a long, long time.
(12:15:14 AM) Dawny: "Am I clear to reach into my left breast pocket and remove my wallet?"
(12:16:53 AM) Waxx: «I have her.»
(12:18:18 AM) *Bright is drifting, mentally.
(12:18:22 AM) Bright is now known as JoeyDrood
(12:19:43 AM) E4D: «Go for it, Doc.»
(12:20:51 AM) Dawny: She reaches a hand into her left breast pocket and takes out her wallet. She opens it and removes a military ID. "Who am I giving this to?"
(12:21:13 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight watches silently from her spot.
(12:25:13 AM) E4D: «Alice?»
(12:25:20 AM) E4D: «You want to get the ID?»
(12:25:59 AM) Maddy: «W-will do.» Alice goes over and holds out her hand for it.
(12:27:10 AM) Dawny: The woman places it in her hand. It's a CAC card for HM3 "Kayleigh Donnachaidh"
(12:27:57 AM) *
JoeyDrood snaps too.
(12:28:20 AM) Maddy: «It certainly l-looks legit, hun.»
(12:29:18 AM) Waxx: Misha pops up and takes the binoculars from Dmitri, giving his own sweep around the area.
(12:29:22 AM) Waxx: 4df+2 Misha perception
(12:29:22 AM) Quidmore: Waxx: Misha perception: 1 (4df+2=0, -, +, -)
(12:29:56 AM) E4D: Misha can make out a bright section of the city, toward its northern quarter. The rest remains dark.
(12:31:36 AM) Dawny: "Hey, if you don't believe me, give me my ID and I'll go on my way"
(12:32:12 AM) E4D: «Copy that, bring her over.»
(12:32:24 AM) Maddy: "N-no, it's not that, j-just…g-got to be careful." She hands it back and motions for her to follow.
(12:32:36 AM) E4D: «Clear that rifle, Doc.»
(12:32:51 AM) Waxx: Dmitri remains sighted in on her.
(12:33:18 AM) Dawny: She clears her rifle and follows.
(12:37:59 AM) Maddy: Alice head back to the others.
(12:38:11 AM) Tom90deg: "Who'd we find?"
(12:38:20 AM) E4D: Jason hops down form the Piranha, signaling Midnight
(12:38:52 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight follows the Marine.
(12:39:56 AM) *JoeyDrood slips out to see what the excitement is about
(12:40:29 AM) Tom90deg: Zoe walks out.
(12:40:53 AM) E4D: He approaches the individual. ~Midnightcanyougocheckheroutandseeifshesmellsfunnyorhasanythingwrongwithherorifsomethingweirdisup?~
(12:41:02 AM) Dawny: "Shit ton of civvies" Kayleigh mumbles.
(12:42:22 AM) *
JoeyDrood remains wrapped up as he watches
(12:42:30 AM) Tom90deg: "More army types?"
(12:42:39 AM) Maddy: "Navy, Zoey."
(12:42:42 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Aspect, Here Kitty Kitty.
(12:42:42 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Aspect, Here Kitty Kitty.: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
(12:42:44 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty peers out curiously.
(12:42:59 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks around the new arrival, smelling her and looking her over carefully.
(12:43:01 AM) Doctor_Light: The giant head of a bird pops up from the back of the LAV, where he was zoning out.
(12:43:04 AM) Dawny: "Corpsman"
(12:43:12 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Mental picture.
(12:43:12 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Mental picture.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
(12:43:34 AM) Tom90deg: "Ah…Heh, good old british navy. Rum, buggery and the lash."
(12:44:25 AM) E4D: Jason squints for a moment, then smiles, extending a gloved hand. "What's up, Doc?"
(12:44:28 AM) JoeyDrood: "I miss my lash. It has allthese barbed hooks in it."
(12:45:15 AM) Tom90deg: "That….sounds intresting. Talk to Dusty, I'm sure he'll have something."
(12:45:22 AM) Dawny: Kayleigh looks him up and down and smiles "Never heard that one before" she extends a hand.
(12:45:42 AM) Maddy: Alice rolls her eyes.
(12:46:30 AM) Nioki: Alanoch stays in the spotter's seat, watching.
(12:47:06 AM) E4D: "Colonel, this is one of our combat medical personnel. We're good here."
(12:47:32 AM) Tom90deg: Zoe gives her a wave. "Nice to meet you."
(12:47:40 AM) MisterFlames: ~Smells normal, Jason. Healthy, probably hasn't slept well recently, a bit stressed. No surprises.~ Midnight sends that to Jason, then does a courtesy repeat to Alice.
(12:48:26 AM) Dawny: "Sup civie?" Kayleigh nods to Zoe
(12:48:49 AM) Waxx: "Very well." Dmitri and Misha drop back into the vehicle. [More naval infantry, Misha.] [What are they all doing out here?]
(12:48:51 AM) E4D: "How, uh, how'd you end up out here?"
(12:49:02 AM) Tom90deg: "Civie? I'm British."
(12:49:04 AM) Waxx: [They are Amerikansky, Misha. They turn up everywhere.]
(12:49:19 AM) Maddy: "Y-you're still a civilian, Zoe."
(12:50:03 AM) Tom90deg: "Oh, right, yes."
(12:50:05 AM) Dawny: "I was left in the evac, I humped it away from the water…trying to avoid the big cities"
(12:50:13 AM) Maddy: Alice offers a hand to the woman. "N-nice to see a f-friendly face for once."
(12:50:45 AM) Tom90deg: "I'm Zoey"
(12:51:39 AM) Dawny: Kayleigh takes her hand and shakes. "Nice to see people in general"
(12:52:11 AM) Maddy: "T-this town a-abandon too, then?"
(12:52:38 AM) E4D: "Only got the one bit of light."
(12:53:01 AM) Maddy: "S-so there could be people…"
(12:53:19 AM) Dawny: "Dingos, bad idea" Kayleigh shrugs "Name's ?Kayleigh, who's got a smoke?"
(12:53:36 AM) Tom90deg: "That's a good question, what was the deal with that light?"
(12:53:54 AM) E4D: "I… uh, shit, I don't know where mine are."
(12:53:57 AM) Maddy: "I'm A-alice, and I have s-some." she digs out the pack that Jill gave her.
(12:54:18 AM) Maddy: "You're the w-worst, hun." she passes one to Jason as well.
(12:54:23 AM) E4D: He looks at Zoe. "Looks like a small section of the city that's up and running."
(12:54:40 AM) Dawny: Kayleigh lights it and takes a drag "Thankis"
(12:54:43 AM) Dawny: Thanks*
(12:54:57 AM) Maddy: "Like I s-said, someone m-may have had t-the same idea as me. W-water filtration, etc."
(12:55:12 AM) Tom90deg: "Hm. People're there? Maybe we can tell them about the hotel?"
(12:55:20 AM) JoeyDrood: "Maybe people."
(12:55:24 AM) Maddy: "We d-don't know yet."
(12:55:38 AM) Tom90deg: "Just a thought."
(12:56:17 AM) JoeyDrood: "I'm, uh… " Joey stares off into the night.
(12:56:20 AM) E4D: Jason looks back at the doc. "What's your name, again?"
(12:57:03 AM) Dawny: "Kayleigh Donnachaidh…but you can call me Kay" She tilts her head toward him.
(12:57:31 AM) JoeyDrood: "Anyone else smell pastel?"
(12:57:44 AM) Maddy: "N-no, Joey."
(12:58:03 AM) E4D: "All right. So, Kay, you just said you were headed…" Jason looks at Joey, then back to Kayleigh. "… inland?"
(12:58:20 AM) Tom90deg: "No…Don't smell any colors."
(12:58:39 AM) Dawny: "Away from the water" Kay shrugs "Is that guy *smelling* colors?"
(12:59:02 AM) Maddy: "P-pay no mind. It's hard to explain."
(12:59:19 AM) Tom90deg: "He's a time traveler or something…don't understand it myself."
(12:59:19 AM) Heiden: Frederick is sitting by himself near the LAV, copying a tattered, crumbling book onto fresh sheets of paper.
(12:59:54 AM) Dawny: Kay takes off her NVGs "He's a what exactly?"
(12:59:55 AM) Maddy: "Time t-travel has little to do w-with smelling colours."
(12:59:55 AM) *JoeyDrood offers Kay a gloved hand. "Joey Drood, pleased to meet you. You'll have to excuse me, I'm chronally loose sometimes."
(1:00:56 AM) Dawny: Kay blinks at him a few times and takes his hand, shaking it. "Yeah, nice to meet you"
(1:01:22 AM) Tom90deg: "Heh, just wait till you meet Midnight."
(1:01:29 AM) E4D: "You might have guessed already that… we'll we're not military. Not all of us."
(1:01:40 AM) Dawny: "I can tell"
(1:01:48 AM) JoeyDrood: "Technically, I'm a chronomancer, if that makes it any easier for you. "
(1:02:25 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty regards Kay guardedly, and just nods, not approaching. "My name's dusty."
(1:02:30 AM) MisterFlames: The little black kitty wanders around quietly, checking things out. Normal cat business.
(1:02:51 AM) Dawny: "Corporal, a word?"
(1:03:01 AM) E4D: "Watch out. He'll set you on fire if you're not careful."
(1:03:15 AM) Tom90deg: "If you're lucky."
(1:03:36 AM) Ragazzo: He rolls his eyes.
(1:03:38 AM) E4D: Jason looks back at the others. "Uh, sure thing, Doc." He steps over close to her. "Yeah?"
(1:03:41 AM) JoeyDrood: "How do you set people on fire? I personally use agitation of molecules, or even increase the temporal friction so theys et themselves on fire."
(1:03:43 AM) Ragazzo: "You sound almost jealous, zoe."
(1:03:47 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman swings off the back of the car, a big book tucked under the arm of his feathers. "Hell-lo," he says to Kay.
(1:04:04 AM) Doctor_Light: *….the feathers of his arm
(1:04:06 AM) Tom90deg: "Of being set on fire? Thank you, but no. I'll pass on that wonderful feeling."
(1:04:30 AM) Ragazzo: "Oh, any number of ways. I prefer shuffling their atoms around until they ignite though."
(1:04:34 AM) Dawny: "Is this for real, or did you save some loonies?" Kay moves a bit closer than she needs to be, eying him.
(1:05:12 AM) Nioki: Alanoch sighs and climbs out of the spotter seat after one last look around.
(1:05:16 AM) E4D: "You want the straight truth?"
(1:05:31 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight rubs up against Jason's leg.
(1:05:41 AM) Dawny: "Please" Kay moves closer *still*
(1:05:44 AM) Ragazzo: He chuckles at Zoe. "Your loss."
(1:05:46 AM) Maddy: "Oh boy…"
(1:06:21 AM) Tom90deg: "I'll somehow just accept that loss."
(1:06:25 AM) *
JoeyDrood ponders for a moment. "Y'know whats really fun? Reminding rock of a time it was molten. No need to storm the castle."
(1:06:43 AM) Ragazzo: "Smart of you."
(1:06:56 AM) Ragazzo: "That does sound interesting."
(1:07:00 AM) Maddy: "…" Alice just looks at Joey and shakes her head.
(1:07:37 AM) Ragazzo: "I'd like to see the technique sometme."
(1:07:46 AM) E4D: "I am a secret agent in charge of a security division of an installation that's part of an organization sworn to defend mankind and reality from the paranormal. Some of the people here did the same. Some are people we hunted."
(1:08:04 AM) E4D: "Some people are talking cats and birds."
(1:08:29 AM) JoeyDrood: "course, the princess wasn't too happy with me melting her castle."
(1:08:47 AM) Tom90deg: "I can see that."
(1:08:53 AM) E4D: Jason turns around, picking Midnight up, then turning to face her. "Pardon me, Midnight."
(1:08:56 AM) Dawny: Kay blinks a few times "And what was your MOS?"
(1:09:11 AM) Doctor_Light: "Not a bird." He leans around, still looking at the newcomer.
(1:09:27 AM) Maddy: "B-birdman, sorry."
(1:09:28 AM) MisterFlames: "Not a problem, Jason," Midnight replies.
(1:09:44 AM) E4D: Jason blinks back. "0311/0326." He looks down at the cat.
(1:10:09 AM) Dawny: "…" Kay takes a step back. "I think I need more water…"
(1:10:42 AM) MisterFlames: "You could probably use some, yes." Midnight states. "Wouldn't surprise me if you were a bit dehydrated."
(1:11:09 AM) Tom90deg: "I'll get you some."
(1:11:16 AM) E4D: "Someone? We get some water here? Alice? Take a look at her?"
(1:11:42 AM) Dawny: "I must be more dehydrated than I thought…"
(1:11:44 AM) MisterFlames: "Zoe's getting water, Jason." The cat's mouth doesn't move, but the voice is coming from her.
(1:12:10 AM) Maddy: "L-let me take a look at you. F-fair warning, I'm a horse d-doctor by trade."
(1:12:13 AM) Maddy: 4df+3
(1:12:14 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
(1:12:28 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdy climbs back on top of the car, cracking the pages of his book and starting to read.
(1:12:34 AM) Ragazzo: "Oh…is she one of those people who are out of the loop?"
(1:12:48 AM) Tom90deg_ [||ged09moT] entered the room.
(1:13:02 AM) Tom90deg_: Zoe walks back into the stryker, and then teleports back out into the desert, holding a bottle of water. "Here You go."
(1:13:07 AM) E4D: "Yeah, I told her that we were secret agents and the people that were hiding from them and she didn't believe me."
(1:13:15 AM) Ragazzo: "I almost forgot there were people who didn't know about…all this, what with the world ending."
(1:14:02 AM) Dawny: Kay takes the water and mumbles a thanks. "You shitting me Corporal?"
(1:14:14 AM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(1:14:54 AM) E4D: Jason looks over to the Corpsman. "No. I am most certainly not shitting you, Doc."
(1:15:41 AM) Tom90deg_: "The talking cat and the guy with a bird for a head didn't convince you?"
(1:15:43 AM) Maddy: "S-some times I w-wish we were."
(1:16:18 AM) Ragazzo: "Zoe, come on. I know I was freaked out when I first got into the library."
(1:16:29 AM) Ragazzo: "Think what /this/ must be like."
(1:16:32 AM) Dawny: Kay takes a swig of water, a drag off the cigarette, and looks Jason over again "I guess if I'm going insane, this is the place I want to be anyway." She licks her lips slightly.
(1:16:39 AM) Tom90deg_: "Yah, that's true…"
(1:17:17 AM) Maddy: "Heh, g-guess you could say that."
(1:17:23 AM) Nusquam [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:17:38 AM) E4D: His eyes drift to a patch on her armor. "You FMF-qualified?"
(1:17:56 AM) Nioki: Alanoch stands to the side, watching her.
(1:18:14 AM) Dawny: "Yeah"
(1:18:42 AM) JoeyDrood: "Do we have an engineer to take over vfor Jill?"
(1:18:53 AM) Maddy: "W-we got you and Tau."
(1:18:59 AM) E4D: Jason looks over to Alice, and nods, then over to Joey. "We got… yeah."
(1:19:07 AM) Dawny: "I don't fix things without a pulse"
(1:19:25 AM) JoeyDrood: "Oh, right. Tau." He glances back at the vehicles. "Her."
(1:19:58 AM) E4D: "John, too."
(1:21:08 AM) MisterFlames: "Doesn't Kens?" Midnight asks. "I'm out for tool-using. No opposable thumbs."
(1:21:46 AM) JoeyDrood: "I don't trust John not to blow us up."
(1:22:06 AM) E4D: "Kens likes fixing mechanics in *people*. I think he's more of a small-scale kind of guy." He looks back at Joey. "You've been talking to John?"
(1:22:23 AM) Maddy: "Joey, John only b-blows up things on p-purpose. In t-this timeline anyways."
(1:22:28 AM) JoeyDrood: "No, I just know the stories."
(1:22:39 AM) JoeyDrood: "You know, been reading the logs."
(1:22:43 AM) Dawny: "You lose someone?" Key's face twists to one of concern. She puts a hand on Jason's shoulder.
(1:23:11 AM) Maddy: Alice's eye twitches.
(1:23:35 AM) Maddy: "A couple p-people stayed to s-settle in the l-last town we went through."
(1:23:37 AM) MisterFlames: "Gotta watch that, Joey. People aren't ready for that," Midnight states.
(1:23:53 AM) E4D: "We left some people at a down back down the road. "Our chief mechanic, and yeah, what Midnight said."
(1:24:26 AM) Nioki: "You were shooting quite recently before I saw you. You said dingoes, yes? Are there more and could they be nearby?"
(1:24:45 AM) Nioki: It's not a perfect introduction. The way he tends to stare doesn't help.
(1:25:18 AM) Dawny: Kay nods a few times and pats his shoulder, then turns to Alanoch. "Yeah, dingos…and I don't know how many there are, I didn't stop to count kid"
(1:26:13 AM) mode (+ao Nusquam Nusquam) by ChanServ
(1:26:32 AM) Nioki: "We should get moving, then. It's better to be inside the vehicles if they find us."
(1:26:52 AM) E4D: "Hell, we'll just have Joey mummify them again."
(1:26:56 AM) Tom90deg_: "Right then…"
(1:27:06 AM) E4D: "Or shoot 'em with a fucking *crossbow*."
(1:27:10 AM) Maddy: Alice clenches and unclenches her fist a couple times.
(1:27:44 AM) *Heiden keeps transcribing the book he's holding.
(1:27:52 AM) JoeyDrood: "Actually, i've been thinking of a new trick. Freeze them in time, but not space."
(1:28:03 AM) *
JoeyDrood grins under his wrappings. "Goodbye problem!"
(1:28:08 AM) Ragazzo: "Nasty."
(1:28:19 AM) Tom90deg_: "sounds unplesant."
(1:28:27 AM) Nioki: "Are you actively looking for pointless risks?"
(1:28:34 AM) E4D: "My mind literally cannot comprehend what that would do."
(1:28:41 AM) Nioki: "The last time we fought dingos did not end well."
(1:28:53 AM) E4D: Jason nods back to the vehicles.
(1:28:54 AM) Dawny: "If we're headed out, wanna ride with me Corporal?"
(1:28:54 AM) MisterFlames: "You'd want to be careful with that, Joey. Being on the wrong side of that could get you splattered."
(1:29:10 AM) Maddy: "No. He r-rides with me."
(1:29:18 AM) Ragazzo: "Better to stick with conventional methods."
(1:29:35 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty glances between kay, alice, and jason.
(1:29:38 AM) Ragazzo: Cough.
(1:29:40 AM) E4D: "Yeah, we got the LAV."
(1:29:43 AM) Nioki: Alanoch walks back to the spotter's seat, and scans the horizon for trouble.
(1:29:46 AM) Maddy: "The family that slays together…"
(1:29:58 AM) E4D: "… stays together."
(1:30:06 AM) Waxx: Dmitri pokes his head out of a hatch and looks at the group.
(1:30:08 AM) Tom90deg_: "I'll ride with the new girl."
(1:30:18 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty hops into florence.
(1:30:36 AM) Dawny: "You sure Corporal?"
(1:30:44 AM) JoeyDrood: "Well, doine right…" He gets in the gunner seat. «They'd fly off into space.»
(1:30:50 AM) Nusquam: Compelling Alice's Last Straw.
(1:30:53 AM) Tom90deg_: Zoe walks over to Kay's vehicle.
(1:31:06 AM) Maddy: Alice smiles a little. "You driving, or me?" she says to Jason.
(1:31:50 AM) MisterFlames: "Oh, sure… but what direction? You've got various orbital speeds, Earth around the Sun, Sun around the Core, and remember the stars shifted. Then there's the rotation of the earth."
(1:32:50 AM) Waxx: [They chatter so much, Kommandir.] [They are Amerikansky, most of them.]
(1:33:14 AM) Dawny: "Hey, I'm just trying to get a break down while we drive." Kay shrugs.
(1:33:23 AM) Heiden: [More are here than I'd expect, Dmitri.] Heiden looks up from his book.
(1:33:26 AM) E4D: "You can drive."
(1:33:35 AM) Maddy: "You can get a break down when we camp for the night."
(1:33:59 AM) Waxx: Dmitri nods. [Misha is unused to them. This is his first real experience amongst Westerners.]
(1:34:08 AM) Dawny: "Sounds like a plan" Kay winks at Jason "What channel?"
(1:34:12 AM) Waxx: Misha looks very awkward!
(1:35:24 AM) Heiden: [Ah, I see. Cultural differences. You will become more used to them with time, Mikhail.]
(1:35:43 AM) Maddy: "…stop that."
(1:35:55 AM) E4D: Jason stops climbing up the side of the LAV and shouts down, "145.50."
(1:36:33 AM) Dawny: "Thanks" Kay smiles again, puts her NVGs back on, and walks back to her vehicle.
(1:36:50 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight runs up to Eve and hops inside, sitting by the driver.
(1:36:59 AM) Tom90deg_: Zoe follows with a slight grin on her face.
(1:37:01 AM) Maddy: Alice looks like she might be holding back a punch, but its hard to tell.
(1:37:14 AM) Maddy: She gets in the LAV.
(1:37:23 AM) Waxx: Misha nods and smiles a bit at Heiden. He seems like a great guy to get advice from!
(1:37:46 AM) Dawny: "So what's with the sexy Marine and the short chick?"
(1:38:02 AM) Ragazzo: "Married, I think."
(1:38:12 AM) JoeyDrood: "Hey, Alice?" Leaning down from the gunner spot.
(1:38:17 AM) Tom90deg_: "They're married, and both are rather violent. Jason more so, but Alice has moments."
(1:39:07 AM) Dawny: "I don't mind violence in my men…"
(1:39:25 AM) Waxx: [Kommandir, can I ride in the hatch?] [Use your goggles.]
(1:39:29 AM) Tom90deg_: "How'd you like to get punched by a short angry woman?"
(1:39:38 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty rolls his eyes.
(1:39:47 AM) Ragazzo: He doesn't comment.
(1:39:58 AM) Dawny: "If he'll kiss it and make it better…"
(1:40:16 AM) Waxx: Misha looks in his rucksack of holding and locates a pair of motorcycle goggles. They look pretty silly on him, but they do the job. He pokes his head out of the nearest hatch.
(1:40:24 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty raises an eyebrow at Kay.
(1:40:41 AM) Maddy: Alice starts up Eve. "Where to, Jason?"
(1:40:42 AM) Ragazzo: He looks at Zoe. "Was I this thickheaded about Hare?"
(1:41:08 AM) MisterFlames: ~Yes, you were.~ Midnight replies.
(1:41:09 AM) Tom90deg_: Zoe lets out a little snort of laughter. "Just…take advice. Jason's too much of a meathead to pick up on it, but Alice'll be much more violent."
(1:41:17 AM) Tom90deg_: "Oh GOD yes. You were worse."
(1:41:30 AM) Dawny: "Damn it…any more uniforms here?"
(1:41:38 AM) Waxx: [Kommandir, are we taking in the naval infantry girl?] [It would seem so, Misha.]
(1:41:50 AM) *JoeyDrood leans back, and sighs.
(1:41:51 AM) Tom90deg_: "Um….The two russians…"
(1:41:51 AM) Heiden: [She seems to be making eyes at Mr. Dodridge.]
(1:41:53 AM) Ragazzo: "Hey, to be fair, she did give me a daughter. Technically."
(1:41:58 AM) Waxx: [Where is her boat?] Dmitri just looks at Misha.
(1:41:58 AM) Heiden: [This should be /rather/ amusing.]
(1:42:26 AM) Dawny: "Sexy?"
(1:42:32 AM) Waxx: Dmitri rolls his eyes. [So long as she does not make eyes at Misha, there will be no trouble.]
(1:42:36 AM) E4D: "Shit, give us about a hundred yards off the road, kill the engine, park with the ramp away from the town."
(1:42:38 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman is riding on the top of the LAV, today, enjoying the breeze and looking around.
(1:42:45 AM) *
Heiden laughs.
(1:42:52 AM) Tom90deg_: "Um…do you like vodka and cigarettes?"
(1:43:06 AM) Dawny: "Usually go well together"
(1:43:08 AM) E4D: «Hey, everyone, listne up, I want the LAVs parked up front next to each other, ramps away from town, the other vehicles parked behind.»
(1:43:22 AM) Tom90deg_: "Then you may be intrested."
(1:43:49 AM) Maddy: "Roger." She starts up, pulling off the road a little quicker than usual.